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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have seen it start to back up as drivers begin the first morning commute with a new eastern span with our traffic reporter telling us what to specific use head out the door. >> starting today, bicyclists and pedestrians can enjoy the new span but there restrictions. we will tell you everything you need to know. >> more now on the opening of the new bay bridge. another picture from our bay bridge toll plaza camera, the day after a holiday and the backup you can see right there. the first cars crossed at 10:15 last night after the five-day closure to get ready for the debut of the new span seven hours ahead schedule. >> going live to yerba buena island looking at the head heights headed into san francisco you can see traffic is
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moving to the tunnel and to the right, the old bay bridge, the darkened part, which will be taken apart over three years. >> and our engineer is behind the wheel to give us a front row site of the new bay bridge. this is probably not the seen you want: stuck in toll plaza traffic. we will check with dick in a few minutes to find out what it is like to cross. >> the toll is still $6. the same toll. from above, can you see a look of the new bay bridge all lit up. abc7 news traffic reporter is monitoring the commute. leyla gulen? >> all right, we go from sky 7, the traffic is building on the through span of the bay bridge and bumper-to-bumper traffic approaching the tolls and we talked about the metering lights. sometimes that happens when traffic is anticipated to be
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heavier. those metering lights are there. it is to ease traffic when you pass treasure island to fan. it starts to move things better than normal. headed into hayward county as you make the drive on the transition between northbound 238 to the nimitz, we have a stalled vehicle and it is blocking one lane and heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic at 38 miles per hour, that is 9 top speed and the eastbound 580 the westbound traffic is a bear and we have this report of a brand new crash northbound we we in san francisco at 280 with one lane blocked. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd showing clouds along the coast and it is partly cloudy for the rest of us and there is no fog to deal with this morning. outside the coast, the day planner 9 next 12 hours is a few clouds and temperatures are a few 50's in the north bay and
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mostly we are in the low-to-mid 60's and by noon it will be brighter and more dry with humidity different today. mid-to-upper 60's but inland we are around 76 and by 4:00 we are hang out in the mid-80's inland and mid-70's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's around your bay and coastal neighborhoods. >> 6:03 and back to our team come of the bay bridge opening, traffic is moving on the new span this morning but that is after cost overruns and questions over the bridge's safety. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us from the toll plaza. >> you pay the same toll but you could argue you get more for your money. there is a backup and you have to wait to get to the bridge this morning. check it out, the traffic has gotten heavier in the last 20 or 30 minutes. enthusiasm here this morning but a wonderful drive and here is the picture of the site we have
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been waiting for, a lit up functional new bridge and officials got this open before a major earthquake occurred. they got everyone off of the old bridge. 9 first cars to cross the new span opened at 10:15 and it was greeted with enthusiasm. cars lined up and parked on both sides of the bay waiting to get across. >> the project has a very storied history particularly this past year. we hope people can see this for the totality of what it is we are delivering: a beautiful state-of-the-art bridge. c.h.p. is making sure people do not go too fast or too slow across the bridge with no s-curve and people could be tempted to speed or to slow down to enjoy the view.
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insert okay, you is to obey the 50 miles an hour. traffic is so slow you may not even get to 50. remember, 50 miles per hour is the speed limit. two incidents: c.h.p. made an arrest at the toll plaza at 2:00 this morning for d.u.i. and they also had to pull someone off of the old span, someone found a way up there to take pictures and they say that is not allowed. you are not allowed on the old span. we are now allowed only on the new bay bridge. >> not safe. ahead in the process from where amy was is our abc7 news engineer, with the first hook at the new span. it looks like a craw, -- a crawl to the metering lights.
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>> it has changed going wive with the backup is substantial into the toll plaza. that backup continues all the way to the metering lights. i purged on to this stretch from the bridge parking lot which is only a couple hundred feet east of the toll plaza and from that point to where i am it has taken ten minutes and i am in the middle between the toll plaza and the metering lights. looking up ahead on the bridge, beyond the metering lights, traffic is moving freely. the backup is caused by the metering lights. we will be on the bridge in the next report. >> thank you. pedestrians will have their first chance today to travel on the bay bridge new eastern span. a portion of the bicycle and pedestrian path will open to the public at noon and an organized bicycle ride on the new bicycle
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path is scheduled for 6:00 this evening the crews need to demolish a portion of the old span in order to build and connect the rest of the bicycle path to yerba buena island which will extend two miles between oakland and the island. we will have were more on this historic morning on the new spokesman and how the first commute is shaping up through the morning and we want to know way thing of the new bay bridge. >> other news, to the south bay, the search is continuing for the hit-and-run driver would left two women dead. carmen zavala and christina de leon were killed yesterday morning in san jose. abc7 news reporter matt keller joints us why the women's families say more could be done to prevent the damage didn't ought candles of flowing at the site where two women were killed
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24 hours ago. police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver. the families of the victims, carmen zavala and christina de leon, gathered at the site. they were killed when a silver mercedes brad sided their toyota. c.h.p. says they tried to pull over the mercedes moments before the crash because the driver was the families say if the officers pursued the driver, the women would be alive. >> just because it was early doesn't mean that there are not citizens out and about. there are numerous hotels the. >> she could have seen the lights coming and would have phone there was a pursuit and waited to them to pass so she could turn. >> christina de leon and carmen zavala were headed to their jobs as cooks at san jose
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international airport. the driver has yet to be arrested. no word on a description. >> matt, thank you. back to the top story: the new bay bridge, and here we are above the bay bridge toll plaza with a lot of volume. the metering lights with the on early. >> happy you drove in four hours early, right, eric? >> a few good things about being on the bridge at 2:00 in the morning. >> it has been busy. the traffic is stacked beyond the maze to berkeley and the waze app showed someone taking a picture of the bumper-to-bumper traffic i-80 westbound approaching 580. be prepared and give yourself plenty of extra time. on the other side of the bay we have this report of an accident northbound 101 to 280, the connection, we have one lane
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blocked and we are seeing slow downs. we her it was a car that spun around and it could face the wrong direction so injuries are possible but we will watch that. mike? >> we will talk about what will happen with our dry air. we talked about it not being so humid with dew point in the 60's and now they are in the 60's and that is the amount of moisture in the air and the lower that number is the better it feels. the moist areas are fremont and fairfield at 60 and 62. this is what to dress for: most of us in the low-to-mid 60's with upper 50's around the not bay but that is it. 67 in antioch. the week ahead, as we look into oakland, you can see temperatures are ramping up to 88 degrees friday and saturday and we will make a push at 90 and that will be the warmest days in the forecast. from our roof camera, inland, it
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will be near 100 on friday and mid-to-upper 70's along the coast. the complete seven-day forecast is ahead. kristen and eric? >> president obama is making the case on syria, and the pitch he is making to congress today in high from file help -- today and high profile help he is getting. and the historic swim from cuba to florida by diana nyad
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 6:14. a shot over the toll plaza and the metering lights of the bay bridge on the oak side is a backup there very slow trying to get to the new eastern span open for business which is beautiful and moving smoothly >> president obama will meet with the senate armed services committee, the senate foreign affairs committee and the senate
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intelligence committee discussing vote on whether to attack syria over its use of chemical weapons. also today, secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary hagel will testify before the senate foreign affairs committee before the attack and the president will leave for the summit in russia. >> israel says ballistic objects detected by russian radar were from a joint missile test israel conducted with the united states saying that test over the mediterranean was successful and comes as the united states weighs whether to take military action against syria. >> united states endurance swimmer diana nyad staggered on a beach on key west from cuba after 53 hours in the water the first person to make the 100 100-plus mile swim with no shark cage. >> it was rough the first day,
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saturday, after the start, i just said, forget the senate, get your heels in and where your left hand, say, push cuba back, and push forward. >> it took her five attempts to make the swim and you can hear more from her at 7:00 on "good morning america" right after the abc7 news. >> we want to get you back to the new bay bridge with cell 7 and our engineer is giving us a look at the first morning on the new span approaching the beautiful new tower. dick? >> it is a beautiful view, christian, particularly with the sun coming up, just very majestic. i am currently headed east from treasure island to the oakland toll plaza area and i am pleased to report that the traffic on the bridge deck itself eastbound
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and westbound into san francisco is moving at the speed little. obviously we have heavier commute track westbound but, how, it is still moving nicely but the exception is the toll plaza and the metering lights and sky 7 earlier showed you the backup and it is definitely a start to a good backup or heavy backup for the morning commute at the toll plaza. >> again, this is a picture above the toll plaza with a backup and folks going through the tolls and to the metering lights switched on >> from the maze to san francisco traveling westbound,
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at hayward we have a serious accident southbound 880 a report of a car fire. part of the ground is catching on fire so it is a serious incident as you make the drive from san lorenzo at 35 miles per hour for a top speed. the drive time traffic 580 is heavy an hour to head in the westbound direction highway 4 is busy and would we -- 101 is not too bad. from sausalito to san francisco, you can see clear conditions so not too bad. mike nicco has the forecast. >> still tracking fog which has improved near the reporting station up from quarter of a mile to 2.5 but down at half moon bay at one mile. the rest of us are seeing marine
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layer but they will fade. you can see mount diabolo off in the distance a beautiful backdrop for highlights and it will be brighter everywhere and the dry air is here. clouds tonight and mild but for the coast we will have more cloud cover and the big warming trend is coming for friday and saturday. you can see the greens and oranges where the deepest moisture is and intersecting the bay area yesterday so we had a few showers and beautiful rainbows showing up, also, so we will get those on facebook page. maybe we will tweet a few. overnight the moisture was pushed to the east where it will remain. if you are headed over to, say, yosemite national park, today, thunderstorms are possible in the higher elevations. >> low-to-mid 80's for the south bay and mid-to-upper 80's for gilroy and santa cruz at 82 degrees. mid-70's to 80 degrees on the
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peninsula and warmer in los altos at 82 and 70 at half moon bay is the warm spot and around 67 in pacifica and daly city and colma and near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 74 and the beaches are in the upper 60's and headed inland we have temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's. in the east bay shore we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's and the east bay valley we have mid-to-upper 80's. here is a look at the seven-day outlook, notice the temperatures tomorrow are about same as today and we jump up above average thursday and look at the heat for friday, saturday, and sunday, 70 at the coast and 90 for the rest of us. notice this morning, crossing the bridge the weather was perfect for viewing the bridge with no fog. >> no fog this morning. nobody to obscure the view of whatever you were looking at crossing the bay bridge. >> mike, thank you. >> the new bay bridge coverage continues including the high
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would file bay area politician who says taxpayers should not be worried about the cost overruns for the multibillion dollar new span. >> a look outside as you can see from sky seven a backup at the toll plaza and the metering lights with the traffic situation with leyla gulen coming all right. those are your "techbytes." make it a great day. i'm john muller. nu before william hughes fought in vietnam... and john hughes jumped into normandy...
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>> back outside, to cell 7 and abc7 news engineer. >> using cell7 technology and giving a look at the first morning commute on the new span of the bay bridge. dick? >> yes, good morning, kristen and eric. i am westbound on the bay bridge coming up the incline section to the new majestic tower, the spire. the traffic is starting to slow. i don't know if it is because the traffic is getting heavy or folks are just slowing down to capture the view but we have slowed down to 25 to third miles per hour and i have seen two warms of how the shoulder has saved the only commute with a couple of stalls that have pulled off on the shoulder that
6:25 am
have not impacted on the slower track. if this was the old bridge they would be stopped in the actual lanes of traffic so those shoulders will save the commute situations that are highly congested in the morning and afternoon if there are stalls. kristen and eric, back to you on this beautiful morning. again, we take you to sky seven over the toll plaza and heavy volume and we will find out more in a few minutes. >> despite the excitement there is criticism over the cost of building the new bridge. former san francisco mayor willie brown was in office during the planning phase for the new span. we caught up with him yesterday and he brushed off the final price tag of $6.5 billion. >> don't ever concern yourself
6:26 am
about any infrastructure project with reference to cost if known stole anything you can't predict the price. >> $6.4 billion is $4 billion more than the original estimate. construction began in 2002 and is designed to last at least 150 years. >> our coverage of the bay bridge opening continues at 6:30 with a look from the yerba buena island camera traffic is moving on the new span toward you. the right side of the screen is the old eastern span. >> in san francisco, talking with drivers and bus riders about their first coming commute. i have heard "fun" and "beautiful." >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center and from sky 7
6:27 am
over the tolls you can see traffic is stacked up all the way out of the maze and heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic at 15 minutes but this gives you pause to take it in and enjoy the beauty of the brand new span of the it's halloween time and disneyland is ours! going down!
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news 24 years in the making and we are glad to share it with you. >> look at the sight: the new span on open for business. >> just $6.5 billion. now another look of the bay bridge from the yerba buena island camera, traffic is moving on right side of the screen, you can see the toll plaza with a lot of volume. >> we have our traffic reporter, leyla gulen. >> folks are keeping some of the
6:31 am
other bridges, they want to expense the newness and beauty. we had a couple of stalls but traffic was flowing well. it will take you between 15 and 20 minutes to go between the maze and into san francisco because of the metering lights being on and the traffic being backed up. traffic also is backed up in hayward and if you are traveling along southbound nimitz at a street we have an accident involving a car fire and this is causing tremendous pressure on northbound 238, 12 miles an hour is the top speed and bumper to bumper coming up on that transition road with 880. the drive time traffic is more than an hour from tracy to dublin on westbound 580, highway 4 is quite busy and 35 minutes 101, still in the clear. here is the san mateo bridge, a decent drive to the high-rise. >> thank you, you saw on the san
6:32 am
mateo bridge hardly any clouds with no flight arrival delays in sfo. the showers will not live much past 9:00 or 10:00, because we have a lot of sunshine and 62 with the late arriving clouds and sunny at noon and 68 and mid-to-upper 70's by 4:00 and upper 60's and quiet in the evening. we have fog up north, and otherwise it is clear inland with temperatures in the low 60's and mid-70's by noon and mid-80's with not so were humidity as yesterday and 75 with dry air. at the coast, that is where the clouds are and 60 degrees and you will see the clouds open and it will be 64 degrees around noon and 66 headed to 4:00. >> as we mention the first morning commute with the new eastern span of bay bridge is underway and we will continue our coverage at abc7 news reporter katie marzullo if san francisco with commuter
6:33 am
reaction. but, first, we have amy hollyfield at the bay bridge toll plaza. a busy place this morning? >> very busy. reaction is frustration because there is a backup at the toll plaza. hopefully people are staying calm and thinking about the new journey. here is the view last night of the very first cars crossing the new bridge. this happened at 10:15. despite a scheduled 5:00 a.m. opening officials say the crews were done early so they opened it up early. the c.h.p. is watching to pick sure people do not speed. it doesn't look like that is a problem this morning. the speed limit is 50 miles per hour. there is no s-curve so it is wide open and people are worried people could go too fast, or too slow. on slowing is allowed for
6:34 am
pictures. have not had major problems just two issues. >> we had one incident where an individual stopped on the old structure, closed structure of the eastbound lane to take photographs and it is a very visual appealing photo and i understand why someone does that but you can fought because that treasure is closed. one person was arrested for driving under the blue shortly after 2:00 a.m. at the toll plaza on the eastbound side. other than that, we have not had any significant incidents to report the. >> he didn't want to tell us how someone got on the old structure but did say you are not allowed there. stay off the old bridge. today is about the new bridge moving forward. the speed limit is 50 miles per hour the when traffic moves up to 50 miles per hour, that is as fast as you are allowed. now we have shoulders so if you have a stall you can pull over.
6:35 am
shoulder already, right, a couple of stalled cars. we continue coverage with abc7 news reporter katie marzullo in san francisco with reaction from drivers and the bridge opening. katie? >> we have moved down the street. we were talking to drivers and we moved to the terminal so for the buses that cross the bus, it is their first morning getting back to normal taking their normal route. passengers up like people driving a car they get to be full spectators to the bridge and like the drives i have talked with, they are gushing. >> very pretty bridge. i could not -- all the lights and the tower but it is really nice. there was no problem. >> spectacular view and very quick coming across the bridge.
6:36 am
>> commuters were festivity last night with a crush of drivers want be toking among the first to get on the bridge with lots of honking. all smiles this morning from commuters. they say the bridge is beautiful they say it is fun and spectacular and even surreal. >> right now, we will go to cell dick? >> i am westbound on the toll plaza 300' prior to the toll plaza and traffic is thinning now at the toll plaza. the cash lanes have a shorter line than the fast track. i spoke to the crew in sky 7 and they said the backup is extending all the way back to
6:37 am
the maze so it looks like it is lightening up to the toll plaza but you still have the backup getting to the metering lights and when you get beyond the metering lights, the bridge when i came across, it looks like it is moving at 30 or 35 miles per hour. >> thank you. taking you to sky 7 which is over the toll plaza which is heavy and the movement you see, the cars are getting through the h.o.v. lanes and everyone else, there is speculation maybe those who use the other brims -- bridges are taking this opportunity to see how it is working. >> and news on the bridge troll. >> we have multiple views of the
6:38 am
new span of the bay bridge and this is from yerba buena island
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> welcome back, the time is 6:40 and a picture from sky seven shows traffic is stacked up at the toll plaza and just to leave from the macarthur maze to san francisco. that is going to take you 20 minutes. if you are coming away from san pablo that is going to be 45
6:41 am
minutes to make it to san francisco. as we take it up, we pan up, you can see the traffic is bumper to bumper, so pack your patience. it will be worth it. it is a beautiful drive. mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, leyla gulen, thank you. we thought we would talk about what to expect in september here if san francisco our warmest months as we start off at 70 for an average high and warm up to 72. we stay right around 56 for a low. we have been as cool as 48, and a quarter of an inch rain but we have had up to 2.5". thunderstorms are possible in the sharia and lighter showers in the high desert and 105 in palm springs. 80 in san diego and 89 and thunderstorms around yosemite national park and 77 in tahoe. >> the bay bridge will have a
6:42 am
protector made for the new span, a new bay bridge troll with a photo last night and we will show it to you with an ironworking hammer in the right hand and a tong in the left. the old troll made a cameo and will go in the new bay bridge museum but they are not saying where the new troll is being placed. the old troll was placed on the section that was collapsed in the earthquake in 1988 as protection for additional natural disaster. >> trading is underway on wall street journal and the big board shows the dow is up, well up, 113 points. we go to the new york stock exchange coming up and jane king. >> we have metering lights and
6:43 am
the continuing coverage of the new opening span of the
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6:45 am
>> now to cell seven, and abc7 news engineer is headed to the metering lights. tell us what is going on, dick. >> yes, i am westbound cleared the toll plaza and i am between
6:46 am
the toll plaza and the metering lights right now. the metering lights are causing a significant backup as you clear the toll plaza. when you get on the bridge deck it slows at 20 to 25 miles per hour and they are moving. what you see off to the left as i try to zoom in there, you can see the h.o.v. lanes and i can report that the of ho lanes on -- the h.o.v. lanes are moving well with no backup through the toll gets if you are using one of the h.o.v. lanes. kristen and eric? >> thank you, dick. hear us maybe he can wave to us, this is a cool perspective, there a backup and a lot of
6:47 am
folks just want to be part of the historic morning. we are waving at you, dick. >> wall street is buzzing over a blockbuster deal involving microsoft. jane king is live from the new york stock exchange. >> we come back from the holiday to a huge deal. this is between microsoft and nokia agreeing to buy them for $7.2 billion, two companies trying to stay relevant. some of the folks are questioning the chance of success, with both microsoft and nokia missing the boat on smartphones and it is difficult to crawl your way back. for blacks, housing is slipping
6:48 am
further out of reach with homeownership falling from 50 percent during the bubble to 43 percent last quarter the lowest level since 1995. now, the markets, off to a strong start the dow is up 100 points this morning and the silicon valley index is trading up 1.5 percent. a new social site for men and women in blue, created by a former police commissioner who hopes this will serve as a tool to fell federal, state, and local law enforcement work more closely together and is expected to go live in october and will allow companies to market products geared to law enforcement. >> thanks. and the suspension fan that
6:49 am
defines the new bridge as world class. >> the tower is really interesting, self anchored suspension...i like that. now, traffic with leyla gulen. >> as we take a look from sky 7, you saw the beautiful sight, the beautiful...the self-anchoring suspension bridge. i have a brain delay this morning. we are seeing delays into fairfield and we have this accident involving two big rigs shutting down highway 12 in both directions and what you want to do is get around it and take walters back to sunset and that reconnects you with highway 12 and that gets you to highway 80 and that is causing a delay. more delays down the sunol grade, that is where we have an accident blocking a lane and we have heavy bumper-to-bumper
6:50 am
traffic and it is packed as you come away from 580 and this accident has cheered involving a fire southbound 880 and we still are left with quite heavy bumper to bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> good morning, everyone, we will start by tracking thing for up in the north bay quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and everyone else is okay. at half moon bay we are at five miles and the winds are light and fairfield is at 17 and the rest of us are under ten miles per hour. the sunrise from sutro tower, with clouds in the distance, the low clouds are trying to fill the bay to brighter conditions and dry air today and that leads to partly cloudy night and mild temperatures away from the coast and cloudy and a big time warming trend the first one in the fall season friday and saturday and sunday. while you were sleeping we will go back to 6:00 and notice all the greens, the deeper tropical
6:51 am
moisture moved away from the bay area and we are transition opening into the dry air and you will notice it this afternoon with temperatures hitting the mid-and upper 80's including the south bay, it will not feel so sticky as yesterday. high today in san jose and, also, down in santa cruz at 82. near 80 on the peninsula, and half moon bay at 70 degrees. that is the same temperature as downtown san francisco. south san francisco is 71 and sausalito is 74 and the next couple of days you will get really nice pictures from the head lands and the golden gate bridge and low-to-mid 80's in the north bay valley and upper 60's at your beaches and we will have mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. the rangers and a's and 67 at 7:00 and dropping down to a school 62 by end of the game. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow the temperatures steady the thursday we jump above average and friday, saturday, and sunday, 90 but the coast,
6:52 am
where we will have mid-70's and near 80 degrees. a great weekend for the beaches. sunshine and warm weather. >> right after the kids get become to school. >> we showed the tower, the self-anchored suspension span. >> i felt safe. i felt safer than the old bridge it soviet like driving through a spider web. it is wider. smoother. a very gradual climb. a great ride the. >> seven things to know before
6:53 am
>> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" and as you look at the tower here are seven things to
6:54 am
know before you go. number one, here is a look from yerba buena island at the new span of the bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving smoothly. we do have a buildup that will take you 20 minutes from the maze to san francisco so some things never change. on the map, fairfield has an accident blocking both lanes of highway 12 in both directions. take this over to sunset back to highway 12. two, the bay bridge is open for business. dignitaries cake out for the ceremony to kristen the bridge. the $6 billion bridge was closed for five days as they worked to get the new span ready. abicycleists and pedestrians have the first chance to travel on the new eastern span, the new bicycle path extends to the tower area and will open at noon with crews needing to take down the old span to finish the
6:55 am
bicycle path to glenn yerba buea island. >> drivers are looking for the drive of a mercede that crashed into another car killing two women. the mercedes was seen speeding prior to the crash. officers decided fought to chase the driver when it took off on city streets. >> congressional leaders arriving the at white house right now to hear president obama make his case for military action against syria. some republicans are skeptical that an attack is the best option. the united states and israel conducted a missile test in the mediterranean. >> crews battling the massive wildfire near yosemite national park are making huge progress with the rim fire now 75 percent contained and it destroyed 235,000 acres since it broke out 18 days ago. >> lack of should cover and the dry air, cooler conditions and santa rosa and 61 in san francisco and 63 in san jose and oakland at 57 in san ramon.
6:56 am
the city of san francisco this morning, the forecast is 80's inland and 70's around the bay and near 70 at the coast. >> news continues online and on twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. we will be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. and breaking right now, fire breaks out inside a terminal at the world's busiest airport in atlanta. two firefighters injured on an escalator as smoke fills parts of the terminal. we have a live report. breaking now, the president is set to make his case for striking syria again today, and he gets support from one of his toughest critics, john mccain, as the syrian leader speaks out defiantly making threats about regional war. we should never ever give up. [ cheers and applause ] fearless and fierce. diana nyad swims into history. the long distance champ conquers her lifelong dream at the age of 64, swimming from cuba to florida on her fifth try. what she says now about her triumph. such an inspiration.


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