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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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end of the block. this happened around 2:00 this afternoon at the corner of rain dropcile and snowflake way. investigators are now talk together parents of the little girl. police began searching for a man described only as a white male and there is now an active search going on for him. td neighbors say the family that lives in that house includes four children. >> this is crazy. the family is a good family. just sweet and always outside, playing around. they have adult super vigs vision this, unbelievable. >> everyone here is in shock now. let's go to sky 7 live over the scene of the subdivision. the woman you just heard from says she group here and regularly played in her front yard during a time when a
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5-year-old girl could do that. police are searching for a man described as a white male who tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl but was chased down by the mom on it at the time. it's scary to think what could have happened had she not been right there. >> thank goodness it turned out this way, thank you very much. updating breaking news now. we first reported at 4:00 one person has died and two others in critical condition as a result of this accident. this is video just north of redwood road. this suv overturned several times. the patrol is investigating whether speed may have been a factor in this crash. >> and you can see the aftermath of a head on crash. highland has been closed as a
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result. one person taken to the hospital. >> a woman critically sqlurd a car came crashing into her house is doing attle bit better tonight. we've learned residents m that neighborhood may have a hard time convincing the toy put more traffic controls in that intersection. vic lee is live with both aspects of the story. vic? >> the 40-year-old woman is listed in serious condition but we met her husband here today at the house and he told us she has to go through surgeries and it's going to be a long while that road to recovery. we met a whom relived her own grief when she saw this for the first time. >> having seen this before -- it's heart wrenching. >> charleen's 20-year-old
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daughter was killed four years ago. her car was hit by one two of vehicles right after this racing at speeds close to 100 miles per hour. the drivers were young and one car a bmw. >> one saw this this cool car and driving his hom's bmw. he thought i can catch up to this car. >> lennon saw the house today for the first time. >> the par collided wednesday afternoon. police say the two were speeding, possibly race whgt driver of the red car lost control, smashing into the silver bmw. the car careened into the house, crushing 40-year-old chen, her 9-year-old daughter buried in the rubble but suffered only cuts and bruises.
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neighbors say lee avenue which is a block from a high school has become a drag strip. virginia jengs say what more proof do you need than this? >> it's not about what if anymore. it is. it happened. it's right there and i applaud help to getting to us change this to, do something. >> the city put in this beacon on lee avenue seven years ago. neighbors say they want a stop sign or traffic signal but the transportation department told abc 7 news those controls won't have prevented the accident and blame it on reckless driving. >> i think they're wrong. i think they just don't want to put money into doing it. >> as we've reported last night, the city does not consider this particular area a designated hot spot for car collisions.
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ask and there are no plans to put traffic controls here, the city department of transportation spokesman did tell us they'll take a look at the intersection in light of what happened. >> thank you. chef reason's crude oil unit is back in business today. the unit has begun to ramp up and has been operating at just about 60% and has in the been processing crude oil. today chevron released its earnings report. fire investigators believe an arsonist burned down six portable buildings overnight. in this video obtained by abc 7 news you can see flames leaping from buildings that were just delivered yesterday. a contractor came to work on the building was surprised by
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what he saw. >> pretty shocked. yes. that dry wall didn't do nudging. >> the buildings were to be used as temporary offices and classes took place as scheduled. >> right now security is as high as enthusiasm warriors taking on denver nuggets in game three. after boston authorities are more focused on security than usual. >> that is right. metal detectors just a few things we're able to see when we took a tour through the arena. we understand from security professionals there are things happening behind the scene that's run deeper. now, bomb-sniffing dogs used to conduct a sweep of the arena. k 9s could be seen
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moving in and around area that's could conceal small items. those working security at at rena tonight have one mission, keeping everyone safe. anyone entering this bimding will start by going through a metal detector. if alarm sounds outcomes the wand. cheel -- sheila ask christine got here early and say they don't mind. >> as long as we're safe, we're there, we're there. >> professionals tell me measures are a response to the boston terrorist attacks and say many measures under plain view but there are things working that the fans will not see. the mission to have an incident-free night. just so that you know we have posted a link on our web site of items banned but for those who have not left home leave
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coolers and backpacks at home because they will not allowed in at rena. >> well sharks made playoffs and fans lined up to get seats at the tank. these tickets for the first three home games. the sharks have just one game left against los angeles kings on saturday if they beat the kings they will be bumped up from the sixth seed to the fifth seed. >> san francisco mayor ed lee paid up today settling a bet on the super bowl. he spent the day cooking. >> i happened to have blue -- i haven't had blue crab yet. we're betting between bun jens so this is a delight to be able to do this in the way. it's -- it's humbling and a treat. >> after the cab treat the
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mayor participated in a day of service. >> still to come tonight here on abc 7 news a rebound in bay area real estate. we're going to show what laws of supply and demand have done to the value of your home. >> and a reprieve for dome theater y officials changed their minds about its looming demolition. >> and what happened to bob weir? you're going to see him collapse on the stage. we'll update you on this condition. >> have you driven across golden gate bridge lately?
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after five years of declining home values the housing market is coming back. take a look at this map compiled by the web site zillow. you can see the areas in dark red are still hurting. home prices there are as much as 66% lower than their peak values but we are seeing a strong come back in the green zones. san francisco, and along the peninsula. palo alto and san carlos. in the south bay, los gatos seeing higher home prices. we're wlif a story new tonight at 6:00. >> here in belmont the housing market is hotter than it has been in many careers. this -- years this, house is over 1,000 square feet listed for $725,000, sold in a week.
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it had multiple kids bidz and winning bid at $100,000 over asking price. this three bedroom home in san carlos about to go on the market. but don't expect to stay there long. if recent activity is any indication this house will sell fast and likely well over its asking price. >> this house here is priced at $975,000 we're expecting they'll receive numerous offers. >> this house could go over a million. >> it could. yes. >> san mateo county is among the hottest real estate markets. not just on the rebound but prices in places like belmont, san mateo and san carlos hitting new high autos inventory is very, very down. and so... more people wanting to live here, people willing to spend money to be on the peninsula. >> that means stiff
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competition for buyers, even those well qualified with plenty of cash getting beat out. >> i have a high end buyer in los altos looking in the 1.7 range. 20 offers were over $2 million. all cash buyer got it at about $2.2 million. >> the boom isn't happening everywhere. in antioch and parts of eastern contra costa county some houses are still langishing at values more than 50% below their peak in 2006. >> for sean, a big rebound is real. >> if i'm selling now it would be great. if buying now won't be so g i feel good about where i'm add @ now. >> this is a seller's market. the best advice for buyers get finances in order be prepared to bid on multiple properties and go well above asking price
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q no contingencies especially in places like this. >> thank you very much. the historic dome theater got a reprieve today. the dome scheduled to be torn down, replaced with a sporting goods store part of a major shopping center upgrade but the demolition permit was appealed to the city's building board but in a letter today the city attorney says no work can be done during that appeal. advocates worry the demolition would go as early as may 3. >> not clear why bob be -- weir collapsed on stage, he staggered then fell over he was reportedly struggling during shot before he fell down. weir finished the song but left the stage.
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his manager declined comment today. >> well, a hospital in las vegas accused of dumping patients in the bay area has been given 10 days to clean up its act a cording to a letter the hospital has been cited by deficiencies and could lose it's federal funding. the sacramento bee launched an investigation at the hospital after a patient was placed on a bus to sacramento. they founld the hospital had sent 1500 patients to other states including three dozen wond up in san francisco. >> the government confirms what research jerz for weeks that a intot debris from the japan tsunami two years ago. the first debris discovered in california. the researchers knew it and
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found out within hours of posting these pictures online that the boat washed away. >> the wind picking up again and as a result southbound lanes of the great highway between lincoln way and slope boulevard closed because of blowing sand. the road reopen bud how long? officials can't say. windy conditions closed the road several times in the past several days. it was blustery. >> yes. and gloomy as well. >> yes. >> it turned out gloweris. >> yes. >> that is where fog was. >> we had gloomy conditions but the sun burned clouds and the result was a mainly sunny day. you can see we have low clouds and fog right now but we have sunny skies on the coast z certainly sunny around the bay ask inland. it's been a lovely day if you
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have low clouds here, readings 54 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the bay in oakland. 64 san jose. another live view looking at western sky, bright, sunny right now, bright and presence along spots. other readings 59 degrees in santa rosa. warm right now in inland east bay. taking a look at the skyline low clouds, fog will be moving inland tonight. sunny, warmer this weekend. we'll see 90 degree high temperatures by next week in many inland locations. now looking at the temperature trend for the week ahead in livermore over inland east bay, highs there into mid-80s tomorrow but up to 90 by sunday. we'll hold there around 90
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degrees as a high for livermore. on we go with tonight's lows. wide spread areas of fog and low clouds pushing inland overnight, lows into upper 40s to low 50s then we'll see nice clearing tomorrow start agent 5:00 tomorrow morning follow the time line. lts nths how quickly low clouds and fog burn back to and away from the coast tomorrow. high temperatures low 60s at the coast. mid-80s into warmest locations and we'll start in the south bay. reaching 80 in san jose. higher in los gatos, look for highs ranging from mid 60s to upper 70s up to 78 in mountain view.
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63 half moon bay. 62 in the sunset district. highs around or above 80 degrees. 75 in union city. inland east bay, warmer highs into low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. high temperatures remaining at 90 inland. low 60s on the coast. temperatures moderating towards the end of the week. going to be a lovely week. >> that looks great. >> yes. >> coming up a hard living country music star known as no show jones. >> a note baid area music expert
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george jones being remembered as a man with a develop vety voice that set the standard for country singers. over his long career jones reported 150 hit songs. jones lived hard, he battled
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alcoholism and earned nickname no show jones for mission many performances. historians say that give his music a special edge. >> such a mournful, bluesy voice but celebrating live, combining that into a voits, his voice is whiskey with cream on top. >> what a great way to describe it. thanks for that. jones had his final top 20 hit in 1998, he died at age 81. >> boxing legend sugar ray leonard is in the bay area talking about an event that happened outside of the ring. leonard spoke in a lunchen and captivated the crowd opening up about being abused as a child by both the coach and a supporter. >> i'm here because i want to speak up. i want to speak out. i wish there was a prevention center for me that coy have
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been a part of that could have helped me during my time. >> he donated a pair of signed boxing gloves to the auction. the benefit raised $450,000 for the center. >> what a success. >> what a story. >> there is more still to come tonight at 6:00. the deal on capitol hill to get furloughed air traffic controllers back to work. but what about the spending cuts impacting others? >> from new york tonight where someone made an extraordinary discovery. a relic of september 11th 12 years later. >> when your gym upgrades should you be forced to pay more?
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congress voted to end forced furloughs for air traffic controllers making airlines and their passengers happy but there is no such relief from cuts hitting the
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poor and elderly. abc 7 news mark matthews is here now with this part of the story. >> so i know we've been talking about it but the sequester cuts went into affect sunday. by this morning the uproar over flight delays enough that congress decided it had to act but they're not hearing what we heard today in san francisco's mission district these children head start children sat down for lunch. >> because not only does it help with development of her children but her development. >> this mother of two is learning about early childhood development through family services. she was in a similar situation. a child in the program, and a desire to learn more about childhood development. >> i felt all children should have that chance and it motivated me to get the hphd
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and work in the field. >> this morning she heard about congress's decision to fund air traffic controllers. >> it was an alarming story to me and an alarming decision. were they looking at priorities? >> she is alarmed because sequester cuts are still in affect for head start. the program losing $200,000 meaning one of the 11 classrooms will be closed. >> either morning or afternoon session will have to go. it's 20 children. >> in contra costa county meals on wheels is losing 20% of the funding for food for elderly and disabled. >> i rely on meals on wheels. >> at san francisco international airport passengers were happy to hear congress acted. >> nice not to have to stand in line. >> when explaining what the cuts were doing to head start,
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ron bassett had this explanation of the choice. >> they can turn their back on thing that's don't directly affect them. this affects everybody. unfortunately. so it gets noise. because you know... it's a sad state but that is the case. >> lawmakers fixed the faa mess only hours before they were ahead of together airport themselves. on spring vacation. there is no sign that when they get back they'll move to quickly fix other cuts. >> well a piece of the plane used or a plane used in the september 11th attacks has been found about three blocks from ground zero in new york. surveyors discovered part of a landing gear wednesday. it was tucked in between two buildings. the pieces four feet by five feet and 17 inches wide. investigators say would it have been difficult to slide into the crevice after falling from a plane. >> somehow the part gets down there.
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could it have been lowered? it's possible there. is a rope caught it. looks like it's intertwined with that part. it would have had to fall down exactly as and we look to see if there are marks on the wall. it doesn't appear to be. >> the property where waits found was being developed as an islamic community center, however, protests have delayed that development. >> new information tonight on the boston bombing suspect and investigation the boat where jahar tsarnaev was found was towed away tonight. for days investigators have been going over evidence in the boat. today the 19-year-old moved from the hospital to a federal prison medical center about 40 miles outside of boston. u.s. intelligence official tells abc news his mother was on the same terror watch list
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as her son, tammerlan. >> tonight money matters a payout for mark zuckerberg. facebook stock still is not near where it started last may, zuckerberg cashed enough options to put $2.3 billion in his pocket. shairld sandberg awarded shares worth $850 million. tesla unveiled a no fault washt warranty for it's no fault luxury sedan. only thing it will not cover is a crash. >> chevron said it made $6 billion in profits however, the revenue came in about $13 billion short. and the time it's taken to repair damage at the richmond refinery here in the way area. >> it's been a month since a switch to all electronic tolling and officials say it's going better than expected
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tlchl is some confusion at the begin bug that seems to have ironed out. perhaps too well. >> this toll paid through fast track, license plate accounts, or the invoice if the mail and pay like any other bill. >> this has been successful. i think it exceeded our expectations. you know, we do see that traffic is moving more smoothly. >> the bridge district wereried that when human toll takers vanished march 27th uninformed would stop anyway and some did but those dwindled with time. fast track usage between march 27th and april 12th was just below 70% jumping to more than 81% this qleer year. license plate accounts went from zero to 3900 in march is one time payments from four to 3400. >> don't stop. just keep going.
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and one way or another you're going pay the toll f you just keep going we'll catch up with you one way or another. >> so just keep going but not too fast. this speed limit is 25 miles per hour through the toll plaza not so scanners can read fast track or take a picture but for safety. chp says some people have been blowing through at 60. >> these lanes are narrow. you've got 10 foot wide toll lanes if you're doing 60 miles per hour through there, it doesn't take much of a turn to the left or right before your vehicle is into one of the booths. >> also, carpool laws are taking advantage there are no longer toll takers keeping track of the lane autos the rules will be enforced very, very soon. >> when that will begin
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thairks not saying but they do say they have a date in mind. >> coming up next michael finney. >> yes. tonight main got a workout from staff after an upgrade at his
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what happens when your fitness club upgrades and relocates across town? >> we're hearing more of this. typically you're forced into a higher cost membership to use the other gym. >> you help aid man who refused to pay. >> yes. where did everybody go? where did my club go? many big gyms offered tiered memberships. but when one 24 hour fitness customer heard the gym was moving he just assumed he'd go but then, that is not how it worked out. jeff's 24 hour fitness club is closing in may replaced by a new one. >> i was looking to just have access to the new club since i
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was going to replace the old club. >> it's what the company calls an active club. a gym with basic equipment. the club is a super sport two, levels up in cost coming with perks like a basketball court, pool and sauna. this is video from the 24 hour fitness web site. tang's membership only good for clubs below super sport level but with his gym closing and no other options he approached the managers about using the new club. >> when i contacted them it's like you don't qualify because of this reason. the manager says it's another reason. you know, they didn't seem to have the story straight. >> managers directed tang to managers at the new club. >> just seems like 24 hour
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fitness trying to make members pay extra for this new super sport club which i didn't think was fair. >> we contacted 24 hour fitness. a spokesperson admits the staff could have been better informed. bottom line is that they have a clear policy on who gets grandfathered in to a new club. it's based on usage. tang just shy of the the number he needed to qualify. they say details are in tang's contract. >> it's like, well, i've been using the club since 2005. doesn't that account for anything? >> it did. after hearing from us, 24 hour fitness dakt contacted tang and gave him access to the new club without fee increase. a spokesperson released this e mailed statement. we're chitted to providing
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high quality customer service and make efforts to ensure they have the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals and it gets better. 24 hour fitness spokesperson now tells 7 on your side they're granting all members of the railroad avenue club access to the new super sport club at kittyhawk roochld thank you for that. >> that is a step up. >> it is. it's friday night at movies. >> but curtains could come down soon at one of the most
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they are getting ready for a fund-raiser fund all to save a picture show. but as abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman learned there are more than just movies at stake here. along river road you'll begin reading about it from miles away. one sign leads to another z then, one more atop this strange world war ii hut that
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could seem to have no rightful place around here until you enter darkness. >> they think it's just old campbell's soup can. >> a soup can andy warhol would have liked. it's a story of movies and california this, community. >> this is 1995. highest at the top of the line here and that is 1986. >> maybe now, you can appreciate the mix don shatner feels about the signs outside. >> you don't want to sell? >> i don't. i can't figure out how not to work my wife and i for 12 hours per day its been a form of multi tasking on the smallest town level. daytime they run a catch yeah in the back. >> how long have you been married?. >> 35 years.
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>> so you're together all the time? >> no. >> if others can't help long faces once in a while it's because the root of the problems begin 15 steps up on the second floor. welcome to the engine room of the operation. >> this goes into the garbage. >> how heard about how studios are forcing theaters to buy digital projectors? here, too. they need 60,000s oodz that is the bottom line. we don't generate enough dollar bills for hollywood. >> this just shows where money is. >> they're not going down without a fight. there is a kick starter camp skbrain a grass roots committee producing a musical fund-raiser sunday. too much at stake. >> if it's gone, the town
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language is. >> the rio isn't just the last picture show in the town but last picture show for 25 miles. >> that is sad. >> an operation so fitting for the community, unseated fo for -- unsuited for modern times. >> and again this, sunday there is a fund-raiser for the rio that begins at 3:00 p.m. details on this are at abc 7 what an interesting place. >> yes. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> okay starting with live doppler 7 hd low clouds sunny skies now, tomorrow, sunny and warm. high temperatures in chico, sacramento, fresno 70s and 80s. here in the bay area after morning fog we'll see sunny skies from coast to inland.
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60s to 70s around the bay. mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. highs around 90 degrees in warmest locations tape yefring off towards the end of the week. it's going to be summer like. >> we'll take it. >> thank you. >> stay with us. larry beil is next with sports. >> hi, larry. >> i'll tell you what the forecast is tonight. it's going to be hot. warriors playoff game since 2007 bob myers will join me tloif answer the question of the night. will stef curry be able to go to
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good evening, everybody. we're live at oracle arena. this place going to be going bananas tonight for game three with the denver nuggets.
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everybody wondering the same thing will they be able to play tonight? he's got a left ankle injury. for more on the condition we bring in the general manager not a doctor but will play one on tv what. is the latest? >> i think it's still that. i mean, i wish i can try. i think we'll see how it goes. >> this question will be people goring to walk out to do what they can. question is how much pain he can tolerate, how smart to play? so i'll be watching like you. i will. it will be interesting to see. >> i have to press you more on this. if you had to guess. >> i sprained my ankle. he hasn't done anything as far
6:54 pm
as game speed and won't until the game starts if he tries to do it then. so it will be trog see how he feels before first two, three minutes then we'll know. and what -- he wasn't -- hasn't been able to see. >> just showing hard he has let's talk about the victory from game two. you shot 68% but almost impossible to do that. how do you win this game if you don't keep lights out? >> i wish we would have seen those baskets for the rest of the series because we didn't shoot that way the whole year. they shot well at 50% so. we do that. that is the thing that is interesting. 64 or 60% is not going to
6:55 pm
happen. one thing we've done is outrebound thethis, is one of the best in the nba so if we can continue we'll have a chance. >> i appreciate the time. it's a great seen. the whole arena a lot of live. unit. all tonight here. thank you so much, good luck. >> let's move on a little bit. we'll talk about the nfl draft had players brought in so let's get to the story and dj hayden with a unique situation going on. had surgery in november to take care of a torn vein near
6:56 pm
his heart. six months later he's excited about wearing silver ask black. >> i can take a lot of ids. a lot of pokes and so i just try to do right by everybody. >> 49erses first round pick spoke with the media today. supposed to replace deshawn goalston. >> a rule has to be heard so i don't expect to come here right away. just come to impact the neem a positive way, just to do my job this, defense is incredible and will be an honor to be on the field with those guys. >> a couple local notables, stanford zach goes and keenan i'll alen going to the
6:57 pm
chargers on the second day of the draft. they've got the gold out, yellow out, game three is going to be fun. back to you. >> thank you. >> good stuff. join me tonight at 9:00 coming up a hero shares his story for the first time. how he identified the suspect and the message for the bomber tonight. >> bulletproofing your kids. michael finney investigates the cost and controversy of keeping our children safe. >> that is our report. >> from all of us here have a great night.
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