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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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first crossing of the new east jern span of the bay bridge tolling that ceremony, you can see some cars here. >> yes. quite a number of cars were crossing one after another before it's open sometime this evening to you and me. it's taking 12 years and $6 billion to get to this point. >> and you can are just about to enter the tunnel here. >> yes. take a look. a rather dramatic shot over the design and after all of the concerns after the earthquake in 1989 damage fijly
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this span is open, and it said to be one of, if not the most safe bridges anywhere in the world. there has been trouble with broken bolts designed to protect it during an earthquake. they snapped during the process. they have had to come up with some ways to make it safer. >> completion is here and we're seeing these cars making their way across the bridge. >> we have live team coverage of the new bay bridge. vic lee at the opening ceremony and on treasure island live for us with first drivers to cross the bridge we're going to begin with transportation reporter live at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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>> yes. just a brief event now it's just a lot of activity pack things up and putting chairs away. making ready for traffic. gavin newsom surrounded by others before he torched the chain he spoke to a crowd allowed to come to this event. >> said bridges are monuments of progress. as i stand between mayor lee and mayor kwon i hope this is more than just connecting two land masses and i hope progress being represented this moment is for a generation to dream big dreams. and to do big things.
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>> so he had had some training in how to use this to cut the chain. there were iron workers just in case there are problems but went off beautifully without a hitch. for build up was a short moment and hour half immediately proceeding this chain cutting. as soon as it's over everyone just lit out of here and clean up started because the main thing now is to get this ready for the again ral public to get on and over using this wnd wonderful new monument to our ability to make progress to build these beautiful trick
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sturs so hopefully the general public will be able to follow these special vips just across the bridge. >> heather, thank you. we zront a window of time but have heard it will be this evening. hundreds gathered for tributes of the new and former vintage span. vic? >> let's take a look. it's like a ghost town. the caravan of cars followed by the dignitaries and private cars pass this here at the toll plaza most if not all of the 800 to,000 walked here
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this afternoon from the bridge yard building. there were a dozen speeches among those who spoke mayor ed lee and the key note speaker gavin newsom. when it's over we caught up with mayor lee and here is a little of what they told use we not only did the right thing to rebuild it for 1500 years but made it iconic. we want people to see them skpen joy them, understand the history. >> there is something magical. smk taken for granted. we did this, human beings did this. >> well, so this event is just
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about over and the next ig big event is the opening of the bridge. we don't know when that will be but it's definite they're opening the bridge earlier so they did a good job here. >> thank you very much. what a day it has been. the new span has been built to withstand largest earthquake expected over the next 1500 years. here is a look at how it would do that, this video shows the span swaying side to side and shifting up and down. that would not be possible for old span, far too rigid for that this, is video october 17th, 1989.
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that is when it caused a section to clamgs. now, 11 years of construction a new eastern span is about to open and build to last 150 years. >> the procession just began about 15 minutes ago. these rtd first vehicles to make their way across the bridge. leanne? >> it's all rather exsight. cars crossing the span right now. chp officer wrez have pictures by the way, chp officers leading the way followed by cars, vintage models and of course more modern electric cars making their way. no crews were aloud on the new
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span. we were there where the span and bay bridge meet before the tunnel. and unfortunately we're told we had to leave. so some cars will continue towards san francisco means they'll come her to treasure island. if and when they do we'll ask them just a few degrees. now a security sweep followed before the public is aloud to go across the bay bridge.
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now sky 7 hd is over this magnificent structure. and what you're looking at a procession of vips. the first to cross the bay bridge. this is up on the skyway. the bridge is a not and me sml nl this evening. we're waiting for word on when that will happen. the new eastern span will open in just a matter of hours. caltrans released this mock up it's a view heading up the incline. there are plenty of drivers hoping tonton one of the first to cross that bridge.
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we'll have a warning from the chp. you will be dick tikited if you stop and idle before the bridge opens don't do that. >> moving on to other news. a driver this morning crashed into a car killing two pim wim on their way to work. >> two women were turning left on to sky port drive. the speeding mercedes-benz smashed into them going southbound on north 1. the mercedes driver took off on foot. one woman die ntd wreckage, the other, as being transported to the hospital. one man says his wife was one killed. >> she was going to work. i think she started at 4:00. >> who was the passenger? >> i don't know, sir.
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it was her friend. i never meet her. >> the passenger was karmern's friend, both cooks in restaurant at the airport just two blocks from the site its not safe for you to be walking so she tofrd pick her up. it's tragic. >> pleers still searching for the driver checking video of at various hotels along north 1 street. two officers spotted the mercedes weaving on highway 101. at 3:15 the driver expected of being sleepy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. at first driver appeared to be pulling over but then made a run for it. >> just prior to the intersection of first street the vehicle rapidly accelerated through a red light. >> chp decided to suspend the
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chase but the mercedes continued on and tragic accident claimed two lives. >> crews have been making major progress fighting that wildfire but danger remain autos cutting out a part of california history. controversy surrounding this tree. why officials say it needs to come down. >> muggy, humid, and showers in the bay area now we'll have hot weather coming our way later this week. >> thank you, and later it's dick tracy come to life. sam skpungt company's release of a smart watch that can take photos, tweet ask track your health. >> taking a look at traffic on the san francisco skyway this, is a parade of cars first to make their way across the bay
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bridge. now heading across the bay bridge. we'll continue to follow this for you rig
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fourth largest wildfire in state history is now 60% contain nd tonight but full contain stimt a long way away. >> in groveland, business is
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seasonal and unpredictable. >> we have quite a bit of nature to deal w be it snow or landslides or fire autos this year with highway 120 entrance shut down for more than two weeks, the season ended earlier than ever. the groveland hotel is nearly empty, owners of the iron door bar, restaurant and store have laid off 45 of their 50 employees. >> we have plans to help revitalize the businesses. >> like wla? >> every business we're going start rim fire specials starting next week to try to drum up bis at the hotel they're thinking beyond next week's business specials. they're hoping the rim fire created new opportunities for business next spring.
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>> come back in the spring and see how mother nature recovered. >> recovery is a long way off for berkeley camp. many bilgds are in this area a city manager came to take a look and says this was both a profession skbral personal loss. >> this is a camp i have loved many years. and we just spent july at the camp because my son wanted to spend his 14th birthday there. and it's gone. >> in the valley of the moon in sonoma a debate has bee gown decide what to do with an old oak tree that inspired author jack london that still
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stands outside of his house. it's the tree that has dwrot fall that made a sound. >> it's heart break. >> and debate. a tough call even for this naturalist. >> if this tree was at my house, boy take it down. >> but this is an as yet and a liability because it threatens a national landmark in a state park. the home of author jack london. there is no doubt it's going to fall. the only questions when? how? on what? >> tough, tough decision. nobody will be happy regardless of the decision. nobody wants to see the tree gone. >> chuck lee vine is the president of the natural history association waiting test results to be made by the state. >> if answer comes back it's safe, we can leave it for a period longer.
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>> at stake jack london's studdy. irreplaceable if lost. there are no hard facts he wrote about the tree but there is pretty good evidence. one of the last pieces was a play called acorn planter. >> used a metaphor of an acorn for peace. he said a man who plants an acorn is more powerful than 100 mighty warriors. >> he sat here and wrote that looking at the tree. >> brett parkland loves the tree and the story of the man whose writings made it valuable. this tree is more than 400 years old. >> no one wants to see this tree go but we're going to celebrate she's a bridge to the past. >> with a massive trunk and made famous by a mortal man.
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>> it's a beautiful tree it is. >> let's check on the forecast. >> yes. nice labor day for week autos windy and humidity then going to get hot. it's not unusual for september. we have high clouds and a subtropical flow and isolated showers. and this is the flow coming up from the south producing a steady stream of moisture making you feel just a little bit muggy. you can see the sky over the bay right now featuring high clouds with that flow. it's 73 in oakland. 75 redwood city. 68 in half moon bay.
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another live view showing clouds that are different levels of the atmosphere and blue skies as well. nappa, 78. livermore 76 so one more live vuf a beautiful sky looking from our camera and some possible isolated showers, warmer tomorrow, turning hot across the board by week's end. you can view the subtropical flow making it feel more humid than we feel here, forecast overnight showing lingering thin clouds tomorrow. filtered sunshine warm once again like today. as we look ahead and continue animation through wednesday and thursday warming up because of the shift in our wind flow we're going to have off shore wind
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pattern by friday going to bring us hot conditions continuing throughout the weekend and into next week. overnight tonight mild as much as it was overnight last night. low temperatures dlo mid-60s which is mild. then, tomorrow, south bay, mainly sunny skies. highs low to mid-80s. up to about 80 at redwood city. mid 80s in north bay valleys 88 in brentwood. here is the accu-weather forecast. by thursday 90 degrees warmest inland spots noid upper 90s friday, saturday, sunday inland.
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and it's across the board. >> still to come the mess after burning man. >> yes. san francisco business hoping to capitalize on that desert
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taking a look at the bay bridge you're seeing the procession of cars making its
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way back across yes. now this procession of vips being the foirs cross the bridge opening this evening. we still don't have a time from caltrans but will let you know as soon as it happens. >> this is their last trip. >> yes. so stay tuned for that. just returning from burning man festival in nevada chances are your vehicle is grime covered and chock full of dust. no worries. for $60 it will detail every interior and exterior surface. 61,000 people atenlded the festival in the desert.
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>> coming up you can see fars making ate cross right now. regular drivers hoping to be among the foirs cross the bay bridge. >> some details about this new smart watch. >> search for new species could help provide answers to things such as canser and climate change
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we can tell you the bay bridge will open tonight though the time remains unclear at this point. >> big announcement came at a special ceremony this afternoon. >> the event featured skbreerkz as well as san francisco mayor ed lee. >> now, once speech is ended
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chain cutting began. newsom used a large blow torch to cut through the links. >> and let's check in live with that procession of car that's left there nearly 40 minutes ago is making its way back now. heather? >> yes. we hope to see them soon and haven't yet. as soon as this ended they started dismantling everything to become a stage and took that apart and are still doing so. so procession of cars will be very specially select represent every era. so up to lieutenant governor
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gavin newsom spoke to the crowd, after he cut the chain, cars took off over the new span for that experience. they were followed by some againer nick, modern day cars we're not sure who was in that group to make the drive over the bridge. it's not open yet to the public. they were lined up long beforehand this afternoon. and just had to wait before they can make that drive. so we have seen some chp motorcycles coming back on the eastbound direction we thought the cars would have been behind them. but they haven't made their
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way so we're watching businesses put together being taken apart. and of course so that your car can rom through here >> now, cars have stopped to allow picture taking. people have been gathering some just to be close to histry. others hoping to be among the first to cross once it opens. allen good, view. >> yes. we're looking aconsiders the bay but this was about the best seating you can get. now there is some concern they're going wait on the
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shoulder so chp has been. >> the patrolling the road. because waits not topt public we noticed several bridge enthusists many just wanted to be close as possible self sat and listened to the radio then heard news the bridge is opening tonight. >> i'm not going to be tibl pass on the chance to be the first across. i'd tlb if they allowed me over there. >> many have an appreciation for the engineering feat that went into making the span. some describe it as refined and elegant with modern lines. and now, looks like they'll be able to drive across it tonight but we haven't heard when that exact limb is.
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again chp says it is patrolling and will give site yaigs to people waiting to be the first ones sou might want to abide by that rule. reporting live from emeryville abc 7 news last thing we want is accident because of that. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> get up early at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow with morning news for first commute and you'll have live traffic updates all morning long tomorrow morning at 4:00. >> samsung is ready to roll out a device worn on the wrist. >> it was the call ta made the venture beat writer the envy of every journalist. >> this person had access to a
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prototype of the samsung smart watch if i would able to rush down to silicon valley boy have an opportunity to play with it she saw a touch screen strapped on the wrist. resembling sketches from patent filings from a smart watch. she says it was working and big. >> i struggled to put it on. it's quite clunky. it and may be it will be stream lined and maller for the final design. >> she was ant loued to photograph she says she snapped these images that show the watch running health-related apps but says there are apps for facebook and twitter. >> you might want to use it just to make a call or to take a photo. it's mind blowing to think you
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can do it from the wrist. >> here in san francisco, just about everyone has a smart phone people told us they won't be strapping on a second device unless it's awesome it would have to be something i can get rid of the phone for. >> i would not go for something that is not elephant. >> just another thing to charge every night. then, maybe i won't use it. >> i think battery life is going to be key. it's allowing to have to take a watch off every six, seven hours and have to charge it the fot proeto type comes with nine to 10 hours of charge. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> make room for the new one. >> imagine if your tax refund got deposited into someone else's account it happened to this man. michael finney stepped in with
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millions of us get tax refunds deposited into accounts. >> a bay area man put the wrong account number on his forms and guess what? he was told money was gone, forever he turned to michael finney for help to get it back. anthony is hard at work editing a film. >> i sunk money into that. >> he was looking forward a financial boost. a tax refunld of nearly 3,000s oodz help meeg fund my film so yeah, i want that had return. >> he never received the refund. instead, someone else did. he was shocked to find out a stranger had his $3,000. and what is worse? he couldn't get it back. >> it's a sick feeling to know your money is in another
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account you and can't get it the at citi bank but put the old account number on the form. then found out his old number was assigned to a new customer and that person got the money it was shocking that yes, the money is gone. >> citi bank told him it dmot take back the money no longer in the account. >> that person saw that money and was like, yes! pay day. >> citi bank told him to take up the issue with irs. irs said go back to the bank. >> frustrated that that is going happen. i contacted 7 on your side. >> anthony admits he should have checked account listed on the tax returns but says that the bank shouldn't have given his old number to someone else,
6:43 pm
we found it's legal to reassign numbers though citi bank tells us it no longer does that. the bank said we recycled numbers and have phased out the practice. the bank said disputes like these involve depositors not the bafrk telling whus a person authorizes a transfer from a third party we do not know who made that agreement if the third party. however, citi bank agreed to reimburse him $3,000 saying though the issue was actually between the customer and the irs, we made a goodwill adjustment to at kt. -- account. a nice ending to what may inspire his next movie it ended well now, thanks to you guys. >> coming up for search of new
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forms of live. >> how a ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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>> you probably know california academy of sciences runs a science museum but they also have a world class research institution to find and document live on earth. that is a critical area of science so now, it's stepping up to inspire, and train a new generation. researchers. >> scientists estimate an unknown 90% could hold information to cancer or way to feed a starving vacation but number of scientists looking for new species is dropping and programs are disappearing. >> it's frustrating to realize students that can do this work
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are not being developed. and skill sk lost. >> dave wants to change that. he is senior cure rateor of the california academy of sciences department that includes more than 10 million inseekts just look at that. this 18-year-old never expected to be bonding with beatles. that is before she joined the careers in sigh yengs program aled at high school students from thr served communities. they she went on a field trip collecting bugs near the oregon bordzer it was beetles they're gorgeous. >> dave is cheering. molly is now a student science fellow part of a program to train tu tour scientists giving them experience. >> school systems offer an
6:49 pm
opportunity to do what these students are getting to do. >> they're collecting all kinds of specimens in a remote part of china. now, figuring out how each fits into the eco system molly spent months tracking down ancient descriptions of beetles corresponding with curators around the world and examining specimens. >> copenhagen, london and berlin. >> the work is paying off. >> this one we're almost sure is a new species. >> just exciting. >> molly starts at johns hopkins this fall and plans to keep learning about the natural world creature by creature. >> saving the org mix and also
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larger eco system it lives in. >> yes. >> it's remarkable with some of those. >> let's turn our attention to the forecast. >> doppler radar loop, scattered showers moving through the east bay happening over last several hours because of a flow of moisture tomorrow, sunny skies, filtered sunshine. high temperatures mid to upper 80s inland. it's going to be hot by the end of the week ask throughout the weekend. about 90s around the bay, warm weather is here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> still open question in raider nation now. >> yes. >> raiders is not named a starting quarterback. an update from the head coach
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a play off over at the
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coliseum. texas had a one game lead but oakland took care that have with homers good way to spend labor day. had his 21 of the year, dan stairly kept the rangers off the board until the 5th. coco krift eating his wheaties late. career high 17th of the season. seven home runs in august 21. take a look. reviewed and ruled a home run a's back on top just gets out, 4-2. a ground out with runners at second and third to end the game. and are now tied with the
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rangers. another rough outing for barry zito. bases loaded two run score skpeeto lugs his 8th great zismgts raiders have to be the only team that not named their starting quarterback for the season open yes, unheard of unless you're the raiders. flynn has been lackluster in his start. falls into that category. dennis allen talked today on the situation. >> i'm sure you're having your
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questions on who starting quarterback is going to do. i'm not going-to-get into that for competitive reasons you know? we've got a plan. we'll have a quarterback out there on the first snap of the game.. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply and hardware. >> now we have video back from our photographer at road level when that rail car -- rail car passed buy followed a a dozen teslas. >> we're waiting on word when the bridge will open so far we're only hearing sometime this evening.
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>> coming up quite a few speeches but only one man got a standing ovation. who deserved that applause? >> what you can zpokt see when the new span opens this evening. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions! here are three former champions -- a senate staff aide, originally from iowa city, iowa... dical student from plano, texas... and a history professor from milan, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank ohnny. hi, everyone. well, yesterday, we bade a fond farewell to a very bright and personable new teenage champion, leonard cooper. and today, we bid a fond welcome to some familiar faces. all three of these players have been with us before. in the first round in this tournament of champions.
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here are the categories. in the first round in this tournament of champions. we'll give you the first name to help you. notice the spelling of "plane." alex: stephanie, you start. let's try gingham style for $200. stephanie. what's a picnic? yes. gingham for $400. jason. who is judy garland? correct. from the greek for $200. stephanie. what's hieroglyphics? good. gingham for $600.


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