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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it was this horrific crack. >> people were saying, run for your life. >> a massive tree came crashes down in san jose. the tree was so big a woman had to be rescued from underneath it. i'm in for ama daetz. a day in the park turned into a might marry in san san jose. sergio is live from where the cleanup is underway. reporter: at this hour, several hours, actually, after the tree actually came down, there are workers who are still here. you can see right there, they have been using chain saws to cut huge branches from this massive tree.
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you can see it came to rest on a line of vehicles, five vehicles that were smashed by the tree. when it came down this afternoon, this park was full of people enjoying the day. >> rescue teams used chain saws to cut the massive tree apart and get to the injured. a couple dozen people were on this lawn bolling field when part of the tree came down. >> i was there. the tree shook a little bit and we looked up and it started coming down, and then there was this horrific crack. just horrific. and people were saying, run for your life. reporter: members of the lawn bowling club got caught under the branches. one was able to get out quickly but the other was pinned. other park visitors ran to help. >> an elderly lady had a bunch of benches over her and her ankle was snapped in half toward the top, and she had a big cut through the side of her head. i.
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>> a san jose fire department spokesperson says her injuries looked bad but they were minor. this massive oak actually split in two. one half fell on the lawn bowling field these, half crash on to cars on the street. >> he had one foot outside, one inside, and he was half in and half out of the car and he said as soon as he heard the tree coming toward him, he dove under his car. >> at least one person in a vehicle was taken to the hospital, also with minor injuries. the president of the lawn bowling club says they were hosting an event for the defensive coaching staff of the san francisco 49ers. >> unbelievably luck online one person was seriously injured. >> so, what caused the tree to split in two? an arborist has been dispatched to try to figure that out as part of the investigation of this incident. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> new developments tonight.
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the charges against the man accused of murdering a well-norway south bay millionaire have been dropped. the were the first to bring you the latest in the ravi culp a investigation. lisa amin gulezian is live from the newsroom with the story you'll see only on abc7. >> lucas ander sewn's lawyer was able to prove to the d.a. her client was nowhere near to the crime was in the hospital. >> lucas anderson left this red jump suit behind thursday when he walked out of the jail a free man. he was accused of breaking into ravi culp kumra's mansion with four other people, robbing the multimillionaire and then killing him. now prosecutors admit anderson was never there. >> mr.eded a kerrson had been admitted the medical center befe the robbery gap and was held there until 12 hours after it was over. >> the reason anderson was
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picked up and charged is because investigators say they found the 26-year-old's dna under the victim's fingernail's. anderson's attorney isn't so sure. >> that makes an assumption the dna evidence was collected and tested and analyzed properly. >> we don't believe there's any problem with the labwork. it's going to be about finding ought where the two individual's paths crossed. >> anderson suffers from mental illness, has a traumatic brain injury and is an alcoholic. >> mr. anderson has significant limitations and their world didn't cross. >> the prosecute continues to build its case against four people, including two reported gang members and two two alleged prostitutes. they remain in cuffed. -- remain in custody. >> breaking news out of so-california. more than a thousand homes are being evacuated in the lake liz
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lists area where the power house fire has grown to 5500 acres in the angeles national forest. firefighters had to deal with 105 temperatures and winds that ken changing direction. the fire which began thursday, is 20% contained. >> fire crews are battling flames in new mexico that have scorched thousands of acres. the firer in santa fe grew to eight square miles. >> one person is in custody after a fire in san jose. firefighters were called to a brush fire near i-280 and story road this afternoon. more than a dozen fire trucks and a helicopter from calfire were on the scene. i took an hour to bring the fire under control. >> it was jump the creek area. there's also some light, flashy fuels on the other side. the problem is there are apartments and residents on the
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other side. we sent units there and assigned them structure protection. >> five acred burned no structures damaged. >> the heat didn't help firefighters but that's about to change. let's head to meteorologist leigh glaser for a check on weather. >> leigh: you're right, nick. and those red-flag warnings from this evening for the solano area, have been cancelled, as winds are starting to shift around to more onshore, a cooler wind direction. the live doppler 7hd not picking up any moisture but you'll notice a few low clouds starting to push close to the coast, and that's another indication that things well be changing for us tomorrow in a cooler wind direction. today, it was hot. antioch, 97. 97, fairfield. 73 in san francisco. a cooldown in store. we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> dry conditions across the west may be driving up a huge
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spike in cases of valley fever. winds are blowing 'fungus that settled in the lungs. for mow it's like having the flu. >> new details about the hepatitis outbreak on the west coast, an oregon company says the outbreak has been traced to a type of pomegranate seed from turkey. it was in a froze 'berry mix, sold only another coates -- costco. >> le numbers between the time you eat the food and become sick is 28 to 30 days. >> the company has taken the product off the shelfs and is giving the centers for disease control and prevex a list of everybody who bought it. >> a walnut creek woman visiting her home town is in grave condition tonight after being shot during a side show in
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oakland. side shows like this one, feature drivers speeding and doing doughnuts in the street and they draw big crowds. at 2:30 this morning shots were fired during a street activity on 106th street and macarthur boulevard. they occur almost every weekended. >> they know what time police on and off work because they were down there for a good two hours and took something like this before the police came. >> we learned the 25-year-old woman is on life support. two men were also shot. one has been released from the hospital. the other is in stable condition. city officials plan to hold a news conference on monday to address the issue. >> san jose police are investigating the city's 21st 21st homicide of the year. a man was found stabbed to death last night in this carport near santana road. investigators have no suspects. the cause of -- bus of the
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violence in san jose police are conduct saturation patrols, police spokesman is a the community has been asking to see more officers on patrol, adding to increased police presence is designed to prevent violent acts from happening. patrols are being consent trailed in areas known for gang activity. the city has seen eight shootings this week alone, four fatal. >> 3400 customers in the east bay are still without power tonight. several outages began around 8:00 p.m. danville and black hawk were the hardest hit. nearly 12,000 customers. pg&e says an equipment failure caused the outage. >> more deadly tornadoes in america's heartland. >> tonight, the cleanup efforts and the bay area volunteers helping to lead a relief effort. plus, part of a bay area church demolished. why it had to be taken down so quickly. later, the bizarre video
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that is stirring up even more
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storm battered residents of oklahoma are once again digging out from another outbreak of deadly tornadoes. nine people were killed when the twisters, hail, and thunderstorms swept over the prairie states. report. >> we survived under that stairway. >> never how long on to anybody as tight. >> survival stories from
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oklahomans who thought the worst has passed. thousands still recovering from the toward -- tornado that killed people a week earlier. >> twice towards touched down, killing several people, including a mother and her baby. >> they were traveling on interstate, and their car was sucked up into the tornado, and they were sucked out of their vehicle. >> interstate 40 where they lost their lives was a parks lot when one of the tornado tore through just before rush hour. >> what seemed unusual is the number of people in their cars them worst place is in your car. >> beverly chanced it, caught in traffic has she tried to drive to safety. >> very much still in our hearts and minds, and this is too much too soon, and we didn't expect this at all, and i think it
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instills a little paranoia. >> fear left behind along with the devastation. shredded homes and flooded streets. oklahoma city's airport damaged but now re-opened. other businesses promising the same resilience si. >> ain't going noy. -- ain't going nowhere. we'll just dig deeper. it will be okay. >> optimism despite the sadness here. at least nine people were killed in these tornadoes, more than 100 others were hurt. >> new at 11:00, three volunteer from the bay area chapter of the red cross are packed and ready to go to oklahoma. they leave first thing tomorrow morning. lindsey is one of them. she will help with logistics and most volunteers won't know what they're doing until they get the. >> they tell you what your job is going to be, where you're going to go or stay, sow you don't actually know until you arrive because things change so quickly and they need help in
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all different areas. just want to make sure what i'm going to do is what needs to be done when i get there. >> you can help by denating to the red cross' disaster relief fund. text the word red cross to 90999 to donate $10. you can also contribute to red or call 1-800-red cross. >> part of a belmont church bell tower had to be demolished. the shut shout done yesterday, building inspectors found the tower had dry rot and termite damageed. they removed the tower in sections until city officials decided it would be safe. >> this weekend most bay area animal shelters are holding free pet adoptions in san francisco the local chapter of the society to prevent cruelty to animals held a street fair. here it was primarily dogs up for adoption but there were plenty of bunnies, birds, and
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kittens. this weekended's theme is, adopt, don't shot. >> having a pet will make your live longer, macyour heart rate beat slower, and you'll know everyone in your neighborhood so you'll become more social and popular. >> i'm all about the popularity. i want a cat so badly. the free pet adoptions continue tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at most animal shelters. leigh glaser, you know what? the weather was faction today and -- was fantastic today. >> leigh: it was terrific, but temperatures a little hot inland, up ever 0s. things will slowly cool down a bit, but won't stay cool much longer, because the long-range forecast, we'll get some high heat next weekend. live doppler hd showing you clear scierks although we had clouds over the bay area this evening. we're looking at lo lowe -- low
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cloudiness and fog along the coast. here's a live shot. you can see we have some clear sky out there. san francisco, 57. 66, oakland. san jose, 63. 58, half moon bay. and elsewhere across the bay area, santa rosa, 72. still mild in fairfield. 7 1. livermore, 71 as well. so here's a look at the forecast highlights. it was hot inland today. we'll get some cooling tomorrow. overnight tonight mild, a few high clouds, cooler near the coast and the bay for your sunday afternoon, and then it looks like we'll stretch the cooling trend for the next several days, at least the first part of the back to work forecast. tonight, mild inland. antioch, 63. then just look for mid-to-low 50s across the rest of the bay area, and you'll see a touch of the low cloudyiness and fog near
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the coast, and the reason why is that big area of high pressure that brought us the offshore winds, slowly starting too push on towards the east, and that's going to allow this low to drop south, more of an onshore wind component over the bay area. you can see the low clouds and fog over the waters and the stronger push will push this a little closer to the bay area. so temperatures close to bay, definitely cooler tomorrow. here's a look at our forecast animation. 11:00. you can see mainly clear, but check out this fog bank here the low cloud, the westerly winds picking up. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, moving in near the coast and the bay, and then by tomorrow afternoon, that strong sea breeze will set up and we will all start to cool things off. in fact here's that kind of compareson. tomorrow, half moon bay, low 60s. san francisco in the 70s today. tomorrow, only mid-to-upper 60s. oakland will drop ten degrees
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tomorrow. expecting the high there 75. walnut creek, 88 tomorrow. they were in the up ever 90s today. antioch, only 93 degrees. here's a look at the highs elsewhere. san jose, 81. 70s 0 on the peninsula. san francisco, 68. petaluma, 82. oakland, near 75. union city, 77. and we all cool down, antioch, 93. 90, concord. the seven-day forecast, more cooling monday and tuesday and then we'll start to rebound a bit thursday, friday, saturday, back up into the 90s. >> you do know weather like this makes us love you even more. but, shu, this is baseball weather and two teams going two different ways. >> mike: very well put. giants hitting a rough spot st. louis, better norway as the cardinals, and the a's can't seem to lo
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>> mike: how about those as? won 13-15 with the win over the white sox today. the seventh straight win at home and we had a rare ending. cespedes jersey day at the coliseum. people fighting over those. he was pumped up. 2-5, this rbi in the first, doubles into the gap. edlowerie scores. then an rbi trip until the fifth, and the a's up two, 3-1, then straily struck out eight but didn't get the win, season doolittle give up this single in the seventh. now tied. a's had 16 hits but one without swinging the bat. and josh reddick is walked, a walk in walkoff victory. reddick gets the old pie in his face afterwards, a's win. >> we didn't need something hard-fought. we needed a run, whether it was
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a walk -- just trying to do something, and just didn't get it over the plate. >> mike: the cardinals own matt cain this season but only for one inning. he allowed nine one inside run inning earlier this year at at&t park and was hoping for better results this afternoon in st. louis. came up perfect in every inning since the third. 4-0 cards. cruz scores two, a seven-run third inning for matt cain. struck out nine, allowed seven runs in six innings, cardinals take game one of the double-header, 8-0. game two new pitcher, same problem. madison bumgarner, gives up three runs also in the third. five runs in six innings, and adam wainwright went the distance, allowing one run. cards win. cal's baseball regionals, usf facing south dakota state. elimination game.
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usf takes the lead on the single. errors cost them. then the grounder to second. usf trying for two but the throw is wide. rub -- run scores. 13th, -- they face oregon sunday in another elimination game. >> all looking forward to the nba finals right here on abc7 news. san antonio waiting for indiana and miami to finish up, and the pacers force game seven in indiana despite
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mikes mike -- >> mike: the pacer will not go away. they let the heat know they're in for a fight in game seven. paul. >> -- paul george led the way. the heat led 40-39 at the half.
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pacers dominate the second half. third quarter, 14-2 run. roy hibt, double-double. 44 points and 11 boards. the series is even two apiece. >> let's go to the ice. came one, kings and lackhawks, kings score first but chicago answer. sharpe, knocks in the rebound in the second, the shot deflected. hossa past quick. hawks take game one, 2-1. >> eastern conference finals. bruns and ping -- penguins. the shouldn't slot, 1 or bruins, third period, two goals iced for boston. bruins shut out pittsburgh 3-0. ncaa golf. semifinals, number one cal and illinois, cal stalter, great
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chip but falls. same hole, campbell defeated kim su. he chips in. needed this putt to send it to a third playoff hole but missed it. he was three up at one point but illinois upsets cal and face alabama tomorrow. coming up later, french open tennis. we'll see you then. >> the major chain that is telling custom tore put away the been cigarettes. >> the irs under fire again for producing videos like this at a cost of thousands of taxpayer dollars. >> and saving whales off the coast. new changes that could help save
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>> good evening. i'm in for ama daetz. tonight, two people were injured in san jose when a large oak tree snapped in half and fell on them. this happened during a party at a lawn bowling club. the other half of the tree crushed cars in the parking lot. >> a man accused of killing a monte sereneo man has been released from jail. he was in the hospital at the time of the murder but prosecutors insist his dna was found under the victim's fingernails. >> a woman was shot during an illegal side show in oakland. >> the irs is in more trouble tonight and facing tough questions this week. on the heels of the tea party
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scandal, irs officials are now being called before congress to answer charges of waste and abuse, this time involving agency workers using tax dollars to produce parity videos. >> their dream. >> to become the next great sensation. this is their story. >> the short have iow shows irs employees line dancing. >> to the right. >> created for an irs training and leadership conference in 2010. >> i thought doing the "star trek" video was humiliating. >> referring to this video, create for the same conference, along with a gill -- gill began island's spoof. the prical, over $60,000 total. the latest tape released ahead of a inspector general's report.
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>> the video comes amid another scandal. the irs is taking heat for targeting conservative groups. the acting commissioner saying, this conference is an unfortunate vestage from a prior era, travel and training expenses have dropped more than 80% since 2010. >> on thursday, congress will grill irs officials over the con -- convention. >> in the weekly address president obama did not mention the irs but touted the growing economy, the strong auto industry and housing market. >> there's a lot of reasons to feel optimistic, we just have to keep going because we have more good jobs to create, more candidates to educate -- more kids to educate and more doors to open. >> republicans called for the president to ramp up energy production. >> we have new pictures tonight
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of the letters laced with poison his -- ricin mailed to president obama and number mayor bloomberg. the fbi has been going through a house in new boston, texas, and agents are interviewing the man who lives there described ace an army veteran. >> for the first time alcoholic benches could carry -- beverages could carry new -- nutritional labels, the inflame would include serving size, protein and fat. it's a measure pending a decision on whether the labels will become mandatory. >> merchant ships are following new traffic rules in the bay area. detours have been put in place for large vessels insuring part to prevent whiles from being struck. >> the hope is fewer whales will
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be struck now that shipping traffic in and out of san francisco bay is under tighter controls. the highways were designed to avoid collisions between merchant ships and fishing vessels, but whales needing near could benefit from redirection of the lanes. >> shift away from the bank and it's also going to keep ships on predictable path. >> merchant ships used to cruise right through the feeding grounds but now the lanes are three miles wide and extended by as much as 17 miles. >> we can get vessels out of the highly cop jested -- congested areas and environmentally since testify areas. >> this these guides will help identify the whales and help report their location. >> they don't want to hit whales anymore you want to hit an animal going down the highway.
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>> and in a few weeks this new noaa mobile app now being tested will let smartphone users join the gathering of data on whales. >> by getting a better idea where the whales are concentrated, we can suggest that one of the lanes becomes a slow-speed lane. >> migrating blue fin and hump back whales are near shorelines where there's plentyiful cril. >> 113 cats were removed from a house last july. the kit 's were held as evidence in the animal abuse case but now that the woman has been sentenced, the cats are cleared for adoption. they are doing well and they are not camera shy. >> for more information, go to and click "see it on tv". just ahead, you can bottle courage but now one company
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claims you can smell like a hero. >> forget coffee and cigarettes. the new nationwide band -- ban. >> this is where it all started. >> and california's long history of tobacco use, some of the artifacts that have local researchers asking, what were they smoking? thousands of years ago. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. we'll check in with live doppler 7hd one more time. plus, if you're doing some travel back east, there's still a threat
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>> my mother used to love that show. actress jean stapleton has passed away, best known at ethis bunker for which she won three emmys. she died of natural causes at 90 years old. >> starbucks customers have to put our their cigarettes before approaching the coffee shop. a nationwide ban of 45 feet within starbucks is effective today. this covers the outdoor seating area. the idea seems to be popular even with smokers. >> smoking is bad for your health, and i need to quit and if it's going to help people enjoy their coffee more, it's a
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good thing. it will give me one less place to light up. >> the starbucks says it hopes to resolve any concerns amicably. the rule ablies -- applies to the 7,000 stores. and. >> we tend to think of smoking and tobacco in terms of cigarettes and their cancer risk, but as health and signs recorder carolyn johnson tells us tobacco use in california may stretch back farther. >> this is the pipe that got us started. >> this archaeologist is fascinated by tobacco, tracing its use among the native people in california and the pacific coast. >> tobacco use was present 8 or 10,000 years ago, and hunter
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good-gatherers probably figured out the special properties of the plant. >> she says the clues were burned into ancient pipes, some found in pristine condition, and another undisclose sed site in the bay area. first to document exactly what was being smoked and when, they used test pipes to burn dozens of favorite species and then compared the residues to what still remains inside the stone pipes. >> the residues inside the open spaces will preserve over thousands of years relatively unchanged. >> so when we started obtaining positive results, it was very exciting. >> still, some more accuracy she microscopic samples were analyze ed using modern technology. this is the uc davis genome center. >> you have to fragment the molecules and really identify
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which compound it was. >> the individual? -- the verdict? tobacco, and the evidence suggests they smoked it more than a thousand years ago and perhaps cultivated it for centers. it's likely they consumed it much less frequently and for a different purpose than smoking as we know it today. >> it was more of a ceremonial ritual. it occurred in ceremonial ret to all context, but it has roots deep in time. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> the researchers say early tobacco other would have had half of the nicotine con -- content of today. >> there's a new perfume that makes you smell like a hero. 75% of the proceeds go to the first responders fund. the company describes the fragrance as a mix of spices and flower with a hint of smoke and
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rubber. well, we're going to toss to weather on that one because i don't know anything about smoke and rubber. >> leigh: a final look at live doppler 7hd. folks, clear sky now, but we're going to see a strong westerly push. more onshore winds tomorrow so the low clouds clouds and fog oe coast is going to move further inland this time tomorrow. if you're traveling tomorrow, a chance of some severe thunderstorms will go from washington, dc towards atlanta. just right in this line here. it will be hot and humid in atlanta. 82. but they get a nice break tomorrow. oklahoma to kansas, the sunshine, dallas 83. 109 for phoenix, and even across our state, los angeles, 80, 68 in san diego. and you can see the fog is going to move in near the bay area. monterey tomorrow, 66. still hot in the valley area. sacramento tomorrow, 96.
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here's a look at the seven-day forecast. cooling trends, especially the coast and bay tomorrow for sunday, and then we all start to cool down monday and tuesday. by thursday and friday, temperatures will rebound. back into the mid-to-upper 90s inland. >> we'll let you know how hot at it going to be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7 hd. so a cooldown and then warm back up. >> sounds good. all right, let's go back to shu. talking tennis. >> mike: the first weekend of the french open and the story this year is the american women. four have advanced to the round of four for the first time since 2004. we'll have your highli
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>> mike: the first saturday of the fresh open was a busy day. four american women have moved into round four for the first time since 2004. sloan, just 20 years old, facing marina rack -- arakovic. stevens, great shot. the overhead winner. match point. stevens serving. the ball hit into net. stevens moves on to the fourth
11:53 pm
round with the victory. >> john isner, the last american mail -- male. played an 11-hour match in 2010. today four hours against tommy haas. at 35, moving on to the fourth round. novak djokovic also moves on as does rafael nadal. >> the as a have now won 13-15. a rare ending to this contest today. cespedes jersey dame. he was pumped up. 25, rbi in the first. double to the gap. edlowerie scores. then the first baseman, big guy, big trip. the a's take the lead. dan straily, struck out eight. didn't get the win. doolittle gives up this run in the seventh. ties the game.
11:54 pm
the a's had 16 hits, one without swinging the bat. josh reddick walked by hector santa teal go. reddick gets the pie in the face. a's win. >> we needed a run either way, whether it was a walk or a bloop single. i was just trying to do something and just didn't get it over the plate. >> mike: the cardinals own matt cain but only one inning. he hoped for better results this afternoon in game one of a double-header in st. louis. perfect eave inning -- every inning but the third. cruz, doubles, scores two. a seven-run third inning for cain. struck our nine but allowed seven runs on night hits and six innings. cards take game one, 8 or. game two, new pitcher, same problem. madison bumgarner, gives up the in the third.
11:55 pm
what's with the third inning? five runs and six innings, cardinal pitcher adam wainwright went the distance, struck out ten, including to end the game. cards win both. 7-1 your final. >> the indiana pacers went going away, and let the heat know they're going to have to fight to win the series in game seven. superfan. enough said. paul george with 28 points. posterizeing chris bosh here. the heat led 40-39 at the half. pacers dominated the second. in the third, a 14-2 run. roy hibbert, double-double. pacers even the series, 3-3, despite 29 from lebron. game seven set for monday. >> incredible opportunity as a professional athlete to be part of game seven, and that's why our guys are looking forward to this, even after a disappointing
11:56 pm
loss like tonight. >> we didn't play our best basketball game tonight and we were able to get a win but we have to may our best basketball to win game seven. >> the finals right here. to the ice. western conference finals, kings and blackhawks, kings score first but chicago answers. in the second, the shot deflected by hossa, past quick. his sixth of the playoff and the hawks take game one. >> eastern conference,-bruins and penguins. the shoot shop through knock mass vokoun. and then horton doesn't misses the wide-open net. the bruins shut out pittsburgh 3-0, taking a 1-0 series lead. >> nba golf semis. cal facing illinois. joel stater, follows 3-2 and
11:57 pm
campbell defeats michael kim. the match went to extra holes where this -- missed this pout. they will face a.m. alabama dorm. >> that's it for abc7 news. we continue tomorrow morning at 5:00. 5:00. ike there are two kinds of fols who sit around thinking about
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