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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 2, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> kgo 7 soviet unions. >> good morning, everyone. i am katie marzullo and we start with developing news from the south bay, police are searching for the driver of a mercedes after two women were killed in a crash this morning. it happened at 1st street just two blocks from foes -- san jose >> the roads have opened up in the past hour or so as police are investigating this. they are trying to find a man wanted for the fail hit-and-run
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crash that killed two women. san jose police have the car. they do not have the driver. this silver mercedes was towed at 9:20 this morning. six hours earlier it slam into this toyota as the women tried to turn on to the drive. >> he was doing cpr on an individual and the ambulance pulled away with sirens off. so i don't know if he made it or not. >> the female driver died at the hop. firefighters pulled and pried at the toyota to get to the passenger trapped inside. she died at the scene. the dry of the more said ran off before the officers arrived and the traffic investigation unit determined the driver of the mercedes is a man although our research reveals the car is registered to a woman. >> it is a tragic event. we are investigating this and trying to determine who the suspect is. he is dangerous. we want to capture him.
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>> he is describe -- police describeed the victims as older women. their names have not been released. >> matt, september is starting off with clouds and drizzle. we will check with our meteorologist, mike nicco, and live doppler 7 hd. mike? >> thank you very much, good morning, everyone. we have been talking about a chance of sprinkles and a chance of a shower as early as last week. the boundary is set up into the eastern section of contra costa county and alameda county where we are find the best radar runs as you get on the or side the hills that separate us from the central valley. north of tracy to the west of stockton is where we are seeing the best radar. the good news for the afternoon is that all of this is moving to the northeast away from us but there will be some thunder boomers to the eat of us and you may be able to see or hear it but what you will notice the
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last three hours, look where the boundary started. it started over oakland but it is moving through the south and east away from us so we are going to see increasing sunshine during the afternoon hours with no threat of wet weather and that is where the driest air is but there is a still a chance of a stray shower or sprinkle. i looked wherever i could to find if this reached the ground and became measurable and it did not hit any of our reporting stateses. most of it is not reap reaching the ground until the central valley. now the warming trend in the 15 day forecast. >> breaking news, florida without a shark cage, diana nyad. these are live pictures from key west right now. she and her team at sunrise, we
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were told, just a few hours out and this is her fifth attempt at the 113-mile skim from cuba to florida. the last few miles her lips and tongue were swollen and they were worried. >> they did not intervene and let her finish. she was wearing a jelly fish protective suit and cream and it worked. thousands gathered on the beach to watch that historic moment. >> now the bay bridge. it is still closed. the scheduled opening is 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. it is going so smoothly as they work furiously we wonder if the bridge could open ahead of schedule. our reporter is near the toll plaza with a preview. amy? >> i will let you see the progress. take a look at this video just in. this is the most recent look of the new bay bridge taken just a
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few moments ago. crews say that the work continues to go smoothly. from this, it looks ready to go. at a briefing this morning, a spokesman said they still need to do some striping right at the tunnel and the toll plaza and they still need to install roadway signs and they need to put up barriers but the "to do" list is good enough they are talking about opening earlier. but you cannot be one of the first to across, they do not want cars piling up on the shoulder of the freeway. that is illegal. >> it is inconvenient for those trying to get from point amount -- point a to point b. the opening could be a surprise for the motoring public and as far as the highway patrol is concerned that is an intentional act to make sure no one is waiting for the opening and causing an unsafe situation on the freeway.
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>> as of right now, the new bridge is still scheduled to open at 5:00 in the morning. they say around noon today they will start to reassess, look what they have left and decide if they can get it open earlier. they will announce that, possibly, at the afternoon ceremony. they have it scheduled today filled with dignitaries late this afternoon. they will announce it then but they want drivers to continue to plan for a 5:00 a.m. opening. we are keeping a close eye on this one for you. >> the reassessment comes in less than an hour. here are the events scheduled today. dignitaries and officials gather at 3:00 p.m. at the toll plaza and at 4:30 there is a chain-cutting ceremony. our special coverage begins at
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4:00 a.m. >> there is still plenty of work to be done after today's ceremony before the bridge opens to the public. the toll takers have to arrive at the toll plaza. c.h.p. officers have to get in place to handle the first crowds and the entire bridge has to be swept clean after the event. no official word on when it will all be done but officials will give us a time at the chain-cutting ceremony. >> a look at labor day traffic on the two alternate bridges. the golden gate bridge shows traffic moderate for a labor day, not bad at all. san mateo bridge shows, again, traffic is light and zipping along indicative of holiday traffic. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage as we get ready for the opening of the new span. we will stream today's grand opening event live starting at 3:00 p.m. on and at 4:00 well bring you team coverage of the chain-cutting ceremony and the final prepare
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work before it opens. the moment it opens we will alert our twitter follows if you want to follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. we will start half an hour early tomorrow at 4:00 for the first commute as the bridge opens and you will have a front row seat. we have traffic updates all morning with leyla gulen at 4:00 a.m. right here on abc7 news. >> new details are from breaking news we brought you this morning, richmond police say an armed robbery and carjacking suspect is under arrest. a woman called 9-1-1 last night to report she was robbed and her car was stolen. the car was crashed into a house and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house and stayed there for hours but the suspect managed to get away. police arrested the man a few blocks away. a gun was found in the stolen car. >> in contra costa county the
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family of a man shot and killed is pleading for witnesses to come forward and help with the investigation. a large crowd turned out to on the life life of the 36-year-old riding his bicycle near a housing project when he was killed. we spoke with his cousin who said he was a caring person and always willing to lend a hand. >> he was a really good man and he was, he knew everyone, he was well loved and liked. and he had the biggest heart. >> her cousin just left work and was on the way to his aunt's house when he was killed. the sheriff has not made any arrests. >> union members will gather today to celebrate labor day at the holiday picnic. a number of politicians will attend including assembly speaker but they will not make any speeches. the focus is the day is workers and their families to mingle and
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enjoy the picnic. >> more warships are moving toward syria and what the president is doing. >> nelson mandela
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in syria, a united states official confirmed that four ships moved to the red sea but the carrier group is not
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assigned a mission and the move was ordered in the event resources are needed. president obama is meeting with key lawmakers today working hard to convince congress to authorize a military strike against syria. we have the latest from washington on that story. >> on labor day holiday there is no rest for the obama administration. the president faces an uphill battle as he tried to sell lawmakers on the plan for military intervention in syria. the resistance is bipartisan. even as the white house revealed sear used sarin gas and the warships move into place ahead of a possible strike. >> it is far from settleed. it is not something that should be under taken lightly. >> they have a lot more explaining. >> today, president obama will discuss strategy with republican senators ymca and graham at the white house. president obama is calls for a limited strike but both senators want more. in a joint statement, they said "we cannot in good conscience
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support isolated military strikes in syria that are not part of an overhaul strategy that can change the momentum on the battlefield." still, the president hopes that the two senators can help convince skeptical lawmakers to act. >> the white house has a compelling case to be made to the american people. >> after a briefing on sunday some believe the 39 needs to prove this isn't going to be another iraq, another concern, the broad language in the president's resolution. >> i will not support a blank check to go to war in iraq or even a partial plank check. >> administration officials planned a call with house democrats and the president will make individual calls to members of both the house and the senate. >> former south africa president mandela is home in johannesburg where he remains in critical condition. he was discharged from the hospital in pretoria yesterday three months after being
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admitted. the 95-year-old antiapartheid leader is receiving around-the-clock treatment at a clinic set up at his home. a newspaper reports that his family and 9 doctors decided it was time to move him home to "see out his final days." >> now a check on the forecast, a holiday week. we need to know what the rest of the day has in store and the prosecute of the week. >> mike will have a complete look at the forecast when we come back. >> the fire in and around yosemite national park has a new distinction in california
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>> covering fremont, palo alto,
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north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> now the wildfire burning in the sierra the rim fire as yosemite national park is now the fourth largest fire in california history. cal fire says it has blackened 357 square miles since august 17. firefighters are making good progress and have it 60 percent contained. they hope to have it fully contained by next week. the rim fire has claimed 111 structures. 11 are homes. >> now the weather. how is the forecast? >> i hope the rain we have been tracking moves that way. it has been very close without the lightning that could cause more storms. we will watch that. at home it is becoming brighter outside as the dry air works its way in from the north and continuing to push the shield of precipitation to the east. it is just missing discovery bay and brentwood and all the peach
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and cherry trees and strawberry farms but it is moving across the altamont pass to tracy so some sprinkles are possible and we zoom out and can you see on the radar, some of the clearer air that is developing over the north bay and that is the public of cool air in the tug of war developing over the bay area. the reason why, i think, is you can see here, we are going to be pretty dry for the afternoon with increasing sunshine from north to south. take a look at these dew points, 66 in oakland is almost down right tropical and 63 in san ramon and belmont, and if you thought it felt humid outside, you are absolutely correct. now the chemicals, it feels every bit of the heat with the humidity, 77 in novato and upper 60's around oakland and hayward and 69 in belmont and san jose. we are 61 in san francisco. here is a look from our roof camera and the backdrop looking to the south and east at the mid-to-upper level clouds bringing us the threat of a scattered light shower partly
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sunny this afternoon. dry air arrives tomorrow and you will notice that and we have a warming trend on the way and temperatures back in the 90's. our water vapor shows the green is the deepest amount of moisture and where you see the orange that is the driest and look how it is moving into the north bay and pushing this more away. so the low is winning right now over the high pressure in its circulation and the best chance of thunder is in the central valley and probably into lake tahoe as we headed into the afternoon. at home, temperatures are below average by 1- to 4-degrees, and 80 in san jose and cupertino, and sunshine and 80 headed down to santa cruz today. temperatures in the mid-70's and near 80 for the peninsula and millbrae is 72 and low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito flirting with 70 and 78 in petaluma but everyone else is around 80 to 82 in the north bay valley and low-to-mid 60's at your beaches and 67 at richmond and 72 at berkeley and
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everyone else in the mid-70's and a town of humidity could make it feel uncomfortable in the east bay valley. a lot of places, things, happening, events, sausalito started off with 62 and we are at 66 now and around 70 at 7:00 for the art festival and at the peninsula, feeling broke today? put windex on it. 78 and sunny -- remember the windex joke from the movie? >> 76 and breezy and 66 and school and take the sunscreen if you are headed over to the game. fighting for first place, 70 degrees at 1:00 o'clock, and 4:00, 73 degrees. now, a look at the seven-day outlook, temperatures are the same without the humidity and look at the warming trend, be conservative, for friday and saturday our first offshore wind event could develop and that could raise the temperatures and our fire danger a couple of days away.
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>> mike, thank you very much. >> kate middleton's little sister could be planning a wedding. pippa middleton is secretly engaged to her boyfriend of six months. the by was popped but they decided to delay the announcement until after kate gave birth to little prince george. the couple will announce the engagement after pippa middleton celebrates her 30th birthday on friday. >> have you seen this guy, an internet sensation with five million hits on youtube. this is the 12-year-old max, arthur, the cat, riding on a vacuum cleaner. the woman in the kitchen just acting like, no big deal, maybe because she is used to it. max is no stranger to youtube. his owner has been posting fun moments with max since last year and people cannot seem to get enough. like he is helping with the chores. >> shuck that corn, lady, while he rides around.
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>> coming up at 4:00 and 5:00,
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special coverage of the bay bridge chain-cutting ceremony, with people gathering at 3:00 at the toll plaza and a chain-cutting ceremony at 4:30 and will announce when the bill will open then an inaugural procession of vehicles and special coverage begins at 4:00 and you will be seeing it streamed on >> happening now, we just heard from diana nyad who broke the record as the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. >> three messages: one, we should never ever give up. >> we told you that her lips and tongues were swollen. the 64-year-old said you are never too old to chase your dream and added although swimming looks like a solitary sport it is not, it is a team sport. this was to be her fifth and final attempt at the record. the first was 1978.
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>> huge congratulations. >> new tv blooper. 49er great lott was on the set after a big win over nevada and this happened. >> oops. while tossing his wallet at an anchor he took a tumble off the set. don't worry, the football champion is fine. he has taken bigger hits than that. thanks for joining us, everyone. happy labor day.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> whoo! [cheers and applause] what up? what up? what up? what up? what up? yeah, baby. what's happening? got some cash! yeah. hello. welcome to millionaire. how you doing? >> all: cedric! cedric! cedric! cedric! cedric! cedric! >> all right. got to cut it off. i feel like i'm on the maury povich show right now. it's like... somebody was like, "is that the father?" no.


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