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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to see everybody united. the city to stick together. ♪ >> ama: american resilience during one of america's great past crimes. today it was much more than a game at boston's fenway park. good evening. i'm in for ama daetz who is on assign independent boston. with the sole surviving boston bombing suspect in custody in the hospital and in deep trouble, boston is trying to get back to normal. we begin with the latest developments in the boston bombings. we have a first look at the last
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moments of freedom for the second suspect. massachusetts police just released these images today. they show dzhokar tsarnaev wounded and widing in a boat just moments before he was captured yesterday. ♪ sweet caroline. >> neil diamond sang his "sweet caroline" a song sung at red sox home games. a sense of pride and loss emanated from the crowd. ama daetz joins us live from boston tonight with the story of a city's strength. >> ama: i'm standing here at one of the barricades on boylston street, and just to my right here is the area that been shut down all week after the bombings monday morning. today, saturday, boston is coming back alive, now that the second beening suspect has been
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captured. >> won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. >> after a solemn moment at fenway park honoring the victims of the bombings, the red sox and told the world and their fans they're were finished living in fear. less than 24 hours ago it was a much different feeling. as the intense manhunt for the second bombing suspect came a close. hours after dzhokar's older brother was killed in a shootout, resident discovered the 19-year-old hiding and bleeding in his boat. >> radio: we have movement in the boat. >> in an exclusive interview with abc7, a neighbor of the boat owner described the chaos. >> heard them yelling, get out, get out. >> dzhokar is in serious but stable condition, unable to communicate, with a heavy police presence around his hospital room. >> we have a million questions answered. questioned in be
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>> immigrants of the russian caucuses, the broughts came to the just, became athletes and attended top boston schools. them and are going to russia, tamerlan posted videos urging jihad. the people of boston are finally breathing a sigh of relief. >> you can knock us down and beat us up but we'll get back up again. >> ama: this memorial is actually where i was standing two days ago, and it has grown immensely over the two days. so many flower behind me, flags, people leaving things behind, and showing their respect. today at fenway they were handing out these great stickers: boston strong. and i picked up mine there and i'll take you to you more ceremonies and events today at fenway park. love in boston, abc7 news.
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>> it's great to see people with something to celebrate. bombing suspect 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev is in serious by stable condition right now and likely cannot communicate yet. his uncle says he is glad he survived. >> there's now a chance to find out who is behind all this, who was mentors of all of it. and how possibly could he get involved and do this harm to innocent people. >> the uncle says he noticed changes in the older brother as far back as 2009 when he apparently told his uncle he was not concerned about work or studies because god had a plan for him. the brother's parents adamantly believe their sons are not responsible for the attack. the beenings were the main top wreck of discussion today during the president's national security council meeting. this is a white house photo of president obama getting updates from security and intelligence
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officials. he has commended the work done to pursue justice and is underscoring the need to find answers. so here's what is next in the case. top republican lawmakers are urging the president to hold dzhokar tsarnaev as a potential enemy combatant. that would deny him a government-pointed dispoash other legal rights so investigators can learn more about other possible attacks. when he is able to speak he will be questioned by a federal government team, an entire grace group that consists of officials phloem fbi, cia, and defense department. officials did not read dzhokar his miranda rights. charges could come as soon as tonight. >> friends and neighbors in martinez are stepping up to help the family of aaron hearn who is still recovering in a boston hospital after the marathon bombing. businesses around town, including several restaurants, are donating a percentage of
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their sales to help the family pay for medical and travel costs. a family friend is using her photography business to organize a portrait fund dayser, all of the money from today's photo sessions are going to help aaron and his family. know that people are helping them and they are so grateful for all the help the community is providing. and i know we can't all -- we can't wait to see them and give them hugs and tell them how much we love them. >> fundraisers are being held this weekend. we have a full list on the web site, go to and click on "see it on tv". >> extra vigilance is planned for a central park run tomorrow in new york system people are bringing asked not to bring bags with them and will have to pass threw security screenings, and garbage cans along the route will be removed. the runners will honor the
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boston bombing victims with a moment of sigh -- eye -- silence. >> thermal images reveal the outline of the suspect just before police moved in the boat's owner became a hero when he called police after spotting tsarnaev inside his beloved boat. the boat was riddled with bullets and now people are pitching in to help replace it. people from across the nation are mailing donations to the home. abc7 will have continuing coverage throughout the weekend. ama daetz will have a live update at 6:00, also be sure to follow her on twitter@ama abc7 7. >> tonight its the last night that al alameda county sheriff's deputies will patrol the streets of oakland. tomas roman explains why they sheriff's office did not renew
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its contract. >> the oakland police department is at its lowest staffing levels in the last ten years. with those alameda county deputies did help but it all came down to money. and this afternoon council member larry reid leonard tonight would be the sheriff's deputies the's last night. >> i'm depressed. >> larry reid just lauren that sheriff deputies will not be helping patrol oakland's streets after saturday night. >> so far as council member libby and myself, we were able to convince our colleagues to extend the funds to retain those deputies that's been working on our streetsle. reporter: the sheriff's deputies have been working on a contract since february 1st that supplied 11 deputies to the oakland ploiption for saturday and sunday nights. costs the city $265,000. that money rap -- ran out.
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and his department and oakland could not work out a new deal. >> worker comp costs going into it. equipment that has been damaged during our time in oakland, and we have to front, and we wanted oakland to absorb some of the costs. >> that's not all oakland wouldn't pay for. the major sticking point came when a sheriff's deputy tried to make a traffic stop last month at this street seen from sky 7hd. he was shot in the foot. oakland would not foot the bill for his care or time off the job. we reached the oakland police chief by phone. he told us, i want to thank the sheriff's department for their work and support. it's unfortunate that because of not being able to work through legal issues we will not continue to have their support. we'll ask the chp to take on a little more work and we will re-deploy officers. the deputies will be missed. >> i won't be as safe without them being out on the streets of oakland. reporter: there's no bad news. oakland was hoping that alameda
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county would fund the next couple of police academies. that's not going to happen now either, although the county says police recruits are welcome to go through their program, and council member larry reed said he will try to get the deputies back on the streets. >> ahead, the latest on a powerful earthquake in china. if you take a close look you can see a pregnant woman trapped in the rubble. what keeps interrupting the rescue operations. >> crushed grapes. something you don't see every day in wine country. the story behind this strange sight. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a traffic -- terrific day across the bay areas, and get ready for a nice warmup next
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>> new detills in the deadly fertilizer blast in texas. some residents are being allowed to return to their homes but subject to a strict p.m. curfew. 14 people died in the blast. the blast happened in the central texas town of west, just north of waco. city officials say a four block area was designated. >> a small plane had to make an emergency landing today in a vineyard in sonoma county. the pilot was the only person onboard and was not injured. look at these pictures. you can see the planeland upside-down. it happened at jamison road and sonoma mountain road, east of santa rosa and ten miles from
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the graywood ranch airport. >> ahead, a look at argentina day celebrations in the bay area, and literally running for their lives. some amazing rescue stories out of china after a powerful earthquake. >> we're inying a sunny, warm day. leigh glaser says we might even break some records this
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rescue works in southwest china are digging through rubble after a massive earthquake this morning killed at least 160 people and injured nearly 7,000 people. officials now put the magnitude at 7.0 and say the quake shook the region for more than a minute, as buildings rocked you
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can see people on surveillance cameras running from apartments and places of work. the epicenter was near a city of more than a million people in the province of sez sechuan. a pregnant woman was rescued from a woman. the rescue was interrupted several times because of aftershocks. the woman was pulled from the rubble and is in good condition. >> today is earth days and thousands of volunteers put the great weather we're having today to good use in golden gate park a few dozen volunteers cleaned up the national growth on the bison paddock. these work seemed to impress at least one of the locals. and more than 80 locations in oakland alone, including lake le
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merritt were getting the treatment. 3500 haven'ts were at work beautifying oakland on the city's 19th annual earth day. we want to keying with leigh glaser about this weather. will it continue? >> leigh: 70s and 80s, fabulous conditions. live doppler 7hd, not picking up any returns but a beautiful shot from the high definition rooftop cam. and check out the temperatures. oakland right now, 70 degrees. mountain view, 75. 64, the sea breeze moving in. santa cruz, 76. and looking out from the high definition east bay cam over the bay. golden gate bridge here. the marin headlands. the fog is well off the coast, and temperaturewise, in the 0s in the north bay. check out 83 fairfield. livermore, 80. 79 right now in loss -- los
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gatos. here's a look at the forecast. clear overnight. still be a bit breezy in spots especially the higher elevations with gusts up to about, i would say, 15, maybe as much as 20 miles-per-hour, in some locations. more warming expected for sunday, and get ready. temperatures near record highs next monday and tuesday. radar satellite composite showing you high pressure starting to build in. responsible for slight offshore wind component. that's what brought temperatures back into the 70s as well as the low 80s and interior east bay locations. we'll keep it clear tonight. mild, 47, santa rosa, 49 for san mateo, 46, livermore, and looking ahead for the next several days, high pressure will continue to build in. check out the storm track. well to the north of us. no rain in sight for the next five to seven days. we'll look for clear sky overnight tonight, start off with some clear sky for sunday as well, and temperatures will
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peak monday and tuesday, in fact here's a look ahead for those of you in oakland tomorrow, for sunday, 75 degrees will be your high, as we head into monday, jumping into 80s, the low 80s, and then start to trend down as the fog increases by next thursday and friday, and livermore tomorrow, high on sunday of 87 as well as monday, maybe a little warmer on monday. we'll keep you updated on that. but looks like monday and tuesday could be the warmest days next week. here's the highs tomorrow. enjoy. 8 at the coast, 68, half moon bay. peninsula, 81. san francisco, 73. in the north bay, getting into the 80s for santa rosa. 84, napa. eels bay, 75, oakland. interior east bay, worm for -- warm for you. here's a look at the oak cue weather seven-day forecast. near record highs expected on
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monday. possibly again on tuesday. we'll keep you posted. then after that the sea breeze kicks in, fog returns thursday and friday and temperatures come back down. but got love it while it's here. >> yadda, yadda, i didn't hear that last part when it gets cooler. thanks, leigh. now to mike shumann with sports. nba playoffs. >> mike: saw you at the super bowl and now the nba playoffs. the playoffs are underway with your golden state warrior involved for the first time since 2007. they get denver in the first game.
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>> mike: it's been a long wait for warrior fans to watch their team play in the post-search 2007. to denver we go david lee, 577 regular season plays without playoff appearance. longest in the nba for an active player. warriors up nine. late in the second. mutt michigan 2003 over over the monster jam. in the second, the team up five. nuggets on a 14-3 rub to end the first quarter. 71-64 denver. fourth quarter, bad news for golden state. david lee falls hard on the court. left with a strained helpplex sunday. jackson and steph curry for the layup. ties the game.
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miller, huge game off the bench. warriors down three. guess who. steph curry. the huge three. got it. ties the game. 14 seconds left. but too much time left on the clock. miller, 18 of his 28 in the fourth quarter, including this bucket with one second remaining. warriors drop a heartbreaker in game one, 97-95 the final. >> not often you see expwonts new york fans getting along. that was pregame. during the game, another story. nba's leader scorer, carmelo anthony, 36 points, just embar razzes bass with the jumper. boston answers, paul pierce, kevin garnett, the alley-oop. agent points for garnett. the game was close but the knicks outscore the celtics in the fourth. take game one, 85-78. it's been a here wreck week for the city of boston during difficult times fans turn to
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sportsment unfortunately due to the city lockdown yesterday the game was postponed. but today the game was on, singing the national anthem and then the jerseys say boston. sox, down 2-1 to the royals but and a and a nava with the homer. boston wins. >> pga, last year's winner carl petterson teeing off next to a colonial cannon. almost holes out for eagle. webb simpson. one back of charlie hoffman. he's the leader at 11ure after
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shooting a 56.
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>> some golden retrievers are helping boston bombing victims cope with the disaster. the group's presence says bombing victims have been telling the dogs the story of what happened. he says dogs are great listeners. been my experience. that does it for us at 5:00.
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join us back here at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, the trail of terror. new images and fresh details from the dramatic capture of the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings. the infrared censors that actually saw him inside that boat and the robot that helped force him out. tonight, we have the latest on the suspect's condition and when will he will be asked those urgent questions? what was his alleged motive, and was he part of a larger plot? plus, did the fbi miss a chance to stop the bombing when they questioned the other suspect, his older brother, two years ago? also tonight, in a city that's coming back to life after an extraordinary day on lockdown, the online efforts to reward the man who found the suspect in his boat. and at fenway park, the players joined by the runners and the first responders. ♪ sweetar


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