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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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there is still no sign of a little girl's killer and a northern california town is still on edge after an unthinkable crime. good evening. i'm ama dates. the manhunt is underway right thousand in the calaveras community. with kids heading back to school, authorities want the suspect caught immediately. >> they asked me to basically tell anybody that has any information about this case to please call in and call in immediately. >> a sheriff captain delivered the plea from an eight-year-old girl found stabbed to death in her home. she was identified as leyla
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fowler. it is a grueling man hunt across a parsely populated rural community. >> they had the helicopters going overr h night with the infrared. >> the young girl's 12-year-old brother told investigators he saw the intruder enter the house. the boy called his parents who were attending a nearby event for help. then he found his sister in the home badly hurt. leyla was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead jie. we are friends with the girl who was harmed. nice family. you wouldn't expect something like this to happen to them. >> they promise nervous residents that with a killer still on the loose, patrols would be stepped up near schools and bus stops. >> we have plans in place that if we can no longer solve this case we can protect the schools the best as possible. >> they don't have much information other than a vague description that he is a white or hispanic man. a berkeley police officer is recovering from stab wounds after a fight in burlingame.
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he was leaving 5* fight -- he was leaving and involved in a fight with people outside the bar. he was taken to san francisco general in stable condition. the attempt to steal copper wire may have sparked a grass fire in san jose. it scorched a couple of acres off bird avenue a little after 6:00. the firefighters determined the flames came from a cal trans power box and the flames were quickly put out. another fire, this one in mountain view severely damaged an abandon lodge building that was already scheduled for demolition. they previously used it for training. the road was reopened a short time ago. heat is going to be a big issue this week. let's head to meteorologist leigh glaser. she has a first check on our weather and has been checking on live doppler 7hd and will tell us how warm it will get. >> it was warm across the bay area today. inland locations in the low
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90s. you can see on live doppler 7hd right now even the fog has pretty much suppressed itself and moved off the coast. the only clouds we can see are to the north of ukiah right now. some of the high lads -- high clouds. here is a look at some highs for today. we are running 5 to 15 degrees above where we should be this time of year. but the big winner today was livermore at 91 degrees. redwood city reached 82. it was 74 in oakland. san francisco topping off in the 60s. more heat is expected tomorrow and even hotter weather by the end of the workweek. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. now to the latest developments in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. u.s. intelligence officials say there is no evidence to suggest that the brothers, dzhokhar and tau -- tamerlan had a wider plot. they are trying to figure out if they had outside training. we now know why the father of the two suspects is delaying his trip from russia to the
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u.s. he says he has been sick and his blood pressure spiked since the uhing tays. more -- since the attacks. and more victims of the bombing blast are leaving the hospital. they are being discharged and in all 260 people were injured. martinez residents rallied around one of the local victim of the bombings, 11-year-old aaron hern. they hosted a race to raise money for their family. he suffered wounds from one of the blasts. he underwent two surgery and was released last wednesday. some friends are looking forward to when he comes back home. >> it was really hard. i pretty much cried. it was terrible. losing your best friend is terrible. >> he turns 12 on wednesday. last week he returned to the blast site. it is his first visit to boylston street since the explosion. hundreds of boston marathon runners who didn't get to finish that race got a chance to cross the line.
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the national marathon is the first major run to take place in california since the boston attacks. security was also stepped up in response to the attack. troublemakers on bart beware. the transit agency will announce a new way it plans to keep known offenders out of bart stations. lilian kim is live at the embarcadero station with details. lilian? >> the whole idea is in large part to protect beaters employees, especially station agents who often find themselves vulnerable to attack. >> i have been assaulted physically and verbally. many of us have. >> she is president of the union that represents the bart station agents. they are eager for the new law to take affect that would allow bart to ban certain people from the property. >> this law will prevent known offenders from coming back. >> the plan has been in the works for over two years, since the state legislators passed the bill allowing the
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transit agencies like bart to kick out troublemakers. it would target people who commit a range of offenses from urinating and defecating in public to those who beat up on passengers and employees. the ban can be as short as a month or as long as a year. many passengers we talked to are all for it. >> it would be nice. it would keep it safe and pleasant. >> it is a good idea. people can be quite annoying at times. >> bart says there are safeguards against misuse. anyone can seek to have the ban overturned by requesting an administrative hearing. some have pair concerns. >> i think what it is going to be used for for the most part is a tool to keep the homeless out of the station. >> people will think the transit is a public service. that's a police matter and let the police handle it. >> bart will announce more details tomorrow. the plan is scheduled to take affect on may 6th.
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live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. starting tomorrow a daily parking fee will go into affect. the $1 a day weekday fee applies to designated parking areas around it from our:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. parents and students learned this weekend their alternative high school in downtown san francisco may be closing. sergio quintana reports that parents are doing what they can to keep the doors open. >> it is san francisco academy at union square veronica has two daughters enrolled. they have excelled at the alternative charter high school. >> it is a great school and the city needs schools like this. >> this letter went out on friday titled likely closure of the san francisco flex academy. parents and students were shocked. >> well, i started crying and i was really sad and i couldn't stop crying. >> according to the letter rent went up 50% and the school leaders haven't been able to find another sight.
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site. we have worked hard to find a lease for our school, but we are unable to find one in this current market. they are meeting tomorrow night to inform parents of the options available. they are already reaching out to those with financial help and the students launched a fund. >> everyone groups together and tries their best to save their school and it might actually work. >> transferring to another school could be a problem if the academy closes. >> the kids that would have to leave their, their credits run differently so they would be at a disadvantage if they went to a different school. >> abc7 news. >> we tried contacting the head of the school to ask about the lease and haven't received a response. tonight the bay area is celebrating the war imrer sh ad sh ad the warriors' latest win. they are dressed up in warrior blue and gold. they are now just one win from
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the second round of the nba playoffs. shu will have reaction to the win in sports. you can see your warrior pride by posting this to your sphais book page. to your facebook inning pa. -- page. still to come on the news at 11:00. >> are you frustrated trying to decipher the mangled words to get into a website? i'm michael finney. the annoying catch of puzzles may be phased out. >> the newest impact of federal cutbacks and how it could affect your safety right here in the bay area. >> the water is pouring into the streets. >> massive flooding across the
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furloughs are over for air traffic controllers, but the federal budget cuts can affect the safety. the coast guard will have fewer patrols on the san francisco bay because of sequester cuts to homeland security. the other departments with i will have to step up to the plate. >> they are not able to do with some of the preventative searches. we will see how we can back fill that at least on the san francisco side of the bay with the fire department and the police department. >> bait area cities -- the bay area cities with law enforcement boats are asked to take over special events. the bly jane gels -- the blue angels have canceled their season because of the sequester which means no blue angels in san francisco. and cuts at national parks mean fewer workers and the shorter hours at visitor
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centers at parks like yose >> they are everywhere on the internet. the puzzles with the discourted discourted -- with the distorted words. michael finney says they are driving people crazy. >> they can be frustrating and time-comsuming and, get this, according to google, we spend 17 years worth of time every single day solving them. now, they are supposed to make sure you are not a computer, however many humans say they are the ones getting locked out. and now companies are listening. >> megan and tristan are trying to open an e-mail account. tiers they have to figure out what the mangled characters are supposed to be. >> this one i really don't know. >> the squiggle in the middle could be anything. >> it looks like a t and a capital u. >> the characters who entered didn't match the word vair pho
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pho -- word verification. >> it took me literally 10 minutes to figure out what the caption said. i kept getting it wrong. it was really irritating. >> websites make the users decipher these non-sense cal phrases, but they are not sure why. >> it is trying to make sure people are human. >> they say of course we are human. but the websites don't know that. >> it is designed to basically avoid having any spam bots. >> the websites want to be sure you are not a row bow computer blasting out spam or buying up concert tickets. however, she stood in her way of getting lady gaga tickets. >> you are not getting to get the tickets. it is not fair for those who want to see the concert. >> millions had the same gripe. now one of the world's biggest
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ticket agencies is listening. >> our goal is to create a system that is ult ma thely going to -- a system that is ultimately going to move fans to the front of the line >> they are doing away with catch of puzzles. hackers keep figuring outweigh to beat them. ticket master kept making the puzzles harder and fans kept getting angrier. >> distortions of the words or the phrases and whatever they might be was getting complicated and harder for people to solve it and to ultimately get tickets. >> ticket master rolled out a new system. it asks a simple question in a normal font and an algorithm decides if you are a human or machine. >> it is not just that we are annoyed, but hackers are going past them. >> it is come politely automated forking tests to tell humans and computer usa part. we saw at least 200 million
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puzzles every day. and google says we believe they are a powerful and effective tool for fighting on-line abuse. so we may soon see less of the mangled gibberish. >> i think there is new ways our identity will take form on the internet. >> it is just fine with tristan. >> i could be doing something much more productive like reading a book or something. >> the next time you want to scream at your puzzle, think of this. you may be serving a higher purpose. almost every time you solve a puzzle you are helping to di tab itize the books. it helps computers scan the printed words. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> it is hard to figure out. now to blee glasser who has -- now to leigh glaser who has our weather figured out. >>- >> live doppler 7hd is showing you that we are clear in the bay area. just a few high clouds.
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we may see those from time to time over the next 24 hours. looking at the clear skies out there, and you can definitely that we are holding heat. it is 67 right now in mountain view as well as san jose. 54 in santa cruz and san francisco is at 58 degrees. our high definition sutro cam is showing you clear skies. santa rosa 62 and 66 in fairfield and livermore is quite mild at 68. we have 63 in los gat -- gatos. it will be clear overnight and not as cool. we are hold smfght heat in. temperatures midto upper 50s. more warming is expected for monday and then get ready for warm to hot conditions as we head toward the latter part of our workweek. as we head into tuesday and wednesday, high fire danger. we will be keeping a close eye on that as the offshore winds will develop. the lows tonight, midto upper 50s across much of the bay area. we may see a touch, a spot or two of fog.
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that is about it. the high pressure is going to be our weather maker for the next five to seven days and continuing to build in for tomorrow. more warming and less fog will mean even the cost will find temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. this was the low here. it will get a little closer to us. it may drop temperatures down one and two degrees. that is about it. yes, the first few days of may are going to be hot ones. our location pick this evening will be livermore. tomorrow you would be to 91 degrees. there is a slight dip on tuesday, and then check out thursday and friday. temperatures climb to the midto upper 90s as those offshore winds will start to kick in. next weekend it looks like things will start to trend to the cool side once again. so a little warmer tomorrow. 84 for san jose and 83 for santa clara. the 83 for redwood city. menlo park 83. near 70 for half moon bay.
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remember not as much fog. things are going to heat up quickly. the sunset district,66. 90 for cloverdale and 85 sonoma. you notice the trend in oakland. 79 for hayward and then the further east you go, the temperatures will heat up. 92 for brebt wood and -- for brentwood and 90 for pittsburgh. you can see the slight dip on tuesday and otherwise hot temperatures. upper 90s inland. 80s around the bay and even some 70s at the coast. and don't forget you can follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and spare the air alerts and power outage information and weather tweets. we will keep you updated if we have any fire hazard issues this week. we'll keep you updated on that. shu is here with sports. and oracle was turned into
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roracle? >> yes, roracle. they are one win away from round two. the best game as a warrior and steph curb recontinues to -- steph curry lines up the nuggets.
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the warriors took turns exposing the nuggets at oracle. he was going crazy on denver as curry took over in the second. his best game as a warrior. barnes will miss and it is the put back. the dunk of the game and are you kidding me? seven feet tall and not even close on that one. andrew getting warmed up. right handed slam from the man. curry seven points in the first half and still able to dish. finishing the alley-oop at 12 points. how about a behind the back pass to jack? 21 points. warriors up 12 at the half. steph curry on fire from way downtown. got it.
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follow that with a floater and the foul. everyone up on their feet. 84-71 golden state. how about another three? 17, three pointers this post season and that leaves the league -- let's make it 18. 22 points in the quarter for seth. warriors win it big. 115-101 and take the lead in the series. they can close it out on tuesday in denver. >> i think from the start the way he set the tone in the first quarter attacking the rim and making plays, a big dunk. from then on we had the crowd on our side and we relinquished the lead. >> he creates some shots and as long as he keeps shooting the ball the way he is it will be good for us. >> lakers are swept in l.a. he takes his second key. he is ejected and jack is not
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happy. tony parker lead the spurs with 23 points including this acrobatic lay up. the spurs move on to round two and sweeping the lakers with a 103-82 victory. the heat eliminate the bucs. no worries. lebron takes charge. easy money. three steals and eight boards and seven assists. the defending champs sweep the bucs. 88-77 the final. well, the giants stage a late rally in san diego, but extend their losing streak to the longest this season. the a's with a come back thanks to sespit. they needed one more play for the win, and
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night a's ended a four-game slot against it is oriels. the heavy lumber kept the a's rally alive for another walkoff victory. look at this catch. oriels lead most of the game, but eli manning is back up at ole miss. it ties it up at the seventh.
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6-6 ballgame. baltimore regains the lead in the eighth. chris davis and that's out of here. solo shot off doolittle. 8-6o's and one on and one out. check this out. off his front foot. that is is raw power. ties it at 8 and we go to extras. the bottom of 10 and he lays down the bunt. the a's coach yelling at him get up and go home. final leahy does -- finally he does. the a's avoid a sweep and end a four-game slide with a 9-8 victory. giants in san diego where every sunday is is military day. our men and women in uniform treated to a great game. second inning and it was 3-1 padres. bottom of four and a two-run bomb and gave up three homers and six runs. 5-1 san diego. in the eighth 6-2 padres. our military is leaving. game over, right? wrong says buster posey.
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the third homer of the year and nine-game hitting streak. it is 6-to you are and still in the eighth -- 6-4 and still in the eighth. torres hits it well, but catch out this hit -- but catch this hit. it is the fifth straight loss for the g men. the longest losing streak of the season. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we will tee it up in the newscast. what a win. >> that was nice. thank you, shu. >> well, still to come, flooded cars and homes and more to come. what is expected this week? and a warning for dog owners after several animals were found dead on a san francisco beach. plus "all my children" and" one life to live" make a come back. how you can catch new episodes of your favorite soaps. we will be right back.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a manhunt continues for the person who stabbed eight-year-old leyla fowler to death. her brother said he saw a man enter his family's house in valley springs. bart will announce the new policy designed to keep known offenders out of the stations. the station agents long complained of being assaulted verbally and physically. safeguards will be in place to make sure the new policy isn't misused. students plan to launch a fundraising drive to keep their charter high school open. rent at the school has sky rocketed and they haven't been able to find another location. a school board trusty meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. it has been a week end of wet weather. wind, rain, hail and flash flooding from texas and to
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tennessee and across the south. >> the water is pouring into the sea. >> raging flash floods swallowed the streets of houston. >> there has to be like three feet of water in the parking lot. >> five inches of rain fell in two hours. severe storms crushed this store in sugarland, texas and ripped apart this building in tennessee. that hail in houston was so heavy it looked like snow. helping the streets that became the rushing rivers. >> it hit the car really hard. it started pouring. we were driving real slow. >> this driver slowed down, but 150 others had to call houston police to be rescued. fortunately no one was killed, but flash flooding is the number one storm-related killer. that means on average flooding kills more people than tornadoes and twice as many as lightning. >> i thought we could go
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through it and then proceed on. then when we got to here the water was getting high. >> here is why. the water builds up quickly. within minutes just two feet of water can literally move your car. tonight as severe storms attack the southeast, a warning, turn around, don't drowned. >> forecasters and residents are keeping an eye on the red river. it is expected to peak in fargo, north dakota. the water will top off at 37 feet which will make it the seventh highest on record. it it was a deadly weekend for abba loan knee -- for abalone drivers. he drowned in the waters off shell beach h sonoma county. a san francisco man was caught in rip tide in saw sonoma county and another diver died north of fort brag looking for abalone ?ie. and two sisters
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that were arrested have a court date tomorrow. they were arraigned last week on child abuse and neglect. they are accused of swad lig the babies so tightly they had a hard time breathing. and tomorrow jury selections begin in the murder trial of suspected it killer joseph naso. he is charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994 by strangling them. he says all of the evidence is circumstance shall. a warning for dog owners who take their pets for walks along the san francisco shoreline. keep them under control. the message after off leash dogs attacked and killed two canada geese. there has been nine incidents where employees have been bitten on park properties. the owners may be cited and arrested for any problems their dogs cause.
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a major plot twist for two soap operas. "all my children" and" one life to live" are back from the dead. a new half-hour episode of the soap will debut on-line through hulu and i tones. both ended in 2011. it will continue the story five years later and "one life to live" one year later. they will have episodes monday through thursday. dan noyes and the i team will investigate. >> and if you are doing any travel statewide or even heading back east, a look at the travel mags that get you wh
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tonight the abc news i team is reporting about the safety on our highways. a guardrail designed to protect you in an accident can slice through your car and putting your life in jeopardy. the i-team reporter dan noyes has it the investigation. >> driving bay area highways you have seen these rec tapping gels. rectangles. this is how they are supposed to work in a collision. the force of the crash speeds
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the guardrail into the head where it is flattened into a ribbon of steel. that process absorbs the energy of the crash and slows down the vehicle. >> it is the company that installs and hasn't installed in the terminals. >> one of his biggest competitors modified the terminals without telling the government and shrinking the length and the height and the width to save money. we found this one in gilroy, but they are all over the bay area. with trinity's four-inch wide muddle it does not feed properly through the chute. it causes the guardrail to double over on itself or protrude through the crashing vehicle. >> when the headlocks up, it either kicks to the side and puts the veb around and then -- puts the -- it cuts
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off legs and cuts people in half. >> harmon tells me he found this information while defending himself in a lawsuit filed by trinity. he agreed to stop producing it similar to the et plus. he said he is not a sore loser trying to strike back as trinity claims. >> they are trying to distract from it. whether i am trying to save the company. it has no fact on the fact that people are being injured and killed. >> he launched a website about the et plus. he identified more than 100 accidents in which the head failed to function properly and is aware of several fatalities with the modified et plus involving a 2008 crash in tennessee. 5* paramedic died when a guardrail entered the passenger compartment of her honda. trinity filed deaf defamation
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lawsuits dropping the one in georgia, but pursuing another in texas. they published false and ma slishes statements about his product saying they are killing people. the statements are completely contrary to the product's accentance by the federal highway safety administration. they hope to benefit from the class action lawsuit against the plaintiffs. it is not about the money. >> they are suing me for defamation. they are trying to shut me up. i will not shut up. >> they approved the et plus crash in 2005. but documents from the patent infringement case shows they made changes after the crash test without telling the federal government. in this deposition, harmon's lawyer hands the drawing to a trinity vice president and asked about revisions at shows. >> the fact that revisions were done after the may 27
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test, weren't they? >> object to the form. >> according to the drawing, yes. >> they learned that trinity shrinking the width from five inches to four and made other changes after harmon told them seven years after the crash test. >> i heard of those in either late 2011 or early 2012 through the telephone conversations with mr. joshua harmon. >> the federal highway administration drafted a letter calling for in service evaluation of the terminals and an investigation into the crashes documented by mr. joshua harmon. the number of crashes involving the et plus terminals does not match the excellent history of the original et2,000 terminal. they said they scraped the letter, never sent it because it was a competitor making the
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accusations. they declined to join the whistle-blower lawsuit and reaffirm that the et plus is acceptable for use in the national highway system. >> it has got to come to light. this could be my children. these have a 50-year-old life expectancy. if i don't do something they will be out here and will kill or maim. it is very highly possible. >> trinity offered a lot of money to settle his lawsuit, but that he will not settle unless the deal includes a full recall of all of the et plus heads. a spokesman for cal trans tells me they checked out the complaint and found no problems in california. no one from trinity would appear, but they are posting it at for the i people, dan noyes -- for the i team, dan noyes, abc news. it was a bizarre scene. second street turned into the venue for the how weird street
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fair. there is dancing and art and music. latest electronic dance hits and it is in the 14th year. now to leigh glaser who is talking about the workweek weather which is speeding up. >> live doppler 7hd is under the influence of a very dry air mass. in fact, if you are traveling acss the country, you will find some in washington, d.c. and 62 dries. degrees. dallas looks good and 103 phoenix. and check out palm springs tomorrow. 103. los angeles 75. you can already get a sense of a slight offshore wind component. monterey near the coast is 70 degrees. 92 for sacramento. 84 for yow yosemite. get ready. we too will start to heat up as the offshore winds pick up tuesday night and wednesday. for tomorrow the temperatures come up. low 90s inland and 80s
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around the bay. midmidto upper 60s. check out thursday and friday, the first few days of may. the temperatures are on thursday, upper 90s inland and upper 80s and 70s at the coast. it will prompt some high fire danger and we will keep you updated on that. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with more warrior highlights. >> how much fun were they having? he got some help from an un expected source.
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the warriors were lead by steph curry and david leigh for most of the season. when lee went down it was more of a team effort. andrew took turns with steph curry going crazy on the nuggets. has to be his best game as a warrior. check out this dunk. oh my. loving it. curry seven points in the first half, but still able to dish. the thunder from down under and they go crazy. he can also dish. jack had 21 and warriors up 12
11:53 pm
at the half. steph curry on fire. got it. he follows that with the floater and the foul. how is this guy not an allstar? curry not done. another three. he has 17 in the post season and leads the league. how about 18? 22 points in the quarter and warriors wept 115 -- went 115-101. afterward coach jackson had nothing but praise. >> we were watching it all year long. he put this team on his back. he has made plays. high -- he is an elite basketball player. we talked about it. there comes a time when more and more teams are sent home. here is where you recognize where the great players are. you get a chance to see them all-around the country. and it is great for steph. >> he swoun of them. lakers are swept in l.a. by
11:54 pm
the spurs. dwight howard gets his second technical. he is very acrobatic. spurs go to round 2 sweeping the lakers. the heat eliminate the bucs without dwyane wade. who cares? he has lebron james. one man does make a team. goes around ellis and winning all four games by double digits. a little baseball and a's enter a slot against the oriels. he is back from the dl and we said his bat will help and it did just that. the a's bubbler right here. the bull pen needs to give him dinner. seth smith tie tups and a little 2-1 jack. 6-6 ballgame. baltimore comes back.
11:55 pm
see ya and a solo shot. bottom of nine. i told you they needed his bat. two-run shot. ties it at eight. two men on for cocoa crisp. he throws it away at third. he said eric would you get up and run? a's avoid the sweep. it is a 9-8 victory. the giants in san diego and of course every sunday the padres honor the military. second inning and 3-1 padres. bottom of four and a two-run bomb. he gave up three homers and six runs and it is 5-1 san diego. in the eighth, 6-2 padres and the military is leaving thinking it is over. buster says wait, this is my third homer of the year. he has a nine-game hitting
11:56 pm
streak. it is 6-4. he hits it well. wow. a great catch. giants were swept 6-4 the final. that's their longest of the season. we have yet another first time winner on the pga tour. he started two shots back and had the round of his young career. we start off with da points and shot a seven under 65. four straight birdies including on 10, one back from second place. starting on 7 and almost broke the record on 13 and shot up the leader board with an 8 under 64 and had one bogey on the day as well. he finished in style on 18. a long birdie putt. his first ever pga tour win. he wins 1.19 million. i picked the wrong sport.
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by the casino. >> love to see them come back and win it. >> thank you, shu. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. thank you for joining us. don't forget you can get the go warriors badge and show go warriors badge and show your pride.
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