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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 26, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news on the overnight fire in san lenadro, new birds of the flames that destroyed several brand new portable buildings at james madison elementary school that just arrive yesterday. today they are completely destroyed. good morning, i am kristen sze. >> investigators say the fire is suspicious. it was reported after midnight on the school campus in san lenadro. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on the scene.
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why does the fire department think it was started on purpose? >> the cause is under investigation but fire officials calling it "very suspicious." nothing left of the brand new portable buildings. they were not going to be classrooms but temporary office space for the school district until the fire changed all of that. >> the place was ferocious. this dramatic home video obligated by abc7 news shows how intense the fire was. smoke and flames lighting up the night sky after midnight. it sent the neighbor running from his home. >> you could see the ball of fire, i grabbed my wife and she grabbed her laptop and phone and we were gone. >> the blaze happened on the campus of james madison elementary school. the portable building that burned were going to be temporary offices for the san lenadro school district which shares the same property. they were delivered only yesterday. >> unfortunate. that was going to be temporary office space for us to move into
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next week for a district office renovation. >> hopefully it is some kind of an accident. >> officials expect arson. the buildings were so new the power was not turned on. >> it is suspicious. >> investigators are searching for a cause, neighbors and school officials are relieved this intense fire did not spread to homes and the elementary school. >> fire investigators plan to comb every inch of this rubble looking for a cause. the buildings remain rented and the district hopes to find temporary quarters someplace else. classes at james madison were not affected by the fire. >> thank you. many are showing up in downtown san jose this morning to see the burned out shell of appear historically important building. firefighters are resorting to alternative methods to make sure
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there are no victims inside the building. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> good morning, kristen. firefighters are just now getting inside and getting a look in the building to make sure there is no one in there. they don't have any reason to believe anyone is in there. they want to make sure. they say the building was vacant at the time. to many people in san jose, this was much more than just the building. >> this is one of several people who stopped by this morning to ski what is left of what was located on the bottom floor of the historic building in san jose that caught fire. people describe a place that was much more than just a bicycle shop. >> it was like a clubhouse. he did more than just...fix bikes. he had we barbecues and shows
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and... >> anthony rolled out a bicycle he the with scrap pieces from the bicycleship and spent six summers here putting bicycles together and selling them. >> it wasn't work. it was just doing a favor, fixing your bicycle. helping someone out with their bikes. >> the fire started at 9:30 last night and the structure was build here in 1884. the building is vacant. a woman and her child were on the scene last night claiming they had access to the place. firefighters do not know sure whether they were inside. >> everything she gave us was not reliable. >> firefighters could not go inside last night or this morning. the building was unstable and they tried to look inside to confirm no one was in there. firefighters try to figure out the stability and what could have caused the fire, the
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bicycle friends share their enthusiasm. >> she is talking about the owner of favors and we are told he moved out a couple of weeks ago but still has some valuable pieces inside. the owner of the building is here on the scene but does not want to talk to the media and directed to us her attorney. she did not give us the attorneys name. the a.t.f. is here and will help the san jose firefighters dig through the rubble to try and find the cause of the fire. >> thank you. the california highway patrol is investigating what led to a fatal accident early this morning in alamo. a 24-year-old man lost control of his toyota camera and crashed into a telephone pole after 2:00 this morning. the driver was killed. no one else was hurt.
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investigators say that speed might have been a factor. they are conducting toxicology test. >> oakland police are looking into why a hand grenade was left next to a fire hydrant on 48th. police shut down international boulevard early this morning between 47th and 50th avenue. the bomb squad cleared the scene after the grenade was determined to be inert and no danger to the public. >> new reality for the surviving boston marathon bombings suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been released from a civilian hospital. he has been transferred to a federal prison hospital 40 miles west of boston at for the devens that treats federal prisoners would require long-term care. he is in fair condition. we hear first-hand accounts from people who survived their encounters with the suspected bombers. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> it is chilling, two men who have very close encounters with the brothers are telling their
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stories, one thought for sure he would be killed. >> they spoke to each other, he could not understand the two. >> he interviewed the man who was allegedly car jacked by the brothers. >> he was trying to listen without making it clear three was listening because tamerlan said if you see my face i'll kill you so he said, i didn't see you and i don't remember you but trying to hear him and he hears the word manhattan come out. >> we now know that the brothers were trying to drive the car to new york to detonate more bombs, but the plan was foiled when danny escaped and call policed. he got away when the brothers stopped for gas. the day before the marathon another driver share add car with the brothers, and gave them a ride and almost dream off with their bag. >> they got out. they paid me. honestly, i put the car and drive and went to drive away and i hear them screaming, banging on the trunk, and i forgot
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something in the trunk. >> he helped get a bag out of the trunk. >> the most chilling thing, remembering picking up that backpack. how heavy it was and thinking, man, i could have had that bomb if my hands. >> at the scene of the bombing a sign of recovery, an 11-year-old aaron hern of martinez returns in a wheelchair feeling better. >> still, it is hard to do things i used to do. >> volunteers are hosting two fundraisers for the family in martinez. tomorrow, a donation of pizza sales will be donated and on sunday a fun run at a high school. the details are on our website at a last thing on the bombing investigation, the attorney for the suspect's parents says the dad is not coming to the united states today or tomorrow. his wife tells cnn he is having medical problems.
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>> the fresno county sheriff deputy has determined a cause in the mauling death of a volunteer at a fresno area animal park finding 24-year-old woman caused her own death accidentally on march 6 by not closing a door to the lion feeding cage. it escaped, pounced on hanson and broke her neck. deputies shot the lion. the owner of cat haven is not criminally liable for this unfortunate accident. >> still ahead, some possible relief on the way for airline passengers. we will tell you about the vote in congress this morning. >> another building collapse, this time in india, the danger this time in india, the danger happening right now for hospitag
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i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> happening now in india, crews are trying to reach victims after a hospital roof collapsed happening in central india in bow haul much before bophal with
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two dozen patients trapped. crews are using heavy machinery to cuts through the crushed roof of the women's medical ward. a dozen have been rescued. early this week a garment collapse killed 300 in a collapse there in bangladesh. >> what is possibly the end of airport armageddon, the house approved a bill to end the furloughs brought on by forced spending cuts. the bill gives the transportation department to keep controllers on the job and cut back on flight delays. >> sequestration is a mindless across-the-board cutting of what we are now recognizing, and republicans are recognizing, as something that should not be cut. >> we are taking this step because of the gross mismanagement of this important function for the safety all americans would fly.
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>> the senate passed the bill yesterday and president obama is expected to sign it later today. the city san jose and its police union have reached a deal to end a dispute over pensions. the settlement was reaped last night and will reduce pensions for new officers. the two sides are meeting today to formalize the deal. the city says retirement benefits have more than tripled in the last decade. voters approved a series of ballot measures aimed at reducing costs but that created major tensions between police and the city. san jose still has to reach a deal with the firefighters union. >> the weekend is here and mike nicco is looking at the forecast for us. >> you can see we have more sunshine than yesterday with a few flight arrival delays into sfo so check ahead. did you like the heed l heat early this week? that is what i have in the forecast the i will tell you when and where the 90's come back. >> also, sugar ray leonard is here in the bay area sharing a
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painful story in hopes of helping young people. >> and san francisco mayor makes good on
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> country legend george jones has died. his publicist said he died dieds
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morning at a hospital in nashville after being admitted with fever and irregular blood pressure. he had a string of number one songs from the 1950's through the 1990's including i -- "he stopped loving her today." he was 81. >> boxing legend sugar ray leonard is the key note speaker at the child abuse prevention center taking on a different fight out of the ring he is taking on a leadership role in the fight against child molestation. today, he is talking about the sexual abuse he suffered as a young olympic boxer by his coach. >> i was in the ring i felt safer, i felt safe in the ring because i protected myself. those things that took place outside the ring were somewhat out of my control. >> his book is very, very powerful, the "big fight my life in and out of the room."
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the 56-year-old champ hopes this will encourage young people to report the crime and get the help they need. for more information on the san francisco child abuse prevention center go to >> happening now in the south bay, hockey fans are lining up to get their hands on shark playoff tickets on sale an hour ago at the h.p. pavilion ticket office. everyone took part in a wristband system to determine who got first dibs for the first three home games. you can get them online. they are fighting for playoff positioning and they play the kings in los angeles tomorrow to close out the regular season. the playoffs start next week. >> happening now, san francisco mayor is in maryland to pay off his friendly super bowl wager with baltimore's mayor and we will show you enjoying baltimore blue crab but did not say how it compared to san francisco's crab and he is wearing an areason --
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apron. the 49ers lofts to the ravens 34-31 and the mayor is helping to repair and paint and reading to third graders at a school. >> disney is keeping the theme parks open for 24 hours straight in florida and california will stay open from 6:00 a.m. open friday may 24 to 6:00 a.m. may 25th to kickoff memorial day weekend. the parks are celebrating the start of the busy summer season and disney did something similar last year to celebrate leap year. they are the parent company of abc7. >> maybe the lines will not be so long if it is in the middle of the night. >> during the nighttime hours. >> we hope. sunshine and warmth coming our way. >> we could get in this at 3:00 in the morning and be just fine.
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>> instead of coming to work? >> exactly. back to the weather, it is getting much warmer headed to the weekend especially the back what of the week, and we have a bad frame there but we are looking at the great highway and that is what i wanted to show you because bestill have issues with the great highway, it is closed southbound but the northbound lane is open. that is good news if you are headed that way because that is an area you could head to for relief this weekend with the blowing out sand causing the road to close. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is outside right now with the clouds breaking up as we speak and we have sunshine all over san jose as we look at downtown and your temperatures are 60 and same in palo alto and mill valley and we are warmer at 67 in walnut creek and 55 in san francisco and oakland at 67 degrees. we are looking at santa cruz off the boardwalk, with people showing up for what is going to be warmer weather in a way to
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get away from the warmer weather. temperature is running 47 at santa rosa, and 55 in napa, and low-to-mid 60's for fairfield, concord and gilroy and the sun is out in the east bay valley with walnut creek. temperatures, now, are going to be going up this week. we will still have clear and cool nights because we will get really warm in the east bay develop and we could touch 90 as we head deeper in the forecast. today, we are off our lows of yesterday, year was the coolest day. today, the neighbor to the north, con court, at walnut creek, is 11 degrees warmer and everyone else is two to five degrees warmer. what is happening now, as far as the temperatures, san jose is 74, and 72 in sunnyvale and milpitas is a cooler spot on the if leans we have low-to-mid 70's and san mateo and gilroy low do mid-60's and the coast is seeing sunshine with temperatures up to 60 and low 60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 60's to mid-70's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at the
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beaches and mid-60's around berkeley and richmond and everyone else upper 60's to low 70's. fremont is 73. 80 in antioch and fairfield and on sunday we will reach 90's, now, over at the oracle stadium there is a game so it will be busy and chilly outside, 61 and 54 by the time the game ends. tomorrow the temperatures will be in the mid 40's like this morning with the same amount of cloud cover, and maybe a little less in the east bay valley and, also, in the santa clara valley. up to tahoe the average high is 57, we are in the upper 50's to low 70's. maybe you are head toddies any land in los angeles, we will have warm sunshine near 80. here is the seven-day outlook, you can see we are warmer tomorrow as the clouds leave us faster and you do not have to worry about the low clouds on sunday with temperatures near 80 through to thursday, near 90
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inland and free air conditioning at the coast. low 60's for you. enjoy. >> your work is not done yet, right? >> we have a beautiful pet from the humane society. we will
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>> coming up on "katie," a candid conversation with tlc, a little couple and their new life with their new son. >> the ultimate bomb sniffing dogs and a skill they poe stows keep us safe. at 5:00, keeping tabs on your smartphone, a home security system that can be controlled from your smartphone starting
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today. >> special k-9s, we have a new friend in the studio. >> sam and rocko, so, an interesting story. >> very special boy today, he is around six and as you can see a beautiful pit bull mix and he lived with a young man who gave him a lost exercise, he is strong, he loves to play sports and he needs someone athletic. because three was with a family but he came to us he had separation anxiety because he missed the family and, also, because he could not get out like he used to so we involved in a program called "tail" and 24/7 he lived at minimum security prison with inmates and the inmate lives with him and trains him and he is wonderful. >> house broken. >> potty trained, and he is great with everyone.
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>> you have gone through the hard part. >> ready to go home. >> gentle giant. he is so special. >> how about finding him a good home. >> that would make us happy. >> look at this guy. back to you. >> wow, so mellow. he will find a great home. >> we hope it happens today. thank you for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hello, and welcome to millionaire. our first two contestants have had one of the deadliest jobs there is, and yet they say nothing scares them more than giving their final answer here today. from discovery channel's hit show deadliest catch, pleaseptan and captain keith colburn. [cheers and applause] hey, guys. all right. [laughs] >> gettin' warmed up. >> yeah, get warmed up, baby. >> can i use a lifeline yet? >> no, no, not yet. no, no, no. i want to talk to you first about deadliest catch. what m


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