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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> leigh: actually, very, very active this morning, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. you can see on live doppler 7hd ruth now that most of the activity has start ud to push on towards the east. we'll take you closer in the north bay. a little bit of activity just to the north and east of novato. what you -- the radar is not picking up is the heavy mist and drizzle, and you've will encounter it, southern marin, sausolito, over the golden gate bridge, the water droplets are too tiny that the live doppler 7hd unable to pick it up. we're picking up in the higher terrain, livermore, tracy, some returns there, and not much going on as we head down towards south of san jose. die want to take you back -- i do want to take you back to 10:00 this morning. you can see moderate rain moved into the north bay, and since then it has pushed on towards the east. the massive area of clouds is another system that will move in
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here to bring us more rain, and we'll took at the timing in a bit. >> ama: now let's head to sergio quintana who is live at s.f.o. where there are delays because of the weather. reporter: officials here at s.f.o. have been dealing with a ground delay throughout the day and because they expect the weather to continue, they expect those delays to continue through at least 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. inside the terminal, the departures and arrivals board are let up with cancellations and die -- delays. the airport duty manager tells me they're running on a 60 to 90 minute delay, mostly for short-haul flights up and down the coast, as well as flights to destinations like seattle and las vegas, and the cancellations are stacking up. 36 flights leaving out of s.f.o. have been strucked. and 37 flights destined for s.f.o. have been cancelled.
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passengers keeping an eye on flight update. >> did you look at the board? >> just now. >> right at 7:30 in the morning, and i was thinking she could have driven. she would have been here already. >> across the bay in oakland, the rain and drizzle made for a wet drive, and pedestrians had to pull out their umbrellas, but there has been no report of any major accidents because of the weather, and here at s.f.o., because of the continuing low cloud cover and occasional rain can they expect, as i mentioned, these delays to continue, so officials are advising passengers expecting to fly ought to keep in close contact with their airlines for their flight statuses. reporting live, i'm sergio quintana. >> ama: the woman who died in the mini van that languaged into san francisco bay has been five. 60-year-old debra crenshaw's body was recovered from the
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document van yesterday morning. a special salvage team was called in to help pulling the van out of the water. the san francisco woman was inside the vehicle when it went off an embankment and somewhat the water. they're trying to figure out why the van drove into the bay. >> a brazen home invasion robbery has shaken up an east bay neighborhood. the latest in a rash of home burglaries in this area. john alston has the story. >> it's an unsettled weekend on forest hill avenue in oakland, where neighbors are learning of a home invasion robbery on friday night. two men used a crowbar to break through the front door while a woman and her grandson were asleep inside. >> came back into the bedroom and asked me where the money and jewelry was. i of course told them. and they cleared out whatever they could out of my belongings, took jewelry off ol' me. >> the police are checking
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surveillance video at a nearby gas station where the woman's credit card was used 20 minutes later. neighbors say break yins are picking up lately, and while we were here, police answered a call at an unoccupied home and the door had been forced open. >> it's been more intense. lots of cars broken into, stolen, houses broken into in a violent action. >> we're starting in two weeks, we have our own private patrol. this is jean quan's own neighborhood, and yet we need to hire our own private patrol that starts in two week jiewrkz neighbors will pay between 500 and $800 a year to have a private company do what the city of oakland can't. >> the waiting is almost over. as early as tomorrow the supreme court could announce the outcomes on proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act.
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lillian kim is live with a preview. reporter: people on both sides of the same-sex major issue will be at their commuters first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. our time, those for and against will be looking online to fine out if the supreme court will be announcing its decision on california's proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. there are maybe different potential outcomes. the justices could uphold prop 8 or strike it down on constitutional merits. a broad ruling could apply across the country, narrow one to california only. so a decision could come as early as tomorrow, and if it do, 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. is probably when both sides will know the implications of the ruling. >> there could be multiple opinions, we could have a split decision with three justice saying one thing and three justices saying another and three saying something else. it could get complicated. and it may not be complicated. so it has hart to predict. >> we have been surprised the number of decisions people thought were going to go one way and they went another way.
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so i think everybody has just been conditioned for the court to wait and see what happens. >> in addition to prop 8, the supreme court is also expected to announce its decision on the defense of marriage act, which prevents married same-sex couples from receiving a number of federal benefits. live in danville, abc7 news. >> ama: new at 6:00, two women riding their horses on a marin county trail were seriously hurt when they were thrown from their horses. this is video of the rescue. the women were thrown when the horses they were on were spooked by two young mountain bikers who raced down the trail. the women had to be airlifted out of the area. a horse was also injured. the two bikers, believed to be in their teens, are still being sought. >> still to come at 6:00, a bad reception for nancy pelosi in the bay area. what she said about nsa whistle-blower edward snowden that got her booed. plus, a dramatic accident. what happened that caused the
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van to plow into a restaurant. more wet weather moving into the bay area. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. the full forecast coming up i
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>> ama: developing news. former south african president nelson mandela's condition is deteriorated. he has been downgrade from
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serious to critical condition. >> admitted secrets liker edward snowden is in moscow tonight waiting for a plane to take him to cuba and then possibly ecuador. he has asked for political asylum in ecuador. a process that will begin when he land there. snowden admits he leaked documents describing the national security agency's surveillance practices. so far u.s. politicians and military officials have condemned snowden and his actions. senator dianne feinstein talk about snowden this morning. >> i don't think this man is a whistle-blower. whatever his motives are, he could have stayed and faced the music. i don't think running is a noble thought. i don't think there's anything noble. he has taken an oath, and these oaths mean something. if you can't keep the oath, get out. and then do something about it in a legal way.
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>> many people don't agree with the government's position. representative nancy pelosi, seen here friday, was booed in san jose yesterday. she defendedded the surveil perhaps program before a gathering of progressive activist at networks nation. >> amazing video shows an unwanted guest ruining dinner at a restaurant in australia. a group of people were finishing up when, bam, a van drove through the window in the front. the driver had been eating just a few tables away minutes before. while driving away, he lost control. hopped the curb, crashed into the restaurant. he was arrested for drunk driving. just ahead, the war of words of the world's ugliest dog. and can a little butter and coffee help improve your hasn't? >> the first weekend of summer and the rain is back as we take a live look at the bay bridge. leigh glaser has a look at what you can expect.
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>> mike: the a's get hammered in seattle with home runs, and the giants lose three out of four to the marlins? really?
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>> ama: an event to help the homeless through soccer was held in san francisco then first u.s.a. west coast cup. teams competed with one made up of homeless people. organizers believe soccer can provide the homeless life skills such as showing up on item and getting along with others. >> give people a fresh look the homeless and see them in a uniform, running, sweating. soccer challenges your stereotypes. >> ama: all proceed goes to help the homeless get jobs, housing, and more education. >> watching tv apparently won't wet your brain. researcherred found kid's watch three or mother hours of tv daily were more advanced than those who watched less than an hour a day. the study fount parenting skills were more important than social
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background in determining how well children do in school. now to a bizarre new health craze, butter in coffee. the idea comes from a coffeemaker who says butter is better than cream, and it claims it can boost energy. the trend is gaining steam. especially among people who follow the paleo diet. experts say this will only promote weight gain. >> speaking of weight gain. the new hostess company is making a comeback and it's expected to be a sweet one. twinkies and other snack cakes are expected to be back on store shelves july 15th. >> there's a revolt online over the winner of the world's ugliest dog cop test. a beagle boxer bassett hound mix won the title friday. judges said wally looked like he had been photo shopped together from miscellaneous animals. many on social media loudly disagreed, saying he's usually cute, specially his long tongue
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and ducklike waddle. they'll be on jimmy kimmel live next wednesday. >> let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: a lot of folks in the north bay saw the showers today. the rest of the bay area actually enjoyed a little sunshine, and live doppler 7hd right now showing you that most of the rain activity that we're actually able to pick up right now has moved on towards the east. we have quite a bit of heavy mist and drizzle near the coast, the fog -- golden gate bridge, tracy, and these are more higher elevation returns, some just little light showers there, as well as near san jose. it's evaporating before it reaches the ground. some part 0 of the bay area did get wet today. you probably noticed how much colder it was today.
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down 19 degrees from this time yesterday in santa rosa. novato, down 13. down 13 in livermore, down one degree at toe sfo, and eight degrees in mountain view. i want to take you towards san jose because they saw some sunshine there today. san francisco right now, 62. san jose, checking in at 70 right now. santa cruz, 68. with the mist and drizzle and wet pavement has been and reduced visibility because of the fog over southern marin county and the golden gate bridge. that's where the mess has been today. this is our mt. tam cam and you can see the wind is blowing. we have mist and drizzle there, and our forecast, highlights, will include showers, it slight chance of more showers in the north bay. we'll look for morning showers tomorrow, and then we'll get into a nice break tomorrow
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afternoon, and then rain likely north monday night and tuesday. you can see the animation. that first system has moved through. these are the few scattered showers for tomorrow, and then tomorrow night, monday night and tuesday, the next system that brings the bay area likelihood of some rain. the heaviest should be in the north bay. so look for a few scattered showers mainly north tomorrow, and then there's the rain likely mainly north, monday night and tuesday. and show you the timing. this is 4:00 a.m. monday. tonight, just see a few scattered showers. you can see how the activity picks up. 6:00 a.m. commute time tomorrow morning, that's where the rain will be mainly in the north bay. then after that we get into a nice break. 5:00 commute time should be dry. and then monday night, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, that's when that next system moves in. 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, when the bulk of the system moves and when most of the bay area will
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see the wet weather. we can see the higher terrain in the north bay. one or two inches. the higher terrain. most locations probably half an inch or less are amounts. here's a look at the highs for monday. we'll 2k3w06 0s, mid-to-upper 60s across most locations. low 70s towards the east bay, and the seven-day forecast, monday night and tuesday, the best chances of the bay area getting wet, and then we'll start to warm things up and dry things out. back into the 90s thursday and friday. it will feel like summer again. >> ama: a couple more days of dreary. >> ama: rain or shine, they're running at nascar. >> mike: that's right. the toyota save mart 350 at sonoma raceway in a light rain. it paulie rear ends alex kennedy before the race started.
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he finished 39th. dandanicka patrick, first womano run in a sprint cup here. 28 laps left in the race. carl edwards takes out kyle busch. he goes flying. finished 35th. on the restart. martin truex, jr. takes the lead with 25 laps and remaining and never looked back. takes the checkered flag, snapping a 218 race winless streak. second career win. jeff gordon finished second. before the race started i was not 100% confident we would be able to do what we did. of course, i guess when you don't win, you're never 100% confident you can win, but today was certainly not the day i thought we had the car to beat, and we did. >> mike: can it get any worse for the giants in between injuries, spupt bull pen, lack of power at the plate and losing three of four at home to the worst team in baseball, the
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marlins. real in? world champions'll giveaway. first batter, second pitch for matt cain. not what he wanted. great catch by the fan. broken don belt can field this. error on belt. run scores, 3 or miami. one positive was hunter pence. seventh inning. see ya. team, leading 12th of the year. a 3-2-ball game but a four-run ninth seals. for me marlins. bullpen let them down again. marlins take three out of four with the 7-2 victory. giants hit the road for a ten-game trip starting in l.a. tomorrow. >> a's in seattle. this kid dances when the m's hit a home run. raul ibanez, two-one shot in the first. then in the fourth, solo shot
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from ibanez, three home runs in the last 14 hours. he's 41, people. a's score two in the six. still trailing by one in the eighth. not anymore. brandon moss, 14th. tie game. 10th inning, kendrys morales, pinch-hitting, a three-one shot. all mariners runs on homers. seattle takes 2-3, a's were 2-5 on the road trip. 6-3 the final. >> we had yet another first-time win oregon the pga tour and one of the oldest. as ken duke wins the travelers championship in sudden death. a lot can happen and in the final round and today was proof. ken duke, looks like trouble. but ball falls five feet from the hole. he has he lead in the clubhouse at 12-under. 31-year-old which i chris stroud. the chip. are you kidding me? we go to sudden death where age
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and experience has to have something to do with it. southbound playoff -- second playoff hole, duke with a fantastic approach. within two feet of the hole. taps in for birdie, ken duke, the oldest first-time winner since 1995, at 44 years old. >> the serena williams, maria sharapova feud came to an en,. least week serena made comments at sharapova's article in rolling stone. sharapova lashed out, keep it on the court, and today serena says said they cleared the air. >> i talked to her at the player party and i said i want to personally apologize to you and take this moment to just be open and say, i am very sorry for this whole situation. >> mike: another reason to watch women don. -- wimbledon. >> ama: it is superman vs. zombies vs.
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>> ama: join my tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. why tens of thousands of squeeze hundreds of colonies suddenly dropped dead in oregon this week. then at 11:00, the lane changes in the bay area that could
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affect your morning commute, at 9:00 and 11:00. forget zombies, monsters are take over at the box office. monsters university is the number one movie at the box office this weekend, earning $82 million. monsters university was made by disney pixar here in the bay area. disney is the parent company of abc7. man of steel dropped to third, followed by, this is the end, and now you see it is still making magic in fifth place. >> that's it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook, and all your
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>> right now, major in laughs at "monsters university!" >> it's a phenomenal movie. it's very funny. >> brad pitt shuts down times square! >> we're not doing this small, none of the small stuff, we're going big this summer. >> a killer ending for "dexter". >> i'd like to believe that i can't quite imagine what's next. >> plus, cracking cases with the stars of "perception!" >> i did my research, but you still don't want me operating on your brain. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> hi, im eric mccormack and you are watching on the red carpet. >> hello, welcome to on the red carpet from the set of tnt's "perception". i'm rachel smith. we'll get you to the red carpet in a moment, but first the big story in hollywood. this show is about to kick off its second season. we're going to take a look around and talk to the stars. but first let's get you to this week's blue carpet premiere of "monsters university" with


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