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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 11, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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my dad was a fun guy and liked to have a good time. the life of the party. >> this is the sound of a -- son of a worker killed in a construction accident at the 49ers new stadium. donald white was a father of four, and a 49ers fan work has stopped for now. >> good afternoon. >> an emotional day in santa clara. you can see construction workers huddled together after
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this tragic accident. the work stoppage as a result of the death. >> we're waiting for a number of updates from a number of investigations and heard more about the victim donald white from sacramento who had just told one of his sons that this was the safest sit he'd ever worked on. the 63-year-old was a father of four, grandfather of three, an elevator installer 43 years, his sons and ex-wife came to the stadium construction site after a co-worker called and told them white had been killed. >> great guy. giving me the shirt off his back. and just a wonderful man. just talked to him and we're planning to go to the movies this week. just glad i had a chance to
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talk to him last night. >> he was on the ground floor of an elevator shaft when the accident happened as he was starting his shift. cal osha says white was standing on a ladder debeneej the counter weight. the counter weight struck him. his son says in his dad's four decades on the john he'd never within badly hurt. >> you get dents and dings an and -- but nothing serious, nothing ever, you know requiring going to the hospital. >> his employer released a statement saying it's saddened by the loss of our employee. and we offer our condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers. >> white's grandchildren are five, seven and 11 years old, his ex-wife asked us to mention also that he leaves behind his wife, wendy. in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. the 49ers released this
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statement. our thoughts and prayers were the family friends and co-workers affected by the tragedy. the 49ers family lost a teammate today. >> levis stadium is is scheduled to reopen the a cost of more than $1.2 billion. the stadium will have 68,500 seats and santa clara is set to host southbound -- super bowl 50. >> latest. >> breaking news out of colorado. cruise following a raging wildfire near colorado springs. the black forest fire destroyed several homes and they have watched at least 10 homes go up via their helicopter overhead here, police have ordered evacuations for the areas. you're looking at a live picture of one home. it's just been destroyed in
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this area. the fire broke out this afternoon and burned 300 acres. colorado experiencing dry, hot conditions and this is one of four fires in the state now. >> authorities trying to determine the cause of the fire that damaged two buildings, residents reported the firn 2:30 this morning in a detached garage in the bay view district. flames spread to an adjacent building. damage has been estimated half a million dollars. >> drugs and murder are charges against a violent gang indicted today. >> the sheer magnitude here is unprecedented. >> felony charges in this 99 page indictment include swault a deadly weapon, conspiracy. >> in all the district attorney filed 77 charges from
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drugs, weapons to violent crime. they ordered the death of a man then murdered him. >> accord together indictments they robbed six banks threatening tellers with guns and fake bombs. this was the largest gang enforcement operation ever in santa clara county. one of the biggest in the state. 48 members of a violent hispanic prison gang were indicted after a multi agency investigation them call themselves our family. some already imprisoned others arrested in a big sweep. nine of the 10 are still at large this, man arrested just 10 minutes before the news conference began. the massive indictments follow a similar multi agency operation last year in gilroy. the city had been overwhelm bid gang violence.
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>> we put away approximately 36 gang members and had virtually no crime in the year following that. >> santa clara county police agencies hope this operation will have the same affect. >> many charges carry long prison terms and some are three strikers. 33 will be in court on thursday. >> fbi joined the investigation after a package was found outside of a napa county business this morning that prompted an evacuation. the package found out sifd a medical malpractice firm. the doctor years company just before 8:00 this morning. a message says there was anthrax and blood inside. >> in sacramento governor brown and top state leaders celebrated their state budget
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deal today. >> calling the plan a step forward bringing more money to schools and restore funding for social programs as well. if passed it will be the third year a legislatures passed an on time budget. the deal includes $2.1 billion more for public education and districts where 55% are considered low income will qualify for additional funding. >> riot police in turkey battled antigovernment pro testers today in istanbul officers used rubber bullets to try to clear thousands of pro testers. the unrest began 12 days ago after a drak crack down on a protest over the park redevelopment. three people have been killed in the clashes. >> a landmark bill cleared a hurdle today by an 82-15 vote.
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several republican as agreed to move forward. the president says it's isn't person but needs to become law prekree yaiting a path to citizenship for many of the 11 million people in the u.s. illegally. hairy reid wants to gift bill throughout the senate before july 4th. >> still ahead at 4:00 facebook ceo unveiling his new vision. >> taxi hailing technology. the new app making calling a cab easier. >> yahoo ceo will go to lunch with you. but you'll have to dig deep into your pockets. >> we have clearing skies and the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment.
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right now live to colorado this is the mountain community near colorado springs. this fire is devouring hoaxes in this area. you're seeing one burned to
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the ground right now. it's burned 300 acres now. conditions hot and dry. firefighters having a difficult time getting a handle on the blai.z it's one of four fires burning in the area right now. we'll keep an eye on it and you can follow us on twitter. >> the city of alameda dedicated a memorial today unlike any other in the bay area to honor fallen police officers. alameda unveiled tests on two who died in the line of duty. the other bus remembers robert daviddy killed during a drug raid. >> this is beautiful. i do see his eyes. those are the iz i fell in love w never forgotten.
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>> alameda current chief came wupt idea after the last police officer retire aid few years ago. >> another competitor entering taxi hailing smart phone apps challenging ride services like uber. next taxi allows users to call a cab, track the time and passengers next taxi comes to the market behind some other bay area companies. >> facebook held its first shareholder meeting today almost a year after troubled ipo. abc 7 news reporter david louie says this is the first opportunity for investors to grill mark zuckerberg.
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>> facebook went public at $38. investors jumped in thinking the price can only go up, instead it dropped and has never climbed back. so the first meeting was their first crack at holding mark zuckerberg's feet to the fire. >> we think we're building a network that is valuable in the world and believe that we'll generate most value by doing that. >> i think he believes it's going to be okay. >> this guy is a straight shooter and i think he is -- has our best interest at heart. >> there is no indication how soon a stock come back could happen. >> i'm willing to wait. >> how long? >> about maybe two, three years. >> tom giles is technology editor at bloomberg news.
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>> they're getting the product out and finding ways to make this service more use tofl users and advertisers. >> zuckerberg says nsa never contacted facebook. however, the general counsel issued a statement the company would like to share say picture of the request and how we respond. we urge the united states government to help make that possible. >> the challenge coming in the year ahead. to see whether or not kit get ta stock price back up. a group greeted face book shareholders up said with the lobbying grub
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>> yahoo ceo is on the auction block. >> we're live from bloomberg west. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, today some of the biggest names in the video game industry showed off new hardware in games sony revealing a new play station calling $100 less than x box one. pa. ndora will buy a radio service to qualify for some settlement agreements on royalties announcing a day after apple announces i tunes radio. >> u.s. stocks declined today on concerns that central banks will pay for monetary sim plus. your bloomberg silicon valley index sliding today and
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yahoo's ceo is offering the chance to join her for a power lunch at the company's headquarters. the bidding surpassed $50,000 for the offering. proceeds going to aspire east palo alto charter schools in palo alto. from the bloomberg headquarters i'm embill embilly -- emily chang. >> thank you. >> we have a new abc 7 news smart phone app. >> this is about a minute behind the last you're watching it as it's happening. it's easy to down load. >> you look better than i do. >> people say smaller screen is good for me. >> i was going say but we have a section for stories you want to share. >> and this app is so easy to
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down load. if you have our current app you're going need to down load the new one because the old one is going to go away soon. >> there is a great new weather app on there. >> changing every day. so you'll want to watch me do the weather live now then check out weather about two minutes from now. >> there you go. mostly clear skies up north. lots of bright blue skies but look at this view looking south ward. you can see high clouds passing oaf. temperatures 68 had oakland. 70s in mountain view. another view of clouds from our east bay hills camera
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looking towards mount diablo. 78 in santa rosa. and again, we have clouds looking south ward partly cloudy overnight. and with our satellite picture pool of cool air that reenforced conditions we've been having lately but we'll have a little bit of a tomorrow. coastal fog and sunny skies across the bay area. breezy at the coast turning milder inland. overnight row lows into low to mid-50s. upper 40s along the coast as
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well. then, tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay. highs up to 80 in los gatos. breezy on the coast. highs into low 60s. in the sunset district we'll see mainly upper 70s to around 80s. oakland topping out at about 71 degrees. inland east bay upper 70s. thursday and friday, mid-80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay. no rain expected but cooler. into upper 70s inland. >> thank you. >> coming up next on abc 7 news a southern california mother looking for her wedding ring how her husband
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accidentsly sold it and two men
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a southern california woman is hoping there is a good samaritan out there. before leaving for the hospital this woman hid her wedding ring in a wooden box. she didn't her husband who put the box out fwor a neighborhood garage sale. someone bought the box now she's hoping who ever did will return it this is so much sentimental value to me. it's my wedding ring. you know? so i'm really upset. >> she says the person probably doesn't know the ring is inside because she put it under one of the cushions to protect it. that ring is worth $23,000. the box sold for just $10. >> i know this is one of the men are from mars women frr venus kind of things i thought it's her fault if you're going to hide it, tell him.
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he's trying to clean up by getting rid of this box? it's his fault. >> we'll agree to disagree. but she has a beautiful baby that is healthy. >> true. hopefully someone will see that. i don't think she the should have put the amount out. >> this is incredible. the 62-year-old and 52-year-old swam from al qa ka traz to san francisco today. >> water temperatures 64 degrees. >> the record set as the youngest swimmer to complete 500 crossings.
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today's swim was a fund-raiser. >> big congrats, guy autos coming up at 5:00, americans racing down again. >> and a he
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feeling lucky you can be a winner in our 700 shell card give away. it's easy to entser for your chance chance to win. if you're a fan you need to fill out the form on our facebook page we'll have a winner a day right here on abc 7 moshing news. >> heat first game is changing the newscast schedule. >> world news is next then abc 7 news at 5:00 then our coverage of game three at 5:30. after join me for after the game. >> thanks for joining us. for abc 7 news at 4:00.
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>> we'll see this is "world news." tonight, spy hunt, the man who revealed the nation's top secrets on the run. facing life behind bars. did he act alone? protesters battling in the streets, a critical american ally in turmoil tonight. and wild weather. imagine seeing this through your windshield. the blinding sandstorm that created havoc on an american highway. good morning, we begin with a very serious version of international cat and mouse. a 29-year-old american man responsible for a breach of some of the nation's top secrets on the run tonigh


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