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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 19, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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the naked man charged with harassing bart passengers is the latest security issue for the transit system. this morning bart police chief confronted those challenges head on. bart police procedures are under the microscope this morning. amy hollyfield is live at the lake merritt station in oakland. >> chief is bringing in the auditor? >> that is right. he is working to improve this department since the
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shooting of oscar grant. he says it's time for an outside opinion. >> i think the department has made a lot of progress, but we certainly have a long way to go. >> bart police chief says it's time for a progress report. she calling in the man that last reviewed bart, patrick oliver that give it a negative 300 page report. >> i would say we have definitely majority of the reforms and as far as progress i'm going lead that up to them. >> the review was commissioned in 2009 after a bart officer shot and killed an unarmed passenger oscar grant. we asked passengers to rate the performance since shooting. >> they have done a lot better in how they handle everything better. >> i don't see in anything progressing. >> i don't know. i don't see bart police
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around too much. >> we heard we don't see bart police too much. >> we have done so many things to increase our visibility. our officers are required to do at least four train rides a day. >> chief can identify areas that need improvement. for example he was disappointed in the response to the 16th street station in san francisco last month when a naked man was lunging lunging at passengers. and improvement they now wear cameras and record interactions with passengers but he thinks an outside set of eyes is pore. [ siren ] >> he says he owes this to commuters and to the oscar grant family. he think they'll have the report by september >> kristen: a special screening of fruitvale station, the movie based on
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the oscar grant shooting. show starts at 7:00 at grand lake theater. >> cheryl: right now president obama michelle obama are sitting down to dinner after his speech. he called for a reduction of nuclear weapons weapons. katie marzullo joins on the newsroom with more on his message. >> he touched on several topics this morning from renewable energy to poverty and unemployment but given his liox his speech was devoted to war. >> before he could address on issues from the cold war he had to address the heat. >> i'm actually going to take off my jacket and anybody else wants to, go ahead. >> then from brandenburg gates he called for one-third reduction of the nuclear stockpile. >> we na may no longer fear in global annihilation but
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so long as they exist we are not truly safe. >> he told the crowd the iraq war is over and afghanistan war is snud should signal a change. >> we must move to mind set of perpetual war. and that also means to close the prison at guantanamo. >> several u.s. presidents have visited the gates, now a symbol of reunification. 50 years ago was president kennedy. then president reagan gave this famous order. >> president obama was last in berlin when he was a senator rubbing for the white house. this even was not allowed to speak at brandenburg, an honor reserved for sitting presidents. >> we're hearing from russia on the speech. arms reduction will have to involve countries beyond
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russia and the united states and head of attorney affairs committee and russian parliament his proposals need serious revision. police are out today enforcing traffic laws in several cities in san mateo county after three deadly pedestrian accidents. most recent one was this accident on may 23rd in san mateo. a woman using a crosswalk was hit by a construction van near portola drive. today they are patrolling known hot spots in san mateo, burlingame, fos ser city and hills borrow. they have started safety seminars for senior is citizens. >> san jose police arrested three suspects in connection with a fatal stapg. robert alvarez and cassandra reyes were booked into jail on saturday for murder. a 17-year-old boy was also arrested. last thursday, police found 56-year-old man suffering
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from multiple stab wounds in east san jose. he was taken to the hospital and died about an hour later. they determined the murder was gang-related. suspected pimp will return to court to ask for human trafficking charges. they arrested this man last week in south san francisco. san mateo county prosecutors believe he and his wife brought young women from sacramento to work in brothels. he remains in custody and his bail has been set at $200,000. his wife is not arrested and considered wanted. some good news for san francisco. a missing man with special needs was discovered early this morning. somebody found him at the west portal muni station around 12:15 this morning. he disappeared near city college yesterday. he is unable to read and write. >> developing news mariposa county, a wildfire is
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burning near yosemite park. thousand residents that had to leave their homes whether allowed to return. cooler temperatures helped make progress over night. caltrans said someone left a campfire unattended. it's burned more than 1600 acres. >> the national transportation safety board says it received a petition to reopen into the investigation into the crash of flight 800. it took off from new york j.f.k. airport in 1996. all 230 people on board that flight died. the request to reopen the probe comes from a former investigator. n.t.s.b. blamed electrical spark triggered the explosion. the board will review that request. >> happening now, natura is
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issuing a recall after one of eighth products had salmonella. it's dry pets in california natural, health wise, mother nature and karma. it involves food, biscuits and treats for dogs and cats and parrots. they are offering full refunds weesmts the information posted on our website at >> men's warehouse may not like the way the founder doesn't look anymore. he has appeared in hundreds of commercials, but today, fremont based company released a short statement it has fired him who was executive chairman. they delayed the annual meeting. they say he has reduced his role in recent years but had trouble letting go. >> what is new this year at one of the bay area's
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largest county fairs. >> cheryl: this is wrong picture but big question about obesity that could
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alameda county fair opens today with new shows and most importantly new food. the matt keller joins us from the county fairgrounds at pleasanton, a tough
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assignment, matt. >> it's tough. gates open at 11:00 and we have a show. check this out right here. we've got free style moto cross riders. they are hoping attractions like this will bring in a record crowd, more than half a million people. >> alameda county fair is trying to reach new heights this year and starts with the newest carnival ride, the vertigo. >> its ride you can take grandma, but you need to be a custody to ride this thing. >> the horses are practicing for race days thursday through sunday. but if you are willing to bet your life, you can hit the food. donut burger compared to the hotdog sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream and
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where ri on top. >> what does it taste like? >> like a heart attack coming soon. >> there we go. but not in front of the stands. >> they are famous for daring experiments. deep fried oreos and pop tarts. and twinkie stops but the dream lives on and tasty cakes. this year's newest is deep fried. >> my kids really like it. our children and they are really keen on it. >> that is today and expected to be really busy all day. it's dollar admission and dollar carnival rides. the fair runs through july 7th. >> wow, there you go. and alameda county fair is holding a food drive to fight hunger a week from today. people who bring four
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non-perishable food items will get in free and all carnival rides will be one dollar and asking for volunteers to help pack meals for kids against hunger. >> kristen: if you are unhappy with your job, you are not alone. seven out of ten workers have checked out at work or actively disengaged. they surveyed million full time workers and only 30% were enthusiastic about the workplace. we're hundred percent here at abc7. and 20% were actively disengaged and hated going to work. last group costs the u.s. as much as $550 billion in economic activity each year. >> they are fully engaged right here. [ laughter ] >> you, too. >> absolutely. i think anybody who has an outdoor job, it's a gorgeous day today. we are taking a look at
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downtown san jose. blue skies and sunny conditions and slight warmup today. i'll have the full accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> and next, if you are expecting what a new
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a nay study show moderate drinking is okay when you are pregnant and that it won't harm the baby. according to a british study. three to seven glasses of wine a week may not have an effect on the brain development of a child. researchers studied nearly 7,000 ten-year-olds. each child was given a balance test. they found those that mother's mothers drank small amounts while pregnant did not show any difference. >> people that are obese may finally have medical attention the way other diseases are. ama is recognizing obesity as a disease. it will now mean new
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medical treatments and prevention programs. for example, insurance companies and medicare may have to pay for new weight loss drugs or obesity screening. it affects about one in three americans. >> new this morning, a group that has down syndrome got to go for a special car ride at the vatican. pope francis invited him to join him as he was in st. peters boy square. he was choked up when he approached his son, his father says and tens of thousands of people looked on. all attention to meteorologist to layla. it's taking a sweet time. >> we do have a beautiful shot and sutro tower cam. golden gate bridge, strengthening sunshine and
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couple sale boats out on the water. we had early clouds and coastal fog but that burned off quickly. we'll be seeing breezy conditions today and into tomorrow, as well. slightly warmer tomorrow and on friday, it will be the first full day of summer. here is another shot from south beach looking forward san francisco sky way. gorgeous cloud free sky. currently san francisco, 60 degrees is our current temperature. san jose, 62. napa 65. we're in the lower 60s in oakland, concord and livermore. right now as we take a look at highs for today. around the bay area. 78 degrees is going to be our high in morgan hill and gilroy. mostly sunshine. 76 along the coast. 75 in los gatos. as we move up the peninsula we're going to be seeing those conservative temperatures once again. 72 degrees will top out in
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redwood city along the coast in half moon bay, 63 degrees in pacifica. 66 in millbrae. sunshine in san francisco. just a couple wispy clouds, 55 degrees in downtown and 59 degrees in sunset district. as we headed into the north bay, 73 degrees and clearlake, 75 in petaluma. 74 in novato. east bay, 71 degrees in oakland. 69 degrees in richmond. 71 degrees in castro valley. farther inland, 78 degrees in brentwood. 76 in livermore. 73 degrees in pleasanton. really not too hot. we'll see the warmer temperatures by the end of the week. of course, giants taking on the padres today at at&t park. 12:45 is time of first pitch. 54 to get us going but --
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65 to get started. >> 55 degrees by the end of the game. but over the entire bay area, overnight conditions are going a little on the chilly side certainly along the coast in santa cruz and half moon bay. you are in the upper 40s. lower 50s as we start moving inland and temperatures about 55 degrees. as we take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, you can see it today is going to be 78 degrees. by tomorrow, we will see that slight warmup. summer solstice is coming up. saturday, 88 degrees will be the highest temperature. then we'll start to see ramping down once again on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> kristen: what is cool is watching the forecast right on the news app.
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[ laughter ] >> this is brand-new smart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news and traffic. >> it's really easy to navigate. you can watch our newscast and breaking news live whener on the go. you will be able to watch live breaking news. >> a section for all those stories you wanted to share on facebook and twitter. >> the app is free. go to and if you have the current one, old one will be going away soon. free, easy, must have. just ahead, giants closer sergio romo teaming up with a local company. >> we'll tell you why they are pushing ice cold ice cream. >> today we have the first female vice president of the united states or least
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she claims to be one. another hit on her hands, veep. we'll talk about that and a lot more so tune in we have
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coming up at 4:00, new pup oat the popular children's show and tough issues talking with kids. source of guilt for many working moms, putting kids in day care. what the impact is. finding on "abc 7 news" at pga. >> sergio romo wants to raise money for immigration reform. >> he is doing it for his own ice cream flavor it's
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called mexican chocolate and comes with the tag, it only tastes illegal. >> the tag lie than is a play on the t-shirt that romo wore at the parade last year. mexican chocolate, it has cinnamon flavor to it. and put some jalapenos and make it spicy. known for interesting things that he is doing. >> it caused a stir when he wore the shirt. i don't think he realized the impact it would have. >> he is forgiven. >> for all of us here. thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire"
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey. >> whoo! >> hey. >> how you doing? all right! millionaire! whoo! >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has been a fan of millionaire since he was in college, where he was known as "the fos." >> fos. >> from new york city,elcome ro. hey, rob. >> thank you. hello. okay, the fos? >> yeah, i didn't make it up. >> i've heard of the fonz. but the fos; what's that about? >> so it was an acronym. >> uh-huh. for? >> the first thing i became famous for in college was, i guess, being hairy. so it's stands for "five o'clock shadow, 'cause apparently, no matter when i shave, i always have one, so... >> really? >> yeah, ten years later, it stuck.


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