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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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potentially be closing down. this school is right in at the heart of downtown san francisco, couple blocks from union square. school leaders say their rent was heightened beyond whates affordable. students and parents were shocked to learn school leaders considering closing their doors. the flex academy is a charter high school with 150 students. parents we talked with tell us the alternative class structure allows students to work in a setting that is more independent as public schooling and not as isolated as home-schooling. the parents said they had no idea the school was having difficulty with the lease so it was a shock. >> it was a great school, and the city needs schools like this. the kids -- if the school did close, the kids have to leave here, their credits are differently so they would be at a disadvantage. >> if is closed down, what do
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you have to do? >> i don't know yet. i'm still undecided. i think i would just try to be home-schooled. reporter: we have reached out to the head of school in the letter that the parent have but have not got an call back. the chart are school's board will be having a meeting tomorrow night. parents are hoping to come together to put together a strategy. the parties want to offer any help they can to the school leaders, potentially fundraising, even helping to renegotiate a lease. they also want to ask those school leaders if there are any other problems that might also be prompting a potential school closing. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> ama: new details in the stabbing death of an eight-year-old child in calaveras county. residents of valley springs are being told to stay inside as the manhunt continues.
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leila fowler was killed yesterday during a suspected robbery attack. her 12 yawrld brother told authorities he saw a strange man in the house who later ran off. >> basically tell anybody that has any information about this case to please call in and call in immediately. >> ama: police say they have no definitive description of the suspect. tips and possible leads have been coming in. san francisco police are looking for whoever ran over the leg of an officer during a traffic stop this morning in the bay view district on hudson avenue. the driver took off and dragged the officer. the officer was hospitalized, treated, and released. >> new at 6:00, the monterey county spca is asking for dove nations to help four dozen emaciated cats and dogs rescued from an animal hoarders foam. the animals hat flee infess station and malnutrition and eye
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inflames, the hoarder had 17 cats, 24 dogs, and puppies in unsanitary conditions. we have information on how you can donate at abc7 under "see it on tv". >> tonight, new information is emerging in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. u.s. intelligence officials say there's no evidence to suggest that the brothers, dzhokar and tamerlan tsarnaev, had a wider terror plot. we now know why the father of the two suspects is delaying his trip from russia to the u.s. he says he has been feeling really sick and his blood pressure has spiked since the attacks. more victims of the beening blast are leaving boston hospitals. area medical centers say dozens of patients who suffered shrapnel wounds are being discharged. 260 people were injured. >> the close knit montana
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community gathered to raise money for aaron hun who was hurt in the blast. [cheering] >> at exactly 10:40 this morning, the same time runners started the boston marathon, people hit the track at alhambra high school to raise money for marin hearn, the martinez boy they call amazing. >> aaron has been an inspiration to us since he came to our school, and the hearn family, so wonderful, and aaron, i ran three miles for you. >> gentlemen 11-year-old was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line when the second bomb exploded. >> it was really hard. i almost cried. and it was terrible. almost losing your best friend, terrible. >> aaron underwent two surgeries and was released from the hospital last wednesday. remarkably he took his first steps the next day. today everybody is making strides for aaron, his parents, and his ten-year-old sister who
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witnessed the explosion. >> i know i myself have had tears, the kids have had tears. it's a family that we consider those kids our family. >> aaron turns 12 this wednesday. the hope is he'll be back by then. even once he is home the recovery process will continue. >> his physical things might heal faster but the emotional part will take a long time. >> you can find a link on our web site under "see it on tv". they're accepting donations through friday, may 10th. reporting in martinez, abc7 news. >> ama: the boston bombings inspired two san franciscans to set up this lemonade stand. at 50 cents a crumb, they're hoping to raise $1,000. they hope to send a message along with the donation that san francisco stands united with
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boston. >> the first major california marathon since boston took place this morning at the big sur international marathon. 10,000 runners hit the pavement, including 400 who participated in the boston marathon but never got to finish it. security for this year's event was stepped up in response to the attacks. tonight, game four of the nba playoff series between the warriors and denver nuggets, and warrior fans, as always, are ready to cheer them on. woo! >> warriors! >> ama: get a little more enthusiasm out of those guys. this is the first time in six years the warriors have made the playoffs. the team's fast pace up and down the style gives confidence they'll win. they're up 2-1 in the best of seven series. you can post this go warriors badge on your facebook page. still to come on abc7 news
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at 6:00. the newest impact of federal cutbacks and how it could affect your safety right here in the bay area. plus, new details on the bay bridge bolts. why there could be even more that are damaged. >> leigh: it was a terrific day out there. i'm meteorology leigh glaser. some locations warmed as much as 15 degrees, but you ain't seen anything look. look at the accuweather
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>> ama: congress has ended furloughs for air traffic controllers but continuing cuts could jeopardize safety in the bay area. the coast guard will have fewer patrols on san francisco bay. search and rescue operations will remain intact but other departments will have to help out to fill the gap. >> not am to be with some of the preventive searches and that's disturbing so we're going to see how we can backfill that, at least on the san francisco side of the bay, with fire department and the police department. >> ama: abc7 news as also learned bay area cities with law enforcement patrol boats have been asked to take over some of the routine work, like patrolling special events and active searches.
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new details on the damaged bay bridge bolts. caltrans admitted more than 200 bolts need testing in light of 32 that have cracked. the state has bought more than 900 bolts in the past five years coated with galvanized steel, i'm identical to an alloy banned because the bolts can crack. 500 bolts may not work. >> the tactic to track down smartphone thieves. >> a change in the las ahead, leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the giant struggles continue, losing a season-identify fifth. and the a's and os in a battle and why is eric
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>> ama: the city of berkeley, minimum wage could be increasing. the city council will discuss raising minimum wage to 10.75 an hour. they would join san francisco as the cities with the highest minimum wage in the u.s.
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>> it's estimated the value of lost or stolen iphones adds up to $30 billion a year, and in san francisco half the robberies involved smartphones and to combat that police officers go undercover to sell stolen phones on the street, and then arrest the buyers. the plan is to eliminate the market for stolen phones. >> number of victims being subjected to a robbery, they often are getting hurt physically, almost always getting hurt emotionally. >> ama: there's one problem. many phones aren't resold in the city. they're resold overseas for up to a thousand dollars each. former grateful dead member bob wiei is back jamming on scare following a scary fall last week.
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>> ama: the guitarrization wase fine form last night. he cut short a thursday night concert when he collapsed. the fall was caused from complications with medication he was take for a sore shoulder. they will come to the bay area may 9th to play the bottle rock napa veil festival. >> thousands crowded the waterfront today to celebrate opening day on the bay. the official start to the boating season. this year's celebration coincided with another marry time party, the 150th birthday for the port of san francisco. it was a good day for it, although warm. >> leigh: not as much fog out there today, so definitely a nice day to be at crissy field, looking over the bay, or taking a trip over to alcatraz. live doppler 7hd not picking up any moisture. we're in a very dry air mass.
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nice shot. a few high clouds over the bay. the is it high definition east bay cam. san francisco right there and there's the bay bridge. let's get to the highs today. 91 in livermore. san jose, 80. san francisco, 66. santa rosa, 8 5678 those -- 85, those temperatures up as much as ten to 12 degrees from where you were yesterday for your highs. live shot right now of the high definition rooftop cam over the embark dare row. san francisco, mild, 65. 77 in san jose. santa cruz, 69. and we'll take you to san jose, with a few high clouds overahead. santa rosa, 85. livermore, 86. still holding heat in los gatos at 84. here's a look at the forecast highlights. we're going to go clear sky tonight. not as much in the way of fog so
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even the beaches should be clear overnight this evening, and that will translate to a warmer day tomorrow, and then get ready for warm to hot conditions wednesday, thursday, and friday. lows tonight, keep the heat close to the surface, mid-to-low 50s, and just a little bit of fog in spots coastside. high pressure continuing to dominate, and it will bring us one more warm day. now, after that, on tuesday, this little system here is going to come up and over the ridge and move towards the spine of the sierra, and if it does so temperatures may come down one or two degrees. that's about it. after that kicks towards the east, high pressure will rebound. re-establish itself, and bring us offshore winds, which will translate to some very warm to hot temperatures across the bay area as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday. in fact, here is a look at how the work week will translate. oakland, 80.
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one of the hottest days of the week will be 86, this. wednesday, thursday, those offshore winds develop, and it will signify some high fire danger for the bay area. 91 for livermore tomorrow. a little drop 2088 on tuesday, and then look how the temperatures really spike, especially thursday and friday, highs in the mid-to upper 90s. so get ready for the first few days of may, going to be toast y. 84, san jose, 83, santa clara. near 70 for the coast. 80s on the peninsula. 70s in san francisco. 85 for sonoma. oakland tomorrow, 80. union city, 84. low 90s livermore valley area as well as pittsburg. the seven-day forecast. a slight dip on tuesday and then get ready for hot weather thursday, the hottest day. upper 90s inland. 80s in the bay, 70s at the
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coast, and then the sea breeze returns to cool us down. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter for the bay area weather conditions rain or shine and "spare the air" alerts and power outage information, and we'll probably have some "spare the air" alerts this week. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> ama: shu is here, and quite an ending. >> mike: the a's are fun to watch. hoping to end a losing streak. cespedes rushes from the dl and his heavy lumber kept the a's live for yet another walkoff victory. orioles led most of the game but cespedes ties it up and, we have a 6-6-ball game. but bolt more regains the lead. chris davis, see ya. solo shot. o's up 7-6.
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now 8-6os, one on, one out for yoenis session session cespedess front foot. ties it. then coco crisp lays down the but. machado throws it away. gallega yelling at sewing guard to get up and run and he finally did. giants in san diego. eave sunday is military day. men and women in uniform threatened to -- treated to a great game. 3-1 padres. in the third, two-run home run. civics k's, five-1 san diego. in the eighth. military leaving. over, right? wrong. buster posey, another home run. nine-game hitting streak. 6-4. in the eighth. runner on second and third, two
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out. andres torres robbed in right. giants swept by san diego, 6-4 the final. fifth straight loss for the g-men. >> warriors and nuggets set to tip off in a moment for game four. denver knows they cannot go back home don't 3-1, so expect another physical matchup. the warriors will need another big offensive knight for everyone. the warriors are getting a lot more media attention, being the surprise of the playoffs, and head coach mark jackson felt like he had to address it to the team. >> message to them was simple. keep a fresh cut. meaning, make sure your haircut looks good because when we continue to do what we talked about doing, you don't want to look back like i look back at some of those old playoff moments and wonder why i didn't vice-president the barber shop that day. >> mike: heat eliminate the bucks. dwayne wade nurse agony injury. but no worry, they got a guy
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named lebron. ellis here, defending champs sweep the bucks, winning all four games by double digits. >> celtics avoid a sweep by the knicks. paul pierce led the way. the throw-down, two of his 29. boston led by as many as 20 but the knicks close the gap in the third. raymond felton, three of his 27 from way downtown. game decided in o.t. jason terry, the pullup three. the celtics take game 4, but the snicks still lead the series. >> teeing it up in new orleans where we had yet another first-time winner on the pga tour. billy hors which hel, but d.a. points, finished 19-under, one back in second place.
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horschel, almost broke the record but just missed a birdie opportunity on 13 but 8-under 64, he had one bogey on the day, and he finished in style. on 18, after a short weather delay, long birdie putt for first ever pga tour win. wins 1.9 million and a two-year exemption on tour. think he is excited? this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply. >> ama: the first signs of the summer season at the box office. the winners and what could be
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>> ama: join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 1. we'll tell you what elton john did to help end his feud with madonna and how she responded. michael finney investigates the puzzles we're forced to decipher before logging into some web site and the possible alternative. later on tonight. >> iron man blasts the competition at the box office. >> my name is tony stark and i'm not afraid of you. >> ama: of course he isn't. the third film in the series earned $195 million in an early overseas opening. iron man 3 opens in the u.s. on
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friday. the pain and gain was number one in the u.s. sci-fi film oblivion dropped to number two, 42 was number three, the big wedding, number four, followed by, the croods. getting interest the summer blockbusters. that's it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz, for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00.
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right now, robert downey, jr. returns for "iron man 3!" >> i know who to call. >> mark wahlberg gets ripped! >> finally getting to eat whatever i want was a blast. >> stars celebrate a night at the movies. >> i'm very happy to be there representing the horror flicks. >> and kevin spacey's house of cards! >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> hello, welcome to on the red carpet from the tcl chinese theatre. i'm rachel smith. we'll get you to the red carpet in a moment, but first the big story in hollywood. this has got to be one of the most famous spots in hollywood, where the biggest celebrities in the world have put their hand and footprints. look, here's robert down,


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