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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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women captive while raping them for more than a decade is now dead. ohio correctional officials say ariel castro was found hanging in his prison cell tonight. guards tried to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful. >> in exchange for the death penalty castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts including rape, kidnapping and murder. last month a judge sentenced castro to life in prison plus 1,000 years. he would never get out. he was being kept isolated from the general population because of his high-profile case. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our other top story, the new bay bridge. it is proving very popular tonight. right now traffic getting out of san francisco and on to the bridge has finally cleared up. this is a live look at the san francisco sky way where the headlights that you can see are heading toward the lower deck, and it is easy to get on
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now. >> that was not the case an hour ago when traffic was just jammed. look at this. you can see a line of headlights stretching for more than a mile trying to get on to the bay bridge heading east. >> let's look now at our camera on yerba buena island. once they make it to the span, the tail lights there, steady stream of traffic making its way to oakland. >> once you get across the bridge the traffic picks up a little bit. the california highway patrol says people slowing down to get a good look at the bridge is contributing to the back up. >> alan wang has been gathering the experiences of drivers including a family who was among the first to cross the new span. alan joins us now live from y re ba buena. alan? >> hi, carolyn and dan. what we are seeing is that when cars drive under that beautiful part of the suspension bridge we see a in the traffic and when they get past the tower
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it picks up again. chp think it is the novelty of a new bridge and they think it could last a week. long after the evening commute it looked like rush hour traffic on the bay bridge. partly because drivers who couldn't help but gaze at the new span. >> i got a few people hoping behind -- honking behind me when they saw me 2 slower. >> the bridge is beautiful. >> the novelty of driving over the new east span began at 10:15 last night when it reep oned to the first -- when it reopened to the first drivers. >> you are the first vehicle across the state bridge. how cool is that? monumental. >> he shot this video as he entered the bridge from the northbound i-880 and jockeyed in the front of the pack to be one of the first to cross. >> i know which to go into the fast track and which split into the extra lanes. i managed to get around a couple cars and get into the position.
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it was very exciting. >> eight hours later the first real commute began. by noon the cars were backed up at the toll plaza. the chp says there were a lot of distracted drivers. >> if you are taking a cell phone camera and taking pictures while driving, you may be subjected to the basic speed law. what is a safe speed to take a picture while driving? we determine that safe speed is 0. >> despite the congested feeling today, the metropolitan transportation commission says there were 2,500 fewer vehicles than on this day last year. they were just going a lot slower. alan wang, abc7 news. >> what we are seeing is a slow down in traffic once the cars start to drive to the suspension part of the bridge. after they pass the tower the traffic starts to pick up again. the chp thinks it is because of the novelty of the new bridge and it could last a week or so so expect it to be slow as people check that out. for the first time no vehicle is needed to get on to the bay
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bridge. a new bicycle pedestrian path has intranses in emeryville and oakland and makes its way to the bridge in the toll plaza. it is named after a former oakland city planner who fought for bike as success to the bridge. bike passage to the bridge. the path will eventually exend it to yerba buena. >> it could be double the cost to build it. planning and construction reached $4.6 billion, but the final bill will top $12 billion once the bonds are used to payoff in 2054. >> that's your total package in much of the same way you take out a $feef00,000 mortar -- $500,000 mortgage on a home, by the time the loan is over you will have paid more than $500,000. >> computers are paying the largest part of the bill. about 69% will come from
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tolls. we want to know what you think about the bay bridge. join the conversation on our facebook page. that's news to share your thoughts. >> moving on just days before the america's cup finals, oracle team usa is being rocked by a cheating scandal. it will be without several key team members and we will start the race already in the hole. abc7 news reporter john alston is live. john, yet another blow to this event. >> it is. some members are accused of making illegal changes to some 45-foot catamarans last year. so now instead of having to win nine races for the america's cup series, the team will have to win 11. the plan was to introduce members before saturday's big race, but the questions turned to the cheating scandal and the stiff penalty by an america's cup jury. >> like i said, i am not getting into the jury stuff. i am here to focus on the
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styling. >> they said they were illegally modified. they accuse team members of using lead to change the weight of the so-called king post. that's the pole below the sail of the catamaran. those boats are now legal and being used by the youth america's cup in the bay. as he was kicked out of the regatta. >> very competitive and never once questioned the ethics. one of the hardest working guys i ever worked with. >> three other team members were removed from all or part of the america's cup and the organization was fined a quarter million dollars. team usa will head in two points behind team new zealand. oracle released a written statement saying while we disagreed with the penalties imposed by the jury we have no choice but to make necessary changes to personnel. >> it is a dark cloud on the sport which is sad.
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i am glad they have been penalized jie. now they have been rocked with three days to prepare for the big race. abc7 news. a san jose radiologist is accused of stealing funds meant for cancer research. he was taking checks sent to a study that he off saw while working for the valley medical center. after he quit the hospital officials found more than $40 sex,000 was miss >> found more than 46,000 was missing. he used it for credit card bills and his parents' mortgage. he faces four years in prison if convicted. the struggling ambulance provider wants to cut short its contract with the county. our media partner, the san jose mercury news says rural metro wants to end the contract because it is losing $5 million each year under the current term. the company says it would rebid if it is let out of its commitment. rural metro filed for
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bankruptcy in august. last year they hit the company with a $5 million fine because of slow response times and fan break downs. >> let's move to syria and the possibility of a strike in response to the sire yen government's suspected it -- to the syrian government's suspected it use of weapons. the senate put forth a resolution that bars the use of ground troops and would set a time limit for any kind of military operation. but while lawmakers debate a new abc news "washington post" poll finds that nearly six in ten americans oppose unilateral u.s. missal strikes against syria. and here at home syrian americans are taking to the phones and the social networking sites to get support for a u.s.-lead military strike on syria. lisa amin gulezian has that story. >> did you have that on the spread sheet? >> they are working nonstop from their san jose kitchen table. they are trying to save
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syria. they sent out an action alert to bay area syrian americans to ask members of congress to support a military strike on syria. >> ask any syrian family and they will know the suffering syrians have gone through. >> in washington the president told leaders of congress what a strike would look like. >> it is limited. it does not involve boots on the ground. this is not iraq and this is not afghanistan. >> even top republicans backed the plan. >> we have enemies around the world that need to understand that we are not going to tolerate this type of behavior. >> she hopes other lawmakers feel the same and she is calling other offices. >> i am about to set up a call back to have a meeting with you. >> to share the story of her aunt in syria who hasn't left her home in months. >> she is kind of in a bad area where if she left the house it is dangerous for her and her daughter. >> mike honda doesn't plan to
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support a military strike, especially one that can lead to more casualties. >> if you are not going to do it with boots, then what are you going to do it with? drones? smart bombs? >> hundreds of syrian-americans will rally for u.s. intervention on saturday in san francisco. that's two days before congress votes on the war resolution. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> next, scandal for a senator. what john mccain was caught doing during the hearing and why he took to twitter to explain. >> and a controversial accident sparks a lawsuit. why a grieving mother says police are not doing their jobs. that's coming up on abc7 news. >> and check out your refrigerator. why a popular yogurt maker is pulling things from the shelves. >> we have patchy fog outside right now. we will look at your wake up
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weather and a check of when those temperatures are going to
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source of conflict between bicycle advocates and san francisco police is now the subject of a lawsuit. she was riding her bike when
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she was hit by a truck august 14th. her mother spoke to abc7 news i team reporter dan noyes. it is an investigation you will see only on abc7 news. >> she was a shooting star. >> jesse shared her 24-year-old daughter with us today. a picture when she graduated from usc, the last note that she left for her mom. her birthday picture just three days before she died. her mother found out what happened with a call from san francisco general. >> i answered and they said your daughter has been in a terrible accident. she is in critical condition and she is in surgery. >> jesse rushed to the hospital, but her daughter was gone. >> at that point she was still warm and i could touch her hand. they said she had severe head trauma and she had blood coming out of her ears which i took and put as a sign of the cross on my hand so i could remember her forever.
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>> the family filed this wrongful death suit against the driver. they said alcantar made several mistakes that morning starting with driving too fast to make a safe right turn on folsom street. >> he also failed to get into the bike lane which is the proper procedure when you are making a right turn when there is a bike lane. >> they said they blamed her for the crash, but when they tracked down the surveillance video from a local business that showed what happened they changed the report saying the driver was at fault. during a photo op for a new bike sharing service last week he announced his staff was forwarding the case to prosecutors that very day. >> and that is being presented to the district attorney's office today. that is the standard procedure for them to make a charnelling decision if any. >> it didn't happen and five days later the case still has not gone to the d.a.
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>> it appears that the inspector's report has not been concluded. the case has not been sent to the district attorney's office to the best of our knowledge. >> the d.a.'s office confirms in an e-mail that the case has not been formally presented. "our office has had brief discussions with the sfpd regarding the status of the case. the sfpd is determining how to proceed next." while the criminal and the civil cases play out next, they are dealing with their loss scattering some of the ashes under the golden gate bridge. >> the crash was over and i was divorced for 10 years, but it -- when two parents no matter whether you are divorced or what, when you lose a child it brings you together and in love with that child. >> i sent e-mails and i made phone calls and no comment. by the way, the family's attorney wants anyone who saw what happened to contact her office. for the i team, dan noyes, abc7 news.
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they are pulling some greek yogurt from swells after swelling and bloating of cups. the culprit for the swelling may be a type of mold commonly found in dairy. chiboni says it affects less than 5% of the total production and it is working with stores to remove the affected containers. there is more information on our website, just click on see it on tv. senator john mccain admits she busted. during the hearing on syria, the senator was caught by a "washington post" photographer playing a poker game on his smart phone. this is the photographic proof. once senator mccain realized he was caught he took to twitter writing, scandal, caught playing iphone game at three plus hour senate hearing and worst of all i lost. let's move on to the weather forecast. it is warm and getting warmer. >> sandhya patel is here with that. >> carolyn and dan, get ready
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for a blast of summer weather. we are going see some heat around here. we have a few days to get acclimated. live doppler 7hd is showing some fog near the coast and a few patches out toward the east bay. here is a view of the ferry building from the exploratorium and there is not a lot of fog showing up. it is a little breezy outside. it is 62 in san francisco and mid60s redwood city and san jose. mild in half moon bay as well. 63 degrees. from the east bay hills camera you can see a bouncy camera. we are looking toward the eastern span and visibility looks good. santa rosa 62. it is 60 in napa and 63 novato. antioch, concord, still very comfortable. from the golden gate bridge camera, the visibility is good here as well. here is a look at the forecast. foggy spots in the morning, mild to warm tomorrow afternoon and a hot pattern setting up by week's end. it will take us into the weekend so you will be dealing with some hot, summer weather with near triple digit heat inland. tomorrow morning patches of fog along the coast and around the bay.
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watch out. the temperatures will be in the mid50s to the low 60s to start off your morning. you might need the extra layer. and then in the afternoon it is going to be nice. patchy fog to start. you will see the fog evaporate. the sun is out and everyone enjoys the mild to warm weather 60s coast side and 80s inland. beyond tomorrow we will start to see some changes. thursday the high pressure starts to get closer to the coast. by friday it builds in. the wind flow is coming off the land and blowing toward the coast and that is what we call an offshore wind pattern that brings the heat from the inland communities to the coastal areas. even the coast will be enjoying some warmth. it is not going to be terribly hot in someplaces like oakland. we will get you up to 74 tomorrow and near 90 on friday, saturday and then a slow drop off in the temperatures early next week. the highs for your wednesday are starting in the south bay. 80 degrees in san jose and a mild 82 los gatos. 79 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula you are look at upper 70s in palo alto. 65 on the coast in pacifica.
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the temperatures are similar to today. 70 downtown san francisco and 65 in daly city. a little breezy at times. the sun will be shining in the north bay. the temperatures in the low 80s sonoma, napa, east bay communities, all in the 70s. mid70s for oakland, san leandro. inland spots you will be warm, but not exactly where you should be for this time of year. that will change though. 84 livermore, walnut creek, san ramon. a look at the seven-day forecast, a little warmer on thursday. getting hot inland on friday, saturday and close to 100 degrees there. mid70s coast. and then the temperatures taper on sunday. a little cooler early next week. dan, carl lynn? dan, carolyn? >> thank you, sandhya. talking baseball now. >> and an amazing play larry has for us. >> you can watch it over and over. in fact, you will make it over and over. did josh donaldson pull off the catch of the year for the a's? we are talking all of major
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25 games left and the a's and rangers are going down the wire. they squared off in a game that featured undoubtedly the catch of the year. a's fans coping in expecting big things. up 1-0 in the third and the diving stop. he said stop, stop, stop. josh donaldson didn't stop and he is out for a mile. that's what the stop sign is for. he was an allstar, but not the same guy. five innings tonight. so far he miss played it off the wall and craig gentry scores. here comes the play of the year in major league baseball.
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david murphy and josh donaldson flies over the top and makes the catch. the catch returned third base man showing incredible athleticism. slides down between the tarp and the wall and holds on. the fans are pulling him up going jd! you're the man. the a's fall a game behind texas. they are giants fans at pet co park. here is kyle blanks trying to do the same thing and that is the undone nailed son right there. san diego up 1-0 and erlin, his first career hit. nick hundredly -- nick hundley scores. arias with a hit and posey in from second. as we go to the second. the one-time athletic hits off lopez. that's the difference. padres win it 3-2. not only did the cal bears lose on saturday night they lost starting safety sebastian
11:27 pm
for the rest of the year. sebastian had an interception in the first quarter, but he suffered a torn achilles tendon. you recall sebastian was rushed to the hospital in training camp with a serious concussion and he came back from that, but the junior is out for the rest of this year. he dropped the first set and then picks it up. he moves out of the quarter finals with the four-set victory. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> that was a catch. >> best in the majors this year. you don't see a guy doing over the top like that. >> thanks, larry. well, talk about a parking problem. >> coming up, the strange power this building has that is making drivers steer clea
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foggy weather. breezy in spots and 50s and 60s 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. the temperatures in the upper 50s to mid60s. dan, carolyn? >> thanks very much. >> the heat is on. the developers of a skyscraper in london. >> they are building a little too hot though. they are blamed for melting one car as the sunlight reflects off the building's shiny windows. >> it is not complete so they are now working on a solution. the company says the problem is is caused by the elevation of the sun that lasts for two hours a day that lasts three weeks out of the year. >> you can't have it melting cars. >> that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us, everyone. >> appreciate your time.
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