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>> reporter: he says they talked with him sent him ad that it w over with, thourrs r thrtis c of getting into college, which is all he wants. that and for this bad memory to go away. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to john. tonight's "closing arguments." one day after senators voted down the biggest package of gun legislation in 20 years, supporters vowed not to give up. the vote on universal background checks failed. president obama said despite a 90% approval rating among the public. and strong support from the families who lost loved ones in the newtown massacre. president obama called yesterday a pretty shameful day in washington. but what do you think? should background checks be ramped up for gun buyers? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or
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tweet us @nightline. world news knew is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. as always, tune into good morning america tomorrow. we're on line at see you here tomorrow night.
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>> it looibingd like picked me up and pushed me back. a little. but like seriously felt like an earthquake. >> war zone. every window is out. >> people in this small texas
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town picking themselves up tonight at vigil while investigators try to figure out what setoff the massive explosion. >> but first the boston bombing suspects. fbi released video of 2 men they are calling armed and extremely dangerous. good evening. >> i'm carolyn. the fbi knew this would happen. >> within hours of releasing these images of the 2 suspects in the bombings people now turning over, people now turning over images like we are going to show you here in a couple minutes. trying to identify theeople as quickly as they kaichbility runner snapped a photo of somebody appears to be the man the fbi is calling suspect no. 2. >> he's the one seen setting did you know a backpack at the finish line before the pwlaeingt. >> amma has the latest from boston tonight. >>reporter: i'm standing in front of the firehouse which is just down the street from the blast site. as soon as the fbi relessed the images of the suspects the firefighters
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printed them out and put them on display for everyone to see. >> today we are enlisting the public help to identify the two sues pbingts. >>reporter: fbi reless these images of 2 men they now are publicly calling suspect in the marathon bombings. >> bearing 1 bearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. they believe the two are associated. they appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd. you can see one right behind the other. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> makes me so mad. furious. >>reporter: i showed images to madeline who came by this memorial to show her support for her city. >> this breaks my heart that somebody would do this to this city. the city means so much to me and so much to everyone
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here. >> many hearts here are indeed broken. >> this was such a devastating day for the boston community and we are not a city. we are truly a family. >> arlene added these 3 balloons to the memorial after remembering something she saw on tv. >> image of the 3 balloons from the bomb site. first thing i saw was 3 balloons going up in the sky. everyone was like 2 deaths. i said there were 3. >>reporter: her gesture in memory of lindsay lu, crystal campbell and martin richard. >> 3 angels if reaching up if ro the stars. >> memorial has grown significantly since this morning as people 10 to drop by and pay their respects. now everyone is just hoping that someone will recognize those 2 suspects. if you with like a closer look at the pictures just two to our web site. in boston, abc 7 news. >> the fbi has been inundated with calls ever since it released the image and increased traffic to the web site knocked it off license for
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a brief time this evening. 7 news reporter is here more with the investigation for us. >> the fbi took risk releasing the images presumably the 2 men in the video investigators are on to them but one law enforcement expert said it was a risk the fbi had to take. >> former fbi agent rick smith says investigators most likely turned up nothing when they circumstance lited these images within will you enforcement circle turning to the public was the logical next city. you tip off the people that they know they are being sought after but most important thing is to identify them. and then they will generate the necessary resources to find both of them. >>reporter: late tonight cnn obtained this photo of thehe exn aftermath of the explosion. people are seen running. except suspect in the white cap. he looks rather unphased by what happened. investigators hope all of these images will trigr that someone will recognize their facial features. their gate.
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clothing and backpack. rick smith says as valuable as the images are fbi most likely has more evidence that connects the 2 men as co-conspirator. >> perhaps the text message coded text message that him if communicated in terms of the bombs going off. unable the fbi to identify them as suspects. >>reporter: according to abc news one suspect also seen in another video making a cell phone call around the time of the explosion. massive effort now under way to conspire tour every cell phone call made during the hopes of hopes of tracing it back to the bomber. this is 7 news. >> a lot of people from the bay area were in boston on monday. if you have any information you are asked to call the fbi tip lane at this number on the screen. we have post that had number along with the pictures you have been lacking at at 7 >> understandably everyone on edge tonight in boston. bricking news right now with another situation that gce dwinn
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the city water town gunfire and explosion were his heard and news camera showed a man lying on the ground. boston police have taken over the investigation. this may connected to convenience store robbery or to another incident late tonight at mit. wcvb television there all righting that suspects may in custody but that police appear to still be engaged in an active search of that area. that's where campus police officer was shot an killed by a gun man. police are still searching for that gun man tonight. there are few details about either of these incidents but there is no indication that they are connected in any way to the marathon bombings. however, huge police response in that city which is now under so much pressure. and back one more item to the the attacks in the mayor thochbility 11-year-old boy from martinez hurt in the explosion is making tremendous progress tonight we are glad to till. aaron suffered deep
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thigh wound waiting for his mother to cross the finish license. he's feeling better who wouldn't vtv after a visit today from first lady obama. unhooked from nearly all chinesnd u at he could be out of icu by tomorrow. >> well tonight runners from the bay area showed their solidarity with the victims and people of boston by taking part in the candle light round and vigil. hundreds turn out including an its bay woman who was int blast. 7 news reporter has the story . >>reporter: they may have been sprted by distance but these runners in oakland snow park were connected to boston in spirit. >> go boston. pishtion more than 300 ran through oakland. victim who died in theach in t b bombings. paula of concord ran the marathon and was near the explosion. >> a lot of emotion. like right now. just remembering people's faces and the fear. lots of fear. camaraderie. >>reporter: this run organized by the owner of the see jane
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run sporting good store. >> we are standing strong together as community and we are not going to let this kind of thing hold us back. >>reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news. >> and tomorrow morning organizers of the san francisco marathon are holding a run to show their support for the boston bombing victims that starts at 7:00 a.m. at sue beer man park north of ero in the city. we have all the information on this for you at 7 find it under see it on tv. >> turning now to the latest on the tragedy in texas. that massive fertilizer plant explosion in the town of west about an hour south of dallas, tonight emergency responders have searched about 80 percent of the blast site and they say they have found 8 to continue bodies which is actually much smaller death toll than they initially feared. laura anthony is in west tonight. >>reporter: i am stand about half mail northwest of where the plant is located. tonight you can see emergency vehicle still on scene there.
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investigators combing through is what left of that plant. all day. still trying to figure out exactly why it exploded. >> i guess amoney why catching fire with the air that's about to blow. like something inside was saying go now you are about to die. >>reporter: the young family lived in the apartment building in west texas. that were blown to bits by wednesday night massive explosion. he knew when the plant was just on fire it was time to get his young son and wife out of the house. >> we got in the car and we started to leave and then i turned to the right and about 10 seconds later one block and then the thing exploded. it blew. pushed the car blew. the car literally wept up on the side only on 2 wheels. >>reporter: like a big crack of thunder. but friend was also home when the fire starte started. was still there when the fertilizer exploded. her house is okay but not her sister's. >> house completely gochb.
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brother-in-law and their son barely got out. >>reporter: while the plant smolders in the distance, and with many of the homes in ruin ruins, residents here aren't sure how long it will take to rebuild. but they will. >> everybody here is helping each other out right now . that's what we do in this town. everyone has each other's pwaichblingt you can see already the beginnings of the community working to piece itself back together. >>reporter: this home about half mile from the blast had its windows broken out. others completely destroyed here but even those who lost their homes are reaching out to those in need. trying to help one another recover and rebuild. west texas. in west, texas laura anthony abc 7 news. >> one texas man witness the blast last tonight while driving interwaco two days blythe or not after he survived th boston. boston. joe burt finished the marathon 30
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seconds before the first bomb exploded on monday. his wife was hit with shrapnel near the finish lane but not hurt seriously. after ing hon texaso texas he was driving along the highway when he saw this the plume of smoke that turd out to be from the fertilizer plant explosion. what are the odd of this. he just feels fortunate that he and his family not harmed in either tragedy. now laura live coverage from west texas will continue tomorrow beginning with the abc 7 morning news starting at 4:30 am. >> turning our attention to the weather now it began warming up nicely today. let's get our first check now with sandhya and look at live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. temperature did come autopsy if you degrees today carolyn and miniwarm-up will continue but it's going to get even different as we head in the weekend. we show you clear skies and i show you a live picture from our high definition camera. you can see a light breeze. clear sky over the bay. temperatures right now 51 in san francisco. 56
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oakland. san jose 58. half machine bay grave degrees get ready for a cool start to your friday morning. need a sweater or jacket. and that change that is coming will feature summer like heat. details in just a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> huge fire has erupted in southern california. flames raging tonight in windy conditio w are doing to battle this wichbility also pg&e working late tonight. why police are guarding. >>anwod to save the bay area womifane. why it has become so your honor interest. >> then later on night loon. >> hello thanks. later tonight on night license federal authoritie the largest viral man hunt in u.s. hit history. tonight the u.s. hit history. tonight the latest clue on the
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. >> happening now in ventura county in southern california. crews are finding a stubborn fire near the camarillo airpor airport. officials say mulch is burping as crew use bulldozer and heavy equipment to contain the fire. no structure threatened. no injuries reported but fire officials say this could burn for several more hours. a lot of fuel in the mulch of course. red flag warnings were up to date because of the dry windy weather did you know soil. pg&e beef up security at bay area sub stations somebody shotr early tuesday. see police on the scene as repair continue at the met california substation. somebody fired several shots from high powered rifle into the power plant early tuesday. at&t fiber optic cables also vandalize. phone company offering 250,000 dollar reward
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for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> seven week that's it. that's how much time stanford professor has to find a bone marrow match to fight aggressive form of leukemia. as lisa explains, finding a match has been especially toug tough. >> even through 5 hospitalizations. and 2 chemo lots of complications. >>reporter: time is ticking for this woman. she's accomplished a lot since she immigrated from india. 2 did did you tell uses. a professor of psychology at stanford but has leukemia. has just seven week to find a bone marrow match. after that too weak for a transplant. >> cancer so aggressive then. that there is not much chance of curing it. >>reporter: search for her donor started in november when her leukemia relapsed. her students sprung into action. >> we are this silicon valley so of course you use technology however you cap.
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>>reporter: quickly created a facebook page. web site. organized donor drive all over the world. south east asian one of the smallest groups to donate bone marrow. >> l 1,000 peoplen over 20,000 e finding a match. >>reporter: at this temple tonight people join the donor list and because of the on line network, for the first time bone marrow drive like this are taking place in india today and tomorrow. in sunnyvale, lisa, abc 7 news. >> we have information on how you can register to be a bone marrow donor on our web site. look under see it on tv. such a difference. >> easyro our attention back to the forecast now. >> sandhya is here with what looks like sandhya warming forecast. >> indeed. you will see things heating up around here. second half of the weekend into early next week. live doppler 7 hd writ now showing you mostly clear sky. not tracking rain
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at this hour. high definition sutro camera to downtown san francisco. you can see visibility is great. skies are clear. 52 degrees right now in santa rosa. it is 55 in liver mir. union city currently 56 degrees. here are the highlights we look at clear skies cool night. another mild day tomorrow and then warmer weather is coming. sunday and monday. so as you look at the pacific satellite picture here high pressure still going to control our weather for the next 7 keeps so we keep you in the dry pattern. but warm days will start on sunday and really take you into monday. so let me show you just week ahead. for san jose what we talk b.78 tomorrow afternoon in san jose. very close to today's level. temperatures coming up as we head into sunday monday by tuesday getting up into the thursday but just by a little bit. tomorrow morning those temperatures are falling. it is going to be cool lowo your morn
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40's nap santa rosa ndled u ad o t doo n concornt. 45 for morgan hill. 48 degrees in san jose. san mateo o. half moon bay down to 44 degrees. see the low 50's around san francisco. and oakland. high pressure for your friday with sunshine in the south bay. 78 degrees as i mention in san jose. cupertino 73 for santa cruz. enjoy the sun in los gatos up to 80 degrees. on the planes it's mild beautiful day 68 million pwraechlt 74 in redwood city. 77 los altos. coastal area low 60's but notice what shows up here. patch or 2 of fog by the that is going to hold your temperatures down 60 if daily city -- daly city. north by community you see the 60's near the coast. 77 though newspaper santa rosa. napa. san rafael. vallejo mid 70's clover dale ukiah and clear lake with occasional high clouds passing tluchlt east bay 72 agrees and oakland. get you
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up to 70 in berkeley. 75 81 city. inland community you are close to where you should be for this time of year. go with 80 in antioch. walnut creek 7 79. 77 please an to be. accu-weather 7 day forecast and it will feature very little change next two days low 60's to low 80's. low clouds though back in the forecast for the weekend. along the coast line. mid 80's inlay sun. low 90's by monday. you see the wide range mid 60's to low 90's very summer like then mperatures start to dropff few degrees by midweek. >> thank you. >> update for you on the bricking news in the boston area. our affiliate there says there's been a huge response by federal agents to reported shoot out with two men in the suburb of world trade center town. >> 2 may have been involved in the somewhating death of mit police officer. local news reports say they threw the detonated explosive from the car. we don't know if this incident is connected to the bombings earlier this week at the marathon but you can is he why they are taking no chance.
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certainly people on negligence massachusetts tonight. >> we'll be right back with larry. larry. >> a
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>> good evening. don't be surprised if the shark make a deep play off run. post season around the corner. sharks appear to be peaking right now and try to lock up home ice. tonight against boston martin loves playing against former team trying to pass and former teammate deflects it right into his own net. own goal in soccer. 1 nothing sharks. later logan leaps to bat the puck down with the left hand on pass from goalie nicholas. to
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feed him right in front. that's tremendous play by him. san jose adds 3 more goals in the third. the one timer 2 goals 4 points in the game. sharks win third straight 6-1 and tied with the kings for fourth but l.a. owns the tie breaker 4 games left in the season. pressure of pitching up to new 127 mill contract? only matt cain knows but he had another rough outing today in milwaukee for the giants. who doesn't love a good sauce am race? right? hot dog wire to wire. trouble in the first. ryan brawn deep off kaichbility every pitch was over the middle of the plate and brewer is sliding. brewer pitcher arrested tuesday dunk driving and at bat 11 career home run. 5 nothing milwaukee. then this the third look at canes reaction here. jonathan luke connects. cain allowed 7 ru in 6 enginesrpi
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milw. ack ho tomorrow ace the ads's the night warriors off. warriors bound for denver. face the nugget in the play off. best of 7 series will start on saturday. they look pretty loose. at practice head coach jackson having a shooting contest with green. both kept missing shot after shot until green finally makes one and then takes off like he's won the championship or something. leaving jackson perplexed by the rook. >> game plan wasn't first to make. i never been part of that type of for a guy run off, i mean, think bit. if i shot curry in shot out and first guy to make it i could wichbility i'm disappointed in the rookie move made by him. >> he's the rookie that's what happens. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino. >> staying loose though. >> yes having a good time.
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. >> i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. it has been a night of gunfire and explosions in massachusetts. police have in on a chase in the boston marathon bombings that began around 10:00 p.m. this evening on the campus of m.i.t. where there was a shootout that took the life of one police officer. a massive shootout where officers confronted the suspects and police now say that one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombings in these shootings tonight is dead and another one is on the loose. according to police commissioner ed davis in boston, this is a terrorist. we believe this is a man who came here to kill people. a chaotic night. as i said, we want to start off right now with brian ross. brian, what is the latest? >> good morning, george. been identified as suspect number one at yesterday's fbi news conference is dead, according to the head of the massachusetts state police.
1:35 am
the man identified as suspect number two, the man in the white cap is at large. the evening began, apparently, with an attempted hold up at a 7-eleven store. video from inside the store matched the suspect number two from the marathon bombings. at that point they went and tried to steal a car, a mercedes suv. in the interim they shot and killed, according to state police, a police officer at m.i.t., another transit police officer was wounded. the chase continued here to watertown with explosives, according to authorities. the people in the car were shooting and throwing hand grenades. there was a shootout and at that point suspect number one, whose name we do not know, was shot. suspect number two escaped and now a huge manhunt o this area for suspect number two.
1:36 am
residents have been told to stay inside. do not open the door for anybody except a police officer. they have given advice for people driving through watertown, do not pick up anybody. the description yesterday by the fbi that these two men were armed and very dangerous is certainly being proven now. >> a lot of firepower there. the police are going door-to-door in watertown right now. we want to take you a press conference that happened moments ago from the watertown police. let's take a look. >> 10:30 last evening a robbery took place at the seven-11 in campa cambridge. there was a carjacking that took place, as well, in cambridge involving a mercedes suv. that car was ultimately discovered here in watertown and pursued by the watertown police
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department. the pursuit went into a residential neighborhood not far from here where there was an exchange of gunfire of m.i.t. police, and two suspects in this suv. course of that pursuit, several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from that car and there is an active search going on at this point in time. an officer was struck during that gunfire and is at the hospital in critical condition. there is an actniv active searc the state police and the boston police department. the watertown police department are involved in this search, as
1:38 am
well as traffic division throughout the area. the most important message we are doing right now is for the public safety and the safety of those people in that neighborhood. we are asking everyone to shelter in place for the time being, not to leave their homes. if they see something suspicious, other than a police officer coming to their door, they should call 911 immediately. we also want to forewarn motorists that are traveling through this particular area. even though we're locked down in this neighborhood, that they should not stop for anyone and pick up anyone the side y. what we're looking for right now is a suspe consistent with the description of suspect number two, the white capped individual who is involved in monday's bombing of the boston marathon. he was, we have a picture, a video from the 7-eleven in
1:39 am
cambridge that he is dressed in a gray hoodie-type sweatshirt. light skinned or caucasian male with longer, brown, curly hair. you've seen the picture. you all have it. that's the individual that we're looking for at a this moment. >> that's suspect number two? >> that's suspect number two. the white capped individual. >> the first suspect was shot can killed? >> i just want to be clear, we will do regular updates to this, but right now in a public safety mode here. our immediate concern is for those people in that neighborhood up there. we have an active search going on by tactical teams to locate and apprehend this particular individual. he should be considered arm aed and dangerous. and it is a threat to anybody that might have approach him. so, please, use extreme caution and stay in your homes. if you hear something, if you u to call 911.nusual, we'd like
1:40 am
ll ask the chi to briefly describe the neighborhood and the weather and the streets so everyone is clear on that. >> we're back. you just saw the watertown police describing what has happened tonight there after massive shootouts. one suspect believed to be dead and another one on the loose. you see it is the one with the white cap believed to be on the loose, brian. so far, at least, brian ross, no identification of these suspects. >> we don't have a name yet, that's right, george. we do have, according to the massachusetts state police a clear connection between the two people being sought for the marathon bombing and the two individuals involved here. this continues to be a highly tense situation that they've got members of the s.w.a.t team overhere with automatic weapons and reporters trying to cover the story. one of our producers who wandered off to see what w


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