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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 27, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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father died, and says he has sleep troubles himself. but his sister, paris, took it the hardest. and things look a little more equitable, in the world of names. forbes listed the top celebrities, listing the personal wealth and media rankings. women have the top slots, with oprah on top. despite an 80 million drop in earnings, beyonce and lady gaga are on top, with steven spielburg was on the list. and eight players, including number two ranked victoria
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azarenka, withdrew, demanding they look into the court. and others described the surface described as greasy and slick. just don't use those words to the uptights in all white that run the club. in fact, they made federer retire his nikes because the black-orange soles crash. >> can women wear their designer shoes? i wonder. thank you for joining us.
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this is the castro tonight. a sea of people celebrating, music blaring and a rainbow flag flying high. >> martin luther king just like gandhi, it is a part of history. >> the u.s. supreme court clearing the way for same-sex marriages to resume. >> it is ground breaking. it will change our lives forever. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson.
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the high court ruled on two same-sex marriage cases. sergio is in the newsroom and leslie brinkley is at san francisco city hall. >> we begin with john alston where the celebrations are still going on tonight. john? >> still a lot of excitement and activity. the sidewalks here are full of people. they finally had the chance to reopen castro street that is jam packed with people and still a large police presence and still no problems. a lot of activity earlier tonight here. >> dancing and bubbles broke out on castro street as thousands of people savored the supreme court ruling. >> i applaud the supreme court for their ruling today. to me today was like christmas. several presents were delivered jie. it was jam pack
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eld from market to 19th street spilling out in several directions. even if they are not planning meetings, gay and lesbian couples were excited about what the future can hold. >> if i want to get married some day i will be able to. it is a great feeling. >> i am happy for a lot of my friends who are same sex couples and who are going to be getting married. we have a lot of weddings to go to, and i know it means more to them given the ruling. >> at one time they filled harvey milk's home. >> i am sad harvey couldn't be here. it is an amazped helped happen. i am actually surprised there isn't flowers out here or something. >> crowds were expected to linger until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. this is just an appetizer for the pride festivities. john alston, abc news. >> thank you.
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and one of the decisions by the supreme court upholds the ruling by the district judge which struck down prop 8 as unconstitutional. abc7 news was the first to speak with judge walker following the high court decision. sergio sat down with him late this afternoon and he is in the newsroom with these reaction. >> judge vaughn walker says it is good to have the supreme court affirm his 2010 ruling, but he says the legal battles might not be over. as the plaintiffs in the proposition 8 case walked out of the supreme court, judge vaughn walker says he learned his ruling was upheld by the high court as he was at the gym. >> i was not surprised. >> in the course of the trial, judge walker's personal life was also scrutinized when it was revealed that he has been involved in a long-term same-sex relationship. >> looking at the context and all of the personal things that have come up about you. >> i didn't bring up those personal matters.
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it is not unusual for judges to be in a situation where some aspect of their personal life is thought to to play a role in their judicial decision. >> in 2010 he ruled proposition 8 was unconstitutional. today the supreme court reverted to his ruling. the bay area couple who are co plaintiffs joined a rally in west hollywood this evening. >> and good news, got something re as a supreme court. we got a victory in california and we got a victory in the united states of america. >> the justices said defendanters of -- defenders of proposition 8 had no legal standing to bring an appeal. >> we are happy that proposition 8 does remain the law of the state of california. >> governor jerry brown directed the county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples as soon as possible. judge walker says legal.ttles m. >> i wouldn't imagine that there may very well be a
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county clerk in some county. it may attempt to challenge from what i understand the governor's directive. >> abc7 news. >> well, all across the bay area supporters of gay rights celebrated. a diverse group grew to 250 people in front of city hall. the event was organized by the municipal elections committee. a lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender political action group. >> a party took place in uptown, oakland where people danced in the streets. organizers dubbed the event decision day for better or for worse. >> and the rainbow flags were flying on the peninsula where people rallied outside the san mateo county clerk's office. those who took the microphone spoke of love and equality. mars strengthened our straight marriage. let liberty be the true defense of marriage.
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>> activists, clergy and local elected officials took part in this event. >> it could take weeks before same sex wedding reis super. resume. it should be finalized within 25 days. after that the 9th circuit court of appeals will need to lift its stay on vaughn walker's 2010 ruling. governor brown called on all offices to start issuing marriage licenses the moment the stay has been lifted. in the bay area, clerks will add staff and extend hours to accommodate the expected flood of couples once the okay comes from the state to begin marriages. in alameda county, mrms have ben license forms have been updated to gender neutral. there is another side to this story when the same sexed wedding bells start ringing so too will the cash registers. leslie brinkley is live at san francisco city hall with that part of our coverage. leslie? >> that's right.
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today's supreme court decision is basically icing on the cake for same sex couples and for bay area wedding businesses. bu. >> it really does put me in the mood for a wedding. >> wedding designer billy cook has been engaged to his partner for five years. the supreme court will change things. >> i was always the bride's maid and never the bride. now i get to be the bride. >> a study predicts 37,000 same sex couples willed with over the next three years. that will generate $40 million for the state budget and $492 million in revenue for wedding-related businesses. florists, musicians, bakeries and station neither restores and -- stationery stores getting a piece of the cake. >> i was there when it came down from the supreme court and i got a big cheer. >> reporter: she hopes to see a boom in her business in the coming months. >> they definitely do spend
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more on a legal wedding than they would on a smaller meab -- maybe celebration or commitment ceremony. >> at this san francisco catering company they are saying bring on the same sex weddings. >> everybody is so excited and ready for more weddings. >> that was leslie brinkley reporting. the court handed down another monumental victory known as doma. they ruled 5-4 that legally married couples must receive the same tax, social security and health benefits as heterosexual couples. justice anthony kennedy says the act was unconstitutional. 84-year-old edith windsor started the effort to appeal doma and today she haled the decision. >> it is the beginning of the end of stigma. of lying about who we are. i think it is the end of suicides. i think it is the end of teenagers falling not knowing ta not knowing that there is a future for them.
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>> in the dissenting opinion, justice scalia says the constitution does not say society has to approve or reject same-sex marriage. one of those directly impacted by today's ruling is gene podraski. she is the cousin of chief justice john roberts. the san francisco resident says she plans to marry her long-time partner. she had tough words for her cousin who did not join the majority in overturning doma. >> i have to say i am disappointed. i was completely stunned by the split. i'm sure this is just in keeping with his conservative beliefs. >> she says she sees roberts occasionally at family events, but her cousin will pro the not be on the guest list for her wedding. minutes after learning about the supreme court decision thousands of people started tweeting. many got the first word of the .ulings on their smart twitter reports that at 7:04 a.m. immediately after the big
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announcement, tweets about the decision peaked at 9,188, all sent within one minute. people just could not wait to share their opinions on the>> at topic. >> and at 9:35, "nightline" will have much more on the supreme court ruling. >> and they supported the ruling as soon as it came down. >> you can stay on top of the breaking news by downloading nee app. just go to if you have a current one you do need to download the current one. the old one is going away soon. >> coming up, bart, woulders -- bart, woulders authorize a strike. what they are doing to keep traffic moving in the event of a walkout. and no food, no water, no leaning. the woman who did not stop talking for 13 straight hours for a cause she desperately believes in. >> and look at this. tonight's guyser in the east bay. what set off this huge fountain of water.
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>> i'm spencer christian and we have a major warm up and even a heat wave coming our way. i'll show you when triple digit temperatures will arrive in my accu-weather forecast in
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pressure is mounting now that both bart and the ac transit unions authorized strikes on the last day. contracts expire on sunday meaning the transit agencies and the commuters could be coping with labor actions common day. alan wang is live at the west oakland bart station with the latest for us. alan? >> carolyn, two of bart's biggest unions voted to authorize a strike that could
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affect 400,000 riders. and now some of those riders are really starting to think about this. back up plans to get the work are now being discussed. two of bart's largest unions were back at the bargaining table today. the contract expires on sunday night and bart workers could strike as early as monday morning. he is making back up plans to get to work. >> we will see. possibly stay at a friend's house, but i'm hopeful it won't happen. >> bay area transportation officials plan to keep carpool lanes open continuously from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ac transit will run shuttles from downtown oakland across the bay bridge. but the buses may not be there because ac tran set union is also threatening to strike on the same day. a double whammy that would force a 22-mile round trip bike ride to work. >> i try to bring a change of clothes and a towel to wipe up
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with, but it is >> the transit union says the 1997 bart strike forced an over flow of commuters to ac transit buses. the union wants the board to provide a safety plan. >> in the last strike buses were surrounded by angry passengers going from side to side and placing our members in imminent danger. >> there is no safety plan. it will simply use bigger buss to ferry people over the bay bridge. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> information website has a page that lists your option in case there is a bart strike and we will let you know if and when a strike is called. follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. republican lawmakers in texas will try to pass a sweeping abortion bill that died due to the efforts of one very determined woman. wendy davis claims victory after leaving a filibuster
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after 15 straight hours talking. supporters created so much commotion that republicans could not vote on time. and it was no easy effort for davis. they have strict rules. no breaks even for the bathroom and no food or water and no sitting and no leaning. >> i underestimated how difficult it would be both physically and mentally. about two hours in i realized that i was in for a long day. >> and how. crit techs say the proposed -- critics say the proposed rules would close all of the clinics in texas and it is expected that the bill will eventually be passed. thousands of gallons of water flooded a street. they ran into a fire hydrant from interstate 580 in oakland. 1k3 here are the results. it sheared hydrant off. the water gushed for awhile before the fire department was able to cap. it the driver of the car was not injured. we have another remarkable picture we would like to share with you outside in san francisco city hall. it is all lit up in the rainbow colors. >> this is in celebration of
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course of the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage as well as pride week which is coming up this weekend. >> and it was a beautiful evening all over the bay area. tens of thousands came out to celebrate this decision. >> spencer christian has a look what the is to come weather wise. >> right now there is as you just saw no fog to obscure our view of our beautiful city hall. live doppler 7hd is showing clear skies around the bay area. we had a couple of shower areas of fog along the coastline, but they haven't begun to move inland. a live view from emeryville looking westward toward san francisco. the current temperatures are sick 3 in san francisco and 65 in oakland and 68 in san jose. from our rooftop camera looking along the embarcadero under clear skies. 63 in santa rosa and 66 in napa and 69 in fairfield and in livermore. and as we look at the golden gate bridge live, we will give
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uh look at our forecast features. we may see a few areas of fog developing overnight, mainly near the coastline. it will be mild to warm tomorrow and hot on friday and continuing through monday, especially in our inland areas. satellite shows the high pressure building in. that will be the controlling factor along with this hot air mass that is sliding westward to reinforce the warming trend that has begun here. here is a look at high temperatures over the next few days in the interior western u.s.ment we will see numerous triple triple digit readings tomorrow. by fridayre triple more triple t readings along the central valley and highs of 117 in palm springs and 118 in phoenix. and by saturday, highs reaching 120 at palm springs and 117 in las vegas and the newest triple digit readings in salt lake city, boise, reno, all over the west. the heat is on. overnight though in the bay area it will be comfortably mild. mainly clear skies and the low temperatures from the upper 50s to the low 60s for most of the bay area. here is how thens are shaping
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up for tomorrow. sunny. in the south day highs from 86 in san jose to 92 at morgan hill. 80 in san mateo to 83 in palo alto and 84 in mountain view. on the coast,67 in paw sesk caw. pacifica. highs reaching into the mid70s. highs of 88 in santa rosa and 90 in cal law calistoga. on the east bay, 80 in oakland and 81 san leandro and 83 in fremont. and the inland east bay will be quite warm with highs of 92 at walnut creek and livermore and 93 in antioch and 94 in fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast , and it is really going to heat up over the weekend. by sunday and perhaps even on saturday we will see inland highs at or above 100 degrees. it is continuing or holding through monday when the heat will peak at 102 or higher. 90 around the bay and low 70s on the coast. the temperatures won't drop off sharply until about the middle of next week. >> wow. that is a warm weekend ahead. thanks, spencer.
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giants down south tonight. >> shu without a lot of positive words about their performance. >> i will tell you who is not hot. buster posey is trying to keep the giants afloat, but he can't do it himself. his 10th of the year. those are all of the runs the giants could muster as they are swept by the dodgers. disappointme
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the rivalry. the dodgers and the giants. cy young winners cershaw and lincecum facing off. here we go. sibling rivalry at dodger stadium. one of them is going to win.
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top four and buster posey and a man on. a two-run shot. tim lincecum pitched well into the 6th. then the wheels come off. aj ellis doubles to effort l. that scores ethier and the domingers take a 3-2 lead. four hits in the inning off lincecum and in comes ellis. look where the pitch lands. that's six feet in front of the plate. the dodgers hand them a three-game sweep with a 4-2 vector re. a's and reds in a matinee. griffin picking on jay bruce all day. the first inning and a swing and a miss. one of griffin's seven strikeouts. brandon moss waits on the change up over the head of bruce. lowry trying to score from second. and a great job of blocking the plate. he can't field it clean. he is a smart guy from stanford. josh donaldson and second homerun in as many days.
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his 12th of the year. 4-0 oakland. move to the 9th and griffin facing bruce and strikes him out for the fourth time of the day. 5-0 the final. grefn -- griffin with his eighth game shutout. we will call it black wednesday at wimbledon with more upsets one day than we have seen in years. the biggest seven-time champ goes down swinging. the 27-year-old is ranked 116th in the world. attacking the net on rogers and covers the alley. too good and takes it two sets to one. federer and a set point and the backboard and watch this. roger is unable to pass and the volley winner right there. he wins the game and forces the tiebreaker. you won't see this often. unforced error on the back end. a winner in four sets. the quarterfinals and it appears to be over. first nadal and now roger federer is gone.
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>> i'm still in disbelief that happened. i was playing my best and it still was almost not enough to beat roger. i'm incredibly happy. >> federer wasn't the only big name to get mowed over. sharapova tumbled multiple times in her qualifier. the third seeded sharapova knocked out in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4. warriors carl landry opted out of the final year of his deal and is an unrestricted free agent the day before the draft. the warriors don't have a pick in either round. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. i don't think i have ever seen a day like that the at wimbledon. 20 years with that many players going down. >> the top ones. thanks, shu. a final note on this historic day. >> the musical trivia to mark today's supreme cour
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there are some areas of fog along the coast. temperatures between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. it will range from 58 to 68. the sunrise at 5:50 and it should be a lovely morning and a lovely day. >> thanks, spencer. finally on this historic day, there was a renewed sense of patriotism. >> ♪ oh say does that star spangle ♪ banner yet wave ♪ >> after the prop 8 ruling came down the men's chorus theted singing star-spangled banner. >> their own way of celebrating a landmark day in history. on that note, that is our report. i'm dan ashley.
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>> i'm carolyn johnson. we leave with you a picture of coit tower lit up in rainbow colors for gay pride week. >> we are on twitter, facebook and all of your
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with injuries. several injuries had to withdraw. >> maybe a wild card winner. >> wide open you. want to join. let's go play at wimbledon. >> do you play? >> no, doesn't matter. ranked 131, meet sharipova. >> we may win. >> if i got on and saw a serve. go running back up to the stand. >> hey, may have a chance. >> break the racket out of my hand. the food trend that blends japanese favorites and deep fried american favorites. breast-feeding advocates, a blunt message for duchess kate, before her due date of all times. the question is, will she follow through? you are watching "world news now." ♪ baby baby baby ooh thought you'd always be mine ♪ >> "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal.


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