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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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developing news out of boston. the police commissioner says officers found so many explosives after a gun battle with the marathon bombing suspects, he is convinced the brothers had more attacks in mind. good evening, i'm in for ama daetz, who is on assignment in boston. >> with one bombing suspect dead and the other a prisoner in a hospital bed, authorities have a long investigation ahead. today in boston the focus was on the victims.
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we're live where prayers were offered for the victims and the heroes. reporter: we have just learned this breaking right now. law enforcement sources say the terror suspect dzhokar tsarnaev is aquake and they're questioning him regarding whether he had accomplices or if there are unexplode bombs in the area. the issue is that he still has a severe wound to his neck so he is not able to speak. right now he is communicating through writing. this is nearly one week since the terror attack. ♪ >> the grieving and healing continues in boston, with families gathering to honor the victims at sunday mass. ♪ america, america,. ♪ god shed his grace on thee -- . >> a growing memorial at the
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finish line. >> we had to do this for the children, our children, and the children of boston and everywhere. reporter: charges are expected to be filed soon against the second suspect. dzhokar sauer never. >> and the an elite federal investigation team is standing by, wanting to know where they trained, who they trained with, and whether any other attacks were planned. >> they had other bombs. they didn't think they would get caught and were probably planning to do something else. >> of an intense shotout, tamerlan was killed, and this video shows the final showdown with dzhokar, hiding in a boat. the college classmates are still stunned. >> definitely social. that's why i can't make sense of it. >> investigators are looking into tamerlan's recent trip to
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russian. -- to russia. and families of the victims are preparing to say goodbye. a wake is being held for krystle campbell. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. and here on the streets of boston, moment of silent will be held at:2:50 tomorrow afternoon, the moment the bombings took place a week ago. reporting rife in -- live in boston, abc7 news. >> any idea when investigators will be finished processing the crime scene? >> this is such a massive crime scene. they will be able to go in once the fbi deems it clear. we saw investigators who are going through it. once the fbi says, okay, the city of boston, you can have this back, there's a long process. they're going to have biohazard folks, environmentam testing, have to look at the structural damage done to building. especially near the bleachers. objects that's done they have to have dee debris removal come in
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and inspectors make sure they can sign off it and that's when businesses can return. >> thank you so much for that update. >> the mother of the to boston bombing suspects said she will never believe her boys planted deadly explosives and killed a police officer. >> but the most i need -- >> she spoh a reporter via telephone from russia. during the call she accused police of framing her son, tamerlan and dzhokar, and she also says her husband will come to the u.s. and investigate what is happening. and her family will hire, quote, the best lawyer to defend her surviving sonna, hard. untaint by the boston marathon bombings, big crowds lined the route of london's marathon, to cheer on some 26,000 runners. prince harry was among the spectators there was extra security, police with bomb-sniffing dogs.
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the race began with a moment of silence. he london marathon is the first major race since the boston bombings killed three people and injured more than 180 others. race organizers provided extra security for today's presedow 10 in san francisco. the race attracted 3,000 runners. one of them just completed the boston marathon on monday. he tried to help the injured after the bombing. >> very impressive how the people of boston just rallied. in any way we tried to help. tried to get to the scene. 100 people already on scene. trying to help at mass general. 500 people out front. do you need blood? no, all topped up. >> the guardsmen sponsored the presidio ten every year, they raise money to provide school and summer camp scholarships for needy children. the presidio ten is dedicated to a jogger who was hit and killed by a car while running on the
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former army base. >> stay with abc7 for all the latest developments. our coverage coins at 6:00. you can also follow the latest developments on our web site, little league baseball coaches got a life-saving lesson today. they attended a cpr clinic. just a week after an eight-year-old boy had to be resuscitated after his heart stopped when he was hit by a ball. tomas roman is live in roanoke park. >> that cpr class ended here in benecia park an hour ago. some coaches. coaches tell us baseball beens their life from march to june, and today they actually learned how to save a life. >> the most important thing you can do for something -- >> these people are here because a child's heart stopped. this cpr class and equipment have been donated bay local company to the cal ripken baseball little league.
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the students here are all cal ripken little league baseball coaches and managers and they know an eight-year-old boy would have died last week if not for cpr and a defibrillator. >> it provides a sense of security for the players and for the coaches and the parents that visit the field every day. reporter: all because of this boy. matthew henry, who was released from oakland's children's hospital on tuesday. received a hero's welcome this past saturday. this video shows henry arriving to a ball field in a fire truck to the cheers and applause of other ball players and their parents. the then walked along a line of fellow players, high-fiving friends and team members along the way. last saturday when henry was at bat. >> i was behind the plate, and this kid got hit in the heart with the ball. >> he says henry started towards first base but never made it. >> he fell down, and a bunch of people crowded in, and he wasn't really breathing. >> henry's heart stopped from
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the impact. you can see two paramedics in the stands giving cpr to henry. an ambulance arrived and a defibrillator was used to restart his heart. this coach has three boys boys o play expwaibl says the incident is still french for the coaches and parents. >> still stopping hearts. everybody still worried about it happening. so that's why all these people are here. reporter: this is a heart guard t-shirt being sold for $25. it has a plate covering the area of the heart just in case. we're also told that after today there will be a defibrillator at every park where the cal ripken players play. >> sounds like positive steps forward. >> it was a great day to get outside and enjoy a warm, sunny day, here's a live look outside from the exploratorium cam. looking east across the bay. meteorologist leigh glaser says even warmer temperatures coming our way.
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>> leigh: you're exactly right. many locations, upper 70s to mid-80s together, get ready for chance of topping out close to 90 degrees. we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> the painful journey back to the neighborhood they used to know. what kept some survivors of the texas rtilizer blast from returning home. >> fans of the theater think they have one last chance to save a funky east
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>> the peace of the lord be with you all. >> emotional church services were held today in west, texas for victims of the deadly
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fertilizer company blast, some residents have been allowed to return to homes, or at least what is left of them. >> everything is safe. any rumors you heard today, forget about it it's good. we're trying to get our people back in. and i want to encourage that. please. everything is safe. safe. and safe. >> there were earlier reports of fires burning near the site, but fire officials say all fires are out and the remaining fertilizer tanks are not a danger. the search is on tonight for a gunman who shot a man during an attempted robbery in oakland last night on manila avenue and clifton street. police say someone held up a man at gunpoint, then shot him. the gunman then ran off without taking anything from the victim. the man who lives in the neighborhood told abc7 he has seen an increase in crime there. >> people are concerned. there's people so concerned they
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might consider to arm themselves and i think it's becoming evidence that is the case. >> there's no word tonight on the shooting victim's condition. >> new details on a shooting in hayward. an oakland man who was shot last night has died. the police are looking for the gunman. the victim was visiting family members at a home on franklin avenue last night. he apparently argued with another man just before he was shot. >> ahead, how movie buffs hope to save a athleter in the east bay. and then a truly wild wildlife store, the high-flying effort to help an endangered species recovery. and will we see 90-degree temperatures? leigh glaser has a look at the hot spots coming up. first, here's a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> good evening. tonight inside the capture of the boston marathon suspect. we have much more on the stunning infrared video. deadly avalanche.
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what makes this season to dangerous. it was strong language, rather strong language from a red sox star and has become an improbable rallying cry for the city
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the curtain will come down on this locallandmark in pleasant hill. the theater will close after showing movies for 46 years on monument boulevard. movie buffs want to stop the wrecking ball and believe the cinema is a significant landmark and plan to make the case before
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city council next month. the city has approved a plan to replace the theater with a dick's sporting goods store. we want to send you over to leigh glaser and think on the weather. not a day to be indoors. >> a terrific day to head to the coast. live doppler 7hd not picking up any returns. ya weather ptern and will takes through the next five to seven days. check out the temperature change. sfo, up eight degrees. nine in novato. napa up seven. concord, up five. and the reason why, high pressure starting to really build in. nice shot right now from the high definition rooftop cam. in the 70s in san francisco right now. 82 in mountain view. 63, half moon bay. 74, santa cruz, and ocean beach, not a cloud in the sky out there.
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napa, 82. 87 in fairfield. and 86 right now out towards livermore. so clear sky tonight. it will not be as cool because of all the heating today as we were last evening. so, i think we'll -- most of the bay area will remain in the 50s. near record highs. the record highs for tomorrow are so high i don't think we're going to see any bt we may get very close in some locations, especially inland. then the cooling begins wednesday, thursday, and friday. here's a look at the lows. last night, napa, forecasting 42. they got down to 42 this morning but we'll add a few more degrees. so 50 tonight. here's the setup. high pressure, storm track being shoved to the north of us and that's where all the rain is. highs will continue to build in, and then that will bring us a slight offshore wind component and that means temperatures will heat up a little more. so look for new record highs for your monday afternoon.
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by tuesday, the sea breeze will kick back in and temperatures will could here's how your day goes. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, look for 80s and near 70 see coast. here's how tomorrow will plan out. high for oakland tomorrow, 82. the warmest day this week. and then as the low clouds and fog move in by thursday, friday, saturday, the temperature starts to trend downed. those in the livermore valley area, knocking on 90 degrees tomorrow, and then temperatures trend back done into the 70s by thursday, friday, saturday. so here's a look at tomorrow. 86, morgan hill and san jose. peninsula, warm temperatures, mid-80s. 75, san francisco. north bay, 88, sonoma, 85. oakland, 82. castro valley. 84. and we'll look for 89 for brentwood and livermore, and
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concord, 88. here's a look ahead at the accuweather seven-day forecast. two warm to hot days monday and tuesday. then the sea breeze kicks back wednesday, this, friday, the low clouds return and temperatures drop down into the low 70s inland. >> sounds like good news. good news from leigh? bad news from mike. >> mike: thank you very much. the warriors taking a few days off before game two of the series with denver tuesday night, and they need to adjust their roster. we have an update on david lee's right hip flexor, and warrior fans will
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>> mike: a off of rough day for david lee. he has the longest active streak of most regular season games without a postseason appearance until yesterday and couldn't finish his first playoff game. he will miss the rest of the season with a complete tear of his hip. yesterday he was going for a layup against mcgee and hit the floor hard. lee says there was nothing dirty about the play. today he said he knew he was done right away. >> and the reason why i knew last night it was torn after it happened, it one severe pain like i pulled something. it was almost like i went to races my knee and i had no feeling in my whole entire hip area. i was playing for the best today, but i somewhat knew what the outcome would be. >> unfortunate. especially for a guy that's
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worked so hard and put himself in position and put us in the position we're in today, and so we move forward. >> mike: team sports, the next guy gets to stand drmonwiake the slack in lee's absence but huge loss. >> day two of the nba playoffs. lakers in san antonio. no kobe, to problem. pau gasol, alley-oop to howard. larics were down four bit 18 laker turnovers and 18 points by parker helped san antonio take game one. spurs win 91-79 the final. >> game one between the austin pacers and this is all indiana. stevenson, two of hiss'. paul george led all scorers with 23 points, 11 boards, through the entire atlanta defense. pacers win 107-90. >> to the diamond. giantsgiantsgiant sweeping the e
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arm of barry zito. i do this on the way to work every day. bar receipt -- zito gave up no runs. pagan, double in the third. his only hit of the day. giants up 2-0. then the $167 million man, buster posey, hasn't hate home run all year until the fifth inning. giants sweep the padres, 5 or the final. d-backs come to town tomorrow. >> how can the a's get swept by the rays? players getting a pregame show. josh reddick dropping the evan longoria fly ball in the first. he did have an rbi later in the second, escobar, see ya. 4 or. tampa bay sweeps the a's, 8 1-rb your final. >> to lab bore town golf links.
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this long birdie putt put the pressure on mcdodoll then had 1t birdie putt to win you. can't be short. but simpson let him have it as he misses a ten-foot are for par. graeme mcdowell your rbc champion. >> more coming up at 6:00. >> that little ride to work dance. >> exactly, exactly. >> historic. thanks, shu. >> ahead, the effort to save a species from extinction and
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coming up at 6:00. look at the mess left at golden gate park after thousands of people flocked to the are a big pot party. why you will now have to pay to help clean this up. >> after reese witherspoon arrested. what she said to officers -- gasp -- that got her in hot water. sierra nevada bighorn sheep are once again roaming the southern end of the sierra never damp wait was quite an effort by the state wildlife workers who had to capture the sheep and then transplant them. wildlife officials say the sheep are toll rabbit and adaptable and this the first new herd at the southern end of the sierra
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for the first time in 20 years. that does it for welcome to "world news." tonight, inside the capture. the extraordinary, new police video. stun grenades lobbedt boston marathon suspect right before his arrest. and tonight, he is answering prosecutors' questions for the first time. and we are at the bedside with one brave victim. and the man who saved her. avalanche. a snowboarding adventure turns deadly when the mountain gives way. what makes this season so dangerous? reefer madness. mass panic at the marijuana festival. will the violence set back the movement to legalize? and strong language. what the red sox star, big papi, told the people of boston. we cannot put it on the air. but it has become an improbable rallying cry.


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