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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the man accused of carrying out the boston marathon bombings is awake and communicating with police. >> passengers will find delays at the nation's airports as furloughs go into affect in several major cities. >> look outside from our exploritorium camera at the ferry building in downtown san francisco. gorgeous morning. warm weather will continue. maybe intensify. our meteorologist says get ready for a cool down, as well. i don't suppose you are talking about the cool fog exhibit they have at the exploritorium. >> it is localized weather. now mike has the forecast. >> small microclimate over there. absolutely. hopefully you can get there and enjoy it while it is warm. go on one of the 50-degree days and experience that? it and probably like that outside. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry
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it is. we will talk temperatures. it is mild out this because of the lack of wind. three miles per hour at santa rosa and six miles per hour and the air is stagnated and we have a few microclimates this morning. 46 in novato, and napa and 43 at half moon bay and everyone else in the 50's until fairfield at 62 and antioch at 68. headed in the afternoon hrs then francisco, to 90 in the warmest spot and at the coast it is 62 to 68 degrees. inland, 84 to 90. i will show you where we may have a few records. >> we starting off in portionen hill with a serious accident involving an overturned vehicle. this is along southbound 101 before dunn avenue we have delays in the area but the car thousand is resting on the roof. it is on a guardrail. watch out if that crash. a little bit of slowing in the area. that will be around until further notice. in hayward, toward the san mateo
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bridge, westbound side of 92 but you reach industrial boulevard a car fire senator -- on the shoulder. and the mass transit shows on this earth day it looks like bart, muni and caltrain running along with no delays. eric? >> question start with the latest on the boston marathon bombings at 11:50 a moment sigh license takes place in boston and across the country to mark a week since the deadly attack. now more from the newsroom. >> we learned a lot overnight in the investigation. we have learned that tamerlan, the brother who now is dead in the attacks, actually called his per during the shootout that went on with police in watertown on thursday. before the shootout when he and his brother hijacked a car in
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watertown, the suspect, if we can get to the video, actually left his cell phone in the car and that is how watertown police were able to track down the suspects. the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, is awake if the hospital and responding on-and-off to questions in writing because of severe wounds to his neck and threat. it is unclear if he self inicted those wndou or they te of the shoot u.n. investigators are asking him about other cell members and other unexploded bombs and his motive. take a listen. >> first of all, you need the right facts in order to be able to charge, that the federal government is still determining what was the motive of the two young men, are they connected to anyone else? that question is could be premature without the basis for it. >> the city is working on a plan to re-open the six blocks around
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the bombing. tonight, boston university hold as memorial for the third victim, the graduate student. her parents traveled from china. the critically injured transit officer remains hospitalized and in two hours from now in medford, massachusetts, there will be a private funeral held ree victims, 29 years old andhe there will be a moment of silence. reporting live in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> as life in boston slowly returns to normal authorities are still working at the bombing crime scene and they hope to re-open it in a couple of days and that is the blocks around the finish line. investigators are still collecting evidence from the sides of the building and the bleachers and engineers are checking the structural swelling it of the building and today boston police will return personal items left behind by people at the marathon. stay with abc7 news for
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continuing coverage of the boston bombings at 6:30 we go live to cornell better marred to find out what san francisco police chief wants do do to make people in the bay area safer and at 7:00 "good morning america" will have more on the vent --pmts. >> sequester cuts haveed air traffic controllerso take furlough days that could cause delays for travelers in many major cities. now from sfo where the impact could affect some. air traffic controllers are not affected but that doesn't mean travelers will not be affected. >> they say it is not a matter of "if" but "when." i walked the airport and checked every board no delays at sfo and i asked the spokesman about that and he said it is early. he did say controllers will be furloughed each day at every
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f.a.a. air traffic control facility which started yesterday. there were delays at lax last night because of sequestration. the cuts were ordered out of congress. although we could not find any delays at sfo this morning, we did find opinions. >> i wish they would cerate rt than across-the-board cuts. >> all budget cuts are difficult and all managers face that but you get the budget in balance and lower the government expenses it is worth it. painful but worth it. >> air traffic controllers are not happy about there and they will lose a day of work every other week and they hope that passengers will complain enough to get this changed. officials say necessity -- they have no choice they have to cut $600 million by the end of september from the budget so
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they will pull people from the air traffic control towers. expect delays through the end of september an the country l is a website you can check to see how it is looking at different airports across the country and we provided a link to that website so go to on "see it on tv." no delays here at sfo but that could cng >> we hear the warning, thank you very much. happening now, something else that could delay air travelers, the ground staff of germany's biggest carrier is forceed to cancel their flights and some on united could be checked through on this airline so they need to check. >> an oakland gunman was involved in an attempted robbery
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in an upscale neighborhood trying to problem a man walking down the street and shot him and not taking anything. the victim was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. the shooter ran away. >> this morning, the oakland school board will make one of their own as the district temporary superintendent. he grew up in oakland and e city and t over after tony smith resigned a superintendent to family reasons and wanted to hire a permanent leader before school starts in the fall. >> san francisco's golden gate park is back to normal after a weekend clean up. up to 15,000 people turned out for the annual marijuana celebration on saturday and they left behind an estimated 11 tons of trash and many employees had to work on their day off to clean it up. participants say the number of people who came to the city should make up for the clean up costing taxpayers but a
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supervisor says people attending the gorying were -- gathering responsible for vandalism and they want to ban the event. >> from sacramento lawmakers are set to learn more about reducing energy consumption at the capital pat of a celebration for earth day which is today. berkeley woman will showcase different programs to cut down on energy use. >> on this earth day, you want to try to walk to school but when the kids walk back from school they can be sweating buckets and needing water. >> they could be. how are the numbers? >> good idea to get dehydrated before it happens. when you are thirsty it is too late. i meant to say not dehydrated
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but hydrated. >> as far as temperatures today, a beautiful picture from the roof camera, 14 degrees warmer in san francisco and 78, and 88 in redwood city and san jose, 15 degrees warmer-than-average temperatures. 88 in napa, and live more up to 90, 2,000 degrees warmer-than-average. concord is 88, and oakland is 83 and 88 in santa rosand in san rafael and sa mateo is 82. those are possible record highs. today is the warmest day in the forecast headed through the next couple of days, look how much cooler it will be by thursday with temperatures become to average at continue to 15 degrees cooler. we have other possible record high democrats but first i want to get you traffic with leyla gulen. >> at 6:10 we are tracking a couple of issues in san jose. southbound along 101 before you reach dunn avenue, a car that will woulded over could have
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been traveling at a high rate of speed and now it is resting on the shoulder on the roof. we have spectators slowing in the northbound direction and the accident southbound 101 at dunn avenue and in hair, -- in hayward, before industrial boulevard, we are starting to see extra traffic on the san mateo bridge and a look at san mateo along northbound 280, there is a car and a problem blocking one lane. >> ladies, you will be watching this closely, kate is showing east baby bump and the weekend event where the duchess was front and center. >> first, facebook is adding jobs and facilities and what is their function? will any of the jobs be in the bay area? >> devote's prius is losing popularity revealing what is behind the
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>> covering san rafael, south base, and pleasanton and all bay area. >> how about to shot, a new camera on the brand new exploritorium showing you downtown and the sun coming up. it is gorgeous. it will be a warm one.
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mike will fill you in. >> this morning, crews are gaining the upper hand on redsfomthis 85 percent contained this morning and full containment is expected later today. 400 homes in southern california were evacuated over the weekend and everyone was allowed back last night. the flames have 125 acres of grassland consumed and the fire began on saturday when sparks from equipment being used by a gardener ignited the grass. >> the storm opened for trading in 15 minutes and signs point to a positive start. japan's nikkei rose 2 percent to close at a 5-year high and officials say they pleased following the endorsement officials gave on the new monetary policy by the g-20. wall street futures are moving higher. stay with abc7 news at 6:45 and we will check with jane king.
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>> and facebook is ating new jobs but not in the bay area. des mtsepor that facebook is buil new data center in iowa. this would be the 4th data center and the others are in oregon, north carolina, and sweden. the center is expected to build 1.4 million square feet. it is not clear how many jobs they will provide. iowa beat out nebraska for the center. >> boeing is finally replacing some of the batteries on the troubled jets. reuters reports the new batteries are going into planes belonging to all nippon airways or ana, which launched dreamliner service from san jose to tokyo in january before battery troubles grounded the flight. f.a.a. officials approved the new battery design last week but it could be a couple of weeks before flights resume. >> gas prices are falling which is good for you and me but not is much for toyota because try serious sales are following, toyota hoped to sell a quarter
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million of the popular hybrids and a bold statement on how americans are embracing the need for fuel savings but the top executives now say the goal could build out of reach because of falling gas prices. toyota next c.e.o. tells bloomburg the forecast could be adjusted down word. last year they sold 20, serious molds. >> and demandil go up for electricity but this will go down and we are going to be spending more to stay comfortable the next two days and more the entire spring and the summer to keep our lawns fresh turning the sprinkler on to summer leaves to keep things from burning up. live doppler 7 hd shows nice to have a radar return, maybe a couple but it is not happening. we will talk about what going do happen today with all the sunshine and warmth today,
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and then downhill from here if you like the warmth today is the day. last clear and mild night and then a marine layer bringing in clouds slowing the warming at 10 to 20 degrees cooler by friday the today, the temperatures notice santa clara not expecting record, mid-80's to near 90 in los gatos and in gilroy and 86 today in san jose but the records are an 90 if not warmer. 86 in mountain view, all possible record highs. 79 in millbrae for a cool spot, and the coast is all over the place, and 62 at half moon bay, and daly city is possibly 72 and 80 in downtown and south san francisco. near 80 in sausalito and 87 in san rafael, and 88 in santa rosa possible record highs, and we will get near the mid-60's at your beaches. records are close to 83 in oakland and hayward, and a lost
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mid-80's on the east bay shore. hercules and richmond and berkeley, localized breezier keeps you in the mid-to-upper 70's and 88 in conquer, and near record highs, the warmest is fairfield and antioch and livermore and 90 degrees. a delightful evening at at&t park, with no wind, no taking a heavy coat if at all, and 68 at 7:15 and down to 60 by and tonight the temperatures are the warmest in the forecast from 60 as richmond to 51 in morgan hill and breezy in the north bay mountains. the seven-day outlook show the biggest change in the temperature comes wednesday morning at the coast and thursday for the rest of us as the marine layer clouds and you can see how cloudy it will be with temperatures in the low-to-mid 70's and mid-60's to around 70 for the bay and mid-50's to near 60 at the coast, friday, safety, and sunday.
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>> not so many are car pooling on earth day, 80 westbound through berkeley beyond the university avenue overpass, it is looking busy and as we make it out to the bay bridge toll plaza you have lots of company and everyone is in their own car. toward the toll the metering lights could be on at the moment which israfficgnificantly. keou to i wilupdate the crash i, southbound 101 before dunn avenue the slowing is in the northbound direction and spectators are slowing if you make it in the northbound direction towards morgan hill. kristen and eric? >> at 6:20, our coverage of the boston bombings continues and straight ahead the special visit for the 11-year-old injured martinez boy if the bay area and a sports star is planning a trip to his boston hospital. >> kate middleton is showing and
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>> good morning, everyone, at the sunrises over the bay area. a beautiful shot from the camera in the oak berkeley hills with the bay there, and the beginning of the warm weather.
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the complete forecast is ahead. >> in royal baby news the duchess is finally starting to show, wearing a light green coat, rather, a mint green, wouldn't you, eric? that cut not hide the fact she is almost seven months pregnant. still small for seven months. the couple are expecting teir first she wowed the crowd while attending a special awards senator mother for hundreds of scouts standing in for the queen who was celebrating her 87th birthday privately. >> i am glad we agree on mint green because i was thinking the same thing. >> we needed your fashion sense. >> 6:24. josh elliott has a look at what coming up at "good morning america" at 7:00. can you save me from this fashion trap? >> you are a noted fashion may
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veteran word has traveled from the bay area. it is a national, you are a national fashion happening each and every morning i might add. great to be with you and christian, and everyone there in the bay area this morning. we have a lot to get to this morning and i do hope everyone has a restful weekend after the week that was previous. we are developing more of a profile now of 19-year-old bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev who reportedly started to communicate with federal authorities overnight in writing. we will have the latest on the suspect who could be charged now at any moment and of course as the news comes available we will have it. switching gears, look at this, it will be a scene you can look at every american airport starting today, some call it airport armageddon with air traffic to become more frustrating than usual, the
6:26 am
f.a.a. has furloughs because of mandatory budget cuts and what it could mean for your travel plans or lack thereafter. and lau s waivers before entering the studio because matthew is here sitting down here and making a woman's dreams could true all ahead on "good morning america" and you will forgive me if i seem like i am struggle with words today i just had some hot sought on "good morning america" live and i cannot speak anymore so you have to take it from there. >> that is what you get for hot sauce for breakfast. >> josh, thank you. >> our coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues with how the attacks thousands of miles away could impact major public events along a busy san
6:27 am
francisco corridor. >> today is one of the warmest days in our forecast and check out the trend moving ahead, we will use san jose as one of ou examples starting off at 86 todayut dropping all the way down to 76 by the weekend. >> in the abc7 news center, we have heavy delays in morgan hill and a look at mass transit on and a look at mass transit on this earth day when ys of walkig
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is april 22, earth day. 6:30 is our time. downtown san francisco from the new abc7 news camera on the new san francisco exploritorium. it is going to be a warm day, san francisco probably is one of the more comfortable places to be. >> do did you know how much money we could make if we made a postcard from that? >> enough to buy coffee. >> exactly. at least enough to get mike to give us the weather forecast.
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>> always here. always free. no need to pay. that helps. live doppler 7 hd showing very, very dry. the dry air and why we will push t 7:00, appear the bay,y 55 degrees, very calm, grab the unglasses and 76 is the lunch time temperature and not so comfortable as it has been and 84 for the 4:00 temperature and back to 69 and the warmest weather inland is 2357 this morning and 81 by noon and upper 80's at 4:00 and some folks running the air conditioning for the first time. 79, warm sunshine. as we move to the coast, we will fine the free air conditioning and 53, 64 to 68, noon to 4:00 temperature, back to 58 by 7:00. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> as we head back to morgan hill your traffic is coming to a grinding halt northbound along 101 and that is because of an
6:32 am
accident that happened on southbound 101 before dunn avenue involving a car that over turned and still resting on its roof out there and you down into the teams as far as miles per hour. onnond 101ncisco, a brand if you blocking one lane a solo crash and we have delays on the us train, the number three train right out of stockton, looking like it is a nine-minute delay because of it from traffic out there. kristen and eric? >> we begin at 6:30 with the latest on the bombings, a week since the attack left three people dead and hundreds injured. abc7 news is live in san francisco with a new safety proposal the police chief is making in response to the bomb ings. now, how boston and the nation are remembering the attack.
6:33 am
the private funeral is held for krystle campbell the 29-year-old killed in the boston marathon explosions. we are monitoring and bringing you the latest any minute now, boston medical center gives a press conference to talk about a long-term recovery plan for several of the victims still there. there have been a lost lopments learned that the brother who died call his mother during the shootout say he of load her. before the shootout the owner of the s.u.v. said the suspect left the cell phone inside. the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, is awake, at the medical center and responding on and off to questions in writing because of severe wounds to his mechanic and throat. investigators are there asking him about other cell members, other unexploded bombs, and his mettive.
6:34 am
the city is working open a file-day plan to re-open the six blocks around site and tonight e graduatholdl for student,er pts from china and the critically injured transit officer remains hospitalized. there is a moment silence when the first bomb went off a week ago today. >> thanks. at home, san francisco police chief is getting ready to make a proposal that will help keep the city safer during major events in response to the boston bombings. our reporter joins us live from market street with what the new idea is all about. >> san francisco already had security cameras in high-crime
6:35 am
areas of the city but in the wake of the boston bombings it has changed and police chief is floating the idea of setting up cameras on market street to monitor big events and parades. san francisco's gay pride parade is two away one th ggest events each year, a million plus people lining the streets. of course, it was a great day for giants fans in october after the team won the world series, a big victory parade for them. occupy protests have also shut down parts of the financial district and market street and led to arrests last year. the chief says he plans to suggest the camera i.d. at an upcoming security meeting and a security guard who works on market street likes the idea. >> it is a good tool as long as they don't try to use it in bad ways but if they use it they are not going to overuse the power
6:36 am
or over step the impoundries and it is a great idea. >> if you are walking down market street you will notice there are lots of cameras on private buildings already but the chief says that he would like do see more city-owned cameras and he believes it would be a smart addition to police officers on the street and a lot of public eyes and ears in the crowd. if san francisco for abc7 news. >> members of the oakland a's plan to visit a bay area boy in the hospital in best as he recovered from the marathon bombings. the 11-year-old aaron hern of martinez was injured by shrapnel in the bombings as his mother crossed the finish line. today, a's bating coach and first baseman moss and right fielder all hope to meet with aaron hern at boston's children hospital. they are in boston for a three-game series with the red sox and half a dozen local th medical bills and expenses
6:37 am
including mountain mike's pizza. >> i am thinking we should be able to give $2,000. we have not done all the math but we will add it up so. >> a fams h responto is in physical therapy with no word on when he will leave the hospital and come home to martinez. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest details on the boston bombings system. "good morning america" will have much more coming up at 7:00 from boston in 23 minutes. >> the new 49ers stadium comes with $1 billion price tag, something like that, and ahead we will break down the pricey features at the stadium under construction. paper but no more plastic with a new community implementing a bag ban. >> walnut creek camera on 680
6:38 am
the traffic is moving very well and it is
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>> back at 6:40 this morning. tree pollen will be high. grass, moderate. mold, low. weed, very high. those are part of the issues. the other is the exceptional warmth, temperatures 14 to 20 degrees warmer-than-average from
6:41 am
san francisco, 78, to livermore, 90. the bother state is under high pressure, but for downtown in southern cal is warmer-than-average, with san francisco 62 and the surge of clouds coming our way until the big cooling trend. 97 in palm springs. ve great day. leyla gulen? >> in san francisco we have an accident along northbound 101, before alameda blast with a heavy backup and 20 miles per hour, with a lane blocked and one car involved and you can use 280 instead, and as we take a jump to the nimitz along southbound 80 we will crash there and that leaves a lane blocked and you are looking at heavy bumper to bumper track in southbound direction from san lorenzo and as we head back over to the drive along the great highway, injurying the -- enjoying the sunshine, the great highway is closed in one
6:42 am
section. >> in celebration of earth day a big change is coming to shoppers if san mateo county. starting today, plastic budgets -- bags are banned in several areas with stores required to stop providing plastic bags and shoppers are asked to carry reusable bags. centsor pr bag charge you ten applying to grocery and pharmacies and other shops but not to restaurants. there are some exceptions to the ban. plastic for produce and meats and prescription medicines are still used. >> we have developing news from washington state ahead, the mass shooting outside an apartment complex and what police revealed about the victims. >> trading is underway on wall street, ahead we will go live to bloomberg at the stock exchange and construction continues on the new 49ers stadium and we will break down the $1 billion price tag for th
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:45. new this morning, police are on the scene of a shooting that left five people dead near seattle. among the dead, a man who police
6:46 am
were coming to help. it happened last night in federal way when officers arrived at the farm complex an injure man pull add gun and shot. a second man died at the scene. police found three other victims, two men and a woman in different parts of the complex. police say it appears the men were in a firefight but they are not sure what started it. >> four more first responders have been identified the de the taseil plant explosion. ten of e 14 confirmed kid were emergency workers responding to the fire before the plant exploded last wednesday. 200 people were injured in west, and people there filed into church for a string of memorial services. officials still don't know what caused the blast but it appears to have been an accident. >> we are getting the first detailed hook at where the money is going for the 49ers new $1.2 billion stadium in santa clara. the "san jose mercury news"
6:47 am
reviewed monthly expense reports and the price tag is $360 million, $1 million a day, that included $25 million for an electrical system that will let 12,000 fans charge their cell phones simultaneously. $62 million for 16,000 lights and 2,200 toilets and sinks. $127 million spenton developer fees, consultants, planning and marketing. >> the warrior to even up their playoff series with the nuggets in denver tomorrow night and the warriors lost the opening game and the all star forward. lee is now out for the reminder of the post-season with a torn right hip flexor. the injury occurred in the 4th quarter as he took a nasty spill landing on his hip. he is expected to be back next season but out for the playoffs. bet of seven, right?
6:48 am
>> it is. tough loss for them. los gatos based netflix could be ready to crackdown on the millions of people who use the use and do not pay. california is getting love for its beer. >> beer? not wine? jane king from the bloomberg business report here to exchange. >> beer and wine, both are big. are you guilty of sharing your netflix account with friends or family? pl of are, and netflix wants to think of cracking down 33 million customers by tightening up the policy or boosting prices. the company has no restriction on the number of pc's and tablets or phone to use on an account or the number of people who can sign but an analyst estimates 10ment people -- 10 million are using netflix free. we are mixed on wall street, with little direction, really,
6:49 am
and the silicon valley index is potive a u quarter of a vestors will shares of apple closely, the quartey profit will shrink for the first time in a decade because of slow growth in iphone seems and the ipod maker reports results tomorrow. and the new c.e.o. of yahoo will talk about the don't work on home, the closing speaker at the great place to work conference, and she stopped in the middle of the remarks do address the elephant in the room, defending her decision on temperature communicating saying people are mob innovative when they are together and the best ideas coming from two different ideas together. forget wine, california is getting serious buzz over the beer. this is the craft beer movement booming across the country. the ten best according to "usa today" saying california topping the list of the best bw
6:50 am
state in america with 268 craft breweries and countin me tha any other state. anors a house hold name across the country. >> thank you. i was at the giants game, guess who was the most popular opinion at at&t park yesterday? >> barry? >> a frozen lemonade guy, the vendor. >> good idea today. we are going to start off warm for at&t park standards. as we head into the evening hours. good morning, america, here is live doppler 7 hd, any way to keep cool is the theme today. we will look downtown from mount tamalpais this morning you can see the calmness of the bay area as we are under high pressure which is bringing us near record warmth and clear and mild and cooling trend for the rest of the week. this is how it looks from the east bay hills high definition picture back to the west where
6:51 am
san francisco is at 56 and oakland is 57 and walnut creek .s 54 andil0nder anut creek will push to nely degrees today but right now livermore it is 55 and youreighbor to the south is 54 and napa is 46 and santa rosa 51. temperatures are over the scale. in the afternoon, 85 in sunnyvale and cupertino and 90 if los gatos, and the temperatures are super warm but do not expect record highs but redwood city is 86, and threatening record highs and low 60's at half moon bay and possibly 72 at daly city and 80 in downtown and south san francisco, today, 87 in san rafael, and 88 in santa rosa, and mid-to-upper 60's at north bay beach and 83 at oakland and hayward, could threat be reports and a pocket of cooler weather with a breeze and san francisco bay and upper 70's and mid-70
6:52 am
richmond and hercules and toward berkeley and 88 in concord, and that is possibly record high but livermore near 90. the at&t focast 7:15 first pitch and 68 dropping down to 60 by the end of the game. the seven-day outlook checks out the 10 to 20 degree temperature drop by friday and temperatures back to where they should be lasting through the week. have a great day. >> a lane is still blocked on the northbound 101 headed up to alameda because of a solo vehicle crash and down to 20 miles per hour, and up from third street so look at that causing slowing in the southbound direction. as we take you to the east bay as you make the drive to hayward we have this crash southbound 8 80 and that is leaving a lane blocked on the nimitz causing huge backups. in morgan hill where the crash is clearing, southbound 101, before dunn avenue, kristen and
6:53 am
eric. >> ahead, five things to know of with you
6:54 am
>> here are five things to know before you go, a moment of silence is held at 11:50 our time to mark a week since the boston marathon bombing. the surviving suspect is awake and communicating with investigators by writing answers to their questions because he has a throat wound. >> members of the oakland a's will visit aaron hern of martinez who was injured by shrapnel as his mother crossed not line in boston. >> airport travel could take longer with the sequester forcing air traffic controllers to take furlough days which
6:55 am
caused major headaches. big test with delays expected in some cities. >> a 30-year-old woman from san jose arrested in the kidnapping of an 11-month-old girl will make her first court appearance, taken into today april twelve and police believe it was hernandez who drove away in a jeep with the baby inside after the child's mom stepped away for a moment. >> starting this morning, stores in a dozen cities and parts of san mateo county can no longer give out plastic carry out bags. shoppers are asked to bring reusable bags or bring ten cents to paper. >> mike? >> the next 12 hours starting at 7:00, most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's as we head to lunch, warm and 81. 64 at the coast, and in the afternoon, mid to upper 80's, bay and inland, and only 68 at the coast and if you are thinking of having dinner on the back porch it will be 79 at
6:56 am
7:00, and 69 around the bay and 58 at the coast. leyla gulen? >> as we take look at at drive in san francisco an accident is politicking one lane northbound 101 before alameda boulevard and we have another crash on the nimitz headed through san lorenzo southbound 880 it is jam packed bumper to bumper southbound and the drive off the altamont pass into livermore toward pleasant town and dublin, you are screeching at 35 miles per hour so slow on earth pool. let's take mass transit or car pool on this earth day. >> a gorgeous shot here from our camera on top of the new san francisco exploritorium.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. abc news has learned the surviving boston bombing suspect is now communicating from his hospital bed in writing. his wounds prevent him from talking. are there more bombs and are there more people involved? his dramatic final minutes in the boat all caught on tape. >> he just sat up. he's move, flailing about. quite a bit of movement. breaking this morning, airport armageddon. almost 7,000 flights could be delayed today. 1 in 10 air traffic controllers caught up in government furloughs. tragedy in the rockies. five expert snowboarders and skiers caught by surprise in one of the deadliest avalanches ever. seconds to get out of the way of the snow. how one man somehow managed to survive and walked away unhurt.


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