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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 27, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, outside help. a developing story right now. what invest dwaters are learning about how the bomb ifs boston were made and hi this is making them think the suspects could have received training from experts. open water. stunning new pictures of a brother and sister and the 14-hour miracle swim for their lives after their fishing poet sank. >> the waves crashing would have probably crushed us. we were very lucky. >> this morning, they're back on dry land and telling their amassing story of survival. >> highway to hell. l.a.'s infamous 405 freeway. sucking time, money, and patience out of hundreds of thousands of commuters every day. this morning, the frustrated billionaire willing to cut a huge check to make it all go
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away. what a girl really wants? the normally private megastar matt damon providing rare insight into his marriage. we'll tell you what he promised his wife when they renewed their vows. it's what every woman wants to hear. absolutely. >> hey, good morning, everybody. take a look at this picture. it happened hours ago. a young boy pulled out of the rubble after spending four days, four days buried alive. this is one of many astonishing survival stories. the latest from the scene coming up. >> really a race against time there. the skies are looking friendlier for flyers now that congress okayed a quick fix to the airport delays nationwide. should air traffic controllers be getting special treatment?
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>> your government at work. a lot of skepticism. they fixed this problem just in time to go home for their spring break. also, somebody who deserves no skepticism. ginger zee, in the windy city. looking radiant in yellow. is that yellow? i'm color dyslexic. spring is arriving in the midwest. the lake front skyline. ginger is pointing it out for us. she'll have the weather from her old stomping grounds. >> she's selling the city. the fresh suspicions in boston. law enforcement officials are now increasingly concerned that the suspects may not have acted alone. they could have had outside help from a master bomb maker. gio benitez has more from boston. good morning, gio. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. right now, there is many evidence than ever to suggest that the suspected bombers may have had a teacher. a sort of master bombmaker.
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in a new government document obtained by abc news, investigators say the bombers likely knew more about bomb maiking than just learning about it from al qaeda's magazine, "inspire" raising suspicions that the older brother was trained overseas. what did he really do when visiting russia? >> i think the most important aspect of the new documents is the russian link to tamerlan. in other words, did he receive raining? what type? what individuals did he deal with? >> reporter: the document says, quote, such construction would likely require previous knowledge of or additional research into circuitry. it afierce bombs were detonated using a toy car remote control. late friday night, officials took away the boat where the manhunt ended a we can ago. while tamerlan had been killed following a car jacking and
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police shootout, officials say his younger brother, dzhokhar, had been hiding out in the boat until he was tis covered and arrested. >> i'm sure that my kids were not involved in anything. >> reporter: as the mother of the tsarnaev brother insists her sons did not plant bombs at the boston marathon, abc news has learned she and the older son were added to a terror watch list in 2011 at the cia's request. she's described as a religious militant. meanwhile, at the boston celtics game last night, the team honored the heroes. the hospital workers, first responders, and local leaders. and that little 8-year-old victim, martin richard, well, today, it would have opinion his first little league game of the season. and so that team will honor him today with a number 8 on the field. bianna? >> a sweet boy with such a beautiful smile.
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all right, gio. thank you so much. we have not one but two incredible survival stories this morning. first, the brother and sister back on land after making a 14-hour swim to shore. they were in open water when their fishing boat sank off saint lucia. rob nelson is here with more. a vacation that turned into a nightmare. >> it's a sur vifl story being called a miracle. these american siblings battling huge waves and fearing sharks for more than half a day and somehow living to tell the story. siblings dan and kate susky took what they thought was a vacation to paradise in saint lucia. the caribbean vacation turned into a terrifying ordeal for the two. the siblings were out eight miles off the coast when the fishing boat they chartered started to fill with water. it put the two in the water as
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they watched the boat capsize. >> you know, watching the boat stern down go sub surface and seeing it underwater was surreal. >> reporter: along with the suskies and the boat's captain and first meat were put in the water as well. >> we could see land off in the distance and started swimming that direction. it would disappear intermittently as we swam. we felt the wind behind us and tried to use that as a gauge. >> reporter: the two siblings, now separated from the captain and first mate would begin a grueling 14-hour swim to shore. battli battling hypothermia. >> we saw a sliver of beach. we were able to get to safety that way. >> reporter: the pair spent the night eating bananas and mangos before spotting a farmer the
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following day. >> we didn't know what to say. it must have been so strange for him to see us. >> reporter: the brother and sister were treated for dehydration. they're reportedly flying to miami to reunite with their father today. the captain and first mate were rescued by a private boat after spending 23 hours in the water themselves. it's unclear what caused the boat to sink. amazing they were able to stay focused an get back to shore. >> thanks, rob. now to another extraordinary story of survival this morning. look at the picture from the top of the prod cast. the boy being pulled out of the rubble after four days. he is one of dozens of amazing rescues in the aftermapt of a massive building collapse in bangladesh. >> reporter: there is new hope this morning, as nearly a dozen survivors have been pulled out of the debris alive overnight. rescuers say there could be many
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more trapped. it's proof that if the worst tragedies, miracles can happen. this young boy, dehydrated and in shock is the late es survivor, one of fearly a dozen pulled out from the rubble alive overnight. four days after this massive building collapsed, rescuers are convinced many more are still trapped alive. i went down and found 15 more people still alive, this rescue worker says. we can rescue them later today. but that won't be easy. this overhead view shows the masdsive destruction. rescuers are fighting scorching heat, more than 100 degree, in a concrete building that crumbled like a piece of paper. just a day earlier, police found giant cracks in the walls and ordered everybody out. when the police left, workers say factory owners told them to go back up side. those owners are now under arrest, as thousands of workers in the capital riot in the
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streets. frooefing relatives hold up photos of missing loved ones while rescuers race against time, praying for more miracles. today's rescues come after two women gave birth while trapped inside the rubble. they and their newborn babies are doing just fine. a number of western clothing labels have opinion found inside the debris. it's raising serious questions about whether western companies were pressuring the factory owners to keep the factory open when clearly it shouldn't have been. >> four days later they're still finding people. >> these western clothing labels this is an angle we will need to pursue. >> let's go to ron with more stories. we begin with tough talk on syria from president obama. the president responding to new evidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. is there enough evidence to act?
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reen th reena ninan joins usy washington. >> reporter: the president's comments were loaded with caveats. calling the assessment preliminary. one source telling me overnight, will is so much uncertainty, who fired what and at whom. what is the motivation. these are key questions. >> if it is established, that syria was using chemical weapons against their own people, what are the options that the white house has to do? >> reporter: there are no good options, really. military action in syria is something that the white house has wanted to avoid. the focus is on the intelligence picture. we have no public eyewitness accounts of the government firing shels with chemicals at the citizens. the white house is cautious but insisting all options are on the table. new threats from north korea in morning. they say they'll soon put an american on trial for allegedly
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trying to overthrow that government there. the man, kenneth bay, is said to have made missionary trips to feed orphans. and the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his exgirlfriend was granted an appear. george huguely was sentenced to 23 years for the death of his former girlfriend, yeardley love. tributes pouring in this morning for george jones. he died on friday. fellow country muse zigss are calling him the greatest country singer ever. the influential singer recorded more than 50 albums. he was 81 years of age. and it took longer than expected. but manti te'o was timely drapted bay pro football team. the former notre dame star selected in the second round by the san diego chargers.
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te'o may be better known for what happened to him off the field in the last year. the hoax involving a fake girlfriend. some teams said they passed on taking him in the first round because of that. and finally, some advice in case there are baboons in your neighborhood. maybe there are. you should close your windows. look at this video from south africa. an entire troop of baboons. it's like a gaggle of geese. a troop of baboons. they raided the kitchen and trashed the entire house. the house was completely locked except for that one -- there was one small window left open allowing them to get in. that wreaked a lot of havoc among other things. >> why didn't they stop filming and get them out of there? >> the guy is chasing them around and saying, get out of here, baboon. >> this is a problem in south africa. they told everybody to lock
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their doors when we were this capetown. >> thank you, ron. to some, an infuhr rating civics lesson. after days of delays, a congress that, let's be honest, has not done much in months, passed a bill to get air traffic controllers back in the towers just in time for the lawmakers themselves to fly home for spring break. jeff zeleny is outside reagan national airport. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: the flight delays became a problem. they acted in record speed to fix it. the air traffic controllers are going back to work this morning. overnight, airport towers returning to business as usual, after reversing furloughs for hundreds of workings, forced to stay home all week because of congressional budget cuts. the president says he will fine the bill, pushed through by lawmakers just in time to catch their own flights out of town.
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>> maybe because they fly home each weekend, the members of congress finally realized the cuts applied to them, too. >> reporter: passengers vented frustrations and waited. >> we sat on the tarmac for about an hour. >> five hours. >> oh, it's horrible. >> reporter: the bipartisan effort did not sit well. >> the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: who believe air travelers received special treatments. while cuts to other areas were ig noerd. >> sometimes the concerns of the most connected groups get ahead. the kids left behind are kids on hid start and seniors on maels on wheels. >> reporter: those make up part of the $85 billion in sending cuts. they're not as visible or loud as passengers waiting on tarmacs. we caught up with members of congress as they raced out of washington. >> we stand in the same lines,
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drive on the same roads as our fellow tax payers. i don't think this is anything other than trying to do the best for our constituents. >> reporter: it turns out the legislation may have been pushed through a little too fast. a top white house official tells me this morning, president obama was prepared to sign the bill into law today but now must wait until tuesday. a spelling error in the bill needs kreked first. bianna? >> unbelievable. jeff, thank you. we turn to an astonishing discovery here in new york city. a piece of landing gear found in an alley near the world trade sent person where the metal is believed to have fallen from is quite remarkable, john. >> reporter: remarkable indeed. authorities believe it came from one of the planes that crashed into the world trade center. it's lodged in an alley behind
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me. because this construction site for a mosque hasn't been touched for more than a decade, authorities don't know how it got here. police are on guard, treating it as a crime scene. investigators this morning are puzzled by an alarming discovery. look at this metal part of an airplane, believed to be landing gear from one of the hijacked jum poe gets that crashed into the world trade towers. >> after a long period of time, i'm amazed. >> reporter: it's wedged between two buildings just a few blocks from ground zero. >> the space between the two buildings is 18 inches. the part has been measured to be five feet by four feet by 17 inches. it's a big part. and obviously, very, very narrow, confined area. >> reporter: authorities say it was found wednesday morning by workers doing construction. investigators swooped on to the
4:17 am
scene. finding ing ing a serial numbere word boeing. how did it get there? >> could it have been lowered? there's a rope on it. it looks like it's intertwined with the part. we looked for marks on the wall. there don't appear to be any. >> reporter: it's now opening wounds nearly 12 years old. what does this mean for the families of the victims of 9/11. >> i don't know, sir. >> reporter: could there be remains inside? >> the chief medical examer will do an in-depth examination to see if there are, in fact, human remains there. >> reporter: when he came here to look at it, he had to put on a protective suit. they're not sure if the plane part is toxic. shor authorities are harndndling it h care. >> thank you, john schriffen.
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time to check the weather and ginger zee in chicago. good morning. >> we're on board chicago's first lady cruises and we're celebrating. that, the beautiful chicago this morning. 0th anniversary of this boat. working with the chicago architecture foundation to show off that great city. we wanted to celebrate. it's also a celebration that it's dry. because this city, like so many other, has had the wettest april on record. now the flooding concerns to north dakota. by wednesday, the red river should flood. look at all the prep happening. they're hoping to stay below the 009 flooding. a lot of that has to do with the rain moving. check out how warm it will be in the northern plains. fargo, 72, bismarck, 79. the very pertinent maces along the red river only get about half inch of rain.
4:19 am
most of it goes to the east and southeast. we have not so good news out of oklahoma. look at the hail overnight. just south and east of oklahoma city. damaging winds in some places, too. about 40 severe weather reports. more severe weather on the way today. we can see it in far southwest texas. and anywhere from shreveport to memphis. that's thetanooga in the heart . carolinas, in the 2 to 3-inch rain. can't get better than this.
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>> so again, a big thank you to chicago, first lady cruises, captain bob in there keeping us safe. i'll see you guys tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. thanks to captain bob. he is, by the way, the billionaire who founded papal, developed an elect crick car and launched rockets into orbit. now, he's facing the biggest challenge of his career. one of the most infamous congested highways in america. >> he's shelled out a big check of his own money. he says he'll gladly pay more. >> reporter: it's the free way angelinos love the hate. >> i avoid it like the plague. >> reporter: the country's most heavily traveled road has never been a breeze. construction on the highway has made travel miserable.
4:21 am
how bad is traffic on the 405. >> how clean does my language have to be? >> reporter: it's so bad, elon musk is skreling out millions of dollars to take on his biggest challenge yet. bringing traffic salvation to the 405. >> we can get a rocket to orbit in under ten minutes. whereadds driving a ten-plil stretch on the 405 can take over an hour. >> reporter: the 15-mile commute there his home to work takes an hour on average. >> it's just soul-destroying. >> reporter: construction, now $100 million overbudget is not scheduled to be completed until next year. >> it's not possible to close down the 405 and expedite the work. >> reporter: look how slowly cars are moving in both directions. musk says this is exactly what
4:22 am
he finds so frustrating every day. >> if you're going to close something down, it should be worked on top speed. >> reporter: he's willing to shell out millions more to hire additional construction workers if it means making this all go away. has this made you think about a car that flies? so you can fly over traffic? >> you can make a flying car today. it's not technically difficult. >> reporter: at this rate, building the flying car may be a quicker fix. for "good morning america," akiko fujita, abc news, los angeles. >> sounds like a good way for that guy to run out of money. coming up here on the broadcast, it started out as a sweet story. a community rallying around a little boy with cancer. it ended with outrage and a mother under arrest. also ahead, guardian angels. people facing death often swear someone or something is looking out for them. do these angels exist? believe it or not there is a scientific answer. >> a fascinating story.
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and the usually superprivate superstar, matt damon, revealing his unusual promise to his wife as they renewed their wedding vows. that story coming up on "pop news." keep it here. "there are some people who say it's the best yogurt they've ever tasted. and there are some people who haven't tasted it yet. delicious, nonfat, authentic greek strained yogurt. extraordinary fruit flavors. the fage total split cup. plain extraordinary."
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♪ what a girl wants what a girl needs ♪ oh, wedding vows to remember when matt damon and his wife renewed their vows. the hollywood star raised the bar for just about every ore husband by adding to the list. something many lives would like to hear. i have to give props to my husband. it's on his list as well. >> really? i resent both of these men. coming up this morning, a sisterry so many people tell after enduring death-defying situations. the feeling they have a guardian angel on their side. now scientists are investigating. they are coming up with information. plus, xbox and pizza. the two go naturally together. we'll show you how the two will
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soon be inseparable. you won't need to leave the couch. ron, are you excited? >> i am very excited. first up, a mother facing charges, accused of lying to everyone by claiming her son had cancer. by even, police said she told friends, framly, even the young boy he had this disease. >> reporter: the mother has been charged with theft by deception and endangers the welfare of a child president not even her family knew she made it up. neighbors said when susan said her son had stage 3 non-hodgkin's lymphoma, i broug it brought out the best in the community. now just disbelief. shock that mother made it up. lying to the boy himself telling him he was ill when he was not. according to police. this woman, who identified
4:32 am
herself as stillwagon's mother had little to say in her defense. >> i will just tell you that my daughter is sick. something snappedn her head. i don't know what. >> reporter: the 35-year-old new jersey mom was arrested after her release from a psychiatric facility. she's accused of theft by decepti deception. they sold items, held special even events, all an alleged hoax. >> she couldn't articulate to me why she did it. just that she had a problem. >> reporter: last month, this message popped up. my stomach still hurts by i'm trying to rest like my mom says soy can go to my team's soccer game. >> she took her son to the doctors for some type of ailment and in the early stages, the doctor mentioned cancer.
4:33 am
but since at the time, it was ruled out. >> reporter: good news, stillwagon allegedly never broke to her son or the community. police are trying to figure out how much money was pocketed by the mom. it was the boy's school that first rallied around to help the family, they became suspicious and called police. that tip led to her arrest. >> you hear people lying about their own health. when they take to it their children, it's a different level. >> h let's check the other story this is morning. with ron claiborne. in the new, abc news has learned that law enforcement officials are now increasingly concerned that the boston bombing suspects may not have worked alone. there are enough differences from the magazine instructions and the bombs that suggest that tamerlan had additional training
4:34 am
or help in constructing the bombs. overseas, they're still pulling people from the rubble in the collapsed building in bangladesh. and the popular online deal service living social has been hacked. the company worned more than 50 million customers that their names, e-mail ards, birthdays, and encrypted pass words may have been stolen. but no credit card information was accessed. louisville coach rick pitino followed through on his deal to get a tattoo if his players won the national championships. he's given his players a hard time about having too many tattoos. you guys have no idea how beautiful it is. look at this behind me. just above the south loop. you can see an almost full moon.
4:35 am
we're past it now. we're looking at great shot of th skyline of chic celebrating here on chicago first lady cruises. nice weather. unless you're at the lake front. they've developed lake freeze. this nice weather to the north and east. 67, buffalo, 71, pittsburgh. philadelphia also to 71. heat, summer-like heat in the southwest. some of the warmest of the year. the first 100, average first 1001 right around may 2nd. slightly early. 101 by monday. we start the work week in tucson in the low 90s.
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>> so again, a big thank you to chicago first lady cruises. captain bob in there keeping us safe. we're going head back in. i'll see you guys tomorrow. >> thank you, ginger. coming up here on "good morning america," could guardian angels be real? the science behind whether we're being watched when in trouble? and play date. baby versus doeberman. and the little girl gets the last laugh. scription" and "sweet, something just for me." because walgreens balance rewards is more than a savings card. it's a rewards card that gives you 500 rewards points every time you fill a prescription. points you can redeem in store or online for, well, almost anything. rack up points with each prescription you fill, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy. [ female announcer ] some prescriptions not eligible to earn points. restrictions apply. see website for details. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase,
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you hear this story time and again. people in dangerous situations, facing death, claim to sense a sort of presence, easing them through it. often they use the term guardian angel. >> turns out there's some science behind the phenomenon. it has something to do with how our brains are wired. here's "20/20"'s jay schadler. >> reporter: in a moment of mayhem, or the instnt of fear. >> i looked at the air gauge, i thought, this is it. >> reporter: human beings often report being comforted by an invisible campaignon. >> only my guardian angel could have saved me from such an zept as that. >> reporter: rose said she
4:41 am
glimpsed hers at the scene of a terrible car wreck. nick never felt alone, though lost for days in a california canyon. >> did you at any point give up hope? >> no, i had my buddy who died last year. >> reporter: again, again, again, my guardian angel was here. who is the guardian angel? >> well that's the graes mystery, isn't it? >> reporter: john giger, an internationally known explorer and author has been investigating this for years. >> there's a sense of another being, a presence, very vividly, a sense that there's something good there. something that will help them. >> reporter: it happened to stephanie. >> it was a day that pretty much september signal to me. >> reporter: while cave diving for a research project in the bahamas, she lost her guide rope. >> i realized i was in trouble. i knew my heart rate, i could hear it in hi ears. >> reporter: only weeks before,
4:42 am
her husband and diving partner, rob, had died in a diving accident if the red sea. now alone, she's facing her own dark death. >> suddenly, the whole cave brightened up. >> reporter: and into that world floated the words of her husband. believe you can, believe you can't, either way, you're right. >> and then, i calmed down. i saw what i thought was a thread. he was there for me. in a way. >> reporter: so how is stephanie's experience to be explained? isn't this just possibly an hallucination? >> i think what people are experiencing is a very concrete survival mechanism that is -- you know, part of our human heritage. >> reporter: giger believes that in a life-threatening crisis, our minds experience the terror of the moment and the peace of perspective. >> and then the brain is able to
4:43 am
stand back from that, and sort of rise above that. and it rationally figures out a way to help this person get through that. >> reporter: so the guardian angel is us? >> the guardian angel is us. >> it's interesting. the guardian angel is us. coming up here on the broadcast, matt damon's new vow to his wife. find out the promise he made in front of the entire family. coming up in "pop news" after this break. llo. i am babybel. you see the "mini" on my chest?
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all right. time now for "pop news" abc -- >> there's something going on over there. >> ron tried to push me off my chair. >> you started it. >> host of on the red carpet, rachel smith is with us this weekend. >> great to hang out are you. lots of stuff popping. let's get to it. take a look at naomi campbell. she's gracing the may cover of "vogue" brazil. she looks beautiful. campbell sports a blond 'do. the stunning thread is if the
4:49 am
magazine's 38th birthday issue. shiell ring in her 43rd at the end of may and looking like that. better than ever, right? love it. the celebration continues for matt damon and his wife luciana. they're fresh off the wedding renewal. the oscar winner is dishing details like one of the vows he made to his wife of seven years? he promised her quote the side of the bed closer to the bathroom. now that's love talking, isn't it? >> it's love talking. >> my husband offered me the same vow, as well. >> as long as he sticks to it. >> peter offered you that? >> yes, he lived up to it as well. >> good man. now matt shared the intimate moments at a harvard ceremony where he was honored with the harvard arts medal. he attended there 21 years ago but never graduated. matt's bff is been honored by brown university.
4:50 am
they'll present him with an honorary doctorate in fine arts in may. >> if you drop out of harvard, you do well. mark zuckerberg, bill gates, matt damon. >> the key to success, don't finish. check out this video. madison and her furry friend,do. lily has trained madison to hold a biscuit-filled chew toy. the laugh is the cutest thing. >> it's adorable. >> slightly terrifying. >> she's really protective of the baby. the favorite time for the dog to hang out with the baby is, of course, during meal time. when the baby drops food, the dog has a chance to get some as well. everybody wins. speaking of something, let me get back to my video game, guys. i'm on seebsessed these days. have you ever had an empty
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we have an important programming note. tuesday night, amanda knox, after being locked away for four
4:56 am
years in an aitalian prison, speaks out for her first interview. the diane sawyer exclous i have. >> must-see television. thank you for watching abc news. ginger, bye, we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day.
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>> good saturday morning, everyone. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. here's a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist indicate marge. >> our temperatures could be quite cool this afternoon at the beaches. but this morning 40s and 50s. we will look for plenty ever shine away from the coast. association beach, half moon bay, you will still be cool, numbers in the low 60s. but elsewhere we will warm into the mid-to low 80s. it should be a nice afternoon. less of an onshore push tomorrow and warmer the second half of the weekend. we will talk bat a's today and the extended outlook for


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