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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 19, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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suit challenges the exemption from anti-trust laws. mlb is using it to block the a's to move to the south bay. matt keller is live in san jose. >> reporter: we're standing where the proposed ballpark would be built. right over my shoulder is the caltrain station. a few blocks from there is the shark tank. san jose city council hopes the lawsuit just filed against the baseball will hope speed bring them up to come to the south bay. baseball says the san francisco giants and the city could negotiate for a team. baseball fans in san jose are hopeful. >> a's could have here and people from the east bay could come down and enjoy it. >> reporter: commissioner selig has been promising to study the move into oakland and into the $461 million
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ballpark here in san jose but still after hour years, they have no update. they think they are trying to restrict competition. they are not in favor of legal action to solve the issue. it could pump $17030 million in san jose's economy. >> eric: and we were first to break the story on twitter. you can get breaking news alerts any time. follow us at "abc 7 news" bay area and we have been getting reaction on facebook. share your opinion there. >> kristen: crews are in fairfield around a grass fire that spread to a motel. it started arnd around 6:45. it spread to a roof of a motel 6 and a row of palm trees outside a motel. firefighters say everyone was evacuated before motel rooms were damaged.
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>> it was pretty close, five to ten feet away. >> open the door and smoke came in and ambers were everywhere. it looked like a big firestorm. >> eric: the flames also got close to a gas station with about 30,000 gallons of fuel. fire trucks rolled just in time and put out the flames feet from the gas station. >> eric: bart police chief is set to announce she bringing in a national auditor to assess the reforms imposed since the shooting of oscar grant. he want to make sure bart police get increased visibility and provide proper training. oscar grant was shot and killed by former bart officer johannes mehserle. grant was handcuffed and facing the ground at the time of the disturbance.
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>> a dog is in quarantine after it killed a six-year-old family member. they were playing in the backyard of their home when the pit bull attacked. family members say the boy may have tried to climb on to his back. it belonged to his uncle who is a san mateo police officer. the family says they have never seen the dog show any aggression. authorities have not yet decided if they will put it down or try to rehabilitate it. >> eric: police in several cities in san mateo county will be out today to enforce safe driving in certain cities that have trouble spots. stepped up enforcement comes after four pedestrian deaths in san mateo foster city and burlingame. officers will be on the lookout for violators in san mateo this morning and hillsborough and burlingame this afternoon. san mateo police have started pedestrian safety seminars for drivers that
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fail to yield the right of way for pedestrians. >> now looking for a missing man considered at risk. police say the 57-year-old-year-old has a mental capacity of a ten-year-old and is unable to read or write. he is 5'10", 165 pounds and you can see he is missing a front tooth. if you see him, police urge you to call 911. >> eric: the reward stands at $30,000 to help find the killer of an emeryville man who was shot to death after a traffic accident. 22-year-old man was gunned gown after a fender-bender last wednesday night. he would have turned 23 the next day. family and friends have increased the reward in an effort to find the killer. a memorial service will be held today at sacred heart in atherton. >> kristen: the government
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is offering a $56,000 reward for information of 2008 times square bombing recruiting station. they just released never before seen video. it shows the suspect on bike in manhattan. he places the bomb near the entrance. the suspect may be connected to two other unsolved bombings in new york city. a 2005 bombings at british consulate and 2007 attack on the mexican consulate. >> eric: president obama will renew his call to reduce the nuclear stockpiles in berlin. he is in germany today. he met with leaders following the economic summit that concluded in ireland. he will propose cutting the u.s. and russian stockpiles by up to a third. he spoke at another event
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about the closing of guantanamo prison. >> it continues to be my policy i want to close guantanamo. it has been more difficult than i hoped because i resistance from congress on this and on some issues i need congressional authorization. >> eric: a source says during the upcoming speech he will renew his call to ratify a nuclear test ban treaty. >> kristen: are you keeping it cool for us? >> no, not so much it's going to warm up today. we are looking towards the end of the week, first day of summer on friday. we are going to be seeing warmer temperatures today. we take a look at live doppler 7-hd. areas of patchy clouds and
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some parts of the coast will experience light drizzle. a trough of low pressure that is coming in from the pacific northwest that is going to bring in the coastal fog and low cloud area. in the middle of day, this morning you'll be waking up to the cooler temperatures inland. 56 at the bay and 48 along the coast but by noon, those clouds will burn off. 73 degrees will be the high inland and start to warm up to 78 degrees by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon with a slight cooloff come 7:00 p.m. today. this is a gorgeous shot. we do have breezy conditions. this is from mount tamalpais but the next three days you will be seeing those temperatures ramping up toward saturday. seven-day forecast will be coming up. >> we could do have a serious crash in antioch, on highway 4 on hillcrest
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avenue. there appears to be something in the lanes. two cars did collide. and one possibly needing emergency medical assistance. some construction southbound 880 at 280, slow down due to caltrans project and that should be wrapping up around 6:00. then golden gate, things. some say religion and politics don't mix but not this time. with a prompted them to hit the road. and protests inside at&t park that caught the attention of giant fans and police. >> and major policy shift by nation's doctors. why a third of adults suffer from a medical condition. >> good morning. topping america's money, repeat on wall street?
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they did second day surge yesterday. today we'll hear whether the fed will keep interest rates at record lows. >> and mayors of 18 cities are trying to keep them buy products with food stamps. >> and two mega chains going healthy. starbucks announced plans to post calorie information for all drinks and taco bell is kicking off a power protein menu featuring
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welcome back to this wednesday morning, 4:41. >> quick action kept a fire from becoming a big fire. but it was enough to chase
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dozens of people out of their homes. >> reporter: it was a bad combination, strong winds and a fire on the rooftop of a seven story building in the tenderloin, coming from the center. it holds more than 100 formally homeless people. janice had something to say. >> wind and sun was in the right and the guys ran out and it's right over my head. >> a barbecue on the rooftopled over and set a wooden deck on fire. people were evacuated and others stay put. it's not unusual hearing fire alarms going off but this is for real. >> some people were hollering the roof was on fire. >> a bystander on the street helped the first firefighter to get a hose hooked up. >> he puts it on the
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hydrant and signal it to turn it on and he did. it really helped. >> it dates back to the 1920s. movie stars would stay there when they came to san francisco. there is smoke and damage to parts of the top floor. two people were moved until repairs can be made. >> kristen: at&t park workers face charges after last night's giants game calling forpay raises. it shows 44 employees and supporters sitting in protest at one of the garlic counteders against the game in against the patres. they cited ten protestors for trespassing. >> we formed four lines inside and basically brought that down and we wanted to make our voices heard. >> kristen: the workers say
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it's been three years since they've received a raise. the employer says the workers are highest paid in the industry and receive health care and benefits despite working part time. >> eric: a sweeping immigration reform bill is getting a boost as it winds its way through the u.s. senate. a congressional budget office says it could help reduce the deficit by $200 billion by granting citizenship for 8 million people who would pay taxes. nuns on the bus tour on mission for immigration reform. they have traveled 6500 miles around the nation talking about the issue. they want to see it passed, say it's the moral and patriotic thing to do. >> all over this country we saw people who were say we are standing up when our immigrants are included. we saw immigrants engaged and we heard from silicon valley, because they need the creativity of
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immigrants. >> eric: mission started at ellis island in new york. they arrived after a trip through the south bay on monday. >> eric: it doesn't get more exciting than this. tomorrow night the spurs and heat will battle it out in game 7 at the n.b.a. finals after miami's improbable win in south florida. heat trailed by 5 with 28 seconds left and 8 seconds left in regulation. this sent the game that overtime. then in ot dwyane wade passes to lebron james with 1.9 seconds left. spurs down 3 and green was blocked by chris bosh. our coverage begins tomorrow night followed by after the game with sports director larry beil. >> eric: ray allen is the all-time record holder. if you had one guy to take the shot that was guided.
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>> eric: it's not impossible and i'll take your word for it. >> and good news it's going to be warmer today. first day of summer, it's going to be just great. it will be a conservative warmup as we look at live doppler 7-hd, radar and satellite. it will be dry. we're going to have coastal fog and low lying clouds and it's going to be on the breezy side, to the san bruno gap as you head over to sfo, that is where we have seen gusts up to 23 miles an hour currently. slightly warmer tomorrow and first day of summer arrives on friday. highs around the bay area, morgan hill, 78 degrees. 71 in fremont and we are going to see pretty decent conditions for the rest of the day.
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78 in morgan hill and 78 in gilroy, as well. along the peninsula, 57 in pacifica. 65 degrees is going to be the high downtown san francisco. 73, santa rosa. mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy in napa and sonoma. 74 degrees. 59 in richmond and it's going to get sunnier and warmer inland, 78 degrees highest temperature in fairfield and brentwood. we do have a game tonight. it's going to be a matinee, giants versus padres, 65 degrees and breezy. it will drop down to but pretty decent and overnight lows, 55 degrees is going to be lotto in antioch. a little cooler along the coast in santa cruz and half moon bay. here is a look at seven-day forecast. you can see, come tomorrow
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we are going warmup a little bit. we have the summer solstice on thursday night at 10:04 with saturday being the hottest day yet. let's see what is happening in the south bay. we have a couple things going on. lots of construction and we do have one accident in antioch. that is going to leave a couple lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. and this part is one-way traffic control due to work out there. let's take look at san mateo bridge, it's going to be a clear drive out there. nice and brisk, 14 minutes to get you out to foster city. no accidents. a little bit of haze there in the distance. part of interstate 5 will reopen in washington state less than a month after part of a bridge collapsed. three people survived the plunge when the bridge over the river collapsed on may
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23rd. investigators believe a truck carrying an oversized load caused the span to fail that hit the span. permanent structure is due to open this fall. a new study finds one in nine bridges in the country is structurally deficient. they are 65 years old on average. federal officials think it would cost $76 billion to repair them. they are spans that require significant maintenance or replacement. 260 million people use bridges every day. >> eric: the mayors of san francisco and oakland are joining 16 of their colleagues in a new push to keep food stamps from being used by sodas and other sugary drinks. the mayors sent a letter it's time to look at the limiting the use of subsidies to buy sugar filled drinks. letter was released by new york mayor who has
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tried unsuccessfully to ban the sale of supersized sodas in his city. agriculture to your department has not yet commented. >> people that are obese may have insurance coverage the way like other diseases. they are recognizing obesity as. it comes after a long battle. new medical intervention, for example, insurance companies on medicaid may have to pay for new weight loss drug or obesity screenings. it affects about one in three americans. >> ama is signaling a major policy shift in blood donations. gay men should be able to donate blood based on risk factors. new policy is contradiction to the fda that has a lifetime blood donations on men who have had sex with other men.
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the ban they are calling it discriminatory practices and not sound science. >> another change in policy by the ama could affect the way you work. the doctors group is recognizing the potential risks of sitting all day and is encouraging employers to make alternatives available to employees like standing desks and isometric balls. it could reduce obesity and heart and circulation issues and lead to healthier work force. >> kristen: to controversial folk singer is coming back hoping to make amends. why this show will be so different. >> eric: and unique way to keep troublemakers out.
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indie folk singer michelle is coming back to the bay area.
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she is doing a free show during pride weekend on june 30th sponsored by the san francisco examiner. her show at yoshi's was cut short when she went on a anti-gay tirade. she has since apologized. no word on when the concert will be held. >> eric: big kickoff party for aids walk san francisco. the organization's most dedicated walkers were at the bubble lounge. dan ashley took part in the event and abc is proud to be a media sponsor. aids walk raises millions of dollars money badly needed right now. >> in this tight of tight government budgets, these funds that the organizations receive make the difference between their ability to provide services or lack of ability to provide services. >> we invited you to join
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thousands of people in golden gate park for the aids walk on sunday, july 21. find out about it on our website at >> eric: considering going for a walk today. it's not too hot, not too cold. >> it might be perfect. exactly. you take a beautiful look ferry building. northwest wind, not quite as windy as it was yesterday. a little bit of a breeze but warmer conditions today in san francisco. three degrees warmer. 56 is the expected high in concord. actually a little bit cooler in santa rosa. here is a look at california highs for today. experiencing some dry conditions some low clouds that will burn off later on but northern california on the border with oregon we are going to seeing possible thunderstorms and warm in palm springs. let's take a look at
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traffic. >> we do have construction and cowl of crashes. first one i wanted to get to is antioch. this crash has cleared at hillcrest avenue. this is everything over to the shoulder. not seeing any delays into pittsburg. as we head over to foster city, southbound 101, hillsdale boulevard, a medical emergency out there. no lanes are blocked but chp has called out here and the driver had crashed on the shoulder and appears to be unresponsive. let's take a look and see what is happening right now. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along perfect. >> eric: we got a couple of talkers. a stockton bar is trying to keep non-friends out of his bar. they require customers to friend him on facebook but they can get in after 9:00
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p.m. there is late night in people a' knows -- and the bar has 7,000 friends on facebook. >> giants pitcher sergio romo is getting his own ice cream flavor, mexican chocolate. it comes with the tag, it only tastes illegal. tag line is play on the t-shirt that he wore wore at the world series parade. he hopes it raises money for immigration reform and goes on sale in september. >> eric: i'm an ice cream fan like mexican chocolate it has cinnamon in it. >> eric: you'll be first in line. >> maybe we have the pen and the again. >> bart has made major
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changes. >> and we're live with the report card bart police chief will be asking today. >> eric: president obama speaks out about the nsa scandal, the surveillance on americans, the attacks that it has thwarted. >> and a some of
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>> kristen: good morning on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: and i'm eric thomas. what is the temperature going to be like? >> eric: weather and traffic and warmu


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