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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 4, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a loss for an east bay commuter. a fire turns deadly in a san lenadro home despite neighbors trying to save those inside. >> good morning. firefighters on the scene if san lenadro initially thought just one person was killed. they have now found a second body inside. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is on grand avenue. katie? >> you can see the charred remains of what has been called a travel trailer inside a trailer park. authorities have not confirmed the identities or the genders of
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the two people killed inside this fire. neighbor say it was a husband and wife. >> the alameda coroner had the task of remove not one but two bodies from a travel travel in san lenadro. the fire broke out at 3:30 in the morning. officials only confirming this was a second victim hours later. >> the shelving material fell and collapses on the person, the second only -- occupant. >> the chief says not only was there a lot of "stuff" in the trailer but the walls fell, too. neighbors knew there was at least one person trapped in the flames. they say she lived long enough to call out. >> i said, are you okay, and she said "no, i'm not okay." >> the woman was elderly and disabled. the neighbors busted in the trailer trying to save her. >> it was locked. i knocked a section out of the
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door with a crowbar and pulled it open was too late. helpless. >> the chief says firefighters were on the scene four minutes after the first 9-1-1 call came in and they had the fire out ten minutes after that. no other trailers in the park were damaged. the cause is under investigation. >> developing news from the south bay, police have arrested two more people in the murder of a san jose state nursing student last month. 23-year-old jessie grant and caras warren have been arrested. another man has been arrested in the killing of a 19-year-old woman august 3 in downtown san jose. police say the shooting was gang-related shooting and chico was an unintended target who was in the vehicle at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> happening now in san
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francisco, a mural has been unveiled in on of the olympic sailing champion who died practicing for the america's cup races. andrew simpson's boat capsized in may. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at van ness. amy? >> look how huge this measural -- the mural s the artists were overwhelmed. this is the largest mural the university has ever produced. you cannot miss it, 116' wide. it is 50' high. 18 students painted this mural. several of them are here this morning to dedicate it. they decided to paint this scene early in the year. they picked america's cup because of the excitement the event has brought to the city, such a big event for san francisco. the project was well underway
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when sailor bart simpson was killed racing for the artemis team so it was dedicated to him. >> he passed doing what he loved and there is no better way to honor him. when we found out all the information it was a lot to take in but it was the most amazing thing any of us had done. the mural took four months to produced. they were harnessed on scaffolding and using helmets. they were shocked when they saw the finished product. this was created on the side of a building owned by the academy so it will be here forever and it is a permanent installation. if you want to look behind me i can show you a picture of the ceremony that is just wrapping up. the students are talking to one of simpson's dear friends here for the unveiling.
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he has been very touched by the warmth of this city. the students say they are very proud of this and they hope you will see it, the third mural the academy has produced for the city, part of their commitment to public art. the andrew simpson sailing foundation is getting half of the quarter million fine that a jury slapped on team usa for cheating. san francisco mayor will pick a youth charity to get the other half. an investigation has concluded thatracle added illegal wght to the boat. amg other penalties, a keyearav. this is the video of the scene from sky 7. the suspect was arrested a short time later and an ambulance was called for the passenger. >> in sonoma, two people have been taken to the hospital for chemical exposure. the santa rosa press democrat is reporting that a man mixed chemicals together inside a vehicle in a suicide attempt just after 6:00 a.m. closing
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part of the road on the outskirts of windsor while crews tried to clear the site of chemicals. the first deputy was exposed to vapors and taken to the hospital. >> happening now, more than 4,100 firefighters are on the front lines battling a massive wildfire near yosemite national park. crews now have the rim fire 80 percent contained. it has destroyed 237,000 acres since it break out 19 days ago. the national weather service streeted this graphic today, showing us perspective about the size of the fire. the burned area was covering an area equal to most of the south bay from los gatos in the south to fremont in the northeast and that is 368-square mile area. >> well, right now, we will look outside. our meteorologist mike nicco is on sky deck 7. mike nicco? >> it is almost getting too warm to wear a coat the it is warm up
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here. you talked about the fire and we have a threat in the sierra, create threat, for poor air quality in tuolumne county which continues until at least noon today. that is the immediate threat. as we move forward we are going to have our first red flag warning. look at this area covered in red from bishop to reno to lake tahoe under red flag warning. that means we will have winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour and up to 4 to 65 miles per hour with the biggest threat south of i-80 tomorrow. in texas, police are investigating a deadly stabbing at a high school near houston. authorities say a 17-year-old student was stabbed to death at spring high school this morning and two others were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and a third is undergoing surgery. word spread fast on social media with students tweeting it
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started with a fight in the cafeteria. three "persons of interest" are in custody. >> new details in the yield -- in the death of 53-year-old ariel castro. he was hanging and the guards performed cpr but he died at the hospital. he was sentenced to life in prison plus a thousand rears for holding three women captive inside his cleveland home for a decade. toxicology report. take a few weeks. >> convicted serial kill are naso was convicted of killing four women in the 1970's and 1990's. the prosecution have evidence tie imto another victim and will produce this proof at sentencing. the body was found in 1981 on a beach. naso is suspected in a sixth
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murder in 1992 and the jury will have to decide whether he should be executed or imprisoned for life. >> california is again in the spotlight in the immigration rights debate. this time, over a single individual. a young man who came to the united states illegally as a toddler but now has passed the california bar exam. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at the supreme court in san francisco. oral arguments just finished up at the state supreme court. it was a plight but passionate debate over immigration policy. he hopes to practice in a courtroom but today, the lawyers are fighting on his behalf and they argue he should be able to get his license to practice law although he is an undocumented immigrant. >> this case raises the ever vital question whether there is or should be a rule regarding the blanket screening and rejection of bar applicants only
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on the basis of immigration status. he was first brought to the united states from mexico the 17 months and he worked his way through college and law school before passing the california bar exam on his first try. but he cannot on the practice until he get as law license but the committee overseeing the bar recommended he be granted membership but the final say goes to the california supreme court. it will decide if an undocumented immigrant can join the state bar. we caught up with him right after the hearing. >> it is a tough case. that is why we are here. i am confident at the end of the day the court will make the right decision. the wonderful emergency that can be presented today, if you work hard, if you persevere and do you not give up, you can make your american dream a reality whether you have the blessing of being born here or now. >> the obama administration is urging the state supreme court to block his admission to the bar because give an undocumented immigrant a california law license violates a 1996 federal law which denies giving public
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benefits to illegal immigrants. >> the supreme court must make a decision within 90 days. he hopes it will come sooner. >> the president's credibility is on the line. he is defending his plans. >> can a same sex immate marry his or
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>> now the crisis in syria. the senate foreign affairs committee has delayed their public meeting on what action to take against syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons. the delay comes after the president has arrived to sweden for a presidential address. john mccain wants more than cruise missile strikes the protester against military action in syria are gathered in stockholm. >> i am mindful of the fact around the world and here in europe, in particular, there are still momentaries of iraq and weapons of mass destruction and people concerned about how accurate this information is. >> president obama says he is confident the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. he says that it is time to act and the credibility of the international community and congress is on the line.
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>> same-sex marriage rights have been extended to the california prison population according to a memo. inmates can marry partners of the same sex who are not incarcerated. a spokesman said inmates have the same legal right to marry as the rest of us. this came up after the ruling that overturned proposition 8, the initiative that banned same-sex marriage. however, an inmate will not be permitted to marry another inmate because of what prison officials call safety concerns. >> meteorologist mike nicco is up on the roof with our forecast. this is just the beginning of the heat wave that is on the way. i will tell you who may make it to the triple digits and where you can go to get away from the heat. >> mike, thank you. look at this: the wild scramble for some scientists studying a value contain when it suddenly erup
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>> extraordinary video from peru this morning where a volcano has erupted five times in less than 48 hours. look at a group of scientists climbing on the mountain when the latest occurred. one of the them managed to take the pictures while scrambling to safety. the ash fell in an uninhabited area six miles away. experts say that people in the surrounding areas are not in any doinger. >> incredible pictures. >> can you imagine, still shooting while you are trying to make a get away? sounds like an abc7 news report.
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>> we will head up to our news meteorologist mike nicco. >> warm one. it is nearly 70 degrees up here and thankfully there is a breeze. i was looking to my right and you can see the fog-producing exhibit and that could be a great place to sit when it is hitting the 80's here in the city. you can see how quiet it is. the flight arrival delays into sfo are over and we have a sea breeze at 14 miles per hour at san hose to the same in fairfield and that will hold temperatures pretty close to average today even with the total sunshine. watch the clouds erase with the dry air over us. 69 downtown right now and everyone else is in the 60's with temperatures above average for this time of the day, and 70
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is average here in san francisco, and we will get pretty close to that, maybe 72 this afternoon. we are in the 70's in belmont, palo alto, and down to santa clara and saratoga, mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore and walnut creek is up to 80 a warm spot. from the east bay hills, the air is fairly clean and possible smoke problems during the weekend or haze problems, air quality problems maybe a "spare the air" weekend. near normal temperatures and two to four degrees warmer and the hot highs on friday, saturday, and lingering into sunday. i forecast 80 if san jose and upper 70's to mid-80's throughout the santa clara valley and the coast is mid-to-upper 60's today. low 70's around downtown, south san francisco, to 74 in sausalito, upper 70's to low 80's in the north bay valley and the beaches are mid-to-upper 70's with all the sunshine
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today. become is 72 and we will warm to 75 in oakland and 77 is the warm spot in castro valley and the last days in the east bay hills the mid-80's, and fighting the rangers 72 at first pitch. you will burn quickly today. the temperatures tonight are a lot like this morning so patchy fog in the north bay, and cloud cover language the coast and spilling into the bay but i doubt it makes it very far inland. here is the set up for tomorrow. low pressure to the north and a sea bread headed into friday and the great basin high returns and that is why it will be so warm everywhere this weekend. friday and saturday, away from the coast in the 90's to triple digits in the east bay and hit the mid-90's inland and upper 80's on sunday, and we will see
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cooling at the coast and monday and tuesday back to a temperatures. the first flare-up of temperatures is on the way on monday. >> big announcement on "good morning america" today and we will introduce you to
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>> coming up at 4:00, a young man's close call with a surfboard on a highway right through the windshield. you will not believe he is still around to share this story. plus, we all know what this is but why does this happen? >> good question. transforming the learning process, the a clever lesson being offered to teachers just a mouse click away. >> finally, the wait is over. a new big season of "dancing with the stars" kicks off in two weeks. this morning we finally know which celebrities are on show. >> it is that time. time to reveal the cast of "dancing with the stars" season 17. ready? >> the new cast of "dancing with the stars" was revealed exclusively on "good morning america" today including valerie harper, and snooki, and former
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nfl star and an actress. also, reality tv star jack osborne and bill ney the science guy. >> they will join pretty little star "glee" actress and disney star and comic that wraps up the 12 celebrities. of course, our local girl, the pro, is teamed up with jack osborne. he is lucky to get her. she is a drill instructor and won a couple of times. exciting stuff. thank you for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> ah! what? oh! [speaking indistinctly] hey. how are you, honey? good? >> good. >> doing good, okay. [cheers and applause] hello.
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i'm cedric the entertainer. welcome to millionaire. how you doing, guys? with $39,000 in her bank, returning contestant is on her way to $1 million. >> yes. >> and it's no surprise because she had it on her vision board. >> yes, i did. yes, i did. >> from alpharetta, georgia, please welcome tanya blanchard. let her hear it.


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