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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 6, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> stay us for "good morning america." have a great friday. making news in america this morning -- summit showdown. the president meeting right now with world leaders, facing an uphill battle, getting support for a strike on syria. planned attack. the u.s. planning a broader attack on syrian targets. we're live in russia and washington. superman. while you were sleeping, the nfl season opens in spectacular fashion with a historic performance by peyton manning. and the new invention letting you surf the earth. a brand-new way to get around the golf course. good friday morning,
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everyone. president obama returns to the u.s. today without the international support he had sought on syria. >> president obama and the chinese president met this morning, building on discussions the two had in june. but there was no agreement on syria. china remains firmly against a military option. >> and there was this 17-second exchange between mr. obama and russian president putin, where syria remains a source of tension. >> we have team coverage this morning from washington and russia. we begin with abc's kirit radia in st. petersburg. >> reporter: good morning. syria isn't supposed to be on the agenda at the g-20. but it's dominating discussions. world leaders remain divided on how to respond to syria's alleged use of chemical weapons. president obama continues to make his case for military action. the leaders of the g-20 met late into the night last night, eating dinner at nearly 2:00 a.m. but it seems they're no closer
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to a consensus on syria. the g-20 countries are split down the middle whether to support president obama's call for military action. that would be a blow to the president, who during this trip, has tried to rally the world around his plans to strike syria. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon addressed the dinner, taking russia's side, that any military strike must be approved by the u.n. security council. this was the first time that mr. obama and president putin met face-to-face, since they canceled their summit. the two were all-smiles on the cameras. but remain far apart on syria. and president obama has his work cut out for him at home, as well. the white house is confident that congress will authorize to use force in syria. but it is by no means a sure thing. >> kirit, question for you. any sense of what russia would do if the u.s. goes ahead with the strike? >> reporter: right.
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well, the one thing the russians have said they won't do is go to war over this. the foreign minister said they're not going to go to war with anybody over syria. one thing that president putin hinted they might do this week is continue an increased military support for syria. that's one thing they might do. but they have not said for sure. >> our thanks to kirit radia in russia for us. thank you. we want to get new details of a possible plan of attack in syria. abc news has learned that the u.s. is preparing for a broader bombardment than anticipated. abc's tahman bradley joining us from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. that's right. one senior official told abc news, this military strike could do more to damage assad's regime in 48 hours than the rebels have done in the past 2 years of civil war. an air campaign, which would last at least two days, would likely include tomahawk cruise missiles, fired from the four navy destroyers in the eastern mediterranean. the ships loaded with 200
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missiles. that in addition to an aerial bombardment of missiles and long-range bombs, fired by bombers. but this plan seems a lot more involved than what president obama suggested earlier this week. >> what we are envisioning is something limited. we send a shot across the bow saying, stop doing this. >> reporter: the president will keep making the case for a strike to the american people. senior aides say he is considering an address to the nation. diana and john? >> tahman bradley in washington. thank you for that. another bombshell in syria. iran reportedly ready to launch revenge attacks, should the u.s. attack syria. this morning's "wall street journal" says that intercepted message shows iran ordered militants in iraq to attack the u.s. embassy in baghdad, in the event of a strike. u.s. officials are worried about a hezbollah attack on the embassy in beirut. an arizona senator john mccain ran into a wall of opposition from his constituents against the u.s. taking any action in syria.
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during a town hall meeting in phoenix, senator mccain insisted that no u.s. soldiers would be sent to syria. but that didn't go far enough for some in the audience. >> we cannot figure out a way to bring pressure to bear on assad to stop him in ways other than strikes that will kill innocent people. >> you talked about iraq. we went into iraq. iraq was as big a mess now as it was back then. >> and the fireworks may not be over just yet. senator mccain is set to hold another town hall later today in the city of prescot. a bizarre incident. a southwest jet took off with its cargo door still open. people who watched from the terminal said they couldn't believe their eyes. investigators say reckless hunter caused the destructive rim fire that raged across the area around yosemite.
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they say that hunter built an illegal campfire that exploded out of control on august 17th. since then, the rim fire has the consumed more than 370-square miles. it has destroyed 111 structures including 11 homes. no word on whether the hunter will face criminal charges. now, to the weather. and extreme temperatures on this friday. details from jim dickey at accuweather. good morning, jim. >> good morning. an unseasonably cold air mass is in new england. take a look at the early morning low temperatures. falling to 39 in syracuse. 37 in burlington. a good many spots in the 40s, including pittsburgh, down to 46. with that, many spots under frost advisories this morning. that's expected to develop. also of note, gabrielle has been downgraded to a tropical depression. back to you. >> jim, thanks. experts say the weather in
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oklahoma is one reason to blame for this. it's being called the worst invasion of brown crickets in years. >> you're squirming, i can tell just looking at you. millions causing problems in oklahoma city. the residents say the chirping keeps them away. and when they die, it smells like bad meat. they expect the crickets to be around for eight weeks. i have crickets around the homestead myself. >> they're apparently attracted to their counterparts' dead corpses. if you kill them, they eat each other. >> fantastic thought for breakfast. thank you, diane. much more ahead, including reports of a new supersized iphone that could be in the works. and a popular brand of yogurt being recalled this morning. what is causing the yogurt to go bad. and what to look for. find out if yours is safe to eat. plus, the amazing escape of a high school football team. that's their charter bus, now just a burntout shell. stay with us.
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welcome back. wall street will be reacting, today, to the newest jobs report this morning. the labor department is expected to report that 177,000 jobs were created last month, which is a modest increase. but some investors are hoping for a bad jobs report today. fearing any good news will lead the fed to slow down its stimulus, leading to higher interest rates. a popular yogurtmaker recalling some of its products because of mold. the affected yogurt came from chobani. some customers complained of getting sick. others of bulging containers.
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the company says most of the product is off the shelves. has most details on which yogurt cups are being recalled. and apple is thinking about supersizing the iphone. "the wall street journal" says the company is testing screens as large as six inches. the iphone being released in ex-week are expected to have four-inch screens. and jcpenney may be ending its battle with macy's over the right to sell martha stewart's products. the decision comes as both companies await a judge's ruling over which has the exclusive rights. those popular single-cup coffeemakers are about to serve up something new. campbell's soup will make packs for keurig brewers. it will be brewed over a packet of dried vegetables. it plans to make three varieties of soup. a high-tech version of the old.
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>> why hasn't anybody thought of this. >> maybe they haven't thought of it for a good reason. >> we're going to have to try it. when we come back, marriage on the rocks. george zimmerman's wife just filed for divorce, after being sentenced for perjury. she's talking only to abc news. and what a way to start the season. peyton manning, tying a record on football's opening night. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air.
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check that out. a water main break is to blame for a sinkhole that opened up on a downtown oklahoma city street, swallowing a car. two women were inside. but they were able to crawl out of the back window and escape unharmed. they were driving over a puddle when the road gave way. and that happened. let's hope that doesn't happen anywhere else on the nation's roadways. one highway guaranteed to be wet, i-10 in the southeast. interstate 95 affected by the
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thunderstorms. and there could be some flooded roadways in the northwest. >> it's a good day for flying. seattle, as you can see, the only city on the board where delays are possible. george zimmerman's wife has filed for divorce, less than two months in his acquittal in the death of 17-year-old martin. >> she supported her husband during his murder trial. but she was not in court when she struck a plea deal on a perjury charge. she spoke exclusively with abc news about her decision to end their marriage. >> i think that i'm realizing that i have been married to a person for almost seven years. and i don't think i ever really knew him at all. >> shellie was sentenced to 100 hours of service. we'll have more on "good morning america." aaron hernandez is heading back to a massachusetts courtroom today to be arraigned for murder charges against his
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friend. he has pleaded not guilty. he's being held without bail. but his lawyers could ask that e he be released on bond. police are looking at the possible link hernandez could have had to a double-murder last year. now, to a strange case from here in new york city. a teenager has been killed by a remote-controlled helicopter that he was flying. 19-year-old ronan died after being struck in the head by his chopper's two-foot rotors. witnesses said he apparently lost control of the copter before the accident. it's believed to be the second death ever caused by a remote-control helicopter in the united states. and this, take a look, is all that's left of a charter bus which had been carrying high school football players to the game. drivers reported seeing flames coming from the bottom of the bus as it drove along a oregon highway. 2 coaches and 45 players managed to all get out safely. you see something, say something. but two texas teenagers went further than that. they decided to do something, as well. their brave actions foiled a kidnapping in progress and saved
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a young woman from what could have been a horrific ordeal. abc's neal karlinsky explains. >> reporter: 19-year-old aaron arias and 17-year-old jamal harris are being hailed as heroes after a wild encounter that began, oddly, when they were staring at a woman in the car next to them at a stoplight. >> she's mouthing, help me. help me. >> reporter: aaron called 911. >> yes, i'm on the highway. i'm witnessing a robbery. not a robbery. a kidnapping. >> reporter: he explained what he'd just seen. >> reporter: we were checking out the girl in the backseat. she's kind of attractive. and the guy turns back, looking at us. >> reporter: aaron and jamal stayed on the line with police while following the car. >> i wanted to see she's okay. >> reporter: the teens talked police to the car. look closely at dash cam video, first obtained by kxas tv. and you see the woman being rescued. >> thank god. you guys are awesome. oh, my god. >> reporter: police say the woman had been attacked, struck
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on the head and forced into her car at gun point while leaving a young professionals networking party. the suspect, charles atkins lewis jr. is now being charged with aggravated kidnapping. the woman told police she feared she would have been raped and murdered if no one stepped in to help. >> she was tearing up. and she said, this might found dorky. but tonight, you're my real-life superheroes. >> reporter: two unlikely hero, who will never look at a woman at a stop light quite the same way ken. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> great kids. an interesting story about deion sanders. this comes from "the l.a. times." sanders criticized former players who filed concussion claims against the league. but he filed a claim during his career. sanders is reportedly among a host of nfl network an lists who filed claims along with coaches and team personnel.
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after the current nfl season, this one started with a record-tying performance by peyton manning. >> he led the broncos to a resounding victory over the super bowl champs, the ravens. manning tied the league record, throwing seven touchdowns. manning said he never really thought about letting up. >> i felt like we had to keep scoring. i mean, baltimore is an explosive offense. and our defense never relaxed. they kept bringing the heat. thought they did a good job. >> manning is only the sixth nfl quarterback to throw seven touchdown passes in a game. and the first since 1969. denver beat baltimore, 49-27. another big upset at the u.s. open. this time, defending champ andy murray is out, losing in straight sets to his opponent from switzerland. serena williams takes the court today in the women's semifinals. and vin scully, the legendary voice of the los angeles dodgers has been tapped to be the grand marshal of the
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rose parade. >> sculley's been with the damagers for 64 years. and he just announced he'll be back for season number 65. you can see the rose parade right here on abc on new year's day. >> that man's voice is beautiful. there's something about vin scully's voice. >> oh, yeah. coming up next, betty white breaking another record. we're going to tell you what this one is. and the hottest new way to navigate a golf course. bringing a little surf to the turf.
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stories you'll be talking about today, beginning with a new, brand-new record for betty white. >> the guinness book of world records has given her the title of longest tv career for a female entertainer in recognition of her 74-year career. the new book will be out september 14th. >> wow. and you might remember we showed you a hovercraft that you can ride around on on the golf course. >> this is called the golf board. it's a battery-powered skateboard, that lets the golfer ride around the course at about 12 miles per hour. they say the battery's so powerful, it's enough to last 36 holes. >> it comes with a hand-held controller that lets you speed up or down. and has skorj space for snacks and refreshments. no need to wait for the 19th hole. >> where do you take your golf bag. obviously, your caddie's walking. >> you put it on your shoulder. >> i don't see golf bags. oh, there you go. >> it makes golfers look cool. >> meant for speed, not comfort,
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i think. there's a bundle of joy that's bringing smiles to faces around the world. but especially right here. >> this is awesome. at first glance, look if you're not looking. a bouncing baby boy playing in the snow, right? this is in russia. it's actually a well-dressed monkey. the jacket and snow pants. and the owner says he is part of the family. >> oh, my gosh. she's not the only one enamored by little ivan. >> wait for it. >> it keeps going. he looks up at her. and off he is. green jacket and all. >> watch what happens here, he gets to the paul. look at that "christmas story." and then, they were dressed up in the outfit and kept on going. >> this is reminiscent of that. but it does come to a point where he says, i've had enough. he's standing there, looking at the ice. >> i want to go in. i'm cold. >> i want to get out of this monkey suit. this is it. i'm done.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. >> the breaking news is in martinez. a fire is burning at a used car lot. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> good morning, kristen. the fire is still burning. firefighters do feel like it is controlled. you can see it is still on fire. the building is gone. 12 cars have bushed. this went up quickly and a neighbor told me a woman who lives near, heard a "boom" is saw a lost fire. a firefighter investigator is on the way to figure out why. this is unusual. they do have their suspicions. it went up too quickly.
4:29 am
it is a car lot. the call came in at 3:15 from several in the area. there are reports that an elderly couple live in the condition of the property so firefighters took their time locking for the couple. they have two people accounted for. everyone is okay. we heard some popping which was the power lines touching each other because the hoses were hitting them. it sounded scary. firefighters say it is not a problem and everything is okay. a possibility is that fire is out. firefighters are tieing to figure out why it happened and working to get the flames out but everyone is okay including the firefighters on the scene the. >> we have breaking news from san jose where crews are at the
4:30 am
scene of a water main break. this is the scene at pearl avenue at the elementary school. a semi truck and a car got in an accident before 3:00 a.m. and hit a water main. one person in the car was taken to the hospital. two others took off. the police found one of then moments ago. we have a news crew on the scene with a report coming up after action. >> for folks planning the weekend we will check with mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. all the dry air is on live doppler 7 hd and hardly a cloud to be found until you get to the coast where we have a few clouds. they will not last long today. a beautiful picture from the east bay hills as clean as the air is going to be during the heat wave as we look at emeryville cross the bay bridge and interest san francisco. look how warm the first forecast is: all of the them are above average, 87 in the north bay to 93 in the east bay,


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