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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a boston university graduate student from china and 29-year-old krystle campbell were killed in the blast. 76 people remain in the hospital, 20 of them in critical condition and president obama will visit boston tomorrow to take part in a prayer vigil for the victims. >> encouraging news this morning for the family of the martinez boy who was injured in the explosion. friends and neighbors are coming together to raise money to help the boy's family. our news reporter is live in martinez with more. >> good morning, it is amazing the love and support that martinez is showing for an 11-year-old aaron herned government is no different starting this morning, mountain mike pizza will raise money to help the family with expenses. last night a fundraiser raised $4,000 offering a pasta dinner at $5 a plate.
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the owners' grasped -- grandchildren go do school with aaron hern. slap them from the blast tore into his thigh. he is in children's hospital in boston. friends and family and total strangers wanted to help and they did. >> i talk on facebook about the sandwich special and this hit so close to home. >> we appreciate our great neighbors as seen by everything that has taken place here in the past few days and everyone has been overwhelmingly gracious and kind to us all. >> his grandmother says the family will be in boston at least for another week and will undergo surgery again today. he is responding to doctors and his family. mom and dad say they are completely overwhelmed by the support back home, 30 percent of
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all pizzas today will go to aaron hern's family. today through sunday, if you want to come down to this pizza it is located on arnold drive. >> a run and vigil is held to on the victims of the boston marathon bombings and the group responsible for organizing the oakland running festival has planned a three-mile run, a mile for each victim killed in the blast. the run will depart from college avenue and end at snow park. runners will hold a moment of silence for the victims. stay with abc7 news for the latest developments on the boston bombings. at 6:30 our anchor will join us live from boston with a slide show of the touching images and moments of courage from boston on our website at >> police in the east bay are investigating an overnight
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shooting that sent two people to the hospital. bullet holes riddled a white van parked in front of jerry's cocktail lounge overnight and the shooting happened on san back low avenue not far from doctor's medical center. two people were wounded by the gunfire. investigators are looking for a motive and suspects. if youly released documenteds show caltran ordered tests 4 1/2 years ago that could have revealed problems with faulty bolts for the bay bridge span that were never performed. 32 bolts on the span snapped last month when workers tightened them and the tests that were ordered this 2008 were supposed to detect cracks in 96 anchor rods but the tests were never performed after the contractor questioned whether they were required. caltran officials are uncertain if the new span will open by labor day as originally scheduled. >> at&t is offering $250,000 reward for fining the people who
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tampered with phone lines in the south bay. several cables were cut inside a manhole in san jose. it happened a short time after someone fired gunshots damaging a pg&e substation on monterey highway. crews choneed up -- cleaned up after. the incidents are believed connected. >> the new exploritorium is opening today. it is just gorgeous and a hub of activity. the new exploritorium is directly across the embarcardero from our abc7 news building. a cool light show at pier 15 is planned for tonight. master control for the light show is mounted on our roof and the show uses 11 super high powered projectors. we have been watching the lights change all morning. we will have a live report on
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what you can expect on opening day in the next half hour. and abc7 news is the official t partner of the explore storm and we have you covered for the events. a private opening ceremony is underway at 9:00 with emcee duties from abc7 news anchor and at 10:00 the museum opens to the public with various events inside and outside throughout the day and for people waiting in line. at 8:30 the light show begins on the front of 15 and runs until 11 tonight and tomorrow and the museum is open until 10:00. for ticket information and for parking information we have everything you need to know posted on our website at abc7 news. >> i remember going do that, and science did not interest me but the hand's on exhibit, no one at the time was doing and it captured your interest and made it real and fund. >> kids like hands on science, it means something, so we will
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look at the forecast. mike? >> my son has taken a course called hands on physics offered in high school now. we seeing more and more of that. the beautiful picture from the roof camera and you can see the lights. the breeze will be here. it is open to the public at 10:00 and 58. by 3:00 it will be 65. when the light show starts, it will fall from the upper 50's to the mid-50's so be prepared. now the high temperatures today, elsewhere if san francisco we will top out at 67 degrees. that is further in toward downtown in the financial district not there on the water where you know it will be cooler. 69 in san mateo, and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere and upper 50's to low 60's at the coast. we will warm tomorrow and stabilize on friday, and another push of warm weather for the weekend.
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i will show you the upper 80's in the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. >> speaking of hands on, both hands on the wheel this morning as you drive from hayward and to foster city. we have decent traffic but a high wind advise are you so be careful of the gusty conditions. in the east bay we take the drive southbound along 680 before you get to highway 24, two car crash out there to the shoulder and not blocking any lanes at the moment. another look into oakland, it is starting to ease up as you make the drive where the sig-alert used to be. ground after a computer glitch that delays you could see still this morning on american airlines. >> new criticism in the senate over immigration reform and the impact of the path to citizenship of the finances.
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>> coughing cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:13.
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american airlines says travelers can expect normal operations after a massive software failure that kept planes from taking off yesterday. you may still see delays and cancellations this morning while the airline recovers from the stoppage. at sfo a flight to miami has been canceled and several others have been delayed. the airline blamed a glitch with the' wear this handles reservations and calculateses knit planning for the big delays. >> san jose is closer to becoming a hub for elite silicon valley current jets with signature flight services to build a facility on the west side of san jose airport. some residents turned out to urge an additional curfew provision or shorter lease. they did not get it. supporters point out that the airport will get $3 million a year in rent. critics say the extra thousands of flight as year will mean more noise for neighbors. >> the developer who wants to built a water front apartment complex in redwood city has
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dropped plans to built a private marina on the outer harbor. in september they were told they have to leave to make room for the 411-residential room developments with private boat slips but the tenants argue the owner of the harbor does not have the trite transfer the state lease to a developer for private development. an appeal to save the harbor is scheduled to go before the city council next month. >> investigators will return to a home packed with am mission that erupted in flames. it started in a garage at 7:30 and spread to a pair of adjoining houses. firefighters were told there were 2,000 rounds of am mission inside and it took several hours to bring the planes under control. no one was hurt. authorities are trying to determine why there was so much ammunition >> bipartisan group of senators will file an immigration reform bill that allows imgrams to
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immediately gain provisional legal status after paying fines and back taxes if they have not commit add crime. they can apply for permanent resident stat news 10 years and the measure tightens border security and makes exceptions for law-abiding imgrants who arrived at minors and completed high school and the bill is called a compromise. >> an appeals court will hear arguments over california's landmark ban on sexual orientation change efforts. the court will take up two legal challenges to the ban signed into law by governor jerry brown outlawing licensed mental health professionals from practicing gay conversion therapy to youth. opponents say this limits free speech and sued to block the law from taking affect. >> the sun is just starting to come over the hills. it will be beautiful. >> gorgeous day. a lot of sunscreen is needed.
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we will have an extended period warm and dry weather coming to your neighborhoods. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. we will talk about what will happen today. bright sunshine. a few breezy spots hanging around and it will be clear and cool the next couple of nights and no chance of rain the next seven days. a buick picture from mount tamalpais this morning and it is bouncing away 20 to 25-miles-per-hour gusts at 2,600'. temperatures are above average. redwood city is 71. near normal. everyone else is around two to five degrees warmer-than-average the exploritorium shows all the solar panels. san francisco is 55 now. oakland is 54. san jose is 52. walnut creek and appeal are only -- and palo alto are only 42! santa rosa is 45, napa is 49 and
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43 in gilroy and concord at 51. high pressure and a slow migration from the breezy low to the calmer high pressure but when it is locked in we have seven days remain wary -- days of warmer-than-average temperatures. a slight breeze along the coast from time to time but temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito but mostly the north bay valleys are low-to-mid 70's and the north bay beaches flirt with 60. low 70's for everyone and low-to-mid 70's in our east bay valley. headed to the game today, what 10 gorge -- gorgeous forecast for the game. warming to 70 by 3:00 at game. you will need some sun convenience. mid-to-upper 40's inland tonight
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and 50's for the rest us. we will continually warm each day until we get to next monday. leyla gulen, good morning. >> sounds like a great week the drive headed into the tolls, the my stepping lights are on, on the bay bridge. a sea light with the picture looking frozen. we have a high wind advisory on san mateo bridge. driving into walnut creek it is bumper to bumper and at the 24 junction a crash on the shoulder involving a couple of cars but not blocking lanes. now as we head to the maps i take you back to the great highway where it still remains shut down to both directions between lincoln way due to the high wins we had early that blew sand on the roadways.
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>> 6:22 on a beautiful wednesday morning. this is a live look from the brand new exploritorium camera and today is re-opening day at the exploritorium. i will get the wiper going to make sure it is pretty. coming up next half hour we will give you a preview of today's celebration if a live report from abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield. >> turning to a topic that could make you think that is going on, the tragedy in boston has sparked an outpouring of donations to charity. with it comes scamers had at work. a fake twitter account soliciting donations for the bombing victims has been shut down. scamers are posing at charities to steal credit card numbers. experts warn you to donate only to represent represented
6:21 am
companies that you recognize. >> lax has launch add new program called pets unstressing passengers an attempt at pet therapy. k-9s are brought in to give passengers a chance to pet or play around with them. officials hope thing dos will relax hurried travelers at busy lax. travel magazine named the airport the second worst for stress. >> dl hughely will not run to "dancing with the stars" after five weeks of struggling dl was voted off the show last night. the congressic got the best scores last week with the fox trot but the tango was the last dance when the scores were less than stellar he never lost his sense of humor and says he is grateful to his fans for keeping him in as long as they did. "good morning america" will have were more with the star coming up at 7:00. >> still ahead at 6:30 the bombings in boston and the local
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team seriously hurt in the attack and we go live to boston to hear from the family. >> police are look nothing two escapeees who bolted from juvenile hall overnight. >> the new exploritorium opens today and we will look inside to see the new exhibits including this bridge which is an exhibit. i will explain that ahead. >> a picture from our roof camera of the exploritorium where it is sunny and breezy. the next 12 hours we have breezy spots but we will have sunshine and calmer weather with 60 at the coast and 72 inland and 80's in the seven-day outlook. >> if you are headed to the exploritorium today i will have all the details on your mass transit ride and which lines to take and how to avoid the traffic and metering lights are
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on, on
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> you are looking at a bomb that went off at finish line of the boston marathon and
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investigators are looking for clues to lead them to the killer. >> good morning, everyone. we will get to the latest developments from boston in a moment. but first i want to get. >> check of the weather traffic. >> mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd, everyone, off to a dry start this morning. as we head into the morning hours, at least around the bay it is breezy in a few spots and 55, and 71 at 4:00. a comfortable afternoon into the evening dropping to 64. breezy in spots inland so the temperatures are up around 50 degrees and warming to the mid-60's by noon and above average and low 70's during the afternoon hours and comfortable in your neighbor at 66 in the evening. at the coast we breezy this morning and child with low-to-mid 50's and the upper 50's for the better part of the afternoon and cooler at 7:00 at 52 degrees. >> at 6:29, the drive through
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berkeley, the westbound 80 is filling up at this hour so as you make it to the maze you will see plenty of folks out there and it will be quite packed at the tolls on the bay bridge and that is due to an accident in the middle lanes. try to avoid the middle lanes if you can. as we head into san jose, 87, northbound, and headed into downtown san jose, no delays as yet and as we head further into san mateo, before we get to san mateo, we will talk about this, into fremont, southbound 680 before south mission boulevard a car went in a ditch and in san mateo along 101 northbound, this is word of a possible sinkhole in the number three lane. we continue to follow news in boston marathon bombings, the f.b.i. says one of the two bombs was housed in a pressure cooker. it was filled with nails and
6:28 am
black powder. it was placed inside a backpack and triggered by kitchen egg timers. the pressure cooker was made by the 5 the largest appliance maker in europe. a spring -- vigil was held for the youngest victim killed in the attack. and krystle campbells with killed cheering on her girlfriend's boyfriend. >> i cannot believe this has happened. it does not make any sense the. >> the third person killed has been identified as a boston university graduate student from china, a young woman, 76 people are still in the hospital, 20 of them in critical condition. >> our news reporter spoke with the family of a young bay area victim who was injured in the blast and she is live in boston for us.
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>> good morning. the 11-year-old is still in the hospital this morning recovering. aaron hern was with his family. look at the beautiful picket of the family because the mother was running in the basketball moisture no one -- running in the boston marathon. they heard the first explosion and ten seconds later was the second. dad grabbed his daughter because she was next to him. they ran and he realized aaron hern was not with them and three ran back. i found him on the sidewalk, on his back, with other people would remain injured and he was conscious and he talked to me and said, my leg hurts, daddy, but he was being pretty brave. >> he is a brave little boy and three is recovering. it did not break any bones and his arteries and nerves are
6:30 am
fine. he will have another surgery today where they will clean the wound and assess what needs to come next. the family is by his side but he is a tough little kid and he plays baseball, basketball, and he dislocated his elbow back in september but he rehabbed from that. they hope for everything to go well because he is a strong kid. >> we have been hearing how the average boston person launched into "help" mode. is there discussion about what has been done for the family since the injury? >> absolutely, a lady traveling with the family said just getting to the hospital a man with a truck asked for a ride, he kept going but he backed up and said, you have someone hurt, let's go and the hospital set them up with a place to stay because obviously they were
6:31 am
planning on flying back to california and one of the most remarkable things after the blast when aaron hern was on the ground bleeding from his leg, guys came over, grabbed a belt, tied his leg to help him recover and three was taken to the hospital. the lady said it is like one evil person and a million angels out there because everyone is coming together and we see that time and time again after tragedies like this. that is the silver lining in automatic the tragedy going on around us. thank you so were. >> stay with us abc7 news for the latest developments on the boston bombings with more reports from boston later on today, and you can get instant updates from her around the clock on deficit are by following her on twitter. if you would hike to show your support you can by sharing a get well soon badge on your facebook
6:32 am
page. >> developing news, an east bay woman is in surgery right now after being shot while sleeping in her living room this morning. someone shot into her hayward home at 12:30 saying neighborhoods her the shots being fired and saw a car driving appear but police are not sure if the car is connected to the shooting. the woman is in her mid 20 and is expected to survive. >> happening now, san francisco authorities are looking out for two escapeees from a juvenile facility near twin peaks. there was a break out around 10:00 last night at youth guidance center. officers searched through the night but have not released information. >> all lanes are clear on highway 101 through marin county after a man was struck by two cars if san rafael at 8:30 last
6:33 am
night. c.h.p. says he was walking along the freeway and stepped out in front of a car. a second car also hit the man but took off. the driver of the immigration car remained on the scene until paramedics arrived. no word on his identity. >> five teens are waking up in custody accused of gunning down an off-duty paramedic in the oakland hills announced hours after funeral services for quinn boyer who was slot and killed at stop sign. the teens are between 14 and 16 and were arrested the past two days. investigators say they pulled up alongside quinn boyer on april 2 and randomly shot him in the head. he was 34. emergency responders from across the bay area turned out for his funeral. >> the parents of a saratoga teen who committed suicide after an alleged sexual assault by three classmates will go after the school district. a lawyer for the parents of the
6:34 am
15-year-old audrie pott have filed a claim against the los gatos saratoga union high school district, the first step before a lawsuit can be filed. they say the district did not do tough to stop the bullying of audrie pott would hanged herself after a go to of her that night of the attack was shared around school. three, 16 year old boys are facing felony built whats in the case. >> 6:36. relief is on way if frustrated people in san francisco who believe they have to wait too long if a taxi. the municipal transportation agency voted to put more cabs on the streets this year and next year and will increase the number of vehicles from 1,600 to 2,300 but cab drivers want to hold off until the state decides whether ride-sharing companies unfairly compete with the taxi service. >> still ahead, a big day on the waterfront, we will let you in on what to expect for the grand
6:35 am
re-opening of the explore storm in san francisco. >> a vote if the south bay fight over fast foot and what san jose has decided in the bitter battle to brighton done to -- to bring mcdonalds to a neighborhood. >> we will have traffic and weather together, next,
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>> we are back at 6:40 with a strong pollen counsel. the sun will useize the solar panels all day today. they will use the sun as they will not be impeded in anyway from seeing the sunshine. total sunshine today with temperatures from four to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. most of us in the low-to-mid 70's above average. it will be warm across most of the state. low-to-mid 70's through the central valley to los angeles, and 6 in san diego and sunshine and 62 in monterey and a sunny 45 and not so breezy as yesterday in tahoe. morning commute, i want an update leyla gulen? >> we have high wind advisory on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. right now at the tolls along the bay bridge we have packed conditions right now and an early accident in the middle lane and everything is cleared to the toll before the toll.
6:39 am
at the golden gate bridge, it looks like a beautiful day on the golden gate bridge coming from marin county and into san francisco. not seeing any delays out there. as we take a quick look at our travel time, 580, 80, everything is loading up. >> fast food giant mcdonald's will not add a new location in the south bay. the san jose city council rejected the use permit to build a new mcdonald's across the street from hyde middle school. the permit was denied last night on a 4-7 vote. concerned parents and members of the community protested the new location saying the fast food restaurant would bring more cars to already busy streets. trading is underway on wall street. here is a live look at the big board, the dow is off 125 points. we will check with jane king and
6:40 am
find out why that is. >> first, san francisco's newest water front gem: look at that, the
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covering novato and oakland and sunnyvale, this is abc7 news . >> good morning, everyone. the latest on the boston bombings open "good morning america" at 7:00 and now a check in boston. >> good wednesday. we will continue your coverage of all the events in boston. the investigation continuing at this hour. what are federal agents looking for right now? how long could it be before they identify a suspect or suspects? we will have the breaking details next right here. >> we have breaking news to tell you about involving google app. maybe you tried to get on gmail and could not. they are experiencing a partial service outage, google driver you get a emergency saying service unavailable check back later they are working to resolve the issue but they have not found the cause. also the question this morning
6:44 am
is taking out a mortgage together the new engagement ring? now bloomberg business report with the latest from the new york stock exchange. jane? >> good morning. starbucks has hand crafted root beer and ale and sodas in a store according to starbucks blog and they are experimenting with sparkleing ice tea and budweiser is ready to have a bow tie shaped can coming out starting next month. it holds 11.3 owns of beer, rather than the traditional 12 ounces. on wall street, it is shaping up to be a volatile week in the silicon valley index. this morning is trade down and yahoo shares yesterday had a lower than expected sales forecast and shares of intel are also lower. google releasing details for
6:45 am
google glasses letting you create apps for the device with a and the love and meth before love and marriage? 24 percent of homeowners ages 18 to 34 bought a home together before they were married? live at the stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> thank you. it is 6:48. the brand new exploritorium opened to the public today at new location along the embarcardero. it features more space, new exhibits and an out of this world light show for the next couple of nights and abc7 news is a zone's throw away at pier 15 with a look. amy hollyfield?
6:46 am
pretty cool, right? we are the media partner, so we have a look inside for you, take a look. we have some of the exhibits for you. look at this huge douglas fur, something you will see, it is 330 years old and blew down in a wind storm. it is huge. they will also see signs life like those that exist here in this salt water. there is a lost water exhibits inside and that is to complement the new location at pier 15. this is the museum's first new home in 44 years and it is three times as large as the exploritorium's old location. >> we will open up 650 new exhibits. half them will be exhibits you have seen on the old floor and 20 percent will be old favorites from the closet and 30 percent will be brand spankin' new in certain areas like the life science section, outdoors and in
6:47 am
our new front gallery that looks at human behavior. >> here to look at the fog exhibit you can experience being engulfed in fog. you want do make a joke about living if san francisco but you will be able to really experience it on this bridge and turn it on every half hour. another outdoor show is on the facade of the building, you can catch a light show that will be high-tech and scientific. it is free. the museum opens to the public at 10:00 this morning and they are expecting huge clouds so the public transportation is your friend if you want to get down leader and have an easy way to get in and out. reporting in san francisco. >> abc7 news is your friend as the official tv partner of the exploritorium. we have you covered. here is a run down of the event events, a private opening ceremony at 9:00 with dash
6:48 am
annually -- with dan ashley as emcee. and this will be events inside and outside. and at 8:30 the light show begins until 11:00 oh -- 11:00 tonight and tomorrow. everything is on our website at >> amy hollyfield said take transit. she and leyla gulen are on the same page. >> that is true. because of the embarcardero which gets so packed, any hour of the day, especially if you are headed to the explore storm, you want to avoid driving and parking will be a nightmare so take mass transit right along the embarcardero, that will take you right to the exploritorium with no headaches and no mess or fuss. the exploritorium forecast, mike? >> we will start off with a beautiful picture of what happened last night and you can
6:49 am
see a gorgeous sunset. thank you for the beautiful picture. we will talk about what is going on, live doppler 7 hd looking at dry conditions out this. as far as what is going on with the winds we have gusts north at 16 at novato and 13 at concord and 24 at livermore and 22 at sfo and 16 and 17 in san carlos and half moon bay so it is breezy. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's in the not bay, and most of us are in the low-to-mid 50's because of the breezes. you can see them on mount tamalpais, sunny and more warmth and extended rain-fridays ahead. the warmest weather is sunday, monday, and tuesday. high pressure is slowly taking over our neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon hours we will see a calming influence and a string of sunny and warm days that began yesterday and will
6:50 am
continue through the seven-day forecast. we will have upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley. we will be near 60 in your beaches in the not bay with upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore the sunshine is not so breezy in the east bay valley and low-to-mid 70's. gorgeous day for baseball in oakland at 12:35 and first pitch and sunshine at 64 degrees and warming to 70 by the end of the game. here is the seven-day outlook, we will warm about another two to six degrees tomorrow. we will hold steady for friday and look at those temperatures, saturday through tuesday, low-to-upper 80's inland, mid-70's to low 80's away the bay and mid-60's at coat. -- at the coast. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. before you go. >>days of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> as we are ready to hand it off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. the f.b.i. confirms a bomb used in the boston attack was housed in a treasure cooker filled with nails and black powder. it was placed in a backpack and trigger the by kitchen egg timers. >> a martinez boy injured in the bombings will have surgery today on his leg. the mother of 11-year-old is making progress and is opening his eyes and is communicating with head nods. local businesses in martinez are hosting fundraiser to help the family. >> m thanker, the iron lady, was laid to rest this morning in the wake of the boston attacks with tight security. the queen less the ceremony at the cathedral something she has not done since churchill died 50 years ago. >> newly released documents show caltran ordered tests 4 1/2
6:53 am
years ago that could have revealed problems with faulty bolts on the new bay bridge but they were never performed. 32 anchor bolts on the new span snapped last month when workers tightened them. >> five, opening day at the brand new exploritorium on the water front. the if you location at pier 15 directly across from our building. it opened to the public at 10:00 this morning and closes at 11 tonight. abc7 news is the official tv partner of the exploritorium. >> if you are headed out for that today, what is the weather like, mike? >> i am glad you last. it opens at 10:00 to the general public, you and me, and 58 degrees. it will be a cool start but it will be sunny by 3:00 and mid-60's if you are there for the light show starting at 8:00, through 11:00, temperatures start in the mid-50's or upper 50's and drop into the mid-50's so dress presently. have a great time. >> as we head to the map i will get you an update on the accident southbound 680 before
6:54 am
you get to south mission boulevard it was a car that went down into a ditch and it is causing spectator slowing. it is due to emergency crews that just arrived on the scene the and in south san francisco, a motorcycle crash south bay shore boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101. >> thank you for joining us.
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good morning, america. major developments in the boston bombing. abc news obtained this photo of the pressure cooker made into a bomb packed with nails and the tattered backpack it was hidden in and these stunning clues. look at that bag on the sidewalk. seconds later it is shattered to pieces. >> emotion boils over for the victims. thousands turn out for 8-year-old martin richard, the little leaguer with the home run smile. we hear from the mom of the bright young woman called the
6:58 am
most lovable girl and we learn about the chinese grad student who was living her dream at boston university. grounded. thousands stranded after american airlines' computer system goes down. no way to track your bags or take off. inside the travel nightmare as more flights are canceled today. ♪ sweet caroline america says, we are boston. the city's unofficial anthem of victory, "sweet caroline," played loudly across the country last night and the emotional tribute from one place no one ever thought they'd see. ♪ believe they never would but now sweet caroline ♪ and good morning, america. we are all united behind boston this morning. robin and lara off today. great to have amy and rachel here and, boy, we have a lot to get to.
6:59 am
police have already received 2,000 tips in the boston bombings, that's the scene right there. investigators combing through it inch by inch. the boston police commissioner says he's never seen a more complex crime scene. >> and let's show you this again. you see this bag. it's right next to the mailbox right near the finish line. that second photo taken at the exact same spot just after the deadly explosion. this is the kind of thing police are looking for. any clue that can help them solve who was behind the blast. >> but there are no suspects right now. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is right there on the scene reporting the story all night long. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. this is a fast-breaking investigation with a major breakthrough already. the recovery by the fbi of the mangled partial remains of one of the bombs that apparently failed to fully explode all made of a common kitchen item. crime scene technicians discovered the key components along the race route and sent


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