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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 24, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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bay to oakland. lots of rain around the bay area and more is on the way. good evening. i'm ama dates. teaking a live look outside -- taking a live look outside right from -- right now you can see there are clouds out there, but it is dark right now so you can't really tell. and at the golden gate bridge, mist and foggy. let's head to meteorologist leigh glaser for our first check on weather on live doppler 7hd.t to tell >> and i want to tell you that it is the low fog and the low ground visibility there that is going to cause all kinds of problems. especially for early morning commuters. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. a lot of mist and a lot of drizzle near san francisco, the golden gate bridge and
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southern marin and the droplets are too small and not being picked up by the radar. most locations are rain-free as we head up a little toward the north coast. you can see another ban is already redeveloping, and that will be here just in time for the early morning commute hours. we will take a look at the satellite-radar composite. you can see mainly dry conditions across the bay area with of course the exception of the mist and drizzle out there. but clearly that plume of clouds , that is going to be our next rain maker. we will pinpoint that and time it for you looks like the tuesday morning commute could be pretty messy. >> leigh, thank you. now to sergio who is live at sfo where the weather is affecting travelers. sergio? >>fternoon this afternoon there had already been about 70 flights canceled into and out of sfo. but tonight it got even worse. they are now up to nearly 100 flights canceled and of course there are plenty of delayed flights as well.
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some by more than two hours. passengers checking for flight delays and cancellations had bad news. for the burner family they have turned a trip to the airport for an exend tended wait for a loved one coming from australia jie. she arrives at 7:30 in the morning and she could have driven. by the time she got in the car she could have driven here already. >> a ground delay because of low clouds and rain has delayed flights all day. it us cayed the cancellation of dozens morement but it is not just air traffic being affected by the weather. the california highway patrol issued a fog advisory heading to pacifica. the visibility was down to a few yards at certain points of the drive. in san jose, a light rain was enough to dampen city streets. in oakland, a combination of rain and drizzle prompted pedestrians to pull out the umbrellas. the first wave of summer wet weather seems to be affecting travelers the most.
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after four hours of delays, malika rose finally arrived with her mother and aunt. but others on her plane had to make last-minute arrangements on their smart phones for connecting flights. this weather system means flights to places like seattle and all along the pacific coast will be most affected. for the burners, three generations of women are united at least, and they will be traveling up to oregon next. but they have opted to drive rather than fly. san francisco international airport will continue with the ground delay program until about 1:00 this morning. and then of course they are going to start to push out some of the flights and assess the situation. the weather here however is not the only problem. there are also storms over chicago and denver that have snarled up air traffic across the country. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. and do stay with abc7 news.
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we will have weather updates on our website, and on the abc7 morning news at 4:30. something else that could affect your morning commute tomorrow, new carpool lanes on 880 in san jose will officially open in a few hours. the north and southbound lanes between 237 in mill pea disand the 101 will have a new carpool lane. they will be operational between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. monday through friday. we have breaking news from the central coast. a massive power outage is affecting 145,000 customers. the affected area includes parts of santa santa barbara and san luis obispo. it happened an hour and a half ago. crews are on scene and restoration is under way. stay with abc7 news on twitter and facebook and tune into abc7 morning news at 4:30 for the latest. new at 11:00, authorities in the north bay are looking for four men who tried to kidnap a 15 yierld girl. -year-old girl. it happened near the taco bell
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near verano avenue. a green lexus pulled up next to her and four men got out and called her cute and asked her to get in the car. one of the men grabbed her arm, but she pulled out of the grasp and ran back home. the u.s. supreme court could decide two landmark same sex cases tomorrow. one is the defense of marriagere same-sex marriage ban. lilian kim joins us live from san francisco city hall with a closer look at prop 8. lilian? >> ama, coincidentally, the supreme court decision will be announced the same week pride begins here in san francisco. as you can imagine, there is a lot of anticipation over the prop 8 decision especially from same sex couples planning to get married. >> ♪ hear the rush of the ocean ♪ >> reporter: they have been engaged for two months, but they haven't yet made any wedding plans. they are waiting for the u.s.
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supreme court ruling on prop 8. >> our friends are here. our connections are here. we want to get married here, but we can't do that if it is not legal. >> reporter: that could all change this week. the high court will announce its decision as early as monday on the california voter approved same-sex marriage ban. there are several potential outcomes. they could uphold prop 8 or strike it down. a broad ruling could apply across the country and a narrow one to california only. tom lori is a spokesperson for catholics for the common good that opposes same-sex marriage. >> we have been surprised on a number of decisions people thought would go one way and they went another way. i think everybody has been conditioned for this court to see what happens. >> employees at san francisco's city attorney's office will be glued to their computers at 7:00 a.m. to see if the decision will come down on monday. the ruling will be the culmination of a 10-year legal battle. >> i am optimistic, but frankly if we lose i am optimistic that the california voters are ready to go back to the ballot and is have it
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happen one way or another jie. they are eager for a supreme court ruling in their favor. >> it would be full steam ahead. we will be able to decide exactly where in the bay area we would love to get married. >> a wedding wish that could come true in a matter of hours. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for live coverage of the supreme court decision on air and on-line. we will bring you the decisions when they happen on twitter, facebook and the new abc7 news app and here on abc7. a brazen home robbery has shaken up an east bay neighborhood. in the past few months home invasion robberies have spiked in the upper diamond and oak moore neighborhood. one home invasion robbery took place overnight. two men smashed through the woman's front door. she did not want to be identified. >> back into the bedroom and asked me where the money and the jewelry was. i of course told them and they cleared out
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whatever else they could. they took the jewelry off of me. >> fed up residents are hiring a security patrol. they don't blame police, but the city for failing to protect them. two men were arrested in connection with an assault on a santa rosa taxi driver. the men were taken into custody near a strip mall near starteden started arguing with the driver and it turned violent when one of the men hit the driver in the face. the suspects jumped out of the cab. the driver was taken to hospital for treatment. >> new at 11:00, marin county officials are looking for two young mountain bikers who caused a serious accident that left two women and a horse badly hurt. video from a sheriff department helicopter team shows how far deputies went to rescue the women. the women were riding their horses on a rural trail near novato when young bikers appeared spooking the horses and throwing the riders off. the women were badly hurt. one of them pleaded with the bikers to stay so they could help them.
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the bikers did not. >> just can't tolerate certain things. all horses can't tolerate certain things. it is really a safety thing. bikers and horses cannot share trails. >> one of the horses suffered a severe gash and required stitches. the county's park districter says they are looking to hold the bicyclist and their parents accountable. the woman who died in the mini-van that plunged into the san francisco bay on friday has been identified. 60-year-old deborah crenshaw's body was recovered from the van. the san francisco woman was inside the vehicle when it went off an embankment at the marina green and into the water. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, new details about nelson mandela's condition. we'll have the latest. and tightrope walker nick wallenda's effort to cross the colorado river gorge. we'll show you how he did. and some changes at starbucks this week. both could help you lose something.
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new at 11:00, high wire artist nick wallenda put his life on the line again attempting to make a 1500 foot crossing over the colorado river gorge in arizona. the tightrope stunt was broadcast live on the discovery channel. it was a nail biter. the 34-year-old had no safety harness and no net, but he made it. wallenda took 22 minutes to successfully edge his way along the two-inch thick cable. wallenda is a seventh generation high wire artist. his great grandfather carl wallenda was killed during a performance in puerto rico. tonight the health of former south african president was down graded to critical. he was admitted t.o. weeks -- admitted two weeks ago for a lung infection. she in south africa and brings the latest. >> late sunday local time the
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president of south africa with the announcement that nelson mandela's condition went from serious to critical. he met with doctors at this hospital and his doctors told him that the condition had declined over the last 24 hours. again nelson mandela in critical condition. he said in a statement that the doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition, mandela's condition to improve and he is well looked after and he isble. comfortable. mandela who was brought to the hospital on june 8th just over two weeks ago his condition had been getting better. mandela is a leader of the former president and a moral leader not just of south africa, but a hero to many around the world. tonight the latest development , an ominous turn in the physical condition of nelson mandela now in critical condition at a hospital. ron claiborne, abc news, south africa. new details tonight, the
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body of 51-year-old james gandolfini arrived to the airport in new jersey. the star will be buried thursday in a public service in manhattan. gandolfini died of a heart attack in italy on wednesday. more fallout after paula deen's admission she used racially insensitive words. qvc could drop her products now from the network. they sell her cook wear, bake wear and cook books. she was dropped from the food network after allegations she used the n-word and made racist jokes. starbucks will post calories on the store menu board. customers will know exactly how many calories are in each drink and pastry. u.s.n the u.s.f the 11,000 the seattle-based coffee giant will also increase prices on some of the products. the cost of some beverages will go up an average of 1%. dismie. the new hostess company is
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making a come back. twinkies and other products are expected to be back on store shelves on july 15th. we have had some rainy weather. leigh glaser is checking doppler 7hd. >> can you believe it? it is not that unusual for us to get rain this late in the season, but boy to think we had so much this morning, especially in the north bay and here it is al mid-june. live doppler 7hd is showing you some of the moisture and there it is. the heaviest rain is moving up north of the golden gate bridge around noontime this morning and since then now as we sweep live, most of the activity has pushed off toward the east and although i do want to take you up toward the north coast because another batch of rain is already developing just to the east of eureka. and folks this is what is going to invade our monday morning commute and make it very, very wet. especially in the north bay. roof cam from kgo is showing
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you a nice shot there. the low clouds all around the bay area and san francisco is 58. 58. 65 in san jose and very muggy and very humid out there. this is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. reduced visibility obviously. the lower level moisture is sitting right on the span. a lot of mist. a lot of drizzle. you will have to contend with that tomorrow morning. and a lot of this low-level moisture is causing some of the flight delays. definitely you will have those tomorrow morning in your bay area airports. napa secretary 1 and we have 64 in livermore. this is our forecast highlights for you. we will look for the mist and the drizzle and maybe a shower or two tonight. the showers are definitely mainly in the north bay for the monday morning commute. you will get a nice break tomorrow afternoon and then more showers are likely on mop day night and early tuesday morning. this is the first system that moved through. this is the gathering of cells
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just off the coast and it is back here. this wave here will bring the heavy showers. once again mainly to the north bay as we head into tuesday morning. some of the activity off the coast will bring us the morning showers tomorrow and then it will be this cold front that swings in right behind it to bring us shower activity. some of the higher elevations can see as much as an inch or an inch and a half. monday morning at 5:00 a.m. commute and santa rosa could see wet weather, but check out 7:00. it looks like most of the bay area will be wet. definitely in the north bay. but we will see partly sunny conditions and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, that's when that secondary wave starts to move in just in time for the tuesday morning commute. it is going to be pockets of moderate rain, especially north of the golden gate bridge by tuesday morning and then it will fizzle out by tuesday night. how much can we expect? well i just told you the
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higher elevations in the north bay, half an inch to maybe well over an inch. the rest of the bay area, the central bay and the south bay, lesser amounts. about a quarter of an inch. in the 60s and maybe squeezing out a few 70s in the east bay. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, get ready for more wet weather. tomorrow morning's commute, we get a break on monday afternoon and then rain on monday night and early tuesday morning. and then after that get ready for lots of 90s and dry weather on friday and saturday. follow us at live doppler 7hd for the latest weather -- the bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecasts and spare the air alert and power outage and weather tweets from yourther te. favorite weather team. mike nico will be here tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 with an update. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. maybe the giants need a change of weather. >> the giants are going through the dog days of august in june. they lost three out of four to the marlins.
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there was one bright spot. hunter pens adds to
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can it get any worse for the giants with several injuries and a suspect bull pen and a lack of power at the plate, errors in the field 1234* well that is a recipe for losing three out of four at home to the worst team in baseball, the marlins. matt cane on the hill and got no help. the first batter of the game and the second pitch. that's not the start he wanted. solo shot and a great catch by the fan by the way. maybe they could use it. 1-0 marlins. brandon belt can't handle the grounder. another run scores. 3-0 miami. one positive is hunter pe nce. see ya. the 12th homerun of the year and they gave up four runs in the 9th. capped off with another homerun and his 12th of
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the year. marlins take three of four and the giants hit the road for a 10-game trip starting in l.a. against the dodgers tomorrow. a's in seattle and the fans were dancing to the tune of homerun. two-run shot and it is 2-0m's. then in the fourth and a solo shot. 3-0 seattle and that's all parker gave up in seven innings. trailing by one in the 8th and no longer. his 14th of the year and a tie game and we go to extras. the 10th inning and morales and pinch hitting and that's out of here. all marris neither runs. 6-3 is your final. nascar is running through the hills of sonoma. we'll let you know who got the checkered flag. and a new victory. it is one for the ages. we'll expl
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nascar is in town for the sonoma race way. they not only handled the rain, but the track with the first road course race. despite the conditions it was a great day foraying. in the first event he reends kennedy before the race even started. how does he feel? the fan favorite, the first woman to drive a cup series race in sonoma. she had tire issues, common on this track. carl edwards who finished third and takes out kyle bush and he goes flying. on the restart and he took the lead with 25 laps remaining and he never looked back. he takes the checkered flag and snapping a 218-race win less streak. it was for his second career victory. >> before the race started i was not 100% confident that we would be able to do what we did.
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when you don't win in 200 some races you are never confident. today was not the day we would have the car to beat. >> a father dreads the day their child beats them in sports. something that happened in new hampshire. his daughter, courtney beat him in the nhra nationals. she went 261 miles per hour beating her dad by half a car length and improves to 4-2 against her father who has won 135 races in his career. this is a story of percent veerns. it is tough to win on pga tour. it happens in your 20s or 30s usually. we had another first time winner on the tour and one of the oldest. 44-year-old ken duke wins the travelers in sudden death. bubba watson had it won and triple bogeyed 16. golf is a game of skill and luck. can here -- here is duke. it falls five feet from the hole. he makes the birdie putt and he is is in the clubhouse at
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11 under. it is a tie. are you kidding me? we go to sudden death. age and experience has to count for something. the second playoff hole and duke with the fan it is a steek approach and -- duke with the fantastic approach and within two feet of the hole and he taps bird for birdie. he is the oldest first time winner since 1995 at 44 years old. boston celtic head coach doc rivers is headed to the clippers as the nba approves the rare trade of an active coach. boston will get a first pick in 2015 and rivers will renegotiate his million dollar deal with the clippers. doc does not want to hang around for the dismantling and rebuilding of the celtics. it is brought to you by river rock casino. a form of golf anyone can play. stick around. >> thank you, shu. we have a new abc7 smart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic. watch it to watch our newscast
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when you are on the go. the app is easy to download. go to for all of the details. remember, if you have our current app you will need to download the new one. the old one will be going away soon. still to come, fires continue to burn out of control in colorado. why it could take days to get containment. and using your own cells to treat your pain. why some doctors are not sure it is worth it. and a dramatic crash caught on camera. what caused this van to plow through a restaurant. stay here. we will be right back.
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good evening. i'm ama dates in tonight's headlines you can expect a wet commute tomorrow. a late season storm is
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expected to cause -- to drop rain the next two days. a 10-year legal battle will come to an end. the supreme court will announce its decision as early as tomorrow if prop 8 and the federal defense of marriage act are constitutional. more than 30 states ban gay marriage. a home invasion robbery in oakland has lead some to take extra precautions. on friday a grandmother was threatened and robbed of her jewelry she was wearing by two men who broke into her home. some have hired a private security force for protection. and recapping our breaking news, as many as 145,000 customers are without power on the central coast. parts of santa barbara and san luis obispo counties are affected. crews are on the scene. heavy rains and high winds are creating disasterous conditions across several states. a major storm system soaked minnesota and south to nebraska. the summer storm has toppled trees and caused flooding in
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some areas. flash flooding in southwest wisconsin ruined 600 homes and businesses. there were 177 severe weather reports in the past 24 hours. in colorado the massive wildfire burning in the southern part of the state keeps growing. it has now burned 108 square miles, up from a hundred yesterday. windy conditions are making the fight extremely difficult. the fire is burning in a remote, dry part of the state. the first break in the winds won't come until tuesday. the fire officials say several resort towns in the fire's path are doomed. edward snowden is a man without a country tonight. the nsa whistle-blower's passport has been revoked and he is being holed up. he is expected to head to ecuador. standing by his side is the anti-secrecy group, wikileaks. >> edward snowden sliped out of hong kong on sunday landing in russia, apparently the
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first leg of a journey that will take him hopscotching across the globe. first to cuba and then to ecuador seeking political uh asylum. traveling with i'm h, four laptops of the country's most sensitive secrets. he described the material to the guardian newspaper. >> i had access to the full rosters of everybody at the nsa, the entire intelligence community and under cover assets around the world. >> the 29-year-old was hiding out in hong kong which rebuffed u.s. attempts for extradition claiming the formal arrest request and criminal charges were badly flawed. releasing a statement saying there was no legal basis to restrict mr. snowden from leaving hong kong. and now this opened the door for snowden's departure. >> hong kong should have made every effort to return him to the united states. >> in an abc exclusive, alexzander toward steph knop police -- >> what snowden has revealed has caused irreversible and
2:38 am
significant damage to our country and our allies. this is an individual who is not acting in my opinion with noble intent. >> the united states has pushed back, warning any country snowden may pass through that he is a wanted criminal and only be permitted to travel back to the u.s. the lickly hood that -- likelihood that wiew bough and other countries unfendly with the -- unfriendly with the u.s. would stop him is doubtful. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. the george zimmerman trial opens up tomorrow. he fatally shot trayvon martin. the six female jurors will be sequestered for the duration. they won't have access to tv coverage of the case and newspapers will be sensorred of anything relating to it, and they won't have access to their cell phones or the internet. amazing video shows a guest ruining dinner in australia. a group of people were finishing up when a van drove
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through the plate glass window. only three people had minor injuries. the driver was eating a few tables away minutes before. while driving away he lost control and hoped the curb and crashed into the restaurant. he was arrested for drunk driving. a promising medical procedure uses your own stem cell to relief pains caused by injuries. fluid is taken from the bone marrow of a patient's pill advice. it is spun to separate the blood from the stem cells which are injected into the point where the pain exists. >> the stem cells or cellular therapy as we call it is a strong anti-inflammatory. >> within two days i was stronger than i had been in a dozen years. >> that man has a torn rotator cuff. doctors are using it on ripped knee ligaments. the food and drug administration has yet to say okay. some stem cells develop into tumors, and that is definitely
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ing in nobody wants. >> watching tv will not rot your brain. kids who watch three or more hours of tv daily were more advanced than those who watched less than that. and parenting skills were more important than social background in determining how well children do in school. it appears journal of sociology. hate expensive ticket? one ticket is a real record breaker. michael finney took on the toll takers. and a big anna verse refor ready -- and a big anniversary for readers. >> hi, everyone. i am leigh glaser. get ready for a monday morning commute. we will check out live doppler
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they first published poetry by some of the world's best writers and they celebrated their business. the legendary independent bookstore was founded in 1953. since then it withstood the digital revolution and one of the booksellers opens in the bay area. a traffic ticket can come with a big fine. one customer
2:44 am
o pay one that sets a record. 7 on your side's michael finney has this story. >> we have determined you are responsible for the violation. >> lori from oakland gets these fast track violation notices. >> i respond by writing a little note saying we are a fast track customer. >> it is because her fast track device often doesn't work. she always appeals and fast track can sells the fine. this time, however, she received a bizarre demand from fast track. >> i thought am i on candid camera? is somebody playing a joke on me? >> as usual fast track agreed to forget the ben tee if she -- penalty if she paid the poll. paid the toll. i -- but the toll was staggering . >> i thought this is a $130 billion fast track violation. >> sure enough, here is the bill. the amount due is $130 billion 459 m 467,0110.
2:45 am
lori nearly flipped. >> and then i thought, this is any nor mulls, ridiculous -- an enormous and ridiculous error. >> she had 15 days to come up with the money and she could put it on her credit card. >> we accept visa, ammex, discover and mastercard. >> it was so crazy she decided to post-it on facebook. her friends had fun with comments. >> some of the funniest ones were those who took the time to calculate how you would incur this kind of a toll. >> one friend said she would have to cross the bridge four times per hour for 744,000 years. another said it would take five million 17,000 toll crossings per week for a week. another said you have ichs ifed the budget crisis. >> i called fast track and said i got a bill for $130 billion. and they were totally unphased. >> fast track says to ignore
2:46 am
the bill, but she is concerned. what if there are other mistakes. >> one of my facebook friends said to call 7 on your side. >> she did contact us and she found a clue to explain the big bill. >> right up here where it tees tev number. >> she shows the violation i'm. 130, 459, 467. it is the same digits as the amount due. the big dollar figure was really the violation number typed in the wrong place. we told fast track about this. a spokesperson traced the problem and telling us that the incorrect huge amount was due to a customer service representative's copy and paste error. not to worry. she didn't have to pay $130 billion. >> it was good for a laugh that day and a number of laughs afterward jie. as for the repeated violation notices, fast track says one of the family's cars was not listed on their fast track account until last month, so fast track didn't recognize the license plate. let's get to leigh
2:47 am
glaser. for those driving to work in the morning, it will be wet on the roadways. >> you are exactly right. especially from the golden gate bridge northward. that's where it looks like the next wave will move in. it is not picking up any returns. we still have heavy mist and drizzle near the golden gate bridge and southern marin county. but this is the next wave and it will slowly sag south and arrive just in time for that 55:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. commute. most will stay north of the golden gate bridge. once it moves through we will get a nice breakthroughout the day on monday. if you are traveling in boston, new york, down to dc, in the 90s. hot, sticky, humid there. 105 for phoenix and around our state, we will look for that next wave to move in across the bay area tomorrow morning and southern california some clouds there and los angeles 74 degrees. it will be 97 and lots of
2:48 am
sunshine for palm springs. tahoe will see some rain as well and 56 degrees. folks, here is a look at our monday forecast. morning showers and then we get a break and then the last wave moves in on monday night and early tuesday with more showers, mainly in the north bay. and then we return to dry conditions and the temperatures in the 90s. that is for friday and saturday. follow it at live doppler 7hd for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and spare the air alerts and the power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. and lisa argen will be here by the way tomorrow morning with an update. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. >> shu brings us home with sports and for those of us who can't golf. >> there is another version. there is another version of the sport that anyone can master. it is cheaper and less frustrating and it is easy to
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there are more than 160 disc golf courses. it took off in the last decade. you may know it better as frisbie golf, or may not know it at all. it is fun and cheap and so i
2:52 am
decided to check it out. >> when you get your first look at this sport, you might not immediately think golf. instead of clubs and a ball you play with a bag of plastic disks. think of them as frisbies on steroids. >> these can go a lot farther. people have been able to go out and throw these things 600, 700 feet, the longest distance like around 800 feet. >> the shape and weight changes it when it flies. where ball golf has holes this has metal baskets on poles. in both games you usually start with a long drive and finish with a short putt. a lot of golf courses are wide open spaces, mostly flat, but this one is rugged. >> it is lots of fun, but it is extreme disc ball. the wind and climbing the hill and every time you have a bad shot you have to go down the hill and climb back up the hill. it is not for the meek. >> the course goes in and out
2:53 am
of the woods with the tree branches blocking your view and your disk. no sand traps here, but there are other obstacles. this is not a country club sport, but it has a growing number of fans. >> i love it. it gets me outside. it gets me into the outdoors. i see more wildlife in this sport than just hiking. >> a lot of disk golf courses are like this one or free or low cost. i am out here with john, a professional disk golfer ranked 12th in california. >> frisbie was my minor in college by the way. >> so far john is not impressed, but willing to give me pointers. >> you want a really hard grip. >> john is aiming for a basket way at the top of the hill. >> use your whole body. hips, legs, shoulder, arm and get the timing right and eventually you can get it to go really far. >> wow. >> suffice to say, my shots did not go that far. but i did finally get near a
2:54 am
basket. >> you had a head wind putt there, shu. >> trash talking in the game. i like it even more. here we go. okay. now we have a downhill shot. the basket is to the left of the big tree and what you can't quite see here is my disk going to the right. >> that wasn't a good strategy. >> sometimes the hardest part is finding the disk. john's was just under the tree. watch this perfect throw to the base of the basket. my disk was a little farther away. >> i found it. it was a little too much club. >> i am not quite ready for the ring of fire either. that's what happens at the end of the track. the professional disk golf association estimates 1200 people -- 12 million people have tried and and half are regular players. it is tougher than it looks and it is cheap and a great
2:55 am
sport to play with friends. go to disk to find a course near you. all right. the gi ag and so much should they lost three of four to the worst team of baseball, the miami marlins. the first batter of the game and second pitch and the solo shot. he had two home runs and cane allowed three runs in six innings. falling to five and four. giants hit the road for a 10-game road trip. starting against the dodgers in l.a. tomorrow. the a's meanwhile facing the mariners and boy they are struggling. 41-year-old ibanez had a big three-run homer. two today and both off parker. the sen sp inning ssh -- the 10th inning and all were off home runs. seattle takes two of three. 6-3 is your final. to the is you -- to the sonoma race way.
2:56 am
carl edwards takes out carl bush and he goes flying. bush finished 35th. he takes the lead with 25 lapse remaining and he never looked back. taking the checkered flag and snapping a 218 win less streak. the second career win. jeff gordon finished second. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. wimbledon gets underway tomorrow and we will have the highlights at 6:00 tomorrow. thursday golf is a lot of fun. >> it looks like fun. >> get a walk and a talk and exercise and fun for the whole family. >> did you feel you improved as you went along? >> no. >> he improved because he got closer to the basket. >> closer to the basket and once i found my disk it was fun. >> thank you so much. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. for leigh glaser and mike shumann thank you for joining us. abc news continues on-line and on twitter and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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have a great night, everyone. now a live look over the golden gate which is nice and foggy.
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