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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> the bay bridge is back in business this morning. you are looking live at the bridge from sky seven and the first morning commute on the new eastern span. >> i like this shot because you can see both sides of the bridge on the left, the western side, and on the right, the new eastern span, beautiful sight. thank you for joining us at 5:00
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on this historic morning. >> you got the big dichotomy, other side. >> 9 new $6 billion bridge is now open for business. amy hollyfield, how is it moving at the toll plaza? >> everything is moving fine. the toll plaza shows no backup. it is problem-free. you can see people making the trip. people are adapting to the if you bridge just fine. we have a shot from last night the first cars going across. officials opened it up at 10:15. they were scheduled to open at 5:00 this only but they finished their work early and decided to open it up. they kept the c.h.p. officers who were assigned to closure detail on the clock so they could watch for people possibly
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driving too fast, worried now that drivers have a straight shot and no more s-curve and they could be tempted to speed. they are watching for that. they hope that drivers just enjoy the expense. >> the project has a very storied history particularly this past year. we hope people can see this for the totality of what it is and we delivering a buick chronic state-of-the-art bridge. >> c.h.p. officers are getting the word out whilecy -- while it is an icon you cannot go too slow. both hands on the wheel and follow the speed limit at 50 miles per hour. follow the speed limit county enjoy the moment, but don't stop and take pictures. we have shoulders, now, if you have a stall or a fender bender you have a place to pull over so hopefully that keeps things moving across the new bridge.
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certainly it makes an ordinary tuesday quite extraordinary if this is part of your commute. enjoy. >> there are c.h.p. officers out in force on the bridge so mind your manners. leyla gulen has more in traffic. >> we are not looking at any problems on the bay bridge from our yerba buena island camera, you can see traffic is moving smoothly into treasure island so not a problem there as we go to our tolls where amy was situated you can see extra cars making their way and as the track builds you will be driving on the slower speed so you can savor the moment but c.h.p. is in full force. do not stop to take pictures or pull over to the shoulder. we have clear conditions with no reports of citizens or stalls. it is moving beautifully.
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now over to the maps, fremont, along 880, it is looking clear and 680 up to sunol grade we do not have problems. over the altamont pass, packed conditions and bumper to bumper over the altamont pass. >> i have good news, live doppler 7 hd is quiet this morning. dry air is moving into the neighborhoods. it will be humid and brighter. you can see the entire span of the eastern side of the bay bridge. well done. well done. 80 to 88 inland from the north bay to the east bay and around the bay we have 73 to 62. 67 to 70 at the coast, sunshine everywhere. if you do not get enough at coast more is coming in the seven-day forecast. >> right now we take you back to abc7 news engineer who is going
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through the tunnel. dick? >> i am going eastbound through the tunnel and as soon as i pop out of this new freshly lit newly cleaned hot, bright tunnel, you will see the majestic spire and the beautifully lit cables at the center of the roadway the i can see you cruising over the bridge, a song in your heart, your foot on the accelerator. i better not go any further, eric, but i can say that you got to be careful with the speed. it is 50 miles per hour. c.h.p. is out in force this morning making sure folks don't speed, don't stop and take pictures. enjoy the ride. watch the speed. >> dick, thank you.
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>> a portion of the new bicycle and pedestrian path will open to the public at noon today and an organized bicycle ride on the new bicycle path is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. and now the bicycle path extends to the tower. it will connect to yerba buena island and it will extend over two miles when completed between oakland exit island. >> we will have much more open this historic morning on the new plan and how the first commute is shaping up throughout the morning and we want to know what you think of the new bridge. join the conscious on facebook to share your thoughts. >> family and friends of victims of a fatal car crash in san jose are criticizing c.h.p. saying officers did not take the action that could have saved lives.
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matt keller is near the scene. >> a memorial is set up 24 hours after the accident that took the lives of two women. loved ones are questioning if the c.h.p. did the right thing in calling off a pursuit with a hit-and-run driver. the families of the two victims gathered at the crash site last night. they were killed when a silver mercede broadsided the toyota. c.h.p. says they tried to pull over the mercedes moments before the crash because the driver was weaving on northbound 101. the officers called off the pursuit for safety reasons after he exited the highway, and sped off going through a red light. the victims' family members question that decision and say they had the officers pursue the driver of the per -- mercedes, two women would be alive. >> just because it is early does not mean there are not citizens out and about. there are numerous hotels.
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>> she could have seen the lights and obviously would know there is a pursuit and wait for them to pass to make a safe turn. >> the two victims were headed to the jobs as cooks at san jose international airport. the driver of the mercedes has run off. police checked videos at nearby hotels can bits -- hotels and businesses and are asking the driver of the vehicle to turn himself in. >> a memorial service will be held today for a danville teen killed in a car crush last week. the 17-year-old robert orlando was killed when the car he was a passenger in hilt a tree. two other teens were hurt. they were coming home from fishing before the first day of school. the service is open to the public and will begin at 3:00 p.m. in san ramon. >> union leaders claim bart is
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deliberately stalling contract negotiations over a new contract in a way that could force another strike. the unions representing 2,400 workers have filed complaints with the governor and state attorney general harris. union leaders say this is no significant progress or negotiating session since the 60-day cooling-off period began three weeks ago. a bart spokesman says that state and federal mediators met with each group individually during the break and the next negotiating session is next monday but the main issues including wages will not be on the table for another two weeks. >> a taste of what people felt in 1933 when the brand new bridge opened. >> first time across, always something special as you know. we hope people are being safe, as well. >> they are. what a wonderful thing for us to experience once-in-a-lifetime not going to happen for another
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150 years. i count myself lucky. we are looking at clear conditions over the bay bridge and not seeing any accidents and no stalls but as we take you to antioch we have a report involving a motorcycle blocking a lane in the westbound direction with a tap on the brake as you make the drive approaching it, it will stay sluggish to pittsburg and the traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 35 minutes so a few extra minutes with more tracking and highway four from antioch to concord is 18 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes and san jose shows northbound 280 an from 17 a couple of headlights in the northbound direction. the air is not so humid. a few areas of dew point and the moisture in the area is in the
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60. and fairfield and oakland is in the 50's and 48 right now in concord so that means this afternoon, temperatures will get into the same ballpark as yesterday it will not feel so warm. here is the day planner the next 12 hours clouds out there, a few of then, mostly along the coast and temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. by noon we are in the mid-to-upper 60's bay and coast but mid-70's inland and by 4:00, 84 inland, 74 around the bay and 66 at the coast and 7:00 we are at new temperatures 76 inland and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and the coast. the weather is the same tomorrow, thursday, friday, and 8 to 12 degrees warmer with friday and saturday the warmest. that will set coming up in a second. we are following the first ever morning commute on the new eastern span of the bay bridge
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and this is a live picture as the cars cross the metering lights and the toll plaza and they will be headed to the new beautiful span. we will take you for a spin across the new bridge. you do not have to even leave your home. >> a super human feat of endurance, the inspiration day 18 my immediate -- inspiration that diana nyad wants us to take away from her swim from
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>> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. here is a picture of our camera from yerba buena island with traffic moving across the new eastern span of the bay bridge. please come back, it was a gorgeous shot. can you see traffic moving well. when it wasn't stopping. right now, we have abc7 news engineer on the road giving us a front review of the new span i 578 westbound on the causeway and cleared the toll plaza and the traffic is starting to build with a commute shaping up but it
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is light and moving at the speed limit. no backup in the fast track lane but the cash lanes are showing a backup four, five, six cars, not too bad but everything is moving well on the bridge and you can notice something that wasn't on the old bridge we have a park emergency shoulder on the left and right-hand side of the roadway only a narrow, eight or 15' shoulder just wide enough to have an emergency parking situation so if you have to stop there is not enough room to handle the door when you get out of the car. >> hopefully it will not cause the backups we have seen in the case of a stall. >> nokia will announce they are selling their smartphone business to microsoft at $7.2
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billion, showing microsoft is expanding their share of smartphone marquette gives microsoft access to know key patents with the deal closing next year. most of the 32,000 employees of nokia will transfer to microsoft^. >> prices on new cars are higher. here is the bloomberg business report. >> thinking of buying a car, the "wall street journal" says new models are running low including jeep and the short supplies mean fewer bargains and price hikes. >> if you are landing the next road trip, hotel booking sites have a feature called the hotel time machine, you pick up a road and it tells you the chances of 9 rate going up or down. it does not reimburse you if the site is wrong.
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>> and the lava lamp hit shelves 50 years ago. and millions of models have been sold worldwide since 1963 invented by a former world war ii pilot inspired by a strange liquid filled egg timer he saw in a pub. >> diana nyad is resting after the treacherous and triumphant swim from cuba to florida. the 64-year-old staggered on to key west after 53 hours in the wars the first person to make the 100-plus mile swim without a wet suit or a shark cage. the first day was rough. i just said, push cuba back. push florida toward me. >> one stroke at a time.
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>> this was her fifth attempt. the first attempt was in 1978 when she was 28. in those attempts dehydration and exhaustion and jelly fish stings forced her out of the water. she will appear this o -- this morning on "good morning america" at 7:00. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> we have one accident in antioch. nothing on the bay bridge. on highway 4, we have an accident involving a motorcycle. it is blocking the lane with a stretch of red, now, building, and now we have bumper-to-bumper traffic and our speeds are dipping down to 27 miles per hour. if you are taking mass transit, everything is running on time, and bart has 35-plus trains running at this hour and muni, all looking clear and ace train and caltrain all if good shape and yerba buena island islands shows the shot of the incoming
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traffic to the island, and it is moving beautifully and just a gorgeous site. we will not get tires of looking at this for some time and we will not get tires of the warmup of the mike nicco, it sounds like it will be a nice week. >> absolutely if you like the warm weather. you have been waiting all spring and summer for the fall sunshine. today we have winds. we have clouds. it will be a fairly bright day. the 14-mile-per-hour wind at sfo is the fastest until fairfield at 22 and not much of a sea breeze right now. from our east bay hills camera toward san francisco you can see right along the coast the tower is where the marine layer clouds are this morning. they have not made much of any progress to the east. any will be brighter and dry air, also. partly cloudy and mild, and we will have sunshine and warmth that will push temperatures near
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triple digits inland and 70's to 80's along the coast. today, our 80's are in the south bay, low-to-mid 80's everywhere and los gatos and gilroy, and mid-to-upper 80's on the peninsula and temperatures in the mid-70's to around 80 and the coast half moon bay, 70's, the same temperature to downtown san francisco and south san francisco one degree warmer and 74 in sausalito, low-to-mid 80's in the north bay valley and upper 60's at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore with oakland and rich man at 75 and inland, mid-to-upper 80's this afternoon. headed out to the game, an evening game. today is the only game with the ranger and dropping down to 62. temperatures will keep falling, coolest in the north by at 55 in santa rosa and 59 in san francisco, and a lost low-to-mid 60's around the bay shore south bay and inland. here is the seven-day forecast: temperatures are steady tomorrow, warming begins on
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thursday, and look at those temperatures, 10 to 12 degrees warmer by friday, saturday, and sunday. hope you enjoy. >> ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> crews prepare for a new round of spraying and health officials are concerned about a disease mosquitoes could be spreading. have a wonderful day, everyone. i'm diana perez. we had never used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list.
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>> blue are just joining us or
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headed out the door: the bay bridge is open for business. the bridge opened after 10:00 last night hours ahead of the planned opening. the $6 billion bridge was closed for five days as caltran worked to get the new span ready for drivers. >> two, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic is starting to build as you make it to the cash-paying lanes. it is smooth sailing across the bridge. we have one problem in antioch that is snarling traffic westbound direction. from san jose, thoughts are trying to track down the driver behind a deadly crash that killed two women yesterday morning. the c.h.p. saw the mercedes speeding and westbounding before it hit the victims' vehicle but officers died fought to pursue. >> memorial is held for a danville teen killed in a cash
5:26 am
crash last week when the car high was riding in hit a tree. he and two friends were on the way home from a fishing trip to mark the end of summer. >> the rim fire burning near yosemite national park is 70 percent contained. crews hope the cool temperatures and higher humidities will help to make additional progress. full containment is not expected until september 20. >> the white house is in full lobbying mode today making the case for military action in syria over the government's alleged use of chemical weapons. president obama has invited lawmakers to the white house for a candid talking including house speaker per and democratic leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi. >> it is a clear start. no fog if you travel across the new bay bridge. i have warm summer-type temperatures in the 15 day forecast. south bay health officials trying to get a handle on
5:27 am
mosquitoes infected with the west nile virus with trucks rolling out the hot zone around north san jose and milpitas. it will be a record 10 the time vector control will spray for kilt mosquitoes in the county. they did it seven times last year. officials are not sure if there is an increase in infected mosquitoes or if they are fining more with better methods. >> the abc7 morning news continues with the new bay bridge and how it will do if the big one finally hits the bay area. >> later, missions in north korea: rodman is headed back to that communist
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. good tuesday morning. at 5:29. the day we have been waiting for, for 24 years is here. a picture from sky 7 of the new eastern span of the bay bridge, open for traffic this morning. 24 years and $6.2 billion. traffic is moving to the tunnel and the western spokesman on the right side of the screen, our toll plaza. >> we begin with leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, we will get to the bridge in a moment. but i want to take you right back to antioch where we have a crash involving a motorcycle which is pushed to the center divider but it has done the damage. 19 miles per hour when you get beyond summersville you are picking up speed and moving
5:31 am
fine. at i-80 from highway four westbound you are at top speed continuing beyond the split into albany and berkeley at 68 miles per hour. over to the maze we are looking at top speeds although the tolls are loading up as you saw in the picture. the rest of the bridge now shows a buildup of traffic into san francisco. and we have cell 7 technology available with dick and maybe we can see what his perspective is looking like in the westbound direction in a little bit, but be now be we will talk to mike nicco about the warmup in the forecast. >> good morning, much. it is dry this morning. no sprinkles, in showers, a few clouds, some of those are spilling across the bay. sunshine today and quickly warming us with mid-to-upper 70's and 80's inland and in the
5:32 am
south bay, 70 long the coast and into san francisco. so, temperatures are close to average today and a big warming trend is on the way. i will have that in the seven-day outlook. >> as we mentioned, first open commute is now underway and we. continue our coverage at abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has reaction but, first, we have abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield at the toll plaza. we have it recovered from every angle. the backup here is thicker but, still, not too bad. look at view in last night, the first cars crossing the bridge at 10:15, despite a scheduled 5:00 a.m. opening, the crews got their work done early and opened it up early and that was 10:15
5:33 am
but c.h.p. is out to make sure people do not speed across the bridge with a straight shot and no s-curve and no obstructed views officials are worries you will be tempted to be heavy 23509ed but the speed limit is 50 miles per hour and they are making sure you do not go too fast or too slow. it could be texting but no slowing down to take a picture. if you want to savor the experience crossing the pedestrian or bicycle path could be the get option opening at noon. there will be officials to keep people moving and they are worried about crowd control with a lot of people this today. as for track, car traffic, is moving fine and i have been keeping in touch with chop and no problems to report just a nice experience. >> we will continue our coverage
5:34 am
now with katie marzullo in san francisco with commuter reaction to the new bridge. katie? >> reaction is all positive this morning. you would think people up this early commuting to work before the sun is up could be cranky and i would give them that, but they are all smiles thanks to the new bay bridge. last night drivers in the same festive mood looking to be the first to get on the bridge. this is the intersection at 1st. no crowds yet this only but a lot of satisfied commuters. >> a beautiful sight. obviously never been on one like that before but it was a real experience. pretty nice. a nice experience. nice is bright.
5:35 am
in the last few minutes at fremont near the terminal, traffic has started to pick up. the earliest commuters enjoyed the bay bridge to themselves but now they will share it with the others. the need back is that the lanes are lighter and there is more room. they are wider. >> thanks. we go to cell 7 and abc7 news engineer giving us an upclose and driver perspective of the first morning on the new bay bridge which is getting busier. >> i am westbound and i cleared the toll gates and traffic is backing up. right after you clear the gate, everyone slows down as they hit the way going up here to the incline of the new bridge.
5:36 am
as soon as you get on the open roadway, you get, maybe, oh, a quarter a mile or half a mile beyond the toll gates, things lighten up. you can see the traffic is building and we do is a morning commute underway here but it is still moving and moving at the speed limit. we are doing exactly 50 miles per hour and you can see all five lanes have traffic in them and i am just now up to the tower and we will see what happens with the traffic. people were slowing down because that is where bridge transitions to the new direction to connect to the measure roadway we will
5:37 am
the next few minutes so watch as i continues the western move into the city. it will withstand the next earthquake expected over the next thousand years. special peoples allow tower and the roadway to move back-and-forth without tracking and that was not possible on the old spokesman. you remember this video from october of 1989 when the 6.9 earthquake caused a section of the original portion of bay bridge to collapse. it took 24 years to complete a replacement span. >> worth looking again: a shot on the right a new eastern span with the tower and traffic is moving fine and on the left
5:38 am
driving across the tunnel with a new bright are light for you and we are leaving that up so you can see what the driver is live without getting off 9 couch. we will have more on the historic morning and how the first commute is shaping up. we want to know what you think of the new bridge. join 9 conscious on facebook to share your thoughts. also, we want to hear your thoughts, eric, any adjustment issues? >> nothing. 9 biggest problem is obeying the speed limit as you drive across. there will be helpful officers to make sure you do that. leyla gulen? >> hope everyone has a great labor day holiday. the left portion of the screen, the engineer is driving along the western span as you make the
5:39 am
approach to san francisco, we are at top speed and we do not have problems or accidents or stalls to report. it is a great drive headed on the eastern span. now, away the bay area, we have involving a motorcycle was cleared and when you get into pittsburg we will see top speeds. our drive time traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is under 50 minutes and 23 minutes westbound along highway 4, and 101 is looking clear and we do not see any delays and 17 minutes gets you to the city.
5:40 am
the low-to-mid 60 and a look at the other side, from our roof camera, you can see the moon and a few high clouds but no fog for commute across either side of the bay bridge. here is the day planner for the next 12 hours: 55 to 63 degrees. by noon we are up to 64 at coast and 76 inland and a summer spread at 6659 the coast and 84 inland and 64 at coast to 76 inland by 7:00. tomorrow, it will be a lot like today but we will look at the next couple of days, thursday, temperatures are above average and the warmth will peak friday and saturday with triple digits and 90's around the bay. >> basketball diplomacy coming up, and the reason nba star is headed back to communist north
5:41 am
korea. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows on the right traffic is moving toward the toll plaza for the drive across the new eastern span. on the left, video coming to you live with
5:42 am
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a new day for bay bridge drivers at 5:44 a look from the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get through here you get to the new eastern span of the bay bridge and we have coverage of opening of that span. >> basketball hall of famer dennis rodman is in north korea saying he wants to see his old friend kim again. that would be brothers and sisters. north korea's supreme leader and rodman made allily criticized visit to north korea and kim jong-un in january. rodman told reports that his visit is just a "friendly gesture." last week, rod map said he was trying to get the release of korean american who is being held prisoner in north korea.
5:45 am
the state senator will promote a bill to allow drivers to access the h.o.v. lanes granting an extension to a program that allows low emission vehicles to access the lanes. officials hope to encourage the purchase of hybrid cars in an effort to reduce the been footprint. >> now to cell 7 abc7 news engineer. dick, that looks familiar, like the old span. dick? >> yes, it is. i am sorry i could not give you a shot of the new span on this drive but we are coming from san francisco eastbound over the bay bridge now about a pile from the -- a mile from the tunnel can we thought this locked good but compared to the new side this side looks a little dark but the traffic is moving well if this
5:46 am
direction, eastbound traffic is light. it is moving at the speed limit. and westbound traffic as i reported in my previous report, it is starting to build particularly coming out of the toll gate up the incline and we check that out next year. eastbound is moving just fine. eric and kristen? >> for the longest time the eastern spokesman was the ugly stepsister. that is no longer case, with the opening of the new span. of course, still the case is traffic. some things never seem to change. this is a look from the forbes waiting on get across the tolls to get on the new bridge. >> what happens when you get here. leyla gulen? >> a new span but some things never change with packed conditions with the tolls and packed conditions over the altamont pass if you make it in the westbound direction 24 miles
5:47 am
per hour is bumper-to-bumper traffic and continues to be low into livermore to livermore avenue and highway 84, there is another bit of track at 24 miles per hour slowing you down approach the sunol grade at 680. as we look at our map of the bay bridge at the tolls, quite a bit of traffic at 26 miles per hour taking you 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco. speed picks up at treasure island and loosens up from there. the san mateo bridge shows the great alternate and the bay bridge was closed and traffic, now, is getting heavier as you head out of hayward to foster city. mike? >>guest: thank you, leyla gulen. we will keep tracking the fog in the north bay, santa rosa is quarter-mile visibility and everyone else is okay and it is more dry outside than this time yesterday whether it is sprinkles or the humidity, it is all lower or gone.
5:48 am
here is what is going on, very clear, no matter which side of the bay bridge leading to a bright are day today with lighter humidity. it will be partly cloudy tonight and mild but a few more clouds at the coast and this weekend, wow, it will get warm, one of those fall weekends when we get the offshore wind and the temperatures surge above average and sunshine at the coast. at 5:00 yesterday you can see the moisture is right on our doorstep during the over fight hours the lows started to take over pushing the moisture down to the southeast away from us and that is not tropical moisture means no more spread of thunderstorms and no more sticky afternoon. low-to-mid 80's for most of the south bay and san jose is 82 and santa cruz and los gatos and morgan hill mid-80's and up the peninsula, 880 in redwood city south san francisco and 74 in
5:49 am
sausalito. at the beaches, upper 60's, and low-to-mid 80's with sunshine and inland valleys, and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore with oakland at 75 and castro valley and fremont at 79 and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valleys and not so sticky. keep fighting for first place rangers and a's 7:05 first pitch and 67 degrees under sun, and 62 by the end of the game. with met of us in the 60's again, and upper 50's along the coast and san francisco and san rafael and santa rosa and napa in the mid-50's tonight. tomorrow it will be a lot like today and a bump on thursday but the real remain warmth is friday, saturday, and sunday where we could flirt with 100 in the east bay valley and 90 around the bay and mid-70's to possibly 80's along the coast.
5:50 am
the new span of the bay bridge, what do you think? >> loved it. so much easier to drive and the fact you do not have to struggle with the obstacles, whether it is the butch or is the s-curve but it is hard to go the speed him. it really is. it is that nice. and all the signage. >> when we come across there are always a couple of lanes block because they were working on the old bridge always, it was wide open, the lanes feel bigger and it feels like a breath of fresh air. >> i am normally not jealous of the commute but this morning i am. and a look from sky 7, over the toll plaza, and you can see how heavy traffic is there, and the
5:51 am
median lights on. we will check with leyla gulen to see how the commuters are moving across the new span after moving across the new span after this unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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>> dick will know every inch of this new bridge. he is going back-and-forth across with cell 7 technology. dick, we will look at how it is going at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a big backup, dick?
5:54 am
>> kristen and eric, right now we do have a good backup at the toll gates backing up probably a couple a thousand feet and maybe more. particularly over in the right-hand side of the roadway backing up even further. i came across the bridge and it is moving fine, the inline and the causeway is moving at the speed limit and the traffic is light. the backup is being caused by the metering lights, like this bumper to bumper to the metering lights and then it opens and it goes fine. maybe caltran needs to rethink the metering light strategy because the bridge can handle the track. kristen and eric? >> thank you, dick. you can see dick's shot on the right and on the left is sky 7 showing you what is going on
5:55 am
above the bay bridge toll plaza. dick said, great point, about possibly needing to adjust the metering lights as the new span seems to be able to accommodate more traffic. on the early side today, you can see the traffic is backing up from sky 7 and that is probably going to go away, we hope, because we want traffic flowing william as you make it into san francisco but it is to moderate the track so it doesn't bunch up when you get interest san francisco. while you feel the pain of it at front it eases up later. if you travel through berkeley and i-80 we are at top speed and then a slow down over to the bay bridge. mike? >> thank you, leyla gulen.
5:56 am
now, what to expect in september, in oakland, this is your warmest month, an average high of 74 through the month. the lows drop with the long are nights at 59 and down to 57 and the all-time record high is 1309 during -- 109 with a third of an inch of rainfall. we look at what is going on and the showers to the south, that is where the moisture is moving as we talked about so in the southern section of the sierra, all the way down probably in the high desert there is a chance of thunderstorms and yosemite national park is 89 and 77 in tahoe not so hazy and 90 in sacramento and 87 in los angeles and 80 in san diego. >> the first morning commute with the new bay bridge is underway and the first cars made the crossing over the new span last night and ahead at 6:00 a.m. complete coverage including driver impressions of of the new
5:57 am
span. >> the families of two women killed in a south bay hit-and-run crash speak out and the reasons why the highway patrol could is done were more to prevent the tragedy.
5:58 am
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afternoon. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a historic first for the bay area, you can see last night as the first cars drove over the new eastern span of the bay bridge, a very special moment that was over two decades in the making. lots of cars.
6:00 am
>> a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have seen it start to back up as drivers begin the first morning commute with a new eastern span with our traffic reporter telling us what to specific use head out the door. >> starting today, bicyclists and pedestrians can enjoy the new span but there restrictions. we will tell you everything you need to know. >> more now on the opening of the new bay bridge. another picture from our bay bridge toll plaza camera, the day after a holiday and the backup you can see right there. the first cars crossed at 10:15 last night after the five-day closure to get ready for the debut of the new span seven hours ahead schedule. >> going live to yerba buena island looking at the head heights headed into san francisco you


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