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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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bombings. >> the bag warm crisp on the -- warmup is on the way. how warm
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>> radio: we have movement in the boat. he just sat up. he is moving. >> the dramatic movements leading up to the takedown of one of the accused boston bombers, and now a community tries to get back to normal. ama daetz is in boston. there's a candlelight vigil in watertown, massachusetts tonight, to remember the victims of the boston marathon bombing and to honor the officers involve in the manhunt that followed. the suspect was captured last night. the 19-year-old is still in the hospital under heavy police
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guard. he is in serious condition and not yet able to communicate with detectives. >> as police and federal agents closed in on he accused helicopter a helicopter was beaming back these thermal images of him hiding in boat. >> we have movement in the boat. he just stat up. >> the orders went out to do everything to cap tour 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev alive, even after an initial exchange of gunfire. phloem white house down the priority is to learn the motives for the attack. three people were killed and 180 were severely wounded. >> we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had. >> sir never was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but once he is conscious a special team of agents will question him without telling him he has a right to remain silent
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or without a lawyer, for 50 minutes. >> there's a public safety exemption in cases of national security and since the charms involving acts of terrorism so the government has the opportunity. >> the dramatic events unfolded just after authorities lifted a lockdown on water town, the man who lived in this house, went outside and saw blood on his boat. his neighbor picks 'the story. >> started to open up the zipper and looked inside and he saw blood, and then he looked and his deck has a box, the engine box before the deck, and he looked at what he thought was a body right behind the box. >> the fbi and police s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the area and began a two-hour standoff. gunfire was exchanged at one point. ultimately a robot was sent in to rip the tarp off the boat. >> tsarnaev had been injured in
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a gunfight with the police the night before. he appeared week and -- appears weak and was not wearing a suicide vest. the brothers used the carjacking victim's atm card, and that car opener said the brothers admitted they bombed the marathon and killed a police officer. their father says they could not have planned the attack because the fbi is watching them. fib said that is not true. the agents did speak to the older brother after the russians said he was a rad cal islamist but found in ties to terrorists. that was in 20007. the younger brother, dzhokar, tried to run down the officers but instead hit his brother and dragged his body down the block. investigators say tamer lean's body was so baldly hit by the
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bullets they could not determine which one killed him. >> here's the story from boston. >> ama: you can feel the energy in boston as the city comes alive, one day after law enforcement captured the second marathon bombing suspect. >> they all united to get this one idiot, or whatever, to cause this much problems between all these people, on a special day that all countries are united. but it's good. i'm glad they got the guy. >> at fenway park the red sox game began with a moment to honor the victims of the bombings. noun noun -- >> a moment of silence. >> a big ceremony before hand, had all of the volunteers of the boston marathon there, firefighters, mayor, all that kind of stuff. it was very moving, actually. i don't know if there was a dry eye in the place.
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>> and then there was this. ♪ sweet caroline. ♪ oh, oh, oh. >> neil diamond came and sang "sweet caroline. " it was a blast. >> after a week of terror this is exactly what boston needed. warren grew up in sacramento. her family in the bay area was worried about her. >> i got a text on monday making sure i wasn't at the marathon. then they texted me yesterday to make sure i stayed inside. so they've been checking up to see how i'm doing. >> and lauren, like the rest of boston, is doing much better now. after all, they're boston strong. and the energy was just incredible at fenway. they were passing out stickers that said, boston strong, and giving out these flags that say, believe in boston. i think we do. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> giants fans practiced a little patience on their way into at&t park today because security remains heightened in
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response to the boston marathon bombings. sir -- here's more. reporter: there were police here and people's bag's were searched. one woman said thisweekend's giants games were very welcome break after a week of following the events in boston. on this weekend of heightened security at the ball game, heather green has a special reason to be happy the whole ordeal in boston is over. she has family there. >> son-in-law. >> she also has a brother-in-law who ran in the boston marathon and shot this picture just after the second bomb exploded monday. he called his brother here in the bay area thursday, after boston authorities released grainy images of the two suspects. >> he said, help me blow it up. and they contacted the fbi and the fbi said -- it's in the "the new york times" said it was the
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best picture of the suspect. >> this this first clear picture of suggest number two, dzhokar-tsarnaev. her brother-in-law, david green, posted the picture on affection where more than 12,000 people shared it. >> my god, actually think i hit the lottery, i took that one picture that could have been helpful. so the greatest win i could have ever had right there. to have helped. >> the picture is an example of how big a role social media played in this event. authorities were flooded with tips about the two suspects when images were shared and when the two brothers went on their rampage trying to escape. lots of people followed the story on twitter. >> for those of us who have been on social media for several years there isn't any question any news organization comes anywhere close to twitter. >> jeff howe is a professional of digital jr. ymca at northeastern university in boston. he says twitter followers also posed a problem for law enforcement. >> when way that are were
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actually conducting the search in watertown, just few blocks from me, you know, the concern was that people on twitter were going to give away the coordinate of the police. reporter: professor howe says that news on social media is stale work in progress, but there's a very large audience. very interesting, yesterday, as people were waiting to get into at&t park, a lot of them were following the events in boston on their smartphones. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the boston bombing. coming up later in this hour, how social media is helping the man many are now calling a hero for helping find the suspect. >> breaking news out of southern california where firefighters are getting help from mother nature in putting out a brush fire in monrovia. the fire stands now at
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175 acres. but because there are no winds, fire officials are confident about the situation. an order to evacuate 200 homes has been lifted. the fire was started this afternoon by a gardner working in a backyard. the flames are now 50% contained. the weather certainly heating up here. let's ahead right to meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on the weather. >> leigh: we had clear sky right now. you'releyou'rele and right. 60s and 70s, tomorrow, warmer temperatures. live doppler 7hd right now sweeping live. no returns. so dry conditions. clear sky. if you look at highs we had today. santa rosa, 81, oakland, reached a high of 77. 82 in livermore today. right now temperatures obviously have cooled down considerably. oakland, 56. 57 in san jose, we'll take a detailed look at the warmer forecast coming up. >> new at 11:00, richmond police
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are looking for two men in a white suv who shot a man right near where a brother and sister were killed thursday night. tonight's shooting happened on griffin drive, a block away from where the teenage expwrawr sister were shot and killed two nights ago. investigators say tonight's shooting victim was in this -- on griffin avenue when someone shot into the car multiple times. the man is in critical condition. also new at 11:00. pg&e is stepping up security at substations. this week vandals attacked the utility's substation in san jose. they broke through the fence and shot up the transformers inch fremont, police officers were at the newark substation, pg&e has contracted out with the fremont police to guard the structure. >> just a few more hours know and that will be it for alameda county sheriff's deputies who have been helping oakland police. this is the lanight of the
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weekend partner happy to. she problem is alameda county and oakland cannot agree on who should pay for workers compensation and equipment damage. >> a total surprise. council member and myself were able to convince our colleague to expend the funds to retain those deputies that's been working on our streets. >> i won't feel safe without them being out on the street. >> the chief howard jordan tells he plans to redeploy officers and ask the chp to help out. >> still to come... running for their livesment thousands of people seek cover at a popular pot rally in colorado. >> rising flood waters in the midwest. the evacuation is underway right now. >> the new app that can help save a life. how it's
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we have new details about at the federal lieser plant explosion in texas. search and rescue teams have finished their work and the death toll remains at 14. some residents are being allowed back in their homes but not those who live closest to the site. >> the illinois river continues to rise in the town of spring bay officials ordered evaluations and asked residents to put sandbags around their
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homes. the river is expected to hit 30 feet over flood stage by tuesday. the heavy rain and flooding in the midwest have also caused hundreds of flight delays. new at 11:00, six gunshots caused a huge crowd of people in colorado to panic, pushing over barriers in an attempt to get away. tens of thousands of people were attending an annual pot celebration in honor of today, known as 420, two people were wounded but they are expected to recover. police are now search searching for one or two suspects. >> five snowboarders have been killed at a colorado ski resort. the group may have triggered an avalanche. rescue teams searched the slide area. all of the snowboarders were wearing avalanche beaconsle one survivor was able to dig out and call for help.
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for just such an emergency, a startup has developed an app to alert contacts if you're in trouble. the app is called, bugle, and this promotional video shows us how a user selects emergency contacts before going out on a hike or jog and if the user doesn't return home in time the emergency contacts are alerted. the developers worked with search and rescue professionals to help design the app. >> for the first time in six years the golden state warriors played a playoff game and local fans gathered to cheer. that commotion is on hays street in san francisco, one of several watch parties hosted by the group, warriors on the waterfront. the group supports plans for the new arena on the waterfront. mike shumann will tell you how the warriors did. right now we want to talk about weather. we'll send you over to meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: a terrific weekend already started for the bay area. and we're going to do even
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better, even warmer temperatures as we head into our sunday. live doppler 7hd, all clear, no returns. we have clear sky out there. here's how it looks from hour high definition rooftop camera, looking towards coit camera. san jose, you're at 57. half moon bay, mid-40s there. another live look for you from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. here's the bay bridge and richardson bay. clear skies. still a little heat of the day for fairfield and livermore. 60 in los gatos. 57. so here's a look at the forecast highlights. clear, still have some breezy conditions in spots, mainly the higher el elevations. and look forker in record highs monday, tuesday, wednesday. here's a look at your lows this evening. clear sky, 50 degrees in san
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francisco, overnight temperatures, 40s near the coast, especially near half moon bay. interior north bay, napa valley, mid-to-upper 40s there. 44 degrees in antioch overnight tonight, 51. here's the setup for the next few days. high pressure will continue to build in. you can see what it's doing, just pushing the jet stream or the area of storminess well to the north of the bay area. so no rain in our accuweather seven-day forecast. it will keep us clear tonight as well as tomorrow and as we head into monday and tuesday, this high will really start to peak and push inland and that's going to mean peak temperatures, the warmest temperatures, monday and tuesday. and we're talking daytime highs close to 90 degrees especially inland. so a possibility of record highs. here's how we'll look tomorrow. you can see for oakland, 75 degrees. by monday, temperatures start to come up. low 80s. and then as the sea breeze moves
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in, temperatures drive back down into the 60s, livermore valley area, 87 for sunday. notice the warmest day, monday, close to 90 degrees, through tuesday, and then cool off by thursday, friday, and saturday, so enjoy the warmup. warmer by as much as three to five degrees tomorrow. along for a lot of 80s towards san jose. 84 for santa cruz. near the peninsula, palo alto, 82. 82, mountain view. near 70 degrees at the beaches. 6 for -- 68 for the sunset district in san francisco. 83 in santa rosa. oakland tomorrow, 75. castro valley, warming to 80. concord, 85. le and 87 for brentwood. the hoyt -- heat will continue. we'll hold the heat for tuesday
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near the coast, and then the sea breeze returns, cooling on thursday, friday, and saturday. follow@live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather forecasts and "spare the air" lairtz, power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> and we got nab preyoffs? >> mike: a little bit. the 37-year-old guard came off the bench from the nuggets and
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the warriors got their first playoff but flies since 2007 out of their way today. but david lee's rinse questionable. dishing to bogut. david had a double-double. 10 points, 14 board. warriors by nine in the second. but mcgee posterizing bogut.
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steph curry, 1-10 shooting in the first half. wakes up in the second. warriors up five but the nuggets go on a 14-3 run to end the quarter. fourth quarter, bad news for golden state. david lee falls hard. the warriors battle back. steph ties it at 81 but an day -- andre miller, huge job off the bench. then curry ties the game. too much time left. miller, 18 of his 28 in the fourth, including the first game-winner of his entire career with one second remaining-nuggets, 24th 24th straight win at the pepsi center. taking game one. >> i don't think anybody came in here believing we would sweep the denver nuggets. you got to win four games to advance. it's not over. so take the blow, and be ready to make adjustments and respond.
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>> mike: clippers, magic johnson's statue. the corner three. gets fouled. a four-point play. chris paul leading the way away 23. frizz liz showing a paper thin defense. matt barnes is open. clippers take game one. >> nets making their first playoff since 2007 again but a better result against the bulls. darrin williams, team, high 22. nets shot 66% from the field. portland takes game one in a blowout. >> celtics and knicks in madison square garden. jury've -- jr smith. carmelo anthony, top dog in this one. knicks take game one.
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all the home teams won. >> we'll take a brief time-out before we hit the diamonds. tim lincecum's best outing of the
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>> mike: giants finally got a decent outing from tim lincecum. they take their second straight from the padres. men in black in mccovey's cove. tim gave up only four hits. santo -- sandoval gets the team on the board. 2- 0. padres threatened in the eighth. runners on the corner, but the inning-ending double play. in the nine. romo gets his eighth save of the season. giants win. >> a's and tampa.
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reddick showing his mom his newly shavedder into hair. bottom two matt joyce facing parker. that out of here. parker falling to 0-3, lock gore ya with the popup. people are scrambling. donaldson over the shoulder, and is a lip reed longoria, he caught that? >> this sports report brought to you by riff -- river rock casino. coming up, we'll tee it up and throw some fridays byes, my minor in college. >> helping a hero. how social media is helping a man who helped police track down the boston bombing suspect. >> bay area residents teaming up to help a boy injured
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good evening. i'm in for ama daetz who is in boston. here are tonight's headlines. a brush fire that scorched almost 200 acres in southern california is 50% contained. an evacuation in monrovia has been shifted. the shooting in richmond has left a man in critical condition. i happened a block away from where a brother and sister were gunned down on thursday. police are searching for two suspects. >> pg&e contracted with fremont police to provide security at the substation. earlier this week vandals breck into a substation in san jose and shot up seven transformers. the ute is -- utility is stepping up security just in case. >> chinese and international rescue teams are struggling to reach the site of a deadly
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earthquake in a rural southwest region of the country, the 7.0 quake was near a city of more than a million people in the province. 179 people were killed and more than 6700 injured. in addition to leveling buildings and homes, the quake triggeredded landslides that cut off roads and power to the hardest hit areas. >> a new folk hero has emerged from boston. his name is dave hanaberry. he found the suspect in his boat in his backyard. the internet is abuzz to send him a giant thank you gift. reporter: the now famous little boat that kept a big secret. the unlikely hideout for america's most wanted man. and this is the boat's owner, a man now called a hero for finding the suspected marathon bomber last night. and calling 9-1-1.
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watertown's chief of police set the scene. >> what happened when the officers arrived. >> there was a shootout in the beginning. >> that shootout so doomed the boat, his neighbor said -- >> completely shocked and says, my poor boat. my poor boat. he has taken care of that boat meticulously since he had it, and it's now full of holes. >> now a digital show of support. people from all of the nation are turning to social media sites like facebook, raising money to buy him a new boat. even the chief is hearing about this call for action. >> i got an e-mail from some person in detroit, michigan, wants to replace the boat for the resident that got shot up. just incredible. >> incredible because it was hannahberry's quick thinking to call police that turned a community's terror into a sigh of relief. tonight, 36,000 runners are just hours away from participating in the london
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marathon. it's the first major race since last monday's disaster in boston. preparations are just about wrapped up for the race. runners are being asked to wear black arm bands in memory of those who died in boston. >> most importantly, the first thing i must stress there's been no link to the boston marathon and london marathon, so a number of officers, several hundred officers on at the streets of london on sunday. >> 30 seconds 0 of sigh liens will be observed at the beginning of the race in solidarity with the people of boston. in san francisco's ocean beach, more signs of the refusal to be intimidated by terror. members of the san francisco road run issues club, many who ran in the boston marathon, took anywhere weekend jog since the race. earlier this week club runners spelled out boston in support of
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the people of massachusetts. >> the family of 11-year-old boston bombing victim is getting much needed help from friends and neighbors in martinez. a number of events to help pay for expenses are going on as aaron recovers in a boston hospital. there is a portrait fund dayser and several area restaurants are donating proceedings to help the family with medical and travel costs. >> 30% of everyone's picture, so-so far been really busy, we been having a lot of people. the community is getting together and everybody is really helping out. >> other fundraisers for aaron are being held this we we can -- weekend. >> as part of today's earth day sell barracks people at a day camp in martinez had the opportunity to sign a get-well card for aaron. this is at the john muir mountain camp which aaron has attended. the sixth grader at martinez junior high is expected to be
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released from boston's children's hospital next week. a t-shirt with the words "you can't sit with it" was at the target of a protest by student organizations dedicated to ending social isolation. the organization, called beyond differences, rallied in front of a clothing store in san francisco. the words on the shirt or a joke line from movie but students claim it sends the wrong message. >> i see every day there's always one kid sitting alone, one kid left out, and might not look like it -- might be at a football game, so doesn't seem like they're being isolated but they are. >> the students want the store to stop selling the shirt. employees have no comment. will raising the price of a bus ride lose money for ac transit in oakland? that's the question the board of directors will temperature on monday. there's a proposal on the table to put off a 15-cent fare
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increase slated to take effect july 1st. it would bring the fare to 2.25. staff members think that could actually result in a drop in ridership and therefore revenue. the ac transit provides bus service in alameda county and western contra costa county. >> a wildfire burns in southern california and there are new techniques to help firefighters. the massive technology changing the way they battle flames. >> celebrating earth day a bit early. the weekend plans and how you can help out. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. go hide, get all the sun screen out. you're going to need it as temperatures close to 90 degrees. we'll check
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fire season is getting an early start. this fires still burning in southern california. it is now 50% contained. right now the u.s. forest service is arming itself with a high-tech tool born in a nasa laboratory. jonathan bloom climbed onboard a one of a kind airplane that is helping save homes and lives. >> the u.s. forest service has a lot of airplanes, but only one jet, and the view from this jet is something spectacular. you won't see these multicolored mountains out the window of the airplane. you see them through this nasa
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designed infrared sensor on the bottom when it's looking at this. >> we saw the larger fires and give a perimeter map so they have eyes on it in the morning so they can plan for the day. >> dan johnson flies in the dead of night taking thermal images of fires in twhes. >> it's dynamic. we don't know where we're going to be because of the nature of the fire. typically we fly four states in one night. >> not long ago the best picture was a rim around the fire but now a map of tech knowingly gives them detailed heat map. >> make much improved predictions of the fire. >> before the nasa partnership the u.s. forest service was gathering fire imagery but had trouble getting it to the firefighter. they were putting the maps on thumb drives and dropping them out of the airplane. >> you can see right here we idea to actually drop the imagery on either the thumb drive or put it in a tube and
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drop it down. >> now the little hole in the plane is replaced by by antennas so now firefighters know where to go in minutes. >> it allows forces to get a communication out to move or to deploy to a different area. >> the forest service says there's only one problem with the technology, there's not enough of it. but nasa has another@answer. this censor can work around the clock. as for the pilots, their bags are packed. >> we're ready to go. next week we'll be in new mexico. >> at nasa research center, abc7 news. >> people around the bay area joined others around the planet to celebrate earth day. thousands of volunteers in nearly every community took advantage of the great weather to give the environment a little extra care. teams of volunteers from pacific beach to golden gate park could be seen working together on cleanup and beautification projects in oak ladies and
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gentlemen, many locations, including lake merritt were getting special attention, from trash pickup, graffiti removal, weeding and planting, 3500 volunteers were working to give the city a makeover. earth day is the city's largest single day volunteer project. >> about 400 volunteers are coming together this weekend to build hope and affordable housing in east oakland. earth day laurens the three-day habitat for humanity buildup. volunteer crews are constructing eight homes. what would normally take three months of construction will be completed by monday night. thanks to the community and corporate teams. the project is sponsored by the east basil con valley chapter of habitat for humanity. and hopefully they will have good weather as they undertake that project. >> monday and tuesday, expect this through next week as well. live doppler 7hd, all clear
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right now. and much of the country is as well. here's a look at highs for your sunday. in the 50s along the east coast. new york, 54. plenty of sunshine. st. louis, chance of isolated afternoon tomorrows. dallas, 73. we on the west coast, spoiled here in california, with temperatures very nice. 78 expected in l.a. tomorrow. palm springs, 97. 90 in fess fro. 87 sacramento, and the lake tahoe area enjoying a little warm, we thigh at 69. here's the seven-day forecast. on sunday, inland temperatures mid-80s. upper 60s at the coast and possible records expecteds and tuesday. monday could be the warmest day with inland temperatures near 90 degrees. look for 0s around the bay. near 70 at the coast. monday, stretching into tuesday, and then after that the cooling will take place, look for temperatures to drop.
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the fog returns next thursday, and friday. don't forget the sun screen tomorrow. >> very important. and then the fog will do the job fours. meanwhile, beautiful day for baseball. >> mike: it was just that. a tail tale of two cities. tim lincecum looking like his old safe, and the a's
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>> giants finally got a decent outing from tim lincecum and take their second straight from the part dress. men in black part iii in mccovey's comb. lincecum looking like his old self. 8-2/3 scoreless innings, giants only had three hits, pablo had one, two runs off cashner in the fourth. padres were atlanticing in the eight. castilla gets alonzo to ground into the inge ending double play. then in the ninth, sergio romo, league-leading eight save of the year ask and the giants win. >> a's and tampa bay facing the rays. josh reddick shows off his newly shaved beard for his mom. parker, struggling this year,
11:53 pm
0-3. josh don followedson, check out the defense. evan longoria pops into foul territory. people scrambling everywhere. longoria says, he caught that? a's lose 1-0. >> the warriors got their first playoff butterflies since 2002 of of the way denver and hopefully be better prepared for game two. but david lee was injured and his turn, questionable. lee, 577 regular season games without a playoff appearance. longest in the nba for an active player. david had a double-double, ten points 4 , boards, warriors by nine in the second. put mcgee posterizes andrew bogut. nuggets put on a 14-3 run to end the third quarter. denver up seven. biggest lead of the game. fourth quarter, david lee hits s the court, injuries his right hip flexor, x-rays are negative.
11:54 pm
miller, huge game off the bench. 18 seconds left. steph for the three. ties the game, but 14 second left. miller, 18 of his 28 in the fourth quarter, including the first game winner of his entire career with one second remaintaining. nuggets taking game one hoff the seven-game series. >> they made one more play than we did to finish the game. so give them credit for that. you can always nitpick certain points in the game where we didn't execute the right and gave them life, when we had a lead. each possession so when you have control of the game, you can't relent. >> grizzlies and clippers. magic johnson statue, a clipper fan for the night. crawford hits the corner three and one. four-point play. chris paul with 23. a three-pointer of his own.
11:55 pm
grizzlies, a paper thin defense. matt barnes wide open. clippers take game one, 112-91. now the nets make aring the fir playoff appearance since 2002 but a better result again the bulls. brook lopez, he had 21. darren williams, 22. nets shot 56% from the field. reverse slam. takes game one in a blowout. celtics and knicks at madison square garden. knicks, j.r. smith, beast. as an example. throw-down. 15 points, five boards, off the bench. nba's leading scorer, carmelo anthony, toying with brandon bass. look at this. he had 36. knicks tame game one. all the home teams won. >> least tee it up. pga tour, last year's winner karl peterson teeing off next to
11:56 pm
a colony cannon. wagner, right on line. this might go in. he is 4-under with a bird. seven shots back. webb simpson, second after a low round of the day. 10-under on the tournament. one back of charlie hoffman. 4 of his first five holes and add this long birdie an 15. the leader at 11-under, needs a haircut but shot 11-under after shooting a bogeying free 5 under 66. >> gnawing all dale for the san francisco dog fish. part of the new major league ultimate frisbee league. the first quarter, the long pass to max. nice catch. 2-0 dog fish. i love saying the word. then in the second, evan finds the defensive cut are -- cutter drew kim. the dog fish win their first game, 14-11 your final. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino,
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frisbee is a professional league and up and coming. some of the better teams in the nation in the bay area so going to be fun. >> what was the name of the teach? >> the dog fish! there, i said it. >> dog fish. >> the dog fish! >> that does it this edition of abc7 news. the news continues tomorrow morning at there are two kindss
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