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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 1, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. temperatures nice and comfortable under clear skies. we will be as much as five degrees wormer today than yesterday. 54 in union city. 50 napa. we have a cool mid-40s at the coast but for the rest of the afternoon plenty of sunshine in san jose. high temperatures in the upper 80s to near ninety. kira. >> thank you, lisa. there is before e. been no break
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from the monster storms touching down in oklahoma. yesterday five people were killed and another 50 injured. we have the latest. >> take a look. survey crews are going to be out across oklahoma trying to southerly say the damage and they are going to see more scenes just like this. >> the massive storm cells spawned tornadoes that turned the tables on storm chasers.
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>> 40 is not enough. >> it wasn't enough. twister caught up with the storm crew, turning the highway into a horror show of flying debris. >> get down! if we don't stop we're going to die.ath+ they were sucked out of their vehicle. >> a tornado leveled a technology during school hours. >> we have a brace meant area at the school. we were able to get the folks down in there and thankfully everybody is fine. >> tornadoes destroyed many homes. severe thunderstorms around the twisters dumped hail and inches of rain and flooding streets up to four feet. further east, a massive storm
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system are aaged st. louis. look at the lightning flashing over the famed st. louis arch. >> a lot of destruction, but thankfully the storm touchdown in rural parts of oklahoma. down in a rural part of the state. for a while there was big worry it would hit and create the kind of devastation that that ef-5 create when had it rolled through moore, oklahoma less than two weeks ago. but thankfully that did not happen. rural areas took the greatest impact of the storm. abc news. now back to you. >> thank you. >> lanes ever 80 are shut down with a fatal accident involving a bicyclist. we have video taken a short time ago over the over prompting of i-80 and university avenue. a police calist was hit by a car just before 5:15 this morning and that person k die at the scene. no word yet on when the freeway is expect today reopen. we will bring you updates on the story as they become available.
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in developing news a four-year-old girl reported missing in richmond has been found safe. the girl disappeared about six last night on the home on wall avenue where she was visiting family. she was found just before mid-night sleeping beneath a bed inside the home. her mother has gratitude for all those who came out to help search for her daughter. >> i just want to tell everybody thank you. it means a lot to me. i'm sorry that she was in here. they had the dogs come in and everything. i'm sorry but i'm so happy she's okay and nothing bad happened to her. >> police say the girl is in good condition. they also say she was surrounded by lots of objects, and that's why she had gone undetected. this morning police in san jose are investigating a stabbing that left a man dead late last night. it happened in west san jose just before 10:00.
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officers found the man lying in a carport suffering from multiple stab wounds. he was taken to valley medical center where he died. no attackers are in custody. a man was shot multiple times in san jose yesterday. the latest act of violence in a very violent week. the shooting happened about 5:00 p.m. this was near lion elementary school that was placed on lock down for a short time. man was put in the hospital in serious condition. this week san jose saw 78 -- 8 shootings, four of them fatal. yesterday's shooting is gang related. san has added officers, trying to get a handle on the increased violence b40 more officers than usual will make their presence known in specific neighborhoods in the city. and s.w.a.t. teams and gang suppression units also will be
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out targeting certain areas. >> a san francisco man is recovering this morning from a terrifying home invasion robbie. it happened in laurel heights neighborhood where crime like this is rare. this is a story you will only see on abc7 news. >> i was laying there watching tv. then i heard a bang, bang, bang and the door came flying open. >> david hanson was stunned when three armed men broke down his back door. they offered his head and hogtied him with duct tape and extension cords. the bruises on his face are from the beat egg got. >> i started screaming and he started hitting me with a club and told me to shut up or he would kill me. >> they ransacked his apartment near laurel heights for nearly two hours. they busted open his safe, taking cash and gold coins.
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they took his wallet and pickup truck. >> they took everything i had, and my guitar. >> they then tossed him into the bathtub and took off. >> i could see his face through the window and he was screaming for help. >> a neighbor found david still tied up. >> the first thing i did was uncut the duct tape and called the police. >> police have no suspects but are hoping more evidence comes to life. >> we monitoring any video surveillance that may have been captured. if the suspects did use a credit card and went to an atm machine, we will have video on that. >> i have a family here and i wasn't expecting this to happen. >> neighbors are taking a precautions, keeping doors and windows locate. and so is david, who says he just feels lucky to be alive. in san francisco, abc7 news. bay areas fire crews are on high alert this first week. june and they are prepared for an early start to fire season. we have more.
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>> reporter: at the cal fire station at morgan hill this additional fire truck has just been driven on to the lot for preparations made throughout the bay area. >> we are talking about an additional 40, 50 personnel who could be on duty not just throughout the south and east became but the peninsula and north bay. >> the dry winter has left plenty of vegetation. crews have already had a few fires in the last few weeks. several departments are taking precautions in the oakland hills. teams will be out and about on fire patrols. >> the wind, and it is kind of breezy right now. as we get into the surrounding hills and so forth, it's fairly windy up there. >> cal fire usually brings in additional trucks for the fire season which usually starts the middle of july. this year seems to be starting early. >> instead of having our
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traditional staffing where we basically would be covering about half of our stations, we're covering all of our stations basically at the peak levels we normally would see in july. >> the extra staff will likely stay on throughout the rest of the season. abc news. >> today and tomorrow in marin county, people will learn how to better protect their homes from wildfires. its about the defense iible stad down effort. happening all weekend. firefighters will cover the county and talk to residents about how to make their homes more resistance to embers. the effort kicks off at 8:30 this morning. in southern california firefighters are work to gain ground on the powerhouse wildfire before temperatures shoot up today. the fire burning north of santa clarita has burned 800 acres. they got help from favorable wind conditions yesterday. earlier gusts drove the flames toward a rural community, forcing 200 people from their
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homes, but last night winds pushed the fire back into more than two square miles that had already burned. fire is 15% contained. officials expect to have it fully contained by wednesday. >> here in the bay area temperatures are so unbelievable warm. hopefully we don't have any fire situation. >> we could have a red flag warning. we just don't have the gusty winds. it will be breezy but starting out this morning, you know where that is. with clear conditions, temperatures are in the 50s. we will see 70s today at the beaches. enjoy it. as cool as the 50s with fog tomorrow. i'll explain coming up. >> gorgeous. also next, big changes for ships in the bay area. how it could help save the lives of endangered whales. and tells the last weekend before the temporary closer of the san francisco museum of modern art. what is going to happen to all that art during the two and a
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>> an outbreak of hepatitis a has been linked to frozen berries sold at costco. 30 people in five states, including california, have become ilgauskas. it appears to be linked to the townsend farm antioxidant blend
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frozen mix sold after late february. it has been taken off the store shelves but there is concerns other customers might be affected because frozen berry blends are often used to make smoothies and other drinks and it may have been purchased and contributed by smaller businesses. health officials in marin county are putting parents on alert. cases of whooping cough are up over the last two months. april and may alone 36 cases were reported in marin county. most of the recent case have been among school age children but infants are at the greatest risk for severe complications. no hospitalizations or deaths have been reported. bart is working around the clock to repair the democrat -- the railings that were damaged yesterday.
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they were race to go realign the track and placed 38 insulators to the east end of the tube. they expect it will be finished well before the monday morning commute. >> hopefully whether he get it up to full speed in the overnight hours so that by the time we are here next monday, that everything will be running very quickly and everybody will be able to get where they want to go this weekend. >> commuters rushed to get across the bay on such short notice. casual carpoolers picked up rides in oakland. extra ferries brought passengers into the city and ac transit added buss to help commuters to get into san francisco. remember the waze traffic a.m. can help you navigate traffic, whether the bart is running or not. it is free on google play or the internet. there will be emergency repairs to a local church tower. traffic in the 1,000 block of alameda area will affected as
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well as the sidewalk in front of immaculate heart of mary church. the belltower rises more than 60 feet above the church. they say it has dry rot andter night damage that needs to be removed. whales in san francisco bay are getting more protection from commercial shims. starting today ships will have to follow narrower routes in and outs of the bay. coast guard, the shipping industry and marine scientists all collaborated to create the new lanes. feeding whales could benefit from the redirection of the lanes because it will be less likely to be hit by ships. merchant ships used to cruz through sensitive feeding grounds. now they have to travel in more narrow lanes about 3 miles wide. if you are a starbucks frequenter, a change started today at all-star buck operations the company owns and
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separation. they are banning smoke within 25 feet of all of their shops, all 7,000 shops. indoor smoke at starbucks is already illegal. new policy applies only to seating areas and other company property around its stars. it will stricter than the california law where outdoor smoking is already band outside government buildings. some city ordinances here in california, though, are more restrictive than that. well, comb is the last day to visit the san francisco museum of modern art before it closes it's doors for two and a half years. >> reporter: the clock is
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ticking down. he rita and mark and others will have to move soon. it will reopen to 2016 with more open space, free to the public. >> we will have incredible new entrances tots museum to do that. we will have a beautiful open space on howard street for the public to come to. that will be right in keeping with the new transbay terminal. >> behind the museum demolition of the building has begun. this will make room for a multi-story addition. it will add $225,000 square feet of new space. between now and completion, much of the art will be in a top-secret storage location but some of it will be on the go at other bay area museums. >> we be at the contemporary jewish museum, the asian art museum, berkeley art museum. >> emily has been a museum member since it opened in 19 the
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5. >> it's difficult to think it's going to be closed for two and a half years, but i know in new york city when they had the museum close and they moved moved the exhibits to other place, it was fun to explore new venues for the art. >> the museum will be free for everyone before closer on sunday. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. in a few hours the bay area chapter of the make a wish chapter will host their north annual walk for wishes 5k. the event will be emceed by our weekend anchor. it kicks off at nine this morning. it begins at st. mary's's college. and up to 5,000 runners and walkers are expected to participate. the goal is to raise $120,000. all of that will go toward granting wishes for bay area children with life-threatening illnesses. we sure hope they reach their goal. and the weather will cooperate quite nicely for them early in the morning. >> early. >> and before it heats up today.
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>> that's right. by about 3:00,:00 this afternoon we will be well into the 80s and close to 100 in the valleys. maybe a few records but today will be the warmest day out of the weekend. a one-day warmup with the fog returning overnight tomorrow. not only a return of low clouds and fog tomorrow but it will initiate a pronounced cool down as we begin the work week. but we are starting out with nothing but sunshine. here we are in santa cruz this morning. boy, is that beautiful. it's setting up for a great day at the beach with numbers now at our coast in the mid-40s. 56 in san jose, 57 mountain view. 54 oakland, san francisco and here's a look at the south bay. you are in the mid-80s yesterday, near ninety today. it's in the low 50s in napa. cool in the north bail but already in the low 60s. we have the red flag warning by the delta. upper 50s for livermore and mid-50s union city and 52 los
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gatos. here's the look outside a little hazy but a warmer day today for everyone with hot temperatures inland and the elevated fire danger. we aren't look at a red f warning in the bay area, but the higher elevations of the north and east bay will have that pronounced down-sloping wind which allows for low relative humidity and potential fires. so the cooling begins tomorrow and that will keep us a comfortable right throughout middle of the week. here's the red flag warnings at 7:00 with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. that drops the relative humidity. keeping it not only tender dry here, but numbers close to 100 degrees. so we are talking probably mid- 80s by noontime. six degrees warming from yesterday's numbers by the delta and concord. warmer numbers here and even napa getting going on the warming. it's warmer at the coast. here's a few temperatures around the bay. about up he were 60s half moon
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bay. could seal 70s from stinson. you will head across the bay and we are into the mid-80s in oakland with the 5 for walnut creek. well talked about the red flag warning. by the dealt all we are getting awfully close to the triple digits. doesn't look like we will see any records but we are looking at high pressure really in that perfect position to bring the offshore flow in the higher elevations as the high builds into the north of us. we will be looking at big changes for tomorrow. today, though, 88 stanley clara, 86 milpitas tags. san francisco warming to 76. 74 south city and in the north bay 84 richmond, and 85 union city. 86 in fremont. and you head inland. look at all the nineties. tomorrow you are going to cool down a little but it will take until monday when the inland east bay will top out around 80.
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look at the dramatic change from tomorrow. inland monday you cool down. status quo for tuesday and wednesday and a warmup thursday and friday. we will let you know how hot it will take my bicycle your commune i keep track on twitter at live doppler 7hd. i always like the one-day warming because timing the fog is always challenging but that should come in overnight tonight. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, a typical baby photo, but turns out this is very special for one mothe
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>> we're joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning. >> great to see you, kira. coming up this morning, target oklahoma. a swarm of tornadoes bringing another round of death and
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destruction. this time during rush-hour traffic, cautioning thousands to be stranded as the storm pummeled cars with debris. many drivers ripped from their cars, leaving 100 injured and five confirmed dead. meteorologist ginger is on the ground, leading the extreme team this morning. and a deadly day in history for the huston fire departments. four firefighters killed when they rushed into a burning restaurant to rescue the stranded. the latest from huston this morning. and it's an anchor transformation w the nba finals upon us, ron claiborne and dan get style tips from basketball star dwyane wade. who wore it best and what did they wear? whether he show you coming up. it's a great clip. >> isolates only fair they get outfitted like you were outfitted to be a cowan girl that one time. it's only fair.
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>> yes. >> maybe next time. you don't need gucci. you are beautiful without it. >> thank you. let's go shopping together, kira. >> i would love it. i'll come to new york. >> perfect. >> sigh you at single. >> see ya. >> well a flat tired helped a canadian woman recover long lost pictures of her daughter. a roll of film was discovered in a ditch by another woman. she developed the film, put the pictures on facebook and ann perry smyth recognized her baby girl, husband and pet dog in the photo. she now has the pictures she thought she would never see again. wow. straight ahead, a big budget for san francisco that includes some additions. how mayor ed lee plans to utilize becomes of dollars over the next couple of years.
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>> i'm nannette miranda at sacramento superior court with a high stakes lawsuit could derail the high-speed rail
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>> at 6:30 on this first day of june we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> good morning. it's a quick warmup and you know why. we're at the beachuin santa cruz with clear skies. we're look at temperatures mid-to up he were 40s at our beaches. 50 santa cruz with 45 half moon bay. 54 oakland and san francisco. and the forecast for the rest of the bay area throughout the rest of the day today. ranging from the low tuesday to start out to the 60s overall by the delta. we are talking about numbers
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near 70 at our beaches to the up he were nineties inland. elevated fire danger and low relative humidity. breezy winds over the north and east bay hills. a clear and mild national tournament but things change quickly. >> thank you, leaguesa. mayor ed legal has presented his budget the next two years. the budget is nearly $8 billion per year with no significant cuss. wayne freedman has learned the budget actually has some additions. >> the corner of turk and taylor has a reputation of being one of the touchest in san francisco. richard dixon knows all about that. >> there is a lot of kids that walk around here that end up seeing a lost things that they shouldn't seal at kids. >> the police come bill here often and now there are likely to be more of them due to a proposed city budge they'll adds 300 new officers by next year. >> it's not about more cops to
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make more arrests. it's more cops to do the front end stuff. >> and the police chief and fire chief, and the fire chief is getting 30 more firefighters. >> this year's budget reflects a lot of hard work. >> the new proposed budget is big and thick. 436 pages of facts and numbers and graphs and details. and that, they say, is where the devil may be found. >> there is actually a lot of additional money coming in. >> roughly $300 million more revenue due mostly to property taxes. now one of the tasks facing budget and finance committee chairman mark ferrell is figuring out where to cut and where to add. >> do you make more friends or enemies with the budget. >> it depends. i'll tell you at the end. the season. >> a year we have more money it's always harder. >> a high levelfulfs of services to the residents, protect the
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social safety net, increased public safety. >> and more work on the city's infrastructure. a mixed bless to go small business people like this man on francisco street where the city has been in falling new suers for three weeks, hurting bigs by 30%. >> we don't see a difference other than just repaved streets. so hopefully it has a bigger plan to it. >> 7-point the billion dollars per year. each dollar relevant to someone. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. knew this morning, president obama says the economy is showing new signings of strength. he says the auto industry, new jobs and a recovering housing market have all shown signs of progress n his weekly radio and internet address, obama says it's up to congress to ensure the progress continues. >> to keep our housing market and our economy growing, congress needs to step up and do
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its part. members of congress will be coming back next week for an important month of work. we have to keep this progress going until middle class families start regaining that sense of security. we can't let partisan politics get in the way. >> obama said lawmakers should invest in roads and bridges, pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul and let homeowners save money by refinancing as low interest rates. starting today. ama airlines will resume dreamliner service between san jose and tokyo. it started back in january, but it stopped when the faa grounded dreamliners because of faulty batteries. the first flight today is set to take off at 1:05:00 a.m. ama will separate five weekly flights but plans on increasing its daily service this september. knew this morning, if you have ever dreamed of hacking into a computer, today is your lucky day. the white house is encouraging americans to take part in the
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first-ever national day of civic hacking. hacking events will take place in 83 cities across the country, including in palo alto and at the googleplex in mountain view. palo alto is expected to host the largest event in the country. the effort is meant to encourage invasion through the use of publicly available data. we post admission of some of the bay area's hacking events on our website, abc7 under "see it on tv." if you would like to trade in your old i-phone for a free i-phone5 listen up. at best buy people who trade in their i-phone 4 or 4-1 gets 150 credit for a new phone. only out-of-pocket costs will be sales tax on the new phone and carrier activation fees. customers have to be eligible for an upgrade and you have to sign a two-year contract. some people who live directly in the path of california's planned high-speed rail line and aren't happy about it not their day in court
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yesterday. they are sue to go stop the trains, claiming the whole thing has turned into a giant boondoggle. as capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento, those against the project could stop it. >> eric: google earth shows in kings county the land this couple bought to build their dream home one day. that is before they proposed running the tracks through their property. they sued saying the bullet train broken a promise made to california voters who approved a $10 billion bond under proposition 1-a in 2008 to help kick start the $68 billion project. they accused the state of page to have all the financing and environments allay beautiful for the initial phase in place before construction starts, which is slated for later this summer. without them, they say, the fate could end up with a train to nowhere. >> we don't want to have a
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stranded investment. i don't want to give up my property for that. that's not what i want to give my property up for. >> the project has gotten so far offtrack, this man who pushed for this as a lawmaker, then served as president of the high-speed rail board, now oppose it is. they will got their day in court. the high stakes lawsuit could delay or even stop california's high-speed rail dreams. their attorney just wants the criteria in prop 1-a followed to the tee or residents could be giving up their land for nothing. >> it could end up leaving us with 130 miles of rail that's unicable for anything except maybe to run amtrak on. >> the state insists it has provided with all the provisions of the bond measure. >> there is an identification of funding sources. there is no requirement of a certain level of certainty. >> if they came to me with a viable plan that they were going to guarantee high-speed rail
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service between san francisco and l.a. in 2 hours 45 minutes, then the conversation is how do i get out of the way. >> the judge had -- has ninety days to issue his decision. at sacramento superior court, abc7 news. its 6:38 rights now. new this morning, a man who survived a jump foreign policy the golden gate jump will lead a walk to prevent suicide today. kevin hynes became a suicide prevention advocate after surviving his jump many from the span 13 years ago. the 5k national alliance on mental illness walk helps raise funds to provide free mental health services throughout the bay area. it begins at 10:30 this morning in golden gate park. also new this morning a few hours from now unique works of art will be up for grabs at san francisco kicks off it's an you'll union street festival.
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isolates one. city's largest free events t features boutique artists from all over the world. there will also be live bonds, gourmet -- bands and food for all to enjoy. and coming up next, you are invited to a party this weekend at animal shelters throughout the bay area. we will tell you how you can adopt a pet for free. plus, here's a live look outside from our emeryville cam. is that just a spectacular way to begin the month of june? meteorologist lisa argen will have a very warm forecast in just a few
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>> if you thought about getting a pet there might not be no
6:42 am
better time to do it than this weekend. animal shelterings across the county will take to the streets with barking dogs all for a bargain and beer and food. >> how much is that doggy in the window? [barking] >> would you believe free? cats, too. [meowing] >> rich runs mattie's fund. >> mattie's fund is investing in creating a no-kill nation. we think we can guarantee all the dogs and cats of america a loving home by 2015. >> and to do it they will are making adopting a dog or cat freely for one weekend and paying shelters a reward for each animal adopted. it's happening across five states, including four different events in the bay area n all they will donate $4 million to connect people with pets. >> what we want to do is let people know that there are lots and lots of bond he were full, friendly, adoptable animals in
6:43 am
shelters. >> the spca has ton it before and says there is no downside to free adoptions. a face likes tina here will quickly steal your heart. >> the mattie's event isn't just free, it's also outdoors. they will tail over the entire street next to the shelter. and for folks on the fence about adopting, that could make all the difference. >> sandra new roman was anything but a lap dog. he's part pit bull, part retriever, but after seeing him out en the street last year, she realized efforts all teddy bear. >> he was gentle and friendly with kids and adults. >> they are hoping the weekend brings 200 more stories like sandras. they hope you will come for the beer and food and maybe stay and take home a furry friend. in san francisco, abc7 news. so cute.
6:44 am
i want a dog so badly but with my schedule it wouldn't work. >> i have a beagle with a mind. his own. >> it's a good day to have a dog and maybe take it out for a walk. >> yes. it will be very hot out there. good morning, everyone. we are looking at clear conditions out there. here's a view from mt. tam where testimonies are going to be heating up quickly today. we are talking about well above normal readings and elevated fire danger. but temperatures right now above 1,000 feet already in the 70s. so we will detail your neighborhood forecast when we return. >> look forward to it. thanks, leaguesa. next, the a's welcome back josh reddick. he makes his presence felt right away at the plate and in the field. larry beil has t
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>> welcome back. we are still talking about lisa's dog. it's the first day of june. look at that spectacular shot of the golden gate bridge this morning. temperatures in the north bay today will be in the 80s, even the nineties in some communities. dog lover lisa argen will have year individual forecast coming up in just a little bit, or now. >> yeah. >> cat lover, too. we have a cat, too. we are spreading the love all around. good morning, everyone. it's nice and sunny. the northerly gradient will warm us up today and sweep the fog away. we are starting out at the surface and with some cool numbers. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. by later on tonight after midnight we will be tracking the low clouds and fog that that will be spreading some coming around the bay. more significant cooling for our friends in the east bay. still nineties in store for the second half of the weekend but not the upper nineties. mid-50s san francisco. santa cruz at 50.
6:48 am
45 half moon bay. it's cool at the beaches but climbing to the mid-80s today. 57 in mountain view. we are looking at the south bay where yesterday it feels warm, in the mid-80s. today could be touching around ninety in the santa clara valley. right now up in the north bay, the cool number. napa at 50. 55 santa rosa. union city mid-tuesday. already in the 60s by the delta. go up about 1,000 feet and we are already in the mid-70s. the warmer air will be quickly translated into the surface warming and that very light sea breeze or lack of it anywhere from a couple miles away from our coast that's going to allow for big time heating today. there is the golden gate bridge. pretty good air quality close to the coast. but elsewhere not so great from the east bay to south bay today as hotter temperatures for everyone around the bay but the hottest will be inland. the elevated fire danger and the low relative humidity. north and east bay breezy winds, allowing for some dangerous
6:49 am
conditions with the cooling trend for tomorrow. but we are still going to be above normal tomorrow. this morning we are chillier in santa rosa, but that's it. we are much warmer from concord to fairfield this morning and livermore with five degrees of warming. so the further you go east, of course, that's where we are getting the red flag warning w the gusty winds. the low relative humidity and right through 7:00 we are watching this area here for potential fire danger. but really everywhere around the bay very, very dry. we're about four to six weeks ahead of where we should be with the fuel moisture out there. definitely some dangerous conditions. 70s at the coast, still very pleasant and we are looking at nineties to near 100. it's because of high pressure that builds in to the north of us. the clockwise flow around the high allowing for the light offshore flow, the weak sea breeze at our coast today but then it's going to pick up. we are talking about a weak system allowing for the low clouds and the fog to return.
6:50 am
starting out tomorrow with the gray conditions and cooler numbers around the bay and our coast. high necessary the triple tinge its from sacramento and fresno. 80 saw show. back home numbers ranging from near 70 at our beaches, 76 san francisco, mid-80s in oakland with the 1 vallejo. the 4 livermore, as well as morgan hill. you are heading over into the east bay today for the a's game, it's going to be a warm one out there, plenty of sun block and a hat with 80 today. starting out 1:00. but mid-80s toward the afternoon. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. today the hottest day of the weekend, some cooling tomorrow. and cooler inland on monday. breezy average tuesday with more clouds on wednesday, then we are warming up thursday and friday. so once again, up and down. >> up and down like a roller coaster. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. in sports, speaking of the a's, now the giants, they are going to play a split double-header in st. louis today after last night's game was postponed by tornado warnings. the a's will have much nicer
6:51 am
weather, as lee leaguesa said, when they play the white sox at the coliseum this afternoon. last night they made quick workful chicago. here's the highlights of this morning's sports. >> eric: good morning, everybody. josh reddick is back making an instant impact for the a's last night against the white sox. bartolo colon tossed a gem. that was week after turning 40. 2 hours, 14 minutes. the best hit of the night came before the game, batting practice, josh donaldson hits it into the if he does that during the game, a fan gets ten grand. josh, calm down. nobody gets the money. you need to do it in the game. the rest of the night was dominated by pitching. lowry fanned a single in seven. colon strikes out three. josh reddick running down the fly ball off this one, and reddick delivers at the plate. double in the eighth off of axelrod. that drives in john jaso. he gets alex rio to pop out for the final out.
6:52 am
a's victorious, 3-0. severe weather in the midwest caused the giants game in st. louis to be postponed. weather permitting, they will play a double-header today starting at 10:00 am pacific time. college ball, usf versus rice in the regionals in oregon. fifth inning. a two-run homer for rice and they take the lead. two down, the pitcher strikes out a pair but the ball gets away! instead of the inning being over, the runner goes to third and then scores on a routine fly ball by blake fox because derek atkinson lost it in the sun. what a way to lose a game. rice victorious, 3-2. usf will play an elimination game today. the cal golf team, number one in the nation trying to capture the
6:53 am
team title in the ncaa championship. they have reached the semifinals. it was not easy, though. quarterfinals of match play action in georgia. michael weaver sinks this putt on 18 and cal advances. he loses on the first playoff hole. then michael kim lost his match. have no fear, brandon here. his approach on 18 right on target. asu's john misses his birdie puts and then concedes. cal wins, they face illinois in the semifinal. nice surprise by quarterback colin kaepernick, showing up at his old high school's graduation. honoring his high school coach, bran con harris, who is retiring. >> i have had a lot of great memories with him. he's worked with me a lot. i mean, he was the first person to actually let me run the ball a couple times. i think i had a negative 2 in rushing yards in high school? >> you got it.
6:54 am
[laughter] >> he turned out to be a pretty fair running quarterback and the coach was completely surprised. he had no idea he was coming. that mike shumann will be here with all of your highlights tonight. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> thank you, larry. next, the lavish wedding plans today for a silicon valley exec who gave music a
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> napster shawn parker is spending $10 million on his wedding today. the lavish wedding planned today for a silicon valley executive who gave music a voice on the internet. he will mare alexandra lana. the ceremony will include a water fall, fake ruins and guests are reportedly getting outfitted by the costume designer for the "war of the ring" movie. he is facebook's first president. the gold striker is at great america in santa clara is also said to be the tallest wooden roller coaster in california at nearly 110 feet. it reaches speeds of up to 54 miles an hour. it features an 80-degree curve and a plunge of more than 100 feet. i can feel my stomach drop just reading that. it cost $10 million to build. the park raffled off tickets in march for a few lucky fans to be among the first to take a ride. >> i don't know, i grew up in l.a. around knocks barry farm and magic mountain and i stayed
6:58 am
very far from those things. well into the 80s today. today in vallejo. very warm. >> very warm. >> or mid-nineties for much of our east bay valleys. 89 in san jose. so today the warmest day of the weekend with upper nineties and fire danger around the bay. cooler tomorrow. >> hopefully we will all be safe today. thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the saturday morning news on this first day of june. we continue at 8:00
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. a deadly night of twisters. >> on the ground, dude. on the ground. >> at least five people killed, 89 injured and thousands stranded. just 11 days after moore was devastated by that massive ef-5 tornado. a living nightmare, storms hit in the thick of rush hour, pounding cars with flying debris and ripping drivers from their cars, also shutting down oklahoma city's interstate. >> there are thousands and thousands of vehicles, every road is jammed. >> our extreme team led by ginger zee is on the ground with all of the latest on target oklahoma, tornadoes strike again.


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