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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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home on dwight way at 1:40 this morning for a medical call. they came underfire when they arrived. a firefighter was hit by gunfire. the officer with the berkeley police department. how is the firefighter? >> it was a minor injury and three was treated on the scene and released at the scene. it does not require hospitalization. >> what happened? they arrived and someone in the home had a gun? >> our firefighters responded to a medical call at the residence. while they were inside the home they requested the police department respond. i am fault sure specifically what transpired. they notified by radio there were shots fired inside the home and the firefighters were able to get out of the home along with an additional family member in the home. our officers arrived on the scene and we established a
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perimeter and were able to make contact with the responsible person. he is now in custody at the local hospital being evacuated. >> that person is elderly? >> he is approximately 88. he is elderly. obviously the situation is unnerving for everyone because it is a tight knit group and i am thankful it was not more element. >> was this a legitimate medical call? >> we believe it was a legitimate medical car but the reasons, the specifics for the call, i don't know. it was just a medical call for the fire department to respond. that would be a call they normally would respond do by themselves but they asked for assistance. that is not unusual on some medical calls despending on what transpires. >> we are glad the firefighter is going to be okay and we low pressure to catch up with that person later this morning.
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>> thank you for that report. we have develop, news, the family of the saratoga girl who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted will hold a news conference this morning. abc7 news reporter is live at san jose with new developments. amy hollyfield? >> there will be an announcement they will sue three teens and take this fight to court in part to try and get a message across and in part because they are really angry. 15-year-old audrie pott killed herself in september. the saratoga high school student was sexually assaulted at a party with pictures of the assault. her parents say the pictures were posted online amounting to cyberbullying and that is why audrey killed herself. tones for the accused boys released a statement saying and i quote, "much of what has been reported has been inaccurate and most stubbing is the attempt to
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link her suicide to the specific actions of the three boys." this statement prompted the lawsuit. >> hoping for a response that said something like the family has our condole ends if our children did anything to cause this, we are willing to make amends. it was the exact opposite. it was, these people are lying. >> her parents hope this lawsuit will help educate teenagers about the harmful effects of pictures taken and spread with mobile devices. the boys will not only face sexual bad try criminal charges but a civil case here in this courthouse, as well. her parents the be speaking out for the first time later this morning. >> out of san jose this morning, a would be car thief is on the loose after running over a police while making his escape
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happening about 11:30 at the intersection of west san fernando street. the officer was arresting traffic after a concert at h.p. pavilion when he was hit. the suspect was speeding away after attempting to steal another vehicle in the parking lot. the vehicle is described as a four-door dark colored acura and the officer is expected to survive his injuries. >> there were long lines there weekend at the crossroads of the west. gun show in daly city but if lawmakers and community leaders have their way, that gun show could be the last ever at the cow palace. community activists are asking california senators for their help to end gun violence and events that promote gun own ownership. there is legislation that will require approval from both shay i don't county and the san francisco board of supervisors before i gun shows could be held at the cow palace. >> we are not banning anything. folks who attend that gun slow want it in their front yard, bless their heart, have it in
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your front yard but not ours. >> the public safety committee will hear the bill tomorrow. >> we will learn the results of a federal investigation into the refinery fire in richmond that affected so many in august. the chemical safety board will release the independent investigation and recommendations today. it will present the findings at a public meeting in richmond on friday. chevron presented their own report last week, the oil company admitting they have failed to properly inspect corroded pipes that ultimately caused the fire and plumes of toxic smoke. >> north korea has turned down south korea's proposal to resolve rising tensions on the peninsula through dialogue. pyongyang said they have no attention of talking with seoul unless the south abandons their confrontational posture. the secretary of state john kerry is headed home after a three day trip to asia after saying there was still hope for
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peace but the united states and north korea's arussian -- asian neighborhoods are on alert. >> the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, defend, republic of korea and the region against the provocations. our choice is to negotiate. our choice is to move to the table and find a way for the region to have peace. >> north koreans are celebrating a major national holiday today, the birthday of their first leader, kim jong-un. >> new president in venezuela veteran this only but the opponents are demanding a recount including ballots cast by venezuelans in san francisco for yesterday's election. the two political sides made pitches for the candidates across from the voting site on mission street. in venezuela, officials declared the socialist the winner with 50.7 percent of the vote. he was the successor hand picked by former president chavez who
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died last month. his opponent, refuses to accept the results. >> new this morning, no more free internet service on transit buses with officials canceling wi-fi service because it was unreliable and blame it on the north bay's terrain saying service was cut manage and out at certain locations. they launched free wi-fi on the buss do draw new riders but it cost $250,000. officials are now working on an improved network to see if that will work better. >> we are going to check with our meteorologist, mike nicco fox a windy monday similar to last monday. we had a lot of dedestruction but now so many downed trees afternoon amendment. >> the winds found the weak spots and exploited those. we will have a few trees and possibly limbs but hopefully the
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power lines will stay up and the wins will not be as fast as last monday. we have high amount of tree pollen and grass with no mold and weed pollen is very high. the winds are gusting fast at sfo at thin miles per hour. 23 in san jose. 26 miles per hour are the guests at half moon bay. those will only get faster at 25 to 35 and possibly 45 by the afternoon. in the upper 50's to mid-60's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's inland and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast. as we move forward it will be calmer and warmer and 5- to 15-per degrees warmer by thursday. now an update. if you take a drive from san ramon a serious net that cause as lot of traffic and a four to five pileup so what you want did do is take san ramon to the
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boulevard. >> still ahead, deadline day for taxes. how could you forget that? businesses are offering up free freebies. >> and the audit and there is a greater likelihood of the i.r.s. coming after you because of where you live. >> plus, a liver is fired -- a police officer is fired over a
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, shy of 6:15. the florida police officer fired over controversial shooting targets is now telling his side of the story. former sergeant ron king took these paper targets that looked like trayvon martin. he took them to a police firing range. the targets show the hooded figure carrying day and candy like trayvon martin. he was fired after this bail public and three posted a video attacking the critics. >> first i apologize to the family of trayvon martin for being uses as a pawn in someone's political agenda and the target was something that i viewed as an example of a no
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shoot situation. >> martin was unarmed and was shot last year. the trial of george zimmerman who is charged in martin's death begins in less than two months. >> are you worried the i.r.s. could target you for an audit? you probably should be if you own a small business in the bay area. a new study by the national taxpayer advocate using i.r.s. data shows large closes -- clusters of tax cheaters in and around san francisco. the study finds people who own construction or rental real estate businesses could be more likely to fudge their taxes than owners of other types of businesses. other places people could be likely to cheat on their taxes are houston, atlanta, washington, dc. losalso, los angeles. >> many tax preparers are staying open around the clock and the dead line is midnight tonight. if you cannot get your parent work -- paperwork together in
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time file for an extension. if you owe money, send the i.r.s. a check by the deadline by sdiing what you owe. we have a police of the few bay area post offices that will be on late to accept returns on our webs at abc7 some businesses are giving away free stuff to ease your tax day stress. arby's will give away a free order of fries or potato cakes. cinnabon is offering free bites tonight and office depot is offering with a coupon you can get free black and white copies of your return up to 25 pages. michael finney has compile add list of tax day deals on on "7 on your side." >> michael has more including a massage. >> you will need that after all the math. >> i need a shredder.
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>> we need protection from the wind. >> unless you are inside, the wind is going to find you. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry the last couple of hours with a few sprinkles and a few possible in the higher elevations but the dry air mass is on the way. gusty winds and cooler-than-average temperatures today and clear and chilly tonight in the north bay valley dropping into the 30's and the extended is warmer-than-average temperatures. we talked about the wind and pollen and temperatures, nine degrees cooler-than-average and 63 in napa and 62 in san jose, and livermore is at 61 and san francisco is at 57, and seven degrees cooler than average and oakland is six degrees cooler-than-average. how to dress for right now, we are in the mid-to-upper 40's except for mill valley at 42 degrees and palo alto and walnut creek and oakland and san jose,
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in the mid-to-upper 40's. the golden gate bridge looks quiet and santa rosa and napa, 40, and 43, in 47 in fairfield and los gatos at 46. a dry cold front moved through while you were sleeping opening the day to a cooler and evening air mass funneled by the clockwise flow of the high pressure so it is gaining the cold arctic air pushing it our way. the sun will modify it but it will stay below average with low-to-mid 60's in the south bay cup per 50's to low 60's on the peninsula, faster winds from the coast and blustery day with mid-to-upper 50's and upper 50's in downtown and south san francisco and to sausalito and the north bay valley low-to-mid 60's and the beaches will be blustery and mid-to-upper 50's and east bay shoreline upper 50's to 60's a spread of 59 to 61. low-to-mid 60's throughout the east bay valley.
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tonight, mainly low-to-mid 40's and a few select valleys in the north bay could drop into the 30's and richmond could be the warm spot and the exception at 48 degrees. about two to four dead warmer today and two to six degrees warmer on thursday, so five to six degrees warmer on thursday and above average through friday, saturday, and sunday. in rain the next seven days. >> we are back to the east bay where we have this serious crash with four or five cars. from danville to san ramon down to nine miles per hour as the top speed. the accident happened southbound 680 before crow canyon road and now backed up from camino so watch out for that. no word on when the accident will clear. it is blocking at least a couple of lanes. this crash in oakland is starting to clear and one lane was blocked. it sounds like it is officially off the freeway, northbound 880
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at broadway. >> it is 6:20. >> still to come, a different kind of title for this series with content giving it another literary distinction. first, though, in the spotlight if all the wrong reasons, the controversial comments pop sing justin bieber made that is stirring a ♪
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>> teen pop singer just din bieber is facing credit civil over comments he made after a visit to the an frank house in amsterdam. he wrote if she survives in nazi concentration catch he hoped she would have been a believer. that set off angry comments worldwide accusing the 19-year-old singer of being sphenessive -- insensitive. the museum published the comment reading and i quote, "truly inspiring to be able to come here and with a great girl, hopefully she would have been a believer." >> anne frank house left a nice posting. >> they did a nice posting. >> at 6:24. what do you think of the comments? join our conversation on the and with we would love for you to talk about this. >> and they could be flying east
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bookstore shelves but "50 shades of gray" are not lining the library shelves, with the it books at number four among books most likely to be removed because of complaints from parents and communities and educators. the most removed books are "captain underpants" sears for kid. >> the measure explore storm on the embarcardero opens to the one on wednesday that will wow and amaze. the official tv partner of the exploritorium with a new location three times as large at the former home at the palace of fine arts with plenty of new publics to enjoy and old classics. >> a lost opportunities for us to try things on a larger scale. >> you were cramped? >> i would say we outgrew that space 10 years ago. science is everywhere. science is in our mind.
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it is in the world. it is in your own backyard. >> the move from the palace to the embarcadero costs $300 million. officials, though, say it is worth it to bring such a now well to the public. we are so lucky it is across the street from us. >> worth a visit. >> still ahead, a bay area tour because take as wrong turn. we will show you what happened moments after it crashed. >> were budget cuts to blame? a report that paint as scary picture of pg&e policies before the deadly pipeline explosion. >> firefighters come under gunfire when they respond to this home on a medical call this morning. we will tell you what happened coming up. >> we are looking live from the roof camera with a few clouds and sprinkles and notice the flag is unfurled but the winds are the big story headed throughout the next 12 hours with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's at noon and mid-60's during the afternoon
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hours. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, metering lights traffic center, metering lights are on, on the baydays of walkig
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 6:29 on this monday, april 15. you know what that is. >> tax deadline day. >> we don't know if your wins are fortune are blowing but the wins are out there in the bay area with clouds out there and this is san francisco downtown. it is a chilly day downtown. >> thanks for joining us, i am here for eric thomas and mike nicco is here to tell us about the wins and cool conditions. >> good morning, to you, ladies. the winds are as calm as they will get picking up at lunch and brisk through the evening. we are gusting up to 18 at sfo and 23 in san jose and 26 in half moon bay and everyone else is below ten miles per hour for
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now. through the afternoon, though, for the bay area unable, it will become windy by 4:00 and temperature at lunch around 59 and 62 at 4:00, inland valleys it will be breezy and starting off at 45 and near 60 at noon and mid-60's in the afternoon hours and the next 12 hours at our beaches, cloudy spots and 47, and low-to-mid 50's with the fastest wins this afternoon. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> we are keeping a live look outside, the drive in walnut creek, southbound along 680 slowing down there as you come up on 24, it picks up south of 24 and that is until you get into danville where we have the ongoing crash located southbound 680 before crow canyon and right now we have a four-mile stretch of backup so avoid this. take san ramon as the at understand. and altamont pass at grant line road, two cars are involved in
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that accident. >> thank you, leyla gulen, we follow breaking news from the east bay where a berkeley firefighter was shot while responding to a call. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the scene. >> we are learning more of the story action terrifying experience for the berkeley firefighters who responded to this home on dwight way this morning and came underfire by an armed man living here. firefighters responded to the call for medical help at 1:30 this morning they got to the house and they encountered an elderly man with a gun who shot at the firefighters. one was grazed by a bullet. he was not hurt. the suspect who is quite elderly, at 88, was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. >> firefighters respond to medical calls every day and to have to walk into a home where
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you are trying to essentially help someone and not necessity what might be waiting for you can be unnerving and this situation it was -- we are grateful it was not worse. >> absolutely. police still investigating this case. the firefighter was not hospitalized. he was treated at the scene. the suspect is 88. he is being evacuated at hospital. it is not clear what his motive was. we do not know if criminal charges will be filed. >> it is 6:33. san francisco police are looking if a gunman who shot a man in the western edition neighborhood. no word on the victim's condition. police say there was a report after hit-and-run accident reported at the same time as the
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shooting. officers are investigating whether they are connected. a proposed waterfront arena on piers 30 and pier 32 faces stiff opposition from neighborhood and environmental groups. opponents will testify before the committee on natural resources to halt legislation they say favored the project and skirts environmental guidelines set by the bay conservation and development commission. the $1 billion plan calls for building a multipurpose arena, a parking structure, shopping mall and hotel. >> the highway patrol says a chartered tour bus was going too fast when it crashed outside of yosemite national park on saturday night that injured 15 passengers and a tour guide. the driver was nature injured. the bus veered across highway 51 and into a tree. the tour group is based out of
6:32 am
burlingame. a spokesman says most of the passengers are from the bay area. the driver from fremont told investigators there was a steering problem. >> tomorrow, california will again try to revive the death penalty system but first the district court of appeals will reveal a 2011 order stopping executions which came over prison failure to use one drug rather than three to put inmates to death. if the state switches to a single drug approach the move would require more than a year's worth of legal hearings. >> a new report on the deadly pipeline explosion finds engineers warned pg&e of safety concerns years before the blast. documents obtained by the "san francisco chronicle" she that pg&e slashed spending for inspection and maintenance three years before the 2010 san bruno explosion. the lawyers of pg&e said budget decisions did not amount to
6:33 am
wrongdoing. >> work is underway this morning on another major bay area transportation project with crews going the interstate 80 rehabilitation project involving the repair and repaving of an eight-mile stretch of the highway. the work will include ramp and shoulder work and will affect traffic in both directions. the $40 million project is set to be completed by fall of next year. >> after a year of prep work, heavy digging begins today to connect bart to the south bay. the first major project will be in san jose where crews will start digging for new traffic. the route is ten miles long and it will run from south fremont to san jose. the san jose bart extension is expected to open in 2018. to help you avoid the construction we go back to leyla gulen for a look at alternate routes to take this morning. leyla gulen? >> good morning. the big construction project is going to affect your ride along
6:34 am
this area here. there are alternates, south of the construction project. north of the project, you can go to the expressway or use capital avenue parallel to 880. that will get you around the delays but you expect to see lane closures from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through saturday with an occasional sunday project. >> still ahead on alert for meningitis, the health scare from southern california that has people right here in the bay area paying close attention. what you need to know to protect yourself. >> we are have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, look at that, monday morning commute in full affect but a gorgeous sky with some clouds and cool conditions and the sun will be out but so will be the wind. mike nicco will join us with that, traffic, and weather
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>> back at 6:40 and we will talk pollen. high amounts tree and grass pollen and mold but weed is very high today. as far as our other story, the temperatures, nine to six degrees from redwood city do oakland is how much cooler-than-average and we will be in the mid-60's to
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sovereignty -- 70. there is lowell vacation rain and high elevation snow showers and 57 at yosemite. in the south low-to-mid 60's and scattered light showers around los angeles and san diego. leyla gulen? >> injury crash southbound along 680 before you reach crow canyon road with heavy backups so beyond danville you are on the brakes. the app shows plenty of people waiting in solid traffic and about down to seven miles per hour traffic. it is packed out there. so make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time, the alternate will help you out. kristen and eric? >> starting this morning the aids health care foundation will offer free vaccines for bacterial meningitis, in
6:39 am
response to new fears of a deadly meningitis outbreak among gay men. a man from west hollywood died over the weekend. the 33-year-old was critically ill after attending the white party, a major party if the gay community in palm springs two weeks ago. officials say they don't want to cause panic but they are taking an active stand and offering free vaccines at clinics in host hollywood and los angeles. >> trading is underway on wall street and here is the big board right now the dow is down 65 points to 14,800. we will go live to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange for the latest. >> first, the hope wanted sign is out at a new bay area casino. find out why you can get hired but never actually go
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>> covering walnut creek, burl game, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we will check with josh on what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning to you, and all in the bay area. more on the revelations regarding the four years spent in italian prison by amanda
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knox. the latest on the startling if you details next right here. >> thank you, we look forward to that. the parents of a south bay teen are speaking for the first time today after their daughter took her own life after pictures of her sexual assault were shared. for more we go to abc7 news live in san jose. >> one thing her parents will announce, they plan to take three teenagers here to court. the plan is to sue the three boys accused sexually assaulting their daughter, audrie pott. they are also accused of taking pictures of the assault and posting them online. she was a student at saratoga high school and killed herself in september. her parents believe cyber bullying drove her to suicide. they are filing a lawsuit to get a message across to teenagers to
6:44 am
show how damaging the pictures can be. the boys will now face criminal charges and a civil case. her parents will speak out for the first time later this morning. a controversial casino will accept applications for 2,000 positions near rohnert park. the $800 million casino is expected to open by the end of the year and will be the largest indian casino in the bay area. the casino will start accepting job applications online today but opponents still hope to block the project. they have a lawsuit pending over concerns include, traffic and the water supply. >> new this morning, major panic for tax procrastinators when turbo tax software program suddenly crashed. we the online system went down between 8:00 and 9:00 last night as many people rushed to beat
6:45 am
the tax deadline. the company was flooded with calls, tweets, and posts from panicked filers, but it is now up and running a short time later. >> i don't think that the i.r.s. will take that as excuse. >> it is up now. >> some bad habits that you have could cause you to lose your job. >> gold is dropping like a heavy metal this morning, and jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more. it is a route on gold and tough final for anyone that owns gold coins or stock, futures are plunging this morning, down now 6 percent. that is about $100 an ounce loss in gold. really, quote a drop there and we saw the gold market down on friday, as well, so fasten your seatbelts. a specialest says they will continue to drop as inflation worries ease.
6:46 am
that is not a good thing. inflation concerns usually ease when economic growth slows and we have a lower open with the dow and s&p and nasa tax under -- and nasdaq under pressure. the silicon valley index is down but not as bad overall but trading lower. sprint could get a new owner, with dish making a $25.5 billion offer for the third largest wireless carrier that is higher than a previous offer from a company in japan. general motors and ford are long time rivals and putting aside their differences do work together to develop a new generation of fuel efficient automatic transmissions. they say they will save millions by gently designing nine and ten speed transmission for new cars and trucks. if you are hoping to hang on your job, one back habit can lead to isolation, affecting your review and ability to do your job including procrastinate
6:47 am
and negativity, and lying along with poor e-mail and social media addiction. >> what about spraying hair spray around your co-workers? >> you worry? >> never. never. that is the point. >> i am not getting involved. >> mike nicco has the weather. >> before i get in trouble, i will move away from that discussion. live doppler 7 hd shows any sprinkles that are out there are starting to dry. we will update you on the advisory, everything in tan that is the north bay and the higher elevations, the bay shoreline and the coast that is where we have the wind advisory from 11:00 to 9:00 this evening for sustained winds from 20 to 30
6:48 am
miles per hour and gusts up to 45 miles per hour, causing no issues at sfo but we will catch that. gusty wind and cool conditions is first forecast highlight and clear and chilly tonight with upper 30's in the north bay valley and the extended is warmer and dry. do you from the sutro tower, the clouds are small and the sprinkles are over and we have 41 in mill valley if the cool spot and palo alto and san jose and oakland and san francisco around 45 to 48 degrees. golden gate bridge is clear at 40 in santa rosa and napa at 43 and fairfield at 44, and livermore at 47 and union city is 48 and los gatos 45. the cold front is rolling through southern california after it came through our neighbor last night with breezes picking up yesterday afternoon and now we are in the heart of the air mass so we will be in the low to mid 60's and upper
6:49 am
50's to 60's along the peninsula and upper 50's for downtown and south san francisco, and north bay valley low-to-mid 60's and mid-to-upper 50's at your beach and 59 to 61 is your spread on the east bay valley and low-to-mid 60's and tonight, our coolest weather is going to be in the north bay valley with temperatures in the upper 30's and the rest of us in the low to mid 40's. at the a's, temperatures in the mid-50's but dropping into the upper 40's. temperatures on thursday 5- to 15-per degrees warmer than today. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, at 6:52. as you take the drive from foster city we have a c.h.p. traffic break to get a crash can out of the lanes and headed out of fosterty eastbound so you may see a couple of lane blocks out there. in san ramon the accident is causing a ton of slow asking blocking two lanes before crow canyon, and you are down to 25
6:50 am
miles per hour, down to 17 and five miles per hour and traffic is slowly starting to thin out, and this crash was involving injuries and four to five cars so take san ramon valley boulevard. >> at 6:52 the five things to know before you go.
6:51 am
>> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here five things to know before you go. number one, breaking news from berkeley where a firefighter is recovering after he was shot during an emergency call. it happened on dwight way near san pablo avenue. investigators say the firefighter was grazed by a bullet. the shooter has been taken into today. >> a police officer is recovering after being run over by a suspected car thief making the get away. police say the officer was directing traffic after a concert at h.p. pavilion in san jose. police believe the suspect was
6:52 am
speeding away after trying to steal another vehicle in the parking lot. >> the parents of a saratoga high school student audrie pott are holding a news conference this morning in san jose. their attorney says they plan to file a lawsuit over the alleged sexual assault they say led to her suicide. three teens face felony charges for the attack at a house party last fall. >> heavy digging begins to connect bart to the south bay. the first major project will be in san jose where crews will start digging for new tracks. the route is ten miles long and will run from south fremont to san jose and san jose bart extension is expected to open in 2018. >> number five, it is april 15 which means your taxes are due today. the deadline is midnight tonight and advisors say if you cannot get your paperwork together in time, file for an extension. however, if you owe money, you still need to send the i.r.s. a check by tonight's deadline so try to estimate what you owe.
6:53 am
>> the cheek needs to come now, the paperwork we can wait. >> winds this morning and mike in. >> pollen count is high with high tree pollen and very high weed count and moderate grass. the winds are fastest at half moon bay, and 18 at sfo, and ten in fairfield is as slow as they will get, reaching up to 45 along the bay shore and the coast this afternoon. temperatures are cool, 57 to 63 around the bay, and the coast is only mid-to-upper 50's and inland, low do mid-60's. leyla gulen? >> before you head outdoor if you are headed between danville and to san ramon an accident is still in affect, 280 before crow canyon road the top speed is 16 miles per hour and you are looking at steady bumper to bumper track coming away from 24. to avoid that, take san ramon valley boulevard as the
6:54 am
alternate. from central valley to dublin/pleasanton it is tough, not moving smoothly.
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good morning, america. a dramatic shift this morning as the u.s. offers north korea direct talks if they dismantle their nuclear weapons program. the missile still on stand by. quoping now. a break in the case? the fbi descends on the home of a former justice of the peace in texas. he's been charged with making terrorist threats. is his case linked to the murder
6:58 am
of two high-profile prosecutors. back lash for bieber? now his reps reveal what was me line his surprising post. a mail-biting finish at golf's biggest game. an incredible win for adam scott. his entire country down under chaering him on. it's tiger stealing the headlines. should he have withdrawn after his controversial play? and good morning, america. happy monday, great to have amy, rachel, and ginger here. love the spring colors this morning. what a wild weekend at the masters. all kinds of twists. the sudden death. zpand australia rejoices all
6:59 am
over again. really, the sport one. and so did we. instead of being remembered as masters with a questionable friday afternoon in will be remembered as a masters that had sunday night drama the likes of which we may never see again. between two sportsmen, both who deserved to win. >> brand-new video of the plane crash in bali. everyone survived. a new headline about 737 safety inspections. we begin with the latest from north korea. u.s. intelligence has expected a missile launch by today. major holiday in that country. bob woodruff is following it all. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, george. today was supposed to be the day, when the missile could have been launched. it's still right there on the launch pad. and the u.s. and it allies are waiting to see if north korea's leader will talk.


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