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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> tragedy on the bay. a few hours from now america's cup officials and the coast guard are expected to reveal new information about the accident that killed a sailor on san francisco bay. >> new details on the cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for a decade, the addiction he now is claiming to have. >> first, developing news from san francisco with flames breaking out if a restaurant near pier 39. firefighterred had a hard time fighting the flames. happy friday. 6:00. >> the gray start to the day. >> little bit of a history with a gray start. a damp morning as far as humidity. no organized areas of rain to deal with. the next 12 hours, 52 and gray at 7:00. mostly sunny by noon and 63 and
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sunshine around 4:00 and 70 and breezy from time to time near the bay shore and cool and breezy and 61 in the evening. inland valleys, clouds are rolling in and they are making a late march in. 68 by noon and 75 and sunny by 4:00. at the coast, it will be sunny for the better part of today. we are at 48 and mid-to-upper 50's the rest of the day. >> we will visit the south bay in san jose where we take the drive along 101 coming away from 880 and there is traffic building but as you do have a flight for mother's difficult, you will be in good situation. in san jose we have construction with a project wrapping up northbound 880 between highway one and million expressway one lane was blocked. the cones are being picked up now. we have a report of a new crash involving four vehicles northbound 87 at capitol
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expressway. now, we will go to you. >> breaking news from san jose in santa clara medical center where a van has crashed into the main entrance of the hospital. it happened before 4:00 this morning a driver and a hospital janitor have been injured. the medical center is located in an area where there were no patients. the hospital is open and using other entrances for people coming in and out of the hospital. >> from san francisco, a popular restaurant near bi41 will be shut down after a fire overnight^. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the reason this was a difficult firefight. >> it looks like it is ed to get to, right to the island restaurant is right there but it is a flowing island. you have to take a boat to get there. firefighters theyize they --
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realize they could not get there by land. the call came before 3:00 this morning the floating restaurant at pier 41 and you may be able to hear them next to the sea lions at pier 39. customers is to take a boat to the restaurant. firefighters say when they got to the restaurant it was easy to put the fire out but it cost them an extra 10 minutes getting the fire boat out to get to the restaurant. the damage looks to be in the front seating area. obviously we cannot get to the restaurant but it looks like the back end is okay and maybe the kitchen area could be all right and it is still standing. the makeshift lighthouse here distinguishes the front still looks good and the seating area is the problem. it will be interesting to see
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how much repair they have to do. no one is answering the phone at restaurant. i cannot swim over there so give us some time as the story develops. we will get you the information as soon as we can. the fire is out. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started it. >> more developing news. this morning, the c.e.o. of america's cup and the coast guard will brief us on the deadly accident claiming the life of an olympian on the bay. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us with what we are learning. >> the racing boat was towed here to treasure island, clipper coffee, here. security now surrounds the vessel which is upside down in the water. you can see two, one of two red pontoons visible from here.
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andrew simpson died when artemis racing boat capsized. he was 36. he was a husband and a father from england. tweeted this year that he was excited about moving to the bay area for six months to prepare for america's cup. he is a two-time olympic sailing medalist and trapped under the catamaran for ten minutes when it capsized. the president says the crew is "in shock." >> it certainly is not the first of our concerns, the boat. we are focused on the people. >> the entire sailing community is grieving. the flag at headquarters is fly at half staff as are the flags at pier 30 and pier 32 home of the new zealand and italian teams and oracle team usa with a news conference scheduled this morning where the america's cup
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c.e.o. will talk about the accident and the investigation which is now underway. we will be there. that is the news from treasure island this morning. >> artemis racing took to twitter an hour before the accident showing the team right before they went on the water reading "a small gathering before dock off, good breeze and sunny conditions today on san francisco bay." this is not the first accident on the bay during america's cup training. in october, the oracle sailing team flipped putting their 72' catamaran to the test and 13 crew members were on board and all were recused but the boat sustained major damage and the crew took months to repair. strong winds capsized the catamaran. we will have continuing coverage of this tragedy on the bay check back with cornell bernard later
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in the news conference and at the 11 a.m. news conference with more at eleven with updates on twitter. >> develop news from cleveland where we learn new details of the man accused of holding three women captive if a decade. the prosecution says they could pursue the death penalty against ariel castro, the 52-year-old is now on suicide watch in jail. he made the first court appearance yesterday. we brought it to you on the use a-- abc morning news and he admitted to being a sex addict and cooperating with investigators. stay with abc7 news with were more from katie marzullo next half hour. >> the santa clara department of social services is asking the license of a milpitas daycare center be revoked after an infant was found strapped in a
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car seat in a closet. the license for the daycare center is suspended and the owner has been licensed since 1995 to run a hope day care but according to a report from social services, an infant boy was repeatedly kept in the car seat alone in a closet in an off limits area of the facility. police have also been contacted. >> we received allegations from the community care licensing which is a division of the d social services and we are under investigation. >> the owner has until mid-may to appeal and did not return our californias asking for comment. >> the state agency that oversees commercial limousines is looking into gaps in regulations after five women were killed in a fire on the san mateo bridge which raises concerns that limousines do not face the same safety rules as shuttles and buses. officials do not have the machine power or training to inspect all 10,000 limousines licensed in california according to officials.
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the 1999 stretch limousine burst into flames while crossing the san mateo bridge. the driver and four women escaped but five women including a new bride, died. the investigation is expected to take a month. >> the los gatos man accused of breaking into the governor's loft will return to court for arraignment after a judge postponed the hearing. the 26-year-old johnson appeared in court yesterday and a judge postponed the arraignment when the prosecution said they need more time to review johnson's file. as the 26-year-old left court he laid he was sleep deprive asked was run if three days when police arrested him and said he thought people were chasing him and said he was hear things that were not there. >> you can see we have a grave -- gray start. >> but a warm up for the mother's day weekend so get the present, guys!
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>> mike? >> oh, my... >> it is okay. i am playing. just playing. >> i know you are not playing. >> the sun above the clouds this morning is a beautiful sight with veto hour and 14 minute flight delays with high amount of tree pollen but ragweed and ozone is low and moderate grass. you can see the storms are staying in the sierra and a few high clouds tomorrow and high pressure that will bring us a nice day for temperatures around 62 in san francisco and 70's to near 80 headed to the east bay valley. as far as the fiscal year three days, through the holiday week, we will be near 90 inland tomorrow and mother's day and 80 around the bay and low to
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mid-60's at the coast. monday, though, notice the cool breeze coming in, temperatures dropping five- to ten-degrees and 58 at the coast and we will have mid-to-upper 70's around the bay and inland with more cloud cover and not rain in the forecast but a little bit of mist this morning because the marine layer is compressed with more moisture in the small are area. if you drive in the clouds you could get a few small rain drops on the windshield but other than that, a great day. >> no longer quiet. in livermore a brand new accident involving a motorcycle. this is in the westbound direction at 580 at livermore avenue. involving a motorcycle hitting a wall with three lanes blocked. c.h.p. is reporting this with quite the backup. this could be a nasty commute in the next few minutes. right now we are looking at
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heavy backups from tracy over the altamont pass to the accident. we will have more details as it becomes available. in san jose, this is where we have an accident with four cars northbound 87 at capitol expressway and one or two lanes blocked. >> per break is almost here. 7 on your side shows options for kids that does not break the bank. >> the search for two missing cruise ship passengers takes a new turn. >> a classic book hits the big screen
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 6:15 on friday. the search for the couple who went overboard during a carnival cruise has been called off. a camera caught the 30-year-old man and 27-year-old woman falling from the carnival spirit on wednesday night. both are from australia. the couple wasn't discovered missing until the cruise ship docked in sydney. the certain is suspended now.
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investigators say this is not suspicious and they have not ruled out the possibility of a suicide pact. >> twitter is adding a satellite office in the south bay, the san francisco bay social networking company is leasing an 8,000 square foot office in downtown sunnyvale near the caltrain station with up to 40 to 50 employees. >> "consumer reports" awarded nearly a perfect score to tesla car. they gave it a 99 out of 100. the only drawbacks are the limited range compared to a gasoline powered car and it takes 12 hours to charge. the top score follows a tesla earning report indicating they have turned a quarterly profit for the first time. >> "the great gatsby" opens and the studio is predicting a huge
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opening. the sometime lashing leonardo is f. scott. it would appeal to those moviegoers not interested in "ironman" or ""star trek"." >> i don't know those people the. >> all kids have read it if high school. >> we read it school, not just the cliff notes. >> we have cliff notes in the weather forecast, with the radar and satellite, we have cloud cover out there this morning but no radar runs. it is friday but we have small craft advisory in san francisco and to the delta from 3:00 this afternoon to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon northwest wind at 15
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to 25 notes so around 20 to 30 miles per hour. here are the cliff notes on the forecast. more warming today. a lot of sunshine. remain what of the high is saturday and sunday with cooler breezes next week but nothing too out of the ordinary. we still in the upper 40's in forest hills and 50 to 51 for all other areas in san francisco and our cool spot is petaluma at 49 and 48 and everyone else, richmond changed to 52 and that is up-to-the-minute change and financial district walnut creek and american canyon at 51 and 53 in union city and 54 in san jose. by 9:00, east bay valley, santa clara valley breaking out of the cloud cover and by noon everyone is out but for thing for rolling across the golden gate bridge and it will dry up in the afternoon. the temperatures are in the south bay jumping into mid-to-upper 70's but the one
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exception is milpitas at 72 and san jose is 75, and dropping down to 75 in redwood city and mid-to-upper 60's for millbrae and upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 50's in downtown and sausalito and san rafael is ten degrees warmer and we jump to 80 in napa and the east bay shore, 67 and hercules in the mid-70's for the warm spot and well start in the mid-70's and head out to highway four to brentwood in the low-to-mid 80's. braves and giants partly cloudy, 59, dress for a temperature of 56 under clouds. the seven-day forecast pushes 19 in the warm of the east bay valley tomorrow and mother's day and 80 around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast and cooler but spring warmth in the forecast and dry next week. >> c.h.p. has arrived on the scene along 580 at livermore avenue because of a motorcycle
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crash that was trafficking along and hit the wall and we have one lane blocked. it was reported earlier that flee lanes were blocked. 12 miles per hour is the top speed approach this accident. at altamont pass, 38 miles per hour, so, slow and sluggish on the westbound direction to dublin/pleasanton at 45 minute. c.h.p. on the this crash northbound 87 at capitol expressway involving four vehicles from 85 and not looking too bad but at seven minutes up to the julian off ramp. >> the abc7 news reveals the bay area restaurant serving up a secret with a backlash facing the chef admitting he is selling foie gras. >> some are savings for the kids >> some are savings for the kids with ways it keep the kids [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer 360 duster extender,
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>> summer is just about here so kids are just about out of school. >> that is a challenge for parents. do you keep them busy? how? >> without spending a lot of money. >> michael finney has the answer.
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we have great tips on saving money on summer camps. we had a technical problem but we will bring that to you. >> breaking news from san jose, a minivan crashed into a medical center. the damage is up next. >> coverage on the tragedy on the bay continues including how the accident is impacting the racing community in the bay area. what we are lending of the victim. >> in the news rome we have developing news on the missing women found in cleveland the suspect under close guard and one by one the relatives are turning their backs on him. >> good morning, with a look from the east bay hills, the sunshine and limited clouds in the east bay valley with temperatures reaching 90 over mother's day weekend with temperatures elsewhere in a few minutes. >> leyla gulen in the abc7 news traffic center, trafficking an accident in livermore involving a motorcycle is causing quite the backup and metering lights are on, on the bay bridge with
6:25 am
heavy conditions into san francisco with more details to
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is out of san jose. >> police are at the scene at santa clara county medical
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center where a man crashed through the main entrance of the hospital. >> the peg was sent by a viewer with a van crashing into the entrance before 4:00 this morning. you can see hospital staff looking at it. a driver and a hospital janitor were injured. no patients are affected. right now the hospital is open and using an alternate entrance for parent, staff and guests. >> the weather forecast on this mother's day weekend. >> it will warm up, mike? >> absolutely. we warmed up yesterday and more today and the biggest jump is tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry for the morning commute and we still have flight arrive delays because of the cloud cover. our day planner is overcast through 7:00 and 52 with sunshine like yesterday and 63 is lunch time temperature and sunny at 4:00 and hanging around 70 and a cool breeze, dress for
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61 through evening. inland neighborhoods, you saw the clouds arrive late and the east bay valley is 51. sunshine and 68 by noon and 75 at 4:00, and a calm evening with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60. at the coast, clouds are more stubborn and more mist, and 50 degrees and clouds at noon and at 4:00 with mid-to-upper 50's and cool evening for you with temperature at 55 degrees. have the jacke testimony -- jacket ready. >> northbound 87 is cleared at the capitol expressway. in livermore westbound 580 a motorcycle hit the wall. 12 miles per hour is the top speed over the altamont pass. a nightmare at seven miles per hour. if you traveling along 580 to
6:30 am
dublin/pleasanton that takes you 53 minutes and 27 minutes from antioch to concord and 80 westbound through berkeley is in good shape at 14 minutes. >> develop news in san francisco with fire investigators looking for the cause of the fire that damaged a floating restaurant near pier 41 starting before 3:00 as firefighters could not reach the floating restaurant from land. the restaurant was damaged before the firefighter could reach it. >> this morning, the top executive with america's cup along with the coast guard will update us on the deadly catamaran accident that killed an olympian. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins from treasure island with the yacht now sits. >> the swedish racing boat was
6:31 am
towed here. you can so one of the red pontoons although it is updown. the swedish racing team was practicing for the america's cup and tragedy struck. 36-year-old crew member andrew simpson was killed when artemis capsized. he was underwater for ten minutes and appealeds tried to revive him for 20 minutes but it was to late. >> several things could have happened. mechanical failure. possibly crew mishap. of course, wind and wave conditions. >> the sailor can get tangled in rigging and become trapped in the hull. the tragedy is less than two months before the start of
6:32 am
america's cup. a news conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. with coast guard officials and the c.e.o. of america's cup will talk about the tragedy and what may have caused it. >> the crew and the racing community are taking the accident hard. six of the crew members arrived at headquarters after the accident carrying the sail from the catamaran. this morning the flag at headquarters is anything at half staff as are the flags at pier 30 and 32 home of the american taxpayer and italian -- italian team and team usa. >> shocking experience to go there and we have a lot to deal with next few days assuring everyone's well-being. >> he was a 36-year-old husband and father and well-known in the sailing circles winning gold and silver medals the past two
6:33 am
summer olympics and in march he treated "moving the family to san francisco for six months is hectic but the cup will be fun." this morning the international sailing federation tweeted "we extend our deepest sympathy to andrew simpson's wife and family and the racing team." stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the tragedy on the bay at 11 a.m. news conference with more on our midday news at eleven with the latest at use and news updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >>the man accused of kidnapping and raping three women over 10 years claims he was abused. that is not all. abc7 news reporter is in the newsroom. katie marzullo? >> the note is suicidal in
6:34 am
nature and ariel castro is on suicide watch in a private cell. according to the abc7 news affiliate in cleveland that is because his case is so high profile and a medical team examined him and did not find him to be suicidal. in the note written in 2004 or 2005 which is after the women were abducted, he claims to have been abused by a family member and says he is a sex addict. we heard from a daughter on "good morning america" yesterday crying as she said how sorry she was for all of this and another daughter is speaking out. >> my father's actions are not a reflection of much in -- everyoe in the family. they are not a reflection of myself or my children. we don't have monster in our blood. >> we know one of the three women who was held captive by castro left the home with a
6:35 am
six-year-old daughter. gina dejesus is enjoying being in the sun. and michelle knight is still in the hospital. we did not have confirmation why. she became pregnant five times by castro but he beat and starved her until she miscarried each time. cass tremendous is on charged with these counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping but the prosecution could add hundreds more charges including aggravated murder for the pregnancies he allegedly terminated by force. reporters have caught up with was tremendous' mother who only speaks spanish but she said her son is sick. >> new this morning, an incredible story of survival. a woman trapped for 17 days after a building collapse in bangladesh is found alive. this is video of the rescue. crews spotted the woman in the purple dress waving her hand shouting "i'm alive."
6:36 am
cheers erupted from the crowd after rescuers pulled her free. 2,500 have been rescued. the death toll has risen to more than a thousand. >> in south bay a 3.4 earthquake rattled resident as many were about to go to slope. it struck past 10:00 and centered five miles east of san jose on alum park neighborhood. people felt it from gilroy to redwood city. we received several tweets from those who felt the small jolt. >> prince pays tribute to american's war dead and we will show you the video just in to the abc7 news room. >> the backlash facing a bay area restaurant violating california ban on foie gras.
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>> and walnut creek traffic situation update is ahead with more on the weather for moth
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>> we are back at 6:40. check outed clouds this morning. you may run into some mist because the clouds are so low.
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sunshine this afternoon and temperatures are four to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. we will look at the highs and they are cool at the coast with clouds more stubborn and upper 50's for you and low 50's in san francisco and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay and mid-70's and a few 80's inland and 80's are mostly in the east bay valley. alameda tomorrow will have their 13th annual park street spring festival, 150 vendors. 10:00 opens and 65 with clouds and low-to-mid 70's to 6:00 when it closes. that is a cooler spot. most of the pay area will be near 80 and inland near 90 over the week. >> it is quiet across the bay area. but livermore, where we still have an accident blocking a lane involving a motorcycle along westbound 580 at livermore avenue down to 12 miles per hour and single digit in some areas so when you come across the
6:41 am
altamont pass you are still looking at 28 miles per hour so a pain if you are making the drive from tracy toward dublin/pleasanton. we have an update at 580, an hour to get between tracy and dublin and 30 minutes from antioch to concord and 80 at 15 minutes through albany to berkeley to emeryville. >> update now to an abc7 news investigation. peta is targeting a san francisco restaurant for selling foie gras despite a state-wide ban. the restaurant is selling foie gras from the hudson valley company in new york which claims to be "humane." but peta say they are force-feeding the birds, ducks and geese that the liver comes from. the organization sent a letter to the owner of the restaurant saying they will pursue legal avenues if the restaurant continues to buy late the
6:42 am
california ban. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a look at the big board, the dow is down seven points but still over 15000 mark. we will go to new york stock exchange and bloomberg business report. >> prince harry in america with a solemn tribute he made t
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in southern california, authorities in rural los angeles county have taken several dogs into custody that could include the pit bulls that attacked and killed a jogger yesterday morning in a high debt either community 65 miles northeast of los angeles. authorities served a search warrant and took eight dogs, six were pit bulls. four were detained and a man was arrested for marijuana grow inside the house. it is possible charges for the dog attack could come later. ain the bay area, san jose police have to wait to get a ruling on the first open arbitration hearing that wrap up yesterday with city managers and police officers union agreeing that the officers deserve a
6:46 am
raise. how much? police want to get become the 10 percent pay cut they agreed to in 2010 plus a 3 percent race over two years. a retired judge serve as arbitrator will have a decision in june. >> the warriors play game three tonight at home against the spurs. they evened it up one each with a victory on game two on wednesday after losing in double overtime game one on monday after losing a 16-point lead with under five minutes to go. tip-off is 7:30 on espn and you can watch game four sunday at noon right here on abc7 news. >> a moving royal tribute, prince hear is paying respects to u.s. fallen service member, video just in to the abc7 news newsroom this morning he laid a
6:47 am
wreath at the tomb the unknown. he served two tours in afghanistan as a member of the british army and is scheduled to visit wounded troops at walter reed medical center today part of a seven day diplomatic trip to the united states. >> mcdonald's making changes some may not be happy about. >> trading as investors wrap up a big week. jane king has more from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, a week of record highs. so far, protect -- pretty directionless the dow trading down and nasdaq higher and silicon valley index is up by a third. yahoo c.e.o. trying to decide if she should make a play for hulu a streaming t site. amazon is interested to add more
6:48 am
video and video advertising across its products and changes on mcdonald's menu dropping the line in favor of lower price quarter pounders according to burger business. in official response from mcdonald's, though. and a free frozen yogurt at tcby for mother's day and they expect 80 million to eat out on mother's day so restaurant push these deals to get you in the doors. we talked about hooters offering a free meal up to $10 and she also get as drink and they had a huge turnout last year and they anticipate treating 20,000 moms to a complimentary mom on sunday but you may want to ask mom,
6:49 am
first, where she wants to go. >> ii don't think most men are brave enough to take their wife to hooters. >> it should be great to have a picnic. cloud cover, flight arrival delays at sfo and you can check our flight tracker. oakland and san jose are okay with no radar return. humid but no rain. on the water today, be careful. we have a small craft advisory for san francisco and headed into the tell t 3:00 this afternoon to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon for all the mariners at the northwest wind at 15 to
6:50 am
25 notes. chopping seas. walnut creek shows sunshine breaking free of the clouds as we look at 680 and we will talk to leyla gulen in a second to find out about the traffic. more warming and warm highs saturday and sunday the warmest in the next seven days and cooler breeze next week. right now, in the south bay, alum rock at 53, and campbell and los gatos 54. cupertino and san jose at 54. sunnyvale is 56. most temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. lafayette and shay yes -- san mateo at 52. 47 in novato. now by noon, most of us are sunny and a few clouds along the coast and across the golden gate bridge but that will break up in the afternoon hours.
6:51 am
if you are headed to the game tonight, temperatures are going to run from 59 degrees at 7:15 at at&t park and becoming mostly cloudy so dress for the chill. temperatures near 60 at the coast and low-to-mid 70's at the bay and upper 70's to low 80's inland and check how warm it is this weekend and when the temperatures drop next week they are warmer-than-average with no rain in the forecast. how is the commute? >> it looks like we have a crash in san jose that is cleared to the shoulder along northbound 101 at capitol expressway, involving a couple of cars and c.h.p. arrived on the scene and we down to then miles per hour, a mile worth of backup out there and you can see it is causing spectator slowing making the drive in the northbound direction. this crash if livermore involving a motorcycle is just pushed over to the shoulder and it has done the damage at eight miles per hour is the top speed coming up on the accident westbound 580 at livermore
6:52 am
avenue. over an hour of a drive coming away from tracy to dublin and through san jose long 101 up from 85, right up to the airport, beyond 880 you are at 15 minutes. >> five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:53 am
>> 6:53 on this friday morning with a gray start and low clouds on the golden gate bridge and not afebruarying -- affecting traffic too much. we have a warm-up for this mother's day weekend. of course, mike will have the forecast with leyla gulen following traffic around the bay area and she will tell you where the trouble spots are. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go, breaking news, a van crashes into valley medical center in san jose this morning, and look at this, a picture sent by a
6:54 am
viewer, a driver in and a hospil janitor are injured with patients not affected and the hospital is using another entrance for now. >> america's cup officials are holding an 11 a.m. news conference to discuss the death of a swedish sailor when the giant catamaran capsized in san francisco bay yesterday. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the accident that took the life of olympic medalist. >> the investigation into the floating restaurant fire is underway. the island restaurant off pier 41 suffered heavy damage in the 3:00 a.m. fire. crews realized they could not reach by land so they called in a fire boat the. >> the cleveland kidnapper is on suicide watch under dog in a private cell. ariel castro's daughter and mother are both distancing themselves saying they are disgusted by claims he held three women and a child captive
6:55 am
in his home for years. the from, is now seeking to add hundreds new charges. >> the giants will set autograph balls tonight at home game against the braves for a good cause. proceeds help victims of the post boston and the texas fertilizer plant explosion. 300 balls signed by all current players, coaches and assume my sell for $80 each. >> mother's day weekend. what is the weather going to be like? >> we are starting a warming trend. >> absolutely, has to do with the clouds being less stubborn today but we have them out there so if mom is visiting and flying into sfo an hour and 14 minute arrival delays. check ahead with our flight checker. we will have sunshine inland and 73 to 83 from the north by to the east bay and 62 at san francisco and 75 at san jose and the coast is partly sunny and
6:56 am
upper 50's. >> it is quite busy but look at the bay area, mostly green on the map which is good news and as we go to livermore this is where we are seeing a tough drive headed in the westbound direction an early motorcycle crash is cleared to the shoulder and you are down to eight miles per hour as the top speed so sluggish and slow. over the altamont pass, very slow. in san jose this crash is cleared with top speed at 37 miles per hour. northbound 101 at capitol expressway the drive to the san jose airport is look at 15 minutes away from 85. >> thank you for joining us for abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> we always on at injury a lovely mother's day. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. new right now. behind bars. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for the man accused of so much evil in cleveland. as chilling new details surface in a bizarre letter he left behind about his sex addiction and expressing remorse. breaking at this hour, an incredible find 17 days after that massive building collapsed overseas. a miracle survivor buried in the rubble. her hand waving from under the debris and she was just freed moments ago. chaos at the jodi arias trial. s.w.a.t. teams called in after a man claims bombs will go off when she re-enters the courtroom. this as arias is moved to a nearby psych ward. her case now on hold. and this morning. a very special live event on "good morning america."


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