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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, right now, live doppler 7 hd is tracking the storm bringing hundreds of lightning strikes to the bay area overnight. our meteorologist is ahead with what to expect as you head out the door. >> hundreds of pot plants are discovered in san francisco, the emergency that led to the accidental discovery. and apple and san francisco is expected to debut the first new product in months. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us and an exciting moment weather-wise. >> you have had rain. >> some folks are seeing lightning. try now, mike nicco? >> live doppler 7 hd shows the strongest storms are to the north of us right now so well head up there montgomery county of santa rosa to the northwest
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you can see right there we have a little bit of light shower headed to north redwood highway. down to newark this is where we have our best radar return around the bay shoreline to the south of the dumbarton bridge with wet weather. as we head through san leandro street, those are the areas that are getting a few sprinkles and near the airport, south san francisco, headed to san bruno back to colma and daly city, a few sprinkles are falling with the light showers moving from east to west. notice when the storm came from livermore it did have lightning with it but have not seen any on our tracking but we are getting tweets reporting we had lightning in union city. they are calming down and it looks like the best chance of light showers will continue mainly around the bay area in the extreme north bay. leyla gulen? >> we have good conditions out
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there throughout the bay area at 6:30 1 and we are tracking this, lights out at the tunnel as you move from orinda to 13, we are reporting there are lights out in the tunnel and that could be potentially dangerous. be came. >> on the waze app we are tracking this as we look at our drive across the bay area, inch by inch our commute time is ranching up and we see heavy traffic and it will take 16 minutes to go from oakland to san francisco and you can track your own traffic with the abc7 news exclusive app at apple app and google play. right now, you can see what is happening on the drive in the san mateo bridge, with no accidents to report from hayward and to foster city, just a few clouds. >> sounds like we need to take it slow crossing the tunnel so we will watch the lights out
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situation. >> in san francisco, firefighters have discovered a major marijuana grow that began as a house fire. authorities removed a truck full of marijuana plants from the scene. the fire break out shortly before 1:00 o'clock a.m. at this home on 35th avenue in the richmond district. when firefighters entered the garage they discovered hundreds of thousands of marijuana. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has an update next half hour. >> the world-wide developers conference kicks off in san francisco and abc7 news matt keller has a preview of what to expect for the apple fans. matt? >> we know new york is the big apple but for just this week san francisco has the chairman to the name. thousands are expecting here for the world-wide developers conference that kicks off this morning and the line starts at 4th and howard and curves
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around. to be honest we never made it to the end. this is the first apple event in six months and analysts specific the company to announce a new digital radio services and new software for ipad and ipod. attendees hope for a surprise. >> i hope they will throw something that no one has leaked. that is what would be cool. like, you know, something that did not come out yet. if they do that, i will be really happy. >> analysts say the company stock price has fallen over concerns a breakthrough rod is not imminent and the operating system is creeping up with more people owning droid but apple apps lead the way with two more more downloads. doors open at 8:00 this morning for registration and the key note speakers start at 10:00? morning.
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>> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the world-wide developers conference and our reporter will be at the center during the key note event starting at 10:00al and you can follow him at twitter. >> the whistle mother who revealed the government's secret surveillance video could seek asylum in ice land to avoid prosecution here or another country. abc7 news easton cornell bernars the story. >> he fears for his safety and officials want him prosecuted. the 29-year-old edward snowden is hold up in a hong kong hotel after revealing himself to the world. the high school dropout claims to have worked for two spy agencies first at the c.i.a. and a civilian contractor for the handle security acknowledge in -- security agency in what
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harassment he was horrified by efforts to collect phone records of every american and gather data from major united states intent companies and said he fears the c.i.a. could soon track him down but the justice department has launched a criminal investigation calling the actions "reckless." you could name come forward against the world's moment powerful intelligence agencies and be free from risk because there is such powerful adversaries that no one can oppose them. if they want to get you, they will get you this time. it is dangerous for our national security and violates the oath which that person took. i think they should be prosecuted. >> snowden tells "the guardian" he could try to seek asylum in ice land and officials say the administration is reviewing damage done by snowden's leaks. during the visit to the bay area president obama defended the security program calling it a tradeoff between privacy concerns and keeping members
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safe from terrorism. to a story you saw here first, walnut creek police will turn over findings of a weekend limousine fire to compare to the deadly limousine on the san mateo bridge last month, happening yesterday at 11:30, police say the limousine was about to take off to sonoma for a 90th birthday party when the fire break out. ten passengers, mostly elderly, all managed to get out. the owner of the company praised the driver for getting everyone out safely. >> my driver was wonderful and got everyone out. no one got hurt. that is the only thing that matters. >> the owner said the fire started in an electrical system behind the driver and adds the limousine was recently inspected and he is surprised the fire happened. last week, we learned the cause of the limousine fire that
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killed five women on the san mateo bridge last month, and the cell phone video shows it started in the rear of the stretch limousine and the air strings in the back of the vehicle ruptured and set off a domino affect that led to the fire. >> pleasanton police are investigating a collision that killed a bicyclist and injured another. investigator say a husband and his wife were riding together when a car hit them at 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and the wife was thrown from her bicycle. she died at the scene. her husband went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the 18-year-old driver stopped after the crash. >> concerns are growing about the possibility of a bart strike if negotiations for a new contract are not reached by the end of the month. talks are dragging on between part officials and the transit agency's two largest unions which represent train operators, station agents and maintenance workers. the chronicle reports that the unions have propose add three year contract with raises
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including automatic cost of living increases. bart has asked for employees to contribute more to their health and pension benefits. >> the next time you visit a california stay park, you may be able to leave your cash at home. the sacramento bee reports they are planning on installing new quip 349 to let visitors pay fees using debit and credit cards. plans call for electronic kiosk to be installed at a dozen locations, including emerald bay state park, in tahoe, and the reservoir state recreation area at the pass. the machines allow park visitors to pay for admission for an hour or two rather than a whole day. >> that is a nice idea. >> time if a check on the weather forecast. mike, how many lightning strikes? >> not many now, there were a lot more in the north bay at 300 between noon and 3:00 but the lightning detection system is showing scattered to light showers right now across the
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bay, one of the stronger storms is on mount hamilton headed to alum rock and toward, say, santa rosa along 12. the storms are already starting to fade but they are possible through 7:00. even a slight chance through noon where we will be in the mid-60's at the coast. we will be in the mid-to-upper fists along the coast at 4:00 and mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere and partly sunny by 7:00, but, still, relatively cool 50's and 60's and a check on the commute. >> busy in the bay area with quite a few crashes across several of our freeways and highways, and it looks like it has quieted down but as we take you to gilroy we have a report of downed power lines blocking all lanes of highway 152, and this is west of watsonville road so crews are going to be out
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there lying to make repairs and open up the lanes. we are reporting this c.h.p. drove through the tunnel and it appears that all lights are now out so be careful headed westbound and westbound. now a look at the drive, this is going to be the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on headed back up it will take you under 20 minutes to make it from oakland to san francisco. kristen? >> at&t customer whose want the newest and hottest smartphone will need a little bit of patience, ahead, the change in policy that the company is making. >> tablets are the new must have gadget, of court, and the reason why one is not enough for american families. >> a new york yankee start returns to the bay area
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area but there is abc7 news. >> 50, at 6:14. a look at the san francisco and embarcadero area and the ferry building, check out the clouds, they are gray. but mike nicco is finding the rain for the moment has moved out of here. this is thunderstorm activity keeping it interesting this morning but we will check back
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with mike for your forecast for your neighborhood coming up. >> yankees pitcher returns to his hometown, vallejo, and honoring the legacy of his late cousin, dedicating a renovated basketball court at north vallejo park on fairgrounds drive. the court is in on of his cousin a former radar who passed away this past december. >> happening now in florida, authorities are watching a restaurant fearing a sinkhole could be forming, and the restaurant is in tampa and closed to the public. there are large cracks on the walls, officials are trying to figure out whether a sink hole or heavy rain caused the crack. the restaurant a few miles away from where a sink hole opened under a home in february killing a 37-year-old man. >> american's love affair with tablet computers continues to embryo and a survey just released shows four of ten americans now own a tablet a 3 percent jump among 18 to
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35-year-old more than half, now, have a gadget. the survey finds that many homes have more than one. a potential reason is many families find they need a spare tab health because people are fighting over who gets to use the first tablet. >> at&t is making customers wait longer to get their next phone. the company announced yesterday customers new have to wait 24 months rather than 20 months to upgrade to a new phone at reduced price. the change affects those whose contract ends if lamp -- ends in man or later. can you still buy a new phone when you want but you have to pay full retail price. >> the lightning strikes are not so many. >> absolutely, not so men, staying out over the ocean and lake county. in the south by, though, we have radar runs from milpitas to
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sunnyvale headed to mountain view where we have the radar return on north park victoria drive through milpitas, and the storm we were watching and the higher elevations has descended out of the higher elevation across alum rock on 130 and that will head straightforward downtown san jose and in the next five minutes, maybe a brief public of light-to-moderate rain and we are still seeing sprinkles it lit rain in the same area from the bayview district to colma and daly city that is where the boundary line is right now and where we are seeing the most lit in the atmosphere and why we continue to see the radar run. the entire boundary is now starting to shift to the south and the west and same as the stronger storms that moved through the north bay and they fell apart moving out over the ocean and they lost a lot of their lightning and we still have the ones to the north and those will rotate around
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clipping the northern section of sonoma county near the coast. scattered showers through south bay right now in the extreme north bay. we will talk temperatures, headed in downtown san francisco, at 5 degrees, and we have the same 57 at palo alto and walnut creek and american canyon and fairfield and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. as far as our temperatures this afternoon a stray hour is possible across the north bay and we will see increasing sunshine headed to the south. temperatures in the south bay in the upper sects to lower 70's and let to mid-70's in the east bay and mid-to-upper 70's around the bay shore and only upper 50's along the coast and in san francisco. tomorrow, it will be dry, and sometime going to be below average with temperatures about two degrees warmer and we will warm up wednesday and get closer to average a few degrees above average inland on thursday and friday and pulling back on saturday and sunday. pretty steady as she goes after
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such a wild start to the work week. hope you have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we did have quite a few accidents to get us going on this monday morning and the accidents have started to clear up but we have this power lines and pg&e will be out there but it does not look like it will re-open until 8:00 a.m. this morning so 192 is the alternate. at tunnel, good news, and the lights are now back office -- back on after being shut. in antioch to pittsburgh down to 12 miles per hour. slow conditions. a picture of the san rafael drive, look at that, very nice commute headed into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> a big week for the bay area's largest city as it fights
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>> good morning, a look from the embarcadero to the by bridge. we have had traffic problems and rain. the two probably go together. we will have a check on traffic with leyla gulen and mike nicco is tracking the weather. a feel good musical was the winner at the tony awards. >> the tony goes to...kinky boots. >> it got six tony aware, including best musical, best score by pop star, and best leading man. it tells the story of a shoe fact friday that reinvents itself by making budgets for drag queens. >> a messy finale on britain's
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got talent. a woman was throwing eggs at simon cowell and the other judges. the woman is a member of the orchestra and she was taken off stage by security and during the applause simon took off his jacket and tweeted "i really don't like eggs." she said she did that because she wanted to protest what he has done to the music industry. not a fan. obviously not. >> she was "fried." >> and we have enhanced feature on our news app available for the iphone and droid device and the best part is it's free. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo tells us how the new app is better than ever. >> the mobile phone app keeps you updated with the latest news, weather and traffic. >> everything you count on from abc7 news is at your fingertips
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with your new news app. >> check out what is happening in your neighborhood, the state, the country, and around the globe with the new abc7 news app lets you share stories like facebook and twitter. >> we are looking at live doppler 7 hd. >> rain, wind, folk, -- fog, we have it all. you get the weather reports you depend on including the seven-day forecast and how it impacts your commute, we have that covered, too. check traffic but you hit the road with the real time traffic map. >> the old news app is going away so to keep up with the latest news, weather, and traffic you need to download the new can improved news app now for free for your iphone or your droid device by going to our website at on air, online and on the mobile device we have your world
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covered. >> you want to show how it works >> when you tap on this three bar menu the counties show up so can pick the stories from your county. and facebook, twitter, you can go right to it so you can get us on all the platforms and it is convenient. it is simple. >> we have worked hard to make it easy. >> it happened again a limousine erupts into flames. >> hear from a woman who escaped the near disaster. >> firefighters made quite a discovery in richmond district and we will show you what they found. >> scattered thunderstorms are being tracked up next. >> in our traffic center. metering lights are on and it is
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busy on the back to work monday with the drive times coming up
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy monday. it is now 6:29. thanks for starting your week with us. >> it has been an exciting start to the week if you are a meteorologist, like mike. >> or if you are just after weather geek in general. this will show at 2:00 over napa, when we had 100 lightning strikes an hour across the north bay and it took ten times but finally he got one. this is a capture of the lightning over napa while you were sleeping and probably the thunder that may have woken you. now the strongest storms are to the north of that, mt. st. helena and you can see how far it reaches where the stronger storms are and rotating to the southwest and could clip the northwest corner of snow --
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sonoma county. and up to santa rosa you can see it is slow. the best chance of light rain at sfo where we have flight arrival delays more than an hour all the way up san bruno up to daly city. leyla gulen? >> we have had slick conditions across our freeways and this is no exception. there is lots of green on the map indicating moist conditions. southbound 280 that is where we have an accident and it is over to the shoulder and the drive northbound and southbound could be affected. slow down your speed when you travel on west pavement there. to gilroy, highway 152 at watsonville road we have power lines that went out and pg&e will be there until 8:00 a.m. to make repairs and open all lanes. you can use highway 129 as an alternate. >> 6:31. developing news in san francisco where firefighters made a
6:32 am
surprising storery when they put out a house fire. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> they thought they were responding to a fire but inside they found were more. look at all of the bags marijuana plants they took from the home on 35th avenue in san francisco's richmond district. police estimate this has a street value of hundreds of thousands. firefighters got the call to come here before 1:00 o'clock in morning because of reports of smoke coming from the home. firefighterred had trouble getting inside the house with the walls moved around inside to hide what they were growing. we gained access and we had trouble getting in the back because we discovered quite a bit of pot plants and a lot wiring and electrical hookups and what not in the back of the garage and it was difficult to
6:33 am
get back there. we found fire in the rear corner of the building and knocked it down quickly. >> police say the marijuana was of good quality but the wiring was not and they said it was probably an electrical fire but it is under investigation. no one was home at time. no arrests have been made. look at the outside of the building, fire did not do any damage from the outside. looks likes they got the fire out quickly. so, from the looks of things you would never suspect what was going on or what has happened find this home. new this morning, high winds are to blame for topple this tree in the east bay, the tree fell in pittsburg and crews pushed it out the way of the morning commute. >>the owner of the limousine that caught fire over the week with elderly on board said the
6:34 am
limousine was just inspected broking out at 11:30. the limousines with about to take off to sonoma for a 90th birthday party and the fire started and an electrical system located behind a driver. ten women mostly elderly, all managed to get out safely. >> three of us that were more bodied, we got outers so we could help the other ladies and they were on walkers and canes and 90-plus. >> walnut creek investigators will release their findings to the highway patrol. the c.h.p. will make comparisons to last month's limousine fire on the san mateo bridge which killed five women. >> less than 30 minutes at 7:00 a.m. the supreme court could hand down the decision on prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage another opportunity for the high court to issue a ruling on the controversial issue before the
6:35 am
term ends at the end of the month. the decision on this and several other big issues could come any time in june. justices are poised to rule on the federal defense of marriage act. if a ruling comes down, abc7 news will bring the ruling to you the moment it happens and we will tweet the decisions at abc7 news. >> jury selection is underway in the trial of the neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed an unarmed teen in florida. here is a picture of the courtroom in florida, and george zimmerman killed seven-year-old trayvon martin in february of 2012 and he is charged with second-degree murder. the question of self-defense or murder will be answered by the people selected from the 500-member jury pool. george zimmerman could testify and claims trayvon martin attack him and face as life sentence if convicted. >> former south african leader mandela is spending a third day in the hospital in intensive
6:36 am
care being treated for recurring lung infection. officials say the 94-year-old was listed in serious-but-stable condition yesterday. member of his family were visited the hospital where theant apartheid leader is believed to be staying. mandela has been hospitalized self times in recent months. the last time was in april for pneumonia. >> back in california, public safety in combating crime is the focus in san jose when budget talks are underway for the upcoming year. according to the san jose mercury news, the major is calling for 16 million to retore police officer pay and $8 million for fire department staffing that has been paid for in the past by federal grants that are soon to expire. he also is asking for $3348 for moreant gang efforts and an additional $3 million to boost recruitment of new police officers. the city council will vote on the proposed $2.6 billion budget tomorrow. >> sunnyvale police are preparing to look at
6:37 am
surveillance video to determine what led to the first homicide of the year. police found a man shot to death in the parking lot of the peacock lounge yesterday afternoon. we have learned he was a security guard for the authorities bar, and another person was injured which police say happened during a party at the bar. that person has since been released from the hospital. >> ahead, apple ised to do -- apple is ready to do something it hasn't done in nine months. >> and a new compromise to keep food trucks moving through a bear yeah city. >> from the exploritorium camera, you can see the weather is quieting down after a pretty active start to the morning and mike is following the weather, leyla gulen has the
6:38 am
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>> we are looking at 880 and 101 where they come together. it is dry. this is what we call ground truth. live doppler 7 hd shows radar return over this area that gives an idea of how light the showers are. they are probably getting sprinkles but probably so small the camera did not pick it up. so be careful sprinkles are developing moving across the san jose international airport headed to santa clara and another batch pulling through
6:41 am
alum rock and headed to evergreen official of san jose and that will head down to other areas including possibly campbell. we have scattered light showers. especially around millbrae where it is just now dissipating but sfo and headed to south san francisco and wet weather is possible. >> a trip around the bay area shows what is going on on the bridges, we are taking a look at at the bay bridge toll plaza and looking at 25 minutes from oakland to san francisco. at the golden gate bridge, it is a short six-minute drive from sausalito to san francisco not seeing any accidents and plenty of cloud cover but no problems in san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. the drive is loading up and 15 minutes gets you to the peninsula. eric and kristen? >> happening today restaurant
6:42 am
owners look to level the playing field with food trucks with new regulations. owners of brick and mortar establishments have complained that food trucks don't pay rent putting them at a disadvantage and among the food changes food truck could not be closer than 75 feet of a restaurant and stay more than three days a week in one location. they can reduce the level of food trucks in the financial district but expand elsewhere. >> a major silicon valley tech company is ready for a billion dollar acquisition. >> trading is underway on wall street and the big board shows the dow hoping to continue the rally from friday. we will go to bloomberg business report and the new york stock exchange. >> but, first, apple
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame and all bay area, happening node san francisco, apple will kickoff the worldwide developers conference. it appears there will be something for everyone. abc7 news matt keller joins us with a preview. matt? >> good morning, you can see thousands of people are already lined up here on 4th street in front of the center with doors
6:46 am
opening in an hour for the world-wide developers conference. the line to get in stretches around around the corner. this is the first apple event in six months and there will be a new digital radio station, new software if the ipod and ipad and mac computers. people mentioned how important the conference is for networking. we met two from germany who receive add scholarship to the conference after making an app. the high school graduates are hoping to find an internship for the summer before they head to college in the fall. >> we are trying to find an internship over the summer so the gap between high school and college we are just trying to find a cool company to join at a cool place, for example, something like los angeles, san francisco, silicon valley. >> analysts say the establish stock prices are concerning amid concerns that another
6:47 am
breakthrough product is not imminent. c.e.o. said that people should not expect new products until the fall but apple is likely to preview how future products function with the new features. doors open at 8:00 for registration, and this event runs through friday. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the worldwide developers conference and we will be inside the center during the keynote address starting at 10:00 this morning, and you can follow him on twitter. be interesting to see where that goes, and emergencier monday in the bay area, and people without wheels are running them rather than buying. jane king is at the new york stock exchange to exchange. >> good morning, renting tires
6:48 am
unique. the "los angeles times" has rent-to-own tire shops like easy rent are becoming more popular as americans cannot get the credit they need to buy tires out right. the pain says that rent-to-own tire program mean you could pay up to four times for the tires as if you bought them outright. >> google has agreed to buy a map software company waze for more than $1 billion part of the effort to keep the lead in the mobile navigation system. we are navigating toward a flat day so far here today. s&p upgraded the outlook for debt from stable to negative and the dow is up, but, now, the s&p and trading lower and the silicon valley index is trading at the moment higher. do you tech while walking and not pay attention to traffic? a survey by the insurance company says that 60 percent of
6:49 am
pedestrians walk while texting and e-mailing and doing other things like listen to music. the distractions could be a reason that pedestrian deaths appear to be rising. >> thank you, jane, have a great month. >> we want to look at our weather numbers and see if they are going up or down. pretty cool day that is for sure. >> gray with wet weather which is a good bet. we do have the flight arrival delays in sfo, an hour and 37 minutes because the scattered wet weather which you could see and live doppler 7 hd is showing this over sfo right now and, also, the low clouds. now, other areas we will slide into the south bay around palo alto and cupertino, sunnyvale, saratoga, headed over to los altos and los altos hills and campbell, and all those areas to downtown san jose showing
6:50 am
scattered light rain. alum rock has another sprinkle possible and daly city and pacifica, the radar returns are not so impressive as they were but still out there so expect some scattered sprinkles for the commute. you can see the strong stormes are to the north where the lightning is moving all the way back to the northern section of the central valley. now, temperatures, it is cloudy and misty with drizzle here and there and sprinkles here and there, more likely in san francisco with temperatures from 52 in the forest hill neighborhood to 57 in downtown and if you are coming in through the ferry building temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's and petaluma is the cool spot at 51 degrees. so, if today, we going do have scattered showers possible and isolated thunderstorm is possible and the best bay is moving into our rear view. by the afternoon hours, the best threat of a scattered shower is across the north bay and temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's and the same
6:51 am
temperatures through the bay shore and this is a south bay and east bay we may see a little more sunshine and low-to-mid 70's and check out the coast into san francisco, only mid-town per 50's today. we tonight the cloud cover is likely, and well hang out in the low-to-mid 50's with less than .1" of the showers but it is possible through the early afternoon hours, tomorrow we will gain a couple more degrees with the extra sunshine and we will have a little bit of a warming end but nothing too outrageous wednesday, thursday, and friday. be safe. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. we do have slick conditions in some areas but it looks to be dry out here and eastbound 80 we have a report of debris if the lines and if you travel west along 80 the drive is slowing down as you approach 680, and southbound along 680, we have a few extra souls on the road. in san bruno, southbound 280, this is where we have a crash involving a muni bus and everything to the shoulder right
6:52 am
now and we do not see delays but the map is entirely in green and that means wet weather could affect our roads so slow down the speed. the drive time traffic shows 580 headed out of tracy to dublin will take you under 40 minutes and 101 from san francisco, 12 minutes get you northbound along 85 from 101 to cupertino a 20-minute commute. berkeley shows the commute is looking busy but half an hour to get from highway 4 to the maze. we have a lot of entries in the shell gas card give away and you can enter, too, "like" abc7 news on facebook for a chance to win by filling out the form. if you are a fan you still need to fill out the form and on thursday we announce one winner a day right here on the morning news. >> that is exciting stuff. ahead, seven things to know before you go. aúes0p0p
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>> good morning, 6:54 is the time and the golden gate bridge shows it is cloudy and possible still damp and we do have some thunder and lightning moving out but we still have light rain and we will check with meteorologist a final time but remark is okay. >> as we hand it off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. developing news in san francisco, firefighters discovered a huge marijuana grow when they put out a house fire in the richmond district. police loaded bags full of pot on to a truck and no one was home. >> walnut creek police are expecting to turn over find education to the c.h.p. of a weekend limousine fire for comparison to the deadly limousine fire on the golden gate bridge last month. ten women all managed to get out safetily. >> the 29-year-old would leaked
6:55 am
classified documents about n.s.a.'s surveillance programs could seek asylum in iceland saying he leaked the information to spark debate of the programs. the justice department has launch add criminal investigation. >> in a matter of minutes the supreme court could hand down the decision on prop 8, which is the ban on same-sex marriage, and the decision on this and several other big issues could come at 7:00 or any time in june. if a ruling comes down this morning, abc7 news will bring it to you the moment it happened. >> high wins are to blame for toppling this tree in the east bay this morning and it fell in pittsburg and blocked the road north of buchanan and trues -- crews moved it. >> and tracking thunderstorms and light sprinkles from san mateo bridge south. we will focus up north with a new lightning strike on the express way to the northeast with a strong storm from there
6:56 am
to santa rosa to west college avenue in santa rosa and our best radar runs and lightning to the north at 264 an hour. that could stay in the north bay. that is the best bet for thunderstorms. >> leyla gulen? >> speaking of santa rosa we have a brand new crash but, first, a look at the toll plaza and metering lights are on and busy conditions and half an hour get you from oakland to san francisco. look at that, lots of green on the map indicating the wet conditions i don't affect our roads, southbound 101 at todd road a brand new accident there and that is blocking at least one lane and possibly two, with debris in the lanes but as you continue in the southbound direction, over an hour will get you down to 580. >> thank you. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the latest details on the spy agency whistle-blower responsible for one of the most astonishing leaks in american history. now hiding out in hong kong with pillows under the door. why he did it in his own words. >> even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded. and breaking right now, abc news has learned south african leader nelson mandela is in intensive care at this hour after being rushed to the hospital over the weekend. we'll have a live report. take a look at this hair-raising stunt for a royal. for the first time prince harry shows off for thousands as he pilots his apache helicopter almost on its back shocking the crowd. the announcer confirms harry at the controls. and a sizzling game two for the miami heat defeating the spurs in a tense showdown.


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