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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is "world news." tonight, getting personal. the president fleeing into the press room, challenging america about racial bias. talking about his own life. talking about trayvon martin. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> we follow up. is he right about race and bias in america today? the hottest day. firefighters reeling in the heat and linzie janis tonight on the fight to save a big resort town from the fire. real money. paula faris back tonight with a new tip from all of you on how to save hundreds of dollars. and a good evening to you on this friday night. without warning today, president
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obama decided to blow open the argument about race and bias in america. calling on the nation to do some soul searching. six days after the verdict getting personal, saying he could have been trayvon martin. afterwards, people across the country posted these images, side by side. and now abc's jim avila has this moment at the white house today. >> reporter: reporters scramble, the half empty white house press room jolted by a rare surprise visit from the president of the united states. >> do you think anybody else is showing up? >> reporter: after talking to his wife michelle and calling senior staff into the oval office, the president decided late yesterday to speak from the heart today about the case of trayvon martin. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that
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trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> reporter: in highly personal remarks, equal parts president and law professor, but mostly african-american male, barak obama reminded the country by the zimmerman verdict cut so deeply in the black community. >> the african-american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences. and a history. it doesn't go away. there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they're shopping in a department store. that includes me. >> reporter: obama did not challenge the verdict but did talk about how life experiences make african-americans question whether they are treated equally in the eyes of law. >> that all contributes, i think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that from top to bottom both the
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outcome and the aftermath might have been different. >> reporter: the president suggesting more could be done, police training to avoid racial bias. a review of stand your ground laws. the administration say may promote rather than prevent gun violence. and the bolstering of self esteem of young black men. dwnchts finally, it's going to be important for all of us to do some soul searching. >> reporter: in the end, president obama went personal again. heartened by the racial progress he sees from his daughter's generation. >> when i talk to my daughters, and i listen to their friends and i listen to their friends and i see them interact, they're better than we are. >> reporter: finally, invoking the constitution itself, as the nation continues a 230-year struggle with diversity. >> we're becoming a perfect -- more perfect union, not a
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perfect union. >> reporter: the president came to the press room carrying notes. no script. no teleprompter. his aids say he was speaking from the heart, we know he was speaking off the cuff. diane? >> jim avila reporting in tonight. thank you, jim. as we said, we wanted to take a closer look at questions of race and bias in america. and abc senior justice corespondent pierre thomas has that. >> reporter: the last image of trayvon martin was of him buying tea and candy. and minutes later, when george zimmerman saw him, he was committing no crime. many african-americans believe he was racially profiled. today, the nation's first african-american president talked about the indignity of being profiled and it got personal. he made it clear, it's happened to him. >> there are very few african-american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.
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>> reporter: the slights are daily and they don't go away, the president said. telling the country the african-american are looking through a different lens. many african-americans believe martin was singled out because of his race, and as a consequence, died because of his race. >> i don't want to be like trayvon martin's mom, burying my child. >> reporter: when we talked to middle class african-american mothers last year in the wake of martin's shooting, they told us they worried about their sons being unjustly targeted and that they had to teach their boys how not to be profiled. >> i tell them always you have to keep your hands out of your pockets because people will perceive that as threatening. or they may think you've stolen something. >> reporter: it's a long-standing problem. in 1991, abc news conducted an experiment where we sent a black man and a white man into a record store. the black man was followed by the store clerk. the white man was ignored. and it is still happening. this man talked about being feared, prejudged.
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>> sometimes when i'm on the metro, i'll walk right past them and they'll tighten up. >> today she reacted to george zimmerman's acquittal. >> sad. heartbroken. >> reporter: in this image circulating on the internet is asking a profound question, would things have been different if trayvon martin was white and george zimmerman black? tomorrow expect major demonstrations across the country. diane. >> thank you so much. now the president in this fray. and we move next to the heat tonight. the entire united states of america with the exception of four states caulking in at 90 degrees or hotter. and we sent our team out today to put the temperatures to the test and found a playground in washington, d.c., 114 degrees. a rooftop in chicago, 107. parking lot in boston, 102. tonight, abc's meteorologist ginger zee gives us tips from some of the hottest places in this very hot country.
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>> reporter: from chicago to jersey city, firefighters overcome by heat. some carried off on stretchers. not a record temp, but record power use in new york city. talk of outrage stretching to philadelphia. this family sitting in a car, their only source of ac. >> it's too hot to go back inside. i already took like seven showers already. >> reporter: roofers working with 400 degree tar collapsed. we found furnace-like conditions across the region. a parked car in cincinnati, 104. it was broiling on new york city streets. >> whoa. 103. that's hot. >> all of it forcing ingenuity to survive. these folks took one fan, one bowl of ice and you've got a boot-leg air conditioner. how about that ac unit attached to the car? and this pooch, filling up the pool himself. to really find out how to get by in these temps, we went to the experts.
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today, they were at least 123 degrees when we checked in on death valley. >> they'll have to put some kind of insulation on door handles to open them up. when you drive can be a real problem when you get in the car and the steering wheel can be too hot to touch. people do bring gloves or an oven mitt. >> reporter: only one more day that we'll have to have gloves and an oven mitt handy. at least on the east coast. today, boston's high record 99, la guardia made it to 100 around new york city. let me show you what the temperatures do. chicago will feel it here as the front passes tonight, that cold air really pushing on in as we get into the rest of the weekend. boston, 94 on saturday. but should drop to 85 on sunday. new york city 93 tomorrow. one more muggy steamy day. by the end of the weekend, so much more comfortable and much closer to average. diane? >> we're holding you to it. ginger zee reporting in. thank you. another note from out west, california where firefighters are battling to save the resort
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town of idyllwild near palm springs. linzie janis is there. >> reporter: firefighters on the ground are putting together packs of supplies for their colleagues who are on the front line of this fire. here we have 780 pounds of gear, also gallons and gallons of water. look over there, there's a 30,000 foot column of smoke, which has the potential to kick out embers as far as a mile away. another concern, dry lightning. it's like a thunderstorm without any rain. that lightning hits the ground and could possibly ignite and multiply that fire. diane? >> reporting in tonight from california. linzie janis. up next, the duelling portraits of the accused boston bomber causing an uproar tonight. one, that "rolling stone" cover, showing a portrait of the suspect. and now, new images of the desperate moments when dzhokhar tsarnaev was taught. a veteran police sergeant put his career on the line to release those pictures. why? here is ron claiborne.
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>> reporter: this was dzhokhar tsarnaev the night he was captured, wounded and bleeding. defeated. the red dot of a sniper's laser zeroing in on his forehead. theses searing images were made public by a police photographer at the scene that night. now angered by the "rolling stone" cover photo that infuriated so many americans who said it made the suspect look like a rock star. >> the dude gets in "rolling stone" a magazine that i've read since college. big problem for me. >> reporter: the pictures of his last moments on the run were published online by boston magazine and taken by sergeant sean murphy. murphy told the magazine, this is the real boston bomber. not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of "rolling stone". what sergeant murphy did violated state police policy. he was relieved of duty and is facing tougher disciplinary action. for murphy, it was about truth, not glamour. this was real, said sergeant murphy. real as it gets.
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ron claiborne, abc news, boston. as we head into this weekend, a film is opening a documentary taking a story we reported in the news. the death of a trainer at seaworld, killed by the animal she loved. tonight, a big reaction to what we've been learning. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: forget movie critics, the documentary blackfish is getting scathing reviews from seaworld. the zoological park calling it shamefully dishonest, deliberately misleading and scientifically inaccurate. "blackfish" tells the story of tilikum. a performing killer whale that's been associated with three deaths while in captivity. most recently the 2010 death of the seeworld trainer dawn. from playful to tragic, tilikum unexpectedly pulls her into the water, ultimately killing her. what led to that fateful moment is the premise of the new
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documentary. >> we thought killer whales are friends. we don't understand why a killer whale would essentially bite the hand that feeds it. >> reporter: the film questions if the years in cap taift triggered the aggressive behavior. seaworld is calling that and other claims egregious and untrue. he became entrusted in the novelty of the her ponytail, grabbed it and pulled her into the water. a her death, a tragic reminder of the mystery of these whales. linsey davis, abc news, new york. and still ahead here on "world news," real money team has found families thousands of dollars in savings. next, the new tip we learned from you that could save everyone a lot of money. and just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, nearly a dozen great white sharks swimming off the shores of cape cod. that's next. ♪
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our real money team has been traveling this week, showing us new ways to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars in household budget. abc's paula faris, criss crossing the country to help real families save some real cash. tonight, she's right back here at home. >> reporter: this week, we found four families nearly $6,000 in hidden real money. along the way, hearing from so many of you. >> unplug that. >> reporter: few tips in yesterday's show, the benard's no longer getting zapped by their energy bill. many from new jersey too. >> i implemented everything that she talked about there. >> reporter: plugging $900 back into their budget this year by using you flooded their website last night. >> yesterday people yugz myenergy already identified millions of dollars of utility bill savings. >> reporter: get this, one viewer turning up a new tip from our expert.
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how much energy is wasted with the kpiert running? the answer surprised us all, $200 a year. turn your computer off when you're not using it. this lady tweeting us a big thank you. after seeing how the whole family in boston saved $1,500 on their dental bill by using the ceo telling us today. >> we estimated that the savings generateed by this segment were over $700,000 today. >> using repairpal to find out how much those car repairs should really cost. our viewer, alex, from south carolina, telling us he is now calling around, too. this man from philadelphia, saying he will never get burned by bank fees again after seeing the strickland family story from chicago. they cashed in on 3,000 bucks by switching banks. and using to find the best credit card fit for their family. >> that's real money. >> reporter: that $6,000 for
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topping our "instant index" tonight, if one shark makes you wonder if it's safe to go back into the water, how about not one, not two, eight great white sharks spotted off cape cod. just hundreds of yards away from swimmers. they were caught on camera by helicopters circling overhead. one theory, all the heat is driving the seals in for food and the sharks that eat them closer to shore. beaches are putting up shark advisories offering tips. one, avoid seals. the sharks won't be far behind. avoid splashing. and leave the shiny jewelry at home. and the search is on, can you help us? do you know this woman? employees of a drum store in wisconsin say a mysterious grandmotherly woman walked in, sat down, and blew everybody away. ♪ ♪
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>> the employees say they have no idea where she came from or what her name is or even if she really is a grandma. and then she left. we just know there's a story out there somewhere. and the royal baby watch has everyone on a hair trigger, even british lawmakers. prime minister david cameron was handed a slip of paper during a meeting today. hush fell over the room. everyone thought it was baby news. no, there was a big cricket match underway and cameron just asked to see the score. >> and did you know that prince william will be the first royal dad to take paternity leave ever? he gets two weeks paid paternity leave from the military. and when we come back here, our "person of the week." he has turned hollywood on its head. and he has lessons for all of us about taking winning chances in your life. [ male announcer ] a bachelor's degree from devry university
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and finally tonight, our "person of the week" has rocked the entertainment world. his new series, "house of cards," just won nine emmy nominations. it's the first internet drama in history to do so. kevin spacey says, hollywood keeps making so many comic books and action movies, so he had a hunch people would find the thinking man thrillers on home screens. >> of all the things i hold in high regard, rules are not one of them. >> breaking rules, kevin spacey plays one of the most delicious villains of all time in "house of cards." >> you seem far too relaxed. you shouldn't be. >> and he did it on the internet. it's the theme of his life. take a risk for what you love. >> i would have to say i think that when you move toward the things that frighten you, when you walk down the road, you haven't walked down before, when
5:56 pm
you're more interested in the things you don't know than the things you do know, yeah, it's a little scary, but it opens new doors. >> and it's hard to find a door he hasn't passed through. did you know he's a singer? ♪ be careful, if he hears you run, he can nail you. who else would better impersonate jack nicholson than jack nicholson. >> another day, another $50,000. >> this is a walk-in. >> and it's still legend at "saturday night live" kevin spacey, doing chris wattkin, auditioning to be han solo. >> he tells me your looking for alderon system. >> it was very funny.
5:57 pm
a few months after i had done that saturday night live sketch, i ran into christopher walken at a party. i didn't know him all that well. and he walked up to me and he sort of looked at me with that remarkably blank face and he went, i saw your little sketch. it was funny, ha ha. >> kevin spacey, the kind of decathlon actor who won oscars for "the usual suspects" and for "american beauty." now this week celebrated for something new again. but he told us, he's been thinking about when he started out and one of the nicest guys in town, jack lemmon became his mentor and taught him, be sure to send the elevator back down to help others coming up. >> it's one of the great things about being an actor is that you get this chance to put yourself in other people's shoes, to live in someone else's ideas, to walk around in their clothes. and when you're forced to do that by your profession, it's a lot harder to be prejudiced. it's a lot harder to be intolerant. i always like to say because jack lemmon was such a big influence on my life and such a
5:58 pm
mentor, that if we all just kept a little twist of lemon in our hearts, we're going to be okay. >> but every new door can be a door to understanding and discovery. >> and so we choose kevin spacey. making history this week. we thank you for watching. we're always there at "the 20/20" will be here later and david muir right in this chair all weekend. hope you have a great one. good night. we're heart broken. we're in the business of saving lives. >> an apology from san francisco fire chief. the official cause of death of a young victim in the asiana plane crash. >> also, the frightening dispute in a hospital involving a baby, a mother and a dad with a gun.
5:59 pm
>> plus, new warning for residents near that massive wildfire above palm springs. 39,000 square miles, charred and no containment in site. -- sight. >> there is one thing to protest but a way to do thing was out hurting the community. >> a call for calm ahead of the planned demonstrations over the verdict in the george zimmerman case. oakland businesses prepare for the worst. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> tonight uptown area is bracing for another weekend of protests. no one knows what to expect and no one wants more violence and vandalism. mark matthews is live where organizers are predicting a massive protest tomorrow. >> and behind me, you can see
6:00 pm
people gathering for a march. as you said, police all promising this weekend will be peaceful. oakland businesses have been hard hit. tonight a fleet of vans parked outside waiting to ferry officers to wherever they might be needed. california bank and trufrt isn't trusting nouf take down the plywood to take down their windows. bank of america windows boarded up for the weekend. a lumber yard says businesses have playwood left over from occupy protests and tlt is around uptown. tribune building lost $6,000 worth of glass sunday when there was no protest. organizers are promising to make steps to make it peaceful. >> we're ending


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