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negative is a waste of time to me. >> in two weeks she'll get her cast off. she's already counting down the leg whence she has her now prosthetic limb when she plans to caulk in heels again. >> our best to heather abbott. from the white house to capitol hill. a consensus seems to be building that the syrian government has crossed a red line. intelligence reports suggest the assad regime used chemical weapons in the silver war ravaging parts of syria. not long ago, the u.s. vowed intervention should syria wage chemical attacks. so what do you think? how should america respond? you can weigh in on the facebook page or tweet us at "nightline" or at jujuchangabc world news now is coming up with breaking news. as always, we're on line at
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>> breaking news in san jose where a huge fire is burning
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one of the oldest buildings in the city. >> good evening. >> i'm carolyn. happening on south first in sanoys:q near 280. let's get right to lisa for the very latest. lisa? >> the fire started just before 9:30 tonight. firefighters got here in just 4 minutes. take a look behind me. when they arrived though they saw lots of flames and smoke coming out of every window of the building. firefighters also had another major challenge to deal w.power lines were down. so the attack wasn't immediate. once the power was turned off the firefighters got to work fighting the fire from above and from the ground. still don't want to go inside to check things out because there are several hot spotsxd and the entire building is leaning to the right. and to collapse at any minute. >> they have blue type of construction allow the fire to travel through the wall. fire starred on first floor. can
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travel thrust wall up into the sec there are into the attic and fir actually travels faster in these structure. >>reporter: is that what you think happened. >> absolutely n.this particular structure is old. older. again we don't know where the fire load was on the second floor. >> this is very historic building. housed in the bott]m floor for 101 years an just closed this past february the cycle shop. we spoke with the own an he was out of town but he said the last bike had been pick up just this morning. he bill itself as oldest continuing running bike shop in the u.s. opened at the corner of south first and margaret in 1912. bike store. repair shop and museum in all one. back live now firefighters tell me no surrounding buildings have been evacuated and this fire is now under control. but there is still smoke come from the top floor and still worried about the building collapsing and that is why people really
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should avoid the entire area for several more hours. right now south first is close from east reid to virginia. live in san jose tonight, abc 7 news. the. >> boston bombing lates. 11-year-old martinez boy seriously injured in the blast out of the hospital and among the first stops today. visit to the finish line standing when the bombs went off. >> young aaron hurn back to boyleston street scene of last week horrific blast that sent him to the hospital. >> with the help of the parents aaron was able to take a few steps. >> still hard to do things i used to do. >>reporter: at the memorial treated like a hero. in the cap signed by brewers and one police officer even took a boston police department pin right off the uniform and gave it to aaron. it's the kind of love and support the parent say has been so overwhelming.
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>> gratitude st to the people of boston, boston pd. i can not say enough about how sf -- how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> 11-year-old was waiting for his mother near the finish line when the sec blast hit. shrapnel into the leg. >> terrible thing that happened but the ville0 lining obviously is how many good people there are here. >> a lot of good people. >> the family will stay in boston for the time being and undergoing treatment after being struck by the second bomb that went off. >> there was a second target in mind, new york city. mayor bloomberg said he was told by investigators that dzhokhar tsarnaev and brother planned to he setoff more ex please i was there including another pressure cooker bomb in times square. we are told that they will]i move tsarnaev to medical facility in prison and expected
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in the next 48 hours but the details of the timing not made public. >> father of the bombing suspect plans to travel to the u.s. as early as tomorrow to claim the body of his older son tamerlan. "nightline"closer look at how the tsarnaev brothers plotted attack at the boston marathon. "nightline"airs tonight at 1 12:35. >> 2 teenagers tonight under arrest for car wreck that critically injured a woman when car came flying into her home. it happened yesterday on lee avenue near the high school. lillian is there live tonight with tragedy that some 0in the neighborhood have worried about for a long time. >>reporter: that's right dan. neighbors say they seen teenagers racing through here often. now this is the home where the car came crashing through yesterday. it's now boarded up and the female resident run over is still at the hospital. no one home at the house on lee avenue. san jose police say 40-year-old mother remains in critical condition after bmw plowed through the kitchen wednesday afternoon. the driver of the
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car is believed to have been racing another bmw. which ended up on the sidewalk. both drivers are 17-year-old high school students the accident is what everyone was talking about at school day. heard a lot of hate. like saying they need to stop racingzv and whatever. >>reporter: roy and alex attend lehigh school. just did you know the street from the crash site. also where the driver of the red bmw developed reputation. police say he was the one who lost control second the silver bmw in the house. >> police arrested the boy today's for reckless driving resulting in a majorger. felony charge. school distric district, it says it will soon be working with community leaders police staff parents and students to address the importance of responsible driving. neighbors meanwhile are calling for changes on the avenue which they say has long been used by teenagerst( as a drag strip. >> needs to be more signs
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around the school and the area. >>reporter: the woman then-year-old daughter was also in the home when the car came crashing through. she was buried in the rubble that managed to escape with only minor injuries. this is abc 7 news. >> thank jew new at 11:00. santa cruz county sheriff's deputy lack for it two shooting that left a woman partially blind. investigators say that damien the fired on group of people in apartme in live oak friday night. sylvia walking by was shot in the fac face. now the suspect in custody for prior offense at this moment has not been charged in the shooting because witnesses are not coming forward. >> we expect changes in the weather as we head toward the weekend. sandhya here with live doppler 7hd. >> i show what you is happening on live doppler 7hd low clouds not just near the coast but in over parts of the bay right now and you will see it here as i circle the area that we are
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seeing some gray skies. right here near oakland. hayward. san mateo lack at the view from the high definition roof top camera. see the low clouds along the embarcadero san francisco 53 degrees right now. it is 55 in oakland and san jose. we are heading into a cool tonight make sure you bundle up when you head out the door. back with the exact pattern changes coming for the weekend in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. disturbing turn of events for the petaluma little league all star team. 4 members of that team accused of assaulting and bullying another team member. they were suspended for 2 day prs petaluma junior high schoo school. the victim suffered bruises to the chest. now even though the boys no longer affiliated with the league, the board called app emergency meeting and says it will work to prevent future bullying. >> new at 11:00. breakthrough san jose any as police city officials agreed on plan to reduce retirement benefit. the contentious issue led to tension between the police and city. agreement aplays to
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future police officers. issue is part of a plan agreed to by voters last year measure b to reduce long-term pension cost. >> one of the largest and longest clinical trials to find vaccine for hiv is over tonight. the national institute of mental health health announce the 4 year trial of experimental injection failed. 2500 high risk volunteer in 1960 including san francisco took part independent panel determined volunteers received the vaccine were actually slightly more likely to contract hiv than those who received a placebo trial was called off. >> thinks really incredible. thieves found a way to brick into cars like it's absolutely nothing. >> michael is here now with his investigation for us. >> that's right. these are high tech crooks. they have figured out a way to easily open up locked vehicle and eights not what you might thin think. secret revealed in my investigation next. >> also. if love had wings. local marriage proposal that paired romance with a drone.
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>> later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> red widow and my dear freepd kaley is here. >> best friend.
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>> series of car burglary across california stumped police. they appealed to the public for help. >> yes so michael jumped in and began investigating and he joins us tonight with 7 on your side mystery. this is weird. >> this is a good one. some thought this was a brand new crime and crime isolated just to southern california. my investigation has found it's not. it isn't even what it appears to be. these cars aren't only burglarized. they are being hacked. this survillains camera video shows 2 car burglary under way. on the right the thief presses button on some sort of hand held device. comb light on, door unlocks alarm silenced. another criminal hand held did he vase on the car to the left. another burglary. >> long beach police department reached tout numerous
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organizations even international organizations. don't know what it is. they have no idea. >>reporter: why? this isn't supposed to be possible. modern car security systems are equipped with rolling code similar to those used on garage doors. every time the key fob button presse pressed. a new code is set. so even if a criminal with sophisticated scanning equipment dedetectives and steals the code, it does them no good. many because the code changes with every push of the button. >> we have shown this video to experts in the field and everybody right now is they don't know what it is. >>reporter: it is this hand held did he vase. crime i find has been seen internationally. this netherlands base security iscusses rolling code being thwarted. but on this site nobody knows how. search
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of archives found similar incident in chicago in august of 2012. home surveillance systems catches the in action. >> walk past my car. dome and on and he kind of stops in the track walks right into the car. >>reporter: bay year is not immune to this type of crime. series of similar car burglary were reported in oakland in early 2011. couple months later another series of burglaries. this time in palo alto. so the southern california burglary are not the first. but they are the most notorious. long beach they are stumped. simply no idea what is going on. here in san francisco mission district? they do. >> cars are mobile computer network now. tipping talk to your tires talk to your dashboard talk to the rear lights in the back. everything huge network everything is gone high tech including your
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vehicle. >>reporter: were these cars hacked. >> well, in a literal term, ye yes. cars were mabingd hacked. >>reporter: professional hac hacker and entrepreneur dan says separg the cars that were hacked from those that weren't will awill you me to figure out which lock have the vulnerability. >> they were jeep. mass today. one was bmw. mazda. and the victims when we talk to them told us they were positive they lock the car door. >>reporter: surveillance video of the long beach they've show they were unable to escape and ford escape and cadillac. we asked for the name of the company that provide the lock. won't tell us. ball is in their court. >> vehicle manufacturer can figure this out like they are going to look at all the cars that did get broken into versus the ones that didn't and say what is the piece of hardware in common? okay. this is the thing they
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broke. he. >>reporter: i believe i have found the supplier of the lock hacked but without cooperation from the car manufacturer i can not be certain. so whatis passt is pass this report along long beach police and let them take it from here. now at that time away for you never leave anything valuable in the car any more. remember these thieves weren't lacking through the window. looking for items they wereg opening the door that unlock. now tomorrow on 7 news at 11:00. back with a story about bullet proof gear for your kids. controversy over the pint size arm or airports are shopping for. >> hate it has come to thaechlt that's remarkable thank you. >> we have the latest in marriage proposals exploratorium physicist may have come up with a stunt that could top the geek scale. used drone to deliver an inengagement ring to his girl friend. he lawrd her into going to alamo square park on the pretense of taking picture
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pictures. boy, that's pretty clever. >> he looked very happy the didn't he. >> said yes we think. >> had to love the weather throughout as well. >> sandhya is hear with the forecast. >> nice weather for proposal even if it was a drone. look at live doppler 7hd and you will see low clouds along the coast in over parts of the bay already. i do want to show you the almanacs for san francisco. today high pressure 59 degree degrees. normally 64 for this day. so yes we are running cooler than average this team of year. no rain season to date. full moon officially at 12:57 this afternoon so let's check out the full moon from the roof top camera couple hours ago moon rising. gorgeous view hope had you a chance to take a look at it. if you didn't 30's your chance. all right. now a look at the forecast highlights. areas of low cloud and fog tonight sunny mild tomorrow warmer day
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heading into the weekend. do plan for temperatures to inch the up. temperature trend for tan jose. 74 degrees up into the mid 80's range by sunday and monday and then just leveling off to the week ahead. certainly looking milder and even going into the warmer category well inland. tomorrow morning mid 40's to low fwichlts you will see low clouds and fog around. most of the bay area starting off on the cool side so make sure off jacket or sweater us a head out the door. little ones bubbled up. most of the bay side inland community enjoy the sun so earlier clearing. 70's, 70's inland slightly warmer yashing and clouds into the afternoon keeping you in the 50's and 60's. specific temperature for friday in the south bay 74 for san jose. los gatos 77 degrees. 73 in santa clara. on the peninsula is a mostly sunny afternoon. 65 san mateo o. 71 for new palo alto. upper 50's to low 60's near
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the coast where cloud hang tough most of the afternoon. downtown san francisco 62 degrees daly city 59. sunset district 60 degrees and in the north bay you see the 50's along the coast as clouds sit there. 67 in san rafael. 71 in santa rose. close to 80 degrees in clear lake. 82 in ukiah head out to the east bay inland area run milder than today. so mostly 50's, 50's, low mid 70's. tomorrow up to 80 degrees in fairfield. 77 concord. 78 livermore. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. moving moving up. upper 80's sunday inrand. repeat it on monday before we see the numbers right up to 90's inland. low 60's connect on 60 and slowly tapering l. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. power
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outage info and weather him. keep you posted here. >> right back with the nfl >> right back with the nfl
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>> gechlt first round of the draft held tonight in new york. as expected raiders traded down 49ers traded up. start
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with the silver and black. they had the third pick traded miami for the dolphins first and second rounder. and with the 12th selection chose university of houston corner back dj hayden. he almost died in november when a vein ruptured near the heart and saved by emergency surgery. raiders say doctors cleared him who excel in coverage. got excellent speed. silver and black trying to rebuild the defense. >> doctors did a great job in researching all the medical stuff. so about this put on the tape it became prevalent that's our guy. >> look at this scene. niner fans at draft party in san jos jose. wall to wall there. saw the niners trade the 31st over all pick and third rounder to dallas to move up to the 18th over all selection. niners selecting lsu safety reid 6
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foot 1, 2 13 pounds. he's a hitter. set to replace golden. >> happy and pleased that he's a forty-niner. i talk to mrs. reid she said that's where she wanted eric to go and because that's where eric wanted to go that was his first choice. so win-win. >> draft continues tomorrow. >> on to baseball. a's hit rough stretch after road trip and pitching coach young tossed out of tonight game with baltimore. starting pitchers lit up the last weak. tonight parker tuvrnlt a's jump out to early lead but in the top of the third if the rbi single and jones doubles to knock in another run. baltimore ahead 3-2 youngest comes out starts argue with the up peer about a check swing that wasn't called and got the heave-ho. mild mannered. that's him agitated
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actually stchlt parker o and 4 this year. 5 innings tonight. allow 6 runs. chris different is homer in the sixth as the a's fall to the a 10-2 an giants have the day off. warriors my denver if game 3. play off series tomorrow night at arena and he said if the game was tonight he couldn't play because of his left averaging he. he hopes another 24 hours of rest will help. >> no reason to rush it if it's not ready and use the time wisely to get right. we have a good plan of attack. conditional plan to take advantage of by the time we have it before the ge game starts. >> 7 sports brought to you by river rock can seep o. >> ankle are lick magnet for other people feet. he steps on everybody always rolling it. >> it will be rocking. >> sold out and loud. >> hopefully playing. >> yes thanks. you look a little lost.
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>> look at the wake up weather. low clouds fog first thing in the morning. riseping up to the mid 40's mid 50's. mike
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here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. >> good news for twinkie lover lovers. favorite snack food making a comeback. >> global management bought the hospital test brand and now rushing twinkie oh, oh, and ding dong back into production. >> thank goodness. new company starts hiring this weekend. sweet treat expected to be back on store shelves some time in july. larry has been hoarding them in massive numbers. >> larry big in this. >> "jimmy kimmel live", live up next. >> for all of us here, th so much for watching. 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am. >> live right now at the city of san francisco from our camera top the exploratorium. camera top the exploratorium. >> gorgeous. appreciate your
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citing his work in africa. >> mr. president let me say i am filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you have made to the most needy people on earth. >> reporter: his controversial vice president watched from the front row, no mention of the iraq war, bill clinton joked about the new passion george
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bush talked about with diane. >> paintings. people have been looking at your feet in the bathtub. >> and i seriously considered calling you and asking you to do a portrait of me. those bathroom sketches were wonderful, but at my age, i think i should keep my seat. >> assessing his legacy, bush left office an unpopular president. >> when future generations come to this library and study this administration, they're going to find out that we stayed true to our convictions. it wasn't always easy. and it certainly wasn't always popular. >> reporter: the president who took pride in his toughness was overcome with emotion as he ended his speech. >> i will always belief our nation's best days lie ahead. god bless. >> reporter: president bush said that one of the benefits of freedom is that people are free to disagree. and he joked, during his presidency she created plenty of opportunity for people to exercise that right. jonathan karl, abc news, dallas. >> one word describing first round of the nfl draft.
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big. a lot of big linemen being selected starting with offensive tackle eric fisher central michigan. the chiefs made him the first pick overall. in all 18 of 32 picks were linemen. a bit of history made with picks 9 through 11. all three guys from defending national champion alabama. the first time the college team produced three first round picks. one quarterback selected, a.j. manuel from florida state now a buffalo bill. >> they all look so young and tattoo free. >> gigantic. >> the team was gigantic. makes sense three of them got picked right away. >> big guys. >> big. >> huge. 45 of me. >> yes. >> and three or four of me. >> there we go. also from new york, unique bit of entertainment. for some subway riders.
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so unique it is our "favorite story of the day." >> check out who put on a show at the subway stop steps from our studio. ♪ all my life ♪ all my life ♪ yeah michael buble and naturally seven. if you don't recognize it doing the jackson five classic "who's loving you." >> buble's new album was released this week. just going to assume here this was all part of a publicity push. what do we know? >> big treat for all those folks. >> man, see how they reached for their phones. to get a video of this. upload to youtube. see whose youtube user gets more views. could be part of his music video. who knows. >> look at that skinny tie. takes skinny. makes my skinny ties look fat. coming up what insomnia can do to a man's well being and his plans for fatherhood. >> what are you trying to say,


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