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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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people in a shooting spree in southern california. and we're learning about what happened. >> that shooting just three miles from the president fund-raiser at the home of hollywood executive peter chairnan. >> police are searching for evidence from the shooting. witnesses say the gunman shot two people inside of the home. investigators believe he shot a woman inside of a car. police say it was off campus. the gunman then ran offer to the campus and fired at students. the injuries appear to have been again off campus. >> officers came in and engaged the suspect. he was shot and killed on the scene. >> we're like everybody get down, get down.
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>> the other students barricaded themselves include classrooms. >> they couldn't fintd a key. >> secret service says agents knew about the shooting but it had no impact on the president's fund-raiser. >> we're staying on top that have story. but fresh after two campaign events the president helped latino groups and spoke at fairmont hotel. david louie was there and live from a health clinic. >> foothill clinic will see a surge of patients if people sign up for insurance plan.
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president obama says he likes the way california women focus on getting latinos to enroll. >> there is one problem. that is that my remarks are not sitting here. people? oolt president joked it was one of the moments but switched gears and focused on the message. >> competition and choice pushing down costs in the individual market just like the law was designed to do the health care exchange selected 13 companies to provide coverage. a major campaign will be aimed at latinos. >> if we don't enroll anyone it's not going to work.
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>> community health clinics are getting rd ready to flood more patients some expect to add more staff but that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. they don't know what the patient reimbursement rates will be. >> there will be hick ups. we know health care system may be swamped. with people when now have insurance that didn't before.. >> jessica finds rates too expensive it can be hard to afford it. >> latino enrollment was the focus today, similar campaigns will be aimed at african american and asian-american communities. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00.
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the president talked about the new revelations about two government surveillance programs defending programs that have been in place since the bush administration. he says the u.s. my strike the right balance as the u.s. fights terrorism. >> i think it's important to recognize that you can't have 100% security and also, then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. we have to make choices as a society. >> comments follow revelations the government has been collecting information about phone use in the united states and internet use aboard. >> it's been a nice warm day. but getting warmer tomorrow. and there will be a spare the air day in effect.
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just a goreus day. >> it's beautiful here irks say it's not too hot or cold. blue skies and a nice breeze but it's record breaking hot in livermore. right now you'll see what it looks like from that perspective. we have fog along the coastline. as showing you temperatures these are the highs so far. livermore has gotten up to 102 degrees. 102 in antioch. 106 in yu kaia is a record. 87 in san jose. warm in santa rosa. it's 92 degrees. you can see fog holding temperatures down. you can see the difference it's a 41 degree spread between half moon bay and livermore, we do have a spare of air for your saturday.
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we're looking at poor air quality in the east bay. moderate for the rest of the bay area. i'll be back to let you know how much hotter goitsing to get for saturday and when you can expect relief. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> thank you. >> a man killed inside of a great mall in milpitas this morning. police responded to reports of a knight with a weapon police will not release nfg on the nature of the fight. or relationship between the men. the store is closed but the rest of the mall will remain open. this is the city's first homicide of the year. >> tonight the fbi is on the lunt for three serial bank robbers armed, dangerous and have hit four banks. the recent is in san francisco sunset district. we are on the story live tonight. thomas?
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>> the fbi says so far no one has been injured in these robberies but officials concerned these men are armed are getting bolder more violent. bank of america has a new security guard outside. the fbi says at 9:45 three armed men robbed the bank. these camera photos show a man pointed a gun. she says the robbery is frightening you can't live like that. right? you live in a big city. have you to bounce back. >> three banks have been robbed in san francisco. and each one violently according to a special agent in charge. >> when entering the bank they're aggressive holding
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people against their will. and these are very violent takeover style robbery autos first san francisco bank to be robbed was this wells fargo on april 19th. and june 3 they hit the met bank. hours later seen here this worries the bank customer. the group surprises the fbi. >> bank robbers don't generally rob two banks in the same day. this crew did rob pro banks. and about four hour period. >> that is thomas roman reporting. there has been an unexpected development in the case against supervisor george shirakowa today. lawyers told a judge that the
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sudden filing of a new charge against their client violated a plea deal. that covered convictions for lying and gambling with funds new charges relate to an illegal campaign mailer three years ago. >> when thinking about this case we're surprised when the data base hit came back defense lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the case or put everything on hold. lawyers say everybody involved including the judge may now have to recuse themselves in this case. >> district commanders will be in charge of smaller areas of the city. the commanders focus on
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strategies unique to their district. the second change will bring more boots to the ground. >> richard ramirez known as the night stalker died today, known for sexual assaulting and mutilating his victims leaving behind satanic symbols. a year later murdered a lake merced accountant. >> told keep windows blocked and if you have a dog put your dog out. it was an anxious time. >> he was a disturbed human being with difficulty controlling himself n dealing with me he was very nice. >> ramirez who yelled hail
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satan during his trial was convicted of 13 murders in 1989. >> still to come live to southern california to get information on the shooting there taken as many as six lives. >> a compromise over san francisco food trucks may have
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ñ ñ,ñpríñy"it we want to bring you an update on a deadly series of shootings in southern california that ended up at santa monica community college.
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>> that is right as many as six people have been killed. clayton, i understand several shooting locations and the gunman is dead. who is this guy? do we know? >> at this point they've not yet identified the suspect. and it's very fluid, very changing. it began just before noon today. jant monica police responded to reports of shots fire ntd a house them got tlt home was engulfed in flames and two bodies were later found. police say they started getting calls about a suspect shooting on the run described as a male 25, 30 years old then arrived where students were taking exams. police say i was hiring and he ran on to the campus.
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officers chased him. and exchanged gunshots the way. officers tell us they're forced to engage the suspect at library he was killed in that battle. investigators trying to figure it out. police chief tells us in total they believe they may have at least six people who were kill fwhd this shooting spree and there is many puzzle pieces to sort out cheryl and dan. >> thank you very much. >> two school kids injured were injured when a cable above a muni bus snapped. witnesses sate cable disconnected from the line and slammed a bus stop sign so hard it bent the pole and struck two people. one kid suffered a cut on the arnl. >> today is national doughnut
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day. in case you didn't know. one shop is getting attention forgiving away doughnuts covered with foie grass. -- gras. >> reb yaek and her family lined up long before psycho doughnuts opened hoping to get free foie bomb autos it's really good! >> they're stuffed and topped with foei gras fo -- mousse. >> why not foie gras? it's a delicious food hard to get and pech appreciate it.
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>> an i team report spurred the california legislature's ban on foie gras, the fatty liver of a duck. it's been illegal to force feed bucks and buy or sell foie gras in california. animal rights advocates say psycho doughnuts is acquiring foie gras from out of state and giving it away. >> it looks like they're taking advantage of a loophole in the law it's one we think needs to be closed. >> hundreds made their oppositions known, one person saying no more for me. you just lost my business i'll be sthour tell my friends but those lining up didn't show us. >> they're just threats ask we went forward with the plan. >> the shop gave away all of the foie bombs.
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>> one of my favorites. i've gone to pair skbris had it. it's excellent. >> psycho doughnuts have no plans to give away more foie bombs but say after today they're not opposed tolt idea. >> in a doughnut? >> i don't know. some people like it. you know? >> yes. let's talk about the weather. sparkling out there. a wide range from coast to inland. another record to pass along with you. 106 degrees there is a place in the bay area to go if you don't like the heat. as you look there you can see where the fog is sitting near the coast.
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you can see blue skies over the bay bridge. san francisco, 66 now. 81 in mountain view. 84 in san jose. take a look and it is cool. sunny skies, high today 87 degrees. 102 in antioch. looking at other locations there livermore triple digits. it's 90 in los gatos, check out this foggy view. going is starting to get thick. visibility is poor. cooling down on sunday so relief is coming up. you look at the fog pattern we have fog near the bay. now, what's happening is that fog layer has been getting compressed by an area of high pressure building.
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it's now down to a thousand feet. tells you it's going to be dense and it's influence mainly near beaches which is why it starts cooking inland. santa cruz coastline if you're heading to the beach keep that in mind. summer spread half moon bay 67 degrees. into east bay, oakland, 80 degrees. 98 in walnut creek. so starts getting hotter, 104 in antioch so it's going to be cooking tomorrow afternoon, again. mild tonight. inland spots 60s. temperatures 50s with fog
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around first thing in the morning. could be dense tomorrow afternoon, 92 in san jose. 75 in santa cruz. looking at peninsula, 90 in redwood city. downtown san francisco, 74 degrees. north bay triple digit heat 91 in vallejo east bay. 105 in brentwood. checking out the accu-weather forecast records are high for tomorrow but not out of the question. it's going to be cooler mid-80s inland. upper 50s coast. and national weather service
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just passed along a message of unofficial reports of 107 degrees and napa county. they're calling it extreme heat be careful out there. live doppler 7 hd, it doesn't matter we're tweeting out there. power outage information and much more information as need be. live from the roof of the broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. it's gorgus out here. if you're inland stay hydrated. >> still head a new food truck proposal dishes up a win-win. >> yes.
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advisers are getting a
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chance to send good will messages to the victims of the boston marathon bombings. it's filled with messages from prayers. well wishers wrote keep on running. the america for boston canvas continues traveling the country for a year. >> san francisco getting ready to dish up new regulations for food trucks. among proposed changes a ban to set up more than 75 feet from a restaurant but would be age aibl to park closer to elementary and high schools and allowed on college campuses and next to hospitals. the cities will have new ways to crack down. >> will allow parking control officers to enforce against food trucks our officers are quite effective at enforcing
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the law. >> ordinance restricts food trucks operated by chain restaurants. >> there is an important national commemoration coming up known as juneteenth. the group talks about the meaning of juneteenth and history. >> my grandparents were involved in inaugural juneteenth celebrations in san francisco. a focus on education and achievement this sunday at 10:00. >> that will be a great event. >> yes. >> coming up next the colorful festival that has bay area
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abc 7 news is giving away shell gift cards to seven lucky winners and each gets $700 of free gas. it's a big thank you to our fans. like abc 7 news on facebook for a chance to win and 700s ndz free gas could be yours f you're a fan you need to enter to win on our are facebook page starting thursday we'll announce one winner per day. enter now. >> i'm carolyn johnson. coming up at 6:00 big data is watching sm. tricks retailers are using to learn about your shopping habits. >> one team forced out why in a live report and a state budget issue being closely watched their future depends onist. details on the program they
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want the governor tochl pand. -- empand. >> thank you. >> the san francisco ethnic dance festival kicked off with a preview performance at city hall. >> wow. the ballet showed off some costumes and great moves today. >> it was tough competition. it will be diversity and runs over four weekends this month. some are going. >> look how many people there are. >> go to abc 7 and that looks like fun today. >> yes. it's affordable, good family
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entertainment. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here this is "world news." tonight, breaking news on that shooting spree near the santa monica campus. the latest on what happened, opening fire on people in their cars. on the line. the president in california tonight, and fighting back. assuring americans no one is listening to their calls, as the search is on for the person who spilled one of the nation's top secrets. and, hit and run. tropical storm andrea racing up the east coast. heavy rain, floods and, last night, tornadoes. good evening. we begin tonight with the breaking news out of southern california, that bloody rampage in broad daylight. the shoot ert opening fire on cars, drivers


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