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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 29, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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ernie, there is speculation. >> but i like you. >> are they more than just friends? now on the coattails of the supreme court ruling giving gays equal rights status, they were now celebrating the victory. they had a positive tweet, sesame street already addressed their relationship back in 2011, stating bert and ernie are best friends. they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation. good thing my kids are sleeping. thank you for joining us, as always, we're on good night america.
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do you, chris, take sandy to be your lawfully wedded wife. >> it was a wedding vow that waited for years. the two women who took their case for same-sex marriage to the u.s. supreme court became the first couple to tie the knot in california after the court's decision. >> by virtue by the power and authority vested in me by the state of california, i now declare you spouses for life. >> it came suddenly and surprisingly after the 9th circuit court lifted the stay against thed with -- against the weddings after they lifted prop 8. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. sergio was at the ceremony and joins us now live from san francisco city hall. sergio? >> carolyn, tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in rainbow colors and crews are outside setting up for gay pride weekend.
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city hall was bustling and the first couple that exchanged vows following that surprise court announcement was the bay area couple who took this case all the way to the supreme court. >> i you -- i now declare you spouses for life. >> this is a moment chris perry and sandy and their four sons were waiting pour. it took nine years and a supreme court decision to get here. they are the first same sex couple to marry in california since the supreme court invalidated proposition 8. they were at the county clerk's office within minutes after the 9th circuit court of appeals lifted a stay in this case. it was a surprise for everyone. >> did you think they were going to lift the order so quickly? >> no, not the a aw. we went to work this morning. >> the only one of their four sons to be at the ceremony was there because it happened so fast.
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in the moments after today's action by the 9th circuit she clarified an issue raised by the county clerk's office brought up in los angeles. >> i was directng the clerk the marriages are to begin immediately. >> within minutes of them tieing the knot in city hall, dozens of other couples did the same thing. for hours the rotunda erupted in cheers. at the county clerk's office, a line of people waited for their turn at a marriage license. 80 licenses were issued after today's court action. not everyone is happy about today's marriages. >> it does -- it doesn't matter what the county clerk says. it is what god says that matters. >> just before chris and sandy left city hall they were lead to the grand staircase and both overwhelmed by the day. they were the guest of honor for a short performance by the san francisco gay men's chorus.
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>> and tonight the san francisco county clerk's office wrapped up business at 8:15. they will re-open tomorrow and sunday to continue issuing marriage licenses. other bay other counties will be open for business on monday. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. the other plaintiffs in the prop 8 suit also tied the not today. >> on behalf of the state of california, let me pronounce you married. >> they were married at los angeles city hall today. eremony.performed the ceremony. waiting for theame-sex same-sex marriage ban to be lifted only strengthened their resolve to be married and they haveor 12
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together for 12 years. >> several couples rushed to the courthouse to get married tonight. the first couple, julie and lou-lou headed there aeir request of their daughter. when she heard that the weddings could resume she put on her best dress and told her moms to get hitched. >> i started screaming and jumping around and texted her right away. my daughter was there and she was thrilled. she is like let's go. let's go right now. >> we were officially a family before, but now the government recognized it. >> she was the maid of honor and wedding photographer. >> under the supreme court rules the losing side in a legal dispute has 25 days to ask thear to rehear the case. the 9th circuit court waited two. they spoke about the court's quick decision. >> people had to wait a longtime. they shouldn't have to wait any longer. any day the justices were delayed it was justice tenied. the 9th circuit lifted the stay as quickly as they did and good for them.
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>> legal experts say they know of no instance in which the supreme court had granted a rehearing after delivering a full blown ruling. >> the prop 8 supporters slammed the decision to lift the stay on same sex marriage. late today we spoke to the lawyer who helped get the initiative on the ballot to ban gay marriage. he said today's decision was an abuse of power. >> we think this is just an outrage. this tops a chronic pattern of lawlessness we suffered throughout the case. >> roup against corruption at the highest levels of government. and even in the courts. people should be afraid that our system is breaking down. >> he says his legal team is now considering how to move forward. >> and the resuming of same-sex marriage has generated an enormous response on our website. we invite you to join the conversation at thisom/abc7 news. this weekend's sizzlingeratn temperatures mean an increase in fire danger and an increased concern over the proper use of fireworks.
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safe and sane fireworks sales started today and stands like this one must follow strict rules to qualify for permits. no sales to anyone underage. >> we don't sell to anyone under 8 teenage. we are strict about checking id's. we hope the parents would watch over them while they are using them. >> today's hot weather meant big crowds at an antioch water park. a warning from health experts about the dangers of hot weather and the importance of staying hydrated. with more on the heat let's check in with weather anchor spencer christian and live doppler 7hd. >> carolyn, live doppler 7hd shows clear skies -- sunny skies today and clear skies tonight. the pattern will continue for awhile and so will the hot weather pattern. some some of today's highs notice the number of highs in land and the highest was antioch at 104. the heat brings health
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concerns. excessive heat warnings from tomorrow morning at 11:00 to tuesday evening at 7:00. the temperatures will range from 98 to 106 degrees virtually all of the areas. as we look at our live view from our sutro tower camera, we will give uh look at the air quality report. we have the spare the air day and ozone levels are rising. the poorest air quality will be in the inland east bay. i will give you a look at how long the oppressive heat will last in my accu-weather forecast. dan and carolyn? >> thank you very much. 6400 pg&e customers in south san jose are without power. it went out at 7:30 this evening. 24r* was a volt fire near aborn and white roads. the power is expected to be back on in about an hour around midnight. in san jose police are investigating the death of a four-year-old boy who drowned in a community swimming pool tonight. just before 6:00, the officers found the child unconscious at the county fair home
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park. cpr was unsuccessful. no foul play is suspected it. the heat was too much for a dog locked in a vehicle. just this afternoon pleasant hill police responded to a dog in distress in a parking garage. they found a boxer locked in the car with very little ventilation. officers broke into the car, but the dog could not recover. the owner was taken into custody. late develop developments negotiations. they wrapped up in the last hour. alan wang is live there with more. >> the negotiators walked out half an hour ago. there was no face-to-face bargaining today. there was just the mediator who shuffled between camps. tonight they are no closer to a deal than they were yesterday. the day started off with a union rally at city hall. both sides emphasized their intention to avoid a strike on monday and keep the trains moving.
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it seems there is less progress and more tension. it agreed to at least five of the union's proposals and the union says bart simply adjusted the proposals and sent them back. listen to the two sides and you can tell there is definitely a disconnection here. >> we agreed to as much as we could and made a reasonable modification for the rest. >> they have not brought information to the table we requested. we decided they are not going to bargain on specific issues that are important to us. those are not come pone nepts of of -- components of negotiating. >> there was absolutely no movement on the four main issues. wages, pensions, health care and safety, one of the biggest gaps on wages. the unions want a 5% raise for each of three years, but bart is only offering them a 1% raise each year. again, if they can't come to an agreement there will be a strike on monday.
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they will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> the clock is ticking, alan. one transportation alternative popular in 1997 during the bart strike may not be available this time around. ac tran set workers threatened to strike on monday too. their contract runs out on sunday as well. ac transit management hopes to avoid a strike and offer trans bay buses to san francisco. if bart does go out on strike, the union plans to bargain through the weekend. we put together a full range of transportation resources. you will find the information on your commute options including where to go for casual carpooling and where you can park your car for free. we have realtime traffic maps there and you can download the exclusive ways traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. and for up to the minute reports on bart negotiations or the strike if there is one,
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the abc7 morning news will begin half an hour early on monday. eric thomas and kristen sze will be here to help you get through it all. and then there is is this, a third strike that could affect people on monday. 1500 city employees threatened to walk off the job if a contract is not in place. union representatives say negotiations have been unproductive to this point. the mayor says the city will negotiate through the weekend day or night if needed. >> up next, a trusted teacher arrested. the serious accusations that landed him in jail. >> and the surprise at the pump. a new distinction that we are all about to have as californians. >> and the celebrations are well underway in the castro. how same-sex marriage is bringi
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new at 11:00, a concord school teacher is under arrest accused of sexually abusing students at school. joseph martin teaches fourth and fifth grades at woodside elementary in concord. police started investigating martin in april after reports he touched students inappropriately. they say there could be a dozen possible in age fro ranging in age from 11 to 17. martin is being held at the martinez jail on almost $4 million bail. an officer involved shooting in vacaville closed eastbound 80 for a short time this afternoon. police chased two people suspected of stealing televisions from wal-mart on to the freeway. the suspect's car hit two
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other vehicles and injuring five more people. a male suspect was then shot in the chest and a female companion in the hand. starting on monday, californians will pay the highest gasoline tax in the nation. it will increase 3.5 cents to nearly 72 cents a gallon. it will go to state highway and mass transit projects. this is shaping up to be perhaps the biggest and most joyful gay pride weekend in history. an already major event got a double shot of good news leading into this event. *9 supreme court ruling and then today's order to resume same sex weddings. nick smith is live in the castro tonight. nick, all of this is good for pride of course, but also for profits. >> absolutely. the minute it was clear that california would be the 13th state to legalize same-sex marriages, the screams started and the horns started hoping. honking. >> we got this! >> the screams and the cheers
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had already started. the annual pride celebration is one of san francisco's biggest event weekend and thousands are expected to flood the city. and with all of the heavy foot traffic she hopes people are looking to spend lots of money. >> i don't like to talk about money, but it is good. >> she is already raking in the cash. revelers are snatching up rainbow boas and t-shirts at break neck speed. >> prop 8 went through and the celebration started two days earlier. >> so they ran out of merchandise. >> which was too good for us. we were waiting for them to come through and get their pride on. >> after the 9th circuit court of appeals that kept counties from issuing marriage licenses, they filled in for a transgender march and an early start to weaken celebrations. -- to weekend celebrations. >> i was elated. >> they were first married in 2008, but this time it is for keeps. >> for me it is about marriage
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equality and civil rights. >> a theme to be repeated by the 7,000 people organizers expect for the parade on sunday. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. let's get a check on our sizzling forecast. >> hot enough for you? >> oh yes. >> spencer christian is in for sandhya patel. >> it has some staying power and will be around for awhile. we will see sunny days and clear skies. a live view from mount tam looking into the bay. the current temperature reading 64 at san francisco and 68 in oakland and 70 in mountain view and as you can see it is still mild. someplaces are not only mild, but warm. warm temperature readings, 81 at this hour in santa rosa and 78 fairfield and 80 in livermore. on we go from the rooftop camera and looking along the embarcadero. we have an excessive heat warning in affect. we will see 100 degree plus temperatures for the next several days and a spare
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air advisory is issued for tomorrow. air quality is a little on the poor side. it shows high pressure which has been one of the dominant features. so has this hot air mass that has blanketed and scorched much of the western u.s. and it is continuing to slide westward and bringing the hot air into california and into the bay area. tomorrow for example we will see high temperatures ranging from 105 in sacramento to 110 in the valley. las vegas 117 and palm springs 121 tomorrow and even as far north as boise we will see 103 tomorrow. clear skies and maybe a patch or two of coastal fog. it will be mild to warm and low temperatures in the low to mid60s. the farther inland you go in the east bay, the warmer the lows will be. antioch a low of 72. the high temperatures tomorrow in the south bay are mainly mid-nineties to well above 100. up to 104 in morgan hill and
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106 in gilroy. upper 90s at redwood city and menlo park and mountain view. mid70s on the coast. downtown san francisco, a high of 80 tomorrow. north bay highs in the triple digits. 101 in novato and 102 in santa rosa. on the east bay look for highs of 95 in the castro valley and 90 in oakland which will be a record high for tomorrow's date, june 29th, in oakland and the inland east bay, here we go with that word, it will sizzle with high temperatures well above 100, 104 walnut creek and 105 at livermore and fairfield and 106 at antioch. here is the seven-day forecast.e oppressive heat will come our way for tuesday. we will start to see temperatures moderate on wednesday and cooling down to a more seasonal and more comfortable range on thursday which is the fourth of july. and then friday cooler still. so the heat will last for awhile. it is important to limit your exposure to this extreme heat and the bright sun. >> take it easy.
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>> thanks, spencer. coming up next, the g
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after getting swept by the dodgers, the giants' june swoon continued in colorado. barry zito has struggled on the road, and this start was no different. down 1-0 in the third, the rockies tack on two more runs with this opposite field shot. he has a 25-game hitting streak. the next batter, rosario, also goes deep. zito gave up four runs and 10 hits in five and a third innings. san francisco finally got on the board in the anyoneth and buster posey connects for
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his 11th homer of the season. it is his third in three games. the giants got the tieing run to the plate, but brandon crawford grounds out to end the game. 4-1 the final. san francisco has now dropped seven of its last eight and it is three games under 500. at the coliseum, it is the dog games of summer. just ask manager tony larussa. calon -- colon improved his record and smith makes it 4-0 with his bases loaded single. lowry with an r.b.i ground rule double. after going 0 for 32 he got his first hit. a solo homerun in the fourth. he gets a sigh let -- silent treatment from his teammate and then bre celebration. they stay a half game back of first place. now to golf and she is trying
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to put her name in the record books by winning her third straight major. wind and fog uh dash dosh affected play. kim fell into a tie for 9th. a nice birdie here and she is just two off the pace. they are all coming apart. park was 9 under for the tournament. it was good for a two-stroke lead. wet weather is causing problems at the senior players championship. but it has bt bothered fcouples. couples. this approach nearly rolls into. after a 66 yesterday he birdied 7 of the first 11 holes. when play was suspended he held a two-stroke lead. and in chicago there was a huge turnout for the blackhawks. about two million people jammed grant, pa. the hawks beat boston in a thrilling six-game series.
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it is the second time they captured the cup in four years. abc7 sports was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> thank you. >> coming up, we have the piano.of a well placed >> the unexpected medicallies that people are hearing onltop..
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at wake up weather for tomorrow morning. we will see a few patches of
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fog and otherwise sunny and mild from the bay to inland. the temperatures by 8:00 tomorrow morning will already be near 80 degrees. dan and carolyn? >> wow. thanks, spencer. finally, you can find a piano in the stranges places. strangest places. just look. this one is on top of vernal hill and you probably recognize that as the "star wars" theme. several pianists have risen to the challenge playing in front of small crowds at this scenic overlook. no word on whether the parks department will allow it to remain there. we hope they do. >> that's fun and neat. that's it. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. >> for rick quan, spencer christian and larry beil, thank you for joining us. >> abc news on-line.
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