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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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long lines at san francisco city hall as same-sex couples apply for their marriage license, but one group today made an emergency move to stop the ceremonies. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm in for ama daetz. today support officers proposition 8 filed an emergency motion asking the u.s. supreme court to stop same-sex marriages in california less than 4 hours -- 24 hours after they resumed. tomas roman is live at city hall. reporter: same-sex couples were
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getting married here at city hall today. we spoke to -- they say it's been a roller coaster ride since 2008 and just hope this is the last challenge. >> marriages are in full swing at san francisco city hallment while there are happy faces and applause everytime a same-sex couple gets married, there's now a hint of déjà vu. the opponents have asked the supreme court to stop them. >> we didn't even know about that news, and we woke up this morning and wanted to make sure we got in before anyone did anything. >> jennifer and penny of berkeley were about to get married. the fact that the proproposition 8 people won't give up even after the supreme court ruling saddens her. >> i'm sad our -- what were worried about would happen, is happening. >> kip is about to marry his
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partner of seven years. >> doesn't surprise me a bit. i'm hoping to see the end of the road, though. >> many of the couples who got married today were thrilled that same-sex marriages were allowed again after being stopped in 2008. on friday, couples were issued licenses just hours after the decision dame -- came done. >> also means we have security, and we can walk down the street and feel like we're part of sew excite normal. >> steve and steve have been together for 22 years. for steve, he can comfort his partner as would any spouse. >> nice to moye know if somebody happens to him, i can visit him in the hospital. we can -- he can see me. more security. >> san francisco is the only county in california performing these marriages this weekend. that's why deand dee and nor a
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here. >> we've been together for 18 years so awesome we can get married and everything this weekend. it was awesome. reporter: the group that is asking the supreme court to stop the marriages this the arizona based alliance defending freedom. the supreme court defends they did not have standing to stop them and legal experts don't think they'll change that. reporting live, abc7 news. the lawyer who helped get proposition 8 on the ballot says he is shocked same-sex ceremonies have already begun in california. >> just really up believable. -- unbelievable. the decision is not final for another three or four weeks and we have not had our opportunity to see what other options are available to us to uphold the will of the people. >> he says his group will continue to push for traditional
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marriage. the decisions came just in time before san francisco's pride celebration and parade this weekend. the largest lgbt gathering in the nation. the parade talks off at market and beale street. prayed ores say a million people attended last year and they expect at least 4,000 more this year because of the supreme court ruling. you have the crowds there. bart will run longer trains and more of them. members of the seek secret cret service also will be working the parade because congresswoman nancy pelosi and other elected officials will be at the event. she said today that the supreme court made the right decision in clearing the way for gay marriages to resume in california, and striking down doma. >> anywhere had any doubt that the court would strike down doma. it's clear through unconstitutional. the republicans knew it when they passed it and when they tried to protect doma over time.
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>> republican supporters of do massachusetts say the supreme court overstepped its role and say there is no fundamental constitutional right to same-sex marriage. >> a few other being story. our heat way. it's another scorcher in parts of the bay area, and santa cruz beach is a popular place to try to escape the heat. mike has a look at the hot spot. hi, mike. >> hello. even 58-degree water can feel good on a day like today. temperatures running very high. high pressure, no rain, no cloud. that's live doppler 7hd with radar and satellite showing how try it is. 86, topping out in oakland. record high. but check out concord, 103. antioch, 106. we were close in napa, 99. redwood city, 99. san jose, 96. check out the dry dryness. we're desert dry and that's a
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good thing. the temperature is cooler and then when you get in the shade feels even cooler. here's a look at the excessive heat advisory. doesn't encompass any of the bay shore, but as we broaden out this is the area in red that will be hot. 98 to 106, until at least tuesday. that means we got throw more days of heat. >> a body of other map has been recovered in alameda creek. he was diving in and didn't resurface. the man's identity will not be released until his family is told, and an investigation has begun into his death, and we will have a live report from reporter sergio kin fan -- kip fan na at 6:00 use for people today the mission was to find relief from the heat. for some, just shade from a tree that provided protect from the hot sun sht but others soaked in every ray like this gentleman
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here in oakland. people flocked to the water. >> 97 around 10:00 a.m. at our house in concord. we said, come out here, have in fun, bring the kids do some swimming, have some food, and have a great weekend. >> concord's water world was a very popular place. it actually was closed this past monday and tuesday because of cold, wet weather. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the heat with a. you can trackle weather on on twitter at line doppler 7 hd and mike will have the full forecast in ten minutes. >> developing news now within the last half hour. union leaders walked out of negotiations with bart management. if the two sides don't come to an agreement on a new contract by tomorrow night's deadline, bart workers would strike, leaving hundreds of thousand office computers without a --
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commuters without a rise monday morning. lisa amin gulezian has the latest. his his a. reporter: a lot of finger pointing is going on. a barret spokesman says that barret is negotiationing in good faith and in fact he says they have a proposal in hand they want to deliver but that it is not the way they union members characterize this. they left 30 minutes ago and they're angry that things haven't moved faster. the union's getting team walked out of bart headquarters with their suitcases and hand. they were prepared to stay all weekend but insist that bart representatives are not talking. bart says it has until 5:00 to responsible to union demands chit did at 4:15 put members left before they could deliver it. both sides did meet for a short time today. otherwise everything else has been handled through a mediator. the union giving the public notice of a strike, and bart are
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saying, let's talk about it. >> be on strike effective tomorrow evening. we'll wait until the trains are put to bed. we will not strike before the system is safe and sound, and we do if the with regret. >> our proposal, increase in salaries, lower participation in pension and lowers requested participation in health care. >> and the contract expires tomorrow at midnight. the unions have asked governor brown to intervene and declare a 60-day cooling off period which would allow both sides to continue negotiationing without disrupting service. bart say a strike in 60 days would be worse. the last time that it bart employees staged a strike was back in 1997. that strike lasted six days. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. adding to the possible
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commuter chaos is a threatened strike by ac transity workers. the union has called a membership meeting tomorrow afternoon. bus drivers authorized a potential strike for monday. to absorb riders from a bart struck, they'll have more buses running monday morning, that is if they don't walk of the job. we have information on all your commute options including where to go for casual car pooling and where you can park your car for free, and you can download the exclusive abc nuss waive traffic app. there's work of another strike in one east bay city. and highlight office president obama's visit to south africa and his message to young leaders there. >> another blow to paula deen's
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southern cooking empire. a big disa
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president obama is in africa on a three-nation tour starting in south africa. he met with the president. he and mrs. obama spoke by phone with nelson mandela's wife who told them her husband was not well enough for a visit. the president's helicopter flew over the hospital where the leader is chit ill. -- critically ill. obama says they're -- >> in oakland, 1500 city workers plan to walk off the job monday unless a contract deal can be
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reached by tomorrow night. the one-day strike is about workers being asked to take another 10% paycut. union workers will protest at city hall. union leaders have filed four unfair labor charges, claiming the city is not bargaining in good faith. the mayor says the city is doing everything it can to avert a strike. >> more problems tonight for paula deen. she likely won't sell one single copy of her new cookbook. >> a blast of summer heat out there as some inland cities see triple digit
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>> another chapter closes for celebrity chef paula deen. publish valentine books has cancel publication of her upcoming book, her 250 favorite recipeses the number one best seller on it was scheduled to come out in october. deen has lost many business relationships following revelations she used racial slurs in the past. the few networks, series, jc penney, wal-mart, home depot, all severed times. >> turning now to weather meteorologies mike nicco, get ready for a hot forecast. >> people are finding creative ways to stay away from the heat. remember monday when i sustained temperatures in the 50s and 60s? a distant memory. we have also moisture in the sierra. thunderstorm develops and we have 47 strikes over the last couple of hours.
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so it's been pretty dangerous, blowing dust in the area. the only area that is getting a little relief from the heat in the form of some rain. take a look at the winds. notice they're pretty gusty. so at least if you're near the bay shore it has troped our -- dropped our temperatures about five or ten degrees evident inland, just making it feel a little more comfortable. you're still hot. the cool sea breeze is not making it to your neighborhoods. we're over 100 in east bay. and accept rosa -- santa rosa, check oil -- check out ownland, and half manitoba -- half moon bay. dangerous heat our first forecast and that's going 0 to keep on probably a day longer inland through wednesday. poor air quality, another "spare the air" tomorrow, and likely on monday and tuesday.
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and the heat will finally recede next week. could be until possibly independence day and into the weekend. the setup, one high pressure keeping the low from coming our way, a thermal low. and a high pressure over the four corners region, pushing the dangerous heat and locking until our neighborhood. so overnight, also relief. fall back into the 60s in most maintains but on the other side of highway 4 from concord, mid-to-upper 70s around antioch, brentwood, and dover gay. it was clear today at our beaches. clouds trying to move in, in the morning, but quickly recede so another sunny day at the beaches. los gatos, gilroy, over 100. mid-90s elsewhere. peninsula, 100. 99 red but city, palo alto, 98.
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92, san ma -- san mateo. near 80 in downtown, south fran seasons, 85, sausolito. over 100 in santa rosa, east bay, 83 in berkeley to 93 in fremont. east bay, over 100 degrees. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. check out the temperatures staying well over 100 through at least tuesday. we'll flirt with 100 wednesday, but trop out of the 90s, back into the 80s wednesday. 60s on the coast on tuesday and wednesday, and then friday and saturday, temperatures back to average, good 20 degrees cooler. >> thank goods. 'm good weather for baseball. from one mike to another. >> mike: unless you have metal bats. the giants taking the june swoon to another
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>> mike: man, the giants need a win. a season high five straight losses, ten of the last 13, and 26 of the last 41. matt cain on the hill in colorado and after a rocky first inning he was -- gave up his on run in the first. cuddyer scores one. buster posey the only giant to bring in runs. double scores scutaro, 1-1, cain
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was able after the first, fanning the last 20 batters he faced. jeremy affeldt starts tonight. gets the loss. two outs again, arenado, up the middle. walkoff winner, giants lose their sixth straight game, 2-1. >> a's hosting the cardinals on coco crisp bobble head day. adam rain -- wainwright struck out eight. left in the fourth with hamstring tightness. tough loss for the a's. the bull pen surrendered seven runs, including this three-one bomb. we have one a's highlight. you don't get a bobblehead unless you make sliding basket catches like this, coco crisp, very nice, but the a's still fall. >> the first saturday at
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wimbledon were no major surprises. serena williams, 34th straight match win, the longest sense 2000. only last two games. serena, felt young in this matchup. after taking the first set, serena cruises in the second. she broke crumb five times in the match, including the final set. a miss-hit backhanded. serena advances to the round of 16. on the men's side, novak djokovic facing chairman -- jeremy charty. all over the court. nice little backhand winner there. novak on match point. djokovic wins straight sets. on to the round of 16 to face tammy haws.
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>> to the links, park looking to win her third major of the year some she is on her way. birdie putt on 14, perfect feed. bottom of the cup. 1-under 71 on the day. 10-under on the tournament. a four shot lead going into the final round on sunday. >> the 100 numb tour de france kicked off, stage one, 132 miles. with the riders less than 12 miles from the finish somehow his bus got on the course and stuck on the finish line. the bus managed to get free but immediately following that a major crash took out several riders including the top three sprinters. that paved the way for the german rider to sprint for the way and take stage one and the yellow jersey. they were talking to the riders and telling them, the finish line will be changed. it wasn't, and then that happened.
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there's no question the supreme court same-sex major rulings are a cover story but take a look at the upcoming cover. bert and ernie snuggle on the couch. tweet spiked yesterday. most think it's cute but not everybody. sesame street producers are inzigs that bert and ernie are just friend.
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that does it for us, thank you for joining us. hope to see you back here this is "world news." tonight, the record heat wave. this evening, cities and towns taking emergency steps. more than 100 rushed to the hospital as temperatures now spike well past 100. ginger zee on the giant system now locked in place. the phone call. president obama and the first lady in south africa tonight. why they're not visiting nelson mandela and what they offered on this phone call instead. the photo. he's the lawyer defending neighborhood watchman george zimmerman in the trayvon martin murder case. today after that knock-knock joke in court, explaining the message posted with this photo. and under fire. paula deen losing millions after admitting using racial slurs. tonight the other case. the newest alleged slur from


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