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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, happy labor day, it is 5:00 a.m. on this on and here is the cite you will not see again after this morning: empty toll plaza at the bay bridge. we are 24 hours away from the scheduled opening. traffic should be flowing on the new span. thanks for joining us, i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with the forecast. >> friday we talked about a chance of showers today. headed across 205 and 580 to the west of tracy, there is mist reaching the ground. it is probably not much. around pittsburg and bay point,
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a few sprinkles are possible in that area moving to the northeast away from us. i will keep sprinkles in the forecast through the morning and it will be partly sunny this afternoon 60's along the coast to san francisco and richmond and 70's around the bay and 80's inland. now a check on the commute. leyla gulen? >> we are starting off with a fatal crash in san jose and this is on surface streets, not the freeways but the at intersection of 1st street and the intersection is shut down until further notice. all freeways in the area are moving along at top speed. also, mass transit is running on a holiday schedule for some ferries and other ferry will run with extended service so make sure you check our website for all details. here is a picture of walnut creek southbound 680 making the drive from highway 4 to the 24 junction moving at top speeds
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and empty. >> breaking news from the south bay, two people are dead after a head-on collision in san jose. abc7 news matt keller is on the scene. matt? >> san jose police confirmed the past 20 minutes the two fatal victims at the crash are women. you can see a blue tarp is still over the toyota because the passenger is still inside. firefighters are, working to get the doors off the vehicle in this video. a silver mercede was southbound on north 1st and it slammed into the toyota turning left. the driver of the mercedes ran off. the vehicle has not been reported stolen. officers are checking with area hospitals to see if anyone has come in with injuries consistent with a car accident. all of the area is blocked off
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and the southbound lane of north first are blocked. police are going to be on the scene for the next couple of hours. >> at this time tomorrow, the new eastern span of the bay bridge should be open for business. crews continue to work to meet the tuesday deadline. abc7 news amy hollyfield is at the toll plaza. so far, so good? >> the updates are good, katie. they will feel confident. they say you could drive on the bridge right now and it could handle traffic. they want it to be perfect. expect them today to work again as they are working right now around-the-clock to smooth out the rough patches and get stuff done they normally have trouble getting to such as cleaning the
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tunnel. they changed the lights inside the tunnel. officials can get four months of work done in four days when the bridge is closed. it looks good. it seems like it is about ready. the question is: will it open early? word now from caltran is they are sticking to the 5:00 a.m. scheduled opening tomorrow. >> we don't want the public planning for phantom early open that may never come to pass. they should plan their morning commute, their run trips, from their holiday weekend vacation based on a 5:00 a.m. opening. >> officials are holding a big ceremony today to mark this occasion and after the ceremony, they are expected to announce the opening time and whether that has changed. although they are saying 5:00 a.m. now because they want planners -- drivers planning accordingly we will see if it changes.
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today the focus is on finishing the striping and the bicycle path and getting everything ready so the big moment and take a moment to celebrate. >> thank you, and check out these images of progress on the bay bridge from earth cam showing 42,000 work hours from 2008 to 2013 time-lapsed down to four minutes. you can see the video at >> the new span costs nearly $6.5 billion with construction going in 2002 and it has taken a decade to complete. the span is designed to last 150 years. >> stay with abc7 news for coverage throughout the bridge closure and we will stream this morning's 8:00 news briefing on and the official chain-cutting ceremony is at 3:00 a.m. and we will have coverage and when the bridge opens to the public we will notify our twitter followers at
5:06 am we will start early tomorrow for the first morning commute after the bridge opens and take you on a tour for a front row seat. we will have traffic updates with leyla gulen tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. right here on abc7 news. >> occupy protesters are planning a rally and march in san francisco this labor day after catching in fronts of the san francisco reserve building on market street. organizers of a coalition of bay area occupy protests say they plan to hold a general acoliseumbly today and march at 3:00 p.m. to the federal research near the foot of market street and the embarcadero. union members from through the bay area will gather in alameda to celebrate labor day at the annual holiday picnic and a number of political leaders will attend including assembly speaker but no speeches. organizers say the focus is if
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workers and their families to mingle and enjoy the picnic. >> in contra costa county the family of a fan shot and kill is pleading for witnesses to come forward and help in the investigation. a large crowd turned out last night to honor the life of the man. the 36-year-old was riding his bicycle on friday night near the housing project when he was killed. he was found lying in the street with at least one gunshot wound. family members say he was a loving and caring person always willing to lend a hand. >> boater fishing for crab in the bay is dead after getting tangled up in rope. marin county fire officials discovered the body on the beach. the man was dropping a crab pot in the bay and he got entangled in the rope used to lower the pot and it dragged him in the water. he was not wearing a life jacket. >> california lawmakers will return from labor day break tomorrow and begin a final push before it adjourns accept 13. lawmakers will deliberate and
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vote on hundreds bill that survived eight months of hearings, lobbying votes, back room deals and parliamentary maneuvering. it is also a time when watch dog groups will be on the lookout for measures that spring to life withoutening vetted by committees. >> mike has the holiday forecast. >> we will start by showing you the day planner the next 12 hours, we are looking at sprinkles, 60 to 64 degrees this morning and by noon, still some sprinkles but they will taper at 66 to 76 and we will be partly sunny in the afternoon and 66 to 84 and during the evening hours, it will be quiet, 64 to 76. live doppler 7 hd shows it is still tracking some of those light showers, especially the showers near tracy, to the eat, coming through the altamont pass this could be a little moisture on the ground there, and, also,
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around bay point, into concord, that is where the best radar returns were a second ago, so, sprinkles are possible. we will look at what is going to happen as we head through the next three days, it will be mild again tomorrow with high clouds and wednesday into thursday you can see a little bit of a warming trend is on the way. leyla gulen, good morning. >> good morning, mike, our drive in the north bay traveling along the richmond san rafael bridge we have volume building and you can see yellow developed by the toll plaza and red, in fact, and over to san rafael we are moving along at top speed. and 101 through mill valley into sausalito through the waldo tunnel toward the golden gate bridge, you are going to be covered in fog there, so, be very careful and make sure you use the low beams and not the high beams but we have clear conditions and no accidents to report. 280 ambassador from daly city,
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at the 101 and the 280 extension to the city, at king street, the nine minutes get you clear conditions for the labor day holiday and we will look at san jose and it is quiet as we make the drive northbound away from 17, just a couple of cars in the north direction. >> thank you, leyla gulen at 5:10. forget the internet, young people are turning for budgetans in the bloomberg business report is ahead. >> new details about the n.s.a. controversial spying program, the foreign presidents the united states has bugged. >> and what nasa scientists hope
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>> covering be19, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, you are looking from our emeryville camera at the new span of the bay bridge all lit up as crews work with the deadline closing around still planning for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow opening of the new span. >> the taliban says any are behind a suicide bomb attack on a military base in afghanistan. nato confirms there was a series of explosions and gun battle outside the base which is near the afghanistan and pakistan border. no americans or nato personnel were killed but a key road used to bring if supplies has been shut down by the battle. >> ousted egyptian president
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morsi will stand trial for allegedly inciting the killing of protesters outside the president last and tried along with 14 other members of the muslim brotherhood including his top aides and lead members of his political party. morsi was ousted july 3 after millions of people took to the streets demanding he step down. >> a new report claims the united states national security agency spy program directly targeted leaders of brazil and mexico by monitoring internet and telephone traffic. the report aired last night on a brazil beyond television station. american journalist who lives in rio de janeiro helped produce the story for a news program that quotes documents provided by n.s.a. leaker edward snowden as the source of the claims. >> nasa is going back to the moon this week and unmanned probe is scheduled to take off friday from virginia which will search for water molecules in the atmosphere and will gather information about dust to see if it accounts for the glow. this is the final mission to the
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moon that nasa has scheduled but some members of congress want to see a manned mission back to moon. >> the t.s.a. has something to help travelers headed home from the labor day woke. here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, today lots of american are headed to airports and if you want to avoid headaches and delays there is an app which can tomorrow you keep travel policies and procedures handy and check out wait times at security. it look like travelers have had enough fun in the sun for now with price line looking at labor day trends of the last 11 years and found that big cities, including new york, chicago and las vegas are top destinations, now relaxing areas with a bone. the list is based on booking requests rather than consumer preference polls. >> the me generation may not do everything online after all, with the majority retail dollars not spent on the internet but at bridge and mortar stores.
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they are on tighter budgets and mt. is says they are flocking to dollar stores, drugstores and thrift shops to save money. >> samsung could show off the new smart watch this week. pictures from tech blog show what is expected to look like, look for yourself, a source says the watch features a special display 3" wide with a camera and internet access and speakers. apple and sony are working on several devices and samsung will introduce the watch on wednesday. >> facebook could be about to seven up million dollar video ads for major consumer brands while there is no announcement yet from headquarters wall street is all abuzz with the adds selling for $1 million because of the 1.1 billion
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users. >> mike has the weather. you have some sprinkles? >> we will show you what is going on with sprinkles away the altamont pass, tracy, and some of the wine country to the south of live more and around bay point but, notice, it is moving away from us and it will continue to do so, but more may develop as we have a moist southwestern flow over the top of us and we do nut have much in the way of fog this morning. good news is it is mild when you step outside and fairly question it but for the sprinkles. you can see the wind blowing on shore as ouring ins are going to the left side of the screen off to the east. now, what is going on today, spring els and partly sunny this afternoon with humid air and dry air is more comfortable air, that arrives tomorrow. we have a warming trend this weekend that could be the first
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offshore event of the fall senator. it could also bring us a higher fire danger but that is five or 60's days something, somewhere well keep an cry on. our temperatures show 75 in milpitas and 83 in los gatos is the spread across the main part of the santa clara valley. and you can see 85 in morgan hill and 88 in gilroy and 80 headed to santa cruz and 72 in millbrae. low-to-mid 60's along the coast and daly city, and colma, 62 and around 66 downtown to 70 in south san francisco and sausalito at 69 this afternoon and everyone else is in the upper 60's to low 80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 60's along the beaches and 67 in richmond and 72 at berkeley. headed in the east bay valleys, low-to-mid 80's. speaking of sausalito, the festival continues, the art festival, 62 degrees this
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morning and we may top out with sunshine and mild temperatures around 70 but the chilly breeze kicks in and at 5:00 it will kick down to 67 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow a lot like today without the sprinkles and the high humidity. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, a warming trend with the above-average temperatures well behalf the weekend. it will be a good day today. leyla gulen? >> i hope so and i hope the roads don't get too wet or slick. we do have this report of a brand new accident, northbound along the nimitz at 98th avenue and it sounds like it is pushed over to the shoulder and we do not see delays in the area but it is there. if you are traveling to the maze you are running at top speeds and not a problem and out of walnut creek over to lafayette we are looking at top speeds, as well, so you will see clear traffic into the tunnel and because of the labor day holiday we do not have construction so nothing to slow you down and
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nothing to be too cautious about this in that respect but as we look at our drive time traffic westbound 580 between tracy and dublin we are under 30 minutes and highway 4 is in if shape and 101 san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. the san mateo bridge shows a hazy picture but traffic is empty in the westbound direction to the high-rise and to the peninsula, a huge change from last week. seven things to know use start your day and a big announcement is expected by middletons consumers addicted to the internet. that's "america's money." have a great day, everyone. i'm diana perez.
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>> good morning, everyone, 5:23 on the morning news, 24 hours away from the opening of this new section of the bay bridge. you cannot even see the old section, the flights are completely off but they are working an the clock to get ready for the opening. here are seven things to know today. >> breaking news, police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash that killed two women this morning in san jose, police say a silver mercedes slammed into a toyota and the driver of the more said took off. >> two, the bay bridge is on track to were by tomorrow morning at 5:00 and a chain-cutting ceremony begins at 3:00 followed by a parade of antique cars. it could open early but do not plan on it. >> train operators and other
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union workers accuse bart of not taking contract talks seriously. bart says the union has not responded to the latest offer. >> rebound is trying to convince congress that the united states should take military action for allegedly using chemical weapons against its own people and he and republican senator yom kippur will discuss the issue at the white house today. >> five, super swimmer is making her 5th and final attempt to swim 112 miles from cuba to florida and will make it ten miles out from the beach in key west 35 miles more than anyone has ever swam before. >> pretty quiet, and there is the possibility of sprinkles for the only commute and summer heat for this coming week. i will have that more on the seven-day forecast. >> no need to swim across across the bay with holiday light
5:25 am
conditions if you need to make it across the richmond-san rafael or dumb did you, that is the toll plaza behind me, another quiet day and we will see cars rolling through tomorrow. >> it is 5:25, kate middleton's little sister could be planning a royal weapon. pippa middleton is secretly engaged to her stockbroker boyfriend of six months, and the 35-year-old popped the question months ago but they decided to delay the announcement am after kate gave birth. it will be made formal after the 30th birthday on friday. we are in london with the inside scoop with more coming up on america america at 7:00 a.m. >> in china we have new video, show and tell as a in old baby panda met the media. the weight and temperature and size was measured and he, or she; doing just fine. experts say it is kind of hard
5:26 am
to determine the gender of a baby panda during the first year but the preliminary judgment says it is a girl. it will be a while before the baby appears in public. >> a perfect panda age. when they are first-born...too small. >> then a couple years later, 250 pounds. >> we continue with the top stories at 5:30, with smoke-filled skies greeting visitors on this labor day weekend and the new f.b.i. fighters are making and when the films could be put out once and for all. >> and the impact on weekend drivers for the bay bridge. >> you are look at the san mateo bridge with headlights and tail lights there and a decent amount of cars on the road for a holiday morning but for slow down to speak
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy labor day. thanks for spending it with us. >> maybe you have picnics or barbecuing on tap today. >> we have live doppler 7 hd killed up on the extreme east bay, and moving into the central valley where the sprinkles are moving right now. it is coming out of tracy and across the altamont pass you may find a slick spot as we have a better radar return from yellow to orange. some of the higher elevations may have made it to the ground and this is evaporating and upstream you can see it could be coming our way with sprinkles through the or. it looks like we will have partly sunny conditions in the afternoon, 78 to 86 inland and
5:30 am
low-to-mid 60's from the coast to san francisco. leyla gulen? >> we have a fender bender in the east bay along the nimitz northbound direction at 98th avenue the off-ramp has a two car crash. it looks like it could be blocking the lane. they are trying to get it pulled to the shoulder. southbound the nimitz we have a slight tap on the break coming away from that scene. into fremont, southbound 880, someone last a load of laundry. hopefully they will get that picked up. be careful if you are driving through that area. as we take you into castroville we have this report of a fatality unfortunately another one, this remain on, that were had twoures ago northbound highway one at 156 an active scene until further notice. >> this time tomorrow the new eastern span of the bay bridge should be open for business so the whole bridge will be open for business. crews are continuing to work
5:31 am
furiously to meet the tuesday morning deadline and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the toll plaza the so far, so good? >> officials say they are happy with the progress. things are going smoothly they say. today they plan to pause and celebrate this moment. here is a picture of what it looks like out this right now. crews are out there working to get it all finished by tomorrow when they plan to were it. they say you could drive across it now but you would have some rough spots so they will spend today getting the last-minute details just perfect and they have taken advantage of the closing so they can get work done that usually is tough to pull off with traffic like changing the light bulbs inside the tunnel and power washing the tunnel so it is pretty for the big opening. bay area residents say they are looking forward to the big open ing. >> i will be happy to go on the bay bridge just to see how spectacular the new bridge is
5:32 am
and to see the view. it will be exciting. i can't wait to go. >> when will traffic be allowed to cross the big bridge? that is the big question. it is right now scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow morning and officials say don't plan for an earlier opening, listen if that 5:00 opening but they tell us they will announce today what time it will be opening and they will announce that after the big ceremony today which is set for 3:00 this afternoon and big aniaries will be on the bridge to celebrate the opening and they will announce opening whether it will be 5:00 tomorrow morning or earlier so, stay with us we are following that detail very closely and we know that is what everyone is looking forward to finding out. >> so much suspense. for those driving on this holiday it is the last day to endure heavy traffic without the bay bridge. the closure can be felt on roads
5:33 am
and streets leading for and from the alternate routes and doyle drive in san francisco was bumper-to-bumper traffic yesterday as was the approach from marin backed up to are maen city and the changing of the lanes configuration, traffic was heavy all day long and into the evening. people are relying on public transit to avoid that to get around the bay bridge closure. saturday was bart's second business of the saturday in history with 278,000 rider. trains are running 24 hours a day through tonight during the shutdown. >> ferries are running at capacity and golden gate ferry reports 3,000 more riders turned to the ferries. >> we will have live coverage throughout the bridge closure streaming this morning's 8:00 briefing on and the official chain-cutting ceremony is at 3:00 p.m. with live
5:34 am
coverage right here on abc7 news and when the bridge opens to the public we will notify our twitter followers so do follow us at abc7 news bay area. also, tomorrow morning, we will be starting early for the first morning commute after the bridge opens. you do not is to leave home, we will give you a tour and you can see it firsthand and we will have traffic updates all morning tomorrow morning at 4:00 right here on abc7 news. >> breaking news in the south bay, two people are dead after a head on hit-and-run crash if san jose. police say two women were killed in a crash. here is video of firefighters trying to get to the passenger working to get the doors off the vehicle. police believe a silver mercedes was traveling southbound on north 1st and it slammed into the toyota. the driver of the mercedes ran off before police arrived and several streets in the area are closed and abc7 news reporter is on the scene with more at the
5:35 am
top of the hour. >> train operators and other union workers accuse bart of not taking contract talks seriously and will release more details in a labor day rally today. three unions are making the accusations, a strike was narrowly averted when a judge ordered a 60-day cooling-off period. there have no no negotiations since august 10 and talks do not resume for another week. bart flames the unions saying they have not responded to the agency's latest contract offer and they say the mediator sets the schedule. >> president obama is spending part of the labor day at top level meetings on the crisis if syria trying to convince lawmakers a military strike is the right chance. rebound is pushing for military action against syria's regime for allegedly using chemical weapons against its own people. yesterday, secretary of state john kerry said there is evidence that sarin gas was used. john mccain and president obama will meet today to discuss
5:36 am
options. >> cops of congress of the united states overriding a decision of the president of united states of in magnitude are very, very serious. >> the obama administration briefed dozens of members of congress on the situation in syria and some of them say they need more evidence. >> $10,000 reward is leading to the arrest of a person who shot and killed an oakland man outside an apartment complex on daisy street, the 48-year-old victim was visiting a friend when according to police he got if a physical altercation with another man who shot him. >> east palo alto police are looking for two shooters who fired more than 30 shots interest a house wounding two teens. the san mateo county "shot spotter" was activated 31 times saturday night. officers found an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old both shot but expected to recover. police say the shootings appear to have stemmed from an early
5:37 am
road rage incident. >> arson suspect is this custody in sonoma county because of alert deer hunters. hunters spotted a plume spoke coming from the hills yesterday morning and soon after, smoke began rising from another spot. then the hunters knew something was wrong. >> i asked my buddy, i didn't hear no dry lightning and after that we started watching and we saw the fire flare and that was the first fire and a couple of minutes later we seen a dog and a guy come down the road and he grabbed a pile of brush and walked to the side of the road and started another fire. >> the hunters confronted the man and held him until authorities arrive identified at 28-year-old james novak and has been connected to two grass fires in the area. >> the rim fire burning in yosemite national park is now the 4th largest fire this california history. the rim fire blackened 351 square miles since it break out august 17.
5:38 am
firefighters are making good progress and have it 45 percent contained and hope to have it fully contain by next week. the costs have topped $66 million. >> the labor day weather forecast from mike. >> live doppler 7 hd shows radar runs and satellite returns showing mostly moving away from us. if you are coming through the altamont pass it could be wet. also, around bay point, and pittsburg, possibility of moisture reach the ground with a few radar runs to the southwest although it cannot take us completely out the sprinkles but that is all it will be for the next 12 hours, mild temperatures and low-to-mid 60's and humid especially from our standards and sprinkles through noon and mid-60's to mid-70's from the cost inland and by 4:00 we will be partly sunny and mid-and high level clouds but humid at 66 at the coast and 76 around the bay and decent during the evening
5:39 am
hours but it could be uncomfortable because of humidity and watch out, like yesterday, with the mid-to-upper clouds, there will be colorful sunsets and make sure you tweet them to us or send them to us. >> tomorrow is a lot like yesterday without the sprinkles and the humidity were drops and we get a slow swarming trend for wednesday and thursday. that is the forecast for now. how is the traffic? >> we do have mass transit running on holiday schedule, bart is running on 24 hour schedule until the bay bridge re-opens and you may want to check our website to make sure that you get where you need to be in the right amount time. as we head to the east bay and the drive from castro valley along 238 to san lorenzo it is building with volume at the san mateo bridge at 54 miles per hour approaching the tolls and then it picks up speed as we continue over to the high-rise and interest foster city at 13
5:40 am
minutes getting you from hayward. as we take you to san jose, it looks like the entire trip is moving along at top speed 101 to 85 not seeing any problem and the drive from tracy to dublin is moving fine and it will just take 25 minutes to head over to the dublin interchange. katie and eric? >> thank you, leyla gulen. happening overnight in the home stretch to florida, the 5th time could be the charm for marathon swimmer. >> dramatic video a car is pushed away by flood wall streets in southern california and we will show
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:43 this is from our camera on yerba buena island at the empty and new span of the bay bridge scheduled to open no later than 5:00 tomorrow morning. the chain-cutting ceremony is at 3:00 p.m. with live coverage. crystal clear, though, great commuters weather. >> no brakes when the bay bridge reops. the normal rules apply when the bridge opens.
5:44 am
look, this is drive across the new eastern span look and if you are tempted to pull over on the shoulder or center median to snap photos of the view, don't do it. >> it is illegal and unsafe for any vehicle to pull over on to the shoulder or center median for anything other than an emergency situation. we want to remind people that violation if cited is a moving violation and a point on your record. >> c.h.p. points out the drivers can be cited for distracting driving if they try to take pictures with their cell while drive across the bridge. >> plans for a patent office have been shelved in the south bay. there was word in july it would be built but the government changed its mine because of budget cuts. the united states has one patent office with a backlog of 590,000 patent applications and the new office was intended to ease the load. silicon valley filed more
5:45 am
patents that any region in the world. >> american endurance swimmer diana my -- nyad is making another attempt to swim from cuba white house a shark cage and she could make it. the previous attempts to swim the 112 miles to the florida keys have been cut short by jelly fish. this morning she has less than ten miles to go and it is now estimated she will western -- will finish between 1:00 o'clock and 3:00 pacific time. >> tropical weather has triggered flash flooding and this morning, power has been restored to were of boston after tropical weather dumped 3" of rain if less than two hours. streets were blooded and themes knocked out power to hundreds with flash floods in the desert of southern california and nevada with a car washed away in the desert. the driver escaped unharm just
5:46 am
in time. that is good news. avoid that if you do not drive into the flash flooding. this time of the year, folks know that it is possible to just turn around and not drown. >> sprinkles here. a chance of that? >> a chance, yes, hearing a lot about humidity. so, hopefully we can get rid of that. >> now, the frizz factor is high because of the humidity translating into sprinkles but notice the radar runs are outside of our neighborhood and they are moving off to the northeast away from us. our lowest visibility at half moon bay is only eight miles per hour so that is good news. from our roof camera you can see the mid-and high level clouds looking back to the port of oakland to the southeast and the winds are blowing out mostly on shore and that is the southwest to northeast wind that is bringing the extra humidity in here and giving us the chance of sprinkles this morning. it should be partly sunny this afternoon. dry air arrives tomorrow and we
5:47 am
have a warm weekend ahead, a warm week, and a warmer weekend and the warmth could pick up this week with a fire danger start telling show up and we will watch that. our remain what of the day to the south gilroy at 88 degrees and we have a lot of low-to-mid 80's around san jose and los gatos and cupertino, and morgan hill, and santa cruz and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's. up the peninsula we start at 80 in los altos and redwood city and everything else in the mid-to-upper 70's and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and 66 in downtown and 70 in south san francisco and 69 in south sausalito and the north bay valley is the cool spot and petaluma is 78 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's and low-to-mid circuit along the beaches and 72 in berkeley and everyone else in the mid-70's. the east bay valleys we have low-to-mid 80's today. if you are going to the game, it is a day game and a fight for first place with the rangers in
5:48 am
town take on the a's and 105 at 70 degrees and 73 with high clouds and sun ryan the u.v. index is high during the game. tonight, the temperatures are coolest up north and long the cost mid-50's to upper 50's and in san francisco, as well, and everyone else low-to-mid 60's with dry air filtering in, so, maybe tomorrow not a last fog. maybe low clouds and marine layer but that is it. temperatures pump up on wednesday but especially friday and saturday when the first offshore wind event of the season could materialize. >> we have 14 our bart trains running on time and the rest of the mass transit running on a holiday schedule and some the mass transit so check out our website and our traffic resources to make sure the scheduled trips work with yours. along highway 37 from vallejo, and toward the point you can see we are at top speeds and traffic
5:49 am
is building slowly there. through marin county from santa rosa it is a little bit of yellow indicating volume building but 52 miles per hour is the top speed through mill valley and san rafael with top speeds, there, and a look outside, here is a picture of your walnut creek commute along 680 southbound, traffic is building ever-so-slightly on the labor day holiday but mostly you are clear at nine minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction. eric? >> thank you, developing news from japan where a disturbing report suggests that radiation from the fukushima nuclear power plant is worse than thought. the report says that tens of thousands of gallons of highly radioactive water are leaking in the pacific and being carried west by the tides and scrap needs fours say the radiation level is 18 times higher than originally thought enough to
5:50 am
kill someone after four hours. there are fears that the contaminated waters could reach our shores in less than a year. had year's burning man festival is considered a huge success. >> how man man is responsible for driving up the price of the chicken wings you could be barbecuing for labor day. >> the cell phone industry could see a multibillion dollar takeover b
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> not everyone is taking the labor day holiday off. a report fines that this is a favorite holiday for auto thieves. according to the national united states crime bureau roe -- crime bureau, labor day is a top time for car thieves with cars stolen every 43 seconds and the claims climbed the day after labor day. the chances of getting your car back after being stolen, less than 50 percent. "the birds" is still celebrating where it was filmed in bodega bay with the 50th anniversary held today with special events, and admission is free. lead actress tippi, now 83, will sign autographs this afternoon.
5:54 am
she has returned once or twice a year if a decade. >> scary still. >> we have a new tv outtake for you on saturday, 49ers great ronnie lott was on the set when this happened. lott stumbled off the set. don't worry the super bowl champion and hall of famer is fine and being the pro he is, he and the chair were back if an upright position and he went on with the show. he probably layed the smack down on someone. >> we not that close to the edge here on our step. >> you throw your wallet and we will see if you fall over. i would never. we will throw it to mike. >> bring it over here.
5:55 am
about that, the sausalito art festival continues at 9:00 this morning with drizzle possible, and 10:00 we are looking at sunny conditions and 70 at 2:00, and 67 at the end of the festival coming up at 5:00. we have poor air quality for most of the southern half of the central valley and thunderstorms around tahoe and reno if you are headed this way and 75, and 89 in sacramento and 98 in fresno. >> we have a report of a brand new accident that will be in the santa cruz mountains along highway nine at highway 35 with a solo vehicle crash facing the wrong direction in the southbound lane. it is right here in santa cruz mountains and along highway nine, southbound lane at highway 35 so, want out for that.
5:56 am
the bridge is looking busier because it is the major alternate and the richmond-san rafael bridge for another day. the price of chicken wings is higher because of mcdonald's ready to serve millions of them of course they have been baying up chicken wings for a year and a half but according to bloomberg business report it is all to gear up for a week from today when they roll out mighty wings. mcdonald's plans to serve a grand total of 250 million chicken wings. the appetite for buying them up is pushing up whole sail prices. >> verizon will announce it is buying back verizon wireless for $130 billion a british company that owned 45 percent of verizon wireless. it would be the third largest
5:57 am
corporate takeover ever and the change is not expected to have an impact on verizon customers. >> in south africa a wild seen for tourists observing elephant when a female charged the jeep. you can see how hard the impact was. she flipped the jeep over before retreating back to the herd and the three people in the jeep were okay. >> elephants are my all time favorite animal. still. a big day for the new bridge with festivities taking place ahead of the scheduled opening. >> two people are killed in an overnight hit-and-run crash in the south bay with a report from the scene. >> making sure the cell phone works when disaster strikes seven-day outlook and "consumer reports" reveal the simple steps you can take to make sure your phone works when
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv
6:00 am
broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> two women are killed in an overnight hit-and-run crash if san jose and what police are reviewing about the investigation. >> the empty bay bridge toll plaza with cars moving to the eastern span and where construction stands right now. >> just released numbers show san francisco's festival is more popular than ever and a windfall for the city and the concert organizers. >> 6:00 a.m. on this labor day monday and i am eric thomas. >> i am katie marzullo here for kristen. we have more in a moment on the bay bridge, but, first, two women are dead after a head on crash if san jose and now police say it was a hit and run driver who is responsible. mercedes ran off while the driver and passenger of the devote were killed in the crash. we arr


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