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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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next at 5:00, the work goes on to get the new bay bridge ready for traffic. and the sunday afternoon traffic impact caused by the closure. we'll check you drive times. also, lawmakers sound off on the president's push to take action in syria. what happens if congress says no. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> the bridge is still on target for opening -- 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> with less than 48 hours to go, demolition is done, and we're seeing some of the finishing touches being put on the span. this is a like look where crews finished striping the lanes today, and work at the toll plaza is moving just as briskly. fresh paint has been applied
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there, too. everything is on track for the tuesday morning opening. good evening, i'm ama daetz. first, let's check traffic conditions around the bay area with sue hall. >> it's a grind getting into the city from the north bay. and this is fairly typical. let's take a live look, first to the golden gate bridge, where got a little fog settling down on she span but a 40-minute drive from sausolito to the toll plaza. getting to the bridge, golden gate, from the city side of things you're jammed up from 19th and 280. golden gate park, and lombard street and van ness is jammed as well. and san mateo bridge, another good alternate. golden gate, sluggish northbound but getting to the bridge from southbound is touch as well.
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a little slow traffic on san mateo bridge. a great alternate. >> ama: some of this weekend's work includes changes fast track users. john alston is live to show us what to expect. reporter: caltrans just wrapped up a news conference to let us know what is going on. demolition on annuals section of done unannealed section has been completed. they had some triping and paving to do. all is quite here at the toll plaza but it will about david stories tuesday morning. this is the new view as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. fast track drivers and cash payers are supposed to get in separate lanes earlier than before. the idea is to ease congestion, and there's an extra fast track lane if you get on the bridge from 880 or west grand avenue. >> we removed the toll booth that previously was here, so you
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get a little bit of open road tolling here. no more need to slow down to 25-miles-an-hour as you pass through the toll plaza. you can just continue at highway speed. >> workers continue chipping away at the old span in order to make room for the bike and pedestrian path on the new bridge. they'll install a temporary path heading into oakland until the permanent fixture is completed win a year. the tunnel on yerba buena island got a cleaning. caltrans is aiming to open the bridge tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> we are as hopeful as everything else that we can get the bridge opened before 5:00 a.m. but we don't want the public planning their commute based on what we hope. >> the chp is out in force make sure no one gets past the barricades, caltrans has stations nearby to help drivers figure out how to get across the bay. many were lured here by their gps systems. >> go back the way you came.
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>> did gps bring you here? >> yes. but it was very hard to reach here. >> with any roadway closure we see people come to the closures, sometimes they don't know what to do and they come into the cone areas. >> at 4:30 there will be a sir moanal chain-cutting at the toll peninsulas sacker then antique cars will head cross-the bridge. several hundred dignitaries, including some people here during the original dedication 75 years ago, and those who were here for the earthquake. that does not mean the bridge is getting ready to be opened. they'll have to sweep all of these lanes for debris, and then caltrans will give the public several hours notice before they finally open this up. live, john alston, abc7 news. >> ama: getting exciting. john has been sharing some great photos on twitter with great access to the construction, follow john on twitter@john
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alston abc7. >> people are turning to public transit. b.a.r.t. said yesterday was the second busiest saturday in the system's history with more than 278,000 drivers. trains run 24 hours through tomorrow night, and ferries were packed. golden gate ferry reports more than 3,000 riders turn to their boats yesterday. ferries to and from the east bay were considerably busier, and stay with abc7 news. we'll bring you the coverage the ceremonial chain-cutting ceremony on the new span, followed by the procession of the first cars to cross the bridge. you can also get a look at commuter resources, and abc7's real-time traffic map to see where the worst gridlock is. as soon as the bridge opens to the public we'll notify our twitter followers, follow up at abc7 news bay area.
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now we turn to the crisis in syria, and the threat of a u.s. military strike against the country. today the white house says it has proof the syrian government unleashed nerve gas during an attack last month. here's the latest. >> one day after president obama's surprise stepback from attacking syria. >> i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress. >> secretary of state john kerry hit five sunday talk shows defending the decision. >> this goes to the core of american credibility and foreign policy, and i believe the congress and the united states will understand that and do the right thing. >> and on abc's this week secretary kerry said there's no evidence that syria used deadly sarin nerve gas in the attack that the u.s. says killed over 1400 civilians. >> we have signatures of sarin
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in their care and blood samples. >> the white house is making its case in briefings for lawmakers. >> is this a reason to go to war? what is the objectives of going to war? what authorization are we actually giving our president? >> what will the president do if congress balks? >> will you still attack if congress does not approve. >> he dent answer the question. secretary kerry said mr. obama can still order a strike. >> the president of the united states has the right to take this action. doesn't have to go to congress. >> lawmakers are weighing in. >> this is a clear failure of leadership. if he feels so strongly and doesn't want to take the action himself, he should call us back into session tomorrow. we can't be waiting nine, ten days, and allowing syria to prepare for this. >> the president made the right decision. he rightfully recognized in the long run he and the country and the world would be stronger if congress was supportive of his activities. >> congress is back in
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washington september 9th. abc news, new york. >> ama: the united nations says independent scientists need more time to determine if syria actually used chemical weapons against its own people. >> the united nations mission is unique the capable of establishing in an impartial and credible manner the facts of any use of chemical weapons based directly on evidence collected on the ground, and that relates to chain of custody. >> ama: u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon asked the lead investigator to speed up the testing most. tomorrow several labs around europe will inspect evidence collected. there's so much more ahead, including new details on nelson mandela's health. he is still in critical condition. why doctors allow head --
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allowed him to go home. >> a party at pride. oakland place host to a crowded celebration. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. yesterday we talked about a chance of sprinkles for labor day monday. we'll see if they'll still be in our forecast. take
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>> ama: veteran british broadcaster david frost has died. frost is best known for his series of interviews with richard nixon after water gate. frost was on a cruise ship
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delivering a speech when he suffered a heart attack. he was 74-year-old old. nelson mandela is out of the hospitals' back home. he was admitted to a hospital on june 8th for a recuring lung infection. he is still in critical condition and will receive the same intensive care at home which has now been configured like his hospital room. mandela could still return to the hospital if his health deteriorates any further. >> back here in the bay, caltrain riders who drive to station parking lots should brace for a price hike. the daily parking rate goes up to $5 today. the monthly parking fee goes up to $50, ten dollars more than what commuters currently pay. cal trains says it's only raises parking fees once since 2005 and the higher fee is needed to cover the increased cost of maintaining a parking lot. >> thousands of people enjoyed oakland's pride celebration today. >> i'm having a great time.
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>> had a first-ever marriage pavilion where same-sex couples could tie the knot. many people took public transit. the main celebration is this evening. the afterparty will run into 1:00 in the morning. >> still ahead, young america's cup stand to watch their racing careers set sail. today, the race on the bay with up and coming sailors. >> and meteorologist leigh glaser has your forecast after the break. now here's a look at what is ahead on abc world news 5:30. >> coming up, the crisis in syria. what happened inside the white house. how the president surprised his own team, and inside syria they're saying we won. the dangerous driving in parts of this country tomorrow on labor day, the flashfloods coming already, pictures in, and consumer alert for anyone taking
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asset minimum
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>> ama: some of the world's top young sailors began competing on san francisco bay today. sailing fans gathered to watch the red bull youth america's cup. the cup features ten teams from eight countries. two of the teams come from california. racing continues through sunday, and the finals begin. >> it's time for a check on our weather was we head into the
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labor day holiday. >> leigh: hi there, everyone. we're definitely going to see some of those -- go ahead and switch my computer quickly -- going to see a chance of maybe a few isolated showers out there. there you go. just push the button and there's live doppler 7hd, and you can see for yourself that low clouds and fog moving inland. some of these clouds not producing any moisture. maybe a little bit of mist near the golden gate bridge. most of the low clouds and fog have actually been well to the east of us. you can see a closer look here as all of that is starting to stream in towards the bay. let me take you at bit closer. remember yesterday, lot of the moisture through the spine of the sierra. not so today. most has retrograded towards the east but tomorrow it could swing back in, giving us a chance of isolated sprinkles. here's a live look from san jose
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bureau. you can see the high and mid-level clouds. san francisco, 64. redwood city, 80. half moon bay, 64. another great shot here of the golden gate bridge. the cloud deck starting to lift just a little bit. but you better believe it is going to be foggy overnight. accept rosa right now, 79. 75 in novato. concord, 81. here's a look at the forecast highlights as our sutro cam is showing you the clouds that are moving across downtown san francisco. we'll go with increasing clouds overnight. fog at the coast and bay. cloud and mist for labor day, and a slight chance of a sprinkle testimony think a lot of people will see it. lows tonight, 60s inland, 50s around the bay area, and here's a look at the satellite radar composite and most of the moisture has started to move towards the east. some of these clouds will move back towards the west, and that's what we're going to keep a close eye on. tonight, cloud band extending
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across much of the bay area, and then as we work through the evening, this 5:00 tomorrow morning, chance of a few light sprinkles, mainly east and south bay locations, and then as we work our way to noontime, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, most of the clouds will start to fall apart. north bay, a little more sunshine. sausolito, art and wine fest, yeah. you're going with noontime, 64. and by 3:00 in the afternoon, sunny and mild. 68. here's a look at my accuweather temperatures for tomorrow. you'll see for yourself, antioch, 85. 73 for oakland, 66, san francisco, 80s in the north bay. more sunshine there. and san jose, 80 degrees. the seven-day forecast. coastal clouds on tuesday and then warm things up, hot heading into thursday, friday, and saturday. inland temperatures near 100 degrees. miniheat wave for you.
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shu is here with shots. the a's have been hot. >> they are, and looking to sweep tampa bay before the rangers come to town. coco crisp continues to swing a hot bat, and serena williams swinging away against sloan st
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>> mike: defending u.s. open champ serena williams must be getting tired hearing american sloan is the heir apparent.
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today, arthur e.r.a. stadium, filled with anticipation. serena won the first and cruised in the second, stevens just can't get back in time. serena up 4-1, 20-year-old stevens wasn't there for the second set. she air mails it into the crowd. serena won the break. and serve for the match. now, on match point. stevens. will find the net. serena advances to the qualifies for the 11th time in flushing meadow. looking for her 17th major title. >> third round for the defending champion. andy murray had no trouble. last year's u.s. open was his first ever major victory and is 29-2 over his last five grand slam tournaments. he moves on in straight sets. ways looking to sweep tampa bay before the rangers come to town. tomorrow, texas a loser so theways will be a game back in the west with a victory.
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a's raided 61 grand for breast cancer awareness day and then treated the fans to a home run derby. coco crisp. see ya. and griffin, seven innings, seven strikeouts, got help from the defense in the seventh, jennings singles, cespedes with the throw. still 2-1. bottom half of the inning, vogt goes long. a's one game back. with the 5-1 victory, sweeping the rays. >> we're excited. we feel like we have been playing good ball, and we're excited to get to the ballpark every day, and like i said, feeling good and we're in a good grove right now and looking to keep that going. >> giants looking to take two out of three from the d-backs. petit. allowed two runs on seven hits. a career high ten ks, offense
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does their part. sanchez, three rbi on the day, two on this double. in the fifth, hunter pence. his team-leading 17th homer of the year. two rbi day for hunter, the giants take 2-3 in the desert. 82-the final. >> the raiders surprised it all keeping two punterred today but today they released veteran cliff and kept king. and raider released tyler wilson who was breathe out by the free agent, and mcclain and defensive bran off the waivers. >> third around of the deutsche bank championship. steve stricker, birdie here on 1. 3 back. henrik stensen always in contention on sunday. birdie putt, two back. they're all chasing sergio. shot a 6-under 65, 19 under on the tournament heading into monday's final round.
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take a look at back at cal's tough loss last night at 6:00. hope to see you then. >> ama: still ahead, unhinged. we'll take you to the
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. two hunters helped capture a man suspected of setting brush fires. and the solution to jet lag
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could be found in a mouse. a sell operation for beloved seafood dish. oyster enthusiasts unhinged their love for the delicacy. it's the fifth time the restaurant has thrown a big party in the honor of the sustainable variety of the oyster. provides go to a foundation which protects oceans and beaches. that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. see you back here at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, the poison revealed. the obama administration now saying it was sarin gas that killed more than 1,000 in syria, hundreds of children. where this new evidence comes from. and tonight, inside the white house, the moment the president surprised his team. and will the president act even if congress votes not to? flash floods. the dangerous storms hitting both coasts. and why millions of americans driving home tomorrow will find themselves in the middle of it. deadly levels. the stunning headline this sunday from the crippled fukushima plant. radiation levels 18 times higher than anyone thought. it can kill in hours. and tonight, what does it mean for america's shoreline? and a consumer alert tonight for the millions of americans who take acetaminophen. the new warning about to appear on bottles of tylenol. "world news" starts now.


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