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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 29, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 this is abc7 news. calaveras county have recovered fingerprints and d.n.a. they hope will lead to the killer of leila fowler the 8-year-old girl stabbed to death in her own home under mysterious circumstances. >> the sheriff deputies is asking people to call a tip line with leads while an autopsy gets underway today. this tragedy is unfolding in a small town of valley springs 30 miles east of stockton. the family friend spoke this
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morning. >> i hope they fine the guy who did it. if the police don't find him someone will and it wouldn't be pretty especially a small town like this. we look out after each other. >> her friends are mourning the loss of the girl who always had a big smile. they plan to attend a vigil tomorrow night. the small rural town will never be the same. >> a rural community on edge. >> they had the helicopters going over our house last night, a place where doors go unlocked now bolted shut. >> i am sure a lost families locked all their ones and doors for the first time. >> an 8-year-old leila fowler was brutally murdered. she and her brother were home alone and he saw an intruder leave the house and called his parents who called 9-1-1 and he found his sister, stabbed, severely wounded.
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she later died. since then, police have been running down leads but have not named a suspect. they are looking for a police tearous intruder described as a while or hispanic mail 6' tall with a muscle build and wearing jeans and a dark shirt. >> we are searching extensively into the attics. >> there are a lot of empty outbuildings and huge problem croppings to hide. >> residents were ordered to stay home as they comb the neighborhood for clues and evidence. >> we collected fingerprints during that search. we also collected what we believe to be d.n.a. those prints and the dan will hopefully be processed the neck year. >> there is a greater police presence at schools and grove counselors on campus to help children deal with the loss. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the
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search for her killer on air and online at you can also follow us on twitter for up-to-the-minute updates at abc7 news bay area. >> deadly weekend for divers off the california northern coast. one victim is 36-year-old who was caught in a riptide yesterday morning. a few hours later another diver died north of fort bragg while looking for fish. on saturday, a retired firefighter drowned in the waters in sonoma county. >> jury selection is underway in the murder trial of suspected serial killer joseph naso, a 79-year-old charged with strangling four women in contra costa county and marin and yuba county between 1997 and 1994. he is representing himself and says all the evidence against him is circumstantial. >> the two tri-valley sisters charged with child abuse at a
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daycare center are in court today. the two sisters are expected to enter pleas to three felony counts of child abuse and misdemeanor counts of neglect. the workers wrapped seven infants so tightly in swaddling blankets the infanted had trouble breathing. >> bart is rolling out a plan to allow it to ban passengers who do caught in behave. the process start add year ago and the legislature pass add law giving bart the power. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins from oakland. why didn't bart have that right already? >> they have something in place called a "stay away order order" but it take as long time. this gives bart police the power to make a decision and act right away. >> we want to send the message if you are coming under a system and be violent there are cons.
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>> officials have had it with people who threaten their employees or try and sell drags to the passengers. next week, bart police have the power to ban people from the trains and the station. >> not only is this for someone that will come and start a fight, pick a fight with a passenger, but it is those that are urinating on the system, graffiti, trying to sell drugs, it is everything that will make the bart environment safer. >> if someone commit as violent criminal act such as hitting a station agent, they can be banned right away. the new law requires a little more tolerance for the lesser offense. repeat offenders who commit certain offenses more than three times in a 90--day period get cracked down on and they are issued a prohibition order. some have concerns this goes too far while others applaud the idea. >> you are going to work and you are trying to do the right thing you don't need that nasty notice and noise. >> i don't necessarily think it is fair. a lot of people, i believe
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they...they have learned a lesson. >> there is an appeals process to check the passengers that do rely on bart to get around. >> this is in place in sacramento and in fresno and officials say it is working and will go in effect here on bart in the bay area next week. >> happening now the city of oakland is tackling the biggest complaints from drivers, potholes. the pothole filling blitz is underway with crews starting to fill the potholes today along claremont between clifton and hudson street. they will focus on the busiest streets especially near schools and hospitals. they hope to fillmore than 3,000 potholes before the end of june. >> a former sanford all american made history by becoming the first major league athlete repeal he is gay. 34-year-old jason collins came
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out in "sports illustrated." he and his brother, twin brother, lead sanford to the final four in 1998 and just completed the 12th season in the nba after playing for boston and washington this year. he now is a free agent. jason collins first came out to his aunt who happens to be a superior judge in san francisco. reaction is pouring in from his brother, ex-teammates and fans and kobe bryant said don't suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others. and chelsea clinton, stated "very proud of my friend for having the strength and courage to be the first openly gay player in the nba." >> imagine, riding across the country in a golf cart. hmm, a 4,000 mile ride kinging off in the bay area and the importance cause it is benefiting. >> later on, why it could cost a
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little less to get away this memorial day weekend but you have to
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>> a powerful explosion in prague injured at least 40 people this morning. people may still be buried in the rubble in the czech capital. the blast was likely a natural gas explosion and not a terror attack. it badly damaged nearby office buildings and shattered windows.
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rescuers are using dogs to look for the missing. >> the karate teacher accused of threating the light of president obama appeared in court this morning and said little during precourt appearance and told the judge he understood the charges against him. the f.b.i. arrested him on saturday. he is accused of sending letters laced with ricin to the president, a senator, and a judge. charges were initially filed against elvis impersonator curtis who was later cleared. >> now the boston marathon bombings, sources say the f.b.i. has interviewed the mystery man known as misha who has been blamed for radicalizing the suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. they spoke with the man in rhode island and he admits knowing them but says he has not spoken with them in years. authorities continue to question what the suspects had held. lawmakers on the house of representatives interrogation committee say the bombs were too
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sophisticated to come from internet recipes. the f.b.i. is going over the wiretaps turned over by russian authorities and the main focus is a 2011 phone call between tamerlan and his mother about jihad. >> the coast guard has a coast to coast fundraiser for injured military personnel driving a golf cart across american from petaluma to yorktown, virginia. >> good morning to you, the man who in the of this fundraiser is an electrician with the coast guard and thought, why not test out the technology of a battery-powered golf court and drive it across the country? he causes it "carting for a cause." the journey to raise money depends on this golf cart. we modified it with oh particular panels and batteries can be switched.
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>> it is street legal but can only travel 25 miles per hour. it will carry rotations of 15 active duty, retired and reserve members of the coast guard, 3,900 miles from the coast guard station in petaluma to the station in yorktown, virginia. the money they raise through go-karts, it will go do wounded watt your project. >> it is more personally, my husband was in iraq in 2006 and 13 of his battalion did not come home and others came back broken, physically or just emotionally. >> the journey to help their brethren is a year in the making. >> the first day of school is what it families like, i woke up this morning, and i could not veal sending e-mails about keeping the buzz going. >> the effort would not be possible without support from across the nation. the golf cart and official cart was donated and so is the time. the coast guard members use 25
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out of the their 30 annual vacation days to help their fellow soldiers. >> turn on the tv and there is a lot of bad news going on and i hope this is the shining star for the month of may to turn on the tv and say, wow, let's have some good news. we need good news. this will bring it home to america. >> this cross country journey will end memorial day weekend a in from now. between now and then they hope to raise $50,000. if you would like to follow or donate you can find a link on it is solar powered so, mike, it is too much to ask for sun to the other side of the country. >> they will have their batteries charged to full capacity today. so will you if you are outside. you will need the sunscreen, though, with a couple of concerns. the haze is hanging over the bay and the temperatures have not
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been this warm for this long and it will heighten our fire danger. i will tell you when that will be the greatest in a few minutes. >> what is this car doing in a tree? it is a
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>> covering loss los alamos ltos, petaluma, and this is abc7 news. >> how did this pickup end up in a tree in oregon 10' off the grounds? no one was inside the pickup or near it. local media reports officials were removing it and the woman who was driving it showed up and said she was not hurt but the rest is unclear. officials cited her for failing to report the accident immediately. >> subaru is recalling 10,000 vehicles because of faulty floor mats that could interfere with a gas break and clutch pedals. the company says that the floor mats can curl when exposed to heat. subaru chased it to improperly manufacturing backing on the
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mats and dealers will replace all formats -- all four of the mats for free. >> the average price of a round-trip domestic flight between may 23 and may 28 is $341, down 2 percent from 2012. the average international ticket is $981, down 1 percent from last year. analysts say the lower prices caused by lower demand but you have to buy soon to get the lower devices. >> the warrior could wrap up the first round playoff series against the denver nuggets tomorrow night taking a commanding 3-1 lead beating the nuggets in front of their cheering fans. now, if the warriors do not clinch the best of seven series in denver tomorrow, they will play game six back in oakland on thursday. tickets for that are now on sale on the web site. >> you can show your warriors pride by posting this "go
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warriors" to face book with the badge at >> the a's are playing at home? >> with a lot of warm weather, the longer stretch of warmer-than-average temperatures all season, especially inside. we also have burning bans. open burning bans starting today to limit the risk of fire as the summer season approaches, and are in affect in santa clara and san mateo and santa cruz. the lack of rainfall this year in those counties coupled with low humidity, and the dry vegetation has created a potential fire danger, and it is tuesday night into wednesday we will find the greatest potential danger. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is out there and not a radar return to be found. the areas aheaded in tan or light brown, you can see the north bay hills, east bay hills,
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diabolo range, that area, it is under a wind advisory through wednesday morning at 11:00. what to expect? dangerous wind, gusting to 20 or 30 miles per hour and that is sustained gusting to 50 to 60 combine dry air, dry ground and vegetation you have heightened fire risk with no fire watch or warning or advisory but that is the potential. closer to that time we will nail it down for you but tuesday might and wednesday morning are the highest risk. we are gusting to 17 in livermore and 18 at half moon bay and everyone else is below ten miles per hour. the high pressure is on top of us and bringing stagnant air and in san francisco, mission is at 77. ferry building is 67. and ocean beach is 20 degrees cooler than mission at 57 degrees. that is the exception. we have a lot of 70's and 80's already and already 87 in walnut
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creek and pleasanton and it will be easy to get to 90 at 11:20. a cooler spot is 68 at richmond and the coast is 61 at half moon bay with free air conditioning. downtown san jose will be above average and sunny the next seven days! near record warm the on thursday and friday and the high fire danger the time to clear out the brush if you can in 30' to 100' of the house. the cold front will drop temperatures a little tomorrow and sets up a tight special gradient and the highs will create the fire potential. but, first, we are 84 in san jose, and dropping to mid-70's in the if peninsula, and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and mid-70's south san francisco and 80 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 80's north bay valley 20 degrees cooler at the beach and mid-to-upper 70's
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richmond, berkeley, and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere on the east bay shore and low 90's, seven, maybe eight days in a row near 90. now, tonight, angels and a's 69, cropping down to 57. what a great evening for baseball. here is the saving grace, temperatures are back in the 50's but with the breezes tuesday night into wednesday morning, lows may only drop into the 60's and that will spring us back up to warm weather on wednesday. look at thursday, mid-90's inland and upper 70's at the coast and we are still well above average even though the temperatures come down we should at this time only be in the 60's and 70's. >> a major plot twist: "one life to live" and "all my children" are back from the dead. new half-hour episodes debut
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online with itunes and both ended in 2011 and "all my children" will continue five years later and "one life to live" publics up a year later with new episodes monday through thursday. >> like the characters, they keep coming back to life. >> it is fund. >> up close and personal with a hungry camel. >> what happened to this
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>> at 3:00 "katie" welcomes the cast "madmen" and spends the day working at an advertising agency in new york city. and a treatment to get rid of dark circles in minutes.
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>> on abc7 news at 5:00, new guidelines on who should be tested for h.i.v., the findings may surprise you. >> finally, a family in the midwest bit off more than they could chew in a close encounter with a hungry camel. >> this video was posted on youtube after they visit add drive through zoo near kansas city. tyler was holding his young daughter and it started nuzzling her. she was laughing until...the cam met put her head in the mouth and tried to clue. dad hit the gas and the camel ran alongside the vehicle chasing it. >> she got away and the girl wasn't hurt.
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