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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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marriage act. this comes as san francisco officially kicks off sf pride. we go live to city hall with anticipation and preparation. amy? >> reporter: city hall is ready for the decision and pride. you can see the rainbow flags flying at city hall. this is where it began for san francisco backs in 2004 when gavin newsom started allowing same-sex marriage starting the path to this u.s. supreme court decision which could come today. it comes just as pride is kicking off. there was a red carpet party last night to start pride. the focus is the gay pride celebration but the supreme court and the fate of prop 8 was on the minds of many. >> still very hopeful about it. i'm really excited. i think what we see around the country so many states have marriage equality movements and so this is a very exciting time and for it to happen in the middle of pride i think couldn't be any sweeter.
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>> reporter: now, prop 8 bans same-sex marriage in california. it was approved by voters in 2008 by 52% of the vote. same-sex advocates challenged prop 8 right away and the challenge made its way all of the way to the supreme court. the decision could come today. if not, the last day of scheduled decisions is next thursday. some say this decision will be a landmark one. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, nbc 7 news. it's 4:31 now. heading to the water today, heads-up. a wind surfer is recovering after being rescued choppy bay waters by the coast card. one of two nearly simultaneous rescues. friends got worried when he didn't return to the marina in san ma san mateo county. during the search they spotted three kite surfers stranded on a
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boat with engine problems. the coast guard spotted the missing wind surfer and brought him back to safety as well. we'll get more from matt keller at the top of the hour. the latest shooting in the south bay. they found the man with one gunshot wound on virginia avenue near interstate 280 and 101. the shooting happened just after 6:00 last night near the san jose police activities league. police don't have any suspects. new developments this morning in the violent videotaped robbery of a woman on san francisco's muni. at least two other women have now stepped forward to say they were robbed by the same teenage girls. the two young robbers moved fast and hit hard punching the 68-year-old victim in the face, snatching her two purse s and running off the train in the bay view district. this woman says one of the girls stole her iphone last december while she was shopping on powell
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street. police believe the girls are young, 13 and 14 years of age. >> they stopped and, i was, like, i think you might have accidentally taken my phone. i was trying to be nice about it. she started freaking out. she started to cry. >> the girl ran out of the store and got away. another victim says the same girl threw her to the ground and tried to her iphone last week in front of a mission district cafe on 24th street. police think there may be even more victims of the young suspects in the city. this morning b.a.r.t. workers are taking advantage. they are hoping state mediators can help them reach a contract deal before it's too late. they joined the negotiations yesterday to prevent a work stoppage. talks are stalled on key issues like wages and health benefits. the union's current contract expires june 30th, a week from sunday. today's 8th annual dump the
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pump day encourages drivers to take public transportation to save money on gas while also helping the environment. according to the american public transportation association, who sponsors the event, the average family can save $10,000 a year by riding mass transit. we're learning more about a hit-and-run accident that killed a bicyclist in san jose. an suv hit 55-year-old glen arnold ernest as he rode his bike above highway 87 on monday afternoon. he was hit from behind and the driver took off. the car is described as late 1990s or early 2000 model dodge durango, it's dirty white, light gray or silver in color. new this morning, the senate's gang of eight and two republicans are near a deal that could break a major impasse on immigration reform on capitol hill. a deal is expected to be announced this morning. the agreement dramatically beefs up security on america's borders
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by doubling the size of the border patrol force. currently 21,000 officers strong. the deal also called for completing the 700-mile fence along the border. final details are still being worked out. bay area nurses and people who oppose the proposed keystone pipeline are planning to march across the golden gate bridge at noon today joining registered nurses across the u.s. who are stepping up their call on the obama administration to reject approval of the pipeline. demonstrators against the keystone project protested during separate bay area visits by president obama and vice president joe biden this month. the sonoma city council also voted this week to send the president a letter stating the city's opposition to the pipeline which would stretch from canada down to the gulf of mexico. this morning hundreds of people are back home as threats from a raging wildfire subside. 1,000 people are back home this morning after being forced to leave when a fire broke out
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sunday near yosemite national park. about 500 are still out of their homes right now. investigators say the 1,600 acre fire was started by an unattended campfire. san jose firefighters fear the combination of weather conditions and human behavior could make this the worst fire season in five years. fire season is already under way more than a month earlier than normal. the fourth of july is the next big threat facing crews even though firework sales are illegal in san jose, residents know they are readily available in many nearby cities including gilroy and watsonville. >> i see kids go up to the park where there are dry areas and they start lighting their fireworks. when it's dry like that, everything will catch on fire an burn. >> these things can go and people don't really get a perspective of how hot, how fast and how dangerous this stuff is. >> constant training is pa paramount for san jose firefighters.
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they invited members of the city council to experience firsthand some of the hazards that firefighters face. >> we have at least one of the ingredients for higher fire danger, the wind. >> exactly. i think i said first day of spring. i meant the last day of spring. first full day of summer is tomorrow. now that i cleared that up, we'll see warmer temperatures today as well. we do have a small craft advisory along our waters in the immediate area. san pablo bay, san francisco bay and along the pacific coast. so watch out for that and also some mire waves. double the significant height that we normally see. right now as we look at our live doppler 7 hd radar satellite. clear conditions. not seeing fog at this hour. as you head out today, just maybe pack a light sweater for the early morning hours. 58 degrees will get you going. inland, 58 degrees around the bay. 54 along the coast. it will start to warm up to 76 degrees by noon.
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84 degrees by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and lots of sunshine. 76 around the bay. 60 along the coast. clouds and fog will start to roll in a little bit over the evening hours. here's a look at the golden gate bridge and we do have pretty clear conditions out here as well but also air quality, tree rag weed, gas, ozone moderate levels. high uv index. pack the sunscreen. let's look at traffic. that crash i was telling you about how cleared. that was along eastbound 24. no longer there but what we do have is plenty of construction. as we take you over to highway 4 eastbound side we do have a lane blocked. that will last until 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m., westbound 580 we will have lanes blocked there as well. we are already seeing a little bit of a buildup of traffic through pleasanton making it through the dublin interchange. let's go outside and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a clear drive. emeryville into san francisco looks like it is accident free. nothing to slow you down this
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morning. >> it's now 4:39. >> picking up where he left off. a high heck crime a computer expert is accused of committing in the south bay and why it may be the tip of the iceberg. authorities call it a bizarre terror plot. the weapon two men planned to use to target the president and other leaders. but first, this morning's america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, interest rates heading higher. fed chairman ben bernanke said the fed will begin scaling back its economic stimulus program later this year. the program has kept interest rates at record lows but bernanke says the economy is clearly on the mend. the fed's plan didn't go over well on wall street. stocks overseas are falling this morning. best buy is bringing back the popular iphone trade in deal. beginning tomorrow and until next saturday you can turn in your iphone 4 and get an iphone 5 for free but you must be due for an up grade and
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the city council will hear a final reading of the social host ordinance july 15th. it would take effect august 14th. berkeley, concord and pleasanton approved ordinances to deter underage drinking. attempted abduction in pacifica turns out to be a hoax. a 10-year-old girl claimed man tried to kidnap her on sunday. police investigating the incident began to doubt the girl's story and investigators say she finally admitted she made it up. this morning a paroled south bay i.t. technician is back in
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jail on a million dollars bond charged with stealing computer passwords to equipment. prosecutors say just weeks after getting out of prison, he picked up right where he left off. >> he's charged with 36 felony counts that includes 24 commercial burglaries. >> reporter: santa clara county district attorney says andrew madrid committed a series of burglaries that could land him in jail for more than 29 years. he said madrid would steal master keys or electronic key cards to get into silicon valley businesses. >> we believe he would target server rooms and take electronic components but he would also take whatever is available. >> reporter: like this man's credit card. >> i got a call from a motorcycle supplier of parts saying can i verify the order that i -- i don't have a motorcycle. i realized my credit card was stolen. >> reporter: he works at real
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estate services in cupertino and says that madrid stole his key fab and used it to get into the offices on two occasions. >> he used his own cell phone right from our office. >> a lot of stuff purchased with stolen credit card numbers was recovered on that motorcycle or recovered from the house or storage locker when the officers searched. >> reporter: in all, madrid stole about $400,000 worth of items some of which he sold on ebay. the d.a.'s office believes madrid may have burglarized other businesses in the area. tonight the spurs will try to rebound from tuesday's tough loss to the heat when they were just seconds away from wrapping up their fifth nba final. miami was on the brink of elimination trailing by five points but ray allen's clutch three forced overtime and miami went onto win forcing tonight's
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deciding game seven. the last road team to win a game seven in the nba finals was in 1978 when the washington bullets beat the seattle supersonics. our coverage of game seven between spurs and heat begins tonight at 5:30 right here on nbc 7 followed by "after the game." >> if you can't watch the game, you can follow all of the action on our new abc 7 smartphone app. you can watch our newscast and breaking news live and staying on top of latest weather, traffic and sports. go to for details. if you have the current news app, you'll need to download this new one. the old one will be going away very soon. >> if you check our weather on the app it will tell you the same thing that leyla is telling you about wendy conditions today. >> not as well as leyla. >> we'll have a small craft advisory for much of the day starting at noon through this evening. expected speeds of 25 knots. that is pretty high. it's about 30 miles per hour.
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this is all due to the trough of low pressure moving out of our system replaced by a ridge of high pressure. that's bringing warmer conditions and warmer temperatures and for today it is going to be the last day of spring. a little bit warmer and breezy. summer begins tomorrow. it's actually 10:04 tonight. our highs for today, we'll be at about 80 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy. sunshine will dominate. 75 degrees in san jose. as we continue along the peninsula, 74 degrees in cupertino. 77 in santa cruz along the coast. in half moon bay or pacifica, you'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s. 70 degrees in san mateo. san francisco, 66. nice and comfortable and sunshine. 79 degrees inland in napa. it will be pretty much lower 70s for the east bay as we move into the inland valleys.
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that's where we'll see the highest temperatures. 84 degrees in brentwood and fairfield and pretty warm there in pittsburg. we do have a game tonight that will be the giants versus the miami marlins. it's going to be breezy as well. make sure you pack the sunscreen because we have high u.v. index. lows tonight in low to mid 50s pretty much the entire bay area. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. it will cool down on sunday with a possibility of some drizzle. let's see what's happening on our roads. we do have construction and we don't really have any crashes. we did have an earlier accident but that's now gone. what we do have is northbound 880 right at 237 looks like it's causing quite a bit of slowing out there. construction and that is a pretty busy area for us for construction projects.
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southbound 101 waldo tunnel to golden gate bridge, this project wrapping up at 5:00 a.m. blocking one lane. not a buildup of traffic out of salsalito. kristen? >> thank you. police say three suspects are in custody in a string of burglaries on the peninsula and in the south bay. police arrested two men and a woman after a traffic stop in mountain view when an officer noticed suspicious property in the car. turns out the items were reported stolen in four burglaries all on the same day in brentwood city, palo alto. two men charged in upstate new york who were allegedly scheming to create an x-ray radiation emitting device to kill people they targeted.
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they are accused of building a workable death ray. the plan allegedly called for using an industrial grade x-ray machine stored in a truck. it would shoot concentrated doses of radiation on unsuspected targets who would die within weeks. the afghan taliban say they are ready to hand over a u.s. soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for operatives being held in the guantanamo bay. there are reports this morning that those talks won't happen today. the taliban spokesman says army sergeant is in good condition. he disappeared in eastern afghanistan back in june 2009. it's 4:49. it may not be much to look at but this rodent could be a medical wonder. next, how it could be the key to curing a deadly disease. a new watch with one
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the daughter of former new york yankees manager joe torre is called a hero after she caught a baby. she was bicycling past when she saw the baby hanging from a storefront awning. the boy suddenly fell but torre was there to catch him. the baby had a few cuts but should be fine. the parents were arrested for child neglect. two main characters from george lucas' most popular movies will be unveiled. bronze statues will be permanent fixtures in the city's new downtown imagination park. george lucas donated the land for the park and demolished a building to make room for it. the community foundation has
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raised almost half of the $300,000 it needs to cover the cost of creating and maintaining the park. good news for fans of the legendary scope train. it will soon be rolling again. a large section of the railroad has shut down since april when a tunnel collapsed. the train's owner didn't have the $300,000 to make the needed repairs until this week. san francisco's save the redwood league agreed to provide the money in exchange for an option to purchase land to protect redwoods along the railroad's 40-mile long right of way. the owner of the 128-year-old railway say trains could be running again by mid july. 4:55. this morning we're checking out some winds with leyla gulen in for mike nicco. you may want to reconsider going on the bay or ocean today. >> everyone is going to want to get on sailboats but be careful because with brisk winds it's going to be about 25 knots so
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you're looking at about 30-mile-per-hour winds and by comparison tropical storm barry is off the court of vera cruz, mexico, packing winds of 45 miles an hour so around 40 knots. be careful when you head out there. could be dangerous. we are going to look at warmer conditions today with the first day of summer. san francisco, a difference of one degree warmer. three degree difference in concord. year upticking conservatively. here's a look at highs today. 104 degrees in palm springs. let's look at what's happening in traffic. construction is going to be slowing things down just a little bit. i saw some cones being picked up from the golden gate bridge in the northbound direction. that's clearing. we do have this also in marin county southbound 101. the off-ramp there. we do have one fender-bender. we'll keep our eye on that. out here north and southbound 880 at stevens creek this construction project should wrap
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up at about 6:00 a.m. let's go out to golden gate bridge and we can show you what we're talking about. it's going to be a clear drive. the drive over toward the bridge in the northbound direction picking up cones as we speak. >> thanks a lot. the naked mole rat could hold clues to fighting cancer. they live 30 years or longer and are resistant to cancer. scientists have identified a chemical that prevents the animals from getting the disease. it exists between cells and tissue. the amount of the substance in the mole rat is five times greater than in humans. scientists hope the discovery could lead to new cancer treatments. walmart is making a run at amazon by creating a new system for online shopping. the retailing giant is building new warehouses especially for web orders but it will also use in-store employees to pack and mail some items to customers. the company believes it can get merchandise to people faster and
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cheaper by combining shipping from the warehouses with its 4,000 stores. walmart is trying to rebound after falling far behind amazon in internet sales. chipotle mexican grill has come clean about using genetically modified organisms in its food. it markets itself as healthy and fresh is now listing all menu items that include gmos on its website. it's the first u.s. chain to disclose that information. ingredients containing gmos include tortillas and rice and all varieties of meat except pork. chipotle aims to phase out gmos from its menu. two kitchens that serve thousands of bay area employees have been recognized as among the healthiest in the country. the u.s. helpful food council certified clorox and google in san francisco as using vegetables and whole grains in most meals and serve smaller portion sizes from local food
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sources. the company kitchens are among four total nationwide to be recognized. a specialized new digital watch does more than just tell time. it tells when you've had too much to drink. a company in japan released an intoxicated watch this week. it features a unique digital display. the about big feature is the breathalyzer. unscrew the side and breathe in for five seconds and it will display your blood alcohol left a and has a game to test your sobriety. he rose to fame playing a new jersey mob boss. reaction pouring in from capitol hill to hollywood with shocking death of larger than life star james gandolfini. lawmakers are getting a raise. why one group says they really deserve it. the oakland
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good morning on this thursday at 5:00. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. summer is just hours away. let's check in with leyla gulen for the forecast. >> can you test it? i can. it's tomorrow. first full day of summer that is. it will begin today at 10:04. we'll see clear conditions. waking up to clear skies this morning as we look at live doppler 7 hd satellite. no fog really. just maybe a couple patches that are grazing the coastline but no cloud cover. what we do have is a high wind advisory craft advisory for later on this afternoon. starting at noon through this


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