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co-worker. and i know that my son and daughter were both in the hands of people who loved them. >> reporter: and this is mrs. biddle. >> my entire class was safe and well and got delivered to a parent. and the teachers at plaza towers didn't have that blessing. and -- and i can't even imagine. >> reporter: we were given a tour of that other school too, plaza towers elementary, where they lost seven little faces in one hallway. what's still a mystery, a miracle, is how so many others got out. most everything there is gone. but we notice mrs. marinelli's first grade classroom intact, the schoolwork on the desk where it was all left. and just before that tornado hit, they were writing what they liked most about their teacher. >> i will remember she gave me cupcakes. they were remembering because this was a couple of days left of school for the year. >> i can't help but notice your
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necklace. pray big. >> yes. >> and you did, you said. >> i did. >> a lot of those parents are grateful to you. to them you would say? >> your child is my child. all day long. all year long. >> our teachers are heroes. thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow for the latest on the deadly oklahoma twisters and flash flooding. deadly oklahoma twisters and
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. we begin with breaking news out of richmond where a search is underway for four-year-old amaya renee stewart. she disappeared from a family member's home on walt avenue. alan is there live. alan? >> carolyn, there is definitely a sense of urgency here because it has been almost five hours since young four-year-old amaya stewart stet disappeared from the front of this apartment. th is what we know about her. she was last seen in front of her grandmother's apartment in the 4200 block of wall avenue. she was wearinwith dress with hearts and purple stockings and riding a barbie razor scooter. 20 neighbors and dozens of
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police have been combing this neighborhood. a family friend says amaya whose nickname was mimi was looking after one of her younger relatives just before she went missing. >> some little kids in the house and one of the kids ran out and mimi saw the kid run outside. she told the rest of her family members to get the baby. all of the relatives went outside to gather they tho and they thought mimi had come in the house with them, and she did not. >> that family friend said amay's mother came to pick up her daughter 10 minutes after the baby was brought back into the home and that's when they realized amaya was gone. police say it is unlikely that amaya stewart ran away or went to a friend's house because she is only four years old. the parents are at the police station and right now police are actively searching this neighborhood with flashlights and deciding how they will expand the search for young amaya stewart. we will bring you information
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as it becomes available and we will be tweeting on this story. alan wang reporting live in richmond, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. now to breaking news in the midwest. violent storms have hit again tonight. tornadoes ripped through parts of oklahoma and missouri sending people racing for cover. in breaking news tonight, at least five people are dead and dozens injured. a double funnel cloud was seen over el reno. the national weather service says five tornadoes touched down in the oklahoma city area. it struck at rush hour, trapping drivers on highway 40 and flipping over cars. the bodies of a mother and her infant were found in one vehicle. the will rogers world airport in oklahoma city was evacuated and passengers were herded to underground tunnels and the basement to wait out the storm. on the highways, even those reporting the weather got caught in the wind. this weather channel suv was tossed 200 feet by a twister. in missouri a state of emergency has been declared.
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near st. louis, the inside of a house showed the storm's power. the roof was torn off and pieces of insulation littered the floor. although the high winds have subsided, heavy rain is causing flooding in both okla. there is four feet of water in someplaces. the oklahoma highway patrol is reporting all major interstates into oklahoma city are closed. at least 65,000 people are without power. forecasters are predicting more tornadoes, rain and thunderstorms for tomorrow. >> we're gonna die. >> duck down. duck down. duck down. >> this video just came into our newsroom.klahomar in oklahos straight into pieces of debris being whipped and thrown by a tornado and keeps going. this is incredible to watch. the tornado had just hit a barn and ripped it to pieces. it happened near union city, another suburb of oklahoma city. tonight's storms forced it is postpone meant of the giants game against the cardinalss in st. louis.
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bush stadium was evacuated because of thunderstorm and tornado warnings. larry beil will have more on what this means for the giants' schedule coming up later in sports. and here is what it looked like a short time ago in st. louis. you can see lightning framing the city's famous arches there. the violent weather in st. louis also ripped the roof off a suburban casino. more on the devastating tornadoes coming up tonight on "nightline." david muir and ginger zse will be reporting. you can follow us at abc7 news bay area on twitter. and now to abc7 news aw patel with a -- sandhya patel with a look at the nation's heartland. >> i want to show you that it is still very strong as far as the thunderstorm activity and some rain. live doppler 7hd, not a lot happening, but i am keeping track what is happening from the southern plains to the midwest. oklahoma city, radar is on right now, and they are still dealing with the thunderstorms and the rain. as you look toward the st. louis area, that radar is
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still on some rain falling as well. we do have flash flood warnings going and rainfall rates are 3 to 5 inches an hour. the red here over oklahoma city indicating the tornadoes that moved through that area earlier today. as you look at the tornado watch boxes still in affect. the thunderstorm watch box and so far the number of tornado reports are 21. we have our own concerns here. red flag warning until 7:00 tomorrow. gusts to 30 miles an hour and relative humidity as low as 10%. so the fire danger west of interstate 5 of course remains highest. the gustest winds are -- ll tell you how much hotter. we will get. >> and with that warm up, the bay area firecrews are on high alert this first weekend of june. they are prepared for what is a very early start to fire season. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> at the cal station in
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morgan hill, this fire truck has been driven on to the lot. it is part of the preparations being made throughout the bay area. >> we are talking about an additional 40 to 50 personnel that could be on duty throughout not just the south and east bay, but the peninsula as well as the north bay. >> a dry winter has left plenty of parched vegetation and they had a few wildland fires in the last few weeks. the forecast has several departments taking precautions. in the oakland hills teams will be out and about on fire patrols. >> the relative humidity is getting into the single digits. the wind and it is breezy right now, and as we get into the surrounding hills and the altimont, it gets windy. >> cal fire brings in trucks and personnel for the beginning of the fire season which usually starts the middle of july. and this year it seems to be stly >> we have our staffing where
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we are covering half of our stations and we are covering all of our stations and our engines at the peak levels we normally see in july. >> for cal fire the additional staffing will likely stay on through the rest of the season. sergio quintana, abc news. crews are battling the rugged fire and got help from favorable wind conditions. earlier gusts had driven flames toward the community of green valley forcing 200 people from their homes. but tonight the winds pushed the fire back into more than two square miles that had already burned. some 600 firefighters worked in the 85-degree heat to clear the brush near was stay yike. castaic. a san francisco man is recovering from a terrifying home invasion robbery. it happened near the city's laurel heights neighborhood where a crime like this is rare. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard spoke with the victim, and he is in the newsroom now with the story you will see only on abc7 news. cornell?
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>> carolyn, 62-year-old david hanson thought it was an earthquake, but it was several armed robbers breaking down his door. they beat him and made off with most effing he owns. most everything he owns. >> i was laying there watching tv and it was bang, bang, bang. did came flying open. >> david hanson was stunned when three armed men broke down his backdoor. they covered his head and hog tied him with duct tape and extension cords. the bruises on his face are from the beating he got. >> i started screaming and he started hitting me hard with a club of some kind telling me to shut up or he was going to kill me. >> the crooks ransacked his apartment near laurel heights for two hours. they busted open the small safe taking cash and gold coins. they took his wallet and stole his pick up truck. >> they took everything i had. they took my guitar. >> they then tossed david into the bathtub and took off. >> i could see his face through the window.
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he was screaming for help. >> this neighbor found david still tied up. >> first thing i did was uncut the duct tape and made sure he was all right. >> police have no suspects, but they are hoping more evidence comes to light. >> we are monitoring any video surveillance that may havere tha credit card and went to an atm machine, we will have video on that. >> it is a nice neighborhood. have i a family mere. i wasn't -- family here. i wasn't expecting that. >> neighbors are taking precautions and keeping doors and windows locked. and so is david who says he feels lucky to be alive. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a man was shot multiple times in san jose today. the latest act of violence in a very violent week. the shooting happened about 5:00 this evening on colmar drive. this was near ryan elementary school that was placed on lock down for a short time. the man was taken in serious condition. this week they have seen eight shootings and four fatal.
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police believe today's shooting is gang-related. san jose police have added officers this weekend and will conduct saturation patrols to try to get a handle on this increased violence. about 40 more officers than usual will make their presence known insp s. s.w.a.t teams will be out targeting certain areas. still to come, an outbreak of hepititis linked to berries. what you need to look out for. >> and new earn concerns about a -- new concerns about a popular sugar substitutes and how it can put your health at risk. >> and changes for ships in the area and how it could save the lives of endangered whales. >> and tired of remembering your pass words? the high-tech way that
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an outbreak of hepititis a has been linked to frozen berries sold at costco. 30 people in five states including california have become ill. the outbreak appears to be linked to the townsend farms organic organic anti-oxidant mix sold after late february. it has since been taken off store shelves. there is a concern that other customers may be affected because the frozen berry blends were used for smoothies and berries drinks. bart is working around the clock to repair the damage when two maintenance vehicles collided. workers swarmed across the tracks. they were racing to re-align the tracks and replace 38 insulators outside the east entrance to the trans bay tube. but they expect the repairs will be finished well before the monday morning commute. >> hopefully we will get it up to full speed in the off night hours so that by the time we
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are here next monday that everything will be running very quickly and everybody abley want to go this weekend. >> commuters rushed to get across the bay on short notice. casual carpoolers picked up rides in oakland. extra ferries brought passengers to the city and ac transit added buses to help commuters gett to san francisco. and the exclusive abc7 news ways traffic app can help you navigate traffic if bart is running or not and it is free at the apple app store or from google play. there will be lane closures in belmont to carry out repairs to a local choach tower. traffic -- local church. traffic will be affected as well as the sidewalk in front of immaculate heart of -- heart church. it has dry rot and termite damage that needs to be removed. whales in san francisco bay are getting more protection from commercial ships. starting at midnight ships will follow narrower routes in and out of the bay. the coast guard, the shipping industry and marine scientists
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collaborated to create new lanes. whales feeding near the islands and the kordell bank could benefit from the redirection of the lanes because they will be less likely to be hit by ships. merchant ships used to cruise through sensitive feeding grounds and now they have to travel in more narrow lanes about three miles wide. weetener changesnow, an the way your body handles sugar. they studied 17 severely obese people and it caused their blood sugar and insulin levels to rise compared to drinking water. increased insulin can lead to type 2 diabetes. the study is in the on-line journal diabetes care. tired of forgetting all of the pass words? motor role law may have an -- motorola may have an answer. it is an electronic tattoo that sticks to your skin and con -- contains circuits so they can identify you. and there is a pass word pill. a pill you swallow that then
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transmits a signal to devices outside the battery. no word when either device would be available. >> i wish they could do that for the card key we have to carry around which i am always misplacing. >> just rub your shoulder. >> exactly. let's get a look at the forecast. el sandhya pat a look at the forecast. feeling a summerg a summer like sizzle into the weekend. temperatures expected to sore for saturday and then they will start going downhill after that. live doppler 7h did is showing clear skies and a few clouds down to the south, but nothing to bother anyone. from our high definition explore for yum camera you are looking at coit tower and telegraph hill. san francisco 57 and it is still in the 60s. oakland, mountain view, san jose, 52 degrees. from the high definition emeryville camera, you can see clearly out toward emeryville and back toward san francisco, santa rosa at 62 degrees, but check out the temperature in livermore. it is still warm when it is 70
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degrees right now. you know we are headed toward a hot day tomorrow. from our sutro camera, san francisco is sparkling and it will be hotter inland tomorrow. elevated fire danger and cooling begins on sunday. so not quite as hot as it is going to be tomorrow. the high pressure will allow the temperatures to peak for your saturday afternoon. and there is always a place to go here in the bay area if you don't like the heat. here is a look at the summer-like microclimates we are expecting for your saturday. half moon bay 68 degrees. it will be pretty mild. 76 in san francisco as you head out toward the east bay. oakland 85 degrees. walnut creek, 95 degrees. you go well inland into antioch and you are really removed from the sea breeze. it will get up to 98 degrees. really going to start baking in the inland valleys. changes are coming though. saturday afternoon, still clear and sunny. by sunday, things start to change. the fog returns near the coast. as the fog is back and the sea breeze kicks in.
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the natural air conditioning will take the temperatures down for sunday afternoon. but it will take another day before the inland days drop off. tomorrow morning you have early plans? you don't have to worry about carrying a coat or jacket. it will be mild. 50s and 60s for most of clear sk clear skies to start and for the afternoon short sleeve and shorts weather for you. south bay 94 morgan hill and 93 los gatos. san jose 89 and 88 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula,87 in mountain view and 77 millbrae. a pretty warm day. coastal areas pacifica 66 degrees and downtown san francisco 76. south san francisco, 74. and in the north bay, mid-nineties and santa rosa out toward napa and 92 in san rafael. 85 in oakland and union city and 88 castro valley. it is hot inland. well above normal temperatures, 97 in fairfield and 94 livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring the heat. it is well above normal. cooling on sunday much cooler next week.
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low 80s inland. midto upper 50s coast tied. coast side. and we are always following everything including live doppler 7hd on twitt for any of the video forecast and weather info 1k3* weather tweets at abc7 news. carolyn, ama? >> thank you, sandhya. all right, let's check in now with sports. >> who says life is over after 40? not me. the women don't say a word. not for colon either.
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good evening. josh reddic is back and instant help for the a's. colon is back. and the best hit of the night came in batting practice. josh donaldson hits it into the over net. if he does that during a game a fan will win $10,000. josh, nobody got the money. josh, you can calm down. he is pretending. the rest of the night belonged to the pitchers. axle rod strikes him out in seven. he is dealing. you will get nothing and like it. he strikes out three. as for reddic and he is back from a wrist injury that put him on a a disabled list and running down this ball and reddic delivers at the plate and a double off axel rod.
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the a's add two more and colon goes the distance and allows five hits and gets rios to end it and the a's win it a score of 3-0. we told you earlier about the severe weather in the midwest. it caused the giants' game in st. louis to be postponed. weather permitting they will play a double header at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. college baseball and usf and rice. ncaa regionals and oregon. he belts a two-run homer for the owl rice takes the lead. bottom of 11 and two down and the dons pitcher strikes him out. the ball gets away. instead of the inning being over the runner advances to third. and then he scores on what looks like a routine flyball derrick atkinson lost it in the sun. he wins it 3-2 and usf plays an elimination game tomorrow. they have reached the ncaa semifinals. it was not easy. mich michael ws putt cal moves on.
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he loses that on the first playoff hole. michael kim lost his match. so cal and arizona state were tied, but have no fear. brandon is here. his approach is right on the money. he misses the birdie putt and cal wins it 3-2 and faces illinois in the semifinal. and a great surprise pulled off by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick last night showing up at his old high school graduation, pitman high in turlock. he honored his high school coach brandon harris who is retiring. >> i have had a lot of great memories with him. he worked with me a lot. he was the first person to actually let me run the ball a couple times. i think i had negative rushing yards in high school? >> you got it. >> great surprise that stunned everybody at the school. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> very cool. >> that is nice. >> thanks, larry. a flat tire helped a canadian woman recover some
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long lost pictures of her baby girl. >> a roll of film stolen a decade ago was found this week by another woman who stopped to cnd tire and tire discovered the unprocessed roll of film in a ditch. she developed the film and put the pictures on facebook. and perry smith from british columbia rec cog easy intoed her baby, husband and dog. she now has the pictures she thought she would never see again. >> that's very nice. >> remarkable. coming up, a live update on t
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back to our breaking news. we have new developments in the search for a missing four-year-old girl. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang is at the home on wall avenue. alan? >> ama, we are seeing more volunteers showing up at this late hour. they are passing out these fliers door-to-door, and we are seeing more help from the contra costa county sheriff's department. they are showing up. we understand they are bringing in search dogs. we w this following this search for four-year-old amaya stewart on abc7 news this morning starting at 5:00 a.m. alan wang reporting live in richmond, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. our reporting continues on twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. of your morning wake up weather with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> carolyn and ama, the red flag warning until saturday. the fire danger will remain high for your wake up time. clear and mild, upper 40s to low 60s at 5:00 a.m. getting into the 50s to 70s range by 8:00 a.m. and lisa will be here at 5:00 in the morning.
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carolyn, ama? >> thank you. tthat does it forn of abc7 news. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm ama dates. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. have a great weekend.
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