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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. we're counting down to the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. sky 7 hd is over the new and old bridges right here at the toll plaza. it's a day of celebration. caltrans says construction is now done and at this point they're just cleaning up here is another live look from our camera. remarkable period in time today, everything going
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smoothly there. is a good chance of an opening before the scheduled 5:00 a.m. time tomorrow but officials say interest there is zero chance it won't open until 5:00 a.m. >> you can see a number of classic cars will line up and will be the foirs cross the new span for the opening. we have live team coverage of the bridge dedication for you leading up to the chain cutting. let's begin with vic lee. >> well this is the big party this, starts off at long last as one speaker put it it has been a long journey since loama preyet y -- loama preyetta. it started after 3:00 here at this bridge yard building, otherwise known as saw tooth building because of the jagged roof top construction. there are about 800 to a
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thousand people here the maximum is a fire officials here. the overflow crowd there are about 50-100 over there outside of the yard watching it on big-screen tvs. the ceremony started with the national anthem by pacific boys choir of oak skplnd a color presentation by oakland military instit skbrut a video presentation comparing old bridge to the new bridge one interesting fact here is that it took three and a half years to build old bridge, 11 and a half years for the new span. there will be speakers that are 13 listed on the program. about halfway through, lieutenant gavin newsom will be the next one. let's listen to nancy skinner of berkeley. >> because we don't know when the next quake will happen. now, we can drive across witness assurance that we're
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not risking our lives. we thank everyone who fostered that and build it today and we're so glad that quake didn't happen yet. >> again, there are 13 speakers listed it's about a 500-foot walk not too long, and again, they'll be the ribbon cutting ceremony or more appropriately, i should say chain cutting since the governor snot here, he's vacationing in mitch mitch lieutenant governor newsom who came here a little while ago will be doing honors. i'm told he has quick tips and lessons how to hold the torch. if he fails there are plenty
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to help him out. that is the very latest here near the toll plaza. >> vick, thank you very much. will be trog see how lessons pay off for the lieutenant governor. thank you. abc 7 news is live at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. heather? >> we're a long -- along western, westbound approach to the toll plaza, turned into a kind of stage of sorts people were expressing concern they didn't know writ was and a scuffy tall large man with a big beard in black arrived and pulled it out of a case so it's now in place. and the torch is back up there
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next to the entrance of toll booth, toll gate six that, is what lieutenant governor newsom, we believe will be using to cut the torch. back in 936, it was then governor frank mariam who cut the chain with the torch. now, driver drives then experienced 1936 bay bridge. those who go across today this animation shows will have a different exkbreerns for no other reason it's so much more open than the old bridge in both directions. that perhaps more dramatic for eastbound coming into the light they'd been on the lower deck inside they're now a side
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by side deck. so this is something that will, no matter how you feel about looking at the bridge experience of driving it will be very different. the at this point we're waiting for dignitaries to make their way to this event. you're looking at a long, long line of classic car that's represent automobiles from every era. there is a 1962 lincoln convertible all the way back to the end of the line, we understand there is a tesla representing the most current modern car. that will possibly bring up the rear there in this parade of cars across the bridge
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which will happen after the chain is cut. and bridge is officially completed and ready for all of the rest of us to enjoy. that is the final bit of anticipation waiting to hear when the rest of us will be allowed on. live at the toll plaza abc 7 news. >> new span built as a result of this, you're looking at the section from sky 7 on october 17th when one person died on the bridge that day. repairs were made. the bridge reopened a month later engineers determined a new span would neat need to be built. >> let's hope that never happens again. we know it might. parallel spans meant to sway from side to side, and shift up and down this, is another
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look at this shock absorbing movement. here is what allowing the bridge to move this way. special beams allow the span to exspanned -- expanned and contract. >> for the most part it was a quiet day it was lovely. we are live with more, leanne? >> well, you know now it's a little windy but today is one of the days when you can actually say an honestly say that you live in paradise. a great city with when no access to the bay bridge hot dog vendor on treasure island counting hours before the bridge reopened. tourists are the main concerns br those living on ti enjoyed streets. >> just been quieter on that end and less traffic.
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>> few cab drivers have seen streets this quiet. >> the city now is not as crowded before. >> most restaurants are slow and drosed on saturday and say local residents decided to stay close, good for business. >> people come wheer probably they can be skateboarding. >> it's nice to not have to deal with traffic. and the sidewalks being crowded. >> annie is an artist living in oakland. she would have taken two bridges every day to get to the san francisco ferry building where she displays work instead she decided to save money staying with friends. >> i have been staying in san francisco this weekend. so that i zrnt to drive around every morning. it's $10 to go across two
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bridge autos she, like many commuters are ready to start doing daily rossings. on treasure island abc 7 news. >> we talked about 1989 quake just a moment ago. it was the recent event to damage the old part of the bridge but it was not the first. debris from a jet covered the upper deck after it crashed in february, 1968. one chunk of the plane landed on a truck carrying 8,000 gallons of jet fuel. two naval reserve pilots did die in the crash. the tragedy delayed thousands of drivers of course. it was the second plane to sit the -- hit the bridge. >> another live dedication ceremony is underway. the change cutting happening here is exacted in about half
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an hour to an hour we're told everything is on schedule. all indications are it will be likely sometime tonight or perhaps early in the morning and as this as soon as the bridge reopens we'll notify twitter followers. you can follow us on abc 7 news bay area. >> speaking of you who just saw here a month ago tweeted thought photo today. bringing that event to you live whit happens. haej jer on twitter. so check us out on our feed there. >> you can see beautiful skies there on that fot yoi from heather you saw leanne's live shot. >> yes. >> it's been a beautiful but interesting labor day. a few more clouds than you might expect. and with thundershower activity around sacramento, and a spot of showers moving
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up into east bay it's isolated near livermore, you can see a couple more areas of showers again widely scattered heading near scott's valley earlier and more moisture over monterey bay now. conditions mainly dry around the bay area. here is a live view over the bay. high clouds above, lots of blue skies and warm. 70 degrees in san francisco now. 74 oakland. another live view look over the bay, lots of blue off in the distance. 84 in livermore. the warm spot. here is the first forecast looking at almost-empty bay bridge this, evening, we'll see mild to warm conditions remaining mild overnight. highs and lows in early morning hours ranging from upper 50s to upper 60s. by afternoon, warm again,
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upper 60s to near 70s on the coast. upper 80s inland. we're going to have highs in the 90s by the end of the week. i'll have the forecast later. dan and carrow sflin. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, on abc 7 news at 4:00 new cast of abc's "dancing with the stars" announced this week. two dancers give a preview of what is still to come. plus... >> she made it. a swimmer walks onto the beach and into history. what she says about this dream come true today. >> taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see there are a number of classic cars lined up ready to be the first to cross in this crossing once the chain is cut for the new bay bridge. stay with us.
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>> we're nearly halfway through cooling off period requested by governor jerry brown between barlt and unions and the two sides seem no closer to reaching an agreement. >> yes. it's a shame and laura. two sides haven't even met over the past few weeks is that right? >> that is right. not one negotiating session since the cooling off period. the soonest we hear two sides might negotiate is early next week. and then, only on the minor issues. >> we have not been in the same building with them. >> cooling off requested by
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governor brown between bart and unions doesn't seem to have done much to cool off rhetoric. unions have, will, and are ready to bargain. we want the district to come to the table. >> the unions that represent 24 workers say there have been no significant progress not even a negotiating session. >> there have been no back room meetings at all. federal mediators had one, one-hour meeting with leaders from atu and from fdiu that. is it bart spokesperson told abc 7 news they, too, have met separately with the state and federal mediators quote they have been exploring all options and speaking to each group individually about them. the mediators have sole authority to set meetings. we've done nothing to get in the way. as it is now, first scheduled negotiation session to go over
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issues, wages and benefits won't happen until september 17th. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> well, you're never too old to chase your dream autos those words from a 64-year-old today, she became the first person to swim from cuba to key west, florida without a shark cage. >> this is video as she was get together shore. the swimmer's fifth attempt at this. >> abc news reporter marcy gonzales had more on the feat. >> diana says she went into her place in history. >> looks like a sol tear sport. >> merging from the water this afternoon exhausted and struggling to speak after 53 hours of swimming. becoming the first person ever to swim the grueling 103 miles from cuba to florida without a shark cage.
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the 64-year-old set out saturday morning near havana. that splash marking the chapter in the incredible story of a woman who refused to give up, never letting failure stand in the way of achieving the dream she's chased 35 years, she first tried it in 1978 then twice in 2011 and again, 2012. each time, dehydration, exhaustion and poisonous jelly fish stings forced thor abandon the mission. on her fifth attempt with aid of a kelly fish protection suit and a special mask she overcame obstacles stepping on to the stand in this sunny day in key west showing the world true meaning of persistence. >> we should never, ever give up.
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you're never too old to chase your dreams. >> abc news, new york. >> that is reamy something. nyad getting praises of course. >> robin roberts tweeted she did it, completing a swim, happy and proud of her for realizing her dream. >> she didn't give up. some attempts. >> yes what an accomplishment. >> yes. she's an amazing person. yes. >> it's gorgeous. >> muggy by bay area standards but i'll take it warm conditions from coast to inland today.
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you can see spotty showers during afternoon around the bay area, one area over neeft bay near livermore is isolated. mu moving up across monterey bay. so we'll keep monitoring that for you. high clouds from the bay bridge. our features partly cloudy skies turning hot by enld of the week. there is a movement of the systems i should say this system this stream. we'll continue to see that flow through tomorrow with thin clouds tomorrow but mainly sunny skies and warm. we're resuming animation wednesday, taking news thursday. we'll get a shift in wind flow and pattern bringing us hot
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weather by the end week lasting through the weekend and into next week. overnight, mild again. low temperatures into the low 60s. highs up to about 80 degrees and 70s on the coast again, tomorrow. north bay highs mid-80s. inland east bay mid to upper 80s and here comes the warm up. by thursday, inland highs around 90. friday, saturday, sunday highs mid to upper 90s up to about 90 degrees around the bay shore line. september is often one of the warmest months and also that kind of a strike right now. >> coming up next learning who will play leading roles of the popular book "450 shades of gray". >> back now tloif bay bridge toll plaza chain cutting is
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expected to get underway any minute now.
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the wait is over for "50 shades of gray" fans. author e.le james revealed the
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names for the film adaptation today, universal studio as announced global release would be august 1, 2014. >> if it's has big as the book the film is going to be a huge blockbuster. >> well two, weeks from tonight "dancing with the stars" returns. >> there is big news about who is going to be on the show. dancers talked about the cast. you're looking at video from a pom wonderful pool party. i'm still excited about it. it's the first time i zront to google anyone. >> exactly. >> there is a huge thing
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>> still ahead crisis in syria. the president ramps up efforts to win support for a strike. today warnings from the syrian president. >> and we're almost there. construction is done and we're going to take you live coming up next. >> later a part of
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sky 7 is live over the new eastern span of the bay bridge. everything is in place for official chain cutting. >> the other ceremony is running behind pushing back chain cutting as well. >> heather anticipation builds. >> there is a lot excitement.
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the new bridge behind we're alongside the approach to the tl tol plaza, turned into the stage for chain cutting ceremony which can be happening at any moment now. it would be a whichl the chain just got put into place around 4:00 hanging there between two stantions but it's ready to go behind the chain with some green welding goggles there. he's the one supposed to be doing honors we want to show you a look at new and old bridge side by side from way up high. with closure full bridge closure beginning wednesday night at 8:00 crews had three
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basic projects to complete to get the new span ready for traffic. when it began it was sound but there was paving and lane striping to be done. connections to land had to be completed and a section of the old deck in oakland had to be demolished to make way for a temporary bike path connector that will one day take you to treasure island but years before that connection to the islands is complete. so the bridge is ready for cars. those cars are staged and ready here in a not so unfamiliar stopped position.
4:33 pm
including a 1962 black lincoln era to the host contemp rarey teslas there, there are 12 of them. 12. that will be begin this will happen with lieutenant governor cutting the chaichblt you are never know when we can expect them to come here skpechl cute this chain cutting and get things officially going. on our new, beautiful bay brij yes. politicians have a lot to say
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vic lee continues our coverage hi, vic. >> hi. well lots of speeches ak owe as you can image yichblt this is about two thirds through. governor brown is out of town. there are about 800 to a thousand people here in the building. it's a warehouse that once held equipment to repair trains on the bay bridge and this place, i'm told may be turned into a museum. we saw former mayor willie brown and two mayors have been
4:35 pm
here. we spoke to congress woman barbara lee. >> i'm glad with addition of bike and pedestrian lanes we're moving closer to an integrated transit sigs tim good for the environment and community. now, remember this was to be a public ceremony but it was canceled in july because of the repairs of the bolts that there would have been a bridge walk. committee but that is private event so after this is
4:36 pm
true, gavin newsom is the last speaker and dig tear yeez will walk about 50 yards will be doing a chain cutting. the bay bridge bike path tomorrow will be open to the public for the first time named after alex zuckerman. there will be a plaque noting zuckerman's work. crews will need to demolish part of the old bridge that should be completed in 2013. >> dirt and soot covered up a little remembered part of bay area history another plaque commemorating the opening of the original bay brichblgt you can just make it out here in this video.
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the grounds shared this photo with abc 7 news. he says the bridge's architect his grandmother enjoyed perk autos for years after being opened that his family never pay a bridge toll just going on the bridge. >> this photo shows a bridge being bless bid a cardinal from the vatican who would be pope pious the 12th. get up early with the morning news team for the first commute on the new eastern span. and we'll have live traffic updates at 4:00. >> we're staying on top of what's happening here live.
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very serious matters. the president ramped up efforts to win approval for a strike on syria meeting with rivals from the senate today to discuss this growing kris yismts the president of syria has taken notice. president obama invited senators mccabe and lindsay graham to discuss a possible military strike on syria and hoping the republican senators will be allies in this bid to win over a skeptical congress. >> if they were to reject consequences would be cat strof wrik. >> saying syria used sarin gas in dead lay tacks against its
4:39 pm
people. in an interview with french mass scene say being everyone will lose control, say kayeos will spread, risk of a regional war exists. syria's ally, russia is standing firmly against a strike. >> trying could convince congress to vote against use of force but nato secretary general called for a strong response so we cannot see a nato role. >> you don't need nato command ask control system to conduct the operation. >> democratic leaders head to the white house and defense secretary haigel and secretary
4:40 pm
of state kerry will testify before senate foreign relations committee. >> coming up res dmuz nevada as storms soak that region. >> caught on video. the very moment when a car hit by a landslide. you won't believe what happens after this,. >> looking south will there be showers? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you. and live we go again you're looking live from sky 7 at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are a variety of cars that will cross the bridge. then, at some point anticipating bridge will be opened. stay
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take a look at this dash cam video. you can see a landslide there. the driver swerved as a giant boulder fell and missed the car but just feet. the landslide still caused damage to the car but the driver suffered just nineor injuries in this. >> that is incredible. scary moment for people
4:44 pm
trapped inside of an suv near las vegas. fast moving water slammed the vehicle into trees yesterday and slowed down long enough for a patrol officer to rescue them, residents say drizzle quickly turned into heavy rain. crews face a huge clean up after water and mud covered many streets and highways. >> you can see behind us here, it's open we did hear from caltrans it will open tonight. >> we don't have time yet but that is well ahead of the 5:00 a.m. schedule for tomorrow morning. we anticipate that had might happen. here in the bay area, labor day turned into a park day. >> yes. plenty headed out to the mission district here. many children used the new playground others just took time to relax on this holiday. >> which is what we should do. >> yes. let's dmek now for the
4:45 pm
accuweather update. >> new, looking at live doppler 7 you can see rather usual weather picture for us. a flow of moisture with high clouds maybe producing a few isolated showers in spots in livermore, we still have showers streaming out over monterey bay up towards santa cruz now. tomorrow, most of the mid west will be dry, warm, we'll have some showers and steamy, not hoth in the west from great calls to salt lake city to phoenix. tomorrow warm, dry, thunderstorms east of yosemite then down into rezert areas will be hot. here in the bay area tomorrow another warm day from coast to inland with highs up to about 70s in coastal locations like
4:46 pm
half moon bay. and mid to upper 80s inland. that is just a preview of what is still to come. we're going to have high temperatures into nid mid to upper 90s. >> we'll see you then. >> city ahead nelson mandela back home and treatment he's getting now. >> heart warming encounter between a dofl skbrin an 8-year-old boy
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nompblg look at sky 7 hd. you can see cars, these classic cars will be among the foirs make the cross of the new eastern span whit opens which could be any time now. >> yes. chain cutting is going happen in mere minutes i understand. lieutenant governor is speaking and is the final dignitary to speak. we understand he's had a
4:50 pm
lesson today of using a torch because he's going to cut the chain to allow those cars to pass. >> nelson mandela spent a night at home after nearly three months in the hospital. the 95-year-old sprez still in critical condition and will still need the same level of care at home as did he in the hospital. rob nelson has more now. >> in critical condition but home, nelson mandela is closer to family. the former president was brought from his hospital early sunday morning marking the end of an 86 day hospital stay. during which he battled a lung infection. the south african president
4:51 pm
announced release saying the house has been reconfigured to accommodate his needs and same personnel treating him at the hospital will be caring for him at home. his condition has reportedly been the same for weeks, critical, but mostly stable. the government says the leader has shown his characteristic fortidude as fears grew he was close to death. the gates of the hospital quickly turning into a shrine. his eldest grandson called sunday a day of celebration saying his discharge is heartening because it's flying in the face of those who have been busy spreading lies he was in a vegetative state just waiting for his support machines to be switched off. residents are pleased to see their famous neighbor back home. >> in the years he's no longer around he'll be our hero. >> what this says about the health remains unclear, however nrkt past both his
4:52 pm
family and mandela says he prefers to die at home not in a hospital. a boy from england swam a dolphin in florida. the 8-year-old had legs amputated after coming down with men anyone jitis after he was just 13 months old. he dreamt of swimming of -- with dolphins after seeing "dolphin tale". they swam together during a trip to america. >> to feel just great to be swimming emotional to be swimming with a dolphin. i love dolphins but the most special thing i've loved is winter.
4:53 pm
>> what a stri yes. >> coming up at 4:00 no one wants to see this tree go, but this living dox a famous writer may be just a memory. >> coming up at 5:00 live coverage of the celebration from the bay bridge we're going to take to a chain cutting.
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in valley of the moon a debate about what to do about an old oak tree its the one that inspired author jack london. you've heard if a tree falls in the forest and no one seize it does it make a sound? this 400 year old dying oak sparked a debate. presented as inestibility.
4:57 pm
>> if this tree was at my house, boy take it down. >> but this threatens the home of jack london. >> this is tough, tough, nobody will be happy. nobody wants to see tree gone and nobody wants to see the tree falling. >> or destroying london's home or setting. >> there are no hard facts to say he was inspired by the tree but one of the last pieces was a play called the acorn planter. oof used a metaphor of an acorn for peace saying a man who plants an acorn is more powerful than a hundred mighty warriors. >> he sat here and wrote that, looking at the tree. >> so it's history.
4:58 pm
they'll look at trunk samples and expect the process to take months. then again it's just a blink in the life of a 400 year old tree. >> how do you save something that has a mortal life? we can delay it but you can't save a mortal thing. >> and tonight head for the opening of the new bay bridge we know will be this evening. >> cars ready to go we'll take a look at just who will be among the first to cross the new span. >> warnl and muggy today, i'll
4:59 pm
have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> a live look over the new eastern span of the bay bridge. a procession of cars is lined up at the bay bridge right now ready to take part in a parade. >> a look at the other end of the bridge where lanes are empty now. by tonight it will be pack td with cars. good evening. >> cheryl jennings is off tonight. want to take a look from sky 7 hd aof above the toll plaza. >> yes. heather? >> yes. in place are the iron workers
5:00 pm
who are going to oversee the chain cutting. they have been out here about the last half hour testing the torch. they're standing there by two canisters. there i can hear the torch. i can't see it. the lieutenant governor has been given instruction in using this hot torch. but in sorry for the pun, heat of the moment who knows. so the chain arrived just about 45 minutes ago placed there between those two stangss. this is the center stage here that is this


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