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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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as kristin and sandra were getting their licenses. i think we learned why this is a big event. we're going to be having some words with kristin and sandra they're setting up for a news conference. ways mentioning that camela harris is the one officiating this wedding. she was inside of the county clerk's office as sandra and kristin were getting their licenses and then she got a call from the county clerk in l.a. county asking for a directive to what they should do. and she says she told l.a. county clerk go head and start issuing them this, is now the law in california. and you can go ahead to start issuing them. >> sergio, thank you. you're looking at videotape. you're looking at the moment she pronounced sandy and chris
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spouses for life. this took place maybe five, six minutes ago now, official first same-sex couple to get married after same-sex marriages were allowed legally to resume in california. >> yes. it's appropriate it's taking place at city hall which is where this began nine years ago when then-mayor gavin newsom decided to issue same-sex marriage licenses. >> as you recall that is what started this. it's set the series of events into motion. and i don't recall, but hundreds of couples rushed to get hear married and did so while it is allow ntd sti we do have some, we want to share with you interviews and sound we saw today. chris ask sandy getting married. can you show that please.
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>> normally when there is a constitutional violation, the real reason orders were stayed was due to an abundance of caution to preserve the status quo but now it's clear the status quo... >> that is julie knight legal expert spoke with us during 4:00 news today. >> she's a constitutional law exexpert invaluable to guide us through legal tangle autos terrific. this is an historic event. sergio have you been a witness to history. >> you mentioned how so many people got here so quickly. they did. this happened on the mayor's balcony. word got out and within a half hour there were dozens and
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dozens of people who floated up here and wanted to see this event. they crowded in. they had knit a chamber a lot of echo. everyone was absolutely silent so they can listen to this ceremony happening. so they watched it unfolding. >> sergio you're there with the married couple. i'm sure we saw one of their children are the rest of the family there? >> this happened so quickly they have four sons. this happened so quickly they were able to able to get one son here other three are involved in other thing that's waits not possible to get them here on time. i asked them just before walking in to get their license they said we've been on stand by as soon as the supreme court made the order, and as soon as we had some
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guidance how long would it take we were just on stand by they were surprised how fast the court lifted their stay. so their family is surprised how quick this is. >> that is a shame. the other two, other two people involved at the u.s. supreme court level will be married in los angeles but we know what time they'll be married at 6:15 about an hour and 10 minutes from now. >> we want to see if we can get the sound of the couple getting married near san francisco city hall. >> by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the state of california i now
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declare you spouses for life. >> remarkable. you'veuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub
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station agents sent a
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letter to governor brown asking him to order a cooling off period and keep trains running if an agreement is not reached by sunday night. >> we don't want the public to be upset by a strike. that is not our intention. it's to bargain a full, fair contract for worker asks a save riding environment for passengers. >> the other big union does not want the governor to intervene. >> we feel we need to get this done now. and let's give a chance for the district to play games. >> bart sent a letter requesting no cooling off. saying if there is a strike, better now than later. >> we'd like to avoid one but think it would be better to deal witness now rather than in the fall. >> with a strike looming and time running out two sides do not appear closer on key issues of wages, medical and pension benefits. after no raise for four years
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the unions want to makeup for what they see as lost ground. they see the district raking in revenue with ridership at highest levels. unions say it was no what they're hoping for. >> we've seen no movement in our direction in any meaningful way. all parties said they're willing to work into the night and it appears if they're going reach a deal in time to aavert a strike that is what they're going to have to do. >> according to bay area council, bart workers ranked among the best paid in the country. average worker earns $134,000 a year which includes costs of
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benefits package. and currently pay nothing towards pension plan a cording to the union the general manager earns $399,000 a year, including incentive bonus. >> so how are the tens of thousands of riders going to get around if there is a strike? abc 7 news laura anthony has been asking that question. >> there is a regionan yal plan in place f there is a strike vast majority of the people will end up on the road in a car. bay area transportation officials have done the math. if they do strike monday it doesn't look good for riders. >> if there is a strike very to drive.
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>> how do you think that would do? >> a nightmare. >> be patient. travel is going in the event of a bart strike, travel will be more difficult ask take extra time to get virtually anywhere. >> the way they figure it alternates to bart can with beefed up, but only about 50,000 seats leaving 50,000 looking for another ride around the bay. >> with ride share it would be further out. meeting around here and drive in, together. >> of course there is not just the bay bridge but the caldecott tunnel. some told us they'll just sit this one out. >> going to stay home on monday. >> there is another possible bump in the road.
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ac transit and and in lay fayette abc 7 news and monday morning for the threat abc 7 news rrters will bring us latest on contract negotiations and a look at how this is affecting your weekday commute monday morning starting at 4:00 a.m. >> and happening now, chris perry and sandy steer just got married are holding a news conference. >> we brought you their wedding live and comments are just ahead. stay with us.
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another huge story, the
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weather. blistering, it is hot in places and going to get worse. how are people beating the heat? wayne freedman joins us from contra costa county. >> we're at antioch marina pittsburg marina, excuse me. it's not cooler. it's just as warm and no, hot as when we pulled in this afternoon. you can't run heat and you can't beat it. try working construction in antioch or being larry who didn't mind the heat that much because now think about it. >> how much water do you drink on a day like this? >> wow. maybe three gallons. boy say. >> water, water, where for art thou? it seemed like a good day to
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volunteer on a car washing fund-raiser. two girls, one sponge. so what about this weather? we began with rain, now this,? >> bipolar weather. >> jet skis ruled this friday guys like poncho couldn't wait to get soaked. >> you could have gone to a pool. >> true. >> real men don't go to pool autos we have fun on boats. >> that would have not been aloud inside of the pruitt county water park. water was cold and kids had are brave souls on their feet. >> and later, what goes up, must come down that applies to water skplidz thermometers.
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from antioch, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> looks nice. you'll want a lot of that the next few days because heat is going to be brutal. >> people lacking for ways to beat the heat. let's home they can. numerous locations reached or exceeded 100 degrees already. it's 67 degrees in san francisco. 78 in oakland. 82 mountain view. 92 san jose. and looking at golden gate bridge just a finger of fog. it's 94 in santa rosa. 101 in fairfield. here is a view looking along
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embarcadero. temperatures over 100 degrees inland. and slight image shows that bridge i've been showing you with that hot air mass continuing through california and now out to the bay area. low temperatures mainly into mid-60s. 96 in san jess yeah. half moon bay downtown san francisco, a high of 80 tomorrow. up in the north bay highs well above 100 in clover dale and clear lake.
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oakland kt expected to reach 90 degrees. 93 union city. inland east bay and in antioch 104 and livermore, 103 here is a raft. triple digit heat lasting throughout tuesday of next week. temperatures moderating wednesday, still very warm. thursday, 4th of july, highs up to 90 into warmest spots that. will be cooler than what is coming our way then, friday coolest day. with highs only in the 90 s. >> wow. >> 106 tomorrow. >> back to our top story now.
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first pop prop 8 same-sex marriage taking place in san francisco city hall. >> they spoke about why this happened today what it means to them. why it's important to lead this fight. listen to what they said. >> what we wanted for our sons to know we love them and each other november to -- enough to fight to be married which now, we are and other families in similar circumstances you should fight to be married too. >> they were on stand by for this. other plaintiffs in this case are getting married in los angeles tonight. >> this is pictures of these two getting married. about 10 minutes before 5:00. the first gay married couple
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wedded in the state of california since the stay was lifted. so there will be mother marriages taking place tonight. >> there will be a big rush on monday morning. you can bet that. and we're taking a look at rainbow flag right now. this is -- looks like castro district. >> it's a big weekend and what an exciting team. --
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it's friday, time for finno's friday free stuff. >> these things are cool. specially designed to help grow with your child. and it's a $5.99 value you're going to get it free. this allows air flow and less
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skin irritation. >> that is smart. >> this is fun right here. that is dirty boy let's not do that one. this is a cleansing system from m 3 k you're going to receive one of these. >> wow. how do we get this good stuff? >> you can dial. >> good deal. >> moron line? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> coming up newest water front attraction. >> involves special critters. stay with us.
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back live to san francisco
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city hall where the gay men's chorus is about to entertain the crowd there. >> and the gay men's chorus no idea this is going to be happening today so they're rushing into place. let i do's again we're going to return where same-sex marriages are now underway and whether other local counties will conduct ceremonyings this weekend. those stories and a lot more coming up at 6:00. >> right now, newest attraction at pier 39 are three river otter in danger of becoming dare i say it, fur coats? so sad. >> the hot others you can see them here frolicking around.
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>> yes. huge fresh water pool. go see them. >> we'll see you again at this is "world news." tonight, fatal fight. neighbors tell the jury what they saw, what they heard, the night trayvon martin was shot by george zimmerman. >> did you hear this? >> no. >> a pivotal day in the trial. burning up. record-smashing heat. millions of people sweltering. closing in on the hottest temperature ever. the pavement, 160 degrees. and sunblock reality. you think you know how much suntan lotion you should use for your family's big day in the sun. tonight, you could be in for a surprise. good evening to you on this friday night. we begin with neighbor versus neighbor in the trial of george zimmerman.


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