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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is clear. san francisco is in the background. it will be another bright day at the coast. 82 to 88 and 72 to 80 around the bay and 64 at the coast and accident inland. leyla gulen? >> we are starting off with an accident northbound along 101 before you get to highway 92 and it is at hilldale with top speed all green with c.h.p. on the scene causing some traffic problems. 580 westbound from address to dublin is 24 minutes and highway four from antioch to concord is 15 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is a short 15 minute commute and the bay bridge toll plaza the new span was glorious as we look you can see not too many cars making it in the westbound direction from oakland to san
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francisco. >> we are waiting to see if traffic is backed up for a third straight day. the new eastern span from the camera on yerba buena island shows traffic moving slow and commuters say they are thrilled to drive cross the through span but they not so thrilled with the backup so many cross and get a good look at the suspension tower and the views. the traffic jam lasted until 10:30. in 30 minutes amy hollyfield will have a report on the bay bridge commute. >> sunnyvale police are investigating the fatal shooting of a drug suspect dug an under cover investigation that they did not conduct in their city. off highway 101 a motel clerk heard 15 shots. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. no officers were inviewed.
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the white pickup truck with riddled with bullet holes and questions remain whether the suspect had a weapon and how many officers fired. >> we are trying to determine that. there were multiple officers but how many fired shots, we are investigating. >> the sunnyvale police knew of the operation and had officers near. the santa clara county district attorney is investigating. >> the leader overseeing reform of the oakland police department is demanding quick action. in the latest monthly report, former baltimore police commissioner says that failure to hire more trained officers quickly would drain the department seen director leaders and lebanon it with an increasing personal of junior officers. the oakland tribune reports by july oakland had only 625 sworn officers despite being authorized for 665. the ranks increase after a police academy graduated this year but a stream of retirements and resignations have chipped away at staffing.
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>> three men pulled off a theft they are warning the public about. an elderly woman was driving on tuesday when a van pulled up alongside of her and the people in the van told the woman there was something wrong with her car and she stopped and police say she was ripped off. >> she pulled over they said there was an issue with a tire and they would help her change the tire and distracted her to get her to go into the trunk and one of the persons or two of the people in the van reached into her car and took her wallet. >> there have been similar incidents targeting elderly around the bay area. most important is to be aware of your surroundings and keep your car doors locked. >> police have released a photo of a woman using a snake scam to burglarize homes posing as an animal control officer pretending she is investigating
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a snake infestation. homes in seven bay area cities have been hit and this has been reported away as far away as roseville. >> oakland police say the driver would hit and killed a 2-year-old boy is cooperating. at 9th avenue near embarcadero the child was playing in a parking lot feet from where his mother was selling fruit from her truck when he was hit by a truck pulling into the lot. it is called a tragic accident. >> president obama is in russia this morning juggling international and domestic action for plans to sear over use of chemical weapons. the president arrived in russia for the g-20 economic summit an hour ago. the crisis in syria is not on the agenda but will dominate the discussions. it has president obama facing off against russia president
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putin who backed the syrian government. chinese officials wanted that military action would have a negative impact on the global economy especially oil prices. >> on capitol hill, a senate panel approved a resolution supporting a military strike in syria and the full senate will vote next week. russian diplomats tried to set up a meeting with lawmakers aimed at persuading them not to support the resolution. house speaker boehner refused the russian equal for a meeting. >> the postal service is expected to vote on an emergency rate increase. washington lobbyists opposed the idea say the postal service board wants regulators to approve a two cent increase for stamp bringing the cost of a stamp up to $49 by next year. last year the postal service lost a report $15.9 billion. >> bay area ride sharing companies like lift and sidecar
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are the topic of discussion at the public utilities commission. they use mobile apps to summon private vehicles to transport vehicles. cab drivers say they are operating illegally and avoid accountability such as inspections and driver qualifications and insurance requirements. rules are being considered that would treat and regulate the ride share program like any limousine service. >> san francisco's. next landmark transportation project at the transbay terminal. it has been a demolition project for three years excavating the site, installing pipes and moving utilities. this morning, at 10:00, house democratic leader employees and pelosi will join for a meeting.
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>> not too hot most of the time today. the cool spot is alum rock and going going at 54 and mountain view at 62 and 60 at los altos hills and san jose at 61 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's. we will lock an the rest of our neighborhoods and we have 60's along the bay shore until you get to san francisco at 59 and novato at 55, a cool spot, along bodega bay and calistoga at 54 and lafayette at circuit and san ramon at 62. the day planner today the next 12 hours is mild this morning, with a few 50's, but a last us stay in the 60's throughout now and interest 7:00. by noon, clouds will fade and at the cost we have sunshine and check out the 4:00 temperatures, 66 at the coast and 74 inland and about two to eight degrees cooler from the coast inland by 7:00 with the sun dropping at 7:30 and the evenings will be
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cooler, quicker, from now on. tomorrow we jump up above average and it will be hottest on saturday and sunday, 70's at the coast and the rest of us 80's and 90's. >> we have lots of construction. we took a time out while the bay bridge was being worked on and everything now is back in full swing, certainly in oakland if you are traveling along the nimitz northbound and southbound direction you can see what is causing a bottleneck as you make the travel in the northbound and southbound direction between broadway and high street so crews are out there until 5:00 this morning so always slow for the cone zone. as we talk about mass transit, muni, bart, ace train, everything is running on time. here is walnut creek, southbound 680, away from highway 4 to the 24 disruption, a short night-minute commute and only a few cars making the drive in the southbound direction. >> watch out for a call from someone clemensing to be from the i.r.s. and what you need to
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know to present yourself from a tax scam. >> hundreds of chickens flew coast to coast. >> aren't you glad you are not in this, a massive pileup leave as mile-long mess of broken
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you have to check this out: breaking overnight in england 200 people have been injured in a highway pileup involving more than 100 vehicles. the problem happened 50 miles from london in kent on an overpass. firefighters cut five people from their vehicles, though. drives say the visibility was only at 50'. >> a warning from fremont police
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about fraud targeting members of the south asian-american community. since last weekend, someone from a washington, dc, number, has calling potential victims posing as an i.r.s. agent telling people they owe the government $9,000 and if they don't pay up their visas could be revoked and pressures people to immediately wire the money or risk arrest. >> a sonoma county sheriff deputy is recovering from damage to his lungs after being exposed to a toxic mix of chemicals in windsor yesterday. a man in a vehicle was threatening to commit suicide. the deputies were overcome by a cloud of vapor after they pulled the man out. he mixed chemicals together to kill himself. one officer got a whiff but the other was more directly exposed and is expected to be off the job for several weeks. >> jet-setting hens rescued from a california farm are weighing up in new york this morning.
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hundreds of hens flew to new york last night from hayward. who forked over the big money to pay if this trip? >> they lived a life of misery before we were able to free them. >> the animal place says they were rescued from a california egg-laying farm and the chickens are kept in battery cages and only live for two years before they are euthanized. >> the egg farmer contacted us and said we would like to work with you. they placed 3,000 hens but could only care for 2,000 of them. the only sanctuaries are on the east coast. >> the donor said i pay to fly them out there. no money is coming from animal place, it all is donated by one very generous person. >> that generous donor paid $50,000 to fly the chickens across the country.
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that is no chicken feed. the animal place says it sees chickens as unique individuals worth rescuing. >> we thought, who would pay for this? it can't be real. >> it was no joke. the companies agreed to treat them like passengers and they made a sacrifice at no extra charge. >> it smelled like a barn yard in there! >> 4:44. low-income residents can get discounted passes to ride because of a $1.3 in grant from the transportation commission much the pilot program launches today making it more affordable for struggling families to get around the south bay. 1,000 passes are available starting today for $25 rather than the usual $70. they are being distributed by the santa clara county emergency assistance network. >> something looks different on yahoo's site: the new logo
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unveiled last night. the company want add logo that was fun but still purple that embraced the evolution. the redesign is the first since it launched 18 years ago. >> they are a top website and they are getting a lot of traffic. we are wearing orange this morning. >> orange is the color of the day. september is hunger action month and today is "national go orange day," showing a desire to raise awareness. you can find all that information with the link. on our website. >> mike... >> a lot of sunshine and very warm this week. and the food bangs are always
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helping out those that are in need of food and they have been running low since the economy tanks several years ago. live doppler 7 hd shows clouds along the coast and they are spilling across the bay and a repeat performance of what we saw yesterday. winds are faster. faster than ten miles per hour in half moon bay and sfo. we still have a sea breeze but it is full of a lot of dry air so we will see so much sunshine this afternoon. it is why the temperatures will be held in check again. we still have the beautiful lights on the western span. the camera. sunny this afternoon. mild highs today. the warming begins today. the heat is going to peak this weekend. weekend warriors, be came. upper 70's and los gatos and
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morgan hill and gilroy are mid-80's and a lot of sunshine and 80 in santa cruz today. mid-to-upper 70's along the peninsula, we will go up toator as los altos and as cool as 72 as a high in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and 70 in downtown and 71 in south san francisco and sauce haiti and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degrees cooler at the beaches, mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore with oakland at 74 and fremont and castro stream at 78 and hercules is the warm spot at 79. mid-to-upper 80's from 84 at pleasanton and 88 in brentwood and tonight, like this morning, clouds along the coast spilling into the bay and temperatures in the mid-50's to low 60's. here is the low pressure bringing us the wind that goes up to the north and fades away and the offshore breeze starts tomorrow. temperatures are going to europe
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about two to four degrees, maybe up to six degrees tomorrow and it will be hottest this weekend with upper 90's inland and upper 80's an the bay. temperatures. above average although they will cool a little bit monday, tuesday, and wednesday. have a great day. >> we have a lot of construction with no crashes to report and one early this morning on 101 near 92 but that is all cleared. we have in san jose making the drive along southbound 880 to 280 there are lanes coned off for road work with slow traffic commute to 280 because of the construction project. in hercules, westbound 80 between highway 4 and pierce you go to albany where there is more construction lanes blocked until 5:00 and most of the construction is going to be closed until 5:00 so it will be picked up early. 580, from the richmond-san
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rafael bridge, highway 92, 14 minutes and the dumbarton is 11 minutes and a look at the gorgeous can see that is going to be the bay bridge to treasure island with the incoming traffic all running smoothly. >> a legislation designed to better protect california from the impact of internet identity theft is on the way to the governor's desk. the bill by east bay state senator reports database operators to tell you when someone steals your user name, password or breaches your security questions. law requires companies to notify you when other personal information is breached such as the social security or credit card information. supporters of senate bill 46 say it brings law books up to date with modern web security. >> the newest buzz on apple is not just the new iphone but where it will sell its new
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product inviting journalists to china on september 11 the day after the expected unveiling in the united states. insiders thing the company will use china to announce a new deal with china mobile with two-thirds of the chinese market. it would be the first time china mobile customers were outside the iphone. the deal gives apple access to 744 million potential new customers. >> campaign smack down: what sparked a heated exchange teen new york mayoral hopeful weiner and a potential voter. >> the smallest addition to the national zoo in washington, dc, has been kept largely a secret. this morning, we learn a very important as expect of the
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>> good morning on this thursday looking at the bay bridge, you can see it is clear. we do have clouds, though, and we will check with mike nicco in a moment and talk about your forecast. >> a new report shows american stills calls baby bust could be easing, the fertility rate stalized for the first time in five years. many women delayed having babies when the financial crisis hit in 2008. preliminary figures show last year's birth rate was 63.2 births per a thousand women. the centers for disease control will release official new figures tomorrow. >> after two weeks of waiting, we will learn if the new baby panda born at washington, dc, national zoo is a girl or boy. the zoo will reveal the sex and far turnty of the newborn giant panda. folks are expected to release details of the second still sworn cub. the surviving panda is doing
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very well and you can see it hasn't developed the black and while striping yet or the coloring. the cub is described as "healthy." d.n.a. sample was collected to determine who the father is. may the panda papa step forward. >> thank you, maury! >> and he has a big smile on his face. >> sleeping well. >> parents like that. >> mike, it looks nice, right? >> the first maury povich reference we have had in seven years. 68 degrees at 7:05. it will be 62 at 10:00. sunshine, a's taking on the astros. then we have the giants taking
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on with a temperature of 66. leyla gulen? >> we will take it over to emeryville where we have a construction project until 7:00 this morning eastbound a 80 between 80 and san pablo you will see cones out there so slow down. we have more traffic moving into the toll plaza along 80 in the westbound direction so you may want to land ahead but i thought you would be glad to know it is still moving. between highway 4 and albany we have construction wrapping up. you can see on berkeley a few extra headlights westbound direction with traffic building. kristen? >> scandalized new york city mayoral candidate weiner is defending himself after getting into a shouting match with a
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heckler at a new york city bakery. >> do you have courage? >> come back in here, i'm not afraid of you. >> you have the nerve. >> you are perfect? >> what if you said you are my judge. >> you are fine. you work out your problems with god. stay out of the public eye. >> on twitter the former congressman said he stood up to the heckler because that is what mayors have to do. weiner admitted in july he continued to send lewd text messages of himself to women following his resignation from congress in 2011. >> surgical equipment is blamed for exposing a dozen people to a deadly brain disease. they all had brain surgery and when died and he developed the disease, a protein caused the
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disease putting brain surgery patients at risk. the odds of someone else being infected are low but they are not taking chances. >> safe way will pay $600,000 fine and spend $4 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the government accused safe way of failing to fix coolant from refrigeration units around the state and is blamed for failing to keep proper maintenance records. the environmental protection agency calls the settlement the largest ozone protection case ever reached under the clean air act. >> we are following breaking news on the peninsula where a neighborhood is rocked by gunshots. at 5:00 a.m. we are on the scene with what police say led to the shooting. >> the toll five days of around the clock service during the bay bridge closure took on bart trains. >> progress made but containment is still weeks away. firefighters are backing away from an early theory on the
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cause of the
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>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> we have more on the breaking news from overnight. police are on the scene of a shooting in san mateo that sent one young man to the hospital. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the latest. ought shooting happened at 11:30 but they are in the early hours of the investigation which is happening here behind us the i was able to get the detective sergeant on the scene to confirm one bit of informati


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