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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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blast. we sent laura anthony to the scene in the town of west about an hour and a half from dallas. and laura is there tonight with this report.>> i guess ammt catchingir i heard go now, you're about to die. >> ryan and his young family lived ine parmd billings blown to by wednesday night's explosion. he knew when the plant was just on fire waits time to take his young son and wife out of the house. >> 20 seconds we got in the car and started to leave. and then, i turned to the right and about 10 seconds later that thing exploded. it pushed the car down. the car went up on the side on two wheels. >> just a big crack of thunder. >> but this friend was still home when the fertilizer exploded.
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her house is okay but not her sister's. >> heir house is gone. her car, gone. they barely got out. >> while the plant smolders, and with many homes in ruins, residents aren't sure how long it will take to rebuild, but they will. >> everybody is helping each other hout out in this town. >> you can see already the beginnings of the community working to piece back together. >> laura anthony is on the ground where authorities say it could be weeks or perhaps longer before they know the cause of the explosion. and the mayor said today the death toll could be as high as 40 from the blast. >> a soil scientist says texaspe
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of a troubling pattern a lk of over sight for public safety. >> the professor is not the only scientist to make the connections. he says you can see it and the oil spill or the pipeline explosion hazardous high demand products and disasters like the one we're seeing in central texas. people who know the fertilizer production will tell you a plant like one in the town of west is a hazardous place even under optimal conditions. >> ammonia nitrate can be heated and explode. >> the process involves pressures and ammonia plants are working to meet a very high demand. >> we import just about as much as we make. >> but adds the government does not do a very adequate job of safety monitoring.
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>> because of the lack of man power, frankly. there are not many people monitoring these things he says take a look at the explosion. pg&e did an inadequate job of checking that pipe. thought it was safe. the fire in richmond, again, high demand led to increased risk. >> the chance of something happening is going to increase from such intensity he says it's increasinglynrecog e industries believe the risk is low. >> it's peopve without seat belts younow? things people do. think thisvehappen. buwe'r seei pattern of the industries producing high demand products. it's happening more. >> he says we're getting a wake up call. increased demands ought to come with increased attention. >> it means more inspections because you're about more
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demand. secondly it means replace things more frequent lip because you've got demand, and the stress. >> tonight congressman miller reports that democrats in the housework force committee are reintroducing legislation to expand observe -- osha coverage. civil penalties will be adjusted. the bill authorizing prosecutions for employ qlorz knowingly violate the regs and it would require osha to investigate all cases of death and serious injuries. miller said today the texas explosion is just the latest reminder communities have a great deal at stake. >> communities all over the country and bay area. thank you very much. >> we want to take you back new to west texas. abc 7 news has been there seeing what is go owe going on. how is the community reacting to this devastation?>>
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they're resilient here, we've got into town this morning and folks are lining up to get some supplies and we ran into a father and son. the fa himse was very clto the explosion. he helped evacuate thatold folks hometerday. and now, he is ck today with his son tried to help out others in this community. his house is okay. we're about a half mile from the plant. that is the plant this is about as close as you can get at this point. federal, state, local emergency investigators and workers have been at the plant all day long, they're calming through the material, many wearing white suits trying to figure out what happened there. if you pull back to where i'm standing this is actually a residential country road out here this, is north and west of the plant. and we can show you some of
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the damages to the homes just located here across that lawn there. you can see that home there had all windows broken out. there is damage inside. they, i can tell you are the lucky wins. -- onces. house that's took the brunt of the explosion are on the other side of the plant closer to downtown. there is a neighborhood over there. we've been showing you that apartment building that was destroyed. there are houses there that have been leveled these folks are the lucky ones. >> laura, that shows how strong the blast is given windows were broken out so far away. thank you very on now te the martinez boy ijured in the explosion got a special visitor, michelle obama stop bid to see the 11-year-old and
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his family, more on his condition in just a moment. first, the video release today by the sh -- but the fbi who singled out two men seen here carrying backpacks near the scene of the bombings. they want to find these two men very much. >> ama? >> i'm standing in front of the fire house which is just down the street from the blast sites. as soon as the fbi released images of the suspects firefighters printed them out and put them on display for everyone to see. >> today we're listing help to identify the two suspects. >> the fbi released these surveillance images of two men they are now calling suspects in the boston marathon bombing autos suspect one wearing a dark hat. suspect two wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum res strunt they ciateve the two are asso they appear to be walking
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together through the marathon crowd, you can see one behind another. >> we can consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> i showed images to mad lynn shca by to show sup >>sus my hart someone would do t this city this, meansch h many h are broken. >> this is just a devastating day for the boston community. we're a family.>> arlene added s after remembering something she saw on tv. >> i caught this image on the three balloons first thing i saw were three balloons going into the sky. everyone said there are two death autos the gesture in memory of ligzi lu, crystal
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campbell and martin richard. >> three angels, dressed in gold reaching for the star autos the memorial has grown throughout the day. people stop bid to pay respects. now, they're just hoping someone will recognize those suspects in the photos. if you'd like to take a look at the photos they're on our web site. live in boston abc 7 news. >> as for the martinez boy he has taken a huge step forward today. the 11-year-old suffered a deep thigh wound. his mother reports he's now breathing on his own and starting to sit up. his neck brace and tubes have been removed. he could be out of intensive care by tomorrow. as mentioned first lady michelle obama dropped by today. and at least half a dozen restaurants are holding fund-raisers to help with the hern's expenses. as ama reported the fbi is asking people to come forward
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with information if you were there or think you know something rer pe -- tip line. orweb easierl swe swre a link to t form for you on abc 7 and one way to show support for people of boft john share this badge on your facebook page. you can find it on our page. >> we also have a get well soon badge for aaron hern. we've had more than 5300 likes so far. >> there is a big marathon scheduled in northern california. hundreds of people who ran in boston are signed up to run here, you're going to hear from several of them coming up. >> first, school security officials who helped lead police to the teenagers now charged with killing an off duty paramedic, just ahead. >> a woman pays her bank $7,000 too much so what can
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she get a refund? coming up 7 on your side gets her money. >> i'm sandhya patel. a little warmer today. much warmer weather coming up. vile a look at the weekend temperatures. abc
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another arrest in the murder of a san jose paramedic this, time it's a 13-year-old boy. five others face charges and today we learned one of the
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boys will be tried as an adult. nick smith is live at the court house with the latest for us. nick? >> good evening, christian made his first court appearance today, being tried as an adult and we have to let you know that if he is convicted he faces possibility of life without parole. also he was identified by a police officer who looked at surveillance video. >> we rely upon opd to help us, we're able to help them. >> earlier this week that, help led oakland police to the 16th they accuse for the death of quinn boyer. >> officers able to address >> theityey see them. ad ola unified ict.huusedoom and look arouheeas district. da after boyer was shot
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d horace mann elementary school. one officer helped identify the teens accused of driving it having that type of a quality that aids him in being able to give cred assistance in instances such as this he gave us exclusive access to the room where cameras are monitor that had police use to identify suspects. christian and five other teens have been charged with multiple felonies. the youngest of the accused arrested just yesterday is only 13 years old. the crime is a felony, abc 7 news will not identify the other teens because they're not being charged as adults. christian burton is expected to enter a plea tomorrow, police tell me the investigation is still open but believe they have those responsible. nick smith abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you. the annual c grt san francisco earthquake of 1906 was disrupted today by
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a security scare, someone spotted a sus spishus package at market and o farrell veets. of course after what happened in boston everyone a little bit extra cautious. the celebration moved to union square and once security was resolved it moved to church and 20th. near dolores park for spray painting of a fire hydrant. and for the first time this year, no survivor as tended county are reap prepared but left.y thre the rest of us likely have >> so are you ready for the work to do. next big one? >> loma prieta. 1989. september 11th. red cross took advantage of boston bombings. horrifying events. silver linings are lessons for the rest of us. the earthquake anniversary to san francisco department of remind people to prepare. emergency management created nearly 20 years ago after the 101 california shootings and is where representatives would gather the red phones might be officials say the city and the only phone service working in a disaster. >> can we make sure nobody gets hurt? there are no deaths? the answer is no. nobody can do that, ever. but if you're asking me if we're ready to manage
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consequences, absolutely. >> emergency services deputy director says one area he's not confident about is public preparedness. jerry rice and christie yach gucci were part of the line up. >> red cross says the kits are important but most thing to have is a family plan. >> letting your loved ones know you're okay whether calling someone out of the area, sending a text ssag tishe important thing you >> and if ur family includes yochildren, know the school's plan. >> chances are the kid won't stay in the place you left them. they'll probably evacuate so
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where is the safe place they're going? we have a great resource to help you prepare. look for prepared nor cal under see it on tv. very valuable tip there's for getting your kits together. >> i resolve every year to do a better job. there is no use taking the chance. >> this is remarkable. for april. >> it is. wael above normal it's 90, 90. in the taft it's not going happen until next week, weekend looking fantastic. if you have outdoor plans, live doppler 7 hd. bright, sunny as you can see. temperatures now 61 in san francisco.
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69 in mountain view. the view you can see ocean beach sitting under clear skies right now. 71 degrees at this hour. livermore is 74. los gat, 76 degrees, clear skies tonight. cool night ahead. we're going to see warmer weather skpund monday. so we'll keep new a holding go to call this shot willill keep new a dry pattern. warm days expected starting sunday continuing into monday. at the coastline jewel enough of a sea breeze to prevent you from getting too hot. san jose, the week ahead, 78 degrees in the afternoon. you can see the trend going up sunday, monday. tomorrow morning you'll want to grab an traechl layer, will be on the cool side in spots
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and perhaps chilly if you call 42 chilly for napa. 49 in richmond you're going to see 47 degree temperatures. and friday, nothing but sunshine. san jose, 78. today's highs from upper 50s to upper 70s so close to todz's temperatures for tomorrow. mountain view, 76. same thing for daily city. downtown san francisco, 656789 you'll see occasional high clouds for tomorrow afternoon. and your coastal areas into low 60s towards east bayg to be a mild, beautiful day. 72 in oakland. 80 degrees in antioch 78 livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast.
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temperatures inching up starting sunday low 60s coast, mid-80s inland. you'll notice we'll see a return of low clouds near the coast. so temperatures will be held in check there. >> little more of the summer time pattern, huh? >> exactly. >> thank you. >> coming up how will you get medicine you need if a major epidemic hits the bay area? >> how we're getting ready for just that scenar
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san francisco mayor commemorated the 1906 earthquake but by approving costly retro fits for thousands of buildings forcing owners to bolt down structures and add metal bracing. these structures covered -- suffered the most damage during 1989 earthquakes. the retro fits could cost as much as $130,000 per building.
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>> i work with banks to make sure she the have low cost loans that are available and that the city will create a program to make sure buildings are covered. >> san francisco city will evaluate in the fall and alert homeowners of the work needed to meet this requirement. >> they're getting ready for a major emergency this morning volunteers went door f informational pamphlets. this is part of a droil get ready for a pandemic or a biological attack. training is good for all emergency autos they've been deployed during bad weather in ouci ha been commutedcad with centers to make sure if power was out if they needed
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anything. >> san mateo county stockpiled items. >> well still ahead here tonight at 6:00 as we continue tonight from boston to big sur you're going hear from run qlorz escaped boston bombings and their concerns about a mayorrathon here. >> drawing a buffer zone. proposal to keep protester as way from a controversial bay area clinic. >> you'll see a car get swallowed up by a sink hole that opened up today in the mid west.
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updating our top story latest from west texas after the explosion devastate that had town. the search for victim asks survivors continues in the rubble of the buildings blown apart last night. this as clean up gets underway. the mayor says up to 40 people are still unaccounted for and
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feared dead. among them are 10 first responders. 160 people were injured. hospital officials report five in critical condition. investigators are being curbus as they look for the cause of the explosion. the site is considered volatile. >> the fbi released images of two men they suspect set off a pair of bombs at the boston marathon. they appear to be walking together through the crowd. investigators say the second suspect in the white hat set down a backpack at the excite of the second explosion in front of the forum restaurant. you can see him carrying a backpack. fbi believes they're associated and agents are asking for help in identifying these guys they say the men should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. we know a lot of bay area residents were in boston for the marathon. the tip line for information
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is 1-800-225-5324. we have this information on our web site. >> there is a link tying monday's boston marathon to the big sur marathon. that run as long highway 1. organizers were in boston when the explosions happened when z.david louie explains they're now preparing to beef up security. 400 runners part of a group doing back to back races. a week from sunday they will be running the international marathon. the race director was near the finish line when die devices exploded. >> knowing where it was and how many people were there it was a immediate reaction this, is not good it could have caused runners to cancel their blaunz that hasn't happened. >> there is more determination
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than ever. people were heart of the group of people more determination to come here to finish their race. >> security along the ocean route will be raised high-level meetings involving local, state and federal agencies. 76-year-old monterey runner was back in the pack when explosions happened. but that is not going to deter her plans to run next wd. see ye concerned about security.i'm no. >> the same holds true for principal mat bell. >> running is a part of me. i couldn't imagine not running. and i want to run in spite of what happened. have you to return to normal. >> a successful running will have not only a psychological
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impact but an economic one, participants pumped estimated $18 million into the local economy. >> tonight eight senators are defending their comprehensive immigration legislation. the so called gang of 8 introduced the plan today and conceded it's not perfect. it does call for border security and a path to citizenship for undocuntedwo ary triggers are strong but achieveable. the path is tough but sit accessible. >> legislation is workable solution to our system, responses have not and cannot repair. >> some say with 20 million americans out of work it doesn't make sense to add millions of foreign workers. the debate begins tomorrow. >> reproductive rights clash
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wtd rights to free speech today. a board is recommendsing a 25 foot buffer zone in a on valencia street. >> last place we want to get information from is from a theocrat telling us what they think we ought to know. >> abortion rights supporters accused opponents of passing out medical misinformation while bullying potential clients but opponents describe the agencies as compassionate counseling. >> i have never intimidated anyone going into an abortion clinic. i offer them familiar flets with places to go get help. >> both sides are recommending a 25 foot buffer zone in front of the entrance. >> if that had been in effect
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when these mothers were reached these children may in pieces cut up in a bucket at planted parenthood. >> the zone would prevent protestors from standing or parking in front of the building and likely place them on the other side of of valencia street. >> this will also protect staff for intimidation. encourage yelling. i know those believe yelling into the clinic is effective. i think they're going to be yelling louder from 25 feet. >> san francisco has a history of protecting the rights of free speech. the question is whether or not it infringes o reproductive rights. the recommendation goothe board of supervisors in the next f weekutos let's go to the mid west.
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rain is creating a disaster for people in illinois. governor quinn declared a state of emergency as flood waters rise throughout the state. up to seven inches of rain fell causing scattered evacuations of homes, mobile home parks and a hospital. schools were closed freeways unpassable during the morning commute. more than a thousand lights have been affected with hundreds of cancellations so far. firefighters in one neighborhood were keeping people away from a huge sink hole that swallowed up cars. one person had to be rescued when it took his car down he tried to drive around this giant hole. that driver is the hospital but is going to be okay. >> two parked cars and that driver. >> with temperatures warming up fire season will arrive in no time. >> coming up a look at what nasa is contributing to the firefighting efforts this
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summer t
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u.s. forest service is arming itself now with a high tech form. >> the u.s. forest service has a lot of airplanes but only one jet. and the view from this jet is something spectacular. you won't seat mountains out of the window but through this sensor on the bottom. it's looking at this. >> they have eyes on it in the morn sog they can plan for the day. >> one pilot flies in the dead of night taking thermal images of the biggest wildfires in the west. >> so we have maybe four one night >> the best and a line around th fire. >> they're able to make improved predictions on where
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the fire might go. >> u.s. forest service had trouble getting to it to the firefighters instead of wireless system they're putting maps on drives and dropping them. >> we used to drop the imagery and put it in there, too. and then, drop it down. >> that little hole has been released by antennas. >> if some forces are out of harm's way this allows them to get communications to move or deploy to a different area. >> the service says there is only one problem. there is not enough of it. this is the first that can scan fires during the day daytime as well as night so it can work around the clock. >> we're ready to go. looks like next week we'll
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northbound new mexico. >> amazing tech knots. >> a bay area woman struggle owing to pay bils she sent her bank a check and it took michael finney to
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woman in daily city says she mistaken by paid a bank nearly $7,000 too much andcodn'a finney. you jumped into action. >> thiswo a widow. it was a huge hassle. she accidentally sent a huge payment to the bank when she didn't owe. unfortunately she had to turn to me to help get it back. carolyn foster installed 20 of the lamps around her home lighting her path at night. >> this can with very dark. >> she paid for the lamps and
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was paying off the balance with automatic payments of $100 per month. however, one day she decided to unload the debt and mailed this cash year's check to the bank for the full balance of $6700 then, the horrifying realization. >> i made a double payment. >> she remembered instructed another bank to pay off that loan and it did. and now, she had gone and paid it twice. >> i didn't realize i was anxious. >> she contacted wells fargo, asking the bank to send back the payment. however, not so easy. >> one person said well it might take a couple cycles. i said a couplecl sni sthed is my money. >> she marched down to wells fargo asked the teller to stop paymonhachk. >> if you do a stop payment
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have you to pay x number of dollars i said i don't care. stop it. well, they didn't. >> later wells fargo told carolyn the bank mail a refund check, however, she never got it and realized the bank was still taking payments for the loan though it was paid off. >> i'm retired and a widow. and i need the moon three months later she zrnt a refund and contacted the bank again. >> i said i'm at your mercy aren't i? he said, yes, you are. i said i'll have to call michael finney. >> she did. we contacted wells fargo. the bank looked into this case and just two days later a fed yechl delivery arrived at her door. >> jumping for joi.. >> it contained this check for $6900. wells fargo said koit not discuss the case because of
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privacy rules however, the bank tells us if a customer makes payments to a closed card we issue a refund by check mailed to the address we have on file f a customer set up automatic payments we'd recommend they cancel recurring payments prior to payoff. >> and i never thought my lifetime boy have to use michael finney. but he came through. tt is what we're here said she had too many transactions going on. now she's consolidate add kts and keeps notes and by the way that is a good idea for everyone. >> it is. it's good advice, thank you. >> spencer is off, jand patel is here. >> weather looks fabulous, tomorrow ate niece game giants hosting padres, forecast looking good.
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mid-50s and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. clouds returning to the coast over the weekend. we'll notice warmer weather sunday, monday, mid 8s to low 90s. the forecast, there is a wide range we'll see slight drop in numbers mid week. >> thank you. >> hopefully things will go better for giants if they return home. >> waits not a good trip to milwaukee for sure. what is wrong with matt cane
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good evening this, is not the start matt cane had in mind. giants swept out of milwaukee. start with sausage races if your money is on the hot dog you're a winner. first inning 2011 ryan brawn sending this ball way out.
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a homer means bernie brewer goes down the slide. homers off cane, and yes, so he does his thing, again. 5-0, milwaukee in the third allows seven runs and three homers he's sick of bernie. they're back home tomorrow to face padres. warriors open this saturday in denver that. will be the site of games one and two in best of seven series. golden state's first home playoff game frhe 26th at ocle. three games tohey're a deepeam athl. denver led the league in scoring, 28 and three at home.
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sats favor denver. >> they won against us in regular season we feel like our game matched up well with theirs and we have a good shot to go, take care of business. >> pressure stands on them. we're the under dog and can be aggressive on the road. and that what we're going to do. >> the nfl released the schedule today opening with three playoff teams. this week lee, andrew luck returns in the bay area, october 27th against jaguars. monday night game the regular season finale will be the last regular season game at candle
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stick park. week 4 assuming he's healthy he comes to town thanksgiving day. moving moments last night in boston a crowd gathered for the first brunz game since bombings and everybody sang the national anthem.
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>> i have chills right now just listening to that. 17,000 united in boston. a moment nobody will forget this, sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. you want to talk about emotional. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> well, moving on, join me tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. coming uphese images have one northern california man on edge. now he's waiting and hoping to hear from them. >> and then at 11:00 die secretarying evidence a former fbi agent tells us what likely led to the release of the pictures of the boston suspects. >> tonight line up begin was wife swap followed by gray's amat any -- anatomy. >> that does it nor editi abc 7 news. >> as we goht the bay b ou
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atop the new explorarium. right now it's looking across the street from us. new exploratorium. >> from all of us re have a terrific night.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants --
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