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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good tuesday morning. 5:00 a.m. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. look who is miss cool this morning. >> and other mornings. >> thank you, eric. i'm always cool. i'm going bottle that. take a look at the fog and some low clouds trying to make their way over the bay area. we aren't seeing any rainfall but some drizzle in certain areas. we do have cooler temperatures today.
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it's going to be coolest day of the week. here is a look from roof cam. gorgeous out there at the ferry building blowing the flag out there. not as windy and cooler temperatures and certainly clouds will break up around the coast. we will be seeing the clouds coming back over the evening. full forecast coming up in a little bit. serious accident, sig alert and chp has updated. it's antioch, but it's in the westbound direction along highway 4 at leverage road. it's involving a motorcycle. all litigants remain blocked for at least 15 minutes. nine miles an hour is the top speed, incoming traffic but it looks like they are having to divert cars off the freeways. more coming up in a little bit. this construction project, eastbound 80 to the metering lights this will
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last until 6:00 a.m. it's going to be a beautiful drive in walnut creek. san jose police are analyze wagon may be a crucial piece of evidence in identifying the hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist a near the downtown area. matt keller has the latest. >> reporter: we want to show you where the cyclist was hit on taylor street up the road a little bit and right of the entrance to southbound 87. right now the road may not be busy but during the day, it's filled with cars. here is video after the man was found dead in the street. his mangled bicycle was a few yards away from his body. no one has come forward say they witnessed the crash because they are so busy at this overpass. >> drivers in this around here, this area is horrible. they go to turn and don't pay attention. >> reporter: police did
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find a bumper left behind. investigators are hoping to determine the vehicle's make, model and year. this is 19th traffic related death so far this year according to san jose police and say 13 of those have involved either a pedestrian or cyclist. developing news, police in union city are expected to release new information after a six-year-old boy was mauled by a dog. the attack happened at a home on elizabeth way around 11:00 yesterday morning. authorities say the dog that attacked the boy either a pit bull or pit bull mix. child who lives with his grandparents were taking to the hospital. neighbors tell abc7ness that the boy died and that two pit bulls lived at the home. amy hollyfield will have more on the story coming up in a live report within the hour. we have new details this morning on how the leak of secret spying
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programs is impacting go the g-8 summit. president obama said the leaks have to stop. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. president obama and other world leaders are shocked that the new leaks that implicate other governments, but the president is still defending the program. the man behind the leaks tell the guardian newspaper that the british government spied on diplomatic targets and smart phones at their world leaders in 2009. u.s. spied as well listening in calls by the russian president. dick cheney is calling snowden a traitor. in an interview charlie rose, president obama says the leaks have to stop. >> the case has been referred to doj for criminal investigation and possible extradition. i will leave it to them.
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>> the president says secret programs that track phone and internet data do not target everyday americans. he insists some must remain classified. in a new poll, americans are torn, 48% approve and 47% disapprove and more than half say snowden should be prosecuted. he is hiding out in hong kong. officials worry that he could defect to china. snowden says he is not a spy. his father has gone public for a message of his son and i'll have that for you at 6:00 this morning. a former fremont teacher sent to prison for child pornography has been arrested again. he was arrested last week in pleasanton on a suspicious of a sex act with a child under ten. in 2001 the former special needs teacher at fremont's mission valley elementary school was sentenced to a
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year in prison after they man molested him as a boy. bail is set at $410,000. testimony continues today in the trial of the two men accused of brutal rape and beating at richmond high school. jurors herd for the first time from the victim jane doe as she testified she couldn't remember much of that night back in 2009. she said, quoted, i remember not seeing anything because my eyes were closed and i was holding on to my neck last and being kicked in the stomach. she did not drink or consent to have sex. she still has scars from that night. two men are currently on trial for rape and four others have been charged and two of them have taken plea deals. >> richmond city council are considering a lawsuit over one of the members over the up keep of his property. a piece of property owned by him is out of compliance and not cleaning it up. he says he has a court order to store and sell
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these items there but the city he has old batteries that are leaking. >> the car batteries are on asphalt on a pallet. >> he is out of compliance and needs to be abated. >> he has been on this lot for 30 years. he claims this is all political because he opposes the counsel's majority. >> a new program to protect people to having their car being stolen gets under wai in contra costa county. concord police are handing out free anti-theft devices known as the club. 900 clubs will be handed out on first come first served basis. they must have been built between 1985 and 2005. toyotas, hondas, nissans,
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acuras. oakland is hoping that brighter street lights will reduce crimes. they plan to install 30,000 l.e.d. street lights. it will replace existing structures. new bulbs will reduce glare and dark spots between poles. the project is expected to be completed by december. >> time to look at the weather forecast. we are going waking up to cooler temperatures and clouds as we make our way through. beautiful shot from mount tam cam, windier conditions as well as the morning wears on. we do have some clear skies, as well. we are going to be seeing temperatures in the 50s, mid to upper 50s right now
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across the bay area. for the next three days we do have a pretty decent warmup but today, temperatures topping out at 58 degrees inland. as we start to move toward the afternoon, 70 degrees in the bay. 56 along the coast. clouds will start to come in later on this evening. so if you are going to be going to the giants game this morning you want to pack a sweater because we'll see temperatures at about 57 degrees. it is going to be cooler today. tomorrow it will start to get warmer again and then on friday for the first full day of summer is going to be gorgeous. full forecast coming up in just a little bit. good news, sig has cancelled in pittsburg along westbound highway 4. they are expected this to last until 6:00 a.m. this morning. good news this crash has been cleared. this is right at leverage road.
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sounds like you want to give yourself extra time. 880, northbound and southbound because we are looking at lots of slowing in the southbound direction. chp is reporting an accident in the northbound direction but it could be southbound because of all this coming out of milpitas. right now let's see what is happening at the golden gate bridge. clear dry into sausalito into san francisco is wide open. president obama signals ben bernanke may have his eye on the exit door. >> a new warning for expecting parents. where you live could have a serious impact on your child's's development. >> and giants game at at&t park, why it will leave some ballpark workers smiling. >> and the promise that mark zuckerberg is making
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to the president of south carolina. >> facebook efforts is working. organ donor. they indicate their status as an organ donor. video sharing feature. photo app is teaming up with facebook putting it in direct competition with the vine app. >> a sign of the times, tweet is now in the oxford english dictionary as posting made on social network twitter.
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a rally will get underway at at&t park in support of concession workers there. they are calling on fans to bring their own food to tonight's giants game against the padres. demonstration comes three weeks after hundreds of concession workers walked off the job. they work for a subcontractor center plate and say they haven't had a raise for more than a three years. giants have apologized to fans saying the organization is not involved in the dispute. in the east bay, pittsburg city council voted to order essential plaza $1.3 million without
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interest to make improvements to the shopping center. they want the improvements on the site along highway 4 so it can retain the target store as an anchor tenant. it generates more than a million dollars a year for the city. they are going install police cameras throughout the shopping center. >> mark zuckerberg has met with south carolina south korea president. south korean officials assured them they will continue to invest into the country. he invited firms there to reach global users. the latest numbers show home prices in the bay area hate five-year high. prices surged 28% compared to the year before breaking the previous record high price set in 2007.
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california association of realtors report the median price was $947,000. realtors say you can blame that on low inventory and increasing demand from international buyers. >> and low mortgage rates too. here a good example of the new high prices. this modest home in mountain view is for sale at $1.1 million price, two bedrooms, one and a half baths a brand-new kitchen and floors and it is 960 square feet. that is million dollar house. >> probably somebody will buy and bigger home. new sign that ben bernanke may not be fed chairman much longer. company is saying it received as many as 13,000 requests from law enforcement agencies most related to fraud, homicide
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and criminal investigation. ben bernanke has his eye on the exit door. fed chairman said long than he wanted. the fed kicks off a policy meeting on the economy and interest rates today. marking the unofficial start of the summer. oreos, water ole on favored has a jolly rancher cream filling. water melon oreos are available at $3 a pack. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> a new study finds a pregnant women living in highly polluted areas increase their chances of having a baby with autism. women had twice the risk compared to women that live
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in cleaner areas. the study find new toxins are to the blame because they can affect the baby's brain development. >> mike nicco is off today but kind of a cooler forecast for this time of the year. >> it will be the coolest day of the week. low clouds and patchy fog and a little drizzle in the areas, as well. it's sorted of the storm before the sunshine. it's going to be nice toward the end of the week. as we take a look at live 7 hd and radar and satellite. you can see the clouds and it is going to cool things down for us. then we'll start to see a warmup later on today. we're going to be seeing highs of 74 degrees in morgan hill. 69 in sun vi any vale and '5in millbrae. 56 along the coast in pacifica. downtown, 62 degrees will be our high, 64 degrees in south san francisco. we take into the north bay, 74 degrees in santa rosa.
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70 in petaluma. as we start moving into toward napa, 74 degrees will the high today. 56 degrees in oakland and warming up to about 67 degrees in fremont. at we head further inland into the inland valleys, warmest temperatures, 76 degrees in brentwood. not very high. pittsburg, 75 degrees and san ramone, 70 degrees. we do have a game today, giants take on padres where we'll be seeing cool conditions, pack the sweater but it's going to be 53 degrees at the start of the first pitch. 7:15 is the start of the game there. we will see those low clouds coming back in and then they will burn off once again tomorrow. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooler side today but warms up tomorrow. still we're going to be seeing clouds in certain areas. 80 degrees will be our high as we move into thursday and friday as temperatures
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ramp up through saturday. >> good news, as far as photograph antioch into pittsburg where we had an earlier accident, sig alert has cancelled but we are left with quite a bit of a back-up. you want to give apologies a head start. as we take it over to the altamont pass. 30 miles per hour. that is coming out of tracy. 36 miles an hour, very slow and go. as we head into san jose, milpitas, northbound 880 is single car crash. all the slowing is in the southbound. we've also had construction in the area. we are checking on that wondering if chp needs to correct the locations. we do have most of it in the southbound direction. let's go outside and take a look at the drive coming into central san rafael moving smoothly. seven things to know as
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it's 5:23. seven things to know today. number one, police in union city are expected to release new details about a six-year-old boy that was mauled by a dog. a pit bull or pit bull mix ache the child yesterday. amy hollyfield will have
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more on the story in a live report in just a few minutes. >> san jose police are asking for the public's help in finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist. officers found the victim on the taylor street overpass at highway 87. police believe a piece of bumper may lead them to the driver. >> bart is warning riders to be prepared for a possible strike in the next few weeks. contracted talks with the two major unions have not made any progress and union says the members may walk when the current contract ends on june 30th. >> a small tornado touched down in colorado last night and hit the town of la hunta. winds downed power lines and trees. no one was injured. >> number five, more evacuations have been ordered in mariposa county near yosemite national park where a wildfire is burning out of control. it's burned 1600 acres and only 15% contained. and number six, cooler
5:25 am
today a warmup tomorrow and through the end of the week. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> and hoor a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic moving smoothly. we do have plenty of areas of slowing. i'll have more on that coming up. a stray kitten survived a two day trip from oregon to santa barbara stuck in the engine. cat is three weeks old traveled in the engine for nearly 1,000 miles. the driver heard it and looked under the hood and didn't see anything. the kitten was so deep into the engine it took several tries two days to find him. a company was fined out to reach the. the cat was okay. the car owner is now taking care of the cat. >> how often do you wake up and say, bad hair day!
5:26 am
average person has three bad hair days a week. researchers say it's because of the tracers that occur in tap water and deposits in pipes in our homes. residue builds up making hair more vulnerable to blow drying and hair dyes and that in turn increases underway aways and dullness. >> bottled water. >> or not watching your hair. >> i like the bottled water much better. >> morning news continue with today's top stories. >> including the man accused of a rampage at a bart station returning to court today. what brought this man into police custody. >> it's the last day of the g-8 summit in northern ireland. the struggle between opponent and his russian counterpart at odds.
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good morning, 5:00 29. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> it's going to be cooler today and warmer tomorrow, but fog and low clouds rolling in as we take a look from the sutro tower cam. we are in the clouds right now but bringing up cooler temperatures, as well. first forecast inland we see temperatures topping out at 76 degrees. at the bay, 66. along the coast. coastal fog and patchy clouds and drizzle and those temperatures will get around 66 degrees. let's that a look right now,
5:30 am
plenty to get to. we have something going on in milpitas. this is in the northbound direction, as we head along 880, it is an overturned vehicle. chp is telling the southbound slowing is spectator slowing. because it is an overturned car that is why we see the slowing. as we take a look at drive time traffic, bart and everything running on time. as we go outside, look at san mateo bridge, it is going to be a beautiful drive, 14 minutes away from hayward and into foster city. developing news, union city police are expected to release information this morning on a little boy who was viciously mauled by a dog at his home. amy hollyfield is live in union city with the latest. i have just received confirmation that the six-year-old boy was killed by that pit bull. it happened yesterday at his home on elizabeth way
5:31 am
in union city. the fire department said it was a pit bull or a pit bull mix. the boy lived at the home with his grandparents and several cousins. >> nice family. they were always real nice. also having a good time and real good kids. just really sad that this has happened. >> neighbors say at least two pit bulls live at the home and animal control took took one dog away. police department has said it will be release go more information on this tragedy later this morning. reporting live in union city, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". san jose police are asking for the public's help in finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist. officers found the victim near his bike about 3:30 yesterday afternoon on the taylor street overpass at
5:32 am
highway 87 very close to downtown san jose. a small section of bumper may be a critical piece of evidence. they think it came off the driver's car. they are talking to witnesses and hope someone will come forward. we'll have more on the story with a live report from matt keller at the top of the hour. new this morning, police in walnut creek are investigating an armed robbery at a hotel. police say two suspects entered the holiday inn and demanded money from the front desk. pair got the cash and took off running. they are described as black men in the early 20s, both about six feet with thin build. for the third time in five weeks another attack at scenic lookout in the east bay. >> same area of grizzly peak boulevard where a man was shot and killed. two man robbed a couple on saturday morning. investigators say they beat the man in the head with a handgun before taking off with their possessions.
5:33 am
on june 3rd a group of people two students who stopped at lookout pointed. >> a naked man accused of harassing bart passengers is expected to make his first court appearance. youtube video shows the man on may 10th. bart police were forced to release him because of lack of evidence. yesterday, they rearrested him with the help of immigration officials. he faces two felony counts of false imprisonment, four counts of battery and one count of sexual battery. 4. san francisco moop has released video showing two young girls attacking a woman on a muni metro train. we obtained the footage by security cameras last tuesday. two young girls attacked the 67-year-old passenger. they stole two purses, one contained cash and a
5:34 am
cellphone. the suspects are believed to be 13-14 years of age. developing news in salinas where police are investigating a deadly drive-by shooting and the second fatal shooting in two days. it left a woman dead and three other people wounded. shots were fired around santa clara street last night. sky7hd was over the scene as police investigated. witnesses say they heard several gunshots and all the victims are adults who appear to have been targeted. >> terry: marin county board of supervisors is expected to form fl arely adopt a new dress code to keep gang tire out of the county fair. they can't wear gang attire. it will ensure that all guests feel safe. bart is warning riders to be rrpd prepared in case
5:35 am
of a strike. they are sending out emails telling passengers how to signed up for alerts because of a work stoppage. contract talks between two unions have not made any progress and unions say their members may walk when the current contract expires june 30th. two sides are at odds over pay raises and pensions and healthcare. you can find a link at our website at chrysler faces a deadline today to explain why it is refusing to recall more than 2.5 million older jeep suvs. they have asked chrysler to recall jeepts because of the position of the fuel tank leaves it sub september i believe to rupture to a rear-end collision. 51 people have been killed involving the older jeep. jeep owners want a recall so chrysler would have to repairs.
5:36 am
>> they think about my two kids. i am a careful driver and experienced driver you never know, accidents happen. >> chrysler publicly rejected a recall request two weeks ago saying the jeeps are safe and the government is creating a new standard for gas tank strength. >> at the g-8 summit they are declaring them dedicated to a political solution to syria's war. they are wrapping two day talks on trade and focusing on the situation in syria. president obama and vladimir putin both agree on the need to stop the violence and secure chemical weapons in that country. putin has called negotiated peace talks, the russian president is the only g-8 member that backs the assad regime. >> more evacuations have been ordered near yosemite national park where a wildfire is burning out of control. carsons fire has burned at
5:37 am
least 1600 acres and still growing because of gusty winds. the fire is only 15% contained. so far no structures have burned and no word on a cause. can't do much about the dry conditions but hopefully the winds will stay down and temperatures are staying low. >> it is going to be the coolest day of the week and we will see areas of drizzle, certainly along coast, in parts of the east bay, but mostly patchy fog and patchy clouds as we take a beautiful shot from mounted tam cam. it's buttons go a little bit. that is the breeze that is blowing. not quite as strong as yesterday. here are current conditions, san francisco, 54 degrees and mid-50s across the bay area. for your day planner for the next 12 hours we will see clouds burning off by the afternoon. temperatures not topping out above 76 degrees inland and of a along the coast.
5:38 am
then we'll see those clouds rolling back again. 53 along the coast. here is another shot from exploratorium cam -- this is the roof cam. you can see the wind is blowing out there but gorgeous sky and beautiful conditions. next three days we'll see the temperatures warming up add and 84 and 86 on the first day of summer. we have a couple slowing residual delays. antioch towards pittsburg where we had an earlier alert cancelled. we are down to 11 miles an hour as you make the approach to leverage road. a little heavier traffic than what we normally would be seeing. we have a stalled car along 12 add at 101. for the most part you are at top speeds despite the lane closure. let's go outside, that is
5:39 am
san jose and 280 coming away from 17. few more cars on the road but no accidents. an accused serial killer goes on trial in the bay area. next, his opening defense and the evidence prosecutor what prosecutors say. >> add a
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good morning, 5:42 on the morning news. live look from the exploratorium camera, bay and clouds and low fog in the east bay. layla is monitoring this and more coming up. >> testimony is expected to begin in the accused killer joseph naso. he is acting as his own attorney. he says he is not guilty of killing four women. naso told the jury, quote, i'm not the monster who killed these will i don't do that. i dated and danced and i don't kill people. but he didn't way some
5:43 am
courtroom observers. >> it's very hard to get away from murder these days. they found dna evidence and found belongings in in his house. not looking good. prosecution put on a display of evidence found in naso's reno home. they included photos of some of the victims who appear to be conscious or dead. the judge says the trial may last five months. >> meantime, the i-team has uncovered a possible fifth victim. you can find dan yoyes story at >> a device is credited for protecting a nurse. a patient grabbed a nurse and tried to choke her. she activated a wireless alarm from a device worn around hader neck to alert others. the pay shall is now in jail. alarms were launched last year after a series of
5:44 am
violent attacks on hospital staff including the strangling of a nurse in 2010. >> out of colorado, just what that state doesn't need a tornado. a small twister toud down last night two hours northeast of colorado springs. it left downed power poles and trees across industrial part of the town. these photos are from one of the local fire departments. nobody was hurt but this morning, they are facing minor flooding. >> northwest of that the black forest fire destroyed 500 homes. the official tally is 502. they think it was caused accidentallyly or intentionally by a person. some evacuees are being allowed back into their homes. two people were killed in the worst fire in colorado state's history. >> it was a long night for
5:45 am
san francisco giants and fans. they lost to the san diego padres. it was tied at three all until the 13th and squeeze bunt put them ahead. then they walked in another run with the bases loaded and that was the final. as the giants fail to score in the bottom half of the inning. ouch, painful? >> hopefully the results will be different tonight when we take on the padres again. >> i'm sure it will be. >> we have plenty of time here. jackets, sweaters, we nee need them. it will be chilly. today will be the chill yest day of the week but we will see things warm up. live radar and satellite and patchy clouds and low
5:46 am
fog. 70 in palo alto along the peninsula, north bay san rafael, 70 degrees. santa rosa, 74. 75, fairfield. 74, livermore. 76 in antioch. as you push inland the temperatures will get a little warmer during the day. speaking of the giants, tonight we're going seeing breezy conditions and low clouds and fog making their way back into the bay area. we will see a burnoff today, but it will be back. 53 degrees will be our high to start and then dip down to 52 degrees for the low by the end of the day and hopefully it won't last until midnight. >> take look at overnight lows, clouds coming back in, half my bay, 59 degrees. oakland, 52 degrees. 54 in antioch. 49 in morgan hill.
5:47 am
48 in santa rosa. as we take a look at the forecast, a bit of warmup coming tomorrow. the clouds come back tomorrow and burn off in the afternoon but temperatures warming up thursday and friday, 86 degrees inland for the first full day of summer. around the bay, 78 degrees. seriously, warmer still and cool off saturday and monday. let's see what a is happening in the traffic. couple accidents in areas which are seeing quite the slowdown in antioch. where we had an earlier sig alert that involved several vehicles. that sig alert has been cancelled and back-up and we brand-new stall at bailey road. down to 12 miles an hour. 60 miles per hour in some areas and single digits. altamont pass, 19 miles per hour coming out of tracy. it will jump up a little bit, 36 miles per hour. then we still continue in the westbound direction out
5:48 am
towards livermore and pleasanton. we get outside right now, walnut creek drive come down to highway 4, right now 8-10 minute drive as you make your commute over towards walnut creek. we've been talking about giveaway and fourth big winner, $700 in shell gas. you still time. like us and fill out the entry form. you still need to fill out the form on the facebook page. >> you were saving the best for last. all right. this morning, f.b.i. will resume digging in a michigan field for the remains of union leader jimmy hoffa. they are focusing on field 25 miles from detroit and begin digging on a tip from a reputed mob boss.
5:49 am
he disappeared in 1975. he had served the president of teamers from 1957 to 1971. some suggest that mob leaders want disappear hoffa from retaking the helm of the union. >> pentagon says women could try out most elite special operations unit by 2015. they say plans are being drawn up to women to compete to become army rangers and navy seals. though would have to meet the same standards as men. other combat units, infantry and armor would be opened up. it's been okayed by chuck hagel. >> nasa has strained them astronauts. one of them is. nicole is from penngrove in sonoma county. she went to stanford.
5:50 am
she and the seven others could take part in the first human mission to an asteroid and to mars. today is the 30th anniversary of the first american women in space. the late sally ride was a stanford grad. >> my firing up the cigarettes, what they say is likely behind the nay trend. >> and nation's airlines get a report card. find out which ones are tops with travelers. >> coming up at 6:00, a road rage brawl caught on camera. surprising backgrou
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good morning, san antonio spurs will try to capture their fifth n.b.a. title in game six of the finals. abc7 is your home for the game with miami heat. followed by after the game with special guest warriors general manager bob myers. >> this morning, hp pavilion are gone. crews took down from the hp sign and it will be renamed the s.a. under the deal. they will pay the san jose $1.6 million annually. to shark fans it will be always known as the tank. san francisco's fame bow dean bakery are
5:54 am
inmother dough to the newest location kaigs in the city. what makes the sour dough bread is the taste of 164-year-old cultured mother dough that originated from san francisco and baked in the spread. dough will be transported to the new location at santa rosa's montgomery village today. first 100 cyclists will join will receive $20 certificates. >> you are making me hungry. national weather element that mixes with that dough. >> sour dough is my favorite bread. good morning everyone. we are looking at beautiful look outside. take a peek, this is mount tam cam. as it's gorgeous out there.
5:55 am
we are looking at cooler temperatures and three degrees cooler in san francisco. six degrees cooler in concord and san jose three degrees but in santa rosa, nine degrees here. we'll start to warm up tomorrow by way. don't lose hope. as we take a look at highs, showers in the northern part. certainly warmer in the southern part. 106 in palm springs. >> in traffic. certainly construction is blocking lanes but we do have slow conditions on 101 coming southbound out of petaluma to 580, 31 minutes and from highway 4 antioch to concord, 36 minutes to 80 southbound. woodside to san jose, 20 minutes. this is beautiful shot. this will be our maze.... >> i'm sorry, layla.
5:56 am
>> thank you very much. as summer travel sciences begins, travelers are happier with their airlines. saflgs index went up about 4% from last year. a record straight year of improvement. jet blue performed the best with satisfaction rising to 83 and southwest climbed to 81. survey attributes this to lower fees compared to lower established carriers. satisfaction with the industry remains low compared to other industries. >> a different survey, a new government survey says the percentage of smokers in the u.s. dropped to 18% in 2012. nation's smoke go rate has been falling for decades but it stalled at about 20%. it's the leading cause of prevented al illnesses and death in the u.s. cdc says launched a graphic
5:57 am
campaign last year and they think it's partly responsible for the drop in smokers. it's just about 5:57. president obama sends a message to the man that leaked the secret surveillance program. >> a bicyclist is killed in san jose. how police plan to tracking down the person. >> and later, flooring floors you can lay down over your existing floors. they put them to the test whether they are right for your home.
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5:59 am
the search continues for a hit-and-run driver who left a bicyclist dead in the south bay. big clue investigators are following up on this morning. >> a dog mauled a six-year-old boy in union
6:00 am
city. the young victim has died. >> president obama sits down for first interview since the revelation of the secret surveillance program and he has a message for the man responsible for the leak. a lot of news this morning. thanks a lot. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. cooler day on tap for us. it will start to get warmer toward the end of the week. friday is going to be fulling first full day of summer. we have clouds rolling in. we do have low fog and low clouds. here is a look at sutro tower cam. we are in a cloud right here. it's a beautiful sight. we have our first forecast and temperatures topping out in the mid-70s around the bay. 70 degrees will be our high along the coast. you will see the fog and cloud cover there. we go


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