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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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always. >> this is "world news." tonight, big new storm. the first tropical storm of the year, andrea, ready for another blast of winds and rain. as floods in the midwest cause a lot of misery and mess and mud. the american workers are winning back jobs from china. good news tonight for the whole economy. and ipad baby. is ten days old too young in touching, before they can really talk? and in a choice between mom and a touch screen, what would these babies choose? good evening to you, and as
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we come on the air, millions of americans are shoring up for another staggering round of weather tonight. everyone watching this, rumbling wind in the gulf, now officially tropical storm andrea, the first of the season. abc's weather editor sam champion is standing by to show us its path while back on land, these pictures say it all about the midwest plains along the mississippi. a watery mess. and abc's steve osunsami is in the flood zone tonight in illinois. steve? >> reporter: good evening, diane. this is what the mississippi river has done to the small town of grafton, illinois. the drop-off here is at least a couple feet, so we have to be careful. the mississippi has flooded businesses and threatened homes, and up and down the river, families are praying tonight that the levees hold. north of st. louis, at least two levies that were struggling to hold back the mighty mississippi
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were breached over the last three days. the water came pouring over. authorities went racing to shore them up. the sandbags could only do so much. from the sky, it was clear where the river was winning. at one point, flood waters forcing this bridge to close. >> it's amazing. >> you can't stop the river. >> reporter: marty harp and laurie wild showed us the art mall they run, soaking in three feet of water. their business floods when the river is at 28.7 feet. today, it was 30.4. >> we've got each other. and you know, life goes on. this is part of living on the river. >> reporter: residents say the water came up fast, up through the storm drains. over here is river road, a popular road through town, completely under water. tonight the mississippi, illinois, missouri, and parts of the iowa rivers are in flood states in the midwest. the water has started to recede and tonight the mississippi is cresting south of st. louis. but further south the river
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doesn't crest until tomorrow. it could be more than a week before families sleep easy. so many residents we talked with today told us that even though their homes may not be flooded tonight, whenever the river rises, they get nervous. >> thank you so much steve. now i want to bring in the head of abc's weather team, weather editor, sam champion. what can we project about the path of this new storm? >> tropical storm andrea. very early in the season. as june starts, we start the hurricane season. so it's early on. let me show you what this looks like. look at the satellite. the bright red and orange are the highest cloud tops. our recon plane has been looking for circulation. they found some just on the western edge of the cloud mass that you see right there. with that, they begin to see, this is a tropical storm, not expected to strengthen a lot, but now it has direction and movement. this is the official path from the hurricane center. in the big bend area of florida thursday night, that's the curve on the gulf coast of florida. then stays inland for a while.
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this is going to probably run the east coast and not just be a rain maker for the southeast, but a rain maker for the northeast as well. >> if it's not going to strengthen that much, what is the biggest worry? >> flooding rains. right now looking about eight inches on the top. down south, four to six for tampa. i would shift it a little bit more north. we have tropical storm watches on the east coast from flagler beach to surf city, north carolina. then inland, it combines with another low and becomes a real rain maker friday and saturday for the northeast. and this is a problem. three to four inches of rain at least, soaking rain in those areas. it doesn't have to be a powerful tropical storm to be a real problem. >> again. thank you, sam. covering a lot of territory there tonight. thank you. now we turn next to a report that baseball is on the verge of the biggest drug crackdown in its history. our sister network, espn broke
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this story and byron pitts tells us just how big this could be. >> reporter: it's happening again, some of the biggest names in baseball, involved in scandal. including alex rodriguez of the new york yankees and ryan braun of the milwaukee brewers. >> you look up to them. they're your idol. then you find out they're cheating. just ruins it. >> reporter: espn reporting exclusively that major league baseball is preparing to suspend all involved for up to a hundred games, as many as 30 top players, for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs and lying about it. this is the biggest drug case in baseball maybe in the history of baseball given the number of players involved. >> reporter: today fellow players voiced frustration. >> we've put in place plans to clean up the game for the right reasons. and guys are still trying to undermine the system. >> reporter: don hooten became an advocate for cleaning up
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baseball after his son abused steroids and died. he reached out to rodriguez after he admitted to using steroids in 2009. >> we've been in front of children across the u.s., talking about performance-enhancings drugs, and i'm terrified if it turns out he is really on that list. >> reporter: from ball parks across the country today, a sense of betrayal. for those who buy the tickets and love the game. >> i still love the game, but it is unfortunate because we're trying to raise a child to be a drug-free athlete. >> reporter: as bad as it is, expectations are it will get worse as more players are swept up. byron pitts, abc news, new york. and from washington tonight, news about a shake-up inside the president's national security team. what's being called a, quote, in-your-face appointment by president obama, tapping u.n. ambassador susan rice to take over as his top national security adviser. she was at the center of the firestorm from republicans after the attack on the u.s. consulate
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in benghazi, she even withdrew her name for consideration as a candidate for secretary of state. and the president also nominated long time adviser samantha rice -- samantha power to replace rice as u.n. ambassador. and it was a rough and tumble day for stocks. after weeks of surging prices, today every single one of the stocks in the dow industrial average dropped. investors tonight wondering how much longer the fed will boost the economy and of course all eyes on the jobs report coming out friday. which brings us to a big win for american workers in north carolina. hundreds showing up for the jobs, and they are making computers, which were being made in china. they brought the jobs back to the united states. we wondered how in our "made in america" team leader with us. >> we're just back from north carolina tonight. when we heard about computers coming off an assembly line in america, we wondered, could this be for real?
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we were the first earlier this week taken inside this factory, making computers in america. taking us down the assembly line, the computer maker lenovo, headquarters in beijing and raleigh, north carolina, now with a factory near raleigh too. tonight, after decades of those computers coming off the lines elsewhere, some of them coming off the lines here. so you're making computers? >> yes. >> reporter: that had been made in china, now they're being made here? >> yes. >> reporter: did you think you'd see the day? >> no. >> reporter: she also didn't think she's be making them with her family. i hear your daughter's on the line. >> right behind me. >> reporter: down here? hey, stephanie. there she is. then curtis richardson, his job recently outsourced. good to see you. you got a smile on your face, that says a lot. >> i always have a smile on my face. >> back on the job? >> back on the job. >> reporter: he's quality control, making sure there is sound coming from that computer.
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>> reporter: music to your ears. just a few weeks ago the computers coming down this line were being made in mexico, others in china. now they're being made here, 115 workers on the line right now. they tell me, if all goes well, they could double that number by the end of the year. lenovo telling us, wages around the world growing, fuel softs, shipping, and it just makes sense to bring some of it back. but motorola, just announcing their newest smart phone will be manufactured in texas. >> adjust it to see everything. >> reporter: those new google glasses, some of the prototypes coming off the line in california. even apple, remember when the new ceo was asked this. >> will there be an apple product ever made again in the united states? >> i want there to be. >> reporter: and that promise to spend 100 million to soon make macs here. but tonight it is clear, lenovo is proud they beat them back. and the north american president showing me one more thing, this tablet soon to come off the assembly line here too. >> by the end of the summer, we'll be manufacturing this here.
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>> reporter: in the states? all of it upon hadding workers like michelle. were you out of work? >> yes. >> how long? >> four years. >> reporter: four years, with part-time jobs, underemployed, settling for less. tonight with a different story. >> made in america! >> great to see those smiles. a bit of a race on tonight. apple telling us the macs will be on the assembly line in texas later this year. the google glasses by the end of the year as well. and the lenovo computers already coming down the assembly line. and the ceo of lenovo, still based in beijing, but we're told he has a house in raleigh now, and he's learning english here in america with his american computers. >> this is great. thank you, david. now a mysterious turn tonight for the daughter of michael jackson. 15-year-old paris jackson was rushed to the hospital early this morning. the family released a statement, suggesting that life has been difficult for her, and abc's david wright has that story. >> hello face that rarely ever
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is seen in public without makeup. >> reporter: just 24 hours after this video was posted offering makeup and skin care tips to her fans. 15-year-old paris jackson was being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. >> 16 overdose, sheriff responding. >> reporter: an apparent suicide attempt. >> this was a serious suicide attempt. this was not a cry for help. >> reporter: her famous father always tried to shield her from the glare of the spotlight he grew up in. only at his funeral did he -- we finally hear her speak. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just want to say i love him. so much. >> reporter: that heart break has clearly haunted paris jackson as she blossomed into adulthood. currently she and her grandmother are plaintiffs in a wrongful death lawsuit against michael jackson's former concert promoter, the case potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
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over the past few days, she has been tweeting out song lyrics, including this, yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. now it looks as though they're here to stay. a beatles tune that she, ironically, owns the rights to as part of michael jackson's estate. today the jackson family said n a statement she is physically fine and getting appropriate medical attention. quote, being a sensitive 15-year-old girl is difficult no matter who you are. it is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. david wright, abc news, hollywood. and still ahead here on "world news," everyone wondered, how young is too young for technology? our experiment, tiny babies, raised on those tablets and smart phones. will this baby choose mommy or the touch screen? and later, the winner of the biggest powerball jackpot ever, revealed. who won that nearly $600 million
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abs's juju chang takes a look at babies and just how young all of this is starting. try ten days old. >> reporter: just ten days out of the womb, watch alex brooks fixate on the screen. >> he's completely enthralled. >> reporter: his mom props him up in front of the ipad, for what she hopes is a good reason. >> i guess i didn't think it was going to hurt, so why not give it a try, and he seemed to like it. >> reporter: youtube features plenty of babies who can't even talk, but are giving a recital or launching the right app. >> show me word world. >> okay. where'd it go? okay, right there. >> good job! >> yeah! >> reporter: for the diapered set, tapping and swiping, is second nature. so he could swipe even at 9 months old? >> oh yeah, before that even, i'd say. probably when he was 6 or 7 months old. >> reporter: urvashi sen and her new mommy group say they feel conflicted about exposing their
5:47 pm
infants so early. >> i feel very guilty when he's sitting there with it. but at the same time, i know i'm going to get him to eat dinner if i give him the ipad. and i do think there is real learning and value. >> reporter: but when given the choice between mommy and touch screens, which would these babies choose? we decided to put it to the test. >> do you want your mommy or the ipad? what would you rather have? >> lea? lea? >> reporter: time after time -- are you going to go to mommy or the digital toy? mommy? you kind of lost out on that one. >> i know. >> reporter: the same seemingly irresistible pull. here look, do you want a toy? look at all these toys! look at all these toys you have over here. yeah, not so much. but should parents be concerned? >> these young kids need to be developing language skills and learning to recognize a facial expression, and not scanning the internet on an ipad. >> reporter: the key, experts
5:48 pm
say, is not to use the tablet as en electronic babysitter, but as a teaching tool. >> what you drawing, pumpkin? >> reporter: interact with your child as they use the devices. research shows toddlers can learn from programs, like age-appropriate video games. and little alex, that 10-day-old infant, now one year old, is still transfixed by the ipad. it's a toy he's not growing out of any time soon. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> and we're going to be reading everything you tell us online. let us know what you think. coming up next right here, a real-life celebrity wedding crasher. who is it? he's the one that you want. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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our "instant index" tonight starts with baby love. meet breeze, a 1-year-old foal abandoned by his mom, taken in by an animal sanctuary, and look, a trick from the universal parent playbook, it worked for him. a giant teddy bear donated by a good samaritan to cuddle with at night. the experts say foals are the same as human babies, they just like something close at night to give them comfort. and talk about a real-life wedding crasher. here's one for the family album. the bride and groom posing with none other than john travolta. the actor ran into the couple at a local bar in georgia on the eve of their wedding and the next day, turned up for the nuptials. even posing with the whole wedding party.
5:52 pm
the dress code loosened a little bit for the surprise guest. and a birthday girl who reminds us there ain't no mountain high enough when you're young at heart. dorothy custer, 102 years young, instead of a cake, this is how she marked her milestone. base jumping in idaho. >> woo! >> her only complaint, the trip down was too short. she said her key to longevity is action, and not worrying so much about life. and coming up next here, that mystery lottery winner finally revealed and how she cut in line to get that ticket. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn, caused by acid reflux disease, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels.
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and finally tonight the mystery is revealed. the winner of that huge powerball jackpot, almost $600 million, second largest jackpot ever. millions of tickets were bought in the hours leading up to the drawing, but in the end, it was an 84-year-old woman who would take away the prize. here's abc's paula faris. >> it's a record-breaking jackpot.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: for 18 days we looked high and low wondering -- it's a small town and everybody talks. >> reporter: wondering who won that record-setting powerball sold at this publix in zephyrhills, florida. today, we found out. >> the winner of the $590 million jackpot is mrs. gloria c. mackenzie, 84 years of age. >> reporter: mackenzie, who was seen leaving florida lottery headquarters early today, chose not to appear in person, but released this statement revealing how she scored that winning ticket. >> while in line at publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning quick pick ticket. that's how this lucky lady cashed in. she's taking a lump-sum cash payment, after taxes, of $278,175,000. so what could this octogenarian do with that money? for starters, she could head to miami and buy the contracts of lebron james and dwyane wade and
5:58 pm
have $60 million to spare. or, she could purchase one of the most expensive pads on florida, a rolls-royce and have nearly $178 million for her children. until i win the lottery, i'm paula faris, abc news, new york. >> and thank you so much for watching tonight. we're always there for you at "nightline" will be here later. and i'll see you again tomorrow night. goodnight. tonight what caused a limo scene fire that killed five women will be live with the answer. >> the corruption arrest of a politician leads to new charges in a dirty tricks campaign. tonight the victim of a phony flyer. >> san francisco district
5:59 pm
attorney calls a smart phone summit. a new attempt to quash an epidemic of street crimes now known as apple picking. >> a computer the size of a credit card. sit allow you to apply to almost anything. when this limousine caught fire, killing five people, nobody could say what caused it. tonight abc 7 news can. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> this story we first broke on abc 7 news at 5:00 is getting attention tonight particularly from the chp. their report has not yet been released but we're about to show you what their investigation found caused that tragedy. vic lee is live with the story only on abc 7 news. vic? >> well, dan it was a mechanical failure that caused the fire. an air spring somehow cracked
6:00 pm
and ruptured. now, mechanics call this a balloon because it sort of looks like a balloon. and it deflates like a balloon when there is a hole in it that. is apparently what happened that may evening. five women died when they were engulfed in flames inside of the limo. this video shows the fire started in the rear of the stretch limo. investigators have been examining the charred wreck in redwood city. abc 7 news learned that the air springs somehow ruptured, setting off a domino affect that led to the fire. the owner of royal auto repair services limousines explains the sequence of events. >> these are air springs so when one has a rupture on it, the car drops down to almost