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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we have breaking news from san francisco where firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in the bayview district that started at 2:30 on hudson avenue. we are told it may have started in a vacation around building and spread to cars. the fire is out but firefighters are still on scene keeping an eye out for any hotspots. four adults and two children have been displaced and we are told one firefighter was injured and they have been taken to the hospital. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is arriving shortly on the scene. >> we are waking up to a different morning. mike nicco? >> no lightning strikes to track but a few sprinkles.
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good morning, everyone. here is a look and you can see a few radar returns coming through the jet stream as it is still sitting on top of us with energy riding through so you may get a drop or two on the windshield especially in marin county and southern sonoma county along highway 37. other than that, it is just cloudy and mild this morning. the temperatures this afternoon will transition from low clouds to high clouds 73 to 82 inland and 65 to 75 around the bay and around 60 at the coast. more cloud cover than the rest of us. and the commute from leyla gulen. >> a project at maze could slow the drive down from san francisco headed into oakland land along eastbound 80 the transition to eastbound 580 will be closed until 7:00 a.m. this morning. headed along the westbound direction we are starting to see plenty of cars over toward the bay bridge and in the eastbound direction we do have construction project that will last until 6:30 this morning and that is at the toll.
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and other construction from the waze act shows we do have construction from san ramon road where we will see a couple of lanes blocked, and down to 13 miles per hour there you can see it is pretty heavy traffic. look at that. taking a look at this drive, that is 101 headed into central san rafael, a clear one over to 580. eric and kristen? >> it is called the biggest gang crackdowns in santa clara county history, a wide-ranging 77 county indictment netted dozens of members of a well-known gang spread out across northern california. more on this story from abc7 news reporter matt keller in san jose. matt? >> a defense attorney for two defendants say acies like this has never been done before in the county. a supervising district attorney says the criminal gang case includes 77 indictments against 39 male and nine female differents involving murder,
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robbery, drug sales and weapon charges. from 2010 to may 30, all 48 defendants took part in the criminal gang organization in santa clara county and conspired to sell methamphetamine. the san jose police announced the recent arrest of cruz for the murder in august of a 38-year-old near oakland road. the inindictment charges that cruz and 30-year-old martinez and 24-year-old oaks murdered a man while members of a gang. other allegations in the indictment include participating in the armed robberies of several banks, possession of prohibited weapons such as a silencer, and a felon in possession of a firearm. the district attorney rosen will go if more details at an hour-long news conference that starts at 10:30 this morning. >> thank you, new details, the government is working to stop anymore leaks of top secret documents by the whistle mother who revealed sweeping u.s. surveillance programs.
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they questions whether he works alone, and our reporter is in the thursday room with that. >> more revelations may be on the way, that is according to the journalist who told the world about the n.s.a. secret activists. the search for the whereabouts of the n.s.a. whistleblower continuing and we have just learned the department of justice is preparing to file criminal charges against the man who confessed to leaking top secret documents on national security. one thing is for sure, snowden is a hunted man, on the run, from his hong kong hide out pursued by an army of federal agents. he is believed carrying more top secret government documents to be dropped at bombshells and has exposed two keeping surveillance programs an of the he says to help the american people protect their privacy. house speaker boehner condemned the leaks and he is talking exclusively to abc7 news. >> he is a traitor. these are important national
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security programs to him keep americans safe and give us tools to fight the terrorist threat we face. >> the n.s.a. specifically targets the communications of everyone. it is looking at everyone. >> supports have been raising money for the legal defense, more than 39,000 have demanded a presidential pardon. ". llsburg who leaked the pentagon papers called snowden a "national hero." a poll find as majority of americans, 5 percent, say the n.s.a. activists are acceptable to prevent terrorist attacks. top intelligence officials say the programs will continue. government officials cannot say if snowden is working alone but we are reporting there are 850,000 contractor employee whose have the same access that snowden did. >> happening now in the east bay, oakland police are investigating the death of a man
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after his body was discovered beneath a freeway. the body was found along interstate 980 at 23rd and martin luther king are -- jr. way. they believe he was likely someone camping out. the his identity is not releases the antioch police department is enlisting the help of the garbage workers and post office to fight crime and train them to report anything they find suspicious while doing their regular work in the neighborhood. antioch has seen the crime rate jump following destaffing cups to the police. >> lawsuit makers expect to meet the saturday deadline to send a budget to the deal now a deal on key issues is in place. the agreement between the government and state and senate leaders will restore cuts. there are a few details to army out. the state will have a stimulus
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for the first time in years. >> protest groups against the keystone xl pipeline project plan on rallying outside facebook shareholders meeting. they hope to draw attention to facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg's lobbying group claiming that forward united states is supporting politicians who are in favor of the pipeline project. protesters turned out in full force to greet president obama during his visit to the peninsula last thursday. we zuckerberg's group was originally established with the intention of influencing the immigration reform debate. >> apple lovers, your iphone is ready to get more protection. apple announceed it will have new iphones and other mobile devices with a "kill" switch to allow the owner to deactivate a device using a website so a thieve cannot cannot erase the a even if the sim card is removed as the district attorney calls on companies to add "kill" switches to reduce cell phone
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thefts. >> we will check news with mike nicco, it will probably be a few more days before the warm up. >> today, tomorrow, and maybe warmer on wednesday, and thursday, not a tremendous warming trend, we are not going obnoxious into the 90's and triple digits but well get warmer. they are working on the embarcardero. everyone is going to be good today as far as ozone. now, more good news. look at your pollen today, trees are down to moderate and grass is moderate and ragweed and ozone is low and the u.v. index is going to be very high so you can bun rather quickly when we get rid of the low clouds and that will be average the noon hour. you can see they are fading from temperatures in the 50's, and we will stay in the 50's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and inland, we will replace the low clouds with high clouds, and 60 at the coast, and 70 at 4:00 around the
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bay and 77 inland. the next three days, your forecast is showing temperatures are mild on wednesday and thursday and warmer with a lot of sunshine on friday. now a check of the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good news a big rig was blocking a lane open highway 17, right before you reach highway nine is cleared. all lanes are now open so top speed in the northbound and southbound direction through los gatos. as we look at the drive time track -- traffic is slowing. but construction is slow things down approaching 680, and that will be around until 6:00 a.m. and the top speed in that area is going to be about 13 miles per hour. the 101 headed out of san francisco at sfo is 12 minutes the drive team and 85 great highway one to cupertino is under 17 minutes and outside right now the golden gate bridge show as beautiful sight and we have clear conditions, northbound construction has
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cleared, and all lanes are open if both directions. >> just about 5:10. watch out if you have a bank account with overdraft protection. bloomberg business report is next. >> immigration reform faces another big test on capitol hill and the action lawmakers are taking as both sides of the issue gear up for a site. >> caught on video a rare look at the
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>> covering burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this tuesday, a look from our exploritorium camera, to the bay bridge and you can see the clouds are above us but certainly no more thunderstorms out there this morning. no testing of the bay lighters, either. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco in a bit on the change weather conditions. >> on capitol hill the senate will cast the first votes on a landmark immigration bill, on procedures to allow debate to of my forward on the far-reaching legislation that remakes the immigration laws and offer citizenship to some 11 million people. president obama will deliver marks at the white house in support of the measure. >> british petroleum says the cleaning inof the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico is just about done.
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b.p. says it will draw down active clean up operations in mississippi, alabama, and florida. the clean up will continue along 84 miles of the louisiana shoreline still stained by oil. the company has spent more than $14 billion in a response to the disaster. b.p. says they will continue to enclass up any reports of oil that washes up along the gulf of mexico. >> things could be looking up for people who are trying to find a job. the latest survey from staffing agency man manpower find 22 percent of businesses will add jobs in the next quarter. the biggest gain is in construction and hospitality and the strong of the region are the midwest and plains states. >> a warning if your bank account has overdraft coverage. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, safety regulators could be considering a recall on hondaen values, the national highway draft safety administration looking whether
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300,000 front airbags in 2003 and 2004 are at risk of inflating without a crash while being driven. if you have a bank account with everdraft the consumer financial protection bureau says people with overdraft coverage are more likely to pay hundreds of dollars in fees each year and are at greater risk having their accounts closed. >> remember the massive housing bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac? get this, shareholders are now suing the government for that claiming that the 2008 takeover of the mortgage finance company was illegal and cost investors billions. at the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> scientists released video showing a rare sea animal in the gulf of mexico. he has a thin body with a
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glowing blue. the giant fish is the long of the bony fish in the world reaching according to some reports, up to 56' from tip to tail so you now know why the sailers in history would report seeing sea monsters, at 56'! >> it has a zen beauty to it, like the jelly fish. >> the real final frontier. >> it is ugly. >> nothing ugly about our forecast, today, right, with a lot of sunshine? >> this afternoon, a lot of sunshine. get everyone, you do not need the umbrella or cameras to capture the lightning and we that you for sending those in. it was nice to share those. we will pull a couple more up if you missed them. there were nice shots. live doppler 7 hd shows drizzle out this is possible along the
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east bay shore, from albany and berkeley and headed down into oklahoma and possi bly the richs sliding across the jet stream and probably more like upper level moisture that is not reaching the ground but if you have a few drops that is why. you can see it is moving from southwest to northeast this morning, and it will reenforce the clouds for the morning hours, and we will look at the temperatures around san francisco, we are mostly in the low-to-mid 50's from forest hills area to 52 to the ferry building at 356, and richmond is 56, and walnut creek and pittsburg and union city and palo alto and saratoga, 58 all. tracy and pleasanton at 57, and american canyon is 52. today, though, we will have clouds this morning, with afternoon high clouds so it will be brighter than yesterday. a cooling trend is on the way for the weekend. today, we will go mid-to-upper
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70's for the santa clara county and milpitas is cooler at 72. and let to mid-70's the peninsula and millbrae is the exception at 66 and well hug the 60-degree mark long the coast to mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley but the benches we will have near 60 degree temperatures and low-to-mid 70's along our east bay shoreline neighborhoods and hayward and oakland and berkeley will be in the upper 60's and to the another bay valley, temperatures are in the mid-70's to nearly the low 80's. we will bring you back to the 40's and 50's tonight so cooler tomorrow morning with partly cloudy sky and temperatures the same tomorrow and you can see we want a -- warm a couple of degrees thursday and friday and then we are dry. >> we have a hit-and-run crash along 580 in this area here with an accident. it is possibly blocking one
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lane. right now we have green conditions, so not too much in the way of she downs. our drive time traffic shows it is slowing down a little bit but not to the extent we would expect. petaluma to 580 in the southbound direction 101 gets you there and antioch to concord, traffic is building but, still, at 20 minutes to get in the westbound direction. from woodside to san jose that is under 20 minutes. now, outside, to the maze, as we take a look at an amazing beautiful view. headed out of berkeley and toward 580, it will not be a problem and we have construction eastbound 80 to eastbound 580 the transition is closed until at least 6:00 a.m. and we have construction on the bay bridge on the lower deck that will last until 6:30. we are getting a lot of entries in our gas card give away. "like" us on facebook to a chance to win. if you are a fan you need to
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>> whether you are just joining us or head out the door seven things to know. breaking news in san francisco's bayview where an early morning fire displaced six people and sent a firefighter to the hospital. firefighters are still on the scene on hudson avenue. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield have much more coming up in a report at 5:30. >> today the santa clara county will announce new details of a grand jury indictment against 48 alleged gang members, charged with murder, robbery and drug offenses. >> the search is on for the man who leaked classify documents of secret government surveillance programs. the 29-year-old snowden was last seen in hong kong but the exact
5:24 am
whereabouts are unknown this morning. a british journalists said he has more documents that will be revealed over the next self weeks and months. >> number four, the owner of a limousine that burst into flames near walnut creek over the weekend is facing an investigation and possible fines by the money utilities commission. the limousine was licensed to carry eight passengers but ten women were inside when it caught fire. they all got out safely. >> five, muni officials in san francisco are concerned of a growing problem. passengers prying out the doors of moving buses and jumping out between stops. muni says there have been at least 15 of the incidents sin the -- since the end of may. >> on live doppler 7 hd, tracking a few sprinkles for the only commute, but have not heard of anything reaching the ground and we will have warmer weather in the seven-day forecast. >> 15, the bay bridge is moving well out of oakland and into san francisco but we do have plenty of construction in the eastbound direction and i will give you more on that if a little bit.
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>> former secretary of state hillary clinton is joining the twittersphere with an official account on twitter to her first and only tweet yesterday, she thanked the creators of the blog "text from hillary clinton," the unofficial account reading "thanks for the inspiration, i will take it from here." she has many titles including dog owner, hair icon, pant suit lover, grass ceiling cracker, and interestingly, tbd. >> to be determined. hmmmm m. >> a daring maneuver by a helicopter thrilled the crowd over the weekend and more thrilled to learn who the pilot was, captain wales or prince harry. they had no idea the soldier would be part of the display team until the presence was announced casually, 28-year-old
5:26 am
first ever stint in an acrobatic show team as the pilot. he cheated gravity with rolls and was pretty good with the apache version. he was good. >> british restaurant is bringing a new meaning to "flying fish." a restaurant chain is trying tout an invention that delivers food to a table without a waiter the tray canfully at speeds up to 25 miles per hour and is controlled by an ipad and outfitted with two cameras so the kitchen staff can check the food has been delivered by live feed. if the concept is successful, the chain plans to put the tray in all 64 restaurants next year. >> it keeps moving around so it is hard to snatch your sushi off the trade. >> make it a great diet device.
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>> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the shifting attitudes of same-sex marriage as california awakes the supreme court decision on proposition eight. >> the bay area city that may become the latest to ban plastic
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>> breaking news right now, at 5:29, the breaking news is in san francisco. thanks for joining us. >> a firefighter is rushed to hospital while battling the early morning house fire. >> abc7 news amy hollyfield has the latest on the scene. >> kristen, the firefighters say the fire was so huge they described it as "eye popping." starting on hudson avenue in the
5:30 am
bayview district at hudson avenue. the fire starts in a vacant house and it spread to an attached garage and then to two cars and then to the house next door. that is where six people were living. six people inside, five adults and one child. the if five -- five-year-old. the elderly woman who lives in the house said she has been the victim of a fire before and she cannot believe this is happening to her again. >> i wasn't moving. i was just numb. numb. i am numb. i cannot do this. it is hard to move something again. >> all of the residents got out okay and they were not hurt. they get out on their own but, yes, one firefighter was hurt while battling the fire. he hurt his ankle. if you look right now i can show you what happened to him. see the deck attached to the
5:31 am
house? his chief said he stepped through the deck, and he is a big guy, he stepped right through it, hurt his ankle and was taken to the hospital. they do not know yet how he is doing and we will check on that throughout the morning. at this point, they don't know what started the fire. it is out. they are here to do mopup, keep their eye out for hotspots and the red cross is here. reporting from san francisco for abc7 news. >> we will see what the weather looks like on this tuesday. it has been changing. >> it is cloudy but they are not the same clouds as yesterday with no thunderstorms out this, there is no rain, no gusty wind as far as that is concerned. we have a few radar returns from the southwest to necessary and it is just a few sprinkles. i have heard no reports of making it to the ground. we will show you where it is. coming up on, say, lafayette, pleasanton hill and concord,
5:32 am
right across on 680 and 780 and up 29 to napa and to fairfield and antioch and that area. we will talk about the forecast as we look from the exploritorium camera at clouds hanging around oakland this morning, 73 to 82 inland, the spread is 65 to 75 at bay and near 60 at the coast. here is leyla gulen. >> i am happy to report an accident we had in san leandro is cleared but i want to show you the drive along 580 coming over the altamont pass and into livermore. we also have a another construction project as you approach 680, that is cleared, but it is tipping its scales to 580 coming arm from tracy at 43 minutes to get to dublin/pleasanton. this construction project is in san jose southbound 680 and a couple of lanes are blocked and we will be there until 6 a.m. and this has cleared. westbound 580 at gulf links, no lanes are blocked. now at look at the san jose commute as you come away from 17 all is quiet.
5:33 am
kristen and eric? >> it is 5:32, this could be the biggest gang crack downs in santa clara county history, a wide-range 77-count indictment that has netted dozens of gang members and four are murder suspects. a district attorney says the criminal gang case against 39 male and 9 female defendants of involves murder, robbery, drug sales and weapons charges, the case is so large that one defense attorney tells our media partner, the san jose mercury news, that the trial would have to be held at h.p. pavilion. abc7 news reporter matt commercial has an update next half hour. >> san jose will repair cuts to public safety on the voting of the budget today at $2.6 billion. the city is ready to adopt the budget without lay 50s for the second year allocating more cash to train officers and $4 million to pay for police officer overtime until enough new
5:34 am
officers are hired and trained. >> new safety questions of a limousine that burst into flames over the weekend. the 2008 lincoln was licensed to carry eight passengers. ten passengers were inside when it caught fire. all passengers, mostly elderly, got out safely. driver gave them the go ahead to have more passengers than allowed. >> only eight people were allowed to fit in the limo. we did a head count he said, ten is okay. nine of us in the back. the birthday girl sat in the front. >> this is a limo driver said this? >> yes. >> abc7 news has learned the owner of the limo has been in trouble recently with the law. court documents show he was convicted of making threats in passing a bad check in a dispute with the owner of another limousine county and faces an investigation by the money before public utility
5:35 am
commission. >> we have a look at tens of thousands in damage drop to a santa cruz county home after a party got out of criminal. these are photos from the home with the home owner saying her daughter were invited some friends over to watch a movie. one texted another friend that 9 parents were out of town and that message want viral. 300 people showed up and the house was robbed and ransacked and the home owner who did not want to be on camera says it wasn't just teens who showed up. >> it wasn't the kid whose came to party with their friends, there were two completely different types people, the people intentionally here to tear the place up and the people that were just here to have a drink away from their parents with their friends and party. >> they always get broken up by the police, someone always gets if trouble. it never ends up good. >> officers arrested the
5:36 am
18-year-old from life oak trying to leave and they say he had a rifle, a shotgun, and jewelry that had been stolen from the house, no one has been arrested, though, for vandalism. >> the father of a 16-year-old accused in the deadly carjack of a san jose paramedic claims his son is being filmed. burton pleaded fault guilty to the murder of a 34-year-old quinn boyer who was shot and killed as he drove in oak hills. five other juveniles including a 13-year-old also face charges. the prosecution believes that burton was the gunman. the father said he believes his son was in school at the time of the shooting. burr done is being tried as an adult could face the death penalty. >> a new poll finds half of california voters believe same-sex marriage should be legal according to the "los angeles times" poll, 58 percent of voters support legalizing same-sex marriage compares to 36 percent who are against it. the poll finds the support is strong of the right here in the
5:37 am
bay area with 69 percent of voters in favor of same-sex marriage and the supreme court is set to make a decision on the issue some time this month. >> east bay water officials are expected to vote on a plan to raise water rates almost 10 percent a year for the next two years. the increase is needed to maintain dams that deliver water to 1.3348 customers. officials say the right hide would cost the average family $5 more a month starting in july and $5 more next year. there will be a public hearing at 1:00 o'clock at the headquarters in oakland before the vote. >> a bay areaty could -- a bay area city could ban single use plastic bags and foam containers with paper bags still available for five cents a bag. restaurants or businesses with prepared food would be exempt.
5:38 am
plastic is banned from many cities in the bay area. >> we notice clouds out there as you start the day. any drizzle? >> few and far between. have not seen results. yes, maybe but not getting reports. the safer is juicy over the bay area. los gatos is the cool spot in the south bay and sunnyvale at 61 and 59 in campbell and alum rock is 56 and around all of our neighborhoods, most of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's and calistoga is the cool spot at 48. alameda and san carlos around 57 degrees. today, the day planner for the next 12 hours starts off from and in the mid-to-upper 50's with sunshine developing, especially inland, and 57 at the
5:39 am
coast and at 4:00 we will be around 60 at the coast and 77 inland and at 7:00 you need a light jacket. the next these days we may take a dip in temperature tom and we will warm a couple of degrees for third and friday but temperatures, really, never get out of hand and they stay close to average. enjoy. leyla gulen has the commute? >> you will enjoy the commute because we are seeing slowing only on 580 and through antioch, otherwise, if you look at the map we are seeing lots of green on the roadways so good news out there, we have construction that could be blocking lanes and slowing the drive but you want slow for the cone zone anyway to the south bay freeway we have a couple lanes are blocked and that will re-open at 6:00 this morning and this will last until 7:00, eastbound 92 transition to northbound 280 so in foster city you could see that closed and detours are in place so coming off the bridge you will want did use another exit. as we take a look outside our
5:40 am
windows, that is walnut creek along 680 headed over to highway 24 and we have a few extra cars but it still looks like everything is moving at top speed. >> it is 5:40. >> forget waiting for the bus stop, the surprising new safety problem that has san francisco's muni trying to rain in -- to rein in riders. >> and in turkey this is
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area, this is abc7 news. san francisco muni officials are concerned about a growing problem passengers prying on the doors moving buses and jumping out between stops. muni says there have been at least 15 incidents sin thece thd of may mostly on 14 mission limited but it has happened elsewhere. according to the "san francisco examiner" at first police thought passery were trying to get off quickly after boarding the wrong bus but they are reviewing the surveillance video to determine if it is militia mischief by a group of passengers. >> school district will discuss
5:44 am
strategy on how for avoid heat-related emergency during graduation ceremony after high temperatures cause several people to become ill during graduation. liberty union high school district officials say they will discuss the possibility of holding graduation ceremonies in the evening when it is cooler. eight people at freedom high and 17 at heritage high had to be treated saturday for heat-related illnesses. >> we are expected to fine out if two tornadoes touched down in maryland. the national weather service is inspecting the damage after strong storms ripped through the region yesterday. people in delaware were hit with severe weather and possibly a tornado. informs brought down trees and damaged homes and a resident said she did not have time to look for better shelter downs but felt the wind getting powerful and she hid inside a closet. >> i was laying with our new app
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and if you want to follow news, traffic and weather on the go this is it, our new app is free. it is free. it is a free app that offers enhanced features to make it easy to use on droid or hand device. you will want to use it every day. >> the new and improved mobile phone app keeps you updated with the latest news, weather and traffic. >> everything you count on from abc7 news is at your finger tips with our new and improved abc7 news app. >> check out what is happening in your neighborhood, the state, the country, and around the globe. the new app makes it easy to share stories on social sites like facebook and twitter. >> we are looking at live doppler 7 hd, rain, fog, wind, we have it all and the if you app provides you with the
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weather reports you depend on including the seven-day forecast. how does the weather impact the commute? the news app has that covered, too, check traffic before you hit the road with our up-to-the-minute real time traffic map. >> the old abc7 news app is going away soon so if you want to keep up with the latest news, weather, and traffic you need to download the new and improved abc7 news app now. you can get it for free for your iphone or your droid device by going to our website at on air, online and the mobile device we have your world covers. >> sos to use and to navigate, look at the story, you just tap, there it is. >> it is so easy to use that even i can navigate. >> it is so graphically
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pleasing, it look like the ipad app. >> did we spending it is free? it is free? it's free. >> the old one will go away so you need to download. >> this is not an update but a new app. >> great start to the morning. >> we will see high clouds and sunshine and dry weather starting to move in. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and trafficking of radar runs, moving from southwest to northeast across the bay area. they are showing up best not northern section of contra costa county. live doppler 7 hd shows around bay count pulling out of concord across willow patch, and concord boulevard, leland road, headed to pittsburg and antioch with a few sprinkles possible. willow pass road near, say, driftwood drive where we have the better radar returns. this is a small disturbance in the atmosphere rolling across and when it passes, just low
5:48 am
clouds for the morning commute. that is it. from the roof camera, there is the top of the exploritorium with the solar panels and you can see the gray start and the high clouds this afternoon. slow warming the next few days. a cooling trend for the week. we have wild roller coaster swings in temperatures the last couple of weeks. we can get in a routine, now. 72 in milpitas, a cool spot, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 70's and possibly 80 in gilroy. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70's and you head up to the north, millbrae at 66, we will have low 60's along the cost, to mid-60's on the bayside in downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito, and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at your beaches, and berkeley and oakland and hair, -- hayward, closer to 60's, and headed in the east bay valley we have upper 70's to a few low
5:49 am
80's in brentwood and live more. yankees in town to take on the a's at 7:05 first pitch. 62 under sunny skies and stars and a few high clouds and 57. probably like jacket weather. temperatures keep dropping in the 50's and a few 40's with the should cover not so extensive as this morning. santa rosa and half moon bay, in the 40's. your seven-day forecast shows tomorrow could be a degree or two cooler and a couple of degrees warmer for thursday and friday and, again, we drop down a couple of degrees for saturday, sunday, and monday. it looks quiet most every day. enjoy it. >> good morning, as we look at your drive in hayward we have a brand new accident on the nimitz , northbound side, north of 92 and we do have possibly one lane blocked there and it looks like things are moving along fine in the southbound direction and 680 we see a little bit of a slow down and 238, shows delays in both directions. so our mass transit shows
5:50 am
caltrain, muni, bart, everything running on time with though delays at this hour. we will take a look at the drive in san jose, a quick six-minute commute away from 101 up to h.p. pavilion. not a bad commute. enjoy it. kristen and eric? >> new video in this morning from turkey where it has been a dramatic back and forth stand off with the police and protesters trying to keep the protesters away from the town square using water. they fired tear gas and rubber bullets but the protesters keep coming back. demonstrators have occupied the square since may 31 when they staged a sit in over a plan to replace a park with barracks. this is a shot from the scene at the square. you can see there are still protesters there and people, three people, have died in clashes. the turkish prime minister will meet with the protesters
5:51 am
tomorrow. >> chinese space shift blasted off from the gobi desert carrying three astronauts on the 5th and longest crude mission yet. the crew is on a 15-day mission. the astronauts will dock with the chinese space module and deliver supplies to the space laboratory which has been in orbit since2011. last year the country conducted 18 space launches. >> japan's ana airlines makes a big announcement about boeing 787 dreamliner in the bay area and what passengers flying out of san jose can expect. >> next, the big welcome home from a local team of national guard members and lives they helped save overseas. >> forget chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, ben & jerry's wants to give you a t
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5:54 am
>> welcome back a group of air national guard members would risked their live those save others overseas are back home this morning. big hugs greeted members of the rescue wing at moffett field yesterday returning from two and four month tours of duty in afghanistan and northeast africa doing rescue missions for civilians and military personnel. they say it is a rewarding job but they happy to be back home with their names.
5:55 am
>> i missed my boys for four months, and my wife. >> happy to be home. >> more service member will continue to arrive over the next few days. >> that is how you learn survival skills saying, i miss myself -- and my wife. >> nice recovery. >> the guys are going, that was a close one. >> santa rosa, you are going to be in the 50's but you will jump in the 70's 13 degrees warmer than yesterday, concord is 9, three degrees warmer. you can see the temperatures around the state are going to be fairly mild at 86 in sacramento and no more record highs in reno at 74. 77 in los angeles and 77 in san diego and palm springs is 108. leyla gulen? >> we have congestion mostly. one accident, but not blocking anything. right now the drive along 580 away from tracy and into livermore, over the altamont
5:56 am
pass, you are at 38 miles per hour, dipping down to 29 miles per hour, tipping the scales at 50 minutes to get between tracy and dublin. when you head into pleasanton, 43 miles per hour but it jumps up to 63 so at top speed in dublin. on highway four, it is looking clear with no accidents and 14 minutes to get out of hayward to foster city. >> thank you, two new residents will attract residents at the zoo, two new camels a male and female have arrived at the zoo from texas weighing 630 pounds each right now but they will grow to hit 1,100 to 1,500 pounds. if the bay area had a flavor who
5:57 am
would it be? san francisco is one of five cities the ice cream maker ben & jerry's will use as a theme and the others are new york city, seattle, washington, dc, and portland organize. you can vote online and the company will make and sell the flavor. >> any ideas? >> yes, how about some salt crystals for fog, and the chocolates and either peet's coffee because it is local or phil's coffee? >> where is snowden? the new mystery surrounding the man who leaked classified n.s.a. information. >> but, first, a home damaged and a firefighter sent to the hospital and we go to the scene if san francisco for an update.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, huge flames damage a home and cars in san francisco overnight, and now we are learning a firefighter is injured. >> santa clara county has a sweeping indictment against these men and others, and ahead the crimes police say they carried out. >> governor brown and state lawmakers have a new budget deal so more money for schools, ahead, the students who could benefit. >> thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. first up the weather forecast. >> we have clouds but they are different. mike? >> different clouds. no thunderstorms to worry about, a sprinkle or two is possible showing up on live doppler 7 hd from southwest to northeast, and that is just about do exit our neighbor. we will breakdown the day. the day planner, the next 12 hours around the bay, we are starting o


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