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ebay. i'm not sure, i will be bidding. and princess kate is about to have her baby, and the royal family is being watched. a time of celebration and joy, and for the economy, big-time dollars or pounds. the estimates show that millions could go into the coffers, as brits rack up the sales and booze in anticipation of the big day. also prince charles is reportedly selling handmade booties through his personal estate. seriously. not suited for the job in apparently, a stellar first quarter sales announcement was not enough to guarantee george zimmer a job. the termination has to do with the move away from the slogan.
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apparently the men's warehouse board no longer likes the way he looks. ouch, well, thank you for joining us on abc, as always, we're on line at good night.
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that breaking news is
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happening along the san mateo county coastline. fierce winds put a wind surfer and some boaters in trouble tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. the rescues happened off coyote point in san mateo county. let's go to leslie brinkley along the bay front. >> the winds picked up tonight and around 6:30 some friends got worried about an over due wind surfer who didn't come back to coyote point marina so they called the coast guard in. that's when two simultaneous rescues got underway. the wopped and waves were tough to navigate. the san mateo fire department and a fire boat joined in the search along with the coast guard helicopter. they couldn't find the wind surfer. that's when they spotted this 13-foot boat rocking in the middle of the bay with three kite surfers on board who were monitoring a race. their engine had died. >> the wind picked up. it got pretty rough.
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we tried to head back and then broke down. we tried to row, but it was too tough. >> when towed towed back into shore they finally spotted the wind surfer waiving his arms in the choppy water. he was taken to an ambulance to be treated for what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder. so four people were rescued from the very wind they went out on the bay to enjoy. in san mateo county abc7 news. >> really remarkable how choppy it was on the bay from the video. for more on the gusty winds let's check in with abc7 news meteorologist spencer christian. >> dan, i will show you why the waters are so choppy. notice the absence of clouds. that indicates it is breezy along the coast. not only along the coast, but just a few hours ago around 8:00 p.m., that's what the temperature readings are, the
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wind gusts looked like. 46 miles an hour at sfo and 20 miles an hour at many locations even the inland locations. now let's see what the wind gusts are like at this moment. notice how calm the winds are in our inland spots. only at sfo and san carlos and mountain view do we have gusty winds and in santa rosa, still the winds could be a problem again tomorrow as the winds will ease up tonight. they could intensity tomorrow afternoon, but nothing near the levels we saw earlier this evening. dan and carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. see you in a bit. the shocking video of two teenage girls robbing and punching a woman in the face has generated outrage. and tonight at least two people believe they were robbed by the same teens. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live in union square, not far from where one of the robberies took place. alan? >> reporter: carolyn, both victims say the teens went for their iphones and both victims say they were surprised at just how young and brazen they were. police think they were only 13 and 14 years old.
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they struck quick and hard. punching a 68-year-old woman in the face, snatching her two purses and running off the muni light rail train in the bay view. >> when i first looked at it i was like that's definitely her. >> this woman who wants to be identified only as nicky says the girl in pink stole her iphone last december while she was shopping a at the store on powell street. >> i said you may have accidently taken my phone. i was trying to be nice about it. she started freaking out. she said what are you talking about and started to cry. >> the girl ran out of the store and got away. >> all of a sudden i was walking on the street. i got attacked by two girls who were going for my iphone. >> natasha, not her real name, says the same girl in pink threw her to the ground and tried to take her iphone. it happened last wednesday in front of this 24th street cafe in the mission. >> they were just kids. >> natasha says a female bystander finally jumped in and that's when the teen gave
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up and ran. >> it bothers me because they were at least seven people watching it and taking videos and taking photos while i was struggling with those two girls. >> what concerns me the most is the situation seems to be escalating and they seem to be getting violent. >> both nicky and natasha believe there are more victims of these same two girls. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. we are learning more about a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist in san jose. it happened after 3:00. an suv hit 55-year-old glen arnold ernest as he road his bike along taylor street over crossing above highway 87. he was hit from behind and the driver just took off. the car is described as a late 1990s and maybe early 2000 model dodge durango or dakota. it is dirty white, light gray or silver in color. crossing the street has become dangerous for pedestrians.
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police on the peninsula went undercover to do something about it. they launched a sting to catch drivers who don't stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. the targets are known trouble spots in san mateo, foster city, and burlingame. those who were stopped offered a variety of excuses. >> i don't know. don't even go there. >> the irony was i saw the motorcycles and i thought what are they doing over there? >> when i go through i see this pedestrian right here. it is like, come on. this is ridiculous. >> 261 drivers were ticketed today. 100 of them for failure to yield to pedestrians. these tickets are not cheap. they run between $250 to $350. a south bay i.t. technician is being held on bail. he is charged with stealing computer pass words to computer equipment. it is something police say he has done before. ama dates is live in cupertino with the story tonight. ama?
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>> dan, andrew madrid spent two years in prison for a stripping of robberies. the d.a.'s office says he was out of prison and on parole just a couple months before he was back at it again. >> he is charged with 36 felony counts that includes 34 commercial burglaries. >> santa clara county deputy district attorney says andrew madrid committed a series of burglaries that could land him in jail for more than 29 years. he says madrid would steal master keys or electronic key cards to get into the silicon valley businesses. >> we believe he would take electronic components, but also what ever is available. >> like gino's credit card. >> i got a call from a motorcycle supplier of parts saying can i verify the order that i was -- well i don't have a motorcycle. then i realized that my credit card was stolen. >> he works in real estate services in cupertino and says
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madrid stole his key farb and used it to get into the office on two occasions >>- >> he used his own cell phone from our office. >> a lot of the stuff purchased with the stolen credit card numbers was recovered on the motorcycle orie covered from the house or storage locker when the officer searched. >> in all madrid stole about $400,000 worth of items and some of which he sold on ebay. the d.a.'s office believes he may have burglarized other businesses in the area. they want to hear from any potential victim. ama dates, abc7 news. an attempted abduction turned out to be a hoax. a 10-year-old girl claimed a man tried to kidnap her on sunday. police investigating the incident started to doubt the story. she eventually admitted she made it up. a lot more to come. he rose to fame playing a mob boss. the passing of larger than life james gandolfini, a look
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at a remarkable career. >> and a one-year-old falls from an upstairs apartment and the daughter of a famous baseball manager was there to make the catch. >> and the naked mole rat is not much to look at, as you can see, but it has something that could help cure
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another winner of $700 in free gas tomorrow morning on the abc7 morning news. as you may have heard, the man who made mob boss tony soprano an icon has died. he died in italy at the age of 51. now, terry moran has more on his death and his award-winning life . >> sometimes an actor finds a role that just connects the role of a lifetime. james gandolfini who died suddenly today at 51 was tony soprano. for 86 episodes, over six seasons on hbo, gandolfini seared america's eye bowels -- eyeballs with his portrayal as a mob boss with petty problems, yet capable of staggering and ruthless violence. with news of his passing apparently of a heart attack while in italy, the world has
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not only lost an immensely talented actor, but cultural icon. by the time the world met tony soprano in 1999, gandolfini was a professional at bringing to life the gray areas of crime and saville tee and evil and humanity. the mob roles beck conned. he played in last year's "killing them softly." he had to be talked into playing yet another tough guy. >> i didn't want to do another mob guy for a longtime. >> why? >> i have done it for 10 years. >> in a statement tonight hbo said "he was a special man, a great talent, but more importantly a gentle and loving person." now he is gone. leaving behind a wife and two children including an eight-month-old girl. but like all iconic roles tony soprano lives on and so does a gifted man who brought him to life. and he died too young. terry moran, abc news.
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>> "nightline" will have much more on the passing of james gandolfini at 12:35 and on" good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. the men's warehouse has fired one of the most recognizable pitch men on television. the company announced the removal of founder george zimmer today. george zimmer says it is because he spoke out against the direction of men's warehouse in the last few months. men's warehouse didn't comment, but they canceled a shareholder meeting. he opened the first warehouse in 1973 and there are now more than 1100 stores nationwide. the daughter of former new york yankees manager joe torre is being called a hero after she caught a falling baby. 44-year-old kristina torre was buys bicycling when she saw the baby hanging from an awning. tor re was there to catch the child. the parents were arrested for
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child neglect. the naked mole rat could hold clues to fighting cancer. the african rodent lives 30 years or more and are resistant to cancer. they identified a chemical that prevents the animal from getting the disease. it exists between cells in tissue, but the quantity of the substance in the naked mole rat is five times larger than humans. the scientist is hope this discovery could lead to a cancer treatment. chipotle is coming clean. the chain is listing all products that include gmo's. it is the first u.s. chain to include the label oitsz website. ultimately chipotle wants to eliminate them from their menu. two kitchens have been recognized among the healthiest in the country. today the u.s. household food council certified the calf fie
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fie -- the cafe highs. both use vegetables and whole grains in most meals and they serve small portion sizes from local food sources. the company kitchens are among four total nationwide to be recognized. >> that's terrific. congratulations. let's turn our attention back to the forecast. the wind is dying down a bit. >> spencer christian is here with the latest. >> we will start with a look at live doppler 7hd. we have notice -- noticible absence of clouds. mainly clear skies right now look live from the rooftop camera on abc7 along the embarcadero. temperature readings are 56 degrees degrees in san francisco and 60 in oakland and mountain view, 54 in half moon bay and 60 in santa cruz. another live view from the bay bridge from our south beach camera. 60 in santa rosa and 60 if fairfield and 56 in los gatos. we look at the golden gate bridge as we look also at our forecast features. we may see a few patches of
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coastal clouds developing overnight, but it will be a mainly clear overnight period. a little milder tomorrow than today and continued warming on friday and saturday. the peak of our warming trend. the satellite image shows the jet stream continuing to flow over the bay area with the pool of cool air. it is sliding eastward, but this has been responsible for the cooler than average and windier than average temperatures. it will continue to slide and be replaced with this ridge of high pressure that will bring us a warmer pattern for the next few days and calmer winds by friday. overnight look for mainly clear skies. the low temperatures in the low 50s. a little cooler in the north bay valley. we will see upper 40s in santa rosa and napa. and then tomorrow as we follow the forecast animation you can see a patch of clouds early in the morning and that will disappear quickly and we will have a mainly sunny day. breezy near the coastline. high temperatures near the coast in the low 60s. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. let's travel down to the south bay where it is sunny and mild
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with high temperatures in the midto upper 70s. 75 at san jose and 74 at san -- santa clara. highs in the 70s and up to 75 in redwood city and 74 in palo alto and mountain view. on the coast, breezy and pleasantly cool with highs of 59 in pacifica and 62 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 67 degrees tomorrow. 63 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, a little warmer with highs up to and above 80 degrees at places like santa rosa and calistoga and napa and sonoma. east bay, oakland will rise to 73 degrees and 73 in union city and 74 in castro valley and fremont and in the inland east bay highs climbing into the 80s tomorrow. 81 at walnut creek and 84 at fairfield. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. as i mentioned friday and saturday we will see the peak of this warming trend. by saturday the highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. we will have a sharp dropoff in temperatures on sunday and
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possibly some showers on monday. by the way, summer officially arrives at 10:04 tomorrow night. abc7 has another great weather resource for you. you can follow all weatlopmentsa developments at live doppler 7hd for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine and get video forecasts and spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets from your and my favorite weather team. >> thank you, spencer. and speaking of resources. >> we have a new abc7 news smart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news and traffic information. >> watch live as it happens on the go. our earlier newscasts are streamed live for you. >> we have a section for those stories that you will want to share on facebook and twitter. we make it easy to do. >> to download go to for the details. if you have the current app you need to download the new one. the old one will be going away soon. again, the app information for you at
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let's talk about sports. you have baseball and a big basketball game tomorrow night. >> larry beil is here now. >> we have men behaving badly. that's good stuff. and it happens frequently. the giants and padres -- this is what happens when you violate the code, dan. there is a price to pay. sports next. >> did i just do
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the giants had a message to send and it was received loud and clear by the padres today. in a series finale at at&t
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park we start with jesus guzman who homered and then pranced around the bases and tossed his bat and showing up your opponent violates baseball law. bumgardner buzzes him and the benches empty. nothing serious. it is more like ballroom dancing than confrontation. nobody ejected and all is fine. guzman sends a message of his own in the seventh. the former giant in twine homered -- in 2009 homers. three runs in the bottom of the seventh. a two-run triple as the giants go on to win it 4-2. after the game all of the questions were about that pitch to guzman -- >> the second inning pitch just to get away more than you want it. >> there is no need to go through that. >> no comment about that. >> they are just trying to go inside the guy. >> that's all there is to it. >> oh it was an accident,
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yes. yum, yum. the a's and rangers and lance berkman says yum-yum. 2-0 texas and the a's take the lead. chris young high, deep and aloha . 3-2a's. may loan though couldn't hold the lead. malone couldn't hold the lead. donaldson is coming home. nicely avoids the tag. the rangers go up 4-3 and malone allows six runs in five and a third innings. this was a painful loss. especially for the catcher, derrick norris. that got him in a bad spot. texas wins it it 9-4. they trail the a's by two games in the al west. i am feeling a little ginger just watching that. stanley cup finals in boston. the bruins take out patrick sharp. in the first three games they score a total of 12 goals. well they scored 11 tonight combined. the third period and he tie itself at five and they go to overtime.
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good night, game over, drive home safely. blackhawks win it 6-5 and they even that series up at two games apiece. news from the nfl and the cowboys are back in red and gold. justin smith has signed a two-year exteption with the 49ers. smith is the anchor of the 49er 's defensive line. he made the pro bowl the last four years. at age 33 he is getting up there. the manic named "the cowboy" recovered from the tricep injury he received last season. so he is back to benching 350 like it is nothing. the spurs and the heat will meet in game seven of the nba finals tomorrow night. it is winner take all, and all will be nervous. >> i will be antsy and excited and i will have some butterflies and i will be nervous. everything. that's how it should be. the moment is going to be grand. like i said, i am happy to be
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a part of it. >> so are we. you can watch game seven here on abc7. pre game at 5:30 and tipoff at 6:00. and then we will have a special mystery guest on after the game. even wikileaks can't find out. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and they have been trying. >> we have interns running around the sports department trying to find this information. a well kept secret, larry. >> oh brother. up next, a new watch with features you would never expect.
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here is your wake up weather. there will be patches of low cloudiness and not enough to interfere with the morning commute. the sunrise at 5:48 and the temperature at 5:00 a.m. will
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range from 48 to 58. it will be a mild day. dan and carolyn? >> thanks so much. a specialized new digital watch does more than tell the time. it lets you know when you have had too much to drink. >> a company in japan released the nikkei intoxicated watch. >> the breathalyzer has a side you unscrew and you breathe into it and it will display your alcohol level. >> and it can test your sobriety in case you don't trust the breathalyzer. seems complicated if you have had to much to drink. >> i guess that's the sign. >> i guess that's the sign. >> for larry beil and spencer
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i'm carmelo anthony. and i'm d. rose. and it's "nba week" on "wheel of fortune." it's tip-off time. wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and a
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ladies and gentlemen, pat sajak and vanna white. oh, hi. how are you? thank you so much. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. you have to go to the puzzle board. you have work to do. there are letters to be touched. hi. ready? everybody should have one of those devices in their hands as we get ready for our first "toss up," and the category is "thing." here we go. [ bell chimes ] michael. full-court press? yeah, that's it. [ cheers and applause ]


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