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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it kind of scares me. >> increased security and fears as san francisco prepares for the first major marathon since the boston bombing. expect a lot of road
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closures for the san francisco marathon. sergio quintana is live tonight where the preparations are underway. >> reporter: this will be the 36th running of the san francisco marathon but it will be the first time the start and finish line will be inside a secured area. right now there are some workers who actually assembling the starting line arches for the race. as crews put together the last pieces of starting line organizers say there are notable differences runners and families should know as they arrive. >> this year it's completely enclosed. >> a three block area will be cordoned off and three access points on secure area on mission and folsom streets. >> all bags will be checked by security. >> reporter: runners have
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new rules to follow what they can carry during the race. most backpacks are no longer aloud. >> new security measures are in response to the boston marathon bombing in april. that attack is still very much on the minds of runners as they get ready to hit the streets of san francisco. hundreds of people have signed and boston banner including this runner. >> it kind of scares me after boston, but we have to go out there and do it. >> reporter: some people in the san francisco marathon were on the course in boston. one runner holds their time in that race. >> it wasn't a happy finish after the bombing. so i'm looking forward to finishing this race and qualifying for boston and go back next year.
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>> reporter: their mair thon organize es are recommending runners and their supporters show up between half an hour 45 minutes before their started time to make sure they make it through all the new security. as for drivers who were hoping to get back on the embarcadero, all of this will be cleared up by around 6:00 in the afternoon for traffic to get back on. i'm sergio quintana "abc 7 news". >> ama: the full marathon starts and finishes along the embarcadero near mission and crosses much of the city. we have this map along with the list of road closures at to help navigating around all those roadblocks get waze on your smart phone. you can download the app and be sure to watch the abc7 morning news for the latest. a family of six is hospitalized tonight survivors of a fatal crash police say was caused by a
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driver that ran a red light. it shows the aftermath. investigators say a woman in a dodge charger ran the light and got t-boned by a anyone any ni van. she died at the hospital. two others are hospitalized in critical condition. four children are at children's hospital in oakland. >> in emeryville they are trying to determine what cautioned a car to crash into a tree that kill both men inside. no other vehicles appear to have been involved. the robbery suspect killed last night in castro valley by an alameda county sheriff has not yet been identified. the man that robbed the restaurant was jumped by two 19-year-old employees. >> not recommended to attack a person with a firearm. fortunately it worked out in this particular case.
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>> you worry about you see young people taking a job and some of risks that come along with it. >> tomorrow a deputy that was conducting a traffic stop outside came in. >> search is on for two more after an explosive was thrown out of san francisco building. it ahead around 4:00. witnesses saw three men that look like dynamite against a window of a restaurant. >> i heard a loud boom. i saw three punk looking kids. >> i took off after them. they stopped right on the and i took a they took off running. >> the window was shattered and plantar box damaged.
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police arrested one suspect. 81-year-old san rafael man tried to save his home with a garden hose. he said he heard explosions and grabbed a garden hose to douse the fire. the garage was destroyed but fire crews kept the flames from spreading. total loss is estimated at quarter million dollars. in martinez big flames and a brush fire burned along along morello avenue. it broke out just after 3:00 but was under control in 20 minutes. >> in colorado tonight hundreds of residents evacuated from the black forest fire are back home. fire is now 55% contained and burn area remains at 25 square miles. they list the number of destroyed homes at 500. origin is under
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investigation but officials believe it was caused by a person. >> for the latest on the weather outside let's go to meteorologist leigh glaser for a check on live doppler. >> it really cooled off considerably. let's check out live doppler 7-hd. you can see some of the low clouds and fog already hitting the peninsula to the bay heading over to alameda as well as oakland. that is exactly what is going to greeted us tomorrow morning. it will take time to burn back to the coast. down as much as 15 degrees in some areas antioch was the hot spot at 90. check out san francisco and at least 58 degrees. it was 81 in santa rosa. cooling for father's day and we'll take a look at those numbers coming up. >> they finalized a state budget and it's a major shift that usually plagues
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the process. the bill passed along party lines. they are expected to ex pant opportunities in education energy efficiency and healthcare. >> lawmakers wrapped up their work on the state's $96.3 billion spending plan today. it calls for health care expansion which means more than a million more california yanks could be covered by medical. a bill also pass for families that earn up to $150,000150,000 a year. >> and they passed that would distribute $2.5 billion over five years for energy efficiency projects at schools and community colleges. governor jerry brown took to twitter this afternoon to issue this statement about the budget. >> after two and a half
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years of struggle and difficult times california's budget is balanced and sustainable into the future. the governor still has almost two weeks to either veto items he disagreed with or sign it into the law. >> ama: some lawmakers were happy it passed quickly. roger hernandez had to rush out to get married. he had to leave before the assembly adjourned. the matter of budget ner came up when his fiance set the date. >> still to come at 11:00 -- vice president joe biden surprised staff in the south bay as his bay area trip wraps up. >> google's experiment to bring the internet to the world. >> and dozens of rescues as the na
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>> ama: vice president joe biden is heading back to washington after a bay area visit that including party fund-raising and stomping for a south bay congressman. he saw the graduation ceremony at stanford. early he surprised staffers at restaurant restaurant near moffett field. >> i love you. [ laughter ] >> the unannounced visit was for mike honda who faces a reelection battle. people were thrilled to see him come in and pose for pictures. >> my daughter said to him that uncle caused him bee. he does great work to meet
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him in person. >> his visit was to attend the democratic fund-raiser in san francisco. another public servant was a commencement speaker today. leon panetta received an honorary doctorate. he received his law degree and another reason that he will not forget santa clara that is where he met his wife. >> google is trying to make the internet available to everyone. company released a 49 wide helium balloon. the idea is it will beam the internet down to earth. >> someone in the ground to use the lune service a small antenna about the size of a softball on the side of their house and they plug their computer into that and they get internet from the sky. >> ama: the test volunteer
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received internet for about 15 minutes. two-thirds of the world's population still don't have the internet. if you have a smart phone and want to follow news and traffic, "abc 7 news" has a new free app you should know about it. katie marzullo shows us why you want to use it every day. >> it will keep you with the latest news weather and traffic. >> everything you come to count on air and online is right at your fingertips with new improved "abc 7 news" app. >> and breaking news on your phone. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. find out what is happening in your neighborhood state and around the globe. >> it makes it easier to share stories on social media sites. >> we are looking at live doppler 7. >> rain wind fog we've got it all and new "abc 7 news" happen provides the weather report you depend
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on including the accu-weather seven-day forecast. how will the weather impact your commute? check traffic before you hit the road with up to the minute realtime traffic maps. >> if you want to keep up with the latest you'll need to download the new and improved news app now. get it for free for iphone or android device by going to our website at we've got your world covered. >> ama: two "abc 7 news" were honored don sanchez received highest honor for a news journalist. wayne freedman was recognized with a governor's award career of excellence. they both accepted at the annual ceremony tonight. sanchez retired in december after 40 years with
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"abc 7 news." >> let's go to leigh glaser and check on our forecast. >> big day tomorrow father's day. don't forget that. live doppler showing you a little bit of fog mist and drizzle right near the coast. that is definitely going to move inland overnight. tomorrow temperatures will come down a few more degrees from where they were today. the wind has really been strong especially out to the valley area. gusts up to 36 miles an hour. concord has a pretty good wind gust out of southwest at 23 but the rest show the wind is dying down a little bit. that is good indication the fog will settle to the ground. showing you coist tower and low clouds continue to move in. mountain view 56.
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57 in san jose. half moon bay 54 degrees. here another shot of golden gate bridge and you can definitely see the fog is starting to lower on the deck there. by tomorrow we'll see mist and drizzle and 55 right now in livermore. here is a look at forecast highlights. we will continue with the low clouds and fog moving a little further inland overnight tonight. we'll also bring in a little bit of that mist and drizzle mainly near the peninsula and the coastguard. a little cooler for fathers day and also with sunshine. not going to be a total loss and start to warm things up the latter part of our workweek. overnight lows tonight near the coast we'll look for overnight temperatures to 40s and 50s. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. this area of low pressure very impressive for this time of year and it is continuing to slide towards the south. as it does so the bubble of
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cool air is going slide over the bay area. it will increase the wind tomorrow so that sea breeze will be brisk. it's going to mean cooler temperatures for all locations. we may come down 2-5 degrees tomorrow but we'll also see plenty of sunshine. here is a look at forecast timing. 11:00 tonight what we do have is fog sitting near the coast. this is 3:00 a.m. and by 5:00 a.m. still spotty low cloudiness. then if you have a tea time at 9:00 i think you'll be okay. inland locations plenty of sunshine. sea breezes will start to kick in late tomorrow afternoon and all the fog will blow right in near the coast. coastal communities will be the coolest and further east you will run into the 70s. here is a look at your highs 73 for santa clara. 58 n at half moon bay and
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los altos 75 degrees. downtown san francisco, 62. north bay 75 for in as many. oakland tomorrow 68. 73 for hercules and interior east bay brentwood and antioch very comfortable, in the low 80s. we keep it cool monday looks like tuesday will be the coolest day of the upcoming workweek and then will turn back to 80s for 90 degrees next friday and saturday. happy father's day. >> ama: let's go to colin rush and lots of fathers are enjoying watching sports. >> this is as good as it gets. you sits around and watch the u.s. open. michael kim is in position to do something that hasn't been done in a u.s. open for 80 years.
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good evening phil mickelson took flack to attend his eighth grade
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daughter's graduation. he's the runner-up four times since she was born. think how special father's day could be tomorrow. he is trying to hold off michael kim. he almost pulls a chip on number two. he would save par. kim and michael weaver tee shot backs it up. he birdied the whole hole she 17 back. luke donald long birdie putt on 4. it goes. 2 under and finished plus one. master champ on number 7 he moves into the red. she one off the lead. a break for kim and four birdies gets him to even par two shots of lead.
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phil mickelson dropped a couple early and then birdied. bogey on 16 and double on 17 and bogey on 18 she plus four shots off the lead. hunter is in the thick of it week weaver. sinks a tee shot on 13. tiger woods a non-factor seven bogeys on his way to six over. he is plus nine. ten shots back of phil. he drains the birdie putt and settled for an even par. he had a bogey on 18. kim he is in tenth place right there. >> great day. it's been a great week. just looking forward to tomorrow. barely know what to expect coming in. just wanted to make the cut.
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this morning it feels great. >> still to come she considered past his prime and out of shape, but he can still hit a baseball. a.j. griffin is next. >> we've already picked two big winners of the abc7 show gas card giveaway but five more to go. if you haven't entered yet you have a chance to win $700 of free gas cards from shell. click the like button on facebook. we will announc
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a.j. griffin was really good except for the one pitch to a journeyman catcher playing his first game. these guys were going all in. felix hernandez caught
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looking and swinging in the fourth chris young to andy chavez bad move you are out. 41-year-old blanco debut for him. grand salami time 4-0 mariners. chad making his third straight start. giants and buster posey deep to second. almost gets out. top of the wall b.j. upton a thorn in the side and second home run of the game and it's 5-4. sergio romo ball four he walks. next batter freddy free man game winningw and braves 6 giants 5.
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>> if any indication making of a classic series. >> rooting for the blackhawks. mad scramble in front. he shoots and scores. there is the proof bruins tied in the second chris kelly undetected and 1-1 game. series opener was decided in overtime. it took one he snaps it and bruins even the series with a 2-1 victory. >> ama: thank you so much. still to come more weather woes across the nation. damage and rescues and what is ahead. more dramatic clashe
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>> ama: good evening i'm ama daetz. >> a family of six is in hospital after a dodge charger ran a red lighted. driver of the charger was killed. husband and wife from the van are in critical condition. >> two 19-year-olds are being called heros after they tried to stop a armed robbery suspect. nearby sheriff's deputy was called the gunman pulled a weapon and he was shot and killed by the officer. the san francisco marathon gets underway in few hours. this is first major marathon in the city since boston bombing tragedy. runners will be restricted to what died of backpacks they can carry. >> heavy rains and powerful thunderstorms are drenching much of the nation.
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flood warnings and watches and more storms or the way. the rain has been coming down so hard and so fast it's causing dramatic flooding from missouri to iowa to texas. flood waters turned streets into rivers. hundreds forced to spend the night in shelters. springfield, missouri got nine inches of rain in five hours. in san antonio officers waded in waist deepwater looking for those trapped. further south the swollen riogrande surged through low lying areas. almost 17 inches of rain nearly what is expected to fall in a whole year fell in 36 hours. >> it has not been in in short amount of time. a day of rain. >> torrential downpours are not over fiat. more rain is in the forecast over the next 48 hours along with severe
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storms on sunday. it's an exciting weekend for reformists in iran. wild celebrations on the streets of tehran following the election as iran's president. 64-year-old cleric vowed to respect social freedoms and gender equality. 18-day occupation of an istanbul park is over. turkish police fired tear gas and water cannons to bring the protest to an end. it begin when an environmental sit-in at a park. >> threatening note was discovered aboard plane. they had been in the air for four hours when a
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passenger got up and went to the restroom. >> i found the note by the sink. it said in english i'll settle this plane on fire. i'm nervous and i was traveling with my daughter. i told them i don't know if this is prank. they said it can't be prank. >> british air force scrambled two jets to escort the plane. the plane was on ground for hours and interviewed passengers. still no final word on if the note was a hoax. >> a frontier airlines flight was forced to land on the tarmac in denver after one of passengers said he he had a bomb on board. >> last night's air scare from knoxville to denver. 136 passengers on board was making the descent in denver when a man told the flight attendant he had has a bomb on the carry-on bag.
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flight attendants took the bag from the man and the the back of plane covering with cushions. children were moved to the front of the plane. passengers kept an eye on the man and tried to stay calm. >> from that point we were extremely scared. i can't describe how fast my heart was beating. >> it lasted half an was s until it was safely on the ground with f.b.i. agents and bomb squad waiting on the tarmac. >> authorities boarded the plane and removed him first. a group raised money to help sexually exploited children to help from that trauma. they hosted ina spider change gala. it featured a guest speakers and dinner and dancing. >> in palo alto today army awarded a soldier the
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purple heart. 20-year-old specialist lost his legs and a hand while fighting in afghanistan. it was an emotional ceremony. >> all the patients and families receive a lot of gratitude but this is a special moment. it's when everyone comes together. it's in a military ceremony that has happened essentially since george washington came up with the medal. >> the purple heart dates back to 1782. >> american manufacturing is taking center stage at san mateo county fair. third annual make it in america exhibit opened today. it shows off items made in america right here in the bay area including toys and gadgets. congresswoman jackie speier toward the area. she said congress needs to do more to promote american
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goods. >> manufacturing has been the keystone of our economic growth. we can do a whole lot better if we just create opportunities for companies to be successful here. >> the exhibit will be open again tomorrow from 11:00 to 9:00. >> just ahead, putting a price on dad. how much his work is apparently worth. plus.... >> a i'm michael finney "7 on your side" helps her get a credit card back. >> and i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we'll check out the
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tonight "7 on your side" story may make you think how you manage your bank account. the bank took her card away and wouldn't let her apply for a new one. >> katherine of burlingame still misses the life she shared with her husband cuna. >> best marriage ever. >> 52 years of marriage she had to take over the account including the credit card from citibank. he she and her husband had
2:45 am
used the card for 20 years. when he died they let her transfer the account. >> i got the card and bills were coming to me. >> she used the card for the next three years. then it happened. >> i was grocery shopping. i used my card. >> her card was suddenly rejected. katherine figured it was a faulty machine until it happened again. >> took two friends to dinner and got the bill and came back. >> this time she called citibank what was going on. >> she said i'm sorry the card has been cancelled. i said why. >> the couple had paid the balance in full every month for 20 years. katherine did the same for three years after her husband died. >> my financial situation hasn't changed any. i own my home. i don't have payments to make. >> later she got the official notice.
2:46 am
citibank said putting the account in her name had been approved in error three years ago. letter said your total obligations compared to your stated income are too high to meet our approval guidelines. >> i thought it was condescending. >> she offered to reapply and the bank refused. >> to make it so final we're not going to open another account for you. i didn't do anything wrong. >> she contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted citibank. after looking into her case the bank did issue her a new credit card after all. citibank did not explain why it cancelled her card except to say when the account was initially transitioned it was necessary to update the customers information. we worked with the customer to open a new account.
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>> thank you. i'm very happy. >> the bank reduce heard line of credit however it also gave her an extra 30,000 airline miles as a bonus. our thanks to citibank for restoring her credit card after all. minutes away from father's day but have you thought about how much your dad is worth. they actually put a price44, that is 23,344, that is up 15% from last year. total comes from traditional dads do mowing the arm and barbecuing but moms are worth more it's nearly $60,000. and maybe we'll get good weather tomorrow. >> absolutely. especially if you are headed to southern california or right here in the bay area. live doppler 7-hd not picking up any moisture but
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we do have cloudiness and fog near the coast. that will definitely stay coastside of our sunday. if you are traveling elsewhere not such great weather. new york and boston to atlanta people will be watching golf. 87 degrees washington 88. st. louis, 88 degrees. dallas hot and humid 94. 108 for phoenix and check out southern california 74 in los angeles and lake tahoe at 74 degrees. seven-day forecast we are going to keep it cool monday tuesday right now looks like the coolest day of the upcoming workweek. then as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday and saturday temperatures will climb close to 90 on saturday. by the way thursday summer
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arrives. it will feel more like summer. thank you so much. >> oh, don't forget speaking of summer, follow us at live doppler 7-hd for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecasts power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. colin is giving us some sports and golf. >> special day for somebody in philadelphia. a birthday on father's day can phil mickelson do it? and steve marriuc
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welcome back. the nation's best college golfer. he wouldn't mind adding a fifth. he is in contention. he does everything well. case in point almost hold the chip on par five seconds. he saved par. masters champion on 7 third birdie moves him into the red.
2:53 am
finished at even par. back to michael kim his fourth birdie to get within two of the lead. can you believe it? bogey on 16 and double on 17 and bogeyed 18. he is five shots off the lead. he is plus nine he is done. ten shots back phil mickelson he drains a putt and finishes one under. one-shot lead. kim is tenth place going into the final round. >> i wanted to know how i was doing in the tournament. it's so cool to my name as mickelson donaldson it's incredible feeling. >> and between the a's and mariners 41-year-old journey man that provided the biggest jolt. these two going all the way. felix hernandez, this guy
2:54 am
is good. brandon moss swinging in the 14th. struck out eight and blanco that is grand slam. that finishes the score 4-0 and mariners get the win. >> giants unable to hold a 5-2 lead. bases loaded and sergio romo and next batter freddy freeman with runners in scoring position. and first game without frank. he was let go last week. steven finally finds the back of the net. 1-nil san jose. earthquakes win it 2-1.
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>> and sabercats in iowa. he threw for 392 yards 40 to a wide open fred williams. one of nine touchdown passes with two to play. eight seconds left. fourth and goal chance for a win, pass deflected. baber cats drop to 8-4. >> a classic final is in the making chicago and boston refusing to give an inch. game two in the windy city. and blackhawks roo y not. patrick sharp gets free and shoots and scores. hockey a game of inches. how did get through there? chris kelly and chips it in 1-1 and series opener was decided in ot. just this one daniel he snaps it in and even the series with a 3-2 victory. a reminder n.b.a. abc the
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your home for the n.b.a. finals. it starts at 4:30 and green will join larry beil for after the game. steve marriuchi has known how to coach and it's more about giving back than receiving. this weekend along with former current n.f.l. players took part in the football channel for the stars. for athletes with down syndromes. they were taught the fundamentals. >> the thing i look forward to in the summer these kids love football. they look forward to this. this gives them a chance to play the support that they really love. we hope to do this for many more years and spread it around the country.
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thank you. news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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