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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 10, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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thormts are moving into the bay area right now. this is a live look outside looking toward the east where the storm is right now. good evening. i am katie in for ama dates. we want to head to meteorologist leigh glaser for a look at live doppler 7hd and what is going outside. leigh 1234*. >> we were kind of anticipating this earlier this evening. let's turn our attention to live doppler hd. at 10:00 a cell moved near paw sesk caw. they reported a little lightning and thunder. you can see right now a cell just now has passed through and oakland reporting a few drops. not all of the moisture you can see here is reaching the ground. a lot is being evaporated.
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you can see more activity through the valley area. all of this is moving from east to west which means those of you in tracy and heading toward san ramon, livermore and even the fremont area, we can't rule out a chance for isolated thundershowers overnight tonight. we'll take a detailed look at our monday forecast coming up. >> leigh, thank you. a frightening sight, fire coming from another limo. tonight 10 women, mostly elderly, are safe after a quick-thinking driver got them to safety. it happened this afternoon on sky crest drive in rossmore. sergio is here with a look at more. >> the limo was just about to take off to a trip to sonoma to celebrate a friend's 90th birthday. that's when one of the passengers in her 90s spotted the smoke and within seconds a fire broke out inside the car. >> behind the driver and right in the middle right there. >> passenger mary chapman
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describes where the fire started inside the limo she was in along with nine other women. >> the three of us that we think were more able bodied, we got out first so we could help the other ladies. they were on walkers and with y said they were all 90 plus. >> the fire started before the limo left the yard. the women were on their way to a friend's 90th birthday party in sonoma and all got out safely. claudia is the owner of the limo company. >> thank god my driver was wonderful and got everybody out and nobody got hurt. that's the only thing that matters. >> he said this car was recently inspected by mechanics, so he is surprised that this happened. walnut creek police tell me they are now investigating. they will turnover their findings to the california highway patrol to make comparisons in their on going probe of last month's fire on the san mateo bridge that deadly fire state. new for new regulations on
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limo operators and manufacturers. >> when a towncar is cut in half basically and modified and you add a number of feet to it, how that is done is never checked or inspected by a third party. >> thankfully today's car fire did not end in tragedy. >> i lost my car keys. one lady lost shoes and people lost wallets, but no one lost their lives. >> today's limo fire didn't derail the passenger's plans for the day. they all made it to their friend's 90th birthday party in sonoma. back to you. >> unbelievable and good news. thank you, sergio. just last week abc news learned the cause of the limb me fire that caused -- of the limo fire. this shows the fire started in the rear of the stretch limo. abc7 new abc7 news has learned the air springs in the back of the limo somehow ruptured sending off a domino affect.
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the whistle blower who leaked details of the surveillance program has come forward. he is edward snowden, a contract worker at the national security agency. here is brian ross. >> i am 29 years old. >> snowden said he is a former cia technician who is currently a civilian contractor with the nsa in hawaii. >> when you see everything you see them on a more frequent basis. then you recognize that some of these are abuses. >> snowden revealed himself and his motivation sunday afternoon in this interest view posted on-line by the guardian newspaper and conducted by grenweld in hong kong. >> this is the truth and this is what is happening. you should decide whether we should be doing this. >> he saw first happened and was increasingly concerned about the reach of the nsa's electronic surveillance of innocent americans. >> even if you are not doing anything wrong you are being watched and recorded. >> and that's why he said he
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chose to expose secret programs that collect the phone records of americans and monitor overseas internet e-mails. >> i had the authority to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge or the president if i had a personal e-mail. >> the chairs of the house and the senate intelligence committees both called for the prosecution of the whistle-blower. on the abc news program this week. >> it is dangerous to us and it is dangerous to our national security and it violates the oath of which that person took. i absolutely think they should be prosecuted. >> you too senator feinstein? >> they went to hong kong because of allowing free speech and the guardian reported that they may seek asylum to avoid the u.s. coming after him. >> there are such powerful adversaries that no one can
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oppose them. >> asked what he expected to happen to him, he said nothing good adding i do not expect to see home again. brian ross, abc news, washington. >> snowden is one in a long line of whistle-blowers. in 1971, he gave the newspaper the pentagon papers. the secret defense department study. in 2005 mark felt was revealed as deep throat in the watergate source. and in the 1990s jeffrey wiggins exposed cigarette manufacture practices. and they gave materia materialso wikileaks and his court martial is underway right now. >> a man was shot to death in the parking lot of the peacock hang. lounge. another person was named in the shooting. this was sunnyvale's
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homicide of the year. marcell low franco, a student at santa monica college died from the injuries she sustained in the shooting rampage. they just finished buying books from marcella's classes when they were shot in the red suv. carlos franco died at the scene. police shot and killed the shooting suspect, 23-year-old john zawari. the surveillance tape from a local restaurant shows customers ducking during the gunfire. new at 11:00, police are looking for a gunman who opened fire in san francisco this afternoon during an iphone robbery. police tell us they responded to a scaner report of shots fired near the building around 4:30. six men were approached by a man with a gun. >> it was so loud. i didn't figure out what was going on once everything was coming into play who that was.
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that was sick. >> no one was hit. a wallet and cash were also stolen from the victim. the shooting at the moscona center comes before an apple event. they will upgrade sigh ri, the virtual -- siri, the virtual personal assistant and introduce an update to the mobile software. outside the bay area someplaces have been baking in the triple digits this week. for some families the heat was devastating. >> extreme heat in the central valley turned deadly. >> she grabbed the baby and she was screaming. automatically i ran over and it was going. >> guy he cooled him down. >> a 15-month-old boy was left in an suv in fresno for more than an hour yesterday.
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his mother and father each thought the other had brought him inside. it was 101 and the baby boy died. the boy scout leader died while hiking with boy scouts around lake meed. in placer county, rescue crews struggled to save a spheam -- save a family that was trapped on the rocks. 108-degree temperatures slowed the rescue effort significantly. >> the fatigue and the rescuers was definitely a big factor. >> it took four hours to get everyone to safety. >> it was not only the heat wreaking havoc, employees found fresh cracks in the walls. officials blame either the seven inches of rain the area got last week or a sinkhole. the hole -- the hole swallowed a man who died. police areanton police are
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investigating a collision that killed a bicyclist and injured another this afternoon. the husband and wife were riding north on foothill road when a car hit them. the wife was thrown from the bicycle and pronounced dead at the scene. her husband went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the 18-year-old driver who hit them did stop after the crash. scott valley police are searching for a man who exposed himself last night. officers released this screech of the suspect. he was wearing a white t-shirt and running shorts. police received a call about man who pulled up the leg of his short expeks posed himself -- shorts and exposed himself. still to come, it is food trucks versus restaurants and the rule regarding trucks could be changing. we'll tell you what is ahead. and a fight over a popular men's store. why some neighbors don't want it moving into the mission. and later, south africa's anti-uh -- south africa's
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apartied leader is in the hospital. and looking at live doppler 7hd and
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the battle between brick and mortar restaurants and trucks is coming to a close. lilian kim has the new turf rules. >> the main post in the presidio has become a popular spot on sundays. nearly two dozen food vendors seem to have something for everyone. >> these guys are offering some phenomenal food out here. >> maybe so, but they will undergo a new set of rules and regulations. brick and mortar restaurants say food trucks have an unfair advantage given their overhead
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is much lower. >> we want to have it so they can peacefully co-exist and that consumers have choice. >> scott wiener has been working on a compromise for two years. it is now ready for a vote. among the proposed changes, a ban to keep new food trucks from setting up within 75 feet of a restaurant and a maximum of three days in one location. but the trucks can park closer to schools and be allowed on college campuses and hospitals. >> right now the system is so chaotic because we don't have any standards in place this terms of where they can go ssments -- where they can go. they are super restrictive in other areas and we are hoping to have a balanced approach. >> if approved she was thinking to apply for a permit to operate in san francisco. >> i think there can be an agreeable midway that can work for everyone. >> because it was the result
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of all sides working together, they are expected to be approved for use on monday and the full board of supervisors the final week. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> merchants in san francisco's mission district have launched a petition to stop a popular men's store from opening on the valencia corridor. they are being evicted after 25 years. the represent has almost doubled and they are bringing in a luxury men's brand owned by liz claiborne. locals don't like it. >> we can sit down here and read a book and have poetry here. they could be hemming way for the day. >> zoning laws have kept the big chain stores out of the mission. jack spade has 10 u.s. locations. a public hearing is required after opening the 11th u.s. location. for the first time in 30 years an upgrade has been given to the curb curbside
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lane of market street. there is new asphalt and a coat of paint. they spent the last 24 hours laying down 1300 tons of asphalt on the stretch of market between van ness and 6th street. the plans are in the works to relay east of 6th. and stewart and third street will be worked on in less than two weeks. good thing we had a good morning in the weather change. they dropped 32 degrees degrees in some locations. some of the wrap around moisture is moving back toward the bay area. live lop deer -- live doppler 7hd is picking up a few drops. we have gotten a report of thunder around pacifica and a little light rain near pleasanton and out toward the livermore valley area. a lot of this moisture is not
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reaching the ground. you may hear the thund -- thunder and see the dark clouds, but it is not reaching the ground. what is reaching the ground is to the west of ria vista. we even had lightning strikes there. you can see more activity heading out toward the central valley area. remember, all of this is moving from east to west. it is that counter clockwise wrap around moisture which means some of the activity will move into the antioch area, tracy as well as the livermore valley area and rotate back out toward san francisco and pacifica and daly city overnight. highs today because of the low clouds and fog and the incredible marine layer, only near the 60s and antioch is 78 degrees and livermore was
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down from your high of yesterday. down 29 degrees in concord and down 33 in fairfield and novato was down 35. that's a pretty good idea how strong the sea breeze was to really pull those numbers down. the golden gate bridge fuzzy with the low clouds there. san francisco 58. we have 62 in san jose. and from our rooftop cam, a few sprinkles out there. we have 59 in livermore. folks, we will go with a chance of isolated showers and maybe just a clap of thunder. it is mainly in the north and east bay locations. more cooling expected tomorrow and we will have the low clouds and fog overnight. temperature wise generally in the upper 50s to the east bay in the mid to low 50s near the coast with the low clouds and fog moving in. this is actually the culprit area of low pressure, counter clockwise spin and it is picking up moisture from the central valley and swinging it back toward the bay area.
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so it is the counter clockwise rotation. any of the isolated storms in the central valley will be pushed back toward the bay area. and it looks like it will stay for the next 12 to 24 hours. we will keep a chance of an isolated shower and maybe a clab of thunder in the morning forecast. this is tomorrow morning. the forecast models want a chance at moisture there and right on into the noontime area -- hour that is. and then it looks like all of this will move on out of here. it is going to be a breezy and cool day tomorrow. antioch 74 and 74 for concord. and then look are the fog to be near the coast. my accu-weather seven-day forecast. once the instability moves out of here at lunchtime tomorrow we will warm things up wednesday, thursday and friday. more sunshine and temperatures in the 80s inland and 70s at the coast. don't be surprised to hear a
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little thunder out there. >> thank you, leigh. and mike shu -- mike shumann. game two of the nba playoffs was a must win for the heat. lebron put the james gang on his back as a way to the victory. that's next in sports. >> and abc7 news wants to make your commute more bearable. we are giving away shell gift cards to lucky winners. each gets $700 of free gas. it is a big thank you to all of our facebook fans. like abc7 news on facebook for your chance to win and $700 in free gas could be yours. if you are already a fan you need to enter to win on our facebook page. starting thursday we will announce one winner a day on our morning news. enter now on
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we tip off with game two
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and miami hosting san antonio. it was a must win for miami and lebron james made sure it was a definite result. he was five for five beyond the arc. they trailed by five at the half. mario chawmer lead by 19 -- mario chalmers lead by 19. and then lebron with four points in the first lays it in. miami goes on a 33-5 run and 19-point lead for the heat. final play of the game and denied by lebron at the rim. are you kidding me? what a block. then lebron with the steal. you know what he is going to do. 17 points 8 boards and 7 assists and they even the series at one. game three in san antonio on tuesday. >> i told myself you will end up on sports center one way or another. you will get dunked on or get a block. luckily i was on the good side
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of the top 10 and not so top 10. >> we were aggressive, obviously . you have to give a lot of credit to the defense. they played great defense tonight. just have to take care of the basketball better. >> the giants found their stroke at the plate scoring 16 runs in the last two games and that equals a victory over the diamondbacks.
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the giants took two of three with the win in arizona. he got a second start for the second straight game and the g-men found their offensive stroke. perez is making his major league debut with the giants. how about this for a debut? first inning 1k3* he sends one to right center. perez goes and gets it. crashes into the wall and makes the grab. take another look. giving up his body and what a play by the rookie. fourth inning and giants ahead 3-0. he takes him deep to left and fair and it's gone.
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off the foul pole for a homerun. second of the year. they go on to take the series with a 6-2 victory and head to pittsburgh to face the pirates on tuesday. a's and white sox and chicago wearing the throw back unis from the early l early 80s. come on. solo blast off santee santiago and it gives oakland the lead. that's the only lead they would see. a double off aj griffin. white sox on top 3-1. and then in the eighth and a 2-1 pitch to rios. that's out of here. solo shot to left and his 11th of the year. a's lose their second straight and 4-2 is the final. raphael nadal made history winning his eighth french open title wining in straight sets. no player has ever won the same major eight times and raph has one eight of the last nine. scary moment in the second set. a fan comes out on the court with a lit flare.
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luckily security got uh held of of -- got uh hold of him the moment he touched the court. both players shaken. nadal takes the first two sets. he finishes it off in the third and match point and forehand winner for nadal, the king of play wins his eighth french open championship in straight sets. final round of the saint jude classic and number four's next week's open. 23-year-old harris english and putting for birdie on 17. drops it to get to 12 under par and taps in for his first pga title and takes home a little over $1 million. if you missed it, jimmy brkobe bryant went head to head with the youtube sensation. check him out. also drained four and the tie
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goes to the youngster so he got a pair of kobe shoes. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, bocci ball with john madden and steve marriucci. i know you played a little in your day. >> just a bit. a bedside vigil for nelson mandela. the latest on his condition. and a rally here in the bay area. what protesters are asking for. and the judges on "america's got talent" got a little egg
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good evening. i'm katie in for ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a limo carrying 10 women, most in their 90s, burst into flames
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this afternoon in walnut creek. all of the passengers did get out safely. we've learned the car was recently inspected. just last month as you know a limo fire killed four people on the san mateo bridge. a man who shot and killed a security guard at a sunnyvale barry mains at large. the early-morning shooting came during a hip hop concert hosted by the peacock lounge. this was sunnyvale's first homicide of 2013. police in san francisco are looking for a gunman who robbed a victim of his iphone, cash and wallet. the gunman fired shots at a group of men near the center and no one was hit. new at 11:00, the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack at kabul's international airport. it left all of the insurgents dead. of the seven attackers, five were killed by police. two blew themselves up with suicide vests. the insurgents were armed with rocket grenade launchers and two civilians were wounded. the nato headquarters at the airport that runs the
1:37 am
day-to-day operations of the war was the target. tonight it is as if all of south africa is at nelson mandela's bedside. he is said to be in serious, but stable condition after being hospitalized on saturday with a stubborn lung infection. >> this is the fourth time in six months nelson mandela has needed hospital care. >> we need to hold hands and pray for the elderly statesman. >> at sunday mass around the country, mandela was on church goers minds. >> you and i know the role he plays to south africans and the world. >> i do pray daily. >> mandela's wife is by his side and h seen last seen in may seeming frail and
1:38 am
disdistant. mandela is considered the father of post-apartheid. >>or me he is our leader. >> one government official describes his condition as bad and that people are beginning to face the inevitable. it is time to let him go, says this newspaper headline. a long-time associate said of mandela, the family must released him so god may have his own way. and while family members are optimistic about his recovery they are also asking for their privacy. abc news, south africa. human rights and democracy in iran was the focus of a rally in san francisco. organizers say more than 500 political prisoner reis main behind bars in iran. some helped sara short when she and two other americans were held behind bars as spies
1:39 am
for more than a year. >> i was alongside these incredible grave women i became part of them and i will never forget them. i am here with them in solidarity. >> organizers claim the iranian government is trying to block internet access in the country to further stifle political dissent. a weekend conference in san francisco is using technology to fight gun violence. the high ground hackathon took place they offices of cloud communications company. they bring together top minds to develop apps and social media solutions to gun violence. >> somebody can interact with an application and get access to mental health experts either by using skype, google hangout and some other conferencing system. >> participants believe technology can make a difference in other problem
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areas of public awareness, school safety and gun crime education. oakland officials threw a car free party to celebrate recent improvements to lake merritt. three miles of streets were closed off for love our lake day. they weren urge cked to explore explore -- they were encouraged to explore the lakes and there was plenty to see with a new amphitheater and a park at the south end of the lake. other improvements including the renovation of the boat house and the 18th street pier and projects at children's ferry land. in berkeley, sundays on telegraph kicked off. the street festival transformed telegraph avenue into a pedestrian walkway. residents enjoyed outdoor restaurants, musicians, performers and specials from local merchants. they will be closed to traffic from dwight way to durant avenue from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on sundays until september 22nd. the festival is part of a berkeley city plan to revitalize telegraph avenue.
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the thriller "the purge" is a surprise hit this weekend. >> tonight allows people a relief. for all of the hatred and violence they keep up inside them. >> "the purge" earned $36 million this weekend. that's more than double the industry expectations. after two weeks on top "fast and furious 6" dropped to the number two spot. "now you see me" at number three followed by" the internship" and "epic." a bit of a messy finale on "britain's got talent." contestants were singing and a woman jumped up on stage and started pelting eggs at simon cowell and other judges. e said the woman was a member of the orchestra. she was removed from the stage. cowell was seen removing his jacket and after the incident tweeted "i really don't like
1:42 am
eggs." still to come, getting ready for summer vacation. >> free travel could be yours. i'm michael finney with 7 on your side. getting the most out of your reward points. >> and a sea lion on the run. the big escape when we return. >> and we will take another live look at live doppler 7hd. we do have a little thunder out there this evening. take a look at some
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prices are still going down, but it is hard to tell here. the cost of a gallon of gas has dropped 11 cents over the past three weeks. the national average is now $3.64 a gallon. in california it is $3.96 a gallon, but in the bay area it is $4.06. the summer vacation season is a good time to both accumulate and redeem all of those travel reward points you have earned. seven on your side's michael finney has tips on the best way to use them. >> he passes his time waiting for his flight out of sfo by checking on his reward points. the frequent traveler has gotten good at getting the most out of his rewards. >> very important. i have five kids.
1:46 am
when i travel, i use my miles to book vacations for my family. >> tina herrera has done the same with her family. >> we have had five or six free trips as a family. >> brian kelly runs the points guy website. the free site offers tips on redeeming points. he says people like tina and maurice are rare. >> there is a lot to be done on teaching people how to best earn points, but then how to redeem them. >> he says one out of three travelers during rewards have credit cards that earn points. the best ones allow you to redeem your points for travel on multiple air -- airlines. but that is only smart if you pay your entire balance at the end of each month. >> if you are getting nailed with these iewj interest fees they will negate the value of the miles and points earned. >> people also lose out on their reward when they let their points expire. kelly compares that to throwing away money. we were at the airport when
1:47 am
she realized her daughter was about to lose 75,000 points. >> oh, 75,000? that's like one free trip to shanghai -- i mean one way. >> it does get overwhelming with so many credit cards and hotels and airlines. >> to help travelers keep track he suggests t free services, trip it and award wallet. both keep track of your reward programs in one place. >> and they will even e-mail you if your points will expire. a lot of the airlines have expiration policies, but it is easy to keep them active. >> all you have to do is buy one item from one of their partners to keep your points active. that's what she planned to do to keep from losing her daughter's 75,000 miles. >> i think she will be okay if the miles reset. >> everybody here should enroll in the frequent flier program. >> there are links to all of the sites so go to abc7 news. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side.
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the great escape caught on tape. an ohio man and his family were enjoying the show at seaworld in orlando, florida when a sea lion made a break for it. the mammal jumped off the rock in the enclosure and started running off. the zookeeper in a rain slicker chased the guy with a net. all the while you heard children giggling in the background. that's part of the show, right? eventually they caught the sea lion and got it safely back to its home. a little extra show for folks there. we are getting an extra show in the sky. leigh glaser is tracking some thunderstorms. >> there are some claps of thunder out there. live doppler 7hd has it heading from the east to the west. ria vista with light to moderate rain. brentwood with a sprinkle toward stockton and tracy and lodi. all of this is moving from east to west and we will
1:49 am
definitely keep it in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon it will be out of here. traveling tomorrow you will see some wet weather in new york, 70 with showers. 77 washington, d.c. the midsection of the country, dallas 96 with some sunshine. hot in phoenix, 110 degrees. we will see the thunderstorms from sacramento down to fresno tomorrow. fresno 88 and los angeles tomorrow 73 degrees. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. instability tonight and early tomorrow morning. otherwise it will be a cool day on monday with clouds. also some coastal fog. after that, folks, get ready for a nice warm up on thursday, friday and saturday and back into the 80s. follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast spare the air alerts and power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite team. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 for the abc7 morning news with
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an update. >> leigh, thank you. and shu now has an update on bocci ball? >> there was the annual bocci ball tournament for charity. and coach madden brought in some defined intervention.
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the five teenth annual battle of the bay -- the 15th annual battle of the
1:53 am
bay was hosted by steve marriuci and john madden earlier this week. they are so competitive that coach madden brought in some ringers. >> former 49er head coach threw out the first pitch and the tournament was on. they are big fans of each other until the games begin. >> it is competitive between them. >> i can see it already. >> where is he? he is going down. >> coach madden brought in some ringers all the way from anarbor, michigan. >> i figure if i have the nuns here and they are on my side, you can't lose. it can't not help. >> the dominican sisters call themselves "nun better." >> people are coming up and recalling their catholic school backgrounds and stirring up a lot of consciences. >> i was an altar boy myself. >> see, it all comes out. >> can you believe that? >> no. >> six bay area pro teams are
1:54 am
represented along with the local colleges, but what is up with the men in skirts? >> we always wear our skirts to recognize our heritage. >> what heritage would that be? >> italian. >> oh, i'm sorry. it is irish. no, i'm sorry. it is scottish. >> today's champions will get their names on the trophy. the real winners of the event are the charity. >> we have raised nearly $4 million over that time. >> we have done a lot for special olympics and the high school. >> athletes, nuns and men in skirts. it doesn't get any better than that. >> big fun for everyone and i was an altar boy growing up despite what sister mary samuel said. there. let's move on. to game two of the nba finals and miami hosting san antonio. they don't believe me either. spurs stole game one, so miami
1:55 am
and lebron made sure it was the final result. 5 of 5 from three-point land and he had 17. the spurs trailed by 5 at the half. heat is up by 10. then in the fourth and lebron with four in the first half lays it in. miami goes on a 33-5 run and a 19-point lead for the heat. defining play of the game and denied by, oh my goodness, lebron at the rim. are you kidding me? check it out. what a block. then lebron with the steal. mike miller gets it up to king james and it is coming, the two-handed slam. miami wins big and evens the series at one. game three tuesday in san antonio. >> basically i was -- i told myself you will end up on sports center one way or another. you either get dunked on or get a block. luckily i was on the good side of the top 10 and not so top
1:56 am
10. >> aggressive obviously and you have to give a lot of credit to the defense. they played great defense. we just have to take care of the basketball better. >> giants took two of three from the diamondbacks. he had his second start and for the second straight game the g-men found their offensive stroke. juan perez called up and making his major leaguewith the. with the giants. how about this rookie. goldschmidt with one to right and on the run and makes the grab. he gives up his body. think he wants to stay in the bigs? giants ahead 3-0 and he takes skaggs deep. is it fair? is it foul? is it fair? is it foul? it is fair. giants go on to take the series a 6-2 victory. a's and white sox and they are throwing their throw back uniforms and the a's have their scoring in the third. cocoa crisp with a solo blast
1:57 am
and his seventh of the year. oakland goes up 1-0. but that is the only lead they would have. gordon beckham and konerko scores. then in the eighth griffin's 2-1 pitch to rios and see ya. his 11th of the year and they -- dash and this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> it is unbelievable she wouldn't believe that. it is so obvious. you work with him all the time. >> what am i going to do? >> stuck with them. >> good try. >> thanks, mike. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for leigh glaser. >> and the altar boy. >> and the altar boy mike shumann. >> he was good altar boy. >> see, a ringing endorsement. thanks for joining us,
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everyone. have a great night.
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