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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 29, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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happening right now, severe storms and soggy monday morning. >> a system that dropped torrential rain from texas flooding highways makes for a nasty commute up and down the east coast. we have the latest forecast. new details in the boston bombing. as investigators search for who may have influenced the suspects. was it their mother, recorded by the russians? or someone else? opening statements hours away in the latest megatrial involving the jackson family. the verdicts could mean billions for michael jackson's mom and three kids. and close call. a reporter snapping her own photo. but check out the ball right behind her. what she's saying now. and good morning. we begin with the dangerous
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floodwaters menacing millions of people from the dakotas into the deep south. >> flood warnings and watches in 19 states this morning. storms that swamped texas and tennessee moves east today. bringing soaking rain from the southeast all the way up to philadelphia. abc's larry jacobs shows us who has been the hardest hit so far. >> water is just pouring into the street! >> reporter: houston got hit hard. >> there's got to be, like, three feet of water in the parking lot! >> reporter: severe storms brought heavy rains, hail, and winds, knocking out power to thousands of people. look what it did to this store. the roof collapsed in a matter of minutes. fortunately, everyone got out safely. some 150 drivers had to be rescued from flash floods. no one was killed, but flash flooding is the number one storm related killer. more deadly than tornadoes or lightning. >> i thought we were just going to be able to get through it. and proceed on.
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but then when we got to here, up under here, i started seeing the water get high and it didn't go down. >> reporter: water builds up quickly. within minutes, two feet of water could literally move your car. look what happened to this building in tennessee. the storm failed to dampen the spirit of thousands of runners who took part in the country music marathon in nashville. >> really, the rain, once you get out in it, after the first mile, you're soaking wet, so who cares? >> reporter: the storm system is moving east, bringing more rain across the south to start the workweek. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. they're bracing for more record flooding in north dakota. the red river expected to crest this week in fargo. as higher temperatures trigger rapid snow melt. forecasters say the waters will top off at around 37 feet on wednesday morning. that would make it one of the top ten highest floods they have ever seen. to the latest in the boston bombing investigation. lawmakers want to know if the suspects had training overseas. they're suspicious after hearing a series of phone calls between one of the brothers and his mother. abc's devin dwyer joins us live in washington with the very
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latest. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, diana. investigators still believe tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev were lone wolves. but clues in the bombs' design suggests they may have had help. authorities now believe the suspected boston bombers received outside training. they're searching for potential suspects who may have helped with the bombs' design. >> they've cast a wide net both overseas and in the united states to find out where this person is. i think the experts all agree there is someone who trained these two individuals. >> reporter: one new clue, recorded phone calls between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother, intercepted by a russian wiretap in 2011. they raised russian concerns but were only provided to u.s. officials last week. >> they talked about jihad. why didn't the russians let us know that much, much earlier? they should have. and we are asking why. >> reporter: after the phone calls, tamerlan traveled to
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russia last year, a key six-month visit where officials believe he may have become radicalized. >> i do think there are persons of interest, in russia is where i think they went from yes, i'm ready for jihad, here's how you conduct an act of violence, with, including training. >> reporter: for now, tamerlan's body remains in a boston morgue unclaimed. while his younger brother, dzhokhar sits in a medical center at a federal facility in a 100-foot cell. now u.s. officials say tsarnaev's mother is one of those persons of interest and would likely be detained for questioning if she came to the u.s. her husband is still in russia. he said he planned to come to the u.s. last week but we're now told he's too ill to travel. john and diana? >> all right, devin dwyer in washington, thank you. there's new information this morning about the person known as misha, thought to have had some impact on tamerlan tsarnaev's radicalization.
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the new york review of books talked to misha, who is a 39-year-old muslim convert from rhode island. he's of armenian-ukrainian descent. he said he was not tamerlan's teacher and denied any part in the bombings. he's cooperating with the fbi, which so far has found no link to misha and the bomb plot. a mississippi man accused of sending poison-filled letters to president obama and a senator appears in court later today. james everett dusky was arrested over the weekend. charges were initially filed against elvis impersonator kevin curtis. the two men have a long-standing feud. air travel expected to be near normal today as air traffic controllers return to regular shifts. there were long delays last week after the faa forced the controllers to take unpaid days due -- unpaid days off, rather, due to the sequester budget
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cuts. but a deal was worked out late last week on capitol hill to give the agency more flexibility. and the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, anthony foxx, is expected to become the next secretary of transportation. he's expected to be nominated today. he will replace ray lahood. foxx has been major since 2009. and supreme court justice steven breyer is recovering from surgery following a bicycle accident. breyer injured his right shoulder in a fall over the weekend near the korean war veterans memorial. on the national mall. he broke his collarbone in 2011 in an accident. now overseas to bangladesh, where the owner of an illegally constructed building that collapsed last wednesday was arrested. he was taken into custody over the weekend while trying to flee to neighboring india. at least 380 people, mostly garment workers were killed when the building fell. this morning, authorities say they don't expect to find any more survivors in the rubble. a bombshell about the cia's activities in afghanistan. "the new york times" says for
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over a decade, the cia has delivered tens of millions of dollars off the books, in american cash, to the office of afghan president hamid karzai. the officials told the paper the main goal is to maintain access to karzai and his top aids. some say it's undermining u.s. efforts to end the war. a major milestone at the world trade center today. the placement of the final two sections of the spire. the skyscraper will become the tallest building in the western hemisphere. installation of the 408-foot spire began in december, after 18 pieces were shipped from canada and from new jersey. a more somber milestone in the region today as well. it's been now six months since superstorm sandy slammed ashore. many coastal communities are still recovering. new jersey's governor is expected to announce later today nearly $2 billion in federal help to keep the momentum going. time for the weather across the nation. aside from the drenching in the southeast, look for some showers
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and thunderstorms in the upper midwest, from minneapolis to milwaukee and kansas city. showers from seattle to portland. up to 6 inches of snow in the cascades and northern rockies. record highs in the southwest. the first triple-digit day of the season in phoenix. vegas upper 60s and 70s in the nation's midsection. 60s in the northeast. coming up, the coast guard in a desperate search for a boater lost at sea. then business news. and a new plan for the golden arches. perhaps making mcmuffin fans happy at all hours. plus, this -- >> these days, i look in the mirror and i have to admit, i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. >> the president's comedic chops on display. coming up.
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big weekend for boeing, with two major steps forward for the dream krn lirn. the 787 took to the skies over japan with a successful flight, testing the new battery system. and in africa, the first commercial 787 flight in four months. meanwhile, domestic air faifai fares will be down 2% over last year. international fares down 1%. the main reason for the drop is slightly less demand. airlines are being forced to drop prices slightly to keep planes full. many online shoppers are on edge this morning after a cyber attack. more than 50 million members of living social was hacked over
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the weekend. their names, birth dates, and personal information likely compromised. the website has apologized. lots of people waiting for the opening of ironman 3 this weekend. pain & gain was at number one. on livon was at second with $17 million. the jackie robinson pic was third. if you have a hankering for an egg mcmuffin in the afternoon, you're out of luck. right now, the breakfast options fall off the menu at 11:00. they are now considering offering them all day long. and they may take burger king's lead and offer delivery services in some places. next up, the botox mystery. the wrinkle treatment can stop working. and was michael jackson
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pushed too far before his death? major trial opens today with billions at stake. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
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welcome back, everyone. so we're still not quite sure how that pickup truck wound up in that tree. it was found there of the weekend in oregon. no patients were reported as a result of the crash. let's look at the morning road conditions. a wet ride from philly to florida. thunderstorms around milwaukee, minneapolis, and des moines. snowy in the cascades and northern rockies. if you're flying a couple of major airports expecting delays including washington and miami. now to a case in western michigan where police with asking for the public's help. 25-year-old jessica heeringa has
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been missing since friday night. >> her family, including her fiance are desperate for answers. >> he's not doing well at all. he's taking this really hard. you know, as anybody would. how else are you supposed to take it. your loved one is gone. the mother to your son is gone. and no answers. >> investigators are looking for a silver minivan seen in the area at the time of jessica's vanishing. making the case more challenges is that no security cameras were working in the store at the time. and police in northern california are investigating the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl whose body was found in her home. the 12-year-old brother found the body on saturday. he's not a suspect. they continue to question his version of the events. a desperate search is under way for a british boater in the middle of the pacific ocean. one man was rescued.
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his sailing partner fell overboard about 500 miles from land. he was conscious and wearing a life jacket. a major legal showdown over michael jackson's death is set to start today. it pits the mother and michael's three children against aeg, the concert promoter. diana ross, spike lee, and prince could be called to testify. a warning for millions of americans who turned to botox to erase wrinkles. habitual botox users could become immune over time. some develop anti-bodies making the treatment work less effectively. some 6 million americans turned to botox last year, an 8% increase from the year before. nba playoffs. with sunday highlights, here's espn. good morning, and welcome to your espn news update.
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i'm zubin mehenti. this could go down as one of the worst seasons in lakers history. the lakers have been swept out of the playoffs once in the opening round, 1967. you may add 2013 to the mix. spurs dominating all day. dwight howard, maybe his worst game as a laker. 7 points, 8 boards, 2 teches. an ejection, he's gone. walki inin ining past the gm. done of crutches. the lakers are done as well. elsewhere in the west, golden state. nuggets-warrior pi nuggets-warriors. stephon curry, hitting from anywhere and everywhere. outside, there. inside, and then, just pulling up from wherever, behind the back, sweet.
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he had 31 points, five from long range. he's pulling them from wherever. the nuggets had no answer. as a result, they're on the brink of elimination. warriors win 115-1010. a shooting display like what we saw in game two in denver. ridiculous. warriors roll. that will do it for your espn news update. i'm zubin mehenti. have great week. a hot time at a soccer game in ohio. the fire burning up the scoreboard. >> the game had to be delayed for about an hour. officials will today to try to figure out what happened. up next in "the pulse been" funny stuff in washington, d.c. closer encounter with a camel. see how this one ends. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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and check out our risk-free guarantee. all right, time to check "the pulse." starting with washington's most humorous night of the year. the white house correspondents dinner gave the president, the press corps and hollywood a-listers a chance to laugh. >> some people say print media is dice. neither does my blacksmith. if in 1995, you told me that in 2013, we would have an african-american president who
4:23 am
was just elected for a second term, i would say he ran against mitt romney. i was pulling for the rich guy whose horse danced in the olympics, olympics. >> he got off some great lines. >> he took no prisoners. >> must have a good speech writer there. before play ball and "sweet caroline" on saturday, it was batting practice and this. >> that is the rays reporter kelly nash. she's taking a picture of herself and there's a baseball that nearly hit her head right off the background. she took the photo in the seats on top of the famous green monster. she wasn't hit by the ball. she is providing a good lesson here. never turn your back on the action, especially batting practice. >> that's hard to believe. i want to go, is that doctored? >> lesson learned.
4:24 am
another lesson for you. don't get too comfortable around the animals in drive-through zoos. here's why. check out the daughter here. having a great time. laughing. no problem at all, despite being really close to the camel. >> then the camel tries to-up, watch, test her head before ticking his own nearly into the passenger seat. he backs out, does some running next to the car and never gets that close again. she never lost her sense of humor. she doesn't know so much better. if i'm dad, i'm rolling up the window once the head goes in there. and he's still not satisfied. >> he was after lunch. are you kidding? there was lunch in the car. the camel final glifs up and takes off. she kept her cool because her dad was so cool. i found a spider over the weekend and freaked out and devin is going to be scared of
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:28. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> another monday, and warmer temperatures are in store. >> how hot will it get? >> hoped you liked yesterday because yesterday is a preview of the entire forecast for the traditional work week. we are talking about monday through friday. temperatures will remain above average. it is very dry. live doppler 7 hd not picking up any radar run. this afternoon, downtown oakland, the first forecast is 74 to 84. we will warm up significantly. 65 to 68 with warm sun mine and the hot spot is inland, 83 in the north bay valley to possibly 92 in the east bay valley. it could be one of those weeks
4:29 am
where you need to check out the air conditioning. >> good morning, everyone, at 4:28 and a check of the back to work monday commute. the san mateo bridge shows it is clear and quiet from hayward to foster city. we have construction at fremont headed along northbound 680, mission boulevard to highway 238 we have three lanes blocked. that is until 6:00 a.m. southbound 680 on the eastbound and westbound washington boulevard on-ramp, that will be shut down until 6:00. and headed westbound at 580 before greenville road we have a fender bender pulled to the shoulder. >> we begin with developing news, investigators have served a search warrant at the home wheren a 8-year-old girl was found stabbed to death over the weekend. a memorial is set up at the school 30 miles east of
4:30 am
stockton. the young girl was found stabbed to death in a suspected robbery attempt at her home on saturday and an autopsy is scheduled for today. yesterday, authorities gathered fingerprints and d.n.a. evidence from the scene after door-to-door searches across the small town turned up nothing. >> doing a house-to-house search and some cases we are searching in at ticks and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search being rural. >>the suspect is a white or hispanic man with a black shirt and blue pants. police patrols are stepped up at schools and bus stops with counselors on hand. >> in the check capital a power will explosion has injured 40 people and the search is on for victims buried. authorities think the blast was caused by a natural gas explosion but the investigation is just underway. windows shattered for hundreds of yards.


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